Moth to a Flame
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, BDSM, MaleDom,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A brief introduction, to a couple of the main characters who will appear in a series of upcoming stories. This is the first real life meeting between the two. Fair Warning, a bit on the sappy side.

I felt a formidable presence, absolute strength; familiar in a sense, somewhere in amongst the throng that had recently descended around me at the once seemingly secluded area of the lake I had stopped to enjoy. I had been on my way to meet a friend, but the view was beautiful and I had some time to kill before I had to be there. Though curious about the presence I felt, I had begun to head towards anywhere but where I was, and quickly too I might add. I never have done well in crowds, our perverse and ailing race with its various maladies, has always overwhelmed me in great numbers; causing me to feel as if I am standing in a very small box with hundreds of leaden ping pong balls slamming in to me from all directions with no reprieve. Instead, I found myself turning and forcing myself to weave in and out of the crowd. Unbelievably, I was actually immersing myself within this crowd of people. Through the sadistic and narcissistic creatures which inhabit this forsaken rock, in search of that overwhelming pull.

I quickly found myself in unfamiliar surroundings, adding considerably to my discomfort. Several times I wanted to turn and bolt, but I was unable to break free from that spark of light I felt pulling at me. I stopped at a grouping of trees mostly free of the offending crowds for a much needed respite. While berating myself for wandering off in search of an unknown person somewhere in this vast sea of slime, I had begun to calculate my escape back the way I had come. I was so ensconced in my task I failed to notice "my presence" was standing directly behind me. I felt a light touch on the small of my back and found myself screaming like a little girl who has seen a spider.

Turning quickly, my eyes then met with the sight of my search. In front of me stood the most amazing man I have ever seen, or rather, felt. He stood about 6 inches taller than me, with a long, lean and powerful build. His dark brown hair was wavy and a bit unkempt which along with a strong jaw and brow, framed eyes so dark they looked to be made up of obsidian. His nose and mouth looked to be chiseled from his face. But he was definitely that formidable presence I had sensed; he radiated strength. I can not say how long I just stood there staring. It took me a moment in registering, I had felt his hand stroking my face along my jaw and that strong hand was now gently cupping my chin. I was mortified as I the realized I had been standing there with my mouth agape; it was wide enough to catch flies. I could feel my face burning with flush as he gently closed my mouth.

Very softly he said with a small smile, "You look as if you have lost someone in that crowd. Would you need me to help you find whoever it is you are looking for?" I stood staring for awhile longer before I managed to whisper, "I believe you have already found him." At first he only cocked an eyebrow and looked at me as if appraising me. Then he began to chuckle as I had suddenly found looking at the ground at my feet, very, appealing. I could not believe of all the things I could have said, that was what had come out of my mouth. I felt him lean in to me and his mouth grazing my ear as he whispered "I thought perhaps that might be the case."

Startled, my head jerked up to look at him again, maybe I had mistakenly not recognized him. He caught my head firmly in his hands as my head had flown up, and I found myself only inches from his face. My breath caught as I looked up into obsidian eyes, thinking to myself I could get lost in those, and before I knew what was happening I felt his warm mouth surrounding mine, exploring my lips with his lips and tongue. The kiss had ignited something within me I thought was long dead and I found myself melting into his solid frame, unable to hold myself up any longer. Time simply stopped.

I abruptly pulled myself away, what was I doing? I did not know who this man was. I got no reading from him at all, just that overwhelming pull. I had run into others like him in the past. They were almost always predators, using their allure to trap their prey. I had always managed to note their presence before, and shield myself from it. I turned ready to bolt, only to be caught up in his arms. "And just where did you think you were going to run off to?" He whispered again, at my neck. I could feel his warm breath as his lips brushed against my neck. I could not find my voice. I was frozen where I stood. I had now experienced and thoroughly understood the expression, scared stiff. I felt his hand move up my back and his hand take root in my hair. I could feel every muscle in his sinewy frame as he just held me close to him for a few moments. He began kissing my neck so softly it tickled, down to my shoulder. Pausing there, he pulled up and looked again into my eyes and I felt his hand tighten in my hair, pulling my head back exposing the length of my neck to his now greedy mouth. No longer were his kisses soft, they were firm and demanding. He was steadily kissing, licking and biting my neck. I could feel myself starting to drip.

With his hand still firmly gripping my head by my hair and his other hand flat against my chest he backed me slowly into one of the nearby trees. Once there, I felt the hand that had been flat against my chest, was somehow now against my skin, with one of my breasts held firmly in its massive grip. His mouth again descended upon mine, my head pulled so far back; my back was severely arched, pressing my body tight against his. His kisses were hungry, as though he was receiving sustenance by them. His finger and thumb began rolling and squeezing my nipple while still kneading my breast in his hand. I lost all control as I let out a deep moan. At that he used the hand still caught up in my hair to push me down the tree until I was sitting on the ground, my legs out in front of me, my back still pressed up against the tree. He had pulled my shirt and bra up over my breasts as he slid me down the tree, they were pushed up tight around my neck and my breasts seemed to stand at attention, my nipples erect. He stood above me, still forcing my head back, and looked down at me with that same smile he had given me earlier. I could feel his eyes looking over my breasts. He forced his foot between my legs forcing them open and I knew he could see the stain of my wetness between them. I closed my eyes and moaned again as I felt his excitement climb even higher.

