Vacation - Two
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The continued adventures of Steve and Sue Sharp and their enlarging group of friends. Enjoy the romance, the action, the adventure and relationships the couple have. This next part of the story (Part 2 of Vacation Two) is written with more than just implied sex. There are scenes that may cause some sensory excitement. Not extensive. Puritans can skip them and those who enjoy some titillation can do what you do.

You're not going to believe it when I tell you how I went from being a welder on a South American oil rig to a successful business owner in less than four hectic months. I know I don't. I went on vacation from the South American oil rigs and ended up in Tampa, Florida to find some peace and solitude. After renting a tiny trailer in an old time Florida trailer park, my life changed forever. My vacation turned into a crazy adventure.

In those months, there had been several instances when I would have been safer back in the sand during Desert Storm as a Marine Patrol leader. South Florida is full of crazies and was full of dope dealing nuts that were willing to do anything, I mean anything, for the money and high of the dope. Thank goodness luck was on my side even more than in Desert Storm. I was unfortunate in the sand and was injured pretty severely. The VA put me back together, but left me with a permanent limp. Not a bad limp, but noticeable, especially when I'm tired or the weather is acting up.

Funny though, the limp attracted someone who has become my wife. She was so forward that our first meeting will probably make me wonder for the rest of my life. Sue Phillips had limped into my life on a rainy morning, wearing a T-back bikini that really couldn't hold her assets. Sue is really built. She has a very riveting bubble butt, with an hourglass figure, on a barely five foot one frame. The shocker is to let your eyes try to comprehend her massive chest. She looks like she has two big party balloons attached to her chest. They are so big; Sue has wider shoulders, probably from the weight. I could go on and on about those party balloons, but let it be said, they were by far the largest set of tits I had ever seen. Almost obnoxious, but then most guys love big boobs.

Sue had a limp too. She had been in a terrible automobile accident and had been put back together by a very good orthopedist, and even better plastic surgeons. Some scars still remained on her Florida sun tanned legs, but her facial scars are only noticeable if you know where to look. Her perfect teeth are the result of the accident as she had lost all of her natural ones.

Another thing about Sue that discloses a little about her strong personality is that she used to be very heavy. Heavy enough that she figured out big girls needed nice clothes too, so she began an Internet catalog called This catalog had grown during the last few months to include her own plant that produced contract clothing and her new fashions. Anyway, while Sue was having all of the rebuilding completed on her body, she decided to lose her extra weight. She went from a short, heavy, huge breasted brunette, a true BBW, to a short, shapely, huge-breasted, brunette that wound my clock really tight. We met, we matched, and we mated, married that is. We mated too, as Sue is now pregnant with our baby that she insists is a boy.

I have no idea what she saw in me. She said it was the way I made friends and had protected our homes in the trailer park where we lived. It wasn't my looks, as I am not handsome, definitely nothing special to look at, pretty average really. I'm about a hundred ninety pounds on a not quite a six-foot frame. Actually, I'm only five eleven and a half, but if I wear big-heeled boots, I'm six feet. I used to have a big bushy beard with a few years worth of hair growth down my back. Now, I just have a mustache with the long hair down my back.

I didn't find out until after we were married that Sue was rich. Actually, she was more than rich. She had inherited a ton of money from her grandparents. This was just some icing on our success cake. My new business was making more money than could be imagined, and Sue's company was going gangbusters. We weren't being overly influenced by the big bucks, more awestruck than anything. We were going to enjoy some of our fruits for a week or month or whatever. Our companies were in good hands, so we could relax a little.

The almost three months that led up to right now had been so hectic that Sue and I decided we needed to escape for a little while. We needed to get our heads on straight, clear them out of all the crazy shit that had happened, and give our marriage a little loving start again. That's how we ended up flying to Seattle. It was the first flight available when we walked up to a Continental ticket counter.

We reached Seattle late at night for us, but still reasonably early on the west coast. We were both exhausted from our hurried departure, and probably from our recent adrenaline pumping adventures. We collected our bags and instead of renting a car, we found a taxi and asked the driver to take us to the nearest large hotel with a good restaurant.

