Summer Can Kill

Copyright© 2008 by satyricon.21

As I said in my blog apology, (1st Sept '08), I was suffering from the mother of all hangovers when I posted the first couple of chapters. Hopefully, this version looks a lot better. I hope no-one's been too put out by the pig's nose I made of the first attempt. Regards, Satyr

The Madrid of this story is not the Madrid that exists and is the capital of Spain; it is a parallel Madrid that is entirely a product of my imagination. Anyone who knows the real Madrid will notice that the geography has been changed, as have some street names. Some of the facts are correct though: estimates suggest that over 80% of prostitution in Europe is organised by professional criminals, and that the girls themselves are coerced and often terrorised. The heat in Madrid in summer is no invention either.

At the suggestion of Ivan, one of my proofreaders, I have compiled a short glossary of some of the Spanish terms used in the story. I owe him more than that though: he forced me to think about what I'd written. Help doesn't get any better than that.

Bocadillo: a big sandwich

Bonita: pretty; used as an affectionate term of address

Cabrón: a vulgar way of referring to a man — 'bastard', 'asshole'

Calle: street

Caña: a small glass of beer

Cariño: darling, sweetheart

Chistorra: a type of sausage

Fortuna: a brand of cigarette

Guapo (for guys), guapa (for girls): handsome, pretty; used as an affectionate term of address

Hasta luego / mañana: see you soon / tomorrow

Hermosa: beautiful

Hola: hello

Hostal: a pension or hostel

Jefe: chief, boss

Mahou: a great tasting beer

Napoletana: a sweet pastry

Portal: the street door of an apartment building

Ración: a small helping of food

Tanga: thong

Tapa: a small saucer of food or a canapé to accompany a caña.

Terraza: a patio, usually of a bar or restaurant

Vale? Vale: OK? OK

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