Lisa's Descent to Glory
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Prostitution, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tired of her police chief father scaring potential boyfriends away, Lisa slips away from her conservative home and visits an adult video store on the edge of town. The 18 year old finally gets to see a man's penis as it slips through the gloryhole into the booth she has secreted herself in. Lisa tries some serious sexperimentation! Things spiral out of control when events force her to leave the security of the booth while still naked!

Eighteen year old Lisa Tanner tried to calm the nervous trembles in her hand a she reached for the door of the video store. It didn't help any that the sign stated you must be eighteen to enter. Lisa had only just turned eighteen the day before. She was still somewhat afraid someone would question her right to go inside. The teen took a deep breath, her ample chest straining against the material of the brand new black hoodie she wore. "Better watch that." She hissed while looking around. "I don't want to be noticed!" Donning oversized dark sunglasses, she double checked to make sure her fiery red hair was completely hidden by the hood before boldly opening the door and stepping inside.

Entering the store was like entering a carnal wonderland! The first thing she spotted was a huge display of dildos. Lisa had seen them online, but never in person before. They seemed so sophisticated and cosmopolitan compared to the candle and occasional cucumber that were her toys of choice. Lisa took one down and felt a wicked thrill run through her. It ran on "D" batteries! She longed to buy the vibrator, but fear of parental discovery made her put the wondrous device back.

She had to stick to the plan! Lisa tried to casually saunter over to the counter, and nearly walked into a rack of DVDs. The pictures on the covers were scandalous! She spotted a couple she had illegally downloaded from file sharing sites and felt warmth growing deep inside. Thank goodness her parents had let her purchase a computer and arrange for a high speed connection!

Lisa had been smart enough to take some basic precautions to protect her pure and innocent image. Her laptop was one hundred percent clean in case anyone should happen to look. Anything of a questionable nature she downloaded directly to an external hard drive she kept hidden under a loose floorboard in her bedroom. She even kept all of her favorite filthy sites bookmarked only on the removable drive. The laptop itself cleared all history and temporary files automatically when she closed it down. Her cherished little three hundred gigabyte unit was nearly full of a wide assortment of Hentai anime and live action pornographic goodness of all sorts! She'd need to buy another before long!

Finally at the counter, Lisa reached into the pocket of the baggy black sweatpants she wore and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. "Tokens, please." She said in a husky voice as deep as she could manage.

The counterman eyed her with a smirk and handed over a handful of coins. "If you hear me sound the buzzer, it means cops are on the way. Get decent fast!" he laughed. "Otherwise, have fun!"

Lisa ignored his leers and headed to the back of the shop with legs feeling like rubber. There they were. The infamous booths! They looked just like the description she had read on an online site she had visited. Lisa had been overjoyed once she realized it had been this very building being described on the site! The blogger had given step by step descriptions of everything he had done here and she had studied every word! She saw a solid row of wooden doors lining a dark corridor, each with a red light over the top. At the end of the corridor was the movie theater. She didn't dare risk going in there! The blogger had reported quite glowingly of what happens to any unescorted woman who strayed beyond those swinging doors! Nope, Lisa would stick to the safety of being locked inside a little booth. She would be in complete control there!

Several of the doors seemed to be guarded by men waiting their turn to enter. Despite her disguise, she felt every eye in the place on her. They seemed to know she wore no undergarments beneath her baggy black warm-ups, and stared right through to the naked girl underneath. As she grew closer, several men began following her. A thrill ran down her spine. They knew what she was here for, and wanted to see what booth she entered!

She spotted a door that's light wasn't glowing. Hand still shaking, she grabbed the knob and opened it. With a last look around, she stepped inside and slid the deadbolt home. "I made it!" she whispered as she looked around the dimly lit booth. There they were, just like she had read about! On either side of her was a hole, approximately five inches in diameter. They were conveniently set at a height for easy access. These were 'gloryholes'! Lisa fed a few tokens into the slot. The light outside went on, as the television screen within began playing hard core pornography.

