The Hitchhiker Alice
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The man chasing her had a gun

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It had been a along trip and I needed a break from the Interstate. I was tired of truck stop food and the constant monotony of "straight ahead" driving. I saw the sign that said, "Wigginsville Next Exit" and on a whim I pulled off on the exit and saw the sign with the left pointing arrow and the words "Wigginsville 6 miles." I turned left to follow the arrow and six miles later I passed the city limit sign and began looking for a restaurant.

As I slowly cruised down Main Street looking at the businesses on either side of the street I spotted a sign that said, "Estelle's Café" and I pulled into the next open parking place. Estelle's was just what I was looking for. Home cooked meals, home baked pies and cakes and some pretty damned good coffee. When I left an hour later I was stuffed. I stopped at the Diamond Shamrock at the far edge of town, filled my tank and then drove back through town headed for the exit that would put me back on the four lane.

I got caught at the light in the middle of town and as I sat there, fingers drumming on the steering wheel while waiting for the light to change a woman came running down the street on my right. I stopped watching the light and put my attention on her. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra under her top and the way her chest moved as she ran was s sight to behold. I was caught by surprise when she ran up to my car, pulled open the passenger side door and jumped in. As the door was closing I saw a man come running out a door, look both ways and see the woman getting in my car. He turned and ran toward us. The light changed and the car behind me beeped and I moved forward and started to ease my way over to the curb on the other side of the intersection. As soon as the woman was in my car she started talking.

"Please help me, please get me out of here" and as I pulled toward the curb she cried, "What are you doing? Don't stop, please get me away from here."

"Whoa up honey. I got no way of knowing whether that guy chasing you is a cop trying to arrest you or not. I'm not rushing into anything here."

"He's not a cop. You don't hear him hollering "stop, police" do you?"

I looked back at the guy running toward us. If he was a cop he was unlike any other cop I had ever seen. He had so many piercings on his face that a magnet would have lifted him right off his feet. As he ran his coat flapped open and I saw the gun in the shoulder holster and I was already screeching away from the curb as she cried, "Please get me away from here."

As we passed the city limit sign I asked, "Are you going to tell me what this is all about?"

"You're better off not knowing."

"I don't think so honey. At this point the more I know the happier I'll be."

"Can't you just get me to a truck stop?"

"Doesn't work that way honey. Not trying to be melodramatic, but the guy chasing you got close enough to get a good look at me and at the car and most likely he was close enough to get my plate numbers. If somebody really serious is trying to get their mitts on you they as good as have me. What am I mixed up in and what do I need to be on the look out for?"

"Lets just leave it at I'm running away."

"Suit yourself" I said as I took my foot off the gas and steered for the shoulder.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm pulling over to let you out and then I'm turning around and driving back into town to find out what I'm messed up in."

"No, no, please don't. I'll make it worth your while to keep on going."

"Oh yeah? How's that?"

"I've been told I'm pretty good and a lot of men have spent a lot of time trying to get their hands on these" and she lifted her top and showed me two of the firmest tits I'd ever seen, not big, but very firm. Get me a hundred miles from here and I'll fuck your brains out."

"Only if you tell me what this is all about."

"You can't just take the goods and let it go?"

"Sorry, but I can't. It's like I told you honey; they got my plate numbers and a description of my car so they as good as have me. The guy chasing you had a gun so if guys like that come looking for me I want to know what to expect."

"Shit! I lose either way I go."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't tell you and you put me out here and they probably are not far behind and they get me. I tell you and you'll turn around and take me back to keep from getting any more involved."

"Or I might just floor it and get us the hell down the road."

"I guess I don't have much of a choice."

"The guy chasing me is my husband's brother, but he's not the only one. If he found me it won't be long before there are others looking for me around here too."

"Can I get some clarity on that?"

The FBI, the DEA, and the LAPD will be trying to get me too."

"Jesus lady, what did you do?"

"Nothing. Outside of marrying a crook, nothing."

"Then why in the hell is everyone after you?"

"Because they all think that I know something. The problem is that I don't. When I married Sam I thought he was a successful used car dealer, but it turns out that he and his brother Elmer had ties to organized crime in LA. Sam got busted holding dope and the mob, the Mafia, or whatever the hell they call themselves, sent a guy to tell me to keep quiet and they would take care of me if Sam got sent away.

"The guy they sent was an idiot and he misunderstood what he was supposed to do. He pulled a gun on me and was getting ready to use it, but he didn't see my sister when he walked in the house and she whacked him with a table lamp. We wrapped him up in duct tape and pushed him down the basement stairs. And I said, "fuck this shit" and went and packed a bag. While I was in the bedroom packing the bag the DEA showed up. My sister answered the door and they asked her if she was me and she said yes to buy me enough time to bail out the window. I heard them say "You'll have to come with us for questioning" just before I went out the window.

