Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman goes out to a club to take her mind off of the anniversary of the end of her failed marriage. She hopes to meet a sexy man to take her mind off of it. She does. But she soon regrets it.

Tomorrow, Saturday, my divorce will have been final for six months. I was married for less than a year when I caught the sorry son of a bitch in my bed with his secretary. I had been suspicious for more than a month that something was going on. But damn, we were newlyweds for Christ’s sake! How could he?!

I guess I should have known better. We met when I was fresh out of college and just begun working at Pell & Pell, Inc. He was a junior executive and I had just begun to work as an assistant to his best friend, Dave.

We had only been dating for three months when we got engaged. I had only known him for nine months when we got married. Now, at the ripe old age of twenty-three, I’m a divorced woman.

Things at work are a little uncomfortable now, although my boss, who was once my ex’s best friend, has made it perfectly clear to both of us he’s on my side and very disappointed with his philandering friend. He has been very nice to me, very supportive. I thought about finding another job. But this is a great place to work and I really think I have a good future here.

My name is Cam, by the way. Cameron Denton. I have gone back to using my maiden name. I’m twenty-three years old, 5’6” tall and weigh 118 pounds. I have dark red hair and a very good figure. I’m slender and I guess you could say I’m cute, as opposed to beautiful, or striking. I suppose that all sounds pretty good but I’ve learned that when a woman is trying to get started in the business world, ‘cute’ is not necessarily an asset. I think a large number of men associate cute with, at the very least, less than efficient if not downright ditzy.

Since the divorce I spend most of my free time hanging around my apartment. Well, I haven’t been hanging around so much as sitting around sulking. One of the problems with turning into a hermit is that I have always had a pretty healthy sexual appetite. Not that I am or have ever been promiscuous. I’m not. But it has been six months and I’m starting to really miss the steady diet of sex my ex and I had from shortly before we married until I caught him screwing around.

I don’t really have a ‘best friend’. Actually, in my whole life I never had someone I was that close to. Not like those girls I knew in high school and college who had best friends, girls who knew every intimate detail of their lives and with whom they talked on the phone for an hour every night and had sleepovers and were closer than sisters. I had friends. I was never a loner. I just never got “that” close to anyone. Not even Ricky, the prick I married, I suppose.

I don’t have a best friend, but I’m not really a hermit. I have friends. Two of them made plans to take me out tomorrow. We were planning to have dinner and maybe go dancing for a little while. The goal of this little outing was to take my mind off of my six month anniversary. I didn’t really want to go at first. But I let myself be talked into it and once I accepted I started actually looking forward to it. who knows, maybe I’ll meet some tall, dark and handsome stranger and spend a passionate night enjoying some wild, toe curling, extremely satisfying, meaningless sex.

Unfortunately, we were forced to postpone my night out for two weeks. My friend, Karen, had been in charge of planning our little night out. Before that night arrived, however, there had been a death in her family and she had to fly home immediately.

At first I was almost relieved that I wouldn’t be forced to step back out into the world after all. But as I was sitting around Friday night, sipping on a glass of wine and reading a good book, I started thinking about that tall, dark and handsome stranger I hoped to meet and with whom I would enjoy hours of meaningless sex. I ended up in bed wrapping my thighs around a woman’s best friend, my vibrator.

While I had no trouble achieving a few physically satisfying orgasms, the mental stimulation was lacking. The erotic pleasure I receive from the look of lust in a strong man’s eyes, the touch of his hand on my breast or thigh, the look in his eyes when he sees me naked, the hot, passionate kisses, and of course, the feel of a hard, hot, throbbing cock, as opposed to a cold, vibrating piece of plastic.

I finally went to sleep. The next morning, even though I thought I was mentally prepared to deal with my emotions, I could not help feeling depressed about my failed marriage. The breakup had not been my fault. Even so, I couldn’t help feeling like a bit of a failure for not even being able to make my marriage last a whole year. I ended up, just as my friends and I had anticipated, moping around the house and feeling sorry for myself.

I went out for a walk in the afternoon, thinking it would do me some good to get out of the house. There’s a small park just down the street. It’s usually a pleasant place to spend a little time on a nice day but as it turned out I should have stayed home today. I spent an hour walking around, me and what seemed like hundreds of happy, loving couples of all ages walking hand in hand. I definitely should have stayed home.

I went back to my place and headed for the ice cream in the freezer. I pulled it out, put it on the counter and stared at it for a minute. Then I said to myself, “Fuck it! That asshole broke my heart and made me cry. I am not going to let him make me fat!”