Once again, Lisa congratulated herself for her attention to details. She put a hand over one pocket and felt the reassuring lump that meant she had not forgotten to bring the condoms she had secretly purchased in an out of town shopping trip last week. The other pocket contained her car keys securely pinned inside. Good, she was ready!

The teen went into action. She took off the dark glasses, and slipped them into the pocket with the keys. Then, she unzipped the hoodie and slipped it off. It was strangely exciting to be standing topless in such a nasty place! Next, she pulled down the sweatpants and yanked the legs over her feet. In seconds, she was completely naked except for her sneakers and ankle socks!

"Oh fuck, baby, you're hot!" a guy whispered through the hole on her left. Lisa felt her body grow flush as she blushed. This nameless person was the first man to ever see her completely naked!

She smiled bashfully. "Thank you!" she turned around and placed her neatly folded clothes on the battered little bench and turned back just in time to see the sight she had been dreaming of for ages. This was no image on her beloved computer screen. For the first time in her eighteen years, Lisa was looking directly at a real live erect penis!

She stared openly at the pretty thing protruding into her booth. Lisa had dated a few times, but her ultra conservative parents kept her on such a tight leash. None of the boys she had gone with had dared to do more then feel up her boobs a little and maybe put their tongues in her mouth when kissing her goodnight. It sure sucked being the daughter of the Chief of Police! All the boys she knew were too scared of him to try anything more! Things were about to change now! Mom and dad thought she was at Wal-Mart with her friends. Her friends thought she was staying home to play scrabble with her parents. Nobody knew she had come to this wicked little place just at the edge of town!

Lisa sank gracefully to her knees on the grimy sticky floor, and examined the penis by the flickering TV light. This was better then some stupid porn site! She gingerly put out a hand, and dared to touch the warm flesh! She giggled when it gave a little happy twitch as her fingers ran softly along its length. Feeling very naughty, she leaned closer and gave the swollen head a little kiss.

"Oh yeah, that's a good start!" the man gasped as he tongue gave a little flick over the little pee slit. "Come on baby, suck it!"

The redhead thoughtfully savored the salty musk she had gathered on her tongue, and decided it wasn't bad. She smiled. "Do you really want me to suck you off?"

"Fucking hell yeah, baby!" he moaned. "I just have to get my nut off in that sweet mouth of yours!" A twenty dollar bill slipped through the hole, alongside the cock.

She giggled again and took the money. She put it in the pocket of her hoodie. "Okay, since you want it so badly!" Lisa hesitated a moment, but opened her mouth wide and leaned closer. She shivered again with excitement as a man's penis passed her parted lips and slid over the surface of her tongue!

The man groaned as Lisa moved her tongue. It was obvious her new friend liked that, so she did it again! The teen took to this experience like a fish to water. It only took a few moments for her to work up to bobbing her head the way the women in her porno collection do. The sounds of pleasure the man was making filled her with a strange feeling of power! His whole being was reduced down to how her mouth was making his cock feel!

"Do it, bitch!" he grunted as she increased her pace. "Oh yeah, sock that cock you whore! Take what I have to give you! Swallow every fucking drop!"

Lisa gave it her all! Some might say she was a natural. Using some rather questionable advice from the internet, the girl had practiced her technique on bananas. She had grown quite skilled at sucking, licking, and even deep throating, all without harming the delicate inner flesh of the ripe fruit. Now her nameless friend was reaping the rewards of all her hard work! He grunted, and his member gave a jerk. Lisa moaned as her mouth filled with spurt after spurt of hot thick liquid! Just like he ordered, the teen frantically began to swallow. She took it all! Every musky gooey drop of the stranger's semen was now sliding down her throat into her stomach!

"That was great, bitch." He said with a satisfied sigh. "Will you be here again next week?"

Lisa swallowed once again to clear her throat. "I sure will!" she promised as the wilting cock slipped out of view and back into the hole.

That's when the teen heard a sound. The excited girl watched with heart pounding as a penis thrust through the opposite hole. This one was almost twice as big as the first, and dark as ebony! It mesmerized her much the same way a large snake would a tiny sparrow. This was what she wanted. This was what she craved! She cleared her throat nervously. "Do, do you like white girls?" she gulped. "Do you want some white girl p-pussy?"

