Brian Is Gone
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Prostitution,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kim's husband is stationed in Iraq. She is drugged while attending a friend's birthday party. She is raped and filmed in compromising positions and blackmailed.

It was the first time I'd gone out to have a little fun since my husband left for Iraq. His National Guard unit was called to active duty and it seemed as though he was gone before we had time to take a deep breath. He's only been gone for three months and already I'm bored to death. All I ever do now is go to work, go home and watch television, and write letters to my husband.

I've been a little upset with him because I write to him every night but I receive a letter from him only once a week, if that.

I know that conditions are rough over there and that he's having a hard time of it. But just a note to say that he's okay and still loves me would have been nice. We've only been married for a little over a year. I know he loves me. But I really worry about him and I want a little reassurance. No, I want a lot of reassurance. Not so much that he still loves me, I know that he does. Rather that he's still alive and uninjured and that he's holding up alright.

When I let my friend talk me into attending the birthday party at her apartment complex on Friday evening I certainly didn't go because I was peeved at my husband Brian for not writing to me in almost two weeks, though I was. I went because I was tired of sitting home alone in my quiet little apartment and worrying about him. I wanted to hear some music and talk to some happy people. I needed cheering up. I needed to dance a little and have a couple of drinks.

I had no reason to believe that things were going to get out of hand at the party. My girlfriend, Tanya, isn't all that wild. I had no reason to think that this would be anything but a fun little party for some of her close friends. It's her birthday and two of her friends are throwing a party for her. They reserved one of the pools in their apartment complex but Tanya insisted that only a few of her friends were going to attend.

I intended to have a couple of drinks, laugh a little and maybe even dance a little. At the end of the evening I fully intended to go home alone and go to bed all by myself. I wasn't worried about anything happening to me at the party. I had no reason to be. I'm an intelligent, moral, reasonably strong willed, independent twenty-one year old married woman. As I've learned since my husband left to serve his country, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself. Or at least I thought I was.

The day was hot and sunny, perfect for a pool party. I had a couple of drinks, enjoyed the music, some cheerful but inane conversation, and I danced a few dances. I was almost the only one there still wearing clothes so after a while I put my bikini on and spent some time in the pool cooling off in the pool.

More than a few guys were coming on to me and I'll admit it was very flattering. I even enjoyed a little mild flirtation with a couple of them.

But I was just having fun, just being personable. I never gave anyone the wrong idea. I didn't lead anyone on. I eventually made it clear that I only wanted to dance. Nothing was going to come of it. Eventually the guys seemed to get the message and they started leaving me alone.

I wouldn't want anyone to know it. But I was relieved. I had definitely been tempted by a couple of the guys. When you become accustomed to a fairly regular sex life for a year or so, the sudden move back to abstinence is not easy, or pleasant.

I took a break from dancing. I spent some time wading in the pool, talking with a few of the women I knew. Later, once the sun went down and it cooled off a little I danced a little more.

I stayed in my bikini. But it wasn't just me. Most of the girls were dancing in their bikinis. I had no reason to feel self conscious. Mine was more conservative than most so I wasn't standing out or anything.

As the evening wore on I found myself spending most of my time with one guy. He was a little older than me, but really cute and funny. He took my mind off of my problems for a while. He was just what I needed. He was friendly and engaging and after I politely made it clear that I was happily married he accepted that all we would enjoy together was conversation. He didn't try to talk me into doing anything I shouldn't. He really cheered me up.

When we weren't dancing we sat on the pool steps in water up to our necks or at a small table and sipped a cold beer.

I had made it clear to him from the start that I was leaving at ten. He was disappointed. But he didn't argue with me. As I said, he's slightly older than me. I think he's close to thirty. He seemed more mature than most of the guys at the party and I enjoyed his company.

He accepted the fact that he wasn't getting laid tonight. Or at least, he wasn't getting laid by me. We were enjoying each other's company, though, and so I stayed with him. Mostly I stayed with him because he was fun to be with, but also because while I was him the other guys left me alone. The absence of pressure was a relief.

