Training Program for Female Executives
Chapter 1

Johnson and associates. The gigantic sign in front of the elegant and modern building makes my heart beat faster. My father is a major player here. He is one of the director's a minor stockholder. His talent and technical knowledge helped lead the firm to a huge expansion in the early eighties and his name became a legend among business sharks.

My father's major business partner is Mr. Johnson, 'JJ' as he is known in my house. Dad is one of the top dogs here, answering only to JJ himself. I must confess I'm here because I want to impress my dad ... to show him I can be a 'business shark' too!

He always wanted a boy, a man to inherit the family tradition of aggressive business men and enterprisers. Instead he had a beautiful girl, me, with obvious feminine attributes: a huge pair of E cup tits! I am just 5'2" tall, blessed with a cute face and very pale skin. My body is slightly plump, but plump in all the right places! I have nice legs and a killer butt, but my most obvious body features are my large knockers, huge 32 E cup hooters that look exaggerated in my tiny frame.

I enter the doors greeting the security men. They already know me from my many visits to my dad, but they have never seen me dressed in a smart suit like now. I am nervous and still insecure about my appearance.

It's my first day in this firm and I wear my very best business suit to work. I want people to think of me as smart and proper. I want them sure that I were hired for my brains, not my looks or who my daddy is. My hair is up in a bashful bum, I want to look really professional and I do my best to put up a serious face, I even wear glasses. I don't really need them, but they make me look more professional!

Yet I know my tits are so large that even my most professional suit can't really hide them, try as I might. I am wearing a heavy minimizer bra. I do wear one all the time. I don't want the guys to stare at my boobs the whole time they talk to me! But even with it, and a blazer over my blouse, my jugs draw attention by their immense size.

I try to forget about it as I take the elevator and press the top floor button. I'm going right to Mr. Johnson himself. 'Uncle JJ' will see me now and he told me he'll give me a chance to join the company. All my life I tried to prove to dad I can be as good at what he does as he is. I want to show him I can be a girl and still do everything a son would be able to do. But he never believes me.

I do really well in college and I try to be as competitive as he is. But my father is an 'old fashioned way' man when it comes to a woman's role in society ... ok, he is a sexist. He thinks that women, including me, should marry and have children and that's our role in life. No matter how many times I prove him I'm a capable person, he never believes I'll take his mantle and tradition.

Most of his friends are businessmen too, and they see my tries to become an executive as something of a whim, a 'phase' that'll pass. None of them would take me seriously. At least that was what I thought.

But in the start of the year JJ heard me complain about it when I was slightly drunk in a pool party. For the first time he managed to take his eyes from my 'hangers' and looked me in the eyes to tell me he believed me. He said he was willing to give me a chance to prove my worth as soon as there was an open position for me.

Last week JJ called me and said there would be an opening for me. I talked to my dad and we had a hell of a fight! My father kept telling me there was no way he'd allow me to become another office bunny, and that he'd not even consider having me around his office. He yelled that he'd be the joke of the firm for having me work there with his associates.

I was really hurt. But again JJ protected me. He had a serious talk to my dad and, grudgingly, daddy allowed me to give it a try. He still looked pissed off, so I chose to work with his best friend instead of dad.

Besides, I want to make sure no one thinks my dad is protecting me. I know my name carries weight and most people will think I was hired just because my dad wanted me around. JJ, on the other hand, is not family. Ok, JJ is an old family friend who has seen me grow up since I was a little brat, but he is well known as a harsh boss and heartless in business.

With the clicking sound of my heels hitting the floor with every step I enter the main office. It is almost empty since it is really early. But I see a light in JJ's room and I see he is already working. Dad told me he always beats everyone to work and that he is usually the last to leave.

I walk to his office and notice another figure there through the half opened door. It is an obvious feminine one. I recognize her as Miss Wilson, his secretary I think. She has been the one who answered me at the phone. I smile and knock at the door.

"Hello Mr. Johnson." I always called my new boss 'JJ' or 'Uncle JJ', since I was a kid. But since I want to prove to daddy how grown up and professional I am, I decide to call him 'Mr. Johnson'. "I am ready for my first day at work sir." I try to sound as professional as I can. I see his secretary opening the door, impressed at how early I arrived.