Typical for Seattle, it was raining and chilly outside. We were going to freeze our butts off because we had not packed any cool weather gear. You would think that June would be warm, even in Seattle. We would find a store with warm clothes in the morning.

After a quick check-in and leaving our bags in our room, we went to the restaurant for a meal of something other than airplane food. They had a good menu, including French Onion Soup, a favorite of Sue's and mine. We each had soup and decided to eat light, with each of us having a large Caesar salad with a shared plate of pieces of steak, chicken, lobster, clam, shrimp, and salmon, with small bowls of sauces. It was a great way to complement the salad.

On the way back to our room we saw a workout room with an indoor pool, sauna, and hot tub, so we put on some shorts and T-shirts and grabbed our swimsuits and headed back. Thirty minutes on the treadmill and fifteen minutes using weight machines invigorated both of us. We swam for about fifteen minutes then checked the temperature of the hot tub. It was about 102 degrees, so we decided that since we didn't know what temperature would be too high for Sue, we would just pass.

Back in our room, we showered and lounged on the bed discussing how we wanted to begin in the morning. Sue offered, "I want to go see whales in the wild. Let's go out to the San Juan Islands and go on a couple of the whale watching excursions."

I answered, "I picked up a couple of brochures from the lobby about whale watching. There's one for a place called Friday Harbor. You get there by ferry, so we can rent a car and go out there. Look at these and see if there is a hotel out there you want to stay at."

Sue said, "Any will be okay. Let me call a couple to see if we can get a room."

Sue called four different places before she found a bed and breakfast that was available for three nights. She had me call the front desk to have a rental car ready for us in the morning.

The day caught up to us quickly. We snuggled down under the covers to watch the late news and weather, thinking we would practice our marital privileges but no, we both passed out holding each other.

I woke holding Sue, realizing we were not in our own bed at home, but in Seattle. I looked at the bedside clock to find it was quarter to five AM. That is eight back home, so we really did sleep in late for us.

I moved to get out of bed to hit the john, but Sue held onto me, "Where you going, hon?"

"Need the john bad, baby, be right back."

After a long pee, I washed my hands and brushed my teeth before slipping back into bed. Sue instantly got up and went to the bathroom, returning with a fresh mouth too. We snuggled, kissed, and loved each other until we agreed that it was time to enjoy the day.

When we appeared to checkout and get a car, the people at the desk looked at us a little strange as it was only six in the morning. They had a Hertz franchise, so we were able to get a Jeep Cherokee for our adventure. We asked about warm wet weather clothing and they said the only place open would be a Wal-Mart down the street, but that later in the day we should look for one of the many boating outfitters that were pretty much everywhere. We stocked up on maps and confirmed directions for the long drive out to the ferry.

Wal-Mart had a good selection of flannel shirts and water repellant jackets. We didn't go crazy, as we thought we might wish to check out one of outfitters we were told about.

On the drive out to the ferry, we passed by the city of Seattle, seeing the space needle from a distance, and passed by the football stadium. In the gloomy rainy morning it looked like any other big city, except there were hills and mountains, much different from the flat sandy Florida we were used too.

As we entered the small community where the ferry docked, we encountered two outfitters. We stopped at the first one and looked through their outerwear. A sales lady questioned us as to what we were going to do and helped us pick out a few things, including gloves. Sue and I both got waterproof hooded parkas with two separate zip-out liners. I guess it was for cool, cold, and frigid. I hope we didn't experience frigid. Both of us picked out a cap and a couple of hooded sweatshirts. Now we were ready for the soggy northwest weather. We also picked up a couple of pairs of high powered binoculars.

We were surprised to see a "Best Buy" store down the street. We went there and bought the best digital camera we could get, along with a pack of CDs and three sets of extra batteries. We thought about a video camera, but thought that would be too much of a hassle.

We had a stroke of luck when we pulled up to get in line for the ferry, as the ferry to Friday Harbor and another island was just loading. Since Friday Harbor was the second stop, we were routed to a higher deck to park among rows of cars and trucks.

