How Sweet It Is
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young couple who are on a weekend vacation at the shore go a little wild. They discover the pleasures of exhibitionism and inviting others into their bed. The adventures continue when they return from their long weekend, both at home and in her work place.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex  

Rob and I have been married for two years and we lived together for almost two years before that. We are very much in love and very happy. We enjoy the same kinds of food, the same television shows and the same activities. We were just about perfect together.

We started dating shortly after I started my freshman year in college. I had known him in high school. We were from the same home town. He lived less than two blocks from me. But he was a year ahead of me and we never had anything to do with each other. He was just someone that I knew but had never paid much attention to. Because he had been a year ahead of me in school, even though we saw each other around and knew each other, we never really even talked. I had an impression of him. He was cute. He was a pretty good athlete. But I never considered him romantically. It just never came up.

We got together shortly after the start of my freshman year of college when we ran into each other at the student union. We saw each other there and we recognized each other and started talking.

We met there and talked, just coincidentally, off and on for a few weeks before he invited me out. I was surprised at first. I hadn't even thought of him that way. He was just a friend from home. I almost said no, until I realized how much I enjoyed our time together, and how much I looked forward to seeing him when I came to the student union.

Neither of us was really into the party scene. We were serious about our studies and we worked at them. We weren't nerds or anything. We were just anxious to get our moneys worth from the school.

We both had a great time on our first date. There was that awkward moment at the end, when he took me back to my dorm and didn't know if he should kiss me or not and I didn't know if he would try or not. I actually wanted him to. I even thought about kissing him first. But I was afraid of what he would think of me if I did.

We stood at the door to my dorm uncomfortably, and finally he smiled and said, "Aw hell!"

Then he took me in his arms and kissed me. It was a great kiss! Before it ended I put my arms around his neck and we were kissing quite passionately.

We were both thinking about how nice it would be to go farther. But we didn't realize it until later when we looked back on that kiss and laughed at how uncomfortable we had been. It wouldn't have mattered though. Neither of us was a virgin. But we were both living in dorms and had no privacy. If we had decided to go further than a kiss we had no place to go.

Things progressed pretty rapidly from there. We didn't sleep together for almost another six months. After that first date though, we were together for at least some time every day. We would meet at the library or the student union, or we would eat our evening meal together, or sit out under a tree on nice evenings.

The sexual tension was building. We both wanted to take it to the next level. The idea of consummating our relationship in a sleazy motel didn't appeal to either of us though. So we kept waiting for the perfect time. Besides, I was afraid. I was sure that I had already met the perfect lover. I was sure that no other man could measure up to him. Not even my dear sweet Rob.

The perfect time for us didn't come until we were home over the Christmas Holidays. We spent the minimum amount of time necessary with our parents. We caught up with our friends. Mostly though, we spent every minute that we could together. On our third day back in town, my parents informed me that they were going Christmas shopping with a couple of close friends in a nearby city. As soon as they told me I called Rob and invited him over.

He had already made plans with a couple of his high school buddies. When I called him and invited him over, even though I didn't tell him we would be alone, he quickly changed his plans. When he came over at nine that morning I met him at the door in the sexiest negligee that I owned. I opened the door when he rang the bell and the look on his face was worth every penny I had paid for them.

He stared for a minute and then he exclaimed, "Holy shit!"

I giggled nervously and then I stepped back and invited him in. We didn't waste any time. We had been driving each other crazy for months. We were in love and we wanted to make love. I took his hand and pulled him to my bedroom without any further conversation.

As I said, neither of us was still a virgin. I had been with four guys in high school. The first guy and I did it just once. He took my virginity and never called me again. It had been such a terrible experience that I didn't even care that he never called. I didn't want to see him again.

The second guy and I dated for months before I tried it again. It wasn't very good. It was exciting. I liked being touched. I liked how excited he got. It kind of made me feel powerful.

I was very naïve though, and my first time had been so bad that I was not really a willing participant. I was certainly not a very active participant. I just lay there and let him do what he wanted. He didn't want much. He felt me up through my clothes, slid my skirt up and my panties and pantyhose down and got on top of me. It was all over in about two minutes.

I was starting to think, "Is that all there is?"

