Charlie's Naked Proposal - Mom or Sis?
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sophie announces to her family that's she's getting married. In a commune! Naked! Father refuses to attend so 18 yo brother Charlie has to walk her down the aisle. What will Sophie think when she sees her brother's penis? Sees it's bigger than the groom's. And what will his mother think? Whose baby will Charlie father? And what about Isabel, his younger sister?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Lactation   Pregnancy   Size  

June 14th 2007, the Woodman house, on Philadelphia's Main Lone

"We're not going and that's final!" my father announced from the end of the table.

Since mom, my little sister and I had been talking about Obama and McCain for the last twenty minutes dad's interjection didn't make a whole lot of sense. Mind you he'd been looking pretty pissed off all through dinner. In fact he had been for the last couple of days I realized as I looked up at his scowling countenance.

"Not at the dinner table dear," mom cautioned her husband. "We'll talk about it later."

I looked up quizzically at my sister across the table. Her quick shrug of the shoulders indicated she was in the dark as much as I was.

"We're not going where dad?" I finally probed.

"Please Charlie, not while we're eating," mom said as she gave me a quick, cross look. Watching dad's face I could see all the warning signs of an immanent explosion. Dad wasn't that quick to anger usually but when he finally did he was as likely as not to go ballistic. I could see ballistic written all over his face.

"We are not going to backwoods West Virginia to wander around half assed naked for four days," dad promised in a tone that brooked no dissent. What the fuck is this all about I wondered to myself. My little sister Isabel however was a little quicker on the uptake.

Her eyes and mouth were open in shock when she asked, "You mean Sophie's getting married on the commune?"

"We'll talk about it later," mom quickly interjected, clearly hoping to bury the subject.

"But I thought they'd agreed to wait til next year," Izzy said guilelessly. "And to hold it here ... I mean at the Church ... then here at the house for the reception."

"Apparently not," dad muttered, the rage he was feeling clear in his sarcastic, angry tone.

"But isn't it up to us, the brides family to arrange the wedding?" I blurted out when I realized what was going down.

Dad didn't need any further encouragement. "Yes Charles, it is. In every family except ours apparently. In normal families. But your sister Sophie has decided to break her mother's heart ... yes, instead of a religious service in the Church she's attended all her life..."

"It's her choice John," mom interrupted. "If they feel that a more natural setting-"

Dad wasn't going to be stopped that easily and broke in. "A NATURAL SETTING?" he bellowed, his eyes almost popping out of his head as they jumped from mom to me to Isabel and back, "Charles, your sister believes that I should walk her through some muddy, West Virginia field and deliver her to this socialist, hippy, drug head. And she expects me to do it naked, my penis floating in the wind."

"Sophie asked you to walk her down the aisle naked?" Izzy gasped.

"She did not," mom insisted as she scowled at dad. It was wasted on him, he was just getting going.

"We can send invitations to all our friends," he railed sarcastically. "John and Catherine Woodman invite you to the wedding of their daughter Sophie to Mister Graham Poole. Dress is informal! Watch out for the cow shit as you wander barefoot to your seat."

"But it's not for another year ... maybe they'll change their mind by next summer," I said.

"Not any longer son ... this cretin has convinced your sister to marry him next month. On something called National Nude Day." Thinking he was joking I chuckled at dad's comment. He didn't smile back.

"He's not that bad," mom chimed in, but with so little conviction she might as well have stayed silent.

"Maybe we could kidnap her and have her deprogrammed daddy," sis suggested.

"How do you deprogram stupidity," dad thundered back.

Truth be said, Graham Poole wasn't that bad a guy. It was just that he was the furthest thing away from what my parents had ever imagined as a suitable husband for one of their daughters. And this was even though he was relatively good looking, and had been intelligent enough to have gone through Yale on a full scholarship.

While we'd grown rich on the Philly's Main Line, the fourth generation on both sides of our families to have lived there in capitalist luxury, Graham had grown up on a commune on the West Virginia/Tennessee border. Home schooled by hippy parents who were stoned half the time (at least according to dad). Raised naked by devotees of free love and practitioners of group sex and multi partner marriages (again according to dad).

The couple of visits Graham had made to our house could not be described as successes! When they'd announced their engagements at Christmas dad had extracted a promise from his oldest daughter that they'd wait at least one year before marrying and that the ceremony, if it ever took place, would occur at the local Presbyterian Church that had welcomed Woodmans through its doors for generations.

Obviously Sophie hadn't honored the deal and so Isabel and I both had to listen to dad rant and rave for another half hour that night before we finally escaped.


"Hey you," I answered back as I looked up and saw Isabel slip through my door and into my room. I'd been expecting her for the last hour.

"Decent?" she asked as she sat down on the side of my bed. I'd been sitting against the backboard of my bed, reading by the light of my bedside lamp. All I was wearing was a pair of my boxer shorts.

"You're supposed to ask that before you enter ... you know, after you've knocked," I groused, but with a welcoming grin on my lips. I knew she'd have some news.

"What's to see," she teased as she lifted the sheet that was bunched at my waist and pretended to look under it. "Ohhh wow!" she mocked, then sat next to me, leaning back against the headboard as she tucked her legs under the sheet.

"I'm busy," I complained but that didn't stop me from putting my arm around her shoulder.

"You probably don't want to hear my news then," she said as she made a move to get up.

"Talk," I ordered as I tightened my grip around her.

We'd been born only ten months apart and somehow, against all odds, we'd become best friends. I had buddies who hated their sisters or were constantly at war with them; but instead, somehow Izzy and I had become friends. She was the most important person in my world. The person I'd spilled my secrets to knowing they'd never be repeated. The person I'd sought for advice on almost any subject, including girls. Quite simply I loved her.

And she'd always reciprocated.

It had only been in the last few months that our life long connection had somehow become skewed and had started to falter. It was my fault and she had recognized the change immediately. And believed it was because of my immanent departure for University, me wanting to distance myself before I left for my new life.

She didn't know there was a darker reason, a reason I was incapable of articulating to the only person I loved in the world. Dark thoughts that overcame me as I slept ... thoughts that erupted in creamy spurts from the end of my cock while I slept. I'd started to love her too much!

"It's the weekend of July 14th ... it's like their most important holiday of the year ... Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all rolled into one," she started excitedly.

"What is?"

"International Nude Day at the Rising Sun Commune for Peace, Brotherhood and Love. That's the official name of Graham's commune by the way," Izzy instructed.

"What? Where'd you get that?" I asked.

"I checked their website. Then I called Sophie," she said proudly.

"You did?" I asked, as always impressed by my younger sister's ingenuity.

"She wants me to be her maid of honor."

"She does? Are you going to? It's not really a nude wedding is it?"

"Yes, yes, and yes," she answered. "But I'm wearing clothes ... she said its okay. And you're coming too."

"I am?"

"She wants you to walk her down the aisle. She knows daddy won't come. Don't tell her I warned you."

"But ... what do I wear?" I finally asked.

"She said that it'll be up to you Charlie. Nude or all dressed. Sorta like a hot dog," she added with a giggle.

"She's nuts," I groused even as the image of me walking Sophie down a church aisle flashed into my mind.

"Graham ... his parents ... his best man ... just about everyone attending will be nude," she explained. "Only mom and I, and maybe you are exempt."

"What if I got an erection?" I asked without thinking as the thought of me walking down the aisle in front of a thousand pointing, and laughing, people jumped into my head.

"With something that small? No one would even notice it Charlie," my sister promised as she jumped from my bed, just in time to escape my angry lunge for her.

"Ha, ha, you're really funny Izzy," I yelled at her retreating back, "and maybe those little bumps on your chest will