What Are Friends For?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple who have enjoyed exhibitionism for several years invite their two best male friends to join them in expanding their horizons.

It’s almost time for Mike’s friends to show up. Well, they started out as Mike’s friends. They’re my friends, too. They are now, anyway. I don’t know which of us is more nervous. For myself, I’m so nervous I can almost hear my heart beating. I can almost feel the blood rushing through my veins. My knees are a little shaky and I’m tingling all over. And the guys aren’t even here yet!

I guess we’ve been slowly leading up to this for quite some time now. But the real catalyst was what happened last weekend. I suppose I should back up a little and tell you a little about us and what happened brought us to the things that are about to happen this afternoon.

My name is Toni. I’m twenty-eight. My husband is thirty-four. We have been married for six years. We didn’t really talk much about kids before we got married. But shortly after the wedding we discussed it and we decided to wait five years before having any kids. At the end of those five years we talked it over and decided we enjoy waiting. We enjoy it so much we decided we would just keep waiting. The truth is, neither one of us is really parent material. We like kids, when they belong to other people and we don’t have to live with them. We were both relieved when we realized that neither one of us has a burning desire to reproduce.

Mike is 6’2” and weighs about 195. He is very handsome and very intelligent and he can still wear the clothes he wore when he graduated from high school. In fact, I think he still does wear some of them! It isn’t that he’s too cheap to buy new ones. He just likes what he likes. He wears the same damn things every weekend when he’s lounging around the house.

I am 5’6” and weigh 112. And I can still wear my cheerleader costume. And sometimes, when the mood is right, I do. I’m a natural blonde. I have blue eyes. I have a very slender figure and small breasts. Like most women, I suppose, I wish my breasts were larger. But the shapely pair I have look good on my slender frame and Mike seems perfectly happy with them. Oh, and Mike says I have an ass like a fifteen year old. I don’t know what he’s doing looking at the asses of fifteen year old girls. But I overlook it as long as it’s my ass he comes home to.

We both have a healthy appetite for sex and I believe that over the years we have both become very good at it. We are turned on by pretty much the same things. We were both pretty naïve in the beginning but we’ve learned a lot now that we’re out on our own. As time has passed, the list of things that turn us on has grown. We are pretty open minded and willing to experiment.

We both get a big charge out of it when I show off a little. I have flashed truckers on the interstate. We read about it and it sounded like harmless fun. It was a thrill at first. But it seems so impersonal. And when one of those big fucking trucks starts drifting into your lane at seventy miles an hour it can really kill a sexual buzz.

I like to wear revealing clothing when we go out. We eat out a lot. When we are out I never miss a chance to flash my panties at a guy, or guys, at a nearby table. And all those peeks the waiter gets when he looks down my top and sees a little flash of nipple are not unintentional.

Those things turn Mike and me both on and we always end up in bed later, fucking each other silly.

Another little game we like to play involves light bondage. We aren’t into heavy S&M or anything. And pain is a definite no-no. But there are ropes with leather cuffs permanently attached to the four corners of our bed. I love to be tied up and teased for hours, almost as much as Mike loves doing it to me. It’s even better with the blindfold on.

We have spent entire weekends that way. Mike will fasten my cuffs and blindfold me. He usually gets out his camera and spends fifteen or twenty minutes taking pictures of my nude body. Then the teasing starts. He runs his hands over my body, gently, teasing my sensitized flesh with his fingertips, a soft shaving brush, or a soft feather.

He can be very cruel. He brings me right to the point of orgasm, over and over, and then stops suddenly. It drives me into a sexual frenzy and I have screamed at the top of my lungs on more than one occasion, begging him to let me cum.

Sometimes he does. Sometimes he makes me wait. Often, as he lies beside me and teases my body, he will talk to me in his quiet, sexy voice, telling me how hot I look and threatening to call up some of his friends and invite them to come over. He tells me he’s going to allow them to take pictures of my helpless nude body, touch me, and then fuck me until they can’t get it up anymore.