My next boyfriend was more knowledgeable. We were older. We were nearing the end of our sophomore year. And he had a car. When you're in high school a car is just a traveling bedroom. We made out for hours in his car and by the time we finally got the opportunity to be alone in a place that we could get horizontal I was more than ready to try again.

It turned out that the third time was a charm. My boyfriend, Clark, had his house to himself one Saturday and we spent the first hour in his living room making out. He started slowly undressing me and exploring my body. He seemed to be in no hurry to actually get his dick in me. In fact, I was more anxious than he was. But he just kept teasing me and touching me.

When I was down to my panties he stood up and picked up my clothes and led me to his bedroom. When we got to his room I sat on the side of his bed and he undressed down to his shorts. I looked at his jockey shorts with the large bulge throbbing right in front of me, and the growing wet spot where the head of his dick was.

He moved in front of me and said, "I want you to take my shorts off."

I hadn't expected that. Believe it or not, I had had sex with two guys now, and I had never seen a guy's dick! Both of my previous experiences had been in the dark and I had been a passive participant. I had been even dumber than the guys that I was with. I didn't know any better.

I had told Clark about my two previous experiences and he laughed and said, "Shit Dawn! You're still a damned virgin!"

I hesitated when Clark told me to take his underwear off. I was actually scared. He was nice though, and not in a hurry. He reached down and took my hand and placed it over his throbbing dick and said, "Touch it. It doesn't bite. I like to be touched just as much as you do."

So for the first time in my life I placed my hand on a male sex organ. I held my hand over it nervously and as soon as I felt the heat from it I shivered with excitement. It was strange. The attention had shifted from me to him and for some reason that seemed to take the pressure off of me.

Clark took his hand away and after I realized that his dick wasn't going to bite me I wrapped my hand around it, still through his underwear though, and his groan of pleasure was just as exciting to me as the feel of his sex organ in my hand.

After a minute or two, I wasn't afraid anymore. Or at least, I wasn't as afraid as I had been. I reached for the waistband of his jockey shorts and started sliding them down. I was not in the habit of undressing males and I had a problem pulling his shorts down. They caught on his dick and I had to pull them back up and out and then down. I stopped when they cleared his dick and just stared. I was feeling so many things right then. I was embarrassed. I was excited. I was in awe.

It was my first one, as I said, and it looked huge. I would find out later that it was only average, and really nothing to be afraid of. The sight of it actually took my breath away.

I finished taking his shorts off and after he stepped out of them he continued to stand there. I looked up at him, wondering what he was going to do next. He said, "Don't be afraid. Touch it. No. I didn't mean to say it that way. Don't think of it as touching "it". Touch me. It isn't a weapon, it isn't nasty. It's just a dick. If we do this right you can get a lot of pleasure from it."

I realized that he was being very patient with me and trying to help me recover from those first two bad experiences and I appreciated it. I was still embarrassed though, having that big thing throbbing in my face like that.

I finally got up the nerve and put my fingers around it again. I felt him shiver with excitement as I touched him. I felt the moisture, the slick, clear liquid that was seeping from the end of his dick. I thought it would be gross. But it wasn't. I was getting more and more excited.

He saw that I was getting over my fear and he reached out and ran his hand through my hair. In a calm, quiet voice he said, "See, it isn't so scary. Would you like to try kissing it?"

Maybe it was because he was being so patient. Or maybe it was because he asked me, he didn't insist. Whatever the reason, I leaned forward and touched my lips to the end of his dick and kissed it lightly.

I lifted my head and licked my lips and I was surprised that there was no unpleasant taste. I thought, "This isn't so bad!"

I reached down and kissed him again. Him, not 'it'. I kissed him on the head of his dick. I was driving him crazy now and I was starting to really get into it. His excitement was really beginning to turn me on.

He said, "I won't be able to take much more Dawn. You better stop pretty soon."

The funny thing was, now that I was starting to get over my fear of his penis, I didn't want to stop. I was probably one of the last girls in my class to touch a dick, and kiss one. I had heard enough comments from the girls in my class to know that most of them had given their boyfriends head. It may not have been a full on blowjob. But most of my peers had had a cock in their mouth at one time or another and they seemed to have widely divergent views on the practice.

I figured I could try it once. I put my lips on the head of Clark's dick and moved my hand out of the way. I slid my mouth down over his dick slowly. He put his hands on the side of my head and I heard him gasp, "Son of a bitch!"

