Spare Parts
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, DomSub, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Body Modification,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Polly Perkins, the self described nerd-girl runs into an unusual problem after a morning of salvage hunting at her favorite flea market. Why did the small device she had found make her suddenly grow a rather large penis? After discovering she also produces live sperm, Polly goes on a masturbatory spree. When self stimulation doesn't seem to be enough, Polly takes serious advantage of her best girlfriend's good nature and ripe fertile womb!

My name is Polly Perkins, and my story doesn't make sense. At least it doesn't to me. I've recently gone through a change that boggles my mind. I decided to write my experiences out in this secret file, in a perhaps useless attempt to wrap my mind around the strange but true facts.

Let me start with the basics. I'm what some people have come to call a nerd-girl. Yes, I wear glasses, and tend to dress for comfort and not to impress. Still, I get quite a lot of attention. If I don't take the precaution of wearing baggy clothes, guys tend to drool and act stupid when they notice my bra size approaches their IQ.

Let me tone this down a bit. I know not all guys are mindless jerks. I just get a little wound up now and then. When you're only trying to find the proper chip set for a motherboard you salvaged at a flea market, you want a guy to listen to what you're saying, not stare at your 44DD's with a big goofy grin on his face!

Anyway, back to my problem. While scrounging at the flea market last weekend, I managed to find a box of abandoned computer cables under one of the tables. I snapped it up. In my line you can never have too many connectivity options! At the bottom of the box was an Inmac Compact Gender Changer (M-M) Product No. 329. I thought the little 25 pin device could come in handy, so I just left it in with the cables.

When I got home, I dumped the box out onto my bed and began sorting USB from IEEE 1394. I made out pretty good! I put the cables away and stripped down to my panties. With a welcoming sigh, I flopped myself onto the bed for a quick nap. Weird indistinct dreams plagued me for quite some time, before I awoke to my face buried in my pillow, and an uncomfortable lump pressing against my tender areas. I rolled over and grabbed the little blue connector and tossed it onto the floor. I rolled back, and the lump was still there.

"What the hell?" I sat up in bed and after a few seconds made a most startling discovery. Something rather large had become lodged in my panties! They stuck out in the front in a ridiculous obscene manner. "Jeez, was I diddling in my sleep again?" For a moment I had thought I had been using my little battery powered plastic friend in my sleep. I had done so a few times in the past. I slipped a hand down the front of my underpants and froze. I felt something warm and fleshy in there, not the expected hard smooth plastic!

I was on my feet in approximately .05 seconds. Yanking my favorite Hello Kitty panties down, gave something alarming room to spring up and salute! "Holy fucking shit! What the hell is this doing here?" I touched it, and the penis gave a twitch. My knees also very nearly gave out at the almost electric shock the contact of my fingers sent through the massive quivering organ!

I lost my head a bit and let out a scream as my eyes locked on the rigid staff thrusting out of my body. I fumbled on my glasses and stared at my newly discovered appendage. "Am I turning into a boy?" My questing fingers soon found that my little puss was still with me. It was just hiding underneath the huge male member I had sprouted in my sleep!

I dove to the floor and scrabbled for the little blue 25 pin device. "It had to be the gender changer!" I cried. "This is insane! What is this, some kind of sick internet stroke story?" How on God's green Earth could a small electronic device cause me to turn into a hermaphrodite while taking a two hour nap? It made no sense to me, but it was the only explanation I could come up with!

I very carefully put the changer in the drawer of my computer desk. Frankly, I was now afraid of the little thing. "What am I going to do?" I touched the penis again and snatched my hand away. I felt my finger with it! The stupid organ seemed to love the contact of a girl's hand against it! Don't get me wrong, I have seen a few of the things in person. I'm no shocked and timid virgin. What distressed me no end was that the one I suddenly sprouted seemed to be the biggest one I've ever encountered!

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I should go to a doctor!" I muttered as the thing bobbed merrily with every movement I made. "Yeah, right! I'd probably end up on the front page of every medical journal in the country!" I glared down at the unwanted intruder. "I don't care how hard you are, you aren't getting any attention of that sort from me!"

