The Divorce Bank
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Can she resist all temptations at her new job?

I met my old friend Michael Albertson at a party. He asked me if I had published any of my stories on the web as I had told him the last time we met. When I said yes, he told me that if I wanted to write the story about him and his common-law wife Sarah and publish it on the net I was welcome to see him at his place an evening. I went there and here is his story just as he told me:

Many thanks to Angel Love for editing the story.

I've always regarded us as an average Scandinavian family. Now at the age of 35 I have been living ten years in a rather comfortable suburban life with my pretty 33 yeas old common-law wife Sarah Hanson and two kids, Linda 8 and Kenny 6.

My profession is bricklayer, but nowadays high class expensive Italian glazed tiles have replaced bricks in my daily business. I have my own company together with my partner Robin. We specialize in restoring bathrooms. We make good money and usually booked for a long time in advance because a newly restored luxury bathroom with heated floor is a must for wealthy people. Sarah is working for the local savings bank. Until recently 75% of full time at a small local office. When it closed due to increasing use of Internet for payments, she got a full time job at their main office in town center.

Sarah and I met at a real tourist trap, a crowded holiday resort disco with a boozed DJ who kept a terrible sound level. I suggested her to skip the disco and take a walk. To my great pleasure she accepted and after some necking on a bench in a park she took me to her room in the summerhouse she shared with three friends.

We didn't waste much time before we had undressed each other and got to her bed. She was great, both tender and very intensive at the same time. As we had very good times together we decided to continue our relation. At the resort I shared a caravan with three friends why she invited me to spend the nights in her room.

When we parted after the holidays, we were in deep love. Only a month after the summer holidays she quit her job in her hometown and moved in with me in my house. I had won some money in the Lottery and invested it as down payment for a nice house. Though we were together ten years and two children later we are not married yet.

After living together a couple of years I suggested a small-scaled wedding at our embassy in Paris or in the Scandinavian church at San Agustin, Gran Canary, which are very popular places for "quick marriages" abroad. I even suggested Las Vegas when an travel agency had bargain priced charter trips there, but she refused and demanded a big wedding in her hometown' big old church. As none of us have rich parents, we decided to save money to a real big wedding some years later and are still saving.

I felt that the big wedding was OK if she wanted it. Sarah is special in many ways, casually dressed without make up and her nice brown hair in a pony tail she is just one in the crowd. But dressed for a party she can be marvelous. To be honest I must say that our sex life is not what it used to be ten years ago when we moved in together. But how many couples with two children can honestly say that they never have any ups and downs in that matter. Most of our friends are exactly as we are. However, the main reason for the latest "down" is her new full time job at the bank's local main office in our town.

That office is known among local people as the "Divorce Bank" because so many divorced people work there and the rumors say that if they are not divorced when they get a job there they will be that soon. I didn't care much about that because in a nation where the divorce level is about 50% there are divorced people everywhere.

It didn't take a long time for Sarah to be a close friend to several of her fellow-workers at the new job and she told me in the evenings what nice people they were. Good for her I thought and didn't have any objections when she told me that she intended to join a bowling team on Wednesday evenings and they used to stay for some beer after the bowling. Neither did I care when she joined the group who went for aerobics on Thursday evenings. No disadvantage to have a wife who kept herself in good shape.

Even her Tuesday evenings out for a "GI slimming food" cooking class for six Tuesdays were OK with me. Sarah had talked much about her new friends but not any personal matters, only their first names or pet names and I hadn't asked for further details. One Thursday evening she came home late from her aerobics. I finally had enough when she told me that one of the best bands in the country was playing at the big dance-hall in our county's capital on the Saturday evening and her friends wanted to go there. She didn't want to go but as she was the only one in the group with a rather new full sized car, a Volvo V70. She had been persuaded to drive them to the dance. Then she told me that they should have an "After work" meeting tomorrow, Friday evening for planning the trip and hoped that I didn't have any objections.