He started to push my head away. He groaned and exclaimed, "Dawn! I'm going to cum!"

I refused to be pushed away. I was still afraid. I was curious though. And I really wondered what it would be like. I took him as far into my mouth as I could and squeezed him with my hand and he said, "Oh god, Dawn, I'm cumming!"

I moved my hand up and down on his shaft and I felt his hot cum shoot into the back of my mouth. I gagged a little at first. But I quickly got used to it and held my mouth over his wildly throbbing cock until he finished.

His entire body was quivering and he was muttering, "Oh god. Oh Dawn! Christ that feels good!"

A moment later he gently pushed my head away and shivered again. He groaned and said, "Oh god! I can't take anymore."

I sat in front of him, feeling pretty damned proud of myself. I realized that it hadn't been half bad. In fact, it had been pretty fucking exciting!

I still had his cum in my mouth and I was still making up my mind. It could have used a little sugar. But once I got used to it, it didn't taste that bad. I finally swallowed it and looked up at him. He was staring down at me like I had just done something miraculous.

I almost laughed. It was obvious that he really appreciated what I had done. Even though I had not done it very well and I knew it.

He finally sat down beside me. He took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. I was surprised. I had always heard that a guy wouldn't kiss a girl that had just sucked him off. Guys don't like cum. Not even their own.

Clark didn't seem to care though. He held me and kissed me and then he said, "Jesus Dawn. I can't believe that you never did that before! That was fantastic!"

I laughed and thanked him. He smiled and said, "Now it's your turn."

He laid me back on his bed and then he kissed my lips a little more before he started kissing his way down my body. I don't know where he was learning all of his technique. But he was very good.

I had had my breasts caressed through my clothes before. But Clark was the first boy to see them, and touch them in the flesh. He was also the first boy to kiss them and suck them and nip at my nipples. I was amazed at how wonderful it felt. I mean, I had enjoyed being touched before. But when he began toying with my bare nipples, squeezing and biting them and pulling them gently, I felt the shockwaves all the way to my pussy. This just kept getting better and better.

I had, during my two previous sexual experiences, been a less than active participant. I had laid there, somewhere between passive and scared stiff, and I had allowed sex to happen to me. Not this time. I was moaning and groaning and calling his name. I didn't even realize that I was pulling his hair. My entire body was on fire.

Then it got better. He moved down, kissing my stomach, sticking his tongue into my navel, and then slowly working down past my light blonde patch of pubic hair to my super sensitive pussy.

I had also been touched there before, of course. It had been crude and rough and not much more than a blind grope before penetration.

Before it ever happened I could remember looking forward to being touched by a boy. The idea of it had been exciting. The reality had really sucked.

Not this time though. When his lips began kissing around the outside of my pussy I began to pant with pleasure. I was so excited that I could hardly breathe. I began panting his name and crying out, "Yes!" over and over again. I was starting to sound like that girl in the movie "Porky's", the one that went crazy in the equipment room.

The first time that Clark's tongue dipped into my pussy, I swear the earth stood still. I totally lost control. I had never even imagined anything being so exciting. I actually screamed in pleasure and had one of the most exciting orgasmic experiences of my young life. This whole time of sexual discovery was pretty exciting, even with the disappointments I had at the hands of my first two lovers. Clark made up for those first two idiots, and then some! I never found out how a high school sophomore became so knowledgeable about sex. Somebody had taught this kid well though.

Clark ate my pussy until I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to pull his head away by his hair. Nothing that I had seen, heard, read or experienced had prepared me for what I experienced as Clark explored my pussy with his tongue. He had more than paid me back for letting him ejaculate in my mouth a few minutes earlier. It was all over now. I was hooked. I was instantly addicted to his tongue. I would do anything to experience this again.

Clark wasn't done though. He let me rest and catch my breath. While I was recuperating he lay with his head resting between my thighs and he kissed my stomach and my thighs tenderly while I told him breathlessly how much I loved him.

When I was able to stand being touched again, he began lightly kissing and licking my pussy until I was on the verge of another great orgasm. Then he stopped.

When he stopped licking I stopped breathing! And when he moved his head away I whined and begged him not to stop. Instead of continuing though, he moved up over me and kissed me. His lips were covered with my juices and that just seemed to make is so much more exciting. He interrupted our passionate kissing and said, "Reach down and put my dick in the entrance to your pussy. I'm going to fuck you now."