"Who?" He finally notices me and raises his head with a smile. "Ah, Nikki. So nice to see you." The big man stands up to greet me.

"Thanks Uncle JJ, I'm very happy to be working with you!" I smile back blushing and walk towards him. He kisses me gently on one cheek, like he always has done since I was little. Then he looks at his secretary and says. "It's OK Miss Wilson; this is our newest employee Nikki Boketti."

"Nicole Boketti..." I shake her hand, smirking at her lewd outfit. I don't know how uncle JJ lets her dress like this!

The blonde tart is wearing a sheer white blouse, almost see trough ... and I am sure she is not wearing a bra by the way her sizable tits sway! Not to mention that she has the top three buttons undone, showing way more cleavage than what would be considered 'proper'. Her grey skirt is also too short. It is rather classy, but is a good five inches above her knee. The stockings are too sexy for an office environment and the 4" high heels make me wonder how she is able to walk around.

"Nikki is Mr. Boketti's daughter and I might add, one of the smartest interns we have ever hired." He completes, making me blush with a silly smile and look to the floor at the compliment. "Can you get us some coffee Miss Wilson?" He asks as he directs me to a chair to sit.

"Thank you." I sit down with my heart beating faster. I am so nervous!

"So Nikki, tell me how your studies have been going." He asks and his eyes slowly wander towards my chest a brief moment. But I don't even fret, I'm used to it. Being the bustiest girl in my social circle made me expect this kind of thing from guys.

"I'm doing really fine. I achieved a scholarship for academic merit." I answer proudly. "But I think I need some real life experience to go with my college learned theory."

"Well, very impressive Nikki." He says with a smile. "And I might add; you are right about the experience part. I am glad we can have you here to give you what you need."

"Thank you Mr. Johnson." I nod with a BIG smile

His smile also swells and I sense he has something planned for me, I just don't know what. I guess he noticed my potential and wants to show daddy he managed to see a talent where dad could not. I hear the two of them are very competitive in the firm!

"And your timing was perfect too." He adds casually grabbing a file by his desk. "I have a new big project that I have been working on that I can really use a fresh set of smart young eyes on."

"Really?" I say sounding more excited than I want. "What is it about?"

"Well, it's..." before he can speak Miss Wilson walks in with the coffee and he stops talking suddenly.

I turn to see the busty blonde. She smiles as she walks in. The curvy tart bends over severely to serve the coffee, first to JJ, then to me. Her skirt rides up over the tops of the lacey stockings with each bend over, until her garters are showing ... even a peek of her panties can be seen! Not to mention her tits are almost in JJs face as she hands him his coffee.

I frown, disgusted at the secretary's behavior. But I don't say a thing. I don't think it'd be a good thing to complain about a co-worker so soon in my job. But it is obvious that I dislike her attitude and wardrobe.

"Thank you Miss Wilson." Uncle JJ smiles broadly at the slutty secretary, making me doubt his integrity.

"Will you have your 'usual' with your coffee this morning sir?" She almost purrs.

"Not now, but perhaps later Miss Wilson." He waves her away turning back to the file and making me calm down.

The secretary looks upset, then happy and slowly walks out of room, swishing her hips as she does so. She closes the door quietly as she leaves. I look at the blonde with wide eyes, obviously shocked at the slut.

"So, what was I telling you Nikki?" He turns back to me as he sips the coffee.

"A-about the new project you want me to look at..." I say still upset.

"I was telling you about the new project that I need help with." He concludes.

"Yes, that's it." I nod looking very interested about it. JJ can see I want to impress him and this sounds like a good chance to prove I'm a worthy addition to his staff.

"Well Nikki, let me show you what I have so far."

I position myself near him, so I can see the computer screen!

"Here Nikki." He notices I am having a hard time reading the screen from my side position. "Please, take my seat." He says standing up.

"Thank you!' I gasp, feeling that I must have done something right. I sit on the director's chair and hope one day it'll be my seat, not a lent one.

JJ stands behind me as the screen begins showing a video in widescreen.

"Pay close attention Nikki, I am sure you will learn plenty." He whispers behind me, I sense a certain tension in his voice, as if he had great expectations for me. I guess I became his pet project, maybe some 'tool' in his competition with daddy.