I sat on the edge of my bed, determined to wait it out. Sooner or later the stupid thing would lose interest and calm down. Remote in hand, I clicked on the television. I immediately ran into a problem. "Juno" was loaded up in my DVR, along with "Knocked Up" and "Baby Momma". I felt a flash of heat race through me. Could this thing get someone pregnant? I was not about to watch one of those comedies in my condition! I settled on an episode of "Myth busters". That was a mistake! Kari Byron has always been a personal hero of mine. I had never before paid much attention to how sexy she is! Without realizing it, I had once again grabbed hold of my unwanted intruder the moment I saw her sunny smile light up my TV screen! "No!" I scolded as I snatched my hand away and sat on it! "No touching!"

It was so hard now I was beginning to fear it would split open! I flopped back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. "What if it doesn't go down?" Those Viagra ads always talk about erections lasting four hours or more needing medical attention. I've been awake with this damn boner for only about an hour. Could I take three more? What the hell would I say at the emergency room?

I could see the swollen head peeking up at me over my breasts. My hand shook as once again I wrapped my fingers around it. "This is so wrong!" I whispered as I pretended I was giving a hand job to my ex boyfriend. He always said I knew just how to do it. I guess now was the time I'd find out if he was right!

I stroked the hard flesh and couldn't help a soft moan at the feelings racing through me. By the second stroke shimmering clear fluid began to seep from the slit at the tip. "This is disgusting!" I muttered as my hand moved faster on its own accord. "I better knock this off!"

My hand ignored my words, and continued to pump. My free hand fumbled with the remote. It seemed way too dirty to whack off while Kari was talking about an explosion! I shut off the TV and concentrated on this absurd experiment in self stimulation. I was beginning to pant now, as the slimy clear fluid made it that much easier to massage the rigid flesh. Unwanted images invaded my mind. I remembered how cute Myth buster Kari had looked in her wetsuit on the Shark Week special. I tried to force such things from my mind, but something even more dangerous took its place.

Mandy Chin is my best friend going all the way back to kindergarten. She's a fellow nerd-girl, and shares many of my ideals about life. There isn't a day where we don't get together or at least talk on the phone. Right now though, I couldn't keep her smiling face and sexy body out of my mind! I've always thought she looked exotic with her long shimmering raven black hair, beautiful almond eyes, and a trim athletic body that all the guys went wild over. Now I was thinking she was just about the sexiest woman I had ever met!

My imagination was getting carried away. How would it feel if Mandy's slender hand was wrapped around this unwanted guest, pumping it up and down like she was shaking a can of whipped topping? I heard a low whimpering, and realized it was me!

"Oh God, she's a cosplay fanatic, too!" I groaned as my mind took me back to helping her last year to create a costume. I had taken her complete measurements while preparing for a marathon session with needle and thread. "She looks so beautiful while naked!"

My breathing was really getting ragged now. "I'd love to see her naked now! I'd love to have her bend over and give this stupid thing a sweet little kiss! I'd love to. I, I'd love to." Words failed me, as I pictured her bending over my computer desk, so I could walk up behind her and shove this nasty thing exactly where it wanted to go! "Oh my God!" I could feel something happening deep inside me! My hips were bouncing up and down on the bed as my hand went wild!

I cried out as my body erupted! Long gooey ropes of white fluid blasted free of the bloated organ. "Mess!" I wailed, but could do nothing to stop the incredible onrush of feelings! The slop landed on my face and glasses. It plastered all over my heaving breasts. It went all over the damn room, and still my traitor hand kept right on pumping it out! I was panting like a dog when I suddenly tasted musky salty warmth. Oh fucking hell! I had scored a direct hit in my own open mouth! Another volley spattered across my tongue, and I reflexively did something I had never done before!