"I called Elmer to find out what the hell was going on and I told him what had happened and how the DEA had taken Denise. He told me what the guy was actually supposed to be there for and then he told me I should check into a hotel under an assumed name and call him the next day. The next day I called him and he told me that the FBI was looking for me too and that the LAPD wanted to ask me about the duct taped guy at the bottom of my basement steps with the broken neck.

"I changed motels every day and checked in with Elmer to find out what I should do next. One day he sounded different and asked me to meet him. I had a bad feeling so I went to the meet two hours early. An hour before the meet Elmer showed up with three other guys and all three went and hid. I knew then that they were going to do what the first guy didn't and I ran.

"That was four years ago and I've been living a nice quiet life in Wigginsville ever since. Until today that is. Luckily I saw Elmer before he saw me and I was able to grab my purse and my coffee can and run."

"Coffee can?"

"Yeah. No bank accounts, nothing with my Social Security number. Supposed to make it harder to find you. All my money was either in my purse or my coffee can in the cupboard."

We rode silently for the next five or six miles and then I asked, "How much money do you have?"


"Because I don't carry much cash with me when I travel on business. I mostly use credit cards, but credit card transactions can be traced."

"How much do I need?"

"Enough for a bus ticket."

"I can't do that. They would find out and be waiting at the bus stop when I got there."

"Yeah, but you won't be on the bus."

I knew that Trailways used Union 76 truck stops as terminals on the Interstate so we drove the hundred miles to get to the next one. I had Alice (we finally got around to introductions) use what cash she had to buy a ticket to the farthest point east that she had the money for and then we waited for the bus. Alice got on, making sure that the driver got a damned good look at those memorable tits of hers and then while he loaded luggage I distracted him and Alice snuck off the bus.

"Now we go across the street and get a motel room to hide you in while I call the cops."

"No cops. I can't go to the cops."

"No, but I have to. That's why I have to get you a room to hide in."

I paid cash for a one-night stay, gave a fake name and fake plate numbers on the registration card and then I went back to the truck stop and called the state police. It took them an hour to show up which worked out well considering the story I told. I told them exactly what happened and that I'd told her that we had to call the police.

"Hell honey, you can't have men with guns chasing after you."

I told them that we had argued about it and that I had pulled into the truck stop to use the bathroom.

"When I came out she was gone. I asked around to see if anyone had seen her and one guy told me that he had seen her climb up into a blue Peterbuilt just before it pulled out."

I gave them descriptions of Alice and the guy who was chasing her and after they left I left my car parked at the truck stop and walked back over to the hotel. I don't know if I'd done any good, but I hoped that I had accomplished three things; the hood was chasing the bus going east, the police were looking God knows where for a blue Peterbuilt and I was covered as far as the FBI and the DEA were concerned. If they ever called on me I could tell them where they could find a police report on the whole thing.

Alice was in the shower when I got to the motel room. I sat down on the bed and turned on the TV and started watching CNN. I didn't notice when the shower stopped running and I didn't even know she was through until I heard her say, "You still have your clothes on."

"No reason to take them off."

"Oh yes there is. I have a debt to pay and clothes will only get in the way."

"I have no intention of holding you to that. I don't expect pay for helping some one in trouble."

"Doesn't matter what you want. I pay my debts and there is another reason besides."

I looked away from the TV and over at her.

I haven't been laid since the day I ran from my house in LA and all I've been thinking about since I told you what I would do for your help has been grinding away in my mind. I'm so horny right now that if you don't work with me on this I'll rape you."

It proved to be a very long and exhausting night as Alice tried to make up for four years of going without sex. I am only a mortal man and at no time in my previous thirty-four years did I ever go more than three times in one night and only then through superhuman effort. Alice pulled energy reserves out of me that I never knew I had. We fucked and then she sucked me hard again. We fucked and then she sat on my face and played with my cock until I got hard again. We fucked and went sixty-nine until she got me hard again. And then we fucked some more. After the fifth time I just laid there and looked up at her and croaked, "No way, you've ruined me for life" and then she laughed at me and proved me wrong.

When I heard the maid's cart rattling down the hall I knew it was time to go. I went out first and looked around and I didn't see anyone who looked like they were watching so I went over to the truck stop, got my car, drove to a McDonald's and got half a dozen breakfast sandwiches and went back and picked up Alice. We got on the Interstate and as we drove we ate the sandwiches and it was a good thing because I soon found that I was going to need the energy.

Half an hour down the road Alice slid over next to me an unzipped my pants.

"You looking to get us killed?"

"Don't be silly lover. All you have to do is drive. I'm going to be doing all the work here."

