Drafted Into Space
Chapter 1: First Fight

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: First Fight - We are not alone!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  

It was a hot spring day, I was checking fence with my best friend Daryl Brenson. The clap of thunder caused us both to look skyward. The flash of lightning did not look right to me. The second clap of thunder drew are attention to the craft descending at a high rate of speed. There was more lightning and it struck the craft. That is when I realized that there were actually two crafts one chasing the other.

The lead craft took another hit of lightning and began to smoke and shake changing its decent from a shallow angle to an almost straight dive toward the ground. The second craft continued to chase the first and that is when Daryl and I both saw the lightning was coming from the trailing craft. It was only because the bolt missed the first craft and struck the ground near both of us.

We both got up from the ground and made a run for the truck. The first craft took another hit from a lightning bolt and broke up in midair. The trailing craft began to climb when it was struck by a strange beam of light. It was not a lightning bolt but a weird purplish gray beam about ten feet in diameter. The craft seemed to shake and it looked like acid had been poured on it. It was smoking and the metal hull was bubbling and melting. Suddenly the craft just began to spiral down toward the ground and it was going to hit way too close to where we were.

The truck would not start, it seemed like the battery was beyond dead. Nothing in fact the engine did not crank or the starter grind. Daryl yelled for us to make for the dyke wall. It was less than ten yards away and there was a large section that had fallen over making a small cave like area. The dyke wall was mostly granite and was between twelve and fourteen inches thick. We dove into the make shift cave just moments before the craft hit the ground. Dirt and debris was kick up and only after it cleared did we look out to see what was there.

The dust cloud cleared enough for us to see the truck was on its side but looked like it was still in working order. Most of the trees for a good hundred yards in all directions were snapped off at ground level. Daryl and I slowly moved out from the cave and looked toward the crater made by the impact of the craft. It was at least fifteen feet high and about seventy feet around. The craft was still smoking and there were two holes about 3 feet in diameter that I could see.

As Daryl and I walked up to the craft a door like opening became visible as it opened. I am not sure which of us was faster on the draw but we both had our handguns out and aimed at the opening. It suddenly became hard to keep my pistol pointed at the opening. Daryl shook his head and lowered his pistol as he dropped to a knee. I fired two shots into the opening and just as quick the feeling stopped. I heard the voice but I was not sure if it was with my ears. It pleaded with me not to hurt it as it came out of the craft. Daryl asked me what the hell was going on and that was all I needed to confirm that I was hearing the voice with my head not my ears.

There was a rush of air and Daryl and I both looked up to see the other craft landing about 100 meters away. Almost before it was completely on the ground openings on both sides spun in a circle as they grew wider. These openings allow strange looking creatures to jump out. It was something out of the D&D game I use to play as a teenager or maybe something out of a really bad movie.

They looked like an insect except they were close to 6 feet high and almost the size of a horse. Walking on four legs and holding something I was guessing to be a weapon in both of the arms. The things looked like they were made of crystal.

The lightning bolt from the first craft came out the open door and bounced off the creature it hit knocking the creature to the ground and backward about 4 feet. The remaining three all looked to be aiming at the open door as Daryl and I both fired controlled pairs. The trailing creature seemed to be stunned that the two Daryl and I shot had gapping holes in their heads where are 40 caliber rounds hit. As it pointed its weapon at us Daryl fired a controlled pair blowing its head apart as I shot the one that had been knocked to the ground.

We both turned and aimed at the first crafts open door as a human like figure crawled out. The figure looked crystal like as well except that it had the body shape of a female. A very beautifully shaped female standing about 5 feet tall with a skin tight uniform that seemed to be a whitish grayish color. The helmet or head covering was oval and round in shape. It seemed to be the same color except for the dark blue area over the face. She had something that looked like a pistol with a very long barrel in her hand but was pointing it at the ground away from us.

She slowly placed the weapon on the ground and held her hands out open toward us. I felt the voice again asking me not to hurt her. Daryl and I looked at each other and holstered our pistol; they were still chambered if we needed them. She slowly moved her right hand up to her helmet and her left hand to a small object on her left hip. She was suddenly wearing a transparent body suit and no longer looked crystal like. When she removed her helmet we could see her white hair almost matched her ivory white skin and her steel grey eyes looked like you would fall in to them if you looked at her too long. Her ears were long slender and almost pointed {not like Star Trek} more like folklore Elves.