I sat up slowly, with the nasty goo dripping from my body. "Damn it!" I said thickly. "I'm a spitter, not a swallower! Why the hell did I eat that nasty stuff?" Some clinical part of my mind registered the fact that my 'stuff' tasted pretty much like the male sperm that had from time to time ended up in my mouth. "So why did I swallow it this time?" I chided myself as the fluid ran slowly down my body. I sighed. "Probably because I trust myself more then any guy I've ever gone with!"

I looked at my bed in disgust. My sheets were plastered with the nasty syrup. I touched my curly red hair and grimaced at the heavy wetness adorning it. "I slopped it everywhere! Why the hell didn't I get a tissue or something to catch it with?" One tissue would never have been enough. "I should have used the wastepaper basket!" Thank goodness I have a hard wood floor! Carpeting would have been ruined!

I began to carefully pull the sheets off of the bed. I had planned to wrap them around me to contain the mess while I dashed to the bathroom. Something made me stop. Since I know nobody will ever read this, I may as well admit the humiliating truth. I spent the next twenty or so minutes sucking my own semen out of the cotton fabric! Horrible as it sounds, I ended up eating every drop I could get my mouth on! By the time I threw the sheets in the hamper, there was more saliva then spunk in them!

After my 'snack' I suddenly was struck with a burning desire for knowledge, if you could call it that. Dripping and messy, I flew into frenzy as I searched all over my apartment. Where was it? Where did I stash the stupid thing? There it was, up on top of my refrigerator! I snatched up the Observer II microscope I had found at the flea market months ago, and shoved everything to the side on my kitchen table. Thank goodness my pack rat nature told me to grab it when I discovered it abandoned under a table that Sunday! I stared at it for almost a minute. "Shit! I don't have any slides!"

Thinking fast, I grabbed the flashlight out of my junk drawer, and removed the plastic lens. The sample was easy. My breasts, face and hair were still drippy with the stuff. I rubbed the lens on my tits and stuck the edge on the microscope stage. There was no light on the 'scope, so I stuck a spoon under the aperture in the stage and shined the lensless light down on it. I turned the barrel to 40X and peered through the 10X eyepiece. A magnification of four hundred times should show me something. "Oh shit! Oh God! Oh holy squirming mess!" I shouted as I watched the writhing image. "I'm fucking full of sperms! Do I have balls inside or something? I must! There's enough sperm there on that lens to knock up all the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders!" That nasty thought made my strange invader twitch happily!

I felt like a total pervert by the time I dragged my rapidly crusting body into the shower. "What the hell am I going to do?" I breathed as the warm water cascaded over me. "Damnation!" My stupid phallic hijacker seemed to like the warmth. It began to grow and swell once again! "Once is enough!" I shouted at the single minded organ. I snatched up my body wash and attempted to scrub the nasty thing clean. My knees almost buckled as I discovered stroking with soapy slippery hands felt even better!

I just couldn't stop myself! I had just produced some kind of ejaculatory record, and here I was going for round number two! Mandy once again occupied my fevered mind. How would that lovely Asian face look while sucking my new addition? My imagination told me it would be a gorgeous sight to behold!

I was in some kind of fever dream! I settled down into the tub and lay on my back under the warm water. With a grunt of effort, I lifted my legs up over my head! I bent myself almost in half, driven by a ghastly need! Water flowed all over me as I managed to bring the hugely swollen head close to my face! "A little more! Please, just a tiny bit more!" I cried in desperation as I used the flexibility years of yoga had given me in a totally filthy manner. Moaning frantically, I managed to close my lips over the head of my throbbing cock!

I closed my eyes and imagined Mandy was the one softly suckling on this swollen monster! God help my perverted soul! The feeling was beyond all words to describe! I held the backs of my knees in a death grip, trying desperately to get just a little more of what I had become into my greedy mouth! I silently cursed my breasts. I became convinced that if they were smaller I could manage to stuff more of the cock into my mouth! Still, I sucked frantically, urgently needing to know how it would feel to explode into a warm welcoming mouth!