The best thing for me to do, I told myself, would be to get dressed up; put on the sexiest underwear I own and the hottest outfit in my closet, and go dancing. I like to dance. I enjoy shaking what I have and driving guys crazy. I want to be respected for my brain. But a girl still needs to know she’s sexy and that members of the opposite sex desire her. At the moment, in my present state of mind, I need that more than most.

I went to my closet and pulled out my favorite little black dress. The emphasis there is on little. It’s so little, in fact, that I can’t wear a bra with it. Luckily I don’t really need one. I chose a lacy black bikini panty, a pair of black thigh high stockings and a recently purchased, but never worn, pair of fuck me shoes that really make my ass look hot.

I took a long hot shower and did my make up. By the time I was ready it was still early. But I was afraid that if I sat around I’d change my mind. So I dressed and went down to the street to find a cab. It wasn’t until the driver asked me where I wanted to go that I realized I didn’t have a club in mind. It has been so long since I last went dancing that I don’t know what’s open or what’s hot.

The driver surprisingly enough, was an American! That’s pretty rare these days. He also seemed young enough that he might have a clue about what was hot. I explained to him that I had not been out in almost a year and I didn’t know where to go. I wanted somewhere hot to go dancing.

He smiled and said, “I know just the place Miss. Everyone seems to be going to The Frame Shop. It has only been open for a couple of months. The guys who own it also own The Ruby Slipper. But the slipper is on the way out.”

I thanked him and we talked a little as he drove me to the club. We were there in about fifteen minutes. He pulled up to the curb and I paid him and gave him a generous tip. I got out of the cab and went into the club.

It’s a typical dance club, loud and smoky. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink and looked around. It’s early and not yet crowded, but even so there are a lot of people. There are some couples but the majority of people occupying tables, mostly in groups of two and three, seem to be men. They are no doubt hunting for, well, probably the same thing I’m hunting for.

It wasn’t long before I was asked to dance. I was nervous at first. It has been a long time. As soon as I got out on the dance floor, though, I began to move to the music and almost instantly I forgot all of my troubles.

I danced as sexily as I knew how. I spotted the looks I began getting from the men sitting around the dance floor. That just encouraged me to shake it that much harder. After a couple of dances I headed back to the bar. The guy I danced with asked me to join him but it’s early and I’m not ready to pick someone yet. He seems nice enough but for some reason I can’t really put into words he just isn’t the man I’m looking for.

I slowly sipped on a couple more drinks and danced with a couple more guys. The place was starting to get crowded when tall, dark and handsome asked me to dance. I knew as soon as I saw him he was just the guy I’ve been waiting to ask me to dance. He’s not just tall, dark and handsome, but even better, there’s something in his eyes that attracts me. I knew I wanted him as soon as I saw him. He has that hint of danger about him that gets women like me so excited.

I danced with him for, god, I don’t know, I lost track of how long. For the first time that evening I danced to a couple of slow songs. He took me in his arms and held me close and even though our only conversation had been a few words shouted at each other on the dance floor, by that time I was sure he’s the one I want to have that meaningless sex with.

When the song ended he led me to his booth. He didn’t ask. He put his arm around me and led me to his booth. I learned he has two friends with him but he ignored them after introductions were made and so did I.

His name is Don. His friends are Paul and KC. They all seem to be in their late twenties or early thirties. Paul is a large, powerful looking blonde who looks to be about thirty. KC too is a well-built man, all three of them are. KC is a very dark skinned African-American.

All three men are wearing business suits. It’s difficult to talk over the loud music but Don told me they all work for the same company and are here from Los Angeles to take care of some software installation problems with one of their branch offices here in town.

They came to town on Wednesday and this is their first night out. They expect to be here for at least another week. That’s about all I could find out in this loud environment. Since we couldn’t talk, we somehow ended up kissing. Well, it wasn’t a mystery, Don put his arms around me, leaned down and began kissing me passionately.

Don pulled me close and really took control. It struck me as very sexy the way he’s taking charge. He’s an excellent kisser, too. Before long I felt his hand on my breast and I didn’t object in the least. He seems to really know his way around a woman’s body and it felt great! I opened my eyes briefly and saw Don’s two friends watching us. Being groped in public isn’t something I’d normally permit but at the moment I’m so turned on I didn’t care. In fact, it kind of turned me on. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed being sexy; being desired. It’s really good for a girl’s ego and after the depression of the last six months I need an ego boost.

