Little Fox
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Squirting,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The continuing Presidency of Gabrielle Cunningham who was nicknamed Little Fox during the campaign for re-election.

Roberta died in surgery. This shook up the President and she paid a visit to her parents and awarded them the Presidential Medal of Freedom a week later in a ceremony at the White House. Roberta's fiancee took the shooting badly and had to be institutionalized. Gabrielle saw to it that Roberta's parents would receive Roberta's pay for the next year.

With Inauguration Day quickly approaching, Chris became paranoid about his wife out in the cold protected by a bulletproof shelter as she would deliver her Inauguration address to the country. Little did he know at the time that the Secret Service had the protective booth heated. She would be warmer than anyone out there. She decided to slap PETA in the face and wear her black sable fur to the affair. Gabrielle could be downright ornery if she set her mind to it. PETA was one organization that she disliked the most.

The whole affair went off without a hitch. Her thirty-eight minute speech was considered good by many of the media. They pointed out she did not touch the growing histilities between China and Japan. Korea had been united twenty years before and now they felt they were being squeezed from both sides to back them up diplomatically. They tried the neutrality bit but neither side accepted this. This would prove to be one of her most distressing episodes of her entire presidency.

"Don't you ever get tired of strawberry yogurt, raisin toast and green tea for breakfast?" Chris asked Gabrielle as they ate their morning meal in a small dining room just off their bedroom. He was downing egg beaters that were made into a small omelet, a slice of ham, hash browns, toast and coffee.

"No," Gabrielle replied. "It's healthy and I don't feel full."

"But seven days a week," he mildly complained.

"Look at it this way, darling. Dogs eat the same old dry dog food twice a day. Day in day out. They just want their bellies full and the way most wolf it down they don't have the chance to enjoy the taste."

"Well you're not a dog."

"If I were, I'd be a shih-tsu. You would be a rottweiler or pit bull," she laughed at her sense of humor.

"I'd rather be an old english sheepdog. Big enough so other dogs would think twice before attacking me."

"Nice doggy, nice doggy," she ran her small hand through his hair.

"How's the tournament going?" she asked Matt on her way to the Oval Office.

"Hey Runt, how are you doing?" Matt asked. He had looked around to make sure no one was around to hear him. Secret Service Agents didn't count. "Illinois won so they're in the sweet sixteen. De Paul, who shouldn't be in this tourney, got plastered by Georgetown."

"Well we'll have to hope Illinois wins it," she walked on. She liked her brothers calling her Runt when no one was around. It made her feel like she was back in her home again. Her father, Jeff, had died almost two years ago leaving Peg to live alone in that large house. She was under protection but Gabrielle told her if any agent didn't talk to her, don't complain. Their job was to protect, not babysit. So Peg worked at the church as much as she could just to keep busy. Chris provided her with five hundred dollars a month to make sure she didn't have to worry about living. That, her social security, and her late husband's social security gave her enough to be comfortable. Chris also paid her property taxes, insurance, and any unforeseen expenses that might drift her way.

She reached her office looking as attractive as ever. Pewter satin blouse, black knee length skirt, and black high heels. She kicked the shoes into the corner near the flag, and sat down. "Good morning ladies and gentlemen please be seat." They sat in a semi circle not able to put their hands except in their laps. "The reason I wanted you here this morning is that I'm paring down the cabinet from sixteen to ten..."

There was mumbling coming from most.

"I'll find you all jobs if you are removed from the cabinet. And I'm going to combine two into one. I'm sorry if I throw a double work load on some of you but some of these positions overlap. First off, I'm combining Agriculture with Interior. I may have to split that back later if things do not work out. Labor with Commerce. That's a must. Energy with Transportation. I am eliminating Urban Development, and I'm combining Veteran Affairs, Veteran will go with Defense. Questions!

Gabrielle was bombarded with an overload of inquiries from cabinet members who saw their positions of importance fly right out the window. Yes, she promised them jobs! But where? Doing what? How much of a pay cut would they have to take?