"You know I do, ho!" his deep voice rumbled. "Can you take a real man's cock?"

Lisa had popped her cherry with a rather large cucumber several weeks ago in preparation for this day. She fumbled through her folded clothes and pulled out a condom, making sure it was the appropriate type. "You just wait and see, mister!" She knelt before the huge staff, and traced her fingers over it. Her slender fingers made the thing look even bigger! She took the huge head between her lips, feeling very worldly at the thought of a black man's penis being in her mouth! Momma would faint if she saw this! Daddy would pull the gun out of his holster! Lisa did not share her parent's backward viewpoints on this matter. All men were created equal, after all! Her heart thumped. This huge man was actually MORE equal then others!

Releasing the tremendous organ reluctantly, she eagerly tore open the condom packet. Thank goodness she had thought to buy Trojan Magnum XL condoms as well as regular ones! Her hopes had paid off! This lovely python would probably destroy anything lesser, and she couldn't risk that today! Lisa rolled the latex down the rigid shaft and sighed. Too bad she couldn't have found a way to get on the pill without momma finding out! Oh well, she was eighteen now! Tomorrow she had an appointment at an out of town family planning clinic. For now, rubbers would have to do!

She gave the shaft an experimental stroke with her fist, feeling thrilled because her fingers didn't reach all the way around it. "You don't know how long I've wanted this." She sighed as she turned around and presented her bottom towards the waiting shaft. The teen braced her free hand on the dirty wall. Lisa had to lift her left leg, and stand on one foot to align herself properly with her unseen lover. She grasped his beautiful midnight staff with one hand, and guided it to her nearly dripping sex. She gasped as the slick rubber encased organ pressed against her lips. This was it! The redhead exhaled explosively as for the first time, she took a man into her body!

"Damn it white girl, you're fuckin' tight!" her faceless partner grunted as the huge thing settled into her.

"Oh God, you're huge! You're filling me up!" She took a deep breath and wriggled her bottom. "Now fuck me! Fuck me like the little slut I am!"

"You got it, ho!" The organ withdrew from her body, only to plunge deeply, once again!

Lisa moaned. She had needed this! Inanimate objects and her fingers were no substitute for a real live man! This was what her body cried out for every time she snuck upstairs with momma's centerpiece candle, or a cucumber destined for the next day's salad! How dare momma and daddy prevent her from knowing this joy! The teen soon found her body swaying. No conscience thought was needed as she began moving to meet every wicked powerful thrust of her mysterious lover! The little booth actually shook as she bounced her pert bottom against the filthy fluid stained wall!

It was all she dreamed about and more! It didn't matter that there was a wall between them. Lisa was having sex with a man! It was so much better then masturbation ever could be! She cried out as her anonymous lover drove his fearsome weapon deep into her quaking body. She spotted an eye peering up at her through the other hole. "You're next!" she gasped to her secret admirer. "You can have me next!"

"Take it, you filthy bitch!" her lover called as his pounding took on a more frantic pace. "Take it, you dirty fuckin' ho!"

His degrading talk made it only more thrilling for the panting teen. "I think, I think I'm gonna cum!" she cried as she slammed back against the wall. "Fuck me harder! I'm gonna cum!"

The huge organ rammed harder and deeper into her straining body. Lisa felt it jerk and dance within her. He was shooting off! The thought pushed her over the edge! Red hair whipping wildly around her face, Lisa felt herself explode! Candle or cucumber never felt like this! The teen whimpered and cried as her body was consumed by the sweet release of this massive orgasm!

With a sigh of complete satisfaction, Lisa carefully held the condom as she let the monstrous shaft slowly ease from her quivering body. She turned around and looked on with admiration at the huge amount of pearly white fluid trapped within. "Let me take my prize." She said softly as her fingers gently rolled the slippery latex off the member. "I'll clean you up first, and then watch what I do with the rubber." She carefully licked the still hard shaft clean, before watching sadly as it slipped out of sight.