At nine thirty he talked me into one last beer. I said no at first. But he wanted one more before he went home and he didn't want to drink alone. Without too much trouble he talked me into having one with him.

I was still sober. I'd only had a few beers throughout the long evening. I wasn't worried that another beer would keep me from driving home safely.

He got out of the pool and got the drinks and we moved to a pair of lounge chairs on the side of the pool. The volume of the music had been turned down at around eight o'clock or so and we could talk more easily now. I couldn't deny that I was having a great time. I was getting tired but the truth is I wasn't looking forward to returning to my too quiet, too lonely apartment. The constant, unbroken silence there can be so oppressive.

I sipped my last beer but kept my eye on the time, fully intending to leave at ten. That isn't what happened, though. I don't remember what happened.

One minute I was sitting and talking, having a very good time. The next thing I knew it was Saturday morning and I was waking up in bed with a guy!

I was terrified and extremely disoriented when I slowly returned to consciousness. I didn't know where I was or how I got there. I didn't know what happened to me. I struggled to think back to last night. I knew that I wasn't drunk so I had to assume that I'd been drugged.

I looked at the guy in the bed with me. I recognized him as the man I spent most of the evening with. But I couldn't for the life of me remember his name.

I know I shouldn't have been, but I was shocked when I realized that I was naked. I'm not so naïve that I don't know why guys put drugs in unsuspecting women's drinks.

I looked down and saw that I had numerous bite marks on my breasts and my thighs. Even more terrible was the discovery that my chest and stomach and thighs were covered with an incredible amount of dried cum. I covered my face with my hands to blot out the disgusting discoveries that were everywhere I looked and I realized that I had it all over my face, too.

I got up slowly, feeling very much like I had the world's worst hangover. I looked around for the bathroom. I felt an urgent need to wash the disgusting crud that was dried all over my skin from my body.

As I moved around I realized that I was in a lot of pain. My vagina hurt, my butt hurt and my throat was sore. I'm no rocket scientist. And I was still having trouble thinking straight. My mind was like mush. But I realized that that I'd been raped repeatedly last night, and it must have been by more than one guy. There was no way that all of this disgusting stuff came out of just one man!

I found the bathroom and went in and stared at myself in the mirror. There was flaky dried cum all over my face and body and my long blonde hair was stiff with it.

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I rushed to the toilet, lifted the seat and threw up for several minutes. When I finally stopped and my stomach was under control I flushed the toilet and turned to wash my face and hands.

There he was, watching me! He was leaning against the door frame smiling at me. The rapist bastard was amused!

Before I could say anything he said, "What a waste of cum. We went to a lot of trouble to fill your stomach with that cum. Now we have to do it all over again."

I found my voice and even though it hurt my throat I screamed at him, "You fucking rapist! You aren't going to get away with this. As soon as I leave here I'm calling the police. I hate you!"

Even as the words left my mouth I realized how stupid I was being. If he was truly threatened there was nothing to keep him from caving in my skull and disposing of my body!

Instead, his reaction infuriated me all the more. He just smiled and stared at me like I was some sort of amusing little pet or something.

I quickly washed my face and hands, uncomfortably aware of him still leaning against the doorframe staring at my naked body. I dried off on the cleanest towel that I could find, feeling my anger grow more intense by the second as the effects of the drug he slipped me last night wore off.

I forced my way past him and stormed back into the bedroom to look for my clothes. He followed me and watched me look around, still with that infuriating amused expression on his face.

I saw no sign of the clothes I'd been wearing. I turned to face him, increasingly aware of my nudity, and demanded that he return my clothing.

He casually replied, "Your bikini is in the living room."

He moved out of my way this time as once more I had to push past him. I stomped down the short hallway and came to a sudden stop in the living room. There were four men sitting around the room grinning at me. They all looked like they just woke up.

I realized that these were the other men who must have raped me last night. I didn't remember it, though. And I was very embarrassed about being naked in front of them.

After a quick glance around the room I avoided looking at the men who, judging by the condition I was in when I awoke must have spent hours raping me last night. I looked around the room and spotted my bikini on the floor near the door. I struggled to retain what little composure I had left as I crossed the room and hurriedly put my bikini back on while they all watched.