He moved down and sat over my legs, releasing my hair to pull my shirt and bra off over my head. I shook with both fear and excitement as his hand found its way back to my hair, once again firmly pulling my head back, causing the arch to thrust my flushed and erect breasts against his chest. And again his mouth attacked mine with hunger. He fed at my mouth, neck and breasts until I nearly passed out from the sensations. Sitting back, he pulled his shirt off and I opened my eyes to a slit to watch. His muscled but wiry build caused a fresh wave of moisture to hit between my legs. Laughing wickedly he began to work at his waist, it was then I noticed, he did not wear a belt, but rather had a length of rope coiled several times through his jeans. I began to struggle a bit, which brought his hand not to my hair as before, but around my neck. Firmly and knowledgeably his thumb expertly reduced the blood flowing to my brain, causing me to feel very light headed. I felt his body over mine as he once again brought his mouth to my ear and whispered, "You might want to think twice before trying that again, and you do know you belong to me now." I felt my self begin to shake uncontrollably and again I gave myself away with a moan, and then I fainted.

I came to sometime later and knew I was completely naked now. I opened my eyes just slightly taking in my surroundings. I could tell I had been expertly tied into a harness, I could feel the intricate rope design pressing into my skin, as well as the well placed knots. My breasts were bound and swelling with blood, and I could feel one of those well placed knots was just above my clit, already teasing me with every breath. My arms had been bound together at the elbow and wrists above my head and my legs were spread open and bound at the knee to a branch he had obviously found nearby. I had been taken further in the trees and was now also wearing some sort of collar at my neck. My pussy was absolutely soaked and smelled delightful. I could not see him anymore, and after a few minutes I became scared to death he had tied me up like this and then left me there. My eyes flew open and desperately I started to look around while trying to see if I could work my wrists out of the rope.

It was not too long before I heard that wicked laugh again, coming from somewhere behind me. I tried to move my head back to look behind me, but found I was not able to. He came around in front of me and sat down on my stomach, pushing my breasts even closer together with his thighs, his cock throbbing on my breasts. Leaning over, close to my face, he started pulling on whatever he had put around my neck and whispered, "Remember, I said you belong to me now, do you think I would really leave you all tied up for someone else to play with, kitten?" And then he started kissing my neck, this time very softly. My breath caught as I felt his tongue start to lick my neck. He worked his way down my neck and breasts, moving around so that his cock was throbbing into my face. I could smell his scent and it was making me high. As he started to kiss and lick my stomach and upper thighs, he smashed his balls into my nose over and over again, smearing his sweat and scent all over my nose and mouth. I could not help myself and opened my mouth, gently putting my tongue out to taste, I barely touched him with my tongue when he moved out reach. "Not yet kitten," he murmured into my skin.

He moved to sit next to me, looking deep into my eyes with those obsidian voids of his. I was mesmerized. I could feel his hands softly stroking my body, pinching and scratching my breasts, stomach, and inner thighs at random. I could not help it and let out a moan again. He chuckled at this and said, "Somehow I have the feeling, you and I are going to get along beautifully." Then I gasped as I felt his fingers slide between my lips, pushing them open. Grabbing my lips between three of his fingers he began massaging and pulling them in all directions from my body, my pussy was now running copiously all over his hand. Smiling he slid a couple fingers deep inside my pussy, stroking them in out several times very firmly. I tried biting my tongue to keep from moaning loudly but he must have sensed it because he pressed a third finger deep inside me and began stroking harder and longer. It wasn't long before I was moaning loudly and squirming, trying to push his fingers even deeper. He pulled them out and rubbed them all over the outside of my pussy and clit. He shoved them in again and scooped out even more of my juices and then smeared it all over the outside of my mouth; he forced open my mouth and shoved two of his fingers in my mouth over my tongue and began fucking my throat with them. I started sucking his fingers, trying to get as much of my juices as I could. I was surprised he continued to let me suck on his fingers, but soon felt the sting of his other hand coming down fast and hard on my pussy. He leaned over and replaced the fingers in my mouth with his tongue as he continued to rain blows down on my swollen wet pussy. Moaning loudly into his mouth, I began trying to grind my pussy into his hand when it came down. His mouth became even hungrier as I became even wetter with each and every blow. He moaned loudly and then pulled my bottom lip into his mouth and bit down hard. I could taste the blood running into my mouth as the tears ran down my face. I drank my blood as he moved to lap up my tears.