"I'm watching, ho." He announced as he put an eye to the hole. "Show me how nasty you really are!"

"Next month I'll be on the pill. I'll be coming here every day then." She said solemnly as she put the baggy latex balloon to her lips. "I'll be able to go bareback next time I see you. Until then, I want you to know I have nothing against taking your loads!" She put the open end between her lips and used her fingertips to squeegee the entire warm gooey mess into her waiting mouth. Lisa showed the man his load coating her tongue. She let some ooze out of her mouth, actually making a few semen bubbles before noisily slurping it all back up. Then with a wicked grin, she gulped the whole gooey treat down in one swallow! "Will you be back then?"

"Fuck girl, you're one freaky bitch!" he laughed. "I'll sure as hell be back to bang you again!"

"It's a date! Next time I see you, you can bang me all you want, bareback!" Lisa wiped off her chin with the back of her hand and turned her attention back to the other hole. She was just in time to see something that made her blood run cold! An arm had reached in through the gloryhole, managing to make it in as far as the bench. Someone was trying to steal her clothes! Lisa dove at her sweats, but the guy was too fast. Her hand closed around a leg, but the fabric just whipped out from between her grasping fingers!

Fear gripped her heart. She knew in an instant she was in a perilous situation! She was a hot and sexy woman, trapped naked in a tiny room, in a building full of horny men wanting sex! "Give them back!" she cried as her heart raced. "Please, give them back!"

A gruff voice answered. She recognized it as belonging to the first guy she had pleasured. He had must have stayed on to watch her! "Twenty bucks? That was mine! You took my twenty for a lousy blowjob and then fucked that nigger for free?" He laughed. "Fuck it. At least I got my money back! Have a nice day, whore!"

The teen heard the man leave and looked through the hole in near panic. He had left her clothes, thank God! If she was very lucky, he hadn't noticed her car key pinned in the pocket! She reached in, but they were just an inch beyond her reach. Try as she might, she couldn't stretch her arm any farther! "Oh Shit!" she tried to calm herself. It was only one door away. All she had to do was dash from one room to the next. It would be simple! She would make it in a mad dash and safely lock the door again!

Lisa stood and took a deep breath. The naked girl put her hand on the bolt and slowly pulled. With a creak, she unlocked her door. "One, two, three, now!" the redhead threw open he door and moved quick as she could out of the booth. To her complete horror, she was just in time to see the door close on the booth she was headed for! She grabbed the knob and shook it, but the door was already locked!

Her heart nearly stopped as men left the doors they waited by and headed her way. "Holy shit, look at this girl!" a guy said softly as the men closed around her. "She's fucking hot! Come on baby, trouble's coming! We have to get you out of sight!" Lisa staggered as he firmly grabbed her arm and started pulling her along.

"Wait!" she gasped, as another hand reached out and roughly fondled her breasts. "I, I need to get into that booth!" She reached again for the door, but couldn't get her hand on the knob. "I want to get back inside a booth!"

The press of eager men herded her closer to the swinging doors of the main part of the adult movie theater. She tried to break free, but it was no use. "Cool it, bitch!" a man muttered. "Are you trying to get us all arrested?"

Lisa's blood ran cold when she glanced over to where the guy pointed. The counter guy was talking to a cop! This was no ordinary street officer. It was HER FATHER! Holy God in Heaven, she had to hide! "Hurry up!" she gasped as she stopped resisting. She ducked down low, letting the men block her father's view. "We have to get in there where it's dark!"

The group of men hustled her into the dimly lit theater auditorium, if you could call it that. The grubby little place could probably only seat about fifty people. The image on the screen showed a man letting his load blast all over a pretty Asian girl's smiling face. It vanished, plunging the room in to total darkness. In a second, the screen blazed back into life, showing a scene from some old Kung-Fu movie.

The redhead was roughly shoved down between the rows of seats. "Keep quiet!" a guy cautioned as he pushed her with his foot until she lay completely prone on the nasty filthy floor.

The men sat all around her, some actually putting their feet on her back, when she heard her father call out. "Boys, I better not catch any deviant acts being performed in a public place!" he shouted while sweeping his flashlight around the film's 'audience'.