As the ferry ride was going to be about three hours, we got out of the car and found they had a restaurant that was serving breakfast. We were able to eat while looking out windows at the small and large islands we passed. Some of the homes built on these islands were mansions. Amazing that all of these homes were built with materials and labor ferried out to them.

Friday Harbor was a small town complete with restaurants, bars, several small hotels, a large condominium, lots of houses, a fairly large school, and even the "Orca Museum." Since it was reasonably early, we went down to the dock where they had charter boats that went out to watch for whales. It was suggested that we sign up for this evening's and also the morning tours. They told us the evening tour was very nice and we would enjoy it. We asked about what clothing we should wear and were glad we had been to the outfitters.

We found our bed and breakfast hotel, actually sort of a motor lodge, and checked in. It was nothing special, but a rustic place on a hill overlooking the harbor area. We spent an hour or so washing and drying our flannel shirts dressing in layers to get ready for the evening whale watching tour. Downtown Friday Harbor had several bar/restaurant places. We ate a nice fresh salmon dinner at a friendly place that had a local crowd enjoying their evening libations.

We were on the dock by five for the five thirty departure. The boat was a nice sixty-foot motor launch with a wide beam. The crew of five spent a few minutes going over safety features before releasing the lines from the dock and pulling in the fenders.

The captain announced over a PA system that we should have to go only about twenty minutes out for our first sighting, as what he called J-pod had made a large circle and was headed south on their usual evening swim.

Sure enough, twenty to twenty-five minutes later the boat powered down and we could see large fins raising and lowering in the water. Every once in a while a small whale would breech by jumping out of the water, fall backwards, making a big splash. Sue was talking pictures of all the action, hoping there was sufficient light for the pictures to be clear.

The captain would start the boat about every fifteen minutes to follow the pod but would circle wide to stay a long distance from them. We found out it was a law for them to stay away from the orcas so as not to interfere with their travel. There was one very large orca that swam right at the boat but rose up before diving under the boat at what looked like the last second. One of the crew said that this one whale did that all the time as if he were playing with the boat.

There were several other tour boats out with us. Some large, like the one we were on, and some pretty small. I liked being on the larger boat for the safety aspect of it.

Sue and I were glad we were dressed warm as it was in the upper forties accented by a cold ocean breeze. Many of the other tourists stayed inside the cabin to watch the whales while Sue, I, and a few others dressed for the weather, were able to stand out on the bow for the whale show.

The captain turned back to the harbor around nine, saying we were now over an hour and a half out of Friday Harbor. It was amazing that we had moved so far away.

Back on land, Sue and I decided to go back to the little bar/restaurant for a while. I had a Dewar's first and a couple of beers while Sue stayed on her Diet Coke. We had a snack of fried squid and some shellfish while we joined in some chat with the friendly locals.

A young lady sitting near us asked if we were going on a kayak tour. She explained that there were several places that offered tours but the best was from a small harbor on the other side of the island. She said a guided tour was fun because we could possibly see orcas up close.

While Sue and the young lady got together to talk about the possibility of a Kayak tour, I was talking to a couple of locals about how so many people lived on board their boats. One guy, Dewey, said he lived aboard his hundred-foot sloop. When I commented that a person had to be pretty well off to own a boat that large, he said a rich relative had left it to him and all he had to do was to maintain it. He said he made his living writing articles and stories for nature and adventure magazines.

When I looked back at Sue, she was deep in conversation with the kayak girl. Sue turned to me and said that Connie was going to take us out in kayaks tomorrow morning to go out to see orcas up close. We were going to leave the little harbor where Connie kept her kayaks about seven, so we needed to get to bed early so we were fresh for the morning.

I should have known. When we left the bar, Connie came with us. We were directed to her apartment where Sue and Connie went inside for a minute re-appearing with Connie carrying an overnight bag. Sure enough, Sue was taking in another stray.

Back in our room Sue and Connie were very comfortable getting ready for bed. When I had finished my shower after the girls had bathed, Sue came to me in the bathroom and gave me a blistering kiss telling me, "Thought we might enjoy some company out here."

I told Sue that we didn't have any condoms. Sue gave me a smile and told me that she had bought six from the machine at the bar. "Let's enjoy ourselves."