There have been many occasions when I have reached orgasm from listening to his soft voice making those deliciously evil threats in my ear. And while I am having that long awaited orgasm I am frequently screaming, “YES! DO IT! CALL THEM, DAMN IT! LET ALL YOUR FRIENDS FUCK ME!!”

That is normally the point at which he loses his self-control, jumps on top of me and fucks me half to death, a very pleasant death. I cum over and over as he fucks me violently while I pull at my restraints as if I were a rape victim trying desperately to escape this fate worse than death.

And after we reach orgasm it starts all over again. There have been many weekends when we stopped only for bathroom breaks and an occasional snack to keep our strength up.

Wow! I’m getting hot writing all this down!

Back to what I was saying. Mike has two friends who live nearby. One of them is Tyler. Mike and Tyler have been friends since high school. Tyler is a great guy. He’s a little pudgy, but not fat. Not yet anyway. I guess he will be someday. Maybe I should start nagging him. Everyone loves Tyler. I believe he’s the most entertaining man I’ve ever met. He’s hilarious. He always keeps us in stitches. He can tell a joke or a story like nobody you ever saw. One night, after a party, a few couples sat around in our backyard after everyone else had gone home and Tyler told jokes and funny stories all night long. He was still going when we decided to go to a nearby restaurant for breakfast at seven the next morning!

Tyler isn’t all that lucky when it comes to the ladies. He has been married once and he has had a string of serious relationships over the years. He falls in love hard, but always with the wrong women. It’s sad really. I think he’d made a great husband and as I mentioned, he needs a good woman to nag him a little.

The third musketeer is Cale. Cale is a few years older. He’ll be forty on his next birthday. Mike met him at work and they became friends almost immediately. Cale and his wife lived down the street from us and we used to get together all the time. Unfortunately, his wife died about four years ago when her car was t-boned by a drunk driver.

Cale was a wreck for a long time after that. But we kept a close eye on him and we made sure he wasn’t alone much. I kept him fed and helped out with his housework until he started to pull himself together. He’s different now, much quieter than he used to be, more serious. But he’s a wonderful person. He’d do anything for you, whether he knows you or not. He’s the most caring and giving person I know. I still cry sometimes when I think about how much he misses Jennifer. He hasn’t looked at another woman since. Even now, four years later.

Mike, Tyler and Cale have become very close over the years. They are my friends too, of course. But they do a lot of guy things together. I started getting included in their little group a little more often about a year ago when Mike built a home theater in a section of our basement.

He walled off a large section of the basement, installed a seventy inch, high definition television and a sound system that can rock the house. We put in some leather recliners, a couple of leather couches, an expensive carpet with pile so deep that you sink in up to your ankles, and we lined the walls with dark curtains to keep the bass from bursting our eardrums. There’s a wet bar and a refrigerator in the back of the room and a small bathroom right next door.

Now our two friends come here to watch at least one sporting event every weekend. I’m not a sports nut like they are. But I enjoy watching NASCAR and rooting for the drivers I think are cute. And we still root for our respective college football teams during football season. But to be honest, I hang around with them more because I enjoy their company than because of any interest in sports.

When the guys come over I always made it a point to dress kind of sexy. Nothing blatant, but I enjoy teasing them and flirting with them. They seem to enjoy it, too. And it turns Mike on to watch me with them.

Both men have benefited from frequent peeks down my tops. And I frequently sit around in a very short miniskirt without being all that careful about how close together my knees are.

For me, and Mike too, this is a lot more fun than flashing truckers or strangers in restaurants. And when we talk about it in bed later we always imagine what it would be like if it went beyond a little casual exhibitionism between friends. But it has always been just fantasy. We never really considered doing anything with them. Not until last week.

Last week we were watching the race. It was a particularly boring race for me. Kasey Kahne wrecked early, nothing unusual about that, and once he was out of the race I lost interest. Before long I fell asleep on one of the couches.

That was early in the race. For the next three hours I lay there on that couch while the guys watched the race. I was wearing a miniskirt and a crop top that day. As I slept my skirt quickly edged up until my little thong was peeking out from underneath.