I didn't have long to wait! Tongue swirling madly, I felt that powerful thrilling feeling deep inside again! My cock gave a jerk, and suddenly my mouth was filling with thick hot fluid! I gulped it down! As fast as the slop filled my mouth, I swallowed it without a second's hesitation! I worked frantically to get every luscious drop down my throat! This load had to be nearly as big as the first. I actually could feel it warming deep down in my tummy!

"What have I become?" I asked quietly as I finished showering in cold water, as I had used up all the hot in my nasty little snack time. "Jeez, I usually masturbate only at bedtime. This is getting out way of control!"

Thank God the thing finally seemed to have calmed down. Even while flaccid, the penis was remarkably embarrassingly large. "Maybe I should buy a jock strap." I mused as I managed to stuff the thing into my loosest fitting pair of jeans. "At least I feel like my normal self again!" I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door.

I did my best to keep my distressing condition out of my mind all the way to the mall. That's where I ran into a problem. It was late Sunday afternoon, and the place was crowded. Normally that wouldn't bother me, but today was different! My penis was reacting every time I passed an attractive woman! It was terrible! When I left, my jeans were loose enough to accommodate my not so little friend. Now, it had grown again, making them uncomfortably tight! How do guys stand it?

I wandered around the place, forgetting completely about stopping at RadioShack to see if the parts I needed where in. I was far too busy following one woman after another up and down the mall! I ended up buying a pretzel I didn't want, just because the woman behind the counter had breasts even bigger mine! "This is insane!" I whispered as I spotted an elegant middle aged woman shopping with her very pregnant beautiful daughter. "Double Milf!" I muttered, ripping their clothing off in my imagination.

"What was that?" a sexy blonde asked as I nearly bumped into her.

"Uh, I, um, I need to double the amount of milk I usually buy when I go grocery shopping this week." I answered lamely, as I used all my willpower to keep from throwing my arms around her and pulling her athletic body against mine.

"This can't be normal!" I gasped as I retreated to the ladies rest room. It seemed like an eternity while I waited for a stall in the crowded facility. "It's not normal! Nothing about this is anywhere near normal!" I slammed the stall door shut and unbuttoned my jeans. Yanking jeans and panties down, I sat on the toilet and took matters in hand. I had to jerk off again just to calm myself down enough to get out of here!

"Oh God, what am I doing?" I breathed as I began to stroke madly in the crowded bathroom. What would happen if someone figured out a person with a penis was in here playing spank the monkey? Somehow, that thought didn't seem to matter! There was a woman in the stalls on either side of me! That just made my cock all the harder! In my aroused state, I seemed to be accumulating more and more fetishes! First big tits set me off. Then pregnancy and Milfs! Now this! I listened carefully to hear the hiss of golden streams sprinkling into the porcelain thrones on which my unseen friends sat.

I must have been breathing too hard or something. "Are you alright in there?" a kindly voice asked on my right.

"I, I'm f-fine!" I gasped. "I'm good!" My hand stroked faster as I talked. "I'm really, really great!" I felt that wonderful terrible pressure growing and I went to grab a handful of tissue with my free hand. Shit! In my haste to 'get off' I hadn't noticed the dispenser was empty! I gritted my teeth and tried to hold off the explosion, but I had passed the point of no return! I couldn't risk it getting all over me in a public place! I pointed myself forward right as the first volley fired! I couldn't help a moan as my semen hit the door with an audible 'splat'!

Again and again my issue spattered against the door. Four, five, six, seven, eight times the low splat noise sounded like thunder in my ears. Would anyone hear? Would anyone guess? Thank God I managed to get my hand under the pulsing head in time to catch the last few weaker spurts before they rained down on my jeans to brand me as a pervert! Not knowing what else to do, I licked my palm clean of the evidence of my overwhelming lust. Not that it mattered much! As my pounding heart slowed, I watched in horror as all that nasty spunk slowly oozed down the door! My heart almost stopped when the first big plop fell to the tile floor.