"Officer, I know this is usually a porn shop, but we're running a martial arts film festival today." Feet roughly kept Lisa pinned, as this outlandish lie was spun. "Didn't you take a look at the screen? I don't think Bruce Lee ever did any porn!"

"No, I never heard anything like that about Mr. Lee." The brilliant beam of the flashlight mercifully went out. "I'm giving you all fair warning. You all best find a more respectable place to run your films. I'm this close to having the town council shut down this disgusting whore magnet. I will not have it attracting hooker sleaze into my town!"

Lisa whimpered in relief when she heard her father exit out of the swinging doors. She waited a few more minutes, trying her best to ignore the damp puddle of what she suspected was urine that she was laying in. She squirmed out from under the feet and sat up. "Thanks guys!" she said softly. "You saved my life!" As she tried to get up to leave, hands roughly grabbed the sides of her head.

"I'm hard as a rock!" someone muttered as her face was shoved between his legs.

The teen opened her mouth to protest this treatment, when a cock forced its way into her mouth! She had no choice! Lisa began blowing the guy. Damn it! How many guys were here? Would she have to suck them all off before she got far enough down the row to make her escape? She threw herself into it. She wanted him to pop as fast as possible! The guy grunted, and she gobbled down his load just as fast as she could.

"Hey asshole, quit hogging the talent!" A hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back out into the aisle. "She's here for all of us!" He shouted as he led her towards the open space directly under the screen. Lisa was forced to her knees, where she watched the man fumble with his pants and extract his hard cock. "This is why she came here!"

The teen started to protest again, but her words died away. She watched in awe as the stranger began to masturbate in front of her! Holy crap! They wanted to bukkake her! Was that all? She breathed a sigh of relief. "Do you like seeing me naked?" she asked coyly as she began making a show of fondling her firm breasts. "Does it make you want to shoot your nasty cum all over me?"

"Hell yeah! You're the hottest bitch to come here in months!" His hand flew! Lisa leaned closer and stared by the light of the flickering screen. "Take it baby! Open your mouth!"

The redhead obeyed. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue just as far as she could. She was soon rewarded by long streamers of hot spunk spattering all over her face and hair! It seemed to break the ice with the others. Before Lisa finished wiping the stuff from her face into her greedily sucking mouth, the other men circled around her.

The teen lost all track of time. Man after man would dart close, in time to unload all over her. Her skin glistened with the accumulating rivers of ejaculate flowing down her body. Her long hair was being plastered to her head and back by the gooey hot liquid.

Would it ever end? Lisa watched in horror as a light flashed. "No pictures!" she wailed as more and more of the guys pulled out cell phones and video cameras to record her decent into depravity.

"This footage is going to seriously go viral on the net!" someone yelled.

"We should make it hotter." Someone else eagerly replied.

"I have to go now!" Lisa squealed in panic as she tried to make a break for it. She slipped on all the semen around her feet and fell onto her hands and knees.

"I'll make it hotter for you! I'll fuck the bitch so good she'll pass out!" The redhead crawled in a mad attempt to escape the owner of that voice. It belonged to the huge penis she had fucked earlier in the booth! She didn't dare let anyone fuck her while her condoms were all back in the booth, especially a huge black man!

"I really have to get going! I'm going to be late for dinner!" She squealed when a big strong hand roughly slapped her ass.

"Don't just stand there! Help me pick her up!" The guy who slapped her grunted in disgust. "Damn it, this is nasty! It's like trying to grab the greased pig at the county fair.

Laughs and shouts of encouragement filled the air as Lisa desperately tried to evade capture. "I really have to get going!" she protested as strong hands managed to grab her arms and legs. "It's getting late!" Four men finally managed to grab on and bodily lift her from the floor. "Wait! Someone at least go get my condoms! They're back there in one of the booths!"