I spotted my purse on a nearby table and grabbed it. The rest of my clothes were nowhere to be seen. They were probably still out by the pool.

I started for the door but before I could open it the man I was in bed with when I awoke said, "Don't leave yet. We have something to show you."

"No you don't!" I yelled and continued for the door. I didn't get very far. Before I reached the door, one of the four men who had apparently fallen asleep in the living room after raping me stood up and blocked my path.

I wasn't scared yet. I was still far too mad to be scared. I yelled at him, demanding that he get the fuck out of my way.

He just stood there smiling at me.

That just made me even more furious. I charged at him and tried to push him out of the way. When I saw how little effect I had on him I became even more furious. I felt like I was about to explode like a bomb!

He soon tired of me and my futile struggles. When I no longer amused him he grabbed a handful of my hair and nearly lifted me off of the floor. I dropped my purse and put my hands on his wrist to relieve the pressure on my already aching head. I struggled in vain to free myself.

He ignored my ineffective efforts and dragged me easily to the couch. I screamed out my frustration and anger wordlessly as he roughly pushed me down between the two men who were sitting there.

Before I could continue my hopeless struggles he calmly said, "Tom asked you politely to stay and look at something. Trust me. You're going to want to see it. It's very important to you."

I reached up and rubbed my sore scalp, causing a snowstorm of dried cum to fall onto my shoulder and into my lap. I almost threw up again as I realized what was happening. Instead, I forced myself to take a deep breath and tried to regain control of myself and of the situation. I demanded to know what was so fucking important. What was it that I had to see before I could get the hell out of there?

One of them picked up a couple of remote controls and turned on the television. The screen came to life and he started a DVD. I screamed in helpless fury as the picture flickered on and I saw myself being passed from man to man in this living room.

I was naked and I was smiling and apparently I was having the time of my life. Apparently Tom, the man I found myself in bed with this morning was filming everything. Only the four men I discovered in the living room were molesting me onscreen. Their hands were all over me and I didn't seem to mind at all. If anything I seemed to be encouraging them.

I loudly exclaimed, "You fucking bastards!"

I attempted to struggle to my feet once more, still intent on leaving and reporting this room full of rapists to the police.

I was halfway to my feet when the men sitting on either side of me pulled me back down. One of them said, "There's a lot more to see, Kim. Trust me. You're going to find this educational."

I struggled with them for a few seconds before I said, "All you have here is proof that you raped me, you bastards!"

In a calm, reasonable voice that pissed me off all the more, Tom said, "No, Kim. You aren't looking closely enough. What we have here is proof that you were a more than willing participant. Look at yourself. Your eyes are open. You're aware. You're smiling and animated. You're standing on your own two feet. No one can look at that DVD and come away with the opinion that you're being raped. Just keep watching."

What choice did I have? They wouldn't let me leave, anyway.

I sat and watched with them as the two men who weren't currently occupied groping and kissing me started undressing. As soon as they were naked they took over kissing and groping my apparently more than willing body while the other two men undressed.

When everyone was naked, the men returned to passing me around and freely groping my naked body, each taking a turn before passing me on. It was humiliating to watch, especially with the five of them sitting there, watching me as I stared at the screen in shocked disbelief. I felt my face burning. I was more humiliated than I've ever before been in my entire life.

They finally tired of passing me around. Apparently that was their form of foreplay. Three of them sat on the couch. The fourth man sat in a chair and asked me in a friendly tone of voice to kneel between his legs.

There wasn't the slightest hint of force or coercion in his voice or manner. Not a threat was uttered. What I was being forced to watch was all the more disturbing because even though I knew without a doubt that I was drugged last night I couldn't see any sign of it.

My embarrassment increased as I watched myself take the first man's cock into my mouth and start sucking greedily. Even though I knew that all of these men had raped me, or perhaps for that very reason, I found it incredibly uncomfortable to sit in the room with them and watch it being replayed on the TV.