I asked her if she had a name. She tilted her head slightly as she looked at me and had an expression of confusion. I put my hand on my chest and said, "Pete" then pointed at Daryl and said his name. I repeated it once more than pointed at her and waited. She finally spoke saying, "Do you have a name? Pete Daryl Is this correct speech for your language?" Daryl and I both laughed and said at the same time "you're a fast learner" she smiled and said, "My name is RAI-JAN-TRILNUMKEK" I was not even going to try and repeat what she said so I asked her if we could call her RJ. She smiled again and said that would be acceptable. Something moved inside her craft and without thinking Daryl and I both drew our pistols. RJ quickly called out for us not to shoot. A centaur for lack of any better way of describing the creature that came out looked like. It was about 6 feet tall the body looked like a four legged animal wearing boots and the body of a human male with the head that looked like a rottweiler he also had the transparent body suit on which covered all of him except for his hands feet and head. He appeared to be injured and was not holding any weapon nor did he seem to have any on his body.

RJ introduced B'TREA of the KRONREE. He said greetings and reported to RJ that the ship was in repair mode shields were up at 45% and everything else is in standby mode. RJ asked how his injuries were and he replied that the medical injections were already repairing the damage and the pain was barely noticeable. She laughed and said that KRONREE can walk with a leg cut off and talk to you like nothing is wrong. She asked again how the pain was. B'TREA smiled and said barely noticeable.

I asked what was going on. RJ smiled and said our planet had been targeted by the "click whistle click clack hiccup sputter click whistle whistle" Daryl and I both shook our heads as she pronounced the name of the alien race. I asked if we could just call them clicks. RJ smiled and said that might be easier. B'TREA suddenly laid down. RJ began to speak in a language I could not understand but I seemed to know what she was saying. I moved as quickly as she did to B'TREA and tried to determine the seriousness of his injuries.

I felt RJ speak toward the ship and call for a medical drone. Quickly a small football shaped object came out of the ship and moved next to B'TREA a small flexible arm came out and a light shined on him. The small object moved around him slowly and stopped occasionally just long enough for another flexible arm to appear do something to B'TREA then retract back inside before it moved on.

While the medical drone was treating B'TREA we moved to Daryl's truck. We were able to get it back on its wheels using the farm jack and Come-Along wench. Daryl checked it over for serious damage. Other than a few dents and scratched paint it was fine. RJ and I spoke about what was going on and how we were involved. RJ explained that she was Commander of the surveillance ship. The clicks were a race that lived off of other planets - Parasites. Their hive was a mobile asteroid that they would move into orbit with a planet they wanted to ravage. They would take all the resources and technology from the planet and leave a barren wasteland. All life on the planet would either be killed and stored as food or taken as beasts of burden and in the worst cases playthings.

RJ continued telling me that her mission was to observe three planets that had life on them. If anything was to endanger any of the planets she was to report it immediately and wait for instructions. The clicks had sent a recon team of six ships to check this system out. They had found earth and were getting ready to fly back and report their findings when RJ decided to attack them. She successfully destroyed two ships before they detected her and then they began to fight back. She said she reported what was happening but had not waited for instructions. Two of the ships flew away so sooner or later a larger force would come if they didn't bring the entire hive. The remaining two ships fought her. She destroyed one and the other shot her down.

Then she asked how we were able to kill the clicks. Daryl and I both said our pistols. She said that her electron cannon took several direct hits to break through the shield before it would kill a click. I said that our pistols fired a lead projectile at a very high speed and that maybe it was fast or powerful enough to pass through the shield. RJ almost interrupted me saying a lead projectile and stated it does not fire an energy beam. Daryl and I both shook our head NO. RJ went on to say that maybe our technology would be just what was needed to defeat the clicks.

She explained that everyone had a personal shield it maintained your body warmth and hydration, protected from the vacuum of space and stopped energy weapons. The clicks used anti-matter weapons. All the other races forbid the use of anti-matter. One hit would react with the shield and usually cause minor injuries as it causes the shield to fail allowing a second shot to destroy the target. It is a slow and painful way to die.

