Spyware Cuckold
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/ft, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How a guy who thought he was being so smart trying to get his sister in trouble, really got his own ass in a sling.

Dave Schmitt fumed as he finished cleaning up the living room. He and his wife had just finished another night with his sister Stefani and her husband Mark. They seem to always get around during these family evenings to make allusions to his ability to please Barb. Mark Strauss was a big guy, about 6'1", 210 lbs. Dave was average build, 5'10, 170 lbs. His twin sister Stefani and he had always had a bit of a rivalry and she knew that his body sported only a 5 inch dick. Stefani got married in college to Mark. Dave took so long to find a steady girlfriend and finding Barb was a surprise for Stefani. She and Mark always thought Dave would never be able to find, much less please a girl. She still teased him when given an opening. What got Dave's goat the most was his own wife, Barb, would not come to his aid anymore. They had a good relationship and he thought the sex was OK. However, she had stopped standing up for Dave a while back. When he had asked Barb, why she didn't stick up for his abilities in bed, she replied, "Baby, I love you, but you have to admit, that Mark is probably giving it better to your sister than you are doing to me. Plus, if you aren't going to stand up for yourself when they start taunting you, I sure am not going to get between you and your sister."

She was right about his not standing up to his sister when she teased him. He had been taught by his parents long ago not to fight with his sister, and she had used his hesitancy to engage with her to ride roughshod over her brother. Stefani was a very attractive woman. They were now both age 39, but Stefani had been fighting the call of age by exercise and diet that had her body weighing in at 110lbs, even with her large boobs. Dave was still good looking and trim, but Stefani turned heads whenever they went out. Stefani also intimidated Barb. Stefani's strong spirit and grace made her the center of attention that Barb had learned to defer to over the years.

Barb was an attractive lady in her own right, however after two kids she did have a little belly and her nice boobs were heavy on her chest. She was already 40, and now weighed 125. When Barb and Stefani were in their swim suits, Barb knew where the guys' eyes were focused.

Aside from the constant taunting by his sister and her husband, Dave and Barb Meadows' life was going fine. Dave was a skilled computer security consultant for a local company. He earned enough to keep his wife from having to work and it kept his two girls, Brittney 13 and Beverly 15 in all the cloths and toys they needed. Dave at times felt totally dominated by women with his dominant sister only two blocks away and his house full of girls. So as Dave stomped up the stair, he was wishing there was some way to bring them all down a peg or two. After checking on his sleeping girls, he finally got to his bed room. The light was out and Barb was quietly snoring. Dave decided to spend some time at his computer to relieve some of his frustration.

Dave also had a bad habit of being addicted to internet porn stories. Lately he had moved from dominate lesbian themes to hot wives cuckolding their white husbands by large black studs. Dave loved to imagine Stefani taking a black lover and putting that arrogant Mark in his place. He had collected a large collection of stories and video clips that could get him off during these late night jack off sessions. This form of nightly release contributed to the lack of spark in his bedroom. That and Barb was usually tired from trying to be the perfect soccer mom to the girls.

As Dave finishing his session and cleaned up his load from his belly, he began to do his computer shutdown routine. His wife and daughters were pretty computer suave so to keep his extensive library a secret; he had partitioned his hard drives and created a mirror image of his real profile. He had also been a good parent and using his skill had created a program that would allow him to monitor the family's computer history and emails without their knowing. He had even created in the program the ability to conduct the monitoring from his work laptop. He had already caught his daughters surfing porn sites, but since they had not done any chat at these sites he was not letting on he was monitoring them. He was thinking about his cleverness when a devious thought crept into his mind. He had been telling his sister about the danger of kids and the internet and the importance of keeping and eye on them. He had not let on he had his program but tonight's discussion had almost pushed him to show his computer skills to his family. The topic that had started the discussion down the road to his sexual prowess was Stefani bringing up her concern that her kids were getting too deep into the internet. Stefani had two kids also, Bud 10 and Courtney 16. She had caught Bud on the family computer looking at naked pictures. She had yelled at him, but did not know how to stop his exploration and not shut him off from the rest of the internet.

