John and Argent
Chapter 1

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John is going to die in the here and now. Argent offers him a new life back there and then. John takes the bait and is sent to a copy of earth, forty thousand years in the past.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Far Past  

My life sucked. I was fifty-two and recently divorced. My X just got sick of me and I didn't really blame her. No kids, so no child support, at least I missed the monetary outflow.

Then I went for my yearly physical. The doctor found a skin cancer. Melanoma. Malignant. I had more tests, some imaging, and they found multiple metastases in my lungs.

Things were looking up all around. At least I wouldn't have to worry about my shit life for long. My doctor suggested chemo therapy and radiation, but I suggested something he didn't try either.

I called work and quit. I wasn't rich, but I had a lot more money than I could spend before I shuffled off. I spent a couple of days doing nothing, unless you count feeling sorry for myself as something to do. I slept a lot.

What a weird dream. I was sitting in a straight-backed chair in a space ship. Fuck me running - it wasn't a dream.

A panel in the polished metal wall across from me slid open and someone or something about seven feet tall came through it and sat in the chair across from me.

"Well John, it's good to finally meet you. You can call me Argent."

"I hope it's going to be good meeting you Argent. I'm just guessing here, but would I happen to be in what we like to refer to as a UFO?"

"You are correct."

"I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I have to ask about Elvis."

"Elvis is doing what he does best at The Domain of the King - three sets a night. Did you think Douglas Adams just made it all up?" he asked.

"Then I guess I should ask what you want with me. I can't sing a note."

"We have transported you here because we would like for you to help us with an experiment. Your singing voice won't enter into it," Argent said.

"It had better be a short experiment, rumors of my longevity have been greatly exaggerated."

My first thought was This is crazy. Next I felt I should be shitting my pants or something. I'd always assumed there were other types of life in the universe, but I'd never thought I would encounter any of them. I'd assumed if some other form of life were advanced enough to get to Earth they wouldn't find anything here worth coming to see.

"We are aware of your disease. It will not be a problem. In fact, if you help us with this experiment we will cure it," he said, oh so matter of factly.

Just like that he would cure my cancer? How could I lose - no matter what he wanted me to do?

"Maybe you could tell me what you have in mind."

"Actually, we want to put you on Earth as it was about forty thousand years ago. We would like to observe your interactions with the people and conditions of the time."

Even with the unusual situation I found myself in I was stunned. How were they going to manage this little trick? If I were sent back wouldn't it fuck up everything which had already happened? I guess it didn't really matter to me, but I wondered about it and finally I said so.

"Won't I corrupt everything that has come afterwards?"

"We won't actually be putting you back on this Earth. We never interfere with the timeline of a planet in this dimension. I can't really give you all the details, and you don't really need them. You will be put on what amounts to a copy of this Earth as it was then," he said.

"What could be so important about my interactions with people and things of the time to cause you to create a copy of Earth?" I asked, trying not to sound as stupid as I felt.

"We won't be creating it, we will just be taking you to another dimension where a version of Earth in an earlier time exist. I believe it's the best way I can describe it to you. Your life here will appear to end accidentally and then we will take you there and release you. You will be basically on your own after we put you there."

There wasn't any real choice for me. I could stay put and die or agree and have a chance to live, so I agreed.

"We will make a few modifications to your body before we put you back where you were. We will be curing the disease and restoring your body to the physical condition it was in when you were younger. You will then have two weeks to gather supplies and equipment you decide you will need to help you get started in your new life.

"A total of three thousand pounds of anything you want to carry will be allowed. We will provide you with the means to purchase anything you want. If there is something you want and cannot obtain through normal means within the two weeks we will construct it for you - as long as it doesn't require anything which is currently beyond Earth's technology," Argent said.

"Such as?"

"I'm sorry, but we will not help you with decisions about what you might need. I can tell you another three thousand pounds of supplies of your choice will be provided once every year," Argent said, explaining.

"When do we start?"

