Charity Slave Auction
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young husband offers to put his wife up for bid at a charity auction, without his wife's prior consent. The auction is just among a select group of close friends. To teach him a lesson she goes along, reluctantly. She doesn't regret it.

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I guess this story all started a little more than a year ago. My husband bought an old car that he found for sale on the internet. I thought he was being pretty silly. I couldn't imagine spending that much money for a car that was almost forty years old and in such horrible shape. It was a 1969 Dodge Superbee, whatever the hell that is. We drove out with a friend to look at it and when I saw it I thought he had lost his mind for sure. It was in pieces. The guy that owned it had started to restore it. But it didn't appear that he had gotten very far.

My husband, Dale, wanted it because his father owned one when he was a kid. He loved the car and he has always wanted one of his own. The car had a lot of sentimental value for him.

We have been married for five years now and he got lucky when he graduated from college. He found a very good job and progressed up the ladder rapidly. We have plenty of cash to play with now so I guess I can't really complain about the minor extravagance.

Dale's friend owns a large, flatbed trailer. They wrestled the car and its various parts onto the trailer, tied it all down and we took it home with us.

It turned out that the car was in better shape than it looked when it was scattered around that guy's barn. With the help of the local classic car club Dale had it restored and looking like a new car in a little under a year. It was actually a beautiful car. I was surprised.

It also sounded great. I loved the deep throaty sound it made almost as much as my husband did. There was something exciting about it, something that made your blood flow a little faster. And it was the most powerful car that I had ever ridden in. I'll never forget that first ride I took in it when Dale floored the accelerator and I sank back into the seat as if I were in a rocket bound for the moon. Damn that thing was fast!

After restoration of the car was completed we started going to shows with the friends we had made in the car club. There were local car shows about once a month and we often drove to nearby cities to attend larger shows. A lot of the guys also had custom motorcycles to exhibit. Those were a growing part of the show as well.

The car club was a pretty close knit group. We did a lot of things together and I was kind of glad that we had gotten the car. I don't know much about cars but I soon found myself having fun with it too because we all were such good friends and there were so many parties.

Things didn't start getting weird until we went to a show in a nearby state. It was being held at a county fairground in a medium size town. We caravanned up there with our cars and motorcycles on trailers. This time, however, instead of staying at local motels as usual we planned on camping on a portion of the fairground that had been set aside for our club.

I had some pretty mixed feelings about that. I am twenty-four years old and have never gone camping. I had no desire to start. I like my creature comforts. I'm fond of a nice soft bed and a clean bathroom that I can go to in the dark without getting up and getting dressed.

I thought about skipping the show but I let myself get talked into going. The way the outing was described to me it sounded like it was going to be a big two day party. So Dale and I went shopping for a tent and sleeping bags and all of the assorted paraphernalia required for civilized people to go camping in relative comfort.

We had our own flatbed trailer by now. Dale carefully loaded the Superbee for the trip. We all met up at the local K-Mart parking lot and after a brief discussion of the route we headed for the show. There were only about a dozen couples going this time. Usually there were several more than that but several of the wives didn't want anything to do with camping out. There also the usual half dozen single men that were members of the group.

We left after work on Friday and got to the fairground in about three hours. When we arrived a guard checked our paperwork and was kind enough to show us to the camping area that was set aside for our group.

It was pretty primitive. They had set up a communal shower using some pallets for flooring, canvas walls and hoses. They brought in half a dozen port-o-potties and lined them up nearby. I hate those things! Someone had been nice enough to stack up a bunch of firewood for us though. That came in handy.

We set up the tents and rolled out the sleeping bags. Then we built a campfire and we sat around drinking beer, talking and joking and relaxing before we went to bed.

I am not sure who started it. I suspect it was Glenn. Somehow we started talking about doing things for charity, things like raffles and the like to collect money throughout the year and at the end of the year we would turn it all over to a charity in one lump sum.

The method they seemed to have settled upon for their first effort and started talking about that evening was having an auction. Once that was decided they began trying to think of what they could auction off.

The beer was flowing pretty heavily and I guess that was why so many people thought it would be fun to auction off the wives for the weekend, one wife per weekend when we went out of town for a show. The auction wouldn't be open to the general public. It would only be among the other members of the club. Each wife would be auctioned off and then she would be the slave of the person that bought her for the entire weekend.