As I sucked off the first man, one of the others knelt beside me on the side away from the camera. As impossible as it is to imagine, my humiliation increased remarkably as I was forced to watch while the man who knelt beside me played with my breasts with one hand and his other hand reached between my legs and teased my sex roughly.

Though it was painfully disturbing, I watched my reaction as he groped me and it looked very much like I was enjoying it. I could hear myself moaning lustily and I watched as I seemed to press back against the hand between my legs as if trying to rub my pussy against his hand. All that while sucking eagerly on the large, hard cock of a man I didn't know.

I felt the tears running down my cheeks. It was a sign of weakness and it made me even madder that the only thing I could do now was cry like a little girl. I didn't want these bastards to see how upset I was. I didn't want to look any weaker than I already do. I wiped my eyes and continued to watch as I brought the first of them to orgasm and swallowed his cum without hesitation. I don't even do that for my husband!

Even though I already knew I'd performed that disgusting act for them, watching it was turning my stomach all over again. But I had to watch. They wouldn't let me look away.

I continued to watch as the man who was groping me last night guided me over to the next man. As we all watched me being repositioned in order to perform fellatio on a second man, Tom said, "In case you're wondering, Rory was second. You sucked me off while I was waiting for my friends here to arrive. My friends and I share everything."

The constant amusement in his voice made an already infuriating situation even more unbearable. He couldn't have any reason to hate me this way. I never game him any reason. He must just hate women in general and get a lot of pleasure from, or a feeling of power from, raping and humiliating them the way he was still humiliating me.

You might have thought he and his friends would be sated after raping me repeatedly last night. That was obviously not the case.

I sat and watched, horrified, as I sucked all four of Tom's friends off. Tom came in closer with the camera from time to time. He took lots of close-up shots of my smiling, happy face as I swallowed one load of cum after another.

As soon as I finished sucking off the fourth man I was repositioned. Two of the men placed on a large hassock on my back and the first man that I sucked off moved between my legs. He leered down at me for a moment and groped my vulnerable body. He was so rough that I winced frequently. But each time he hurt me, as soon as he relaxed his grip and the pain passed I grinned up at him anxiously, obviously looking forward to getting fucked.

He easily slipped his cock into my very wet pussy when he finished with his painful foreplay. In the moments before he entered me the camera closed in and focused on my moist slit. I could see that my pussy was red and swollen. It was obvious that it wouldn't be the first time that evening that I had sex.

I glared at Tom accusingly. He smiled and said, "Yeah, we fucked too. You are a hot little bitch. You've got a nice, tight pussy, too. That thing really juices up when you're in heat."

I watched them go around again. They all fucked me, one right after the other. After each of them came in my pussy they moved around to where my head hung down off the end of the ottoman. After the next man in line slammed his hard cock inside of me the man who had just raped me moved closer to my face.

I nearly vomited each time I watched them offer me their slimy cocks, resting the ends of those nasty tubes of spent flesh on my swollen lips. But each time it happened I eagerly sucked them clean as if there were nothing in the world I'd rather do.

Finally I couldn't take it any longer. I felt my stomach churning and I knew I was going to lose it. I put my hand over my mouth and rushed to the bathroom. I made it just in time and I threw up again. But my stomach was pretty much empty now. It was mainly dry heaves.

I waited until my stomach calmed down a little. I washed my face and rinsed out my mouth again. I forced myself to take a few deep breaths and try to calm down and then I did the one thing I didn't want to do more than anything else in the world. I had no choice. I went back out and rejoined those five cruel rapists in the living room.

I was placed right back between the two men on the couch. As soon as I was settled in between the two men the DVD was taken off of pause. I was forced to watch as my gangbang movie took up right where it left off.

All four men took their turn raping my pussy and the blowjobs started again. Tom's second blowjob from me was caught on film. I was forced to watch as I sucked each of those five cocks for the third time.

This time, though, they didn't cum in my mouth. After Tom's cock returned to full erection between my still eager lips he pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned me over on the hassock. He reached out and picked up a tube of lubricant and started lubricating my butt.