There was amused laughter at that. Lisa's eyes opened wide as a man stepped forward. The huge muscular African American smiled down on her. "Condoms?" he said with a grin. "We don't need no stinkin' condoms!" He laughed at his movie reference. "Calm down bitch. When I fucked you an hour ago, didn't you say you'd go bareback the next time you saw me? Where you lying to me?"

Lisa didn't want to have him thinking she was racist or something. "Of course I said you could fuck me! That's what I came here for, to be fucked! I just want to use a condom, to, um, to avoid getting too messy. That's all!"

"Damn bro! I got that on tape! She just gave blanket consent!"

Lisa's eyes nearly bugged out of her head! Shit, what had she done? "I didn't mean it that way!" she stammered as the huge man began undressing.

"Spread her legs." He ordered when he was standing there completely in the nude. "I want to just walk up between them and throw down my thang!"

The redhead struggled, but more men joined those holding her. She couldn't resist as her legs were forced wide open. "Hold on! Please somebody get me a condom! I'll do all of you if there are enough!"

Her first ever lover grinned down at her. "I can't wait for someone to find any damn rubbers, bitch!" He grasped his massive member and stepped up between her outspread legs. 'You can use them with the others. I'm taking you right now!" With that, he pressed the head of his cock once again against her sex. He moved closer, and the organ spread her lips and began to sink in!

Lisa squealed. It felt just as wonderful as before, but now she was in terrible danger! If he even got one sperm inside, she could very well get knocked up! "When you c-cum, pull out and shoot on my face!" she wailed as he started thrusting into her. "That's what they like in porn movies!"

Another cell phone operator joined the fray. "Interracial creamy-pies are what sell, baby! You're going to be an internet sensation!"

The teen whimpered as her body betrayed her by relishing this public fucking. "I don't want to be a star!" cried as the men holding her started actually fucking her onto the huge man's member! He completely filled her each time she was impaled on that massive rod. Lisa moaned at each withdrawal, longing to be filled again! She soon forgot the cameras and men watching. Her growing arousal overpowered and drowned out the fear. "Fuck me!" she wailed. "Harder God damn it! Fuck the little white whore!"

"Now you're talking, white trash queen!" He grabbed her hips and pulled her tighter to his body. "Tell me you want it, bitch! Tell me you want me to fill you up with a real man's cum!"

"I want it!" she cried before the various cell phones and recording devices. "Cum in my little white girl pussy!"

With a grunt like a wild animal, her nameless lover rammed his staff in deep. Pressed against her cervix, he exploded! "Take it, whore! Take my baby!"

Lisa flailed wildly as her body succumbed to the powerful spasms of her climax. "I'm cumming! Oh God, I'm cumming so good!"

The men let her down to the floor almost reverently. "That was the hottest thing I ever witnessed." Someone breathed. "Do you think she's really pregnant now?"

"Of course not, asshole! What bitch would come here if she wasn't on the pill? It was all just an act to make it hotter for us!"

Lisa rested on her hands and knees, panting as she listened to this exchange. She wanted to tell them she wasn't on the pill. She needed to explain how she had to get to a pharmacy and buy some contraceptive jelly to squirt into her poor vagina before it was too late! She started to crawl away, not trusting herself to try walking on the nasty slippery floor. Hands grabbed her hips and dragged her back. "I have to go!" she squealed as someone knelt behind her.

"You have to stay, bitch!" Her legs were forced apart as another man mounted her, this time from behind. "You can't go until all of us get to nail you!"

Lisa whimpered as the relentless pounding started anew. Now she was being taken doggie style! "I must be a whore!" she managed to cry as her body once again began to respond. Why was this turning her on so much when there was so much danger of getting her pregnant? She whimpered and let the feelings wash over her. There was just the trace of a hint of pride in her voice when she finally cried out. "I'm nothing but a slutty little porn shop cum whore! Fuck me! Don't stop fucking me!"