"We can start now. Please come with me."

The panel he'd first come through opened again and I followed him into another room. He had me lie on a table and then placed a type of helmet over my head. The lights went out for me right away.

The sun was rising when I woke in my own bed. There was a sheet of paper on my bedside table and I picked it up to take a look. It was a note from Argent. He explained I was now in excellent physical condition and I should probably prepare for my departure.

There was an airline ticket, and an explanation the plane was going to be destroyed in flight by terrorist. I was to be on it.

Supposedly I would be removed before being hurt and a copy of my body would be left to insure nothing was suspected. The message explained if I didn't want to go through with things I could just avoid boarding the plane and I would be returned to my former state of health.

In other words, if I bailed on them the cancer would be put right back where it had been. Basically it meant, Do what you agreed to or we'll kill you. It was kind of a harsh penalty for non-performance if you asked me.

In the kitchen, I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. After eating I showered and dressed. I was surprised to find another message from Argent in one of my bureau drawers, and the wad of new credit cards with my name on them were even more of a jolt, not to mention the twenty thousand dollars in cash. The message said the cards would never be rejected for any amount and he'd be in touch.

I intended to start deciding what I'd need to take at once. I went to my study and sat down at the desk, opening a.txt document and starting a list. This turned into a miniature research project, Googling the net for ideas and listing item after item. Around two thirty I had a ham sandwich and a Lone Star Long Neck - then it was back to the list for another hour or so.

A little later I decided I'd done enough for one day. I showered, shaved, and dressed like the cowboy I was at heart. It was time for a break to see if I could get laid in my new body.

Since it was only about four in the afternoon I had time to try out the credit cards to see if they really worked as advertized. I went to the Mercedes dealership and bought a CL600 coupe. It was nice to be rich, even if it wasn't going to last.

It was nearly six before the papers were finished and the car was mine. I got in and pointed it to Johnny Cace's - the best restaurant in Longview. I had a rare steak, paid with my new plastic, and left - pointing the Mercedes toward the Reo Palm Isle.

The Reo is one of the oldest Honky Tonks in Texas. It was once described as the best place in town to meet a lonely doctor's wife during the day. I figured a Wednesday night wouldn't be bad either.

A little after eight PM I walked in. I thought I was probably a couple of hours early, but I had time to spare again. There were quite a few women here already and I noticed there weren't many men yet.

The band wouldn't start for another hour, but they had a DJ. I grabbed a table and didn't have long to wait for service. I ordered a Pearl and tipped the waitress well when she brought it.

I was a little surprised when a nice looking blonde got up from a table with four other women, walked over to me, and ask me to dance. I was happy to.

Cheryl was younger than me, but due to Argent's machinations I looked younger and she thought I was. She was in her mid thirties. She had blue eyes and moderate breasts. She wasn't carrying any extra weight and I wondered about her coming over and asking me to dance.

"You did come in looking for a little fun didn't you?" Cheryl asked, as the DJ started a buckle polishing slow one.

"As a matter of fact I did."

"Well hold me closer and let's get started. We happen to have all night but why waste time?"

I've always tried to respect women's wishes so I pulled her up to me and dropped my hands to her cute round ass for a squeeze. She hugged me closer, pressing her breasts into my chest.

Her straightforward manner and welcoming body had my newly restored dick hard in minutes. She was now nibbling at my neck as I gave her buns a thorough exploration. I pressed my hardon to her and she ground slightly against it, sighing.

"How much fun do you intend to have?" I asked.

"All you have the strength for. Why don't we just go to your place?"

"No reason not to I can think of," I said, and walked with her to the table where her friends were.

Cheryl retrieved her purse, said goodnight to her friends, and we left. She was impressed with my new car and said so. I told her it was a gift from a wealthy uncle.

"Maybe I should meet him?" Cheryl said, teasing.

"I'll see if I can arrange it if you'd like, but not tonight," I said, laughing to myself at the thought.

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