Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story is set in post war Australia, Jimmy our protagonist comes to after a blow to the head, he struggles and beats his assailant only to be attacked by another. He suffers amnesia but has gained a few "gifts' which he will use in the future. This not a sci-fi or a stroke story but one I think you will enjoy.

The back of my skull hurt bad, a sort of raw, burning hurt, but worse still was the head full of screaming voices.

I opened my eyes and if in slow motion his boot was swinging toward my head, with a Herculean effort I caught it toe and heel, with all the strength I could muster I twisted my assailant's foot. I felt something give and heard a high pitch scream as he fell face down; self preservation my only instinct I threw myself on him, his leg pressed oddly up his back. Grabbing his hair I slammed his face into the ground.

A rough hand grasped my collar and a fist slammed into the side of my head, swinging around I saw a fist travelling in slow motion towards my face, in a flash I stiff armed him, the heel of my hand catching him under the nose; I felt a satisfying crunch. As he went backwards I brought my knee forcibly into his groin.

Turning, I saw I was surrounded by a sea of young faces all cheering me on. The voices in my head were driving me to distraction and the pain from the second blow was making me feel dizzy. Pushing my way through the crowd I staggered for open space, waves of nausea washing over me, I ran until I collapsed.

As I regained conscious I heard a mixed babble of voices in my head, cautiously squinting my eyes I saw what appeared to be a nurse but the garb was that of any earlier era; her lips weren't moving but I could hear her thoughts as if she was speaking out loud. The 'babble' was the thoughts running through her head and I was picking them up; some of the thoughts were quite embarrassing to me, {I'll be glad to change this damned pad it's soaked already} so I concentrated on turning the 'volume' down, thank God it worked.

Peaceful sleep overcame me.

I felt a presence and squinting my eyes again I saw a young lass of about fifteen years old. She had a worried look on her face and as I turned up my thoughts 'volume' she was thinking over and over {don't die Jimmy, don't die, I love you Jimmy, don't die.}

I tried to speak but only a croak came out, she let out a squeak, "Jimmy, Jimmy you're alive" all I could croak was "water'. She rang for the nurse who rushed in "he's awake, he's awake' she shouted, "he needs water"

"Alright, don't panic" replied the nurse as she left to get me a drink. When she returned I wet my mouth and got some ability back to talk.

"Who are you? For that matter who am I? I'm totally confused" I struggled to say.

The lass started to cry, "I'm your sister Jenny and you are Jimmy Watson don't you remember?" The nurse looked a bit worried and tried to reassure Jenny, "patients often suffer a temporary amnesia after a blow to the head, a few days usually returns them to normal" she said, "I hope so" sniffled Jenny " he's not only my brother, he's my best friend as well."

The nurse's thoughts entered my head {that's a bad blow; by rights he should be dead. I just hope the amnesia is temporary, I better let Dr Downs know he's conscious} She bustled out of the room.

I looked over at Jenny who was trying to look brave, "I think you might have to be my memory for a while, at least until the amnesia goes away" "Yes, yes of course I will" she shakily replied.

Next thing I knew Dr Downs was shinning a light into my eyes and tut tutting to himself, "you are a very lucky young man, the blow to the back of your head should have killed you. You will need to stay in the hospital a while so that we can monitor any change to your condition. If all goes well we can release you to your mother's care."

"Mum's away at the moment, but she will be home as soon as possible" said Jenny.

"OK, plenty of rest for the patient" said the doc, shooing Jenny out of the room; "you can come and see him in the morning."

Sleep peaceful sleep.

I woke with a head full of thoughts, "am I really Jimmy Watson? Why does the dress look old fashion? What year is it?

How is it I can hear people's thoughts?" Thinking back to the fight I wondered "where did the speed and the strength come from?"

My thoughts were interrupted by the entry into the room by the nurse "your mother is here to see you." A strikingly beautiful woman followed her in.

"Jimmy, oh my God, you look terrible" then realising her thoughtless remark, blushed and said "I was so worried when Jenny rang and told me you were hurt, I came as quickly as I could. Dr Downs told me you were a very lucky boy; the blow could have killed you."

"Are you my mother?" I asked still impressed with her good looks.

She gazed at me with tears in her eyes {oh no, the doc wasn't kidding when he told me he might not know me} "Yes Jimmy I'm your mother, or rather your step mother: I married your father after your real mother passed away"

With this piece of information my next question was "when will my father be coming to visit me?"

With a sad look she said "your father passed away six months ago."

"Oh" was all I could say. More confusion for my already sore head, I needed time to sort things out. "I feel very tired Mum, would you mind if I went back to sleep for a while?"

"Of course Jimmy you will need a lot of rest to recuperate ... oh, bye the way, you always called me Jessica."

"Ok, Jessica I'll try to get well as soon as I can" I said.

{John is going to be as mad as hell about this, he doesn't like Jimmy all that much and the fight will certainly make him angry} I heard her thoughts. Who is this 'John' person? Why is she concerned about his reaction to the fight?

Jessica went and I continued to mull over the events to date.

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