I personally thought that was more than a little demeaning. But thanks in large part to the alcohol I am pretty sure, a lot of the other ladies seemed to think it sounded like fun. Don't misunderstand, I am not a prude. I'm not even all that much into women's lib. I have competed in wet t-shirt contests and gotten a kick out of it. In fact, I won one of them and I believe that I would have won another if my B cup boobs had not been competing with a set of double Ds.

A few times I have flashed truckers on the highway. I did it at my husband's urging. But I enjoyed it too. Every now and then when we went out dancing I'd wear something maybe a little too daring. I do it because my husband gets a kick out of it. But usually I get turned on by it too. Still, showing off a little is one thing. I didn't like the sound of this slave idea. And there didn't seem to be a lot of rules.

They kept talking it up and trying to figure out how it was going to work and before I knew what was going on that son of a bitch I was married to offered to put me up for auction. Right now!

I kept insisting I wouldn't do it. But my protests were ignored and somehow I ended up standing next to Carl in the firelight and he was taking bids. Everyone was laughing and joking and having a great time. I was pretty nervous. I was also more than a little pissed at my husband. I would have been pissed even if he asked me to go along. But he didn't even ask!

The bidding started out pretty low. But I think to everyone's surprise it rapidly became intense. The bids began to climb swiftly to an embarrassingly high figure.

I should mention here that owning and showing classic cars can be an expensive hobby. A lot of these guys had a lot more money than sense. Still, I was shocked when Glenn finally won me with a winning bid of twenty-five hundred dollars!

I like Glenn. He is funny and personable and pretty easy on the eyes. He is also something of a male chauvinist pig.

I looked at Dale, wondering what the hell he had gotten me into. All I saw was pride. He didn't have a clue what I was going to have to go through this weekend. He was just so fucking proud that his wife had produced such heated bidding and such an outrageous winning bid.

There followed a bunch of crude jokes about the kinds of things I was going to have to do for Glenn this weekend. Everyone but me seemed to think it was exciting. Even the other women!

Glenn came up and claimed his prize. He led me back to his chair and pulled me into his lap without any hesitation. Despite my earlier protests it never occurred to him that I wouldn't go along with this.

At first he just held me there with his arm around me and teased me about how much fun he was going to have this weekend with his sexy young slave. Glenn is almost fifty. I imagine it has been a long time since he had his arms around a girl my age.

He pretty much behaved himself at first. But over the next hour I had to get up and get us both a beer twice. He insisted that I keep up with him. As the night wore on his hands started moving to places his hands weren't supposed to be.

I tried to discreetly discourage him. Not only did he ignore my protests, but the rest of the club was watching us and they kept insisting loudly that I was property now and could not object. Even my husband took Glenn's side! He had no idea how much trouble he was in when I got his ass home!

I was dressed in a loose fitting crop top, a pair of loose terry cloth shorts and panties. It's the perfect outfit for long car trips and camping out. Until you end up being pulled into the lap of a man who is twice your age and who has been divorced for more than a year. A man that has a very good idea of what he needs a woman for.

By the time he ordered me to get us each our first beer I was grateful. His hands were getting to be a real problem and he didn't care who was watching.

I got up and looked through the coolers until I found the right brand of beer. As soon as I returned he pulled me right back into his lap and took up where he left off, attempting to work his hand up under my top or inching it slowly higher and higher on my thigh while I struggled to protect myself without making a scene.

It wasn't very long before he had a hand crawling up under my top and teasing the underside of my breasts. A lot of things started to work to Glenn's advantage right then. My husband seemed to be enjoying the show as much as anyone else, the bastard. The other people in the club were urging Glenn on. Even the women were encouraging him.

Then there was the fact that Glenn was, as I said, pretty good looking and in very good shape for a man half his age. There was one other thing working for him as well. He is a very dominant person. He is one of those people that always seem to be in charge and always the center of attention.

Here is where I feel that I need to mention one of my favorite fantasies. Not even my husband knows about it. I suppose one of the reasons that I objected so strenuously to being auctioned off is that my most erotic fantasy is that I am totally under the control of a man like Glenn. Someone who is strong and self assured. A man, not to put too fine a point on it, who is selfish, concerned only with his own desires.