"Oh drat!" I cried as loud as I dared. "I, I somehow managed to squirt my hand sanitizer all over the place in here!" I jumped to my feet and yanked up my drawers! I had a little trouble stuffing my monster in enough to button up, but I had to get out, and fast! My stall reeked of slightly used semen! I threw open the door and charged out. Thank all the stars in heaven that the crowd had thinned a bit. That and the doors on either side of my stall opened at the same time! When people figure out exactly what that mess is, hopefully they'll think one of the others was responsible!

When I got back to my car, I realized something even more distressing about my new condition. I watched as a good looking guy two cars over spilled his iced coffee on his shirt. With a curse, he pulled the soiled garment off and tossed it into the back of his car. He had the rugged good looks I always fall for, and Abs he must devote hours of exorcise to develop. The guy was build like an Adonis. All I could think was this buff asshole was blocking my view of the woman in the next car over. The woman's Sarah Palin sexy librarian look made my cock twitch quite happily!

"Dammit!" I whispered as I fidgeted in my seat. "I think my orientation has done a complete flip-flop!" I ignored the missile in my pants the best I could and put the car into gear. "I don't even know if I count as a lesbian now! Is it wrong to want to stuff your cock into a pretty girl? Is it so bad to want and plant a baby in some lovely woman? Millions of guys would say "Hell no!" to that!" I felt my face grow warm. I knew just which pretty girl I wanted to stuff this thing in. I burned rubber as I left the mall parking lot on my way to Mandy Chin's house.

Mandy still lived with her mother. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw Dr. Chin's car was not in the drive. Mandy's red Honda CBR600F4i crotch rocket was there though. I smiled thinking about her wearing those sexy racing leathers of hers. She always made me think of Priss, from the anime Bubblegum Crisis when I saw her in them. I got out of my car and fidgeted a bit, trying to line up my impatient monster in a more comfortable position.

When I rang the bell, the door opened almost immediately. "Polly?" Mandy pretended to be shocked. "You're awake before sunset on Sunday? I thought you always went back to bed after a hard day's trash picking at the flea market! I was going to stop by around nine and see if you wanted to get some dinner."

My best friend was wearing ratty sweatpants and a camouflage tank top. Good God she looked adorable! "Maybe later. I just had to come by and show you something."

"What's up?" I followed her inside, staring in delight at her pert little bottom. Did you know it sort of made a figure eight while she walks? My cock sure seemed to appreciate the view!

"I seem to have brought home the strangest thing I ever found while salvage hunting." I felt my face grow warm as she turned to give me a quizzical look.

"Stranger then the time you found the Civil Defense Geiger counter and your mother wouldn't let it in the house because she was afraid it was radioactive?"

"Laugh it up, smarty pants! I sold that thing for sixty bucks on EBay!" I called as she went into the kitchen. "This is big. Really fucking big!" While she was gone, I kicked off my shoes and wriggled out of my jeans. "You are not going to believe how big this thing is!"

"Knowing you, it's probably something like a guide missile or something." She froze in the kitchen doorway. The bottle of Mountain Dew slipped from her fingers and geysered everywhere when it hit the floor. 'What the fuck is that?" she shouted while pointing at my proudly saluting friend.

"I told you it was big." The thing gave a little jerk, and my face felt quite warm. "It just grew there while I was sleeping."

Mandy regained her composure and ran for some paper towels. "Very funny, Pol! You scared the hell out of me with that prosthesis. What is it, some cosmetic replacement for accident victims or something? It looks way too real to be a dildo."

I watched her butt for a moment as she crawled around cleaning up the soda mess. "No, it's flesh and blood, honest!"

"Polly, take that stupid thing off and put your pants back on!" Soda forgotten, Mandy got up and glared at me. "Just because I'm still a virgin doesn't mean I'm dying to get a look at some damn fake dick!"

She really shouldn't have reminded my about her untouched purity! I strode over and grabbed her wrist. "See, it is real!" I pressed her hand against my erection. Electricity seemed to shoot through me at this heavenly contact.