Kissing my mouth again softly he moved to sit between my legs. I could feel him take each of my lips between one of his fingers and thumb as he pulled them out and up, and I watched him, as he was watching intently, the juices now gushing out of my pussy onto the ground. He started to rub my clit between his other fingers. I closed my eyes, fighting the overwhelming urge to grind my clit into his fingers, wincing at how hard he was pulling on my lips. And then he just stopped. I lay there trying to catch my breath, whimpering. I started to open my eyes and forcefully he said, "NO!" "Leave your eyes closed now kitten," he practically purred. I felt him move and thought he had gotten up and left. I could feel the tears streaming down my face, I felt so ashamed that I didn't want it to stop. I knew that I belonged to him, just as surely as he said I did. I lay there for what seemed like an eternity, sobbing.

Suddenly, I felt something very soft, warm and wet sliding down my clit, spreading my lips open, pushing inside me, and I began sobbing even harder. I could feel his tongue swirling inside me, up through my lips and back over my clit. I felt his hands pressing my thighs even further apart as he lapped at my pussy. I groaned very loudly and almost animalistic in nature. Now he had his hands pulling my pussy open so wide it hurt, but still tonguing me inside and out, but never quite hitting my clit. I was writhing madly on the ground, I wanted to cum so badly. I wanted to squirt my juices right into his mouth and all over his face. He kept at it until I thought I was going to pass out again. All at once I felt his hand raining down hard on my pussy and clit again as he worked two and then three and four fingers into my pussy, ramming me hard as the blows continued. Just as suddenly it stopped again and I felt his tongue start gently licking and kissing me from my ass to my clit, very softly. I couldn't take anymore, I began to beg over and over again, "Please, Please, Fuck Me, Fuck Me Hard, Soft, I don't care, just Please Fuck ME!"

He lay on top of me, gently rubbing the head of his cock on my very swollen pussy and hungrily kissing me. I had, had enough of soft; I wanted it hard and now; I thought I was going to lose my mind. He was rubbing his hands on my hands and wrists, it felt so good but strange at the same time as they were a bit numb from being tied up so long and he never stopped rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit. After a few minutes he sat up again between my legs and I just started sobbing. Then I felt him rubbing my legs, I just wanted to grab him by his hair and pull him on top of me, and when I went to try and reach for him, I realized he had untied my arms. I sat up reaching for him and he had untied my legs as well. He just stared at me for the longest time. I didn't know what to do or think. Part of me wanted to get up and run, but part of me wanted nothing more than to finally feel him take me. I started to ask him what I was supposed to do, but as I started to speak he placed his finger over my lips, hushing me. I lay back down as he continued to rub my legs. I was shaking badly, like I was cold. I didn't know what to do. His hands started moving back up my body and I felt him lay beside me. I rolled towards him and opened my eyes once again to the obsidian void.

After a time, he began to speak. And this is what he said to me...

"You do know me, have for some time."

I was confused by this, as I didn't seem to remember him from anywhere, so I said, "but?" and again he hushed me.

"Let me finish," he asked.

"As I said, you do know me, and have for quite awhile now, going on two years. Today is just the first day we have met. We have talked about everything from the silly and mundane, to our hopes, dreams, desires and fears."

At that I began to have a sinking feeling in my stomach.

"I should not have done what I just did, but you have told me your fantasies, and I wanted one to come true for you. And I'll admit I fulfilled one of mine as well. I do want you, but I want you to know who I am and want me too. Knowing it is me, not a stranger who has taken advantage of you, fantasy or not."

Then my heart sank. I knew who this was now; I couldn't believe I didn't recognize him for who he was. Now I wanted him all that much more, but why on earth would he want me or have me after all of this. I had just acted like a complete brazen slut!

He went on to say, "I know what you are thinking, and yes, I do still want you after all of this. Question is do you still want me? What I did was low, and cruel. Now you know the evil I am capable of, that I will always be capable of."

I looked into his eyes for a time, no longer an obsidian void. Now they showed fear, satisfaction, a little self hatred, but also tenderness, caring and vulnerability. After a long while, I finally answered.

"Yes I have seen your evil, but you have seen mine too now; for it also requires a certain amount of evil to want someone to treat you as you have just done to me. I am just as twisted in my fantasies as you are, quite obviously. Of course I still want you, and I want you all the more. You have shown me, proven to me; that you can be the master I have always wanted and needed. You will use me, tease me, hurt me, thrill me, and keep me but most importantly you will also love me. You will accept me, for not just who, but what I am. You accept my needs and you don't judge me for them. And you have also just shown me love because if you did not love me, you would not have stopped. You brought me to the point of begging you, to me then, a stranger. You would have taken me, let me go, and probably never spoken to me again. You bit me long before tonight, and have been in my blood, my thoughts, my desires, and my heart ever since. A part of me would have died tonight had you kept going when you had the chance. You are correct I do belong to you now, but I had belonged to you already. If you still want me, the brazen hussy, who thoroughly enjoyed what you just did, more than you will ever know; I give myself to you willingly, the only man to ever really have seen me."

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