We got up to dance a few more times, each time for a very long time. By midnight I was exhausted. Don was reading me like a book. He knew when I was ready. He didn’t ask. There was no discussion at all. Without a word to me he paid the tab and led me outside. His friends followed along behind us. We flagged down a cab and Don told the driver to take us to the Riverside Hilton.

I found myself sitting between Don and KC in the back seat. Don put his arm around me and pulled me close for a kiss. I could feel my skirt riding up my thighs and I pulled back to try to adjust it. When I looked down I could see the crotch of my panties.

I also saw Paul and KC watching closely. Don didn’t give me a chance to adjust my skirt. He pulled me back against his powerful body and started kissing me again. He returned to erotically molding my breast with his large hand and since I couldn’t do anything about it anyway I just thought, “The hell with my skirt! Let them look.”

It was stupid, I know. But at the time I was horny and the idea of being watched this way by two strange men only added to my arousal. How incredibly exciting to know that two men I don’t know at all are looking at my thighs and can see my underwear and to know how much that must be exciting them. That thought was just making me hotter and I found myself thinking of it as an exciting new form of foreplay! I wanted nothing more than to get to Don’s room and get fucked, long and hard; all night long if he can manage it. It has been a long dry spell and I’ve accumulated one hell of a backlog of horny.

The cab pulled up in front of the hotel and Paul paid the driver as we got out. We went through the deserted lobby and got into the elevator. All the way up to the ninth floor Don held me right up off of the floor in his strong arms and he kissed me passionately. He was also running one of his hands up the backs of my thighs onto my butt, lifting my skirt in the process and exposing my panty covered backside to his friends. I felt the cool air on my exposed flesh and I tried halfheartedly to push his hands away because that’s what a woman is supposed to do. He ignored me but to be honest I wasn’t all that upset about once again being exposed to Don’s friends. I hate to admit it but I was getting a secret thrill thinking of how they were going to have to go to bed horny tonight.

I quickly ceased my futile efforts to cover my ass. I put my arms back around Don’s neck and ignored the show his friends are getting. The truth is, I’m being overpowered and I love it! I’m pretty sure I would have been very disappointed if he had stopped exposing me and behaved himself.

When the elevator came to a stop I heard a chorus of loud gasps. I couldn’t see what was happening for nearly another minute. Not until Don finally let me go. I turned around and saw two older women and their teenage daughters staring at me.

I was extremely embarrassed. But as we left the elevator and I was guided along to Don’s room with his hand holding one cheek of my ass, I’m aware that even being exposed to two women and their daughters was very exciting. I’m not normally an exhibitionist. Quite the opposite, I always dress conservatively. Well, almost always. My dress tonight is more daring than normal.

Even so, everything that needs to be covered when out in public has always been covered. At least it always has been in the past. Tonight I’ve been groped in a dance club, my panties were exposed in the cab and then there was that long, passionate kiss in the elevator with my skirt pulled up and my rear end exposed. I should have been alarmed by my behavior and even more so by the way Don is treating like some kind of slut. I should have come to my senses and stayed in the elevator. I should have gone back down to the lobby and taken a cab home.

Instead I’m high on hormones and those hormones are anxious to submit to Don. It is submission, too. In all my other relationships I have always been, if not in charge, at least an equal partner. Not now. I’m being urged along out of control. I seem to be powerless and it excites the hell out of me.

Don stopped and slid his key card into his door and went in, pulling me in after him. I was a bit put out that his friends followed us into the room but I quickly shrugged it off. I think I assumed they would just have a nightcap or something and then go to their own rooms.

I looked around as we entered. We were not in a hotel room. It’s a huge, luxurious suite. It’s bigger than my apartment! Don sat on a large leather sofa and pulled me into his lap. I heard his friends making themselves drinks and then sitting down nearby. It was kind of eerie actually. They never talked. They just watched.

Any reservations I might have had dissolved when Don began kissing me again while confidently moving his hand up my thigh to the wet crotch panel of my underwear. I gasped when he touched me, the feeling going through me like an electric shock. It has been so long since I had felt a man’s touch there.

I grabbed his hand and made a feeble effort to restrain him. “Not yet,” I whispered in his ear. “Please, Don. Wait until your friends leave.”

Don kissed me again and despite my best efforts he continued to rub my pussy through my underwear. A few minutes later he broke the kiss and said, “My friends aren’t leaving, baby. Now you can fight me if you want. But you will lose. I am going to fuck you tonight. That is what we both want. So quit playing games.”