Just hearing him say it, and the way he used all of those vulgar terms, was almost enough to make me cum again! I reached down eagerly, grabbed his dick and lined it up. I felt the soft flesh at the head as it slid sensuously over my saturated slit and I groaned in pleasure. He waited until I took my hand away and he slowly pushed the head of his cock into me.

Unlike my first two experiences, it felt fantastic. I waited for him to bury his shaft in me and perform the familiar two minute dance over me that my previous partners had. Instead, he propped himself up over me and when I opened my eyes to see why he was waiting he was looking down at me and smiling.

He knew what I was waiting for, what I was expecting, and he was teasing me. He leaned down and kissed me and said, "Doesn't that feel wonderful. Your pussy feels so damned hot! It's like an oven."

I just groaned and said, "Oh god, Clark! Please!"

He smiled and said, "Be patient. This is much too nice to rush it."

He began to slowly slide his dick into me. But not all of it, not all at once. He would push it in a little further and then stop. Then he would pull it almost all of the way out and pause before he started back in. Each time he went a little deeper inside me. Each time I felt just a little bit more stretched, more full.

His dick felt like it was twenty degrees hotter than the rest of his body. It was a magic wand and it was driving me crazy. I kept getting louder and louder and begging him to put it in me and when he finally had it all the way in I never wanted him to take it out.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him and I went totally nuts. I wasn't just lying there this time! I was out of control. This was no two minute fuck either. Clark made love to me for a very long time, and each second was nirvana. I raised my head and bit his neck and his shoulder and I cried and I cried out. And I came and I came and I came.

He played my body like a musician, and he was a master of his instrument. I loved everything he did. He built up to a crescendo and our final mutual orgasm was earth shaking. I screamed and then, when it was over I cried. I cried because it was over, and because I was sure that I would never feel like that again.

I was wrong though. We rested and cuddled and then we cleaned up and went to the kitchen in the nude and got a drink and a snack. I couldn't keep my hands off of him. We played and laughed and I felt so natural running around his house in the nude. Every time I got near him I touched him, everywhere. I loved the feel of his soft cock in my hand. I wanted to take it back into my mouth. I wanted to make him feel half as good as he had made me feel.

I asked him over and over where he had learned all of those things he knew. He just smiled and shrugged. He never told me. We dated for more than a year after that and he never told me. I still wonder. Nobody that young knows that much about sex, that much about the opposite sex. Not without someone teaching them.

It wasn't always like it was that day. We seldom had the luxury of a house to ourselves or a bed. It was never bad though. I became nearly as adept at performing oral sex as he was. I became good at it because he made sucking his wonderful cock so exciting. From the very first time it was pleasurable for me. I never felt like he was using me when I sucked his cock. And there was never a time when I sucked him off that he didn't make sure that, one way or another, I came too.

I dated Clark the rest of our sophomore year, through the summer and most of my junior year. I was inconsolable when his family moved to the other side of the country. We wrote to each other every day at first. We called once a week. I thought constantly about running away and hitchhiking to California to be with him again.

It took me months to get over Clark. I was sure that there would never be anyone else for me. My next boyfriend, almost half way through my senior year, was a normal teenage lover. On our third date I finally gave in and let him take me to his room one day. We had gotten out of school early after mid-terms. It was a disaster. I never expected him to be as good as Clark. But I didn't expect him to be like lover number two either.

If he had been more open to broadening his horizons I might have been able to teach him the way that Clark had taught me. But he seemed to resent any suggestions I made. Maybe I wasn't as good a teacher as Clark had been. That was our first and last time. And that was my last date in high school. I didn't even go to my prom.

Now I was about to find out how my new love, Rob, would compare to Clark. I was sure that no man could ever make me feel like Clark had. Fortunately for us, lightening was about to strike twice.

When Rob found out that we had all day, I guess he decided to take it. We went to my room and stood by my bed and held each other and kissed with all of the passion that had been building up over the last six months. I wanted him desperately, but I was so afraid of being disappointed again.

I shouldn't have worried. We stretched out on my bed, fully dressed and we kissed and held each other for a long time. I loved the way that he touched me. He was every bit as talented with his hands as Clark had been.