Even that didn't seem to faze me! I must have been exhausted by then. But I listened to my moans of pleasure as his fingers entered my back passage, stretching me and greasing me up while the men stood around commenting on me. They talked about my body and about my obvious anticipation in the most degrading terms imaginable.

I watched as he spent several minutes lubricating and stretching my ass and then he handed me the lubricant. I used it to grease up his large cock, still with apparent enthusiasm. It looked like I wanted a cock in my ass more than anything in the world right then.

He watched me as I smiled and spread the grease over his hard cock. Then he patted my head and said, "That's a good girl."

I had smiled brightly at the degrading compliment. What in the hell kind of drug had he given me?! What could turn a normal woman like me into a simpering, slavish, mindless nymphomaniac like ... THAT?!

The camera panned back and forth between my face and my ass as he began to force his cock inside of me.

I watched in disbelief as his cock entered me easily. I turned and looked back at him with a look of passion on my face as my ass was penetrated for the first time by a long, fat cock. It must have been painful. My back passage was certainly sore when I awoke this morning. But you couldn't tell it by looking at my simpering face.

I was still staring at the screen in disbelief when Tom interrupted to say, "That was me taking your ass cherry. That was the first time anyone ever fucked you in the ass, wasn't it?"

I nodded dully, still staring at the television incredulously.

The sound was turned way down all this time. It wasn't off. We could still hear the disgusting sounds, the moans and the grunts and the sounds of flesh slapping flesh. Now they turned it up and I heard myself grunting in pleasure. I heard the desperate need in my voice as I begged him to fuck me harder.

While he was fucking my ass the others took turns sticking their cocks in my mouth again, letting me keep their cocks hard and ready so that they could enjoy their turns raping my ass.

Each of the men had raped me twice already. For that reason, some of them took a very long time to achieve an orgasm in my ass. Not all of them. A couple of them came nearly as quickly as they had the first time when I sucked their cocks.

Overall, though, this round of rapes took a long time. Through it all I begged them to fuck me harder and when each of them had cum in my ass, before I sucked his nasty cock clean with apparent eagerness, I begged the next man in line to fuck my ass.

After all five of them were finally sated they all sat back and relaxed. From time to time one of them would call me over and I would suck him off again. Sometimes they would cum again. Sometimes they wouldn't.

In between, when I wasn't sucking one of their cocks, I was happily obeying orders to pose in humiliating positions, or play with myself, or to scoop up the cum dripping out of my pussy and ass and spread it over my face and hair and breasts for their amusement. Then I would lick my hands and suck my fingers clean. They only had to tell me to do that once. After that I always did it on my own, as if it were my idea.

It was the most disgusting scene that I've ever witnessed. I couldn't even imagine a woman behaving the way I was behaving last night. But it looked like I loved every minute of it.

I realized that Tom was right. There was no way that I could go to the police. I don't know what they used to drug me. The effects were obvious, though ... to me. To a cop, or a judge, or a jury, they would just see a horny slut who was cutting loose now that her husband was serving his country in Iraq. That woman in the DVD was a total slut, eagerly taking on all comers.

I looked at Tom and said despondently, "Okay, you win. I won't call the cops. I know what would happen if I tried to convince them of the truth."

Tom smiled and said, "You still don't get it, Kim. We aren't done with you yet. We enjoyed the hell out of what we did last night. You're a great cocksucker, one of the best. You have such a hot, tight cunt. It was almost like fucking a virgin! And your sweet ass is even tighter. We can't let you go that easily. Maybe we'll get tired of you in a week or two. But for now, your ass is ours."

I tried to stand up again but I was pulled back down by the men on either side of me. I shook my head and said, "No! I can't! I won't! I can't do those things that you did to my drugged body last night. I don't even do those things with my husband. I won't do it!"

Tom laughed and said, "Sure you will, Kim. If you don't, your husband is going to get a copy of the DVD. I'm sure he'll wonder why you do those things with everyone else but not him. At least I guess that's what he'll wonder."

He held up my address book. He must have taken it from my purse. I knew in that moment that I had lost another battle but I tried not to let my surrender show on my face.