Of course I didn't own her and she was free to go wherever she wanted to go. Even if I didn't have any objections I had several questions. Was it really necessary for Sarah to spend five evenings a week with her fellow workers and neglect our children even Friday evening?

Something must be wrong in our relationship because even our sex had by on by gone to a poor level. Too many "not tonight's" and "I'm too tired tonight's" and too many lousy "quickies".

I had never wanted to act as some kind of a watchdog against her because in my opinion an adult is responsible for her own behavior. But from now on I wanted to get some more information about her doings before I took the necessary steps.

I asked her, "How come all of your friends only have access to old small cars? Don't any of their husbands make enough money to have a decent car?"

"Lena has an old small car and the two others who are going with me don't have any car at all."

And what are their husbands doing? Are you the only woman at the bank with children who care when their mom neglects them during the whole week for friends whom she already spent eight hours a day with at her work?"

"Of course my friends have children but they don't have them every week and they don't have any nagging husbands who demand them to stay at home as unpaid maids."

"So, nowadays I'm disqualified to a nagging husband or shall I say a damn boarding-house landlord who ought to give you an extra reward for the rare evenings you have time to see your children?"

"I didn't say that, you did."

"Yes I did because nowadays your 'divorce gang' seems to be your first choice and hold much more importance for you than your family. Keep going and you'll be qualified for a real membership in their club. Not difficult to get it, if that is what you really want?"

"That's not fair. You ought to know I love you and my children. My family will always be my first choice."

"Yes, but we don't understand your way to show it. Not easy for me to tell our children on Friday evening that the "meat market" gigolos at a shabby bar are more important for you than they are."

"I have never cheated on you so you don't have any reason to be mad and jealous."

"But you are beginning to envy your divorced friends for what they use to call for 'freedom', which in the reality is a desperate hunting for a 'Mr. Right' who is very difficult to find among all 'pussy hounds' on the 'meat market'. The truth is that they envy you, at least until you have got full membership in their gang."

"What do you mean?"

"Keep going out five evenings a week with the 'divorce gang' and I promise that even you are free from children every other week."

She left the room in anger without any further comments.

I got a feeling that our children and I were the next candidates for the "Divorce Bank's" long list of crashed marriages. I could try to demand that she stay home on Friday and Saturday evenings but the benefits of that, if there were any, should only be of limited value for a very short time. I decided to let her make her own choices and take the consequences.

The next day I went to an electronic store where I found exactly what I was searching for, a small sized Japanese voice activated digital recorder with a capacity of four hours on a memory stick. It was easy to hide it in the V70. My tests were very successful even with CD or radio switched on it was possible to hear what the driver said.

Today it is common that families with children use to spend Friday evenings together as a "family fun evening" with some good food, snacks, play games and have fun together. Our children didn't care much that their mother wasn't at home the other evenings but Friday was important for them.

Sarah had promised them that only be slight late but still be home early enough to have a good time with them. Somehow I got a feeling that they understood that we had got equal problems in our family as several of their friends with divorced parents. But neither the kids nor I mentioned anything such. They had already been sleeping several hours when a rather tipsy and messy Sarah came home at twelve thirty and went direct to bed.

The driving time to the dance-hall is about one hour and Sarah said they had booked a table to eight o'clock why she left sometimes after six, with her hair still in a pony tail, knee long gray skirt and comfortable low heeled shoes. She looked young and girlish. At least far from sexy dressed for "stud hunting". She wanted to have plenty of time to pick up the others at their homes and be there in good time for some food before the dance would begin.

I had done some errands during the Saturday afternoon with the car and switched on the recorder when I got home.

Sarah was back home about half past three in the morning and I pretended to be sleeping when she sneaked into her bed. The time was as expected, nothing to say about that. She slept to eleven o'clock and after a quick lunch she and the kids left for her sister's. I had been out to the car and taken the recorder. As soon as they had left I went to my home office, connected the player to the PC via USB and began to listen.