Mike didn’t notice at first. He wasn’t paying any attention until he glanced at Tyler and saw him staring at me.

Mike looked over to see what Tyler was looking at. When he was telling me about it later he said he got an instant hard on. My skirt was up so far that the entire front of my thong was exposed. Not that there was that much of it to expose.

Mike looked away quickly. He didn’t want Tyler to know he’d been caught. But after that he kept an eye on both Tyler and Cale. He soon realized both men were paying a lot more attention to me than to the race.

Mike told me later that I stayed like that for a very long time. But eventually I shifted over onto my back and the crop top I was wearing inched up until it just barely covered my nipples. Not long after that, still sound asleep, I lifted an arm and put it over my face. When I did, the crop top inched up a little further, uncovering the bottom portion of my nipples.

Mike noticed that both Tyler and Cale were staring unabashedly at my sleeping body now. Tyler glanced over just about then and saw that Mike was aware of it.

Mike said that he had never seen Tyler so embarrassed in his life. The poor man tried to stutter an apology. Mike told me he held up his hand, chuckled and said, “Hell Tyler! I can’t blame a man for looking. She’s pretty damned hot, isn’t she?”

Tyler stared at Mike for a minute to make sure his best friend wasn’t upset. Then he nodded slowly and turned back to stare at me.

Mike said that he had turned the volume down on the race then so that it wouldn’t wake me. Then all three men stared at me for several more minutes.

Mike said that he heard Cale whisper, “She’s so fucking beautiful!”

He told me he got up then and walked over to where I was sleeping peacefully on the couch. He swears that his original intention was to cover me up. I’m not sure I believe him.

Instead of covering me up, he reached down and slowly eased the crop top up until my breasts were completely exposed. Later, he told me that he heard both men gasp loudly when he exposed my breasts. He said that knowing his two best friends were staring at my tits was so exciting he almost came in his pants.

Mike continued to stare down at me. He said that it was all he could do to keep from reaching down and squeezing my nipple. He stared for a little longer. He was so excited that at first he wasn’t even aware that Tyler and Cale had both gotten up and were standing on either side of him, staring down at my panties and my exposed tits.

Cale had whispered, “We shouldn’t be doing this. It isn’t right.”

Tyler had quietly responded, “Maybe not. But she likes showing off. She does it all the time. I don’t think she’d be mad.”

Mike agreed with both of them. He wasn’t sure what to do. He could have reached down and covered me up again. Or he could have just left me like that. Instead, he reached down and inched my skirt up a little more.

They stood over me for a long time before Mike said, “I need a fucking beer! I’ll be right back. Do you guys want one?”

They both nodded. They had seemed incapable of speech. He wanted to give them a little time alone with my sleeping, very exposed body so he ignored the wet bar and went upstairs to get three beers. The first thing he did when he left the room was adjust his hard on in his pants.

He came back down a minute later. Both men were still standing beside the couch staring down at me. And they both had obvious erections. He said he almost felt sorry for them, especially Cale.

He gave them each a beer and after a couple more minutes they all sat down. Mike said they glanced at the race from time to time but by then no one was really paying attention.

Later, when he was telling me what had happened while I was asleep, he said I shifted in my sleep slightly a few times after that. But I remained uncovered like that for the rest of the race. I had remained topless for nearly three hours!

What Mike didn’t know until we went to bed that night, and what the others still don’t know, was that I had not been asleep that entire time. I woke up with about an hour still left to the end of the race. I had come awake slowly. I moaned softly and my hand slid down onto my stomach. I didn’t open my eyes. I heard the race still droning on quietly and I thought I might just go back to sleep for a little while longer. It took me a minute to realize all was not as it should be with my clothing.

I assumed my skirt probably had ridden up. And just the thought that the guys could see my panties had me tingling. I didn’t realize at first that my breasts were exposed!

I opened one eye slightly with the intention of glancing down to see just how much of my little thong was exposed to my husband and our two good friends. When I saw my breasts completely exposed I almost screamed out loud!