He knew, though. He knew I was beaten before we started all this. He grinned and said, "I bet there are a lot of other people who'd get a kick out of seeing how hot you are, too."

He thumbed through the address book, stopping from time to time to ask what my relationship was with various people in the book. I didn't answer. I didn't need to. We both knew he had me right where he wanted me. The thought of my close friends and relatives seeing that DVD is even more horrible than the idea of being forced to do the things that are on it.

I slumped down on the couch in abject surrender. I covered my face with my hands and cried hysterically. I didn't think at all for a few minutes. I totally lost control.

The men let me cry. They felt nothing for me. No remorse for raping me. No sympathy. Nothing! I wasn't even a person to them. I was just a thing, an object to be used in order to achieve sexual satisfaction. A toy they could play with for their own amusement. The more I hated it the better they'd like it.

As my sobs subsided the reality of my horrible situation began to sink in. I realized I was going to have to let them do anything that they want to me for as long as they want it to go on. I'm totally in their power. In one night I've been transformed from chaste wife into a sex slave.

I knew that I had been drugged into becoming an unwilling and unknowing participant in the sex acts that they had recorded last night. Even knowing it, though, I had seen no signs of any unwillingness on my part in that movie. There was not one expression on my face, not one sound I uttered that I could point to and say that it was an indication that these men raped me.

Far from it, at every turn I looked eager, even enthusiastic. They hadn't even ordered me to do those horrible things. They only asked or suggested or simply guided my willing body into whatever position they wanted it.

I tried to tell myself that the things they were going to make do from now until they tire of me don't matter much now. They've already done everything that they can do to me. From now on it will just be more of the same.

I knew that wasn't true, though. For one thing, I would be conscious now. I would be aware of the humiliating, perverse sex acts to which I was being forced to submit. That aside, though, I had no doubt they had more and greater humiliations in store for me.

Tom distracted me from my one woman pity party when he came over and stood in front of me. I looked up and when our eyes met he smiled that friendly, infuriating smile of his. Then, as if to confirm my fears he said, "We had a great time last night, Kim. You behaved like the perfect little slut. But personally, I'm looking forward to doing it all over again now that you're going to know what's happening to you and hate every minute of it. That turns me on so much more than fucking you when you're oblivious. Why don't we start by having you stand up and take that fucking bikini back off?"

He reached down, took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I didn't resist.

He continued to smile, pleased by my obvious surrender. He stepped back to give me room. Once again I tried to tell myself that it didn't matter. Or at least it shouldn't. They've all seen me naked. These awful men are much more than familiar with my body. They all had sex with me over and over last night. They've seen, touched, debased, and thoroughly enjoyed every part of me.

Unfortunately, reason didn't seem to make this any easier. Telling myself that this was just more of the same didn't seem to help at all. I didn't have even the faintest memory of those horrible, perverted sex acts I'd just watched myself performing on their DVD. As far as my conscious mind is concerned this is all new to me. I was every bit as embarrassed as I would be if they were about to rape me for the very first time.

I looked at Tom, standing nearby with my address book still clutched in his hand and my brain spun madly trying to think of some way out of this mess. It was an extremely brief process. It required only seconds to come to the obvious conclusion that there were only two options available to me. Do what they tell me to do or let them destroy my life with that DVD.

Knowing that my situation was hopeless didn't make doing what I would have to do any easier.

I noticed that one of the men had picked up the movie camera again. He had begun recording me standing in the center of the room. I saw the expectant looks on their faces. The anticipation and the lust were one thing. But I also saw how much they were getting off on the idea that I hated this. I was terrified and I was humiliated almost beyond my ability to cope, and that was turning them on.

I had to turn away. I couldn't bear to look at their arrogant, lust bloated faces. I looked down at the stained carpet and signified my surrender by reaching behind my back and untying the knot holding my bikini top in place.

As soon as I untied the bow the cups fell away from my breasts, once more exposing the stark white flesh to these five horrible men. I untied the string behind my neck and dropped the top on a nearby table.

There were a few chuckles. I suppose that they were amused by the obvious signs of my humiliation. It was obvious that they were enjoying degrading me nearly as much as they enjoyed the sex last night.