I tried to pull away and exclaimed indignantly, “No, god damn it! Not with an audience! Either they go or I go!”

Don smiled but there was nothing friendly or reassuring about it. He gathered a handful of my hair, brought my face so close to his that our noses almost touched and with obvious amusement he said, “They’ll get their ‘go’ soon enough. Now stop fucking around and put your arms back around my neck.”

I did! I don’t know why. I am not that kind of girl. I know I haven’t been drugged. I had a few drinks tonight but I’m not drunk. Yet somehow I find myself in a position I’ve never before experienced. I’m no longer in charge. Not of the situation, not of me, and certainly not what’s going to happen to me tonight. I’m experiencing a strange mix of emotions about that. Stranger still, I’m not even certain this is going to be rape. I’m not resisting. I continue to follow his orders. I’m making no attempt to break away from him and make my way to the door. If I continue to allow him to kiss me and grope me there’s no way I can say I was raped.

Don smiled at my surrender and started kissing me again. And I kissed him right back!! I felt his hands moving over me and exposing my body and I’m incredibly conscious of the list on the faces of the two men watching his every move. When his hand returned to my crotch once more I fought to hide my almost instant orgasm from him, from all of them. I did not succeed.

Don broke the kiss and said, “That’s a good girl. Go with it. You’re going to have the time of your life tonight, baby.”

I felt him pulling down the zipper on the back of my dress. Still I didn’t resist. I closed my eyes and buried my face in his neck. I can’t believe I’m letting this happen to me! But I am. I did. I kept my face covered as he pulled my dress down to my waist, exposing my lust swollen breasts and my hard puffy nipples.

I bit my lip in an effort to stay silent as he leaned down and took one of my nipples into his hot mouth and sucked and nibbled on it. I wrapped my arms around his head and pulled him tightly to my breast as he lifted me up and slipped my dress out from under me and slid it down my legs.

I’m excruciatingly aware that I’m now in a room with three large, strong men whom I just met, wearing only my panties and stockings. I’m also aware of a very large lump under my ass. His cock feels huge!

Don finally broke our kiss and stood me up facing his friends. I immediately covered my breasts with my arms. As soon as I did I felt my panties being pulled off. Don picked up each of my feet in turn and I saw him bring my underwear to his face. He sniffed loudly and obscenely at the wet crotch panel.

He got to his feet and stood behind me then and he pinned my arms to my side. As he kissed and nibbled on my neck KC spoke for the first time that evening. “Look at that bright red snatch!” he exclaimed. “I’ve never seen a naked redhead before. It looks like her tight little pussy is on fire,” he joked. Then he added, “Damn! I’ll bet she is tight. Look at that tight little slit! She looks like a fuckin’ virgin!”

Don finally released me and I heard him undressing rapidly behind me. In a moment I felt his naked body pressing against my back, his hands caressing my breasts and his long, hard cock throbbing against my lower back.

He turned me in profile to his friends and pushed me to my knees. Suddenly in my face was the largest, sexiest, most intimidating male sex organ I have ever seen! It must be at least nine inches long! Don never said, and I never measured it. But I swear it was nine inches long if it was an inch. As if in a trance, without any orders from Don my hand came up as if it had a mind of its own and my fingers closed around the base of it. Well, not all the way around. His cock is so fat my fingers don’t reach all the way around. With my fist around the base of his cock there was nearly and inch of space between the tip of my thumb and the tip of my middle finger.

With Don’s cock moving slowly toward my face I looked up at him and whimpered, “Please, don’t hurt me.”

He smiled down and quietly but firmly responded, “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it after a while.”

The threat implied in that statement went right over my head. It was only when I remembered it later that I realized the full meaning of it. My plea was falling on deaf ears. I wouldn’t fully appreciate how much pleasure they derived from hurting me until a short time later.

I know what he wants from me. I’m just not sure I can do it. I’ve always figured I’m able to suck a cock at least as well as the next girl. I think it’s kind of a sexy thing to do with a man you want to please. I’ve never been fond of having a guy cum in my mouth and I’m pretty good at avoiding it. But as foreplay goes, I don’t mind sucking a nice, hot, masculine, male member.

I started kissing and licking the large cock in my face and then I licked all around the head. I licked my lips and pushed them down over the head of his cock until my mouth was full. The large amount of rigid male flesh remaining between my lips and my hand was daunting. I’m uncomfortable already, with less than three inches of this fat monster cock in my mouth.