Her first stop was to pick up a girl whom she greeted as Lena who took the front seat and some minutes later two others which they called Mona and "Maggan" which is a popular form of Margaret got into the back seat. There was much giggling and singing of the hits the band of the evening was famous for. Obviously Sarah's three friends had been to the dance hall rather recently because they already had dates there waiting for them. Nothing of my interest was said before some of those in the back seat asked Lena.

"Did your date have a cute guy for Sarah?"

"Yes, he said it is one of his fellow workers. Newly divorced nice guy with an apartment only a few kilometers from the dance-hall."

"Good for you too, because your date is married, isn't he?"

"Yes, and we are promised to use his friend's spare room."

Then the other girl in the back seat asked Sarah, "Is it the first time for you to get some bonus cock?"

Sarah's reply got my hair to rise and hands to shake. She replied, "I haven't seen him yet and what can happen this evening is still an open question. But I'm a big girl and been out on my own before."

"Any of the horny bastards at the job? Eric and you were very close friends yesterday evening, did you and he do something nasty?"

"The answer is no and I regret the whole damn evening because even necking with a pussy hound as Eric at a public place was a stupid mistake I've never done if I had been sober."

"Somebody we know, some of the other guys at the bank?"

"No, it is a married man I use to see out of town only once or twice a year."

Then a voice from the back seat said, "Oh Holy Heaven, have you really cuckolded poor Michael for years? Doesn't he ever suspect anything?"

"No, I'm very careful and I'm faithful to him at least 360 days a year, some years a few days more than that. I love him, very much indeed, but not with such a hot passion I love Tony. After a night with him even Michael gets better sex for weeks when I pretend that he is Tony."

The same voice from the back seat, "If I'll be lucky enough to find a man as your Michael, I'll be a faithful wife, that's for sure."

No comments to that from Sarah.

I was defeated. My spouse of ten years had been cheating on me for years and used me as substitute for some damn passionate Tony who obviously is married. I had even been a useful supplier of feeding and housing as the most of her salaries during the first years were used for her clothes. Now it didn't matter any longer what she had done during the Saturday night. However, I continued the listening.

Some of them asked giggling, "Will Tony and his wife be invited to your wedding?"

Sarah replied, "Of course."

All four of them giggled for a while. And there was no doubt that I was the laughing stock in their minds. Sarah probably said that as a joke, but it hurt as hell when I heard her say that and their giggling.

Then there was some more singing and gossip about their fellow workers until they did stop at the parking lot. Even the two in the back seat had fixed dates as one of them said; "If we don't see each other very much in there, see you two on Monday." Then all of them left the car.

The next recorded sound was when the doors opened again and Sarah, Lena and two men got into the car. Sarah asked, "Where to?"

The man in the front seat told her the directions and a few minutes later they parked the car and went out. Not much was said during the short trip.

When the doors opened again only one of the men was with them. He and Lena were sitting in the back seat, obviously necking, and he guided Sarah to his home, which took about fifteen minutes.

He left the car with, "Thanks for drive, see you next Saturday."

After he had left the car Lena asked Sarah, "How was Sebastian? Was he good? He was cute as hell, wasn't he?"

Sarah sounded disappointed when she replied, "Fiasco, a very handsome fiasco, but a real fiasco."

"Fiasco? What do you mean by that? Tell me."

"He didn't get it hard."

"What? How in the hell can that be possible?"

"Don't ask me. I tried everything to get Tony hard as stone but he Kept going soft on me. Licked and sucked him, put a finger in his ass but no reaction from his soft cock."

"So you didn't get anything at all?"

"I didn't say that. I had him eat my pussy. But he told me it was the first time in his life he licked a pussy so he was clumsy as hell."

"But you agreed to see him next Saturday again, didn't you?"

"Yes, because I felt sorry for him. He promised to load up with Viagra. I look forward to get a memorable fucking with a stone hard cock then. And you? Did you get enough?"