"Yes sir." I nod and look intently to the screen.

It shows an office setting, a very elegant one like the JJ and dad run. Then a very pretty and conservatively dressed woman appears.

"Hello." She says. "I am Lynn Payton and I am here to begin the training session for new female executives." She looks right at the camera that zooms on her perfect cover girl face. "If you are watching this video you must have been specially selected by one of your superiors to be a possible executive level talent." The woman smiles gently, pleasantly while I blush. JJ is training me as an exec! And so soon! My resume must have impressed him!

I barely notice JJ slowly backing away, sitting in the back of his office while watching me. I smile, thinking that daddy is right down the hall in his office working, and I am finally starting to thread the path that'll force him to recognize in me a daughter worthy of his name!

"This training is very, VERY important." She makes sure to give a big emphasis to this. "It'll take a week to complete the crash course and maybe several weeks until you finish the full training. But be sure, if you complete the program, your boss will be very pleased with the results." She smiles again and I feel a sense of 'sharing' with her, as if she knew what goes through my mind. She looks quite like the young female executive I'd like to be!

I am so entertained by the video I don't even notice my surroundings. I hear only her voice, I am only able to look at her face ... this video is so compelling! I must be over eager for the position ... yes, that must be it. And besides ... she looks so professional, so powerful! Exactly what I want to be.

"Now..." She approaches the camera, almost in a conspiratorial way. " ... the first thing to do to be an up and coming executive is to get noticed."

"Yes..." I repeat nodding. "I have to be noticed. I would love if everyone saw my talent!" I say dreamingly, almost in a daze.

"You can't blend in, there are plenty of young woman like us who are smart and talented." She says and I frown. It is true. There are several girls in my classes who are strong competition! I sit down scared of the prospect.

"And we all look the same. We all wear these heavy jackets and long skirts. We'll never get noticed this way, we blend in like furniture." She says looking fierce now. "We must change it if want to rise to the top."

I nod again feeling a little taken back, how can I change that? I want to be seen! I don't want to be ignored and let another person get the position I want.

"We girls have to remember that it is still a man's world, and that we need a man to notice us if we ever want to move up in the world." Lynn explains.

I take a moment to think about it. I always tried to be the equal of every man. But my boss is a man. He owns the company and I can't be his equal. I am forced to agree with Lynn. It is a man's world, I am in a man's ruled firm and I need him to notice me if I want to 'advance in the ranks'. I end up nodding again. This video is helping me see things clearly.

"I mean, if we girls can ever move up, we have to impress a man first." Lynn continues her perfect line of thought. "And for that we have to get a man to notice us."

Yes, I know the man I need to impress ... JJ! I'd love to impress daddy too. I never noticed it, but I'm eager to impress those older guys.

"Now we have to get rid of these stupid ... what should I call them? Man suits for woman and start dressing like a woman, because we ARE women, and we need to be proud of it."

I have always been a feminist, not a lesbian type, but I am proud to be a woman. I am proud of my femininity! Why should I dress like a man? Try to look like a man? I am proud to be a girl! I am so glad JJ showed me this video. The executive training is opening my eyes for some true things I never thought about.

JJ was so nice to me showing me this video, he is so smart ... I feel like a dumb little girl after I started to think about the things the girl is telling me. I mean, I always wanted to compete with men, but why?? I'll never be as good as an experienced man like JJ ... or like daddy. I feel so stupid! I hope JJ helps me grow up and become a good executive. This video is helping me think straight!

"So let's start our executive training with some proper outfits." She smiles and stands up, next thing she begins to undo her jacket buttons. Lynn opens her jacket and drops it to floor, then begins to undo her blouse. "I hate these heavy men clothes."

I look alarmed at the screen, what the hell is she doing?! But then I remember I am watching it alone. JJ left me to my training session. He is so smart! I'd be embarrassed if he was around, but watching it alone is ok.

I remove my own jacket, feeling awkward about it. Along with the minimizer bra and my hair pulled in a bum it makes me look ... well, NOT feminine, this sounds so wrong now! I am PROUD to be a girl, I have to right to dress like one and no one can force me to dress in men's clothes. I hate men's clothes.