Three hours later the tired teen was attempting to take a sink bath in the dirty little bathroom in back of the shop. "Thirty- seven." She gasped as she splashed cold water on her breasts. "Holy cow, thirty-seven guys fucked me. A couple of them even went twice!" She trembled as she tried washing off the nasty crusted ejaculate from her skin. So much semen had been pumped into her body that she didn't see how she could possibly not be pregnant. Today was the absolute worse day of the month for her to have gone bareback after all! If only she had managed to keep hold of her condoms! "Oh God, I should have waited until I was on the pill! What am I going to do?" She couldn't help a little sob. "I won't even know the baby's race until it's born! Daddy is going to throw me out in the street even though I don't have a job!"

Somewhat cleaner, the teen emerged from the bathroom to a round of applause. That admiration made her feel a bit better. So many men wanted her body! So many men would jerk off watching the recording of her bukkake gang-bang on numerous sites on the internet. She tied the strings of her hoodie snugly, so most of her face was covered. Slipping on her dark oversized glasses almost completed her disguise. "Are you guys sure nobody managed to find my sweatpants?" she asked self-consciously, as everyone there stared openly at her still oozy creamy-pie. "No? Well, okay." She smiled shyly. "Remember, I'll be back here in exactly one month. I'll let everyone know then if I got knocked up."

A wild cheer went up. Lisa's life may be ruined, but she wouldn't let that come between her and all her new fans! The teen headed for the door with a slightly bow-legged stride. She paused and giggled. "Who wants to walk me to my car? I don't want to get raped out in the parking lot!" Everyone in the shop erupted into a fit of laughter at this obvious joke.

Once outside, the unthinkable happened. Lisa was headed around the corner of the building to where she had parked her car out of sight; when she suddenly heard that distinct blurt bleep of a police car making its presence known with just a shot burst from its siren. She froze as if the sudden brightness of the flashlight beam had pinned her to the ground! "What do we have here?" her father's familiar voice growled. "It looks like we have a filthy little whore strutting her stuff with no pants on, letting the whole world see her nasty little moneymaker!" The light went out. "Get your naked ass over here before I charge you with resisting arrest, as well as lewd and disruptive behavior!"

Lisa could have sworn her heart stopped. So far daddy didn't recognize her. What would he do once he brought her to lockup and she was forced to take off the hood and glasses for a mug shot? "Yes sir." She said in what she hoped was a sexy husky voice, as she slowly approached her father's official police vehicle.

Daddy roughly grabbed her arm and shoved it behind her back. She felt cold steel around her wrist as he snapped the handcuffs into place. "You don't know how much trouble you're in, you harlot!" he whispered in her ear as the other cuff clamped painfully in place. Daddy dragged her around and shoved her into the back of his squad car. "Did you think you could get away with selling your body in this town without having to pay the price?"

Lisa struggled a little against the handcuffs, but it really made no difference. She knew the doors in the back of daddy's prowl car did not open from the inside. There was no escaping her fate now! "I didn't take any money!" she said in her disguised voice. It was a lie, but her first encounter had taken his twenty back. "You can't charge me with prostitution!"

Her father laughed. "What are you, some kind of jailhouse lawyer? I run this town! I can charge you with any damn thing I want to!"

The teen was about to reply, when she noticed something important. Daddy should have turned left at this intersection, not right! He was not taking her to the stationhouse! What the hell was going on? "You mentioned 'paying the price' a minute ago." She went on whisper. "You don't mean what I think you mean, do you?"

Daddy drove on in silence for a few minutes. He pulled off of the main road and followed a dirt track for a few hundred yards. "See that? I just knew you weren't a stupid girl. I think we can come to terms that will suit us both just fine!"

Lisa sat nervously as he parked the car out in the middle of nowhere. She had to speak up and stop this! She couldn't let her own father fuck her, could she? He walked around and opened her door. "Right here?" she asked softly, as he helped her out.

"Yes, right here. I'm a married man." He pulled her to him and roughly kissed her lips. "I can't let anyone see me fucking a whore, can I?" She struggled a little with the cuffs, but there was no way to stop what was happening. He pulled her roughly to the back of the car, and shoved her down over the hood. "This is going to be good!" She heard the creaking sounds of leather as he took off his gun belt. "I haven't screwed a young thing for quite some time. I need some new pussy!"