"Oh yes, he's like a rabbit. Three times during that short time."

Then Sarah told Lena that next Saturday had to be her last cheating for a long time. She had noted my increasing disappointment in her new habits of being out so often. She understood that my harsh complaints about neglecting the children five evenings this week and being out with her fellow workers has been too much time away from the family. If she wanted her big wedding be a reality in the near future, she would have to stop this behavior.

She continued by telling Lena that she really regretted her choosing the bank's "after work" instead of the "family fun" with her children on Friday evening. Too much gossips in a small town and she didn't want me to begin to suspect her for being a slut. I had already made harsh comments about the "after work meat market". She feared for my reaction if I would hear rumors about her sexy dancing with some horny man, or about Eric's hands under her skirt and their necking in a booth.

Sarah finished with, "I can't understand how in the hell I could be so damn stupid. One thing is for sure, no more 'after work for me' at least not before the wedding."

Then Lena asked her, "Do you really want to invite this Tony, whoever he is, to your wedding?"

Sarah understood that her bragging about her cheating had been a bit stupid and replied, "No, he can't be invited in any way. Tony Hangman, is assisting section manager at our national main office."

"So you prefer big boys?"

Sarah giggling, "At least his big cock."

After that there was only music from the radio until I heard Lena say, "Thanks for the evening, see you on Monday."

I told myself, "Thanks for the ten years you cheating bitch."

I didn't say much to Sarah when she and the kids returned from her sister's late in the evening. She said she was tired and was already sleeping when I went to bed. Monday morning on the job my partner immediately noted that something was seriously wrong. I told him the truth and he promised to help me as much as he could. He invited me for dinner after the job and Sarah got angry when I rang her and told her that I had to work overtime.

Obviously she was feeling a bit remorseful and had done something extra for me for the evening. My partner's wife is a clever woman and she got many ideas during the evening. The best one, which I accepted was me was to pretend everything was OK during the week and dump her Saturday evening at the dance-hall. She would get the impression that some of her fellow workers had spread the gossip about her cheating and caused her dumping. Naughty yes, but ten years of cheating is more than naughty.

Sarah wasn't glad when I came home late. I told her that I had already eaten dinner and went straight to bed. Tuesday evening she skipped her cooking class and tried to be nice to me but got a big surprise when I complained about a headache and went early to bed.

Wednesday morning my partner told me that he had got tickets to the ballroom at Saturday evening and his wife promised to be baby sitter for my kids. She had even succeeded in tracing Tony and got his home phone number. In the evening Sarah went to her bowling as usual but got home earlier than usual. I told her that I was tired and she didn't make any attempts to get sex. The thought about having sex with her was disgusting.

To my great surprise she even skipped her aerobics at Thursday evening and pretended to be some kind of a good wife again but didn't get much for that because I was "tired after a hard and stressing day at work".

Friday we had our usual family evening again and as I knew that it was the last evening for the four of us as a family, I did my best to be a good funny guy during the whole evening. We had a very good time together and when the kids went to bed much later than usual Sarah suggested we have some wine and talk before we went to bed.

I had no objections and she sat close to me in the sofa and asked, "Are you still mad at me for all my evenings out the last week? I've got a feeling that you have avoided me. I'm sorry and promise to be a much better mother to our children and a better wife to you in the future. Last Friday at the damn bar was a stupid mistake. That's for sure. Tomorrow will be my last Saturday evening out with the girls. I had skipped even that if I could but I had already promised to drive and we have bought tickets so it is impossible to skip it."

I was very close to saying something nasty about a damn cheating bitch that is looking forward to getting a Viagra hardened soft cock. Instead I said, "This week has been one of my worst weeks, a real pain in the ass, I've been totally worn out by evening, but I know that the next week will be much better. That's for sure."

I meant every word of that and knew I was right. We talked, or more correct she talked about her plans for the wedding and I listened until we had emptied the wine bottle. Then I went to bed.

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