"Cut it out!" She wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a bit of a pull. I moaned as she followed that with a bit of a squeeze. Her eyes opened wide. "It does feel real." She nearly went cross-eyed staring down at it. "I've known you almost all my life! We took baths together when we were kids! I've seen you naked lots of times. You never had a dick before!"

"I told you. It just grew there!" I threw my arms around her and hugged her tight. "It's so very hard now!"

"What do you think I can do about it?" She stiffened as I thrust my hips against her, letting the head of my cock rub her belly through her tank top. "Oh no! Don't even think any thoughts about that!" She tried to pull away, but I wouldn't let go. "Polly, I don't know what you did to cause that, but friendship only goes so far!"

"Mandy, you're my best friend!" I said softly. "Who else can I trust with this? Who else would be willing to let me just see what it would feel like?"

"Not me, that's for sure!" she tried again to pull away, but I'm bigger then she is. There way no way I was letting her out of my embrace!

"It's not like I want to actually FUCK you." I lied. "I just want to see what it feels like to slip it in for a second or two."

"I'm a virgin, you dummy!" she tried again to get out of my arms. "You want me to toss away my cherry just to curb your curiosity?"

"Who are you kidding? You may not have screwed a guy, but what about your bike?" I tried to smile reassuringly. "You've put in so many hours with that thing roaring between your thighs, your hymen is sure to be abraded by now!"

"Well, my gynecologist did tell me." She opened her eyes wide. "What am I saying? Why would I let you put that thing in me, for even a second?"

I sighed. "Because we're best friends, and we'd do anything for each other?" It was time to pull out the big gun, so to speak. "Who donated blood when your mom was in a car accident, and needed a transfusion? Who did the doctors credit for saving her life?"

Mandy opened her mouth, and quickly shut it again. "That's dirty pool, Polly!" She smiled briefly. "There will be no fucking, and that's final! That would just be too weird. I'll let you try putting it in, just once. One time only, got me? Just for one second! One push in, one pull out. I am not having sex with a girl!"

"Of course not!" I agreed forcefully. "I'm not looking to actually have 'SEX"! All I want is to see what it feels like for guys!"

"Okay, as long as we are on the same page in this." I released her and she headed for the stairs. "My bed room! It's too freaky to mess around like that in my mother's living room!"

I followed with a song in my heart. My cock was going to see what a woman felt like! Mandy thought it was going to be just a quick check, but there was no way I could ever pass up the opportunity to show her exactly how much I really love her! "How are we going about this?" I asked casually while forcing myself not to simply throw her onto the bed.

She gave me a dagger look. "You lay on the bed. That's how." She smiled, to soften her words. "It's not that I don't trust you, but I want to be in total complete control. Okay?"

"Your house, your rules!" I said cheerfully as I climbed onto the bed. "Remember, just let it go in completely, so I can get the full effect." I lay down and made a show of putting my hands behind my head.

"Like I'm about to forget that!" Mandy kicked off her slippers, and shucked out of her worn old sweatpants. Damn! No panties! "There's something just so pervy about this." She complained as she climbed onto the bed. "If you weren't my dearest friend, I'd never consider doing this for a New York minute!"

"I do appreciate this." I chimed as she nervously knee walked closer to me on the bed. "Um, do you think we should get some lubrication for you. I wouldn't want to hurt you or anything."

Mandy looked so pretty when she blushed. "No, don't worry about that." She cleared her throat. "I kinda started making my own when you began waving that thing around."

I wanted to sing and cheer! Her body wanted this, even if her mind didn't! "Oh, okay." Was all I said as she straddled my legs. "You'll be more comfortable that way."

She took a deep breath. "Just shut up already, Pol. I'm nervous enough as it is!"

I couldn't tear my eyes away as she slowly squatted over me. Mandy's pubic hair was a cute little glossy black bush. I wanted to reach out and stroke it, but didn't want to scare her off just yet. Her labia spread open under her fingers, as the head of my monster nestled against her sweetness. "Just in and out." She breathed as she slowly settled lower. The heat of her body warmed my soul as my throbbing erection pushed inside. Mandy moaned and bit her lower lip, but continued taking me in. "Shit! It's even bigger then it looks." She gasped as her beautiful body came to rest against mine.