But it was more than that. They have power now. They have so much power over me. They have the power to destroy me. I've heard that power is an aphrodisiac. This isn't what was meant by that. But the same seems to hold true of this kind of power.

I have to assume that they enjoy the sex, too. They aren't letting me go. But I didn't think for a moment that this was just about the sex.

I hooked my thumbs in the waist of my relatively modest bikini bottoms and slid them down past my knees as slowly as possible. A shudder of revulsion ran through me as I let them fall to the floor. I stood naked in front of five cruel men again. But this time I was aware of it.

I fought the urge to cover myself with my hands. I realized that it would be silly at this point. It would only serve to amuse them.

Tom said, "That's a good girl. Now get your nasty ass in the bathroom and take a shower. You stink."

As I was leaving the room I had to bite my tongue to keep from pointing out that I didn't stink before they raped me.

Tom turned to his buddy with the camera and said, "John, why don't you go with her. Get some good shots of her in the shower."

John trailed behind me with the camera. I was acutely aware of the camera recording my every move as I turned on the shower and used Tom's soap and shampoo to wash the dried cum from my abused body and my stiff, cum encrusted hair.

John kept the shower curtain open enough to watch me and he filmed every embarrassing moment. I had no desire to finish up and return to that living room to serve as a sex toy for those horrible men. But I was really being creeped out by John filming all of my most private moments. He even recorded me on the toilet when I sat down to pee, forcing me to spread my legs so that he could film the urine spraying from my body. I shuddered in revulsion as each new humiliating experience was recorded.

Before I went back out I brushed my teeth with my finger and some of Tom's toothpaste. I was able to finally get the taste of cum out of my mouth. I imagined that it wouldn't be long before they remedied that, though.

When I returned to the living room, Tom waved me over to where he was sitting in the same arrogant manner he seemed to do everything. As soon as I was within reach he pulled me down into his lap. He sniffed at me, sarcastically, as if to see if I were actually clean enough to touch. Satisfied, he smiled and said, "Much better."

His hand began to roam over my naked body and he began talking to me as if he were talking to a young girl with a learning disability.

He patiently explained, "My friends and I have been planning your day while you were getting cleaned up. You're smart enough to know that the things that amuse us won't be as much fun for you as they are for us. The thing is, you know that you don't have any choice. Don't you?"

I nodded. It was true. No matter what happened after this, no matter what obscene acts they recorded me performing today, they already had enough fodder for blackmail and all the personal information they would need to ruin my life, destroy my marriage, my reputation, and possibly even cost me my job.

Tom continued, "Good. I don't want to have to keep threatening you to make you behave. If you get to be a problem, we can always give you more of that drug I gave you last night. You've seen how you behave under the influence of that little chemical treat.

"Trust me. We're a pretty imaginative group. The pictures could get much worse if we have to drug you again."

There was no doubt in my mind that these men would take pleasure in destroying me if I didn't do as I was told. I just wasn't sure if I could do this, even under threat of having my life destroyed. I've always been a very conservative person. I'm not one of those girls that dresses to thrill and likes to show off. I've never, or at least never before these men raped me last night, had sex with multiple partners. And I've certainly never posed for revealing photographs! I've never performed oral sex the way I did last night. And I've never, ever permitted anyone to have anal sex with me!

Brian tried on numerous occasions to get me to pose for some sexy pictures. He desperately wanted one of me in a sexy pose to take with him to Iraq. I just couldn't do it. I didn't mind him seeing me that way. In my mind, though, I could just imagine him showing my picture to his friends and bragging about me.

I couldn't bring myself to do it. I love him and I'm happy that he thinks I'm sexy. But that's something that's just between me and Brian. Or at least it was until last night.

As Tom warned me about the need to obey his orders promptly his hand moved over my body as if to emphasize that he owns me now. I hated it that when he touched certain places, those places that only my husband should be able to touch, I felt my body responding. I knew that it was just a physical response and that I had no control over it. It was as if my body was surrendering to him no matter what was going through my mind.