I've had slave girl fantasies since I started stumbling through puberty. In other words, the idea of being totally submissive to a dominant man turns me the fuck on. I never intended to explore those fantasies, though. My conscious mind was fully aware of just how demeaning they were.

Now I found myself sitting in front of my friends and my husband with a friend openly groping my breasts. It appeared that some of the women were beginning to get uncomfortable with what was happening right in front of them. But only a few of them disapproved. Most were still urging him on. The men weren't having any second thoughts. Not even my husband.

I wasn't really surprised that Dale seemed to be enjoying the show. He was drinking and we had a history of me flashing guys to turn us both on. But I was worrying more and more about how far this out of control train was going to travel.

By the time we finished the last two beers that I obediently fetched for us, Glenn had pulled my top up over my breasts. He was enthusiastically encouraged by all of the men gathered around watching and in response he slipped my top up over my head and tossed it away.

By that time, because of all of the reasons that I just listed, and because of all of the beer, I had given up any hopes of fighting Glenn off. I stopped trying to push his hands away and made the decision to teach Dale a lesson. Besides, I was getting turned on.

We finished our beers and Glenn made it clear that he was about to take me to his tent. I wasn't expecting that! I thought that I would still be spending the night with my husband. I am apparently the only one that thought that, though. He was met with a chorus of complaints from the disappointed voyeurs when he started to say goodnight. So he agreed to have one more beer before turning in.

He set our empty bottles down beside his chair and helped me to my feet. Before I could go get us two more beers though, he reached out and slipped my shorts off so fast it made my head spin.

I was left standing in a pair of thin, blue, nylon bikini panties. When I started to protest he said, "If you want to keep those panties on for a while, you had best go get us another beer."

There was actually applause from the rest of the members of the club! I was embarrassed and incredibly self conscious as I moved to the other side of the fire and dug two more beers out of the cooler. I felt everyone's eyes on me.

But as embarrassed as I was, I was twice as excited. I was glad that it was so dark that no one could see how damp the crotch of my panties must have been.

I hurried back to Glenn. It wasn't that I was anxious to get back into his clutches. I was incredibly embarrassed about having so much of my body on display in front of all of my friends. I thought that at least if I was sitting in his lap with his hands on me I wouldn't be making such a spectacle of myself. What can I say? I was drinking.

As soon as he pulled me back into his lap his hands started exploring again. His hands moved slowly down over my breasts and down my stomach. He easily wedged my thighs apart and began to slide his large fingers up and down my moist slit. As he did he started whispering to me, telling me in a leering voice how much fun he was going to have this weekend. He told me how hot he thought I was and how horny he was. He sounded completely serious when he told me all about how his big cock was going to ruin me for any other man.

I could feel his substantial cock under my ass. It did feel very large. I was so turned on now that even though I was probably more embarrassed than I have ever been in my life I hoped he wasn't all talk. I've never had the pleasure of experiencing getting fucked by a man with a large cock. I'll be honest and say that I've wondered about it. I imagine that most women wonder about it.

I didn't turn loose of my virginity until I was in college. I slept with four men in college. Dale was the fourth and last. All of them had cocks within what I knew to be the normal range. They were all six or seven inches long and about an inch in diameter, give or take. I liked sex right from the start and I enjoyed the sexual experiences I had.

I especially enjoyed sex with Dale. He is a considerate lover and willing to learn and experiment. But I doubt if there is a woman out there that doesn't wonder what it would be like to be taken by a large, strong man with a big cock. And now, everyone here tonight knew that I was about to find out.

The conversation had pretty much come to an end. Now everyone was staring at my nearly naked body and the things that Glenn was doing to me. It was the strangest situation that I could ever imagine. I could never explain why I let this happen to me. I won't even try.

When we finished the last beer that I had obediently fetched for us, Glenn pushed me to my feet again. With the same surprising speed as earlier when he removed my shorts he reached out and quickly slid my panties down and made me step out of them. There was another round of applause and then he led me to the nearby port-o-potties. We both emptied our bladders before he took me by the hand and led me past all of our friends to his tent.