Sue, my wonderful, beautiful, sexy wife can pick up little girls with just a little conversation and her animal magnetism. She says it is us together, but I think it is more her than me.

Connie was not in the least bashful enjoying both Sue and me till exhaustion claimed us as it neared midnight.

The alarm brought the three of us awake quickly. We three shared some morning intimacies, mostly with kisses between Sue and me. I made some coffee in the in-room coffee maker so we could enjoy a cup to get going.

On the way to the kayak harbor, we stopped in the village to get sandwiches and bottles of water from the grocery store that opened at four AM for the fishermen. When we arrived at the small harbor, we were directed to look out at the large sailing sloop anchored out from the shore. Connie told us it belonged to the writer we had met the night before. She said he would probably move the boat back to Friday Harbor soon as he only kept it here while he was writing.

There were three other guides in addition to Connie, plus another three couples taking the tour. I was surprised to find out that the kayaks we were going to use were built for two people. Two of the couples were experienced kayakers, while Sue and I and one other couple were new to the sport. Sue was paired with Connie, and I was paired with a husky girl named Mink, who told me she was Connie's roommate.

Mink spent a few minutes showing me various things about a kayak and fitted me with a life jacket. Attached to the life jacket was material like a skirt that went around my neck and had elastic that attached to the kayak to keep splashes from getting into the boat and soaking the occupant. Mink was friendly and smiley, considerably more touchy than you would expect from someone you had just met.

Before we left, I called the boat tour to tell them we were not coming this morning as we were going on a kayak tour. They didn't care one way or another as we had already paid for the ride.

With each of the new people paired with an experienced guide, we made quick work getting out of the harbor into some swells between the islands. To keep away from the influence of the swells and tide, we kept close to the shore, paddling quickly to get to the channel where we expected to see the orcas. The ten miles passed quickly with sightings of seals and several bald eagles. We also passed several more large homes built on the shores of small islands. Luckily it was not raining. It was cloudy, but not the dark overcast that drained down on you.

We paused in the area where we expected to see orcas. We pulled together so we could chat while watching. Several tour boats came by, and one stopped a few hundred yards away from us. We could see the passengers gather on the bow of the boat, pointing toward a sight around the bend of the island where we were.

We saw it, a tall fin attached to the sleek back of a large orca. A little farther back were several more fins sticking out of the water as the orcas went up and down, swimming along. They were going to come close to us.

When they neared us, Mink told us to watch this one spot to see a small orca with its mother. Sure enough, there was a very small whale swimming alongside a larger whale. The little one would jump out of the water every once in a while, obviously playing, as all youngsters will do.

We stayed where we were at for over a half-hour watching as the pod traveled by. Once a very large fin came straight at us but sunk below us to surface on the other side of us. It stopped, turned, and looked straight at us for a few seconds, then flipped over on its back, splashing us with cold sea water.

When the excitement passed, we began paddling across a channel that we were told was over fourteen hundred feet deep. On the other side, we pulled up to a sandy beach on a small wooded island and got out of our kayaks to have lunch at a picnic area there.

Sue and Connie sat on one side of a picnic table while Mink and I sat on the other. The other people were spread around at other picnic tables. While we were eating, Sue kept giving me looks that included her little smirks that said, "I know something you don't."

While I was eating, Mink was sitting very close. She set her sandwich down and leaned into me putting her hand on my thigh. Softly she said, "I know what you three were doing last night."

I asked with a knowing smile, "And what were we doing?"

"You know. You were fooling around with each other." Mink said quietly, now very red faced.

I couldn't resist and asked, "Why would you think we were fooling around?"

Sue was still smirking, but now was almost choking, trying not to laugh out loud.

"Connie and Sue told me what you were going to do last night and this morning, Connie said it was wonderful."

That did it, Sue was choking. Connie had to smack her on the back a couple of times to quiet her. Sue just looked up and said to the others, "Went down the wrong pipe."

Mink squeezed my leg to get my attention, while at the same time, reached across the table to lay her hand on Sue's. "I want that. I want to do that with you two. Can we?"