I tried to concentrate on keeping the car going straight ahead, but her hot mouth was driving me crazy and I had to pull over and let her finish me off. Once back on the road she asked me to look for a place where I could pull off the road for some privacy.

"I shouldn't have done what I did. It just made me horny. I need to be fucked."

"Sweetie, if we keep this up we will never get out of this state. We need to put distance between this place and us. Buses and Peterbuilts won't keep them busy forever."

"Just a quickie lover. Something to take the edge off."

Sixty miles later we came to a rest area and I pulled in and parked well away from any other vehicles. I have never been overly fond of back seat sex because of the cramped feeling I get, but somehow it was different with Alice. With Alice there seemed to be a heat that just sucked you in and made you oblivious to whatever else was around.

It was not a quickie to take the edge off. It seemed to feed on itself; every stroke seemed to demand that two more follow it and when at last I came the heat of Alice's pussy would not let me leave. I soaked in her until the faint stirrings of life were again felt in my cock and then we did it again."

When we finally got back on the road Alice was quiet. I didn't say anything either as I concentrated on driving and on the thoughts running riot in my head. I wanted this woman. I wanted to keep her at my side forever, but I saw no way that I could ever make it happen. Once the sequence of events that put us together started, any relationship was doomed because of the possibility that Elmer had gotten my plate numbers.

That number gave them me and while I was sure that the bus trick and the police report would support me when whoever I ended up talking to came around I obviously couldn't have Alice there when they came and two things were certain — come they would, and I would never know when or how often.

Another hundred miles went by before I had an idea. I rolled it around in my head for another fifty and then I turned to Alice and said, "How fond are you of your face and hair?"

It was hideously expensive and it was time consuming, but it worked, or at least it has so far. Alice sat across the room and listened as I told my story to the twentieth FBI agent to come see me. The visits have gotten fewer and farther apart over the last three years and I'm looking forward to the day when they stop all together. For the last two years Alice, now known as Roberta, has been hiding in plain sight. Gone were the long blond hair and the cute button nose that had sat in the middle of a sensuous face and the trim figure. Now the hair is a dark brown and cut in a waifish style and an angular nose that looks like it has been broken sits in the middle of a face that is more striking than beautiful. The figure while still fairly trim is an eye catcher with the 38DD breasts on prominent display.

Gone also are the sedate conservative clothes. They have been replaced by tight skirts, low cut blouses and an assortment of Come Fuck Me pumps. Everything about her screams out "look at me" which is just the opposite of what some one who wants to hide would do. Plastic surgery, hair dye and silicone implants have made Alice invisible.

It took time, effort and a lot of money to make it happen. I put Alice in a motel when I got home. It was two weeks before I saw her again. Two weeks during which I went about my normal routine. I did notice a few new faces in the neighborhood and I did see what appeared to be the same car behind me several times, but I just ignored them. I went to work, saw customers, and went out on an occasional date.

One day during the second week two men came into my office and flashed badges. They were from the FBI and would I please accompany them downtown for some questions. I told my story, three times, and was shown several photos. I pointed to one and said that it was Alice and then I pointed to one of Elmer and said that he was the man I had seen chasing her. By the end of the second week I didn't see any more strange faces in the neighborhood or recognize cars following me.

The Monday of the third week I started out on my monthly road trip and went through all kinds of weird maneuvers to satisfy myself that I wasn't being followed and then I drove to the motel where I had put up Alice. The plan was that we would leave immediately and she would go on my road trip with me, but I hadn't considered the fact that Alice might have other plans. She started me off with a blow job and then it was fuck and suck off and on for the next twenty-four hours. It was a memorable time for me in that it was the first time I'd ever had anal sex. It turned out that Alice loved anal sex and I asked her it that was true why hadn't she had me do it during our first time.

"You were new to me lover. Not everyone likes doing it and there are some who think it is pretty degenerate and perverted. I was in no position to do anything that might have made you run away and leave me."

It was ten the next morning when I staggered out to the car.

For the next six months that was what we did. She would go on my road trips with me, spend the nights trying to fuck me to death, and I would put her in a motel when we got back. Arrangements were made, the surgery was done and one day Roberta came home with me.

One week later we had our first test. Two men, an FBI agent and an agent of the DEA came by with a few questions. I invited them in and when they saw Roberta they asked if we could talk in private.

"That won't be necessary. Roberta and I are getting married and I'm not going to have any secrets from her."

They glanced at her, shrugged their shoulders and asked their questions.

Alice and I won't be getting married of course. She is still married to Sam and can't get a divorce because of the paper trail it would leave. Our three years together has been great as far as I was concerned and when the trouble came it didn't come from any of the government alphabet agencies or the mob. It came from an unexpected direction and I found myself tested as never before.

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