"Mandy, this, this feels wonderful!" I whispered as her tight sheath lovingly held me.

"We better stop." She said huskily as she slowly lifted back off of me. Once she was clear of my hardness, she scrambled away and sat on the edge of the bed. "That was getting too weird." She said with a nervous laugh. "You're my best friend, Pol. You know I love you, but I don't think we should ever 'go there' again." She stood up and stretched her body sensually. "It would be a big mistake to ever do that again."

I sat up slowly, so as not to alarm her. "Yeah, you're right about that. Thanks though, Mandy. Now I know why guys are always so eager to get into my pants."

She gave me a crooked grin. "Was it really that good?"

I couldn't hold back any more. "Hell yes!" I launched myself at her, and pulled her body tightly against mine. "I never felt anything as good as that in my entire life! I need more! You can't think I'd be satisfied with just that tiny little taste!"

"Polly, stop it!" she shouted as we began to struggle. I wanted, no, I NEEDED to get my cock back into her glorious warmth! "We agreed!" she squealed as I dragged her back to the bed. "We agreed on just once in and out! We can't let it turn into sex!"

"I need you, Mandy!" I cried as bodily threw her back onto the bed. "You don't know how much I ache to push my cock back inside of you!"

"We can't do this!" she shouted in panic as I climbed back over her. "We grew up together! We have to stop!"

I managed to get my left hand around both of her slender wrists, and trap her arms up over her head. "Yes, we grew up together!" I echoed as my knees forced her long legs apart. "I know you better then I know anyone else!" My right hand moved between us to grab my engorged cock. "We grew up together, and I love you!"

Her eyes opened wide as the head of my cock once again found her sweet honey center. "No! Polly, I said no! Don't you dare do this!"

I dared! I slipped into that blessed tightness again, and sighed in satisfaction. "I can't stop now, don't you see?" I pleaded as my hips thrust, pushing me completely into her. "I won't stop, until I'm done!"

"Oh God!" She struggled weakly under me, but there was no way I was giving this up! "Polly, please no! We have to figure out why you're like this!"

"I'm like this so I can fuck you!" My lips met hers, and I discovered the joyful satisfaction of kissing a beautiful girl. She whimpered, but before long her lips parted under the pressure of my tongue. Her mouth was the sweetest I had ever tasted. Even if I hadn't grown this fearful appendage, I felt like I had been wasting time letting guys screw me! Why had I never thought of my beautiful Mandy as a lover before?

My hips began moving with urgent need, plowing my hardness into her silky heat. She wriggled under me. It only served to increase my pleasure. "Polly!" she gasped as our lips parted. "Please stop! Cut it out and I'll pretend you never did this! What if something terrible happens?"

"Something terrible?" My mind's eye pictured the squirming wiggling sperm I had observed and I felt proud. I felt POWERFUL! My desire increased a thousand fold! "Terrible in what way? Remember that microscope you laughed at me for lugging home? I used it on my ejaculate! I make live sperm, oodles of them! I saw them all swimming! Would it be something terrible if I unleashed millions of sperm inside your gorgeous body?"

"Oh my God!" she cried in real alarm. "Polly, you can't mean that! You make sperm too? You have to pull it out right now! You can't get sperm in me! We can't even risk one drop of pre-cum! This is a bad time of the month for that!" She was nearly panting. "Dammit Polly! No means no! I'm not on the pill! I think I'm ovulating today! I don't have any kind of protection!"

"Mandy love, you shouldn't have said that!" I kissed her again. "I don't think I've wanted anything in my life as much as I want to make your belly get nice and big with my baby!"