RJ spoke to the ship and Daryl and I were both shocked when a voice answered her question. RJ had asked if electron shields stopped solid objects from penetrating them. The voice answered that constant force was repelled and after a moment of silence continued saying a solid object traveling fast enough could pass through the shield. RJ squealed with joy and jumped up and down in a happy display. Turning to Daryl and me she said that this was a serious military development. Since the Unified Planets Alliance refused to fight the clicks with anti-matter most battles were severely one sided. Unless the UPA had a three to one or greater advantage they would retreat leaving the clicks mostly uncontested.

If the UPA could meet the clicks head on in a battle and win it might open negotiations with the clicks and end the bloody war that has been going on for hundreds of years. I said that it sounded like they needed to do more that just win a big battle; I pointed out that if they gave the clicks time to figure out how to beat our weapon then they would continue where they left off. However, if they were beaten back into a defensive position before being allowed to enter into negotiations where the UPA had them outnumber three or more to one then it would not matter if they found a way to stop our weapon since they would be out matched in strength and numbers. RJ was shocked and said that I was a great tactician. Daryl laughed and I thanked her.

The voice suddenly spoke in a language I did not comprehend but some how understood completely. Trouble was coming! RJ turned and asked if we had anymore of our pistols. Daryl and I both said NO at the same time and followed that with the same question Why? What is going on? RJ explained that the ship's sensors detected the other two recon ships landing close by. They had landed in the next canyon about 1600 meters away. Daryl and I both said 'the saddle' RJ asked what the saddle meant. I said that the next canyon was blocked by a dyke rock wall close to 15 feet high and the only place to cross was what everyone around here called the saddle; it was a point along the ridge where the dyke wall had cracked and split apart leaving an eight foot long break in the wall.

RJ said that the clicks could use their anti-matter weapon to break through the wall. I told her that the ridge was very steep and that it was not likely they would cross anywhere accept the saddle unless they went all the way around. Daryl asked how many clicks would be coming. The voice said each ship held a crew of four. Daryl dropped his magazine to count how many rounds he had left. I did the same. We each had ten in the magazine and one in the chamber. I told RJ that if we worked together we could beat the clicks. B'TREA spoke at this point telling everyone we were not going to leave him out of the fun. RJ asked how he was and the voice answered he was at 87% while B'TREA said he had been better but it was better to die fighting than just to sit here and be killed. B'TREA who had been listening to the conversation pointed out that the clicks were not aware of our weapons ability to defeat their shields and that Daryl and I should move to cover and attack the clicks once they were busy firing on RJ and him. He added that the two of them might get one or two while they were at it. Daryl and I looked at each other and just shook our heads. RJ said it sounded like the best course of action.

Less than 30 minutes later 8 clicks came walking down the side of the ridge. When they were about 400 meters away RJ and B'TREA started shooting. They both hit the lead click and sent it flying backward into the two behind it. This knocked all three of them to the ground. The remaining five returned fire and one more was hit by both RJ and B'TREA only this time the click's shield failed and one of the shots burned a hole in its chest. Daryl and I opened up on the remaining four with single shots at the center of the back for each. We had discussed if it would be better to fire controlled pairs or hit as many as we could from the start. Both of us felt that the more we hit the better our chances if we were lucky enough to kill each target with one shot or at least take it out of the fight. We could come back to any targets that were still a threat after we had fired on all the targets. Both of my shots separated the clicks between the upper and lower body sections. One of Daryl's shots blew a hole big enough to stick his fist through the first click and his second shot was high enough that as it blew a hole through the click the head cam off too. The first three stood up facing Daryl and me only to have the middle click who was just behind the other two and closer to RJ and B'TREA shot again and thrown into them again. It was hard for me to aim at the head of the click on my side as I was laughing so hard. Daryl was laughing just as hard but he had already shot his click in the head twice. He began to cuss and fired two more times as I fired my second pair at the last click that had been thrown around. I looked up to see a click with a hole clean through his body picking up a weapon just in time to have his head explode.

We moved down to RJ and B'TREA and asked if there were anymore clicks around. RJ paused for a moment then said that the area was clear and it seemed like the entire click recon patrol had been accounted for. B'TREA said that six ships had been tracked coming into our system and six had been eliminated.

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