Interview With a Pimp
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Interracial, First, Prostitution,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Spiker the pimp reveals his own background and those of his "ladies".


"This is Darin Hamner -- wait a minute, let me make sure this recorder is on. Yes, it's okay. All right. This is Darin Hamner. The date is October 21. The time, nine-thirty seven pm. the location is the back room of a bar in Los Angeles, California. This audio recording is research on a study of the sociological and psychological effects of prostitution in America. The recording which follows is an interview with a man who does not wish to reveal his real name or be videotaped and wants simply to be called Spiker. He is black, of medium build and indicates he is thirty-two years old. Perhaps we could start by you telling me why you consented to do this interview."

"Well, you contacted me, but as I told you, I'm a businessman. I ain't ashamed of what I do."

How would you describe what you do for a living?"

(Snicker) "I'm in the entertainment business."

"Oh, really?"

"Sure. I provide men with someone to entertain them."

"And that someone would be... ?"

"A woman."

"And how does she entertain them?"

"Well she don't sing no songs or dance a jig."

"She has sex with them."

"That's what they pay for."

"And you make the arrangements."

"Sometimes I do, especially for the younger, better looking ones. The others work the streets."

"In other words, in the common vernacular, you're a pimp."

"Yeah, okay, I'm a pimp."

"How long have you been a pimp?"

"Seven years."

"How did you become a pimp? Can you tell us a little about yourself?

"I was brought up in the projects. Never knew my old man. He skipped out on my old lady before I was born. Mama had the habit."


"And alcohol. She couldn't keep any job long. She worked for a while in a sewing factory and then at a gas station, but toward the end she was too wasted to do much of anything."

"She's dead?"

"Yeah, when I was fifteen. My aunt and her husband gave me a place to stay. They wanted me to finish school but I never liked it much so I quit."

"At fifteen?"


"But didn't the authorities... ?"

"Oh, they sent letters and once a guy stopped by my aunt's place and told 'em I'd go to juvie if I didn't start back into school. I didn't want to get them in trouble so I left to go out on my own."

"What then?"

"Joined a gang, crashed some flophouses. Started dealin', coke and heroin mostly. Got arrested twice, but because of my age the judge bought my sob story and let me off with a warning and probation."

"Then what?"

"Then I got busted a third time and that's when it hit the fan. The judge that time tried me as an adult and gave me six years of hard time."

"What was it like in prison?"

"I was seventeen and cocky as hell when I went in. Within a week I was almost raped by the Aryan Brotherhood. They said they were gonna make me their bitch. That's when the brothers stepped in and took me under their wing."

"The brothers? You mean other blacks."

"Yeah, they called themselves the Ravens. They were always fighting the Brotherhood, fist fights, shivs mostly. A lot of blood. Manny, my best friend was killed by a bunch of the brotherhood. Caught him alone one day in the laundry. Cut him up real bad. He bled out before they could get him to the infirmary."

"And you?"

"The Ravens sort of protected me after that. The Brotherhood didn't come close when there were Ravens with me and I made sure I was never alone."

"What did you learn in prison?"

"I learned to watch my back. I learned there's nobody you can trust, not completely. Even some of the Ravens ripped me off a few times."

"How so?"

"We managed to save a little money and sometimes get stuff from the outside. My aunt brought me things, just small stuff, food and clothes mostly, but I didn't keep 'em long if any of the Ravens wanted 'em."

"Was that the cost of your protection?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. Plus about a year before I got out, I helped 'em jump one of the Brotherhood. He was a tall, mean son-of-a-bitch and one of the ones who tried to rape me, so when three of the Ravens cornered him, I acted as lookout. They beat him up pretty good. If I'd had a shiv Ida cut him, but I didn't, so I just kicked the crap out of him after they finished with him."

"What else did you learn in prison?"

"That's where I discovered the ladies."

"Girls, you mean."

"No, man, the "ladies" -- like of the evening."

"Oh, I thought you meant..."

"Girls? Hell, I was twelve when I got my first piece of ass. Mindy Akers. She was older than I was, must have been about sixteen or seventeen. Good lookin' bitch with the best legs I've ever seen anywhere. Anyway, she takes a likin' to me and invites me over to her mom and dad's. Of course what I didn't know was that mom and dad weren't home. Right there on her living room sofa. (Laughs) She damn near screwed my brains out. God, she was good! Anyway, after that I began gettin' me some whenever I wanted. She did me a couple of more times before she moved on, but she let the other girls in school know what a stud I was and I had to beat 'em off with a stick. So i wasn't no stranger to women by the time I got to prison."

"So how did you discover the "ladies?"

"A couple of the Ravens, Rick and Marvin had some ladies still workin' for 'em on the outside. They'd come to see the guys every once in a while and I'm tellin' you, they were nice! Course I couldn't touch 'em there in prison, but they let me know they'd just as soon work for me as Rick and Marvin. I'd have taken 'em up on it too, but Rick and Marvin got out before I did and that was that."

"What made you decide to start pimping?"

"Two things. Rick and Marvin's ladies for one thing. God, they were nice. And to think t could get that whenever I wanted AND that I could get a sizable cut of their profits. I'd be crazy not to. Besides, pimpin' is a lot safer than dealin'."

"How so?"

"You want to deal, first you got to get the stuff. That means dealin' with low lifes who'd as soon rip you off as deal with you. Then, if you do get the stuff you got to sell it and that means you got to look out for more rip-offs and cops. Then you got to do it all over again. You got to go out and get more stuff. And if you get caught it means prison time -- big prison time! But workin' the ladies is different. They the ones who take the chances, who get beat up or arrested. And besides, once I get me a lady I can keep makin' money off her for a long time to come. See, you can rent out the ladies over and over again."

"Have you ever been arrested for pimping?"

"Once, but they couldn't make it stick. See, my ladies know enough to keep their mouths shut so who was there to testify? Even if they had made it stick you're lookin' at a fine and no prison time."

"Is the money as good as dealing?"

"Maybe not quite, but almost. If you subtract what I could have made supplyin' ladies while I was in prison for dealin', it probably would have paid better. A lot depends on gettin' as many ladies as you can and keepin' 'em busy. I talked with Rick and Marvin before they got out. They gave me a lot of pointers."

"What happened when you got out.?"

"I bounced around for a little while. Auto mechanic, truck driver, but I already knew what I wanted to do."


"You got it."

"So how did you get started?"

"My sister, Marlene, she's twenty-seven now but when I was in prison she was ... let's see, 'bout sixteen. She was in a foster home but they let her come see me once in a while. Once she brought her friend Trixie with her. My that was a fine lookin' young piece! She took one look at me and I knew I wanted her -- wanted in her pants and wanted her to come to work for me when I got out."

"You were close to being released?"

"Yeah, I had less than a year left so I gave her the look back and that pretty much sealed the deal."

"She was sixteen?"

"Fifteen, but nice tits and ass -- and pretty. Kind of shy but I didn't have to say much. I could tell she liked me from the very first moment."

"So you decided to start your "business" with Trixie?

"You got it."

"Tell me about that."

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