Actually, I’m not sure why I did what I did. I’m not sure why I didn’t scream and cover myself. No, that isn’t an honest answer. I do know why I didn’t react. I didn’t scream or cover myself because as soon as I realize that so much of me was exposed I felt the biggest electric shock of pure sexual excitement shoot through my body. I don’t think I was this excited the first time a boy touched me, or even the time I lost my virginity.

Suddenly I could hardly breathe. I lay there quietly and I glanced through slitted eyes at Mike, Tyler and Cale. They were all staring at me as if they had never seen a tit before! It was all I could do to keep my breathing even. It was all I could do to keep from having an orgasm!

I lay there quietly for the next hour, breathing evenly and experiencing a sexual excitement that was irresistible, almost overwhelming. If any one of the three of them had come across that small space that separated us and tugged my panties off and fucked me delirious I would have welcomed them with open arms!

During all that time, no one spoke. No one moved. And no one paid any attention to the race.

When the race ended the guys sat in silence with the television off and sipped their beers slowly. No one moved until Cale stood up and whispered, “I think we should go before she wakes up. We don’t want to embarrass her.”

Tyler got up reluctantly and the three of them went upstairs. I started to get up and put my clothes back in place. But then I decided to wait and see what Mike would do. I left everything just like it was and pretended to be asleep.

After Mike had shown our guests out he came right back downstairs. He stood beside my couch and stared down at me. I waited quietly to see if he would wake me, or cover me up first, or jump on top of me and give me a nice hard fucking. That was what I really wanted!

I heard him whisper, “God, Toni! You are so fucking beautiful!”

I heard the love and the desire in his voice and I wanted to jump up and rape him. But I still wanted to see what he would do.

It was several long moments before he lowered himself to his knees beside me. He gently pulled my top back down over my breasts and then he pulled my skirt down carefully. When I was no longer exposed he leaned down and kissed my lips softly.

I pretended to wake up slowly and acted surprised that we were alone. I sat up and he got to his feet and helped me up. We went up to the kitchen and I made us a light supper. After we had supper and I had cleaned up the kitchen we went out to the backyard. We undressed and floated around in the pool for a while. Unless we have company we never wear anything when we use the pool. There was, as usual, a lot of kissing and touching. Even after six years we haven’t gotten tired of that. I pray we never will.

Mike still doesn’t know I was awake and aware I was exposed to Tyler and Cale this afternoon. He’s feeling randier than usual and I know just how he feels. We teased each other in the pool for a little while before deciding to go upstairs and play. It’s too early to go to bed. But that’s okay. We don’t feel like sleeping!

We dried off quickly and grabbed our clothes. We almost ran upstairs. I jumped on the bed and before I had time to suggest it, Mike was putting the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. He put the blindfold over my eyes and then he stretched out beside me.

He began to tease my body with his soft loving touch and he kissed me lovingly for several long minutes before he said, “I have a confession to make.”

I had to struggle to act as though I don’t know what he’s going to confess. Well, no. That isn’t quite right. I’m pretty sure I know what he’s going to confess. But I still don’t know how it had come about. I don’t know how I came to be so exposed to the three of them this afternoon. I’m curious about that, and anything else I might have missed before I awoke.

But he doesn’t know I awoke and was aware of my exposure so the final surprise is going to be his.

He told me, in vivid detail, how I had come to be exposed to his friends and exactly how much they had seen. As he related the events of my afternoon sleeping strip show his fingers continued to tease my most sensitive flesh. My nipples have become so hard they hurt! I can feel my juices trickling down between my thighs. I can almost swear that I’m aware of every nerve ending in my body!

But at that moment, as his fingers played my body like a violin, I’m not sure I could have spoken. I had reached Nirvana! He lay beside me and lightly kissed my face and whispered in my ear. He said, “Can you imagine what it must have been like for them? I doubt if either one of those guys has had sex in over a year. I know Cale hasn’t been with anyone since Jenny died four years ago. And there, stretched out before them for nearly three hours with her breasts exposed, was one of the most beautiful women in the world!”