Don put his strong hands on the side of my head and started taking short strokes in my mouth, just a couple of inches in and out, at first. Soon, though, that wasn’t enough and with each stroke he tried to force a little more of his cock into my mouth. To keep from gagging I tried to control him with my hand on his cock. When that didn’t work I began pushing on his thigh and his stomach. This is getting out of control. He’s ignoring my ineffective struggles and it’s, without exaggeration, terrifying. I’m beginning to fear that he intends to drive that oversized cock right down my throat!

He finally stopped thrusting and a huge wave of relief washed over me. He looked down at me and said, “I suppose that wasn’t too bad for a first time. Don’t worry. You’ll get better.”

I only had about five inches of his cock in my mouth at the very most. I know there’s no way I could take more without being damaged. A woman’s throat is only so large, Linda Lovelace be damned! The golf ball sized head of his increasingly threatening cock was beating against the back of my throat and I was gagging violently and crying uncontrollably when he finally stopped his brutal attack.

I’m not so turned on anymore. Now I just want to go home but when he gently but firmly pushed me down onto my back on the rug, I looked into his eyes and I knew I wasn’t going home for a while. I saw his lust. If the evening had gone as I imagined I would have been happy to see that look on his face. But I also saw, “I own you. I’m going to break you.” That and his two lusting friends looking on and waiting their turn has changed the entire complexion of my evening.

I didn’t fight him. I know I can’t win. And that evil look in his eyes makes it more than clear that my pleas only turn him on all the more. I just lay there sobbing quietly while he moved between my legs and stared down at me. His oversized cock came to rest on my stomach and throbbed threateningly.

Then it began. He drew back until the head of his cock was lined up with my pussy. He pressed his hips forward slightly and I felt the head of his cock pushing against my opening. Even as wet as I am he had trouble forcing it in. He isn’t deterred. He’s obviously a man who is used to getting what he wants. I know now that he doesn’t mind if he has to take it by force. That forceful nature on display at the club was one of the things I found attractive about him. Too late I’m learning that quality in a man is not always a good thing.

Once the head of his cock was firmly seated in my opening, he started slowly applying more force, overcoming my body’s resistance and working the shaft in an inch or two at a time, in and out, slowly. All the while he stared down at my face, obviously taking great pleasure from my discomfort. He reached down and twisted my nipple and I opened my eyes in shock at the sudden sharp pain.

“Look at me, cunt,” he said disdainfully. “I want to see your eyes when I fuck you.”

I wiped the tears from my eyes and tried to stare into his face as I felt him slowly drive his cock into me. While he watched me, I watched him. I can see how much satisfaction he’s receiving from my fear, my pain, and my tears. He’s enjoying every bit of suffering he’s causing me every bit as much as he’s enjoying plunging his cock into my now unwilling vagina. I shuddered in fear at the awful situation I find myself in.

I realize that from the time we arrived in his suite this was no longer the mutual sexual act I thought we were both anticipating. This has become a rape and at times a rather violent one. I’m no longer consenting to the things that are happening to me. I have lost control over what he, or I should say what they can do to my body when I said no and was ignored. All four of us are aware that from that point on this has become rape and they’re enjoying it.

And always, in the back of my mind, I’m painfully aware that this traumatic night has just begun. I will soon be fucked by his two friends. It’s going to be a long night. I don’t know how I’ll be able to get through it. So much for my attempt to enjoy a little meaningless but mutually satisfying sex with an attractive man.

He finally bottomed out inside of me. Every thrust was painful as the head of his cock battered violently against my cervix and his pubic bone slammed painfully into my mound. His strokes became faster and more forceful and soon he was over me ramming into me like a machine. The only sound in the room was the sound of his flesh battering mine and my loud grunts of pain. It was all so overpowering. I began to think that it was never going to end.

But then something terrible happened. Somehow the pain started to subside and all I felt was that huge pole driving into me, filling me, stretching me more than I had ever been stretched before.

Without realizing how it came about, I found myself with my legs wrapped around the back of his strong thighs and my arms around his neck. I heard a woman screaming in pleasure. It was me!

I was driven forcibly through orgasm after orgasm, each earth shaking orgasm more powerful than the last. I have never been so thoroughly taken, so possessed, so dominated. It pains me to admit it, even to myself, but I have never been so thoroughly satisfied, either.

It seemed to go on forever. Don is so big and he’s so violent in his love making. I guess I shouldn’t call it that, there was certainly no love involved. He isn’t making love to me, he fucking me ... he’s raping me. And my traitorous body loves it!