Lisa gasped as her father shoved her legs apart. She heard a zipper pull, and the rustle of fabric as daddy let his pants drop to his ankles. "I won't resist.' She said nervously as hands roughly caressed her bottom. "If I don't resist, does that mean I go free?"

'I'll think about it, whore!" She felt the head of his cock searching out her opening. "I'll think about it while pumping you full of my cum!"

"Thirty-eight!" she cried huskily as her father's none too small cock rammed deep and hard into her belly.

"Do you expect me to believe you're thirty-eight?" he laughed as he started thrusting his hips. "With a sweet young body like yours, I'd say you were about sixteen, maybe even fifteen!"

The redhead gasped. Daddy though she was two years younger then her true eighteen years! He thought he was raping an underage girl! What a pervert! Lisa smiled though. This would work out in her favor! She was free and in the clear! "Mister, you're so damn big!" she cried dramatically while her father continued to ram into her body. "I need a big cock! Do you have what it takes to make me cum?"

"I'll make you cum alright, you filthy whore!" He slapped her ass with stinging strength. "I'll make you scream for more, you dirty bitch!"

It was amazing! Lisa didn't think it was possible, but after all she had gone through today, but daddy was doing her in all the right ways. He really was going to make her cum! "Can't you go harder, pig?" she snapped, as each of her father's thrusts slammed her into his squad car. "Work me like a bitch! Fuck me like your wife never lets you do!"

He slapped that beautiful ass again. "You better believe it, cunt! My dead ass wife never lets me go doggie style! That's why I need dirty little whores like you! That's why I left the fucking cuffs on! That bitch never wants to try anything other then missionary, for Christ's sake!"

Lisa wailed as again and again her father slapped her ass while pile driving his thick hard cock into her body. It was painful, but somehow that made it even more arousing! "Oh God, almost there!" she screamed as she was pushed closer and closer to the brink.

"Shit, I'm about to blow!" Her father rammed one last time into her, as his whole body went rigid. "Oh fuck, yeah!" he bellowed as the cock buried deep in her body jerked and pulsed.

The teen had no words left. Somehow the pure perversity of the moment had driven her to yet another orgasm. She screamed her release as she shook and bounced against the trunk of the police car. When her body finally finished its glorious spasms, daddy simply stepped back and let her collapse to the ground.

Warm fluid against her cheeks and lips snapped Lisa back to reality. "This is something else my wife wouldn't approve of." Her father said triumphantly as he continued to urinate on the prone girl's face.

She sputtered as some of the fluid leaked into her mouth! "You're a real sick bastard!" she gasped when the stream finally tapered to a stop.

'Don't I know it?" he bent and unlocked the handcuffs. "Take off that jacket. I don't want you to stink up the back of my car!"

This was it. Lisa got slowly to her feet before wrestling out of the piss dampened garment. She shook her long red hair free of the hood, and tossed her sunglasses onto the ground. "Like I said, daddy, you're one sick bastard! Wait until I tell mom how you dragged me out here and raped me!"

Police chief Douglas Tanner felt a wave of nausea wash over him as he stood and faced his daughter. "Lisa? Oh fuck! Oh my sweet baby! Are you okay? I swear on my eternal soul, I didn't know it was you!"

"I'm more then okay, daddy!" she grinned wickedly as she stepped up to the man. "First, I think you're about to triple my allowance." She knelt before him and took hold of his now flaccid cock. "Second, I never want to hear one more word about me going out to find a job and my own apartment." She leaned in close and kissed the last droplet of urine from the bulbous head of his organ. "Third, you will stop all that nonsense about closing down the porno shop! I like that place, and plan on spending a lot of time there! Forth, when my baby is born, you will do everything in your power to convince momma to mind her own business about just who the hell the father is! You never know, it could be you, daddy dearest! You have just as good a chance as all the other guys who fucked me today!"

Her father didn't say a word. He just stood there and sobbed. Lisa knew she had won though, and he would grant all her demands. Daddy had told her so without using any words. His cock had swelled in her grasp, regaining its full erection in only a couple of minutes! Without a care in the world, Lisa took him into her mouth and began to happily suck.

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