Lynn finishes undoing her blouse and opens it, showing me she has huge tits in a minimizer bra too as she drops blouse to floor.

I wonder if this video is for female execs only. I guess so, there must be a male guy talking to male execs. We are different, so we must learn different skills. I'm glad she is almost as busty as me. I think she has the same problems about her body as me.

"Not only I hate men's clothes but I also hate hiding my tits in this thing." Lynn begins t undo her bra. "I am a woman and I am proud of my WOMANLY body. Just 'cause I have big titties it doesn't mean I have to hide them, like I am ashamed or something."

"So do I!" I say in a daze, speaking to myself. "It hurts my boobs!" I nod looking at the cute girl stripping. I am proud of being a girl and being a girl means I have tits! That's just natural! Why do I have to hide my knockers just because men can't control themselves when they are around me? I mean, I'm used to the 'talk to the tits' routine, but it does not mean I have to be embarrassed about my body or try to hide who and what I am! I am a GIRL! The woman really knows stuff!

"Now..." Lynn opens her bra and drops it with her other clothes. " ... that's MUCH better. Hum! My titties feel so much better out of that." She plays with her tits a little. "That is so much better!" She giggles and turns to the camera that zooms on her face. "I have a secret, girls. Sometimes I play with my titties when I lay in my bed."

I giggle too. 'So do I!' I think and I giggle louder, happy to be alone. I wish I could also take the bra off, it is so tight!

"Sometimes I think about my bosses playing with my titties." She completes. "I know they stare at my jugs at every opportunity they have, but then, it is no big deal! I am a woman and I am proud that they notice it, it is just natural! And it helps me keep their attention for a longer time!" She winks. "It is just a female trick, no big deal here."

I blush. This is something that never happened to me. I am used to be around boss-type guys, mostly daddy's friends. They all are older and powerful. But I am deadly embarrassed when they stare at my jugs! I blush deeper. I never liked to flaunt my body, quite the opposite, I always have been very self conscious about my too 'generous' chest. I never even thought about dressing to show cleavage, I always thought it was demeaning to women!

I start to imagine JJ ogling my knockers before I wake up from my daydream and pay attention to the woman again. This is weird, why did I ever think daddy's friends checking my tits was something weird? It is just natural for men to notice I am a girl, and being a girl means having tits! I will stop wearing this heavy minimizer, tomorrow I'll try a lacy push up. I am a girl damn it!

"But we have to get dressed like a woman executive." Lynn shakes her head as if waking from a daydream. "First, we need a bra - a pretty one, not a man one." She takes out a lacey, sheer, bright yellow bra. "Now this is pretty."

She slides on yellow bra, her tits are barely contained. I can see the nipples poking at the sheer lacey fabric. I giggle, it looks so different, her tits are much better in the tiny lacy bra than in that huge ugly minimize.

"This is so much better." She claps and giggles, making her tits bounce. "Now where are those matching panties?" Lynn digs around in drawer pulling out lacy sheer yellow panties and sliding it in, then pulls out bright yellow lacey garter belt. "I love dressing like a professional WOMAN for a change, not a parody of a man." She hooks up the belt and gets bright yellow stockings too. "Yes. Just because I want to be an exec doesn't mean I must dress like a dyke. I can dress like a professional woman too." She stands there in her all yellow lingerie.

I must confess it looks good! I wonder if the boss will dislike if I dress in less 'manly' clothes ... maybe not. He didn't mind the slutty secretary's way of dressing! Maybe that's what Lynn meant with 'being seen' and showing myself. Making myself noticed ... I'm still not sure.

"Yellow will get me noticed for sure." She winks playfully and I giggle. "But — giggle! - I can't go to work in just my undies — giggles - I am still a professional after all."

I nod. I want to look professional ... and womanly. Just like her. I hope she shows me how to do it!

Lynn takes out a white blouse, very sheer, very low cut, and puts it on. Her bright yellow bra is still clearly visible through her blouse.

"Hum! I look so pretty. I mean, I have to wear a blouse, but there is no reason to hide my pretty bra." I notice she left the top four buttons undone.