Moments later I felt him tensing up and I knew he was cumming inside of me. It was such a relief to know that the violent attack is over, at least for the moment. I let go of him finally and fell back onto the rug.

Don slid off of me, sat back on his heels between my legs and stared down at my abused body for a moment with an infuriating smug look on his face. Then he slowly got to his feet and stepped out of the way. That was when I saw Paul and KC and reality returned. They’re both naked now. I still have two more men to satisfy. Two more very large men. Oh god! I’m exhausted and I hurt so much already!

I saw Paul moving around and suddenly I realized he’s holding a movie camera. He filmed it! He recorded my rape! I stretched my hand out as if I could block his view and begged him to stop. He just smiled and kept filming.

KC came closer and stood over me. I’m aware of him standing at my feet, looking down at my naked body. But I can’t tear my eyes away from the camera lens as it slowly pans down over my freshly fucked body, getting close-ups of my lust swollen breasts and my stretched out, messy vagina.

KC waited until Paul finished recording the disgusting details, all the signs of a recent bout of hard sex on my abused body. As soon as Paul stepped back KC reached down and took my hand. He pulled me up until I was kneeling at his feet. Then he presented his long black cock to my lips. I’m beaten now. There’s no resistance left in me. I didn’t even hesitate. I know these three strong men can make me do anything that they want and they intend to do just that.

It’s my first experience with a black cock. But it is, after all, just another cock. I’m relieved that at least it’s a more normal sized organ. While it’s definitely not small, it’s much more reasonable than Don’s. I kissed it and licked it and finally took it into my mouth without much enthusiasm.

KC let me suck his cock at my own lackadaisical pace for a few minutes. But he didn’t settle for that kind of a blowjob for long. After only two or three minutes he grabbed my head and started forcing more and more of it into my mouth. I tried to restrain him with my hand around the base of his cock. He just ignored my puny attempts and after several painful minutes of trying I felt his cock force its way past whatever had been obstructing it and slide into my throat, not stopping until my lips were pressed against his belly and his pubic hair was tickling my nose.

I had been verging on panic as his cock assaulted my throat. When it finally broke through I freaked out. It hurt like hell and I was unable to breathe. KC screamed out some kind of victory yell, as though he had just scored a touch down. I continued to struggle in his grip, fighting desperately to pull back and get his cock out of my throat.

He held me with my lips stretched around the base of his cock for a moment, until I was sure that I was about to pass out. Then he slowly pulled out and let me take a couple of gasping breaths. I stopped struggling for a moment. I gasped for all of the air I could get before he plunged his cock back down my throat. I struggled again and on each succeeding stroke I struggled, but each time my he forced his cock down my throat my struggles decreased until finally I grew too weak to fight him and I gave up.

I kept waiting. I’m anxious for him to pull his cock out of my mouth and fuck me, but I guess he’s having too much fun. He started speeding up, giving me less and less time to breathe between his brutal strokes. It went on and on until my mind blanked out. I couldn’t take the torture any longer. But then, after what seemed like hours, he held my face tight against his stomach and I felt his cock throbbing as he shot his slimy cum straight down my throat.

I sensed movement nearby and looked to the side through tear filled eyes. I saw Paul right in my face filming that long black cock slowly pulling out of my mouth.

KC let me go, finally. I fell to the floor at his feet, exhausted, gasping for air. I wasn’t given any rest, though. As soon as he passed the camera to KC, Paul rolled me over and pulled me up on my hands and knees.

He dropped to his knees behind me and I held my breath. I was afraid he might have it in mind to shove his hard cock into my virgin ass. Thankfully he was just intent on fucking me doggy style.

I’m already exhausted and I hurt all over. I really want this to be over. I don’t want to be fucked again but I’m relieved that at least he isn’t trying to force his cock down my very sore throat.

Once he had his cock buried in my sore pussy I became aware that I had something else to be grateful for. Paul is probably the largest of the three men. But his penis is actually average. I’m grateful for that small favor. I didn’t get much time to enjoy the reprieve, though.

I have my head down. My forehead is resting on my arms. My eyes are closed and I’m just trying to hold on to my sanity until Paul finishes so that I can get the hell out of here. I guess I’m dumber than I thought I was. I felt a hand pulling my hair up and there in my face was Don’s cock, it’s single large eye giving the appearance of staring back at me. It’s covered with drying cum and ready to enter my mouth again. I sobbed and between grunts caused by Paul’s cock slamming into me violently I pleaded with him, “Please, I’m begging you. I can’t take anymore. I’m in so much pain. Please, just let me go home now. Please, I can’t stand anymore.”