Sue took hold of Mink's hand and told the husky girl, who was almost in tears, "That would be wonderful, join us for supper and later too."

A visible shudder went through Mink, and she squeezed her eyes shut then opened them to smile broadly at me. She took her hand from my leg and slowly unzipped her sweatshirt beneath her coat. As she continued down, she revealed a lacy camisole covering her now obvious feminine form. "I want you to see me," Mink said breathlessly. "I want you to touch me."

Connie spoke to Mink, "Hold yourself together girl, you have to get this guy safely back to land yet. Don't let your hormones get the best of you."

"I can't wait. Since I saw Steve, and you told me what you did, I'm burning up." She looked up at Sue. "Don't be jealous, please. I just want to borrow him a little. I want to be with both of you, all of you, just a little."

Sue still had hold of Mink's hand. "We'll make you a happy camper, Mink. My Steve is the best when it comes to making a woman happy."

You could see another shiver go through Mink's husky frame.

As we were going back down to the kayaks, Sue got me off to the side, "See? You have something all these girls want. You just continue to draw them to you."

I just shook my head in wonder. It took us nearly two hours to get back to the little harbor, and another half-hour to put up the kayaks and store all the gear. This time, on the way back, Mink and Connie both rode with us in the back seat, while Sue sat up front with me. Sue wanted to clean up before dinner, so I offered to take the girls to their place, but they said they had clothes with them if they could clean up and change in our room.

Sue told me to shower first as it would take them longer to get ready. I took a pair of jeans and T-shirt into the bathroom with me and stripped down to shave and shower. As soon as I was in the shower with my head full of suds, someone came into the bathroom and entered the shower. When that someone hugged me from the back, I knew it was not Sue or Connie. Mink had joined me.

Well, Mink and I joined as well. It was good thing there was plenty of hot water, as it took a while for us to get clean then clean again.

When we turned off the water and dried, Mink walked, no strutted, back into the room, bare-assed naked. Sue and Connie were lying on the bed, also naked, almost laughing at Mink's display of victory.

Mink turned to me and held me to her in a lover's embrace. "I tried sex once when I was sixteen, but it was terrible. As soon as I saw you, I knew that sex with you would be good." She turned to Sue and Connie, "Thank you for sharing him with me. I think I know what to do with a man now, and what will make him make me happy."

Mink gave me a scorching kiss before she went to Connie and hugged her, "You and I have been so close, and we've made each other feel so good, but that was the best ever. You know what you're talking about."

Sue got up and gave me a kiss. "Thank you for giving that little girl something to remember. I knew you were just the one for it."

I kept quiet, as sometimes saying nothing is saying everything.

Connie and Sue took a quick shower while a smiling Mink and I dressed.

We went to the same bar/restaurant for supper. After eating another great salmon dish with a cream sauce, we sat at the bar with the other locals, talking about the great day we had.

They were all laughing and joking how a couple of Florida folks were falling in love with the great northwest. While we were all talking, several made some suggestions as to where we might go next. I said I would like to up to Alaska and take Sue to where I had worked before, but would also like to go see the glacier, as well as go up into the Yukon to pan for gold. There was some discussion until one of the guys, the one named Dewey, said he thought he had the way for us to do everything we wanted.

First, we would take a small ship for an Alaskan cruise and get off at Anchorage. From there we would fly in a small plane up to where I used to work, and after that we would fly to an airstrip near where tourists panned for gold. If we wanted, he could arrange for us to backpack deeper up river where we might have more luck. That sounded good, so he said he would call his friend up in Anchorage to arrange for the plane.

That night was spent with two additional girls. It was a good thing that more condoms were purchased, as I was able to outperform even my expectations over night.

The next morning, Sue and I took Connie and Mink back to the small harbor for them to take the next group out. Our good-byes were poignant but happy. We promised to write, as neither of the girls had phones. We had found out that both were grad students hoping to become permanent guides in the future.

We found Dewey back at the bar/restaurant and stayed with him till lunch. He had our schedule written down on a yellow pad, complete with reservation numbers, telephone numbers, dates, and times. This was going to be a great trip.