I giggle blushing. Many girls wear see through blouses along darker bras. But I personally never had the guts for it. I mean, I already draw too much attention to my bosom because of my E cups ... if I wore something like that the guys would try to grab my pillows! But Lynn looks real cool with it. I am not sure if I should do it but ... what the hell! I am a girl. I don't have to be embarrassed about my body, I am proud to be a girl.

"Pay attention girl. Now when the boss has to decide who is right for the top positions, he will notice me. I stand out." She makes a point of saying it while moving her shoulders a little bit, sending the large udders into a tantalizing jiggle. "And I am proud to be a WOMAN executive."

"Yes!" I say enthusiastically. I am proud of being a woman executive. I will not hide my womanly body anymore. I'll not dress like a man, pretend to be just 'one of the guys' anymore. I am not afraid to show my big fat tits, they are a statement to the world that I am a woman and proud of it.

I turn to the video again and see Lynn slip on a very, VERY short black miniskirt with the black and yellow contrasting nicely. She stands there proudly in her new outfit.

"Now I am sure I will be noticed." Lynn's skirt is so short her stocking tops and garter straps are showing. I giggle. If I wear such a thing I'll certainly be noticed too! "I have to confess that this is just the first step. We girls have to work even harder to get the job once we are noticed ... but that's the lesson for the next day of training!"

I finish the video and walk back to my cubicle. The boss and his secretary are not around. I spend the rest of the day doing some files and working on a few minor projects. I must confess I feel distracted all the time and I do walk to the coffee machine half dozen times.

There are always some of the girls there chatting. I notice all of them are at least attractive, most sport large busts. Another thing that draws attention is the way they dress. I mean, the skirts are short and I'm sure most of them are not wearing bras.

All their talk is about each others body, their new projects, career chances and the hot executives in the firm, which are all old guys I would never, EVER, think as 'hot'. I notice the ones who dress more lewdly have more to brag about. Maria, for instance, just returned from a great assignment in the Malaysian branch of the firm along Mr. Wilkins, while Sakura is working on an important client satisfaction research along several members of the director's board — JJ, Stanton, Boswell and Scullen among others.

It looks like Lynn was right. The girls who got the best opportunities are those displaying more of their bodies. They were able to attract the bosses' attention and are using it to go places. On the other hand the girls dressed conservatively, like me, are barely talked to. I guess that's why I feel so uncomfortable the rest of the day. My jacket is too heavy, and the bra is hurting my boobs! I notice that no one looks at me, as if I was invisible. My hair is up in a bum, along with the glasses hide my cute face ... and I am not wearing make up or lipstick. Ok, I do never use it, but now I feel so 'unfeminine' ... I guess I overdid my 'professional' image and actually hid myself from the bosses' eyes.

If I keep dressing like this I'll NEVER be noticed! I remember the video and blush. I must change a lot of things in my attitude if I want to make a career here!

JJ is busy the rest of the day and he just doesn't have any more time to spend with me. In fact I notice he gives more attention to those slutty girls in the secretarial pool who wear low necked dresses and more daring skirts! I guess that's just like the video said: I have to draw attention ... and it is a men's world!

After I leave the office I run to a nearby mall and buy a set of black panty and bra, a lacy thing that can barely hold my huge boobs, I usually wear custom made bras. They do not have E cups in stores, but these DDs will have to do while I wait for new bras.

I meet daddy home and tell him I started my executive training and that I worked all day. He asks me about JJ and I have to tell him he just spent a few minutes with me. Daddy looks relieved and just can't understand why. I want JJ to notice me!

He looks at me frowning, as if trying to notice some change, his eyes linger over my face for a moment and he calms down when he sees I'm the same Nicole as ever. Mom elbows him and they start to chat rapidly in whispers. I guess she is trying to convince him there is nothing wrong with me working in his firm.

He looks unconvinced but she leads daddy to their room giggling and looking playful. I know what it means, even with sound proof rooms I know they are about to have sex. I feel relieved. I don't want yet another fight with daddy about my new job.

I spend an hour watching TV in a dreaming state of mind. I'm all the time thinking about ways to attract the attention of my bosses, especially JJ. I sleep soundly this night, having erotic dreams with older men and office spaces. How weird!

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