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Chapter 1: Come together

I had been working long hours on a presentation for my company. We were bidding for a contract to supply the military and it was going to be big money for us if it went through. On the downside I had been neglecting my wife on just about every subject including lovin' and affection. This had lead to several awkward moments and according to friends you could feel the tension in the air, well they could, I just seemed oblivious to it all.

My wife, Clare, is 5 foot 6 inches tall. She is of Irish decent and has the palest skin. Topped with fiery red hair and piercing green eyes it's hard to imagine any man not looking after her. At 27 years her 36c breasts are still firm and defying gravity and capped with the lightest of pink nipples that blend so seamlessly into her pale skin as to be almost invisible.

This deal could literally make or break my company so my concentration on getting all the t's crossed and i's dotted was so full on I often totally ignored meals placed on my desk by Clare only to notice them long after they had gone cold.

One warm summer evening I was working away with papers in various piles across the sofa and coffee table when Pat, a friend of Clare's, knocked on the front screen door. She always just knocked and then walked straight in usually calling for us to get decent before laughing at her own joke.

This night Pat was dressed just like Daisy Duke from the original Dukes of Hazzard series. Those denim shorts must have been sprayed on and the t-shirt picked up from the kids department. Pat was not wearing a bra which even I noticed and her legs looked exceptionally long with the open toed stilettos' she wore. I directed her to the rear sundeck where Clare was relaxing.

Even with all the work I had to do I gave myself the briefest of breaks to check out Pat's arse as she walked down the hall to the rear of the house. I really had to force my attention back on work as evil thoughts of Pat were causing a bulge in my shorts. I gave my head a shake to clear away those images of her swaying hips when I noticed Clare, who must have been walking around outside, had also come in the front door and had watched me perv on Pat. She just gave me "the look" all wives have and followed her friend to the back room and out of my view. Not realising what I had done I shrugged my shoulders and dived back into sorting through my papers.

Jerry, the company owner, had paid several visits to my office since the presentation day. The entire presentation had came and gone in a blur and my previous intense concentration was now replaced by highly strung nervousness as the whole company held its breath waiting for the outcome.

Once again Jerry strolled casually in as if nothing was worrying him and suddenly everything went into sharp focus slow motion. I saw Jerry's hand go into his jacket pocket, I saw it come out and his wrist flick something towards me. I saw a greenish grey cylinder shape spiral into the air and arc towards me. Then my hand shot forward to catch the spinning object before it hit my desk. As soon as I had it in my hand reality returned with a rush and I was looking at a roll of cash clutched in my fist. All I remember next is Jerry turning away, saying great job and take a well earned break. I think I was out of the building before Jerry had even got back to his. All the frustrations and stress's of the past months evaporated and how I got home, driving like a crazyman, is anyone's guess.

(This was going to finish with the two women having a shopping spree with the cash then coming home and giving a fasion a show of hot outfits, swimsuits and lingerie before it turned into long weekend of sex in multiple combinations.)

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