When I asked him if I could pay him for his time, he laughed. He said, "My time is my own. I've nothing to do and love to do stuff like this when I meet people I like. Enjoy yourself and come back to tell me how good it was."

Sue gave him a kiss on the cheek that was probably more reward than he expected. I gave the bartender a couple of hundred dollar bills and told him to put a hundred on this guy's tab and the other hundred was for all the locals that night. He laughed as he said that the guy could buy and sell most millionaires. He was just a little different, was all. I told him to do it anyhow, as it would make me feel good. I gave the bartender a twenty as a tip and waved good-bye.

We took the ferry back to Seattle, or at least to the little town where the ferry landed. We drove back to Seattle to find the port where the cruise ship would take off from tomorrow, then hunted up a Hertz place to turn in the Cherokee. The port is actually in Bellingham, and we were lucky to find a Hertz location there.

We took a taxi back down to the cruise ship where we talked to the boarding agent about a nearby hotel. He suggested that we board early and eat with the crew that evening, so we did.

This wasn't a huge ship, just six hundred feet but it had four decks below and five decks above with some nice staterooms. Our friend had booked us in a large main deck level stateroom, complete with lounge. When we asked what we should wear to eat with the crew, they said jeans would be fine.

Sue and I showed up in Jeans, T-shirts, and flannel shirts. We were greeted warmly by the captain and sat with him and most of the crew at a large table. The discussion was about a gear on the auxiliary power unit. They had sheared a pin that connected the unit with the shaft that drove the standby generator. Apparently, they might be held up while waiting for a part that was being hunted for.

Sue told them that they should let me look at it to see if I could help. I protested, as I didn't know anything about maritime machinery. Sue spoke up, "I've seen you fix every kind of machinery there is with damn near nothing. Look at it and see if it is something you can do."

You can't argue with your wife, so after supper the captain and the engineering officer took us down to the engine room. It was surprisingly clean and neat. They took me to the coupler and showed me the pin that had sheared. It was good steel and I asked how it sheared.

"It worked itself loose and was sticking out a little. The top of the pin hit the steel girder on the bulkhead and sheared off. I told them that if they could machine a new pin, I could try to weld it and shape it so it would seat. They didn't have an arc welder, just a gas set with some nasty old rods of varying value. Their machine shop had some equipment, but not much. I set a clamp up with their bench vise to see how the pieces might match. Because the shaft had been turning rapidly, the pin had twisted and bent while shearing off.

I had an idea. I took the two pieces and used clamps to hold them together overlapping about a half-inch. Next, I began heating the two pieces until they where white hot. I began pounding them together getting the two pieces of metal to blend together. When the two pieces were part of each other, I let them cool and had one of the mates pour water on them.

I put the end into a rotating tool that could be set to rotate very slowly. I put a portable vise underneath the piece so I could pound on the rod as it slowly turned.

Again I heated the shaft until it was white hot and began pounding and shaping the rod. The captain exclaimed, "You're doing that like a blacksmith. That's the way you make knives and swords."

"You can also shape something to be round," I said. "As I smooth out the shape of the rod, it should lengthen to the original length. I'm going to need a micrometer to keep the size right." Luckily the piece shaped nice and round and almost perfectly smooth. There were some hammer marks but generally the pin looked smooth and straight.

When the piece cooled, the mechanic took the pin and fitted it into the hole. Using a wooden mallet and oil he slowly tapped it in. When it was complete, there was about three eighths of an inch sticking out both ends. I had the mechanic drill tiny shallow holes on both ends and next I heated the ends up having the mechanic spread the tip so it couldn't accidentally slide out again.

He tested the motor and the shaft several times, making sure it wouldn't shear off again, and pronounced it repaired.

The captain looked at his watch and said, "You did that in three hours. I'd say it's time for a snack and for me to open the liquor locker. Come on, you just saved us at least a day. When we get back, we'll have a spare waiting for us."

While I was drinking with a bunch of hardy seamen, Sue said, "See, I told you. You can fix anything if you want to."

The captain said that we would normally be moved up in quarters, but we were already in the VIP stateroom. He promised to make our cruise memorable.

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