She moaned as she struggled harder under me. God help me, it felt so good the way she wriggled! "Blowjob!" she squealed. "I can try giving you a blowjob! Please Polly! Let me suck you! Pull it out and I'll try and make you feel good with my mouth! Just pull it out before you cum in me!" Her eyes pleaded. "Stop right now and I'll even try to deep throat!"

"I can't stop!" I grunted as that pressure began to build inside my very soul. "I need this way too much!" I went into a frenzy of lust. My cock sawed in and out of her fertile body, pushing me ever closer to exploding!

"Oh Polly, please stop!" Mandy begged. Even with those words, I felt something wonderful! Long legs wrapped around me! I risked it all by releasing her arms. Slender hands slipped up under my blouse as she pulled me tighter to her! "Don't make me pregnant!" she gasped, her breathing rough and ragged. "Oh God Polly, don't knock me up! If you cum in me I'll get pregnant for sure!"

I was balanced right at the edge of the abyss. "Almost there!" I grunted. "J-Just a few more strokes!"

My beloved cried out as her body moved with mine. "Not inside!" she wailed as her spasming sheath began to milk my hardness. "Pull it out! Oh God Polly, pull out now!"

She held me in a grip I couldn't have broken if I wanted to! The heavens above know that I didn't! One final thrust into her loving body was all it took! The power surged through me and my back arched! I pressed my staff deep inside her as my climax struck like lightening! My sperm rich semen was blasting into her fertile belly! My cries mingled with hers as the force of my ejaculation made my body writhe over hers! Masturbating was only a warm-up to this! Fear added spice to my lust as I actually thought I'd never stop cumming inside her beautiful ripe womb!

Stop I finally did though, to a feeling of overwhelming satisfaction. "Mandy that was fantastic! Thank you so much!" I rolled off of her, and my still firm penis slid out with a wet and sloppy plop. Semen simply bubbled and poured out of her pretty sex. It looked nasty and hot as hell!

She looked down at herself, stunned. "What have you done to me?' she asked softly, as she gingerly touched the pearly white mess spreading over her quilt. "Oh my God! You knocked me up! I just know it! How could anyone not be pregnant with all that stuff in her?" My beautiful mate sniffed back her tears. "What am I going to do now?"

I gathered her in my arms and held her tight. "You're going to marry me, dummy!" I kissed her tears away. "You belong only to me now, understand that? You are mine, and mine alone! I'll do all the worrying for both of us!"

"Really?" Her eyes opened wide, and a shy smile slowly spread over her face. "Was that a proposal?"

I slipped off of the bed and dropped down on one knee. "Mandy Chin, will you do me the honor of being my bride?"

She clasped her hands together and really started to cry. For a second I thought I had made a terrible mistake. 'Oh Polly! I've loved you for so very long! I didn't think you liked girls, so I had to settle for just being your friend. Of course I'll marry you!"

I rejoined her in bed, and gave my fiancée another sweet kiss. "You don't know how happy you've just made me, pretty girl!"

We both froze as a voice reached us from downstairs. "Mandy, is Polly here?" Mrs. Chin called up to us. "Ask her if she wants to stay for dinner!"

"I know just what I want for a wedding gift, Mandy love." I slipped a hand between her legs and diddled her drippy little honey-pot. "Your mom is hot. Give her to me as a wedding present! Get her to let me fuck that sexy body of hers. She's only forty-five. I bet I can knock her up too!"

She looked shocked. "Polly, that's disgusting! She's my mother! You can't fuck her! I won't let you do anything of the sort!"

"You won't let me?" I pulled my hand away and thoughtfully licked my fingers clean. "I guess you don't really love me enough to get married after all. I guess I'll have to find someone who appreciates what a woman with a penis can do!"

Mandy looked at me in disbelief. Then her eyes dropped and she demurely bowed her head. "Please don't ever leave me!" she begged. "I'll figure out something." She added in a whisper. "Somehow I'll give you mom as a wedding gift. I give you my word!"

I smiled, knowing I had won something wonderful! "The sooner the better, Mandy love!" I put her hand once again on my still hard cock. "The sooner, the better!"

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