Don chuckled and replied, “Silly bitch. We have all night and a whole other day yet. It’s just barely Sunday morning. We have all lots of time to play before you go home. You have a lot more cum to drink before you leave here. Now open your fucking mouth!”

I moaned and gave in once more. I let him push his nasty cock between my lips. It was just like the first time. He held my head in his strong, painful grip and forced his oversized cock in and out until he had about five inches in my mouth, stretching my lips until I was afraid they would tear. Then he started battering against the back of my throat with absolutely no regard for how much pain he’s causing me.

Surely he doesn’t think he can get that fat cock into my throat! If he succeeds he will surely kill me. He’ll tear something in there and I can just imagine the three of them standing around grinning evilly, all the while recording my agony as I lay here and bleed to death!

I’ve become so absorbed in dealing with the pain in my mouth and throat that I hardly noticed when Paul came and KC replaced him in my raw, dripping pussy. At least not at first. Not until he pulled his large cock out of my pussy and started forcing it into my ass. He definitely got my attention when he did that!

I screamed in pain, although my screams were muffled by the huge cock in my mouth. He ignored my pain and forced his cock slowly into my ass. Every once in a while he would pull it out and put it in my pussy again to get it lubricated. Then he would force it back into my ass.

I guess that painful distraction was what Don needed, because suddenly his cock reached the back of my throat and kept plunging downwards. That was when I finally passed out.

I don’t know how long I was unconscious. I finally regained consciousness suddenly and my eyes snapped open. I stared at the ceiling in confusion. It took me a couple of seconds to remember where I am and why I’m here. I quickly became aware of the horrible pain in my throat, my pussy and my ass. I groaned piteously and started crying quietly again as the horrible events of the evening flooded back into my consciousness. My entire body is sore. My throat hurts bad I can hardly swallow.

I slowly became aware that I have cum oozing out of my mouth. I have to assume Don continued to fuck my unconscious throat until he achieved another orgasm.

My ass and my pussy are just as sore as my throat. I finally opened my eyes. The three men are sitting in chairs all around me but they aren’t looking at me. They’re watching the disk they made of my rape on the large plasma television.

“Welcome back, baby,” Don said sarcastically. “You all rested up and ready for more?”

“No,” I croaked, almost unable to speak for the pain in my throat. “Please let me go home. I can’t take any more. It’s too much, I think you hurt something. I think I need a doctor.”

“You’re okay, darling. You’re just a little tired. It’s hard getting really fucked for the first time. Don’t worry. By the time you leave here tonight you’re going to be glad you came.”

Paul and KC seemed to think that was hilarious. I’m not so amused. I struggled to my knees. I need to go to the bathroom but the pain in my stomach is so intense I’m not sure I can stand up.

Not one of them offered to help. They just watched, amused, as I struggled to my feet. I limped to the bathroom, bent over and holding my stomach as I went. It feels like my guts are going to fall out.

I finally made it. I closed the bathroom door and carefully collapsed onto the toilet avoiding any sudden moves. Even though I have to pee so bad it hurts it took an awfully long time for the flow of urine to finally start. I finally realized that I’m subconsciously clenching nearly every muscle in my severely abused body. I forced myself to relax and in a moment or two a gradual stream of urine began to splash into the water below me. I finished peeing and then let all their cum drain out of me. It took a very long time but I’m in no hurry to get back out there and submit to more of their abuse. Finally I wiped myself off. I was relieved when I saw no signs of blood on the toilet paper.

I struggled to my feet and made my way to the sink to rinse my mouth out. I heard a noise and looked up. It’s Paul. He stood in the door and said, “Don told me to tell you to take a quick shower so you’ll be fresh for the next round.”

“Oh please,” I whispered. It hurt less to whisper. “Please, no more.”

Paul chuckled and came in and stood behind me. He rubbed his hands over my ass possessively. “Sweetheart, don’t be like that. We’re just getting started! We’ve explained this to you over and over. You might as well accept that fact and learn to deal with it. We’re having much too much fun to let you leave now.”

He pinched my ass and walked out chuckling.

The terrible things these men are doing to me are infuriating. But it seems even worse that they find this all, and my reactions to this torment, so amusing.

I turned on the shower and when the water was warm I took a long hot shower. It seemed to help. Every one of my orifices still hurts like hell. But at least I can walk upright now.