A bit of hyperbole perhaps. But at the moment it didn’t matter. At that moment I could imagine what it must have been like for them. They had wanted me. They felt lust for me. They wanted to touch me. They wanted to fuck me!

Just then Mike’s fingers traveled light over my clit. That was the last straw. I cried out then and I experienced a powerful orgasm.

Mike backed off a little and let me catch my breath before he started teasing my body again. I turned my head and searched blindly for his lips. He touched his lips to mine and we kissed passionately. Then I pleaded in an urgent whisper, “Mike, please. Fuck me. I need your cock. I can’t wait any longer. Please fuck me now, baby.”

Normally he would have refused. He would have teased me for a lot longer. But he’s as turned on as I am. He’s too damned horny to put it off any longer. He moved over me and gently eased his beautiful hard cock into me and kept it buried inside of me for a couple of minutes while we kissed and told each other how much in love we are.

Then he started moving his powerful erection in an out and he said, “Toni, I won’t be able to keep this up very long. I am so fucking turned on right now!”

He started moving faster and I replied, “Me too, baby. Go for it! I’ll be right there with you.”

Well, I was close. I came just a fraction of a second before he did and when my pussy clamped down on his cock he cried out and started to cum. As he was cumming I whispered, “I was awake, Mike.”

Mike made a noise that I had never heard him make before! He came and he came and it seemed like he was never going to stop. And then, after he finished, he supported himself over me and gently ground his pubic bone into me while his cock went soft inside of me.

He didn’t get off of me, though. He stayed there, looming over me with his soft cock still buried inside of me. For the longest time we stayed locked together like that. It seemed like several long, very pleasant minutes passed before he gasped, “What do you mean you were awake?!”

I chuckled, which caused my vagina to tighten up around his cock and he groaned in pleasure. I said, “I woke up and realized I was almost naked. I looked down to see how much of my panties were exposed and almost screamed when I saw my breasts were exposed. I woke up an hour before the race was over. I didn’t open my eyes, or at least not enough that anyone could see I was awake. I carefully peeked at the three of you. I knew you guys were watching me, staring at me.”

I can’t see him now. I can’t see his reaction because of the blindfold. But I heard his smile when he said, “And you loved it! Didn’t you?”

I gasped. I can feel his cock growing inside of me again. I moaned in pleasure and I exclaimed, “Yes! I fucking loved it! I was so fucking hot that I wanted you to fuck me right then and there. All three of you! I would have fucked all three of you at that moment if you had just gotten up and done it. I was never so fucking horny in my life!”

He started fucking me again and it felt great! I began lifting my hips to meet every thrust. I never want it to end. But I know it isn’t going to be long before I climax again. I feel it building already.

Mike said, “I guess next time I’m going to have to let them fuck you.”

That did it! I screamed and came so hard I almost passed out. It was the first time I ever wished I didn’t have the cuffs on. My hands wanted to grab him and claw at his back so hard that he’d have to go to the emergency room!

As soon as I came, Mike started cumming again. I was shocked. Mike has more stamina than any guy I’ve ever been with. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a slut or anything. But I started having sex in the tenth grade and I didn’t meet Mike until I graduated from college. I had a pretty active sex life for those six or seven years. I only did it with guys I was dating regularly and for whom I had feelings. But for a teenager over a period of that many years, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want my parents to know how many guys I’ve had sex with.

Mike finally collapsed on top of me and rolled over. He held my face and kissed me lovingly for several minutes. We didn’t talk. There are things we need to discuss. But not yet.

He took off my blindfold and we smiled lovingly at each other. We kissed for another minute while he unfastened the cuffs on my wrists. Then he got up and removed the cuffs from my ankles.

I worked my arms for a minute to loosen up my muscles. Then I sat up and said, “Come on, you fucking pervert. Let’s go take a quick shower. I’m covered in sweat.”

We went into the bathroom and while I used the toilet, Mike warmed up the shower. Then we took a nice, long, hot shower together. We’re exhausted. But it’s still nice to soap each other up and enjoy touching and being touched.