The fire was dying down as we returned to the tent area from the portable latrines. Almost all of our friends were still sitting around it, though. Nearly everyone was watching Glenn and me as we returned and said goodnight. He led me to his tent and held the flap open for me. I crawled in and found myself lying naked on his sleeping bag while he stared down at me and undressed, standing outside where all of our friends could see him.

But I was no longer concerned with the rest of our car club. I slipped my sandals off and I was ready. God was I ever ready!

I watched Glenn undress in anticipation of seeing that large male organ that he bragged about for the last hour or so. The throbbing male organ pressed against my ass with increasing urgency for the last couple of hours. When he dropped his pants and shorts and I saw his large cock for the first time I whispered under my breath, "Holy shit!"

He heard my exclamation and smiled. He bent down and entered the tent, dropping his clothes on the ground nearby. Then he stretched out beside me and inched closer. He took my hand and wrapped it around his cock. It never occurred to me to resist. I had no intention of giving him a hard time now. By my presence in his tent it was obvious to him and the rest of them out there that I accepted my fate. I was Glenn's slave now.

As I slid my fingers up and down his hard shaft, openly intrigued by its size, he asked, "You ever have a cock that big before little lady?"

I shook my head. It was longer than any cock I'd ever seen. It was between eight and nine inches long. The amazing thing though, was how fat it was. At the head it was twice as thick as my husband's cock. It got fatter and fatter until at the base it was at least three times as big around as my husband's. It almost wasn't human!

I stared at it in awe for several minutes. I moved my hand up and down over it until his shaft and my hand were covered in the slick liquid that was oozing from the large hole in the very tip.

Then, without any encouragement from him, I moved down and began to kiss it and then lick it lovingly. He watched me and as I worked his cock with my tongue I kept glancing up and seeing the lust on his face. I could see how much he wanted me and that turned me on even more.

I finally spread my lips around the head of his cock and forced my lips down over it as far as I could. By the time the head of his cock reached the entrance to my throat I only had a little less than half of his cock in my mouth. My lips were spread so far apart that it was painful. I was afraid that his cock was going to dislocate my jaw!

I started hearing funny noises and it was probably a minute or more before I realized that they were coming from me! I was making some kind of whining animal like noise as I tried to force more and more of his cock into my mouth.

While I was doing that, Glenn was sliding two fingers in and out of my juicy slit and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to feel it fill my mouth and shoot right down my throat. Yet I was so impatient to get his magnificent cock in my pussy that I was humping back against his thick fingers. I desperately wanted to feel myself stretched around his cock. I wanted to feel his large body looming over me, taking me, truly making me his slave.

It wasn't up to me though. Everything I did this weekend was up to Glenn. I was his, bought and paid for. Fortunately, Glenn couldn't wait any longer either. He was as anxious as I was to get his cock inside of me.

He pulled me back up beside him, pushed me down onto my back and scrambled up on top of me. He rested his weight on his elbows and his knees and he said, "It's time, slave. Put the head of my cock in your juicy cunt. I'm going to give you the ride of your fucking life."

I eagerly reached between us, grabbed his cock and lined it up with my soaking wet slit. When he felt the head of his cock wedge at the entrance to my vagina he stared down at me. With our eyes locked he said in an egotistical voice that really turned me on, "Here it comes, bitch. You are never going to forget this moment, not as long as you live."

He started slowly forcing his cock into me. My arms came up and went around his back and my legs wrapped around his thighs. I started crying out loudly and I didn't care who heard it!

I must have had two orgasms before his cock was buried all the way in my pussy. I had never felt anything like it. Hell, I had never even imagined anything like it! It was the most wonderful feeling that I've ever experienced. What happened after that was just a blur of lustful, orgasmic images. I came and I came, over and over. I screamed out my lust and I yelled at him to fuck me harder. He really knew what he was doing and he had an incredible amount of stamina, too. It was the most fantastic sexual experience of my life, so far anyway.

By the time he finally tensed up and came in me I was as limp as a dish rag. I lay there under him as he stretched out over me, supporting his weight on his arms and his knees and I moaned in pleasure. I reached my head up and licked the sweat from his chest and mumbled incoherently.