I was even more humiliated when I began to recognize the obvious signs of my arousal and I hated it that I was reacting this way. What I hate even more is that, until this animal tires of me, he does own me.

He pushed me out of his lap and said, "Come on. Let's find you something you can wear. It's a beautiful day out there. We don't want to spend it cooped up in here."

I wasn't so sure. I didn't want to spend the day here with these horny men. On the other hand, I was terrified of what public humiliations they must have planned for me.

I looked around at the cruel faces of the men that continued to ogle my naked body. There wasn't a hint of sympathy in any of them.

These guys are all older than me, around thirty or so I guess. That's all that I know about them, though. So far I've only been able to learn the names of three of them, Tom, Rory and John. You might not think that would bother me under these awful circumstances. Somehow, though, the idea that two men whose names I don't even know have had sex with me repeatedly makes it even worse. A woman should know the names of the men she has sex with. Even though they raped me it still bothers me that I don't know their names.

Before last night I'd only had sex with two guys. I've been intimate with my husband, of course, and with one previous boyfriend when I was seventeen. Now the total has increased to seven overnight. I don't want to get to know them any better than I already do. I despise them. But it nags at me that I still don't even know the names of two of them.

I followed Tom back to his bedroom. As he walked toward his closet he said, "We just need to find something that you can wear to get you to where we're going. Once we get there we can find you something more appropriate."

He reached into his closet and pulled out one of his dress shirts. With a salacious grin he handed it to me.

Even if it was totally inappropriate to go out in public wearing nothing but a man's dress shirt, I was happy to have something to cover my naked body. I gladly put it on and started to button it up. He stopped me before I could button anywhere near enough buttons.

I looked down to see how much of my body was exposed. The shirt was long enough on me to serve as a fairly modest dress. The shirttails went down to mid-thigh. But there weren't nearly enough buttons holding it closed. Tom made me stop buttoning the shirt at my navel. It was loose fitting and the front hung away from my breasts so that anyone looking from the side could easily see most if not all of at least one of them. Every move I made would pretty much bare the front of my body to just above my pussy. Even when I wasn't moving, my breasts pressed against the material, causing it to gape open obscenely.

The back wasn't quite as revealing. The shirttails fully covered my ass, as long as I didn't bend over. It was cut rather high on the sides. It was obvious from the sides that I wasn't wearing panties.

I stood there, waiting, hoping that he would hand me something else to wear. But my growing fears were realized when he smiled and said, "Perfect! Let's go."

I gasped in shock. I had resolved not to keep balking at his orders. I knew that he was always going to win. But putting the fear of public humiliation aside, I was pretty sure that I could get arrested for going out like this!

He turned to leave, fully expecting me to follow compliantly. I swallowed loudly, my throat constricted by fear. I exclaimed, "Tom, wait!"

He stopped and turned around. I saw the look on his face. I knew I wouldn't get anything else to wear. He was looking forward to humiliating me. I hesitated for a second and said, "My feet, can't I at least wear my sandals?"

He looked down, thought about it for a moment and finally said, "I guess. They're in the living room. Let's go, bitch."

I thought, "I'm not a bitch, you bastard!"

I bit my tongue, though. I didn't want to make him feel like he had to prove my new subhuman status to me. I had no doubt that my day would be difficult enough without making him feel that he had to put me in my place.

I stopped on the way out of the bedroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I couldn't believe I was actually going to leave the apartment looking like this. I looked as though I were ready for bed!

I turned around and I saw that the shirt was shorter in the back than I thought. The shirttails only just barely covered my ass! I watched over my shoulder as I took a step and saw the tails of the shirt rise up to expose about an inch of my ass, far more than enough to let anyone behind me know that I was naked under the shirt. I moaned in dismay but rushed to catch up with Tom before he felt the need to exert his authority over me any further.

As I entered the living room again the guys hooted and laughed at my degrading outfit. I blushed but kept my thoughts to myself. I looked around and spotted my sandals under a lamp table. I slipped them on and stood waiting. When I was as ready as they were going to let me get, the guys all stood up and we went outside.

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