I dried off, wrapped the towel around my body and took a deep breath. I steeled myself and fighting back the tears I went back out to join my three rapists in the sitting room. They’re still watching the movie they made of my rape. They’re laughing and joking and making obscene comments. They talked about my body a lot. But they continually joked about the expressions on my face as they hurt me and raped me. They found it very amusing.

Don heard me coming out of the bathroom and looked up. He saw that I was wrapped in a towel and he yelled, “Who the hell said you could wear something? Take off that god damned towel! What the hell took you so fucking long, bitch?”

I jumped in fear and quickly dropped the towel. I would almost rather jump out of the window than go back over to where they’re sitting around the television watching that movie. But one more dirty look from Don and I slowly moved over to stand beside him and wait to see what new indignities are going to be inflicted upon me.

At first they ignored me. But then Paul said, “Get your fat ass over here bitch. I haven’t tried out that mouth yet. Let me have some of that good head these guys have been bragging about.”

I took a deep breath and moved across the room. I started to kneel in front of him. He’s sitting, slouched down on the sofa.

He grinned and said, “No, bitch. Kneel up here beside me. Lean down and suck my cock. That way I can play with your dangling tits while you suck.”

I struggled into the position he demanded and tried to ignore the pain from the rough mauling he was giving my breasts as I concentrated on sucking his, thankfully, average sized cock. My throat was so sore that I didn’t try to take his cock into it. He didn’t say anything, so I assumed he was content to let me suck his cock normally.

Although he had already cum once, I suppose the idea of having me available to command, and the pleasure he’s getting from watching my struggles on the big screen are very stimulating. He only lasted about ten minutes.

Just before he came he clamped a hand down on my tit and squeezed it brutally. I started to pull my head up and scream. But with his other hand he forced my head down and his cock slid right down my already sore throat with surprising ease.

I felt the hot cum erupt from his cock and shoot down my throat. He held me like that until his orgasm subsided. Then he released my breast and pushed my head away.

I sat back up to find that this latest blowjob had also been filmed. I just ignored it, though. I have no say in what these cruel men do to me and I have reached the point that things like the degrading movies they’re making at my expense don’t matter. I just need to get this all over with. I just need to live through it and get the hell out of here.

Don stood up and said, “I’m beat guys. I’m going to take a nap. Is anyone going to play with her some more?”

They all agreed that a little sleep sounded good and I almost cried in relief. It’s finally over!

Paul and KC dressed to depart for their own suites. Don grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the bathroom and asked me if I have to go. I don’t. I just took care of that fifteen minutes ago. He lifted the toilet seat and put my hand on his cock and ordered me to aim. I’ve never even seen a man pee before! He wants me to hold his cock while he does it! But I’m getting used to doing what I’m told. It seems I have no choice. I put my hand around his soft but still extremely large organ and aimed it down at the toilet.

It was so weird when it started. My aim was a little off at first, but I quickly corrected and once I had it positioned right I just had to hold it. It feels so strange! I can feel the vibrations of the piss traveling through his dick as I hold it! I stared as he expelled his strong yellow stream of urine into the toilet. I thought he was done when the stream stopped and started to take my hand away when suddenly there were a few more quick, short, spurts. I had not been prepared and the first spurt hit the rim of the toilet and splashed on his leg.

When he finally finished he said, “You stupid cunt! Look what you did to my leg! Clean that up!”

I reached for some toilet paper but he slapped me and slammed me to my knees in front of him. “Use your tongue you stupid fucking cunt! That way you’ll remember to be more careful! Start licking, NOW!”

I was aghast. Surely he’s joking! But he isn’t. I shuddered in fear as he raised his hand to hit me again and I surrendered yet again. I leaned forward and started licking his leg.

There isn’t much there. Just a few drops of fine spray. I can’t even taste it. It’s just the idea of what I was doing that’s so disgusting.

I think that’s the point at which I finally reached bottom. Licking the piss off his leg was when I gave up. He realized it when I was finished and I looked up at him. He saw in my eyes that I’m broken.

He pulled me to my feet and all but dragged me into his bedroom. He got in bed and ordered me to get in with him.

I stretched out beside him, reluctantly, but without hesitation. He pulled my tired, abused body up against his and went to sleep holding me as if we were lovers. I wanted to sleep. I’m exhausted and I hurt so very much. Instead, all I could do for the longest time was sob quietly. I don’t know have any idea how much time passed before I finally cried myself to sleep.

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