Dave sat in his room once the computer finished shutting down forming a plan that would make his sister's fears about her kids seem small potatoes. She always put up a front that Mark was the perfect husband. But Dave knew that deep down his sister was deeply troubled about her self esteem. That was one reason why she worked so hard to stay hot. She had always kept a short leash on her strapping husband and he had confided to Dave that he at times felt stifled. Well, if Dave's plan worked, they would find out things about their spouse that would change their lives forever.

The next day, Dave spent about an hour remotely working on his sister's family computers. They were all connected on a LAN but Dave being the family computer geek had long ago worked programs that gave him the ability to remotely add or remove programs to keep them up to speed. This ability now gave him the opening to first create shadow profiles of each of the Strauss family members. The program he was going to give to his sister would only be able to look at these false profiles. With a little computer code, he was able to make an exact duplicate of each profile, with the ability to stay current with the original. The difference would be his ability to add files and internet chat and emails that would not be seen on the real profiles, but would when his snooping program was used. When he was finished, he spent some time doctoring each of Mark and Stefani's fake profile. He could not help getting a hard on as he went though his list of pictures and stories and figuring out which ones to plant. He didn't add any chat or emails yet, but he did open a number of memberships in certain kinky dating and interracial sites for each. When he was all done, he was ready to drop by Stefani's house. He had a very flexible schedule and could pretty much work from home if he wished. When he walked into the house, he yelled out to his sister.

"Hey sis, it's me. I wanted to show you something that I think you could use to handle your computer problems with the kids."

Stefani stepped out of the kitchen, "Hey little brother, what do you have?"

Stefani liked to call him little brother as she was born 3 minutes before him.

It only took about ten minutes for Dave to install the program in the computer and show Stefani the input code to start it up. There was no icon on the desktop and only the person that knew the code would be able to use the program.

"Stefani, this is something I think you will like. It gives you the ability to monitor anyone's usage without them know you are doing it. As you know, each of your family has a profile in windows. This gives you the ability to look into each of their password protected profiles and also look at their internet chat and email activity. It will also look for any hidden files under each profile. Here let me show you."

Dave led Stefani through a demonstration by looking into Bud's profile. After Dave had let Stefani do a trial run, she was thrilled to be able to keep tabs on her clan.

"Oh Dave, thank you for this. I have been so worried about how we were going to be able to be good parents and keep track of our kid's internet activities."

Dave patted Stefani on the back as she browsed through her kid's history.

"Just remember, if you confront them they will figure out that you have this ability and will figure out another computer to use that will leave you out in the cold. So don't be quick to pull the trigger and confront them on what they are doing. I have not told my kid's and even though the kids are using the internet to look at porn, as long as they don't start chatting or emailing to anyone they meet on line, I am going to stay in the shadows."

Stefani was nodding her head at Dave's logic. She had a new tool to keep watch over her family and now she wanted to spend some time delving into her family's computer history.

Stefani got up and started to escort Dave to the door. "This will be so good. Thanks' again. You are so good at keeping our computers all up to date. I love that in you."

Dave had to see if his suspicions about his sister's insecurities were correct.

"When do you think I should show this to Mark?"

Dave could see the conflict in Stefani's face as she tried to come up with a reason to keep this program a secret from her husband.

"Oh don't bother yourself. Your instructions were perfect and I can show him when he gets home. The less we talk about this the less chance the kids will get a whiff of what we are doing.

Dave nodded his head like he was understanding, "Yeah, your probably right. We should probably never bring this up as you never know which of our kids might be listening.

OK sis, I have to run. See ya latter."

Dave left the house with a smile on his face. He could just imagine the look on his sister's face when she looks into the files and traffic on her husband's fake profile. The supposed perfect marriage that Stefani loved to put forth was about to take an interesting twist.

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