I kept trying to stop thinking of Clark, to stop comparing him to Clark. I knew that no other man could be that good in bed.

I didn't realize that Clark was about to become a distant, quickly fading memory. Rob slowly undressed me and began teasing me with his soft, gentle fingers and his lips, just like Clark had done so many times. Well, not exactly, but every bit as good. He made love to my body with his lips and his tongue until I couldn't stand it anymore.

He drove me to a fever pitch and I finally had to push him away. I climbed up on top of him and kissed him passionately and then I began undressing him. We talked and we teased and we laughed and we touched and I struggled with his clothes until he was naked. I saw his cock for the first time and it was beautiful. If anything it was slightly larger than Clark's had been. I'm not talking porno big here. It was just a nice, comfortably large male sex organ. It was smooth and soft and hard and just perfect.

As soon as I had him undressed I began to return the favor. I sat on him and bent down and we kissed passionately. Then I began to kiss my way down his hard, masculine body. I had become very good at sucking a cock with Clark. Rob now became the beneficiary of what I had learned. The first time was over much too quickly. I had been teasing him for half a year. I was not surprised when he had an orgasm in less than five minutes. I didn't stop though.

After he came I held his cum in my mouth and was happy to find that it was mild and pleasant, just like you know who. I swallowed eagerly. Then I held his cock in my mouth until the sensitivity had passed and I started again. He didn't even go soft. This time I teased and sucked and licked his cock with all the love and all the skill that I had and still he lasted a very long time.

When he had cum the second time he pulled me up beside him and kissed me passionately. That was another good sign. We kissed and talked for a while and before long he was eating me again. This time though, when I was on the verge of a screaming orgasm, he moved over me and filled me with his beautiful cock.

By the time we went downstairs an hour later it was "Clark who?"

I was so happy I felt like crying. I had found the perfect man. We spent every minute that we dared that day in the nude. We made love twice more that afternoon. Each time it was just as wonderful as the last. I began to wonder if there was a secret sex school around here that Clark and Rob had both gone to.

It was on that day that I made up my mind that I was going to marry Rob. When we talked later he admitted that he had come to the same conclusion. It wasn't just the sex. We were perfect together in bed. But we had nearly everything else in common too.

People had thought that we were inseparable before. Now we were joined at the hip. The only times that we were not together after that was during classes and the few hours that we tore ourselves away from each other to sleep. We talked about finding a small apartment and living together. We couldn't afford it though. It sucks being poor.

The following year at school we started working at part time jobs. After that we spent most of our money on motels. We could probably buy a small house with the money we spent on motels that year.

In my junior year life got better. Rob got a job as a waiter in a fancy steak house working an alternating schedule of three and four nights a week and the tips were obscene. I went back to work at the restaurant I had worked at the previous year. I only worked three nights a week. If I flirted my ass off, and I did, I did alright. But I didn't do nearly as well as Rob.

Much to my parent's dismay, Rob and I started living together. We found a small, shabby, off campus apartment that only charged an arm and half a leg for rent and moved in.

Living together and finally having all of the sex and all of the loving and holding and cuddling that we wanted was every bit as wonderful as we thought that it would be. We actually slept together for the first time. I have to admit, that took some getting used to.

Living together had a lot of advantages. Aside from being together and still being able to get some sleep that is. We were able to help each other with our studies. I needed a lot of help with math. I was able to help him with English Lit., Accounting and French.

Rob paid most of our living expenses. He still managed to squirrel away enough of his money that after three months he produced an engagement ring and asked me to marry him, after we had graduated of course. We didn't make it until I graduated though. We married after he graduated. I still had a year to go.

Rob got a great job right out of college. It meant being apart for most of the next year. But we saw each other when we could and wrote and spent long evenings on the phone. I moved back into the dorm to save money and he started getting ready for me to join him after graduation.

My parents had gotten over the shock of their daughter living in sin once we got married. They couldn't help liking Rob. Everyone likes Rob.

When I finally graduated I joined Rob in our new apartment. I found a job pretty quickly and soon we could afford to buy our first home. Life was pretty much perfect for us. As time passed we began to learn more about each other.

One of the things that we learned came about as the result of an accident. We had arranged to spend a long weekend at a beachfront hotel. We had both gone to work early on Friday, but only for about an hour, just to tie up loose ends. Then we drove down to our hotel.

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