Tamarilla's Choices - the Pg-13 Version
Chapter 1: Coming of age

Tamarilla, known as Tammi by pretty much everyone in her village, was on the way to the farmers market in town. She was a comely wench with dark brown hair that hung down to her shoulder blades. Besides having an angelic face, Tamarilla had one other distinguishing feature, actually two features, her firm, heavy breasts. Because of her meaty endowments she couldn't run to the market. If Tammi wanted to hurry and avoid bruising, she had to lope along, keeping her massive mammaries under control. She was hurrying, because her Nana had given her two copper coins so she could buy some fruit for her birthday pie. She had already given Tammi the red dress that she was wearing. Nana said it was just for special times, but I could not help wearing it. I have to be careful not to get it dirty.

Tomorrow was Tamarilla's sixteenth birth anniversary and that was very important for her. I'm going to be a woman! It's about time, who ever heard of a girl having such large breasts. It was true; she had been avoiding grabby boys for years. Now the men were openly drooling over her fine form and she was pleased by the attention. Boys cannot buy me pretty things, but rich men can. Unfortunately for Tammi, men could do a lot more than to just spend money on her, but she had no idea of those things. Nature had given her innocence and fate had let her keep it, at least for now.

The houses of the villagers were scattered behind the pasture they used. Her Nana's house was there among the other houses. All of the houses were grouped together there because they butted up against some cliffs that dropped down to sea. That meant they were protected from bandits and monsters.

As Tammi loped from her Nana's house across the village green towards the farmers market, she saw the buildings that made up the town. Ahead on the main street, past the farmers market, were the tavern, a small stable and paddock, the bakery and a small smithy. Next to the farmers market were the two booths used by wandering merchants, if they ever made it this far.

The farmers market was busy this time of day. Tammi dodged around housewives holding their purchases and babies in their capable arms, servants and slaves rushing to finish their assigned tasks and the ever present groping hands of the village boys. I may be getting older, but I'm sure that they are getting younger. That tot just tried to grab my tit looking for a quick drink!

Tammi finally made it to the bin where the apples were kept. She was searching for six perfect apples when one fell and rolled towards a couple of the older village boys. As she bent down to pick it up she heard one of the boys say, "What melons!"

This caused Tammi to giggle as she rose after retrieving the wayward apple. "Silly, these are apples..." She looked around the sprawled out market and pointed. " ... those are melons." Tammi turned around and went back to the apples, missing the sight of the boys' jaws dropping to the ground in amazement. She tried to carry six apples at once and ending up with two in the top of her dress, held tightly in place by her massive mammaries. Tammi handed the farmer the two copper coins and said, "Six apples." The farmer saw four in her arms and one peeking out of her top. When it looked like the farmer was going to search for the other apple, Tammi brushed him off and headed home saying, "Trust me, it's in there and there isn't room for anymore." She giggled as she walked back to her house. I'm surprised that two apples could fit in my dress; my breasts don't leave very much room.

Tammi made it back to the house without losing any apples. She was still excited but the two apples in her dress did not allow her to hurry home. What they did allow and do was to stimulate her breasts. By the time Tammi arrived home she was panting stronger than when she had loped to the farmers market.

Tamarilla collapsed into a kitchen chair, her breathing labored. Her Nana already had the knife and baking dish laid out on the table. Tammi handed her the four apples she carried in her arms. Her Nana set them on the table and held out her hand for the other two apples. Tammi had forgotten the other two apples and looked at her Nana, confusion written on her face. "Surely you don't expect me to hazard your pointed sentinels for mere fruit." Tammi still looked confused. Her Nana sighed, why do I expect Tammi to understand, she won't suddenly be wiser just because she's a year older. "Your nipples dearie, I've never seen them harder and I'd rather you retrieved the apples from your excited bosom." Tammi blushed and pulled the apples one by one from between her large breasts.

Her Nana washed the apples and began preparing them for baking. "Please listen carefully Tamarilla, tomorrow is the sixteen anniversary of your birth and you become a woman and when that happens things will change for you. This actually is not my house, it is Herbert's house; you know, the sheep-master." A look of understanding appeared on Tammi's face, she remembered the portly old man. She waited for her Nana to continue. "Well, besides owning this house, he kind of owns me, and you." With this revelation Tammi looked scared as well as confused. "Not owned as a slave is owed, but I and tomorrow you are under his control." Before Tammi could interrupt, her Nana continued.

"It's a rather long story, but I'll try to make it short for you. When Herbert was just a boy, a lonely sheep herder, there was a war. I won't go into all the details, but Herbert's unit was fighting near the elves, our allies. He ended up, by mistake I'm sure, doing something for the Elves and because of this one of their leaders was saved. Well the war finally ended, like all wars do, and Herbert was given a choice of a gift from the Elves." Tammi's Nana took a deep breath before continuing her story. Tammi appeared to be following the story well. I'm glad I'm not telling her the long version.

"Herbert being young and jaded from hanging around a bad crowd thought of only one thing, women, lusty women. So he requested and received an item enchanted with the spell of Male Dom. Remember, he was just a lad, not too wise. He went rampant when he first got back. Right away, the men of the village had enough of his antics with the village women and threatened to kill him. A traveling wise man came up with a peaceful solution. He was given a house and one of the village girls, me, to lord over."

"How does that affect me? Tammi asked. "I have been around Herbert and have never felt the affects of this spell. I understand that since I live here and you are my Nana, that Herbert has some claim to me, but why hasn't he demanded anything from me yet?"

"A very good question Tammi, you must be eating your beet-roots, they're brain food, you know. It's because the Elves are a noble race." Tammi once again looked confused. "Remember that Herbert was a horny, young lad and he wanted sex, lots of it." Tammi's Nana blushed. "I was a lot younger then and Herbert rode my sexy body night and day. I was sixteen at the time. The village men had a lottery and I was chosen."

"I'm not answering your question though, why hadn't Herbert demand anything from you. As I said before, the Elves are a noble people and their sexual spells have a limiter built in. It's called something like "NC-16" and it prevented Herbert from doing anything nasty with you. Unfortunately, tomorrow you turn sixteen and are his to do with what he will. Herbert doesn't come around for me anymore, I am old and wrinkled. I'm sure that he will be here tomorrow to help you celebrate your birth anniversary." Tear drops appeared in Nana's eyes and she wept for Tammi.

Tammi had become sobered by her Nana's story and she took the old woman into her arms to comfort her. Her nipples had become soft and she cushioned the old woman's head in between her breasts, now that the chance of the old woman losing an eye had passed. "Don't cry Nana, I will be alright. I mean, how bad can it be?" This caused Tammi's Nana to break out in fresh tears and sobs. On, that bad.

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