"What kind of a job do you have in mind?" a woman that Gabrielle had trouble recalling her name, asked

"State and agriculture have many openings. It's upper management and the pay cut is minimal. I want all of your resignations on my desk this afternoons then I'll hire you back as I see fit. If you aren't selected for the cabinet, you will be offered other work. If you don't like what you are offered, I will write a glowing reference if you choose to work outside the government. So let me thank you for all your wonderful service you have given us." With that, the President stood up and walked quickly out of the room only allowing the one question.

"I need a vacation," she told Chris, walking into the Oval Office.

"How about Anthrax Island?" her husband joked. Referring to Hannible Lecter finding out that Clarice Starling was giving a hoax deal to find a kidnapped girl in the movie The Silence of the Lambs."

"Ha-ha, very funny," she grimaced, sitting at the table for her lunch that consisted of a chef's salad, roll, butter, and tea. Chris had a beef sandwich, fries, and a Coca-Cola.

"Seriously, Gaby, are you willing to risk going to some place of paradise so soon after the attempt on your life?"

"That was months ago." she took a bite.

"What if they are watching us now? This could be a conspiracy of some kind to get rid of you."

"Who, besides the Democrats, want me dead?" she joked.

"The Muslims are still mad that you haven't made any effort to lift the sanctions that President Nelson hit them with twenty years ago."

"I didn't promise any such thing."

"I know you didn't but you've got to realize those people over in the sand don't give a damn what you say or do, it's just what they think you said. Plus the mullahs feed them lies and they believe it."

"I don't think they had anything to do with it?"

"Then who?"

"Japan, China, Tahitians, who knows?" she shrugged.

Chris stood up and walked to the door, "Don't exhaust yourself, Gaby. You did promise me some tender moments," he grinned.

"I thought you promised me," she pushed away her plate and gave him a wink.

"I miss these moments," Gabrielle whispered after each had given the other oral stimulation. Some of his cum was sitting on her chin. She still held Walter in her hand still wet from her saliva.

"Me too," he wrapped his arms about her. She was almost swallowed up my his hug. She smelled his odor and loved it. It was an aphrodisiac that quickly put her to sleep. It was hard for her to get up for this but once he brought her to an orgasm she had the energy to give him a blowjob.

"There is movement of some elite Chinese divisions toward the Sea of Japan," Admiral Murrows stated. He was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who sat in the Oval Office briefing the President on the latest developments in the East. "They are bringing with them their armored and personnel carriers."

"I thought all of their top units where on the Russian borders," President Cunningham stated. "How much is headed there?"

"I estimate one hundred divisions!"

"Numbers!" she demanded. "How many men are we talking about?"

"About four million men."

Gabrielle let out a whistle. "That's more than what we have around the world."

"Twice as many. But they have no navy. So they can only man their own shores."

"How large is the Japanese navy?"

"About two rowboats less than ours. They have six carrier groups and every ship they have is armed with nukes."

"When the Democrats ran the show they voted for us to get out of Japan. When they took off the leash they let the Pit Bull run wild. I mean after almost a century they might have learned their lesson. What do we have to counter this or are we going to just be bystanders doing nothing but pick our noses?"

"We have a new potental weapon the army has developed that could stop this whole thing in its tracks. It is so top secret that it's on a need to know bases."

"And I'm not on the need to know list?" she asked sharply.

Admirals sat up in his seat at attention. "We didn't know if it would work or not until we tried it of Iran as an experiment."

"And it worked?"

"Frightfully yes."

"What's the name of this project?"

"We called it Project E!"

"How many people were killed in Iran?"

"Minimal at most. We did it in the most barren area we could find. Nothing can live in that area."

"Who is in charge of Project E?" she asked.

"General Niel Emerson, Madam President."

"Have him in my office at nine tomorrow morning."

"Yes Madam President," Murrows said.

"I want all the details about this project. No parts and bits. If he doesn't give me everything about E, he'll be a captain again."

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