We showered and brushed our teeth and then I stood staring at myself in the mirror and thought about Tyler and Cale seeing me almost naked. And it had not been just a quick flash of thigh or a peek at my panties. My tits had been exposed for a long time. They had gotten up and stood over me and stared down at my nearly naked body. I had only been minimally covered by the tiny, nearly transparent thong I was wearing under my skirt.

It’s a little early still. But Mike has to get up early. So we went back to bed and lay in bed in the dark talking for a very long time. We talked about what happened today. We talked about how we feel about it. And we talked about next week.

I think we were both embarrassed to admit it. But we both want to go through with it next week. Our remaining reluctance isn’t just from embarrassment, though. We’re both concerned about how we’ll feel about each other if we really go through with it. And we’re worried about how it will affect our relationship with our two best friends.

But the more we talked, the more certain we were that we’re going to go through with it. The idea of it is just too exciting not to. I’ve always had fantasies of having sex with more than one man at a time. I can’t think of three men with whom I’d rather do it. I love Tyler and Cale both very much. I never thought it would reach this point. But now that it looks like I’m going to do it, I realize that I’d rather do it with the two guys I love most in the world, aside from Mike of course.

And Mike swears he doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body. We’ve discussed our fantasies in the past. I know that for a long time it has been his fantasy to watch me get fucked by another man. Since I recently started teasing his two buddies so mercilessly it has been one of his favorite fantasies to see me do more than tease them.

That still leaves the question of how to bring it about. Should Mike ask them if they want to? Should I? Should I flirt with them until they snap and attack me? We went around and around on this one.

We finally decided that the best thing to do would be for me to dress in an outfit just like the one I wore today. As soon as they arrive I’ll begin to flirt with them. I’ll sit in their laps and tease them for a while. And then, so that there are no misunderstandings, we’ll have an honest talk with them and tell them what we want to do and ask them if they’re interested.

The odds are that Tyler won’t even have to think about it but we don’t know how Cale is going to react. He’s about as recovered from what happened to Jenny as he’s ever going to get, I suppose. And besides, it isn’t natural to go four years without sex!

We decided on that plan, with the idea that if Cale started taking it badly we would call it off. Then Mike took me in his arms and despite the excitement we were still feeling we were soon asleep.

I woke him up the next morning with my mouth gently sucking on his wide awake cock. He can’t normally have an orgasm before he goes to the bathroom in the morning. But he did this time. I know what he’s thinking about when he awoke to find me enthusiastically sucking his cock. He’s picturing me half naked in front of his two best friends. It really turns him on, still. I can tell because he climaxed very quickly.

He felt bad because he has to go to work and doesn’t have time to pay me back. But I knew when I started that he wouldn’t have time to reciprocate. I don’t mind. I love doing it for him. I enjoyed sucking cocks almost from the first time I did it but I love doing it for him most of all.

He got ready for work while I went down and made coffee and an English muffin for him. It was a beautiful morning so we ate out by the pool. We tried to act normally. But all we could think about, all we could talk about, was what had happened yesterday, and what was going to happen next weekend.

I’m going to be horny as hell all day but I don’t mind. A lot of the fun of sex comes from the anticipation. I know that when Mike gets home we’ll enjoy a nice dinner and I’m going to be desert.

That evening, and the next evening, Mike and I had sex like we did on our honeymoon. We went at it constantly, like a pair of rabbits. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. On Wednesday, we reluctantly agreed to abstain until Saturday. Tyler and Cale are coming over on Saturday for dinner and to watch the race which is on Saturday night this week. We figured it would do us good to be a little extra horny so we’ll be able to get up the nerve when the time finally comes to experience our fantasies.

We have gone three days without sex before. But not very often. It’s so much harder this time, though. It seems as though all we can think about now is sex. To make the experience even more difficult, every time we get near each other there’s a lot of kissing and touching. Then we go to bed and lay there in the dark thinking about what happened during the race last Sunday. It was a rough four days.

By the time Saturday afternoon arrived I was a wreck and Mike was even worse.

The guys were to come over and spend the afternoon around the pool until dinner. Then we planned to go down and watch the race in the basement.

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