When his cock finally softened he rolled over onto his back. I sat up and got to my knees. As if mesmerized I leaned down and kissed his magnificent cock, licked it adoringly and made groveling noises. I don't know what Dale had in mind when he offered me up for sale to our friends. I can tell you that right there and then I resolved that there was no way that I would go the rest of my life without doing this again!

It had not been my intention when I started licking and kissing Glenn's nasty cock. But I ended up licking his beautiful cock clean. When I was done he pulled me down beside him. He smiled down at me and said, "That was the most fantastic fuck that I have ever had, Kelly. I am telling you right now, there is no way that I am not going to be getting more of that sweet cunt after we get home. I don't care if I have to rape you."

I smiled at him and said, "I was just thinking the same thing. Don't worry, Glenn. It won't be rape."

Then he did something that was totally unexpected. He reached down and scooped up the large volume of cum that was oozing out of my pussy and said, "Open your mouth, slave."

I did! I knew what he was going to do. It was something so nasty that I couldn't even contemplate it. I didn't refuse, though.

His fingers moved into my mouth and I eagerly sucked them clean. He repeated the process until my pussy was clean. He talked quietly to me while he fed me his cum. He told me how hot I was. He told me what a slut I was. He told me how he was going to train me right this weekend.

I just groaned lustfully and sucked his fingers as I stared into his eyes and held his huge cock in my small hand. As I moved my fingers up and down his shaft I felt it twitching and growing and I smiled. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted more.

Glenn turned over onto his back and ordered me to suck him off. I instantly moved back into position and took his big cock in my mouth. It wasn't so hard at first. His cock grew quickly, though. Soon I was back to sucking the top half of his cock and moving my small hands over the other half, working frantically to please him.

I had only been sucking Glenn's cock for a couple of minutes when the flap on the tent was pulled open.

I was startled and I started to pull away. Glenn didn't grab me or attempt to restrain me. He calmly ordered me to keep sucking, taking for granted that I would obey. I nervously returned to pleasing his cock with my mouth and my hands. But attention was divided. I heard someone undressing in the dark behind me.

I didn't know who was sharing the tent with Glenn. I had forgotten all about the sleeping bag on the other side of the tent. Now I knew that one of my male friends was watching me suck Glenn's big cock and getting undressed. I was not surprised at all when I felt strong, calloused hands on the cheeks of my ass and a cock sliding in and out of the gap between my thighs. I wasn't upset, either.

I never even thought to resist. I spread my thighs willingly and soon I had a nice cock fucking me from behind while I sucked Glenn off. Whoever it was that had just joined us must have had a lot to drink. It took him a very long time to cum. I tried not to pay any attention to him. I tried to concentrate instead on pleasuring the large cock in my mouth.

It was difficult, though. I was quickly being brought to another orgasm. I couldn't help it. I love being fucked doggy style. I can feel the cock massaging my G-spot and it drives me crazy.

I started moaning in pleasure and I was just about to cum when I felt Glenn thrust his hips up and start shooting a massive load of cum down my throat.

I was so startled by the amount of cum that I forgot all about my own orgasm and struggled to swallow it all. It took me a minute to gulp down his cum and then I knelt with his softening cock in my mouth and devoted my attention to the cock in my pussy. It was at least another five minutes before the man fucking me from behind reached orgasm. I came twice before he filled my hungry pussy with another load of cum.

He pulled out of me and collapsed on his sleeping bag and I finally saw who had just fucked me. It was Jerry, one of the bikers in our group. I lifted my head from Glenn's lap and moved over and sucked Jerry clean. His cock wasn't nearly as large as Glenn's. It was much larger than Dale's though.

When I Jerry's cock was clean I started to stretch out beside Glenn. He stopped me and told me that I wasn't done yet. He informed me that a good slut would never waste a pussy full of cum.

I grinned at him and said, "I certainly want to be a good slut, master."

I reached down and scooped up Jerry's cum and ate it from my fingers. It took me three scoops to get it all. Then I stretched out beside Glenn and we quickly went to sleep. I wasn't wearing a watch, but it must have been around one or two in the morning by the time we finally quit fucking around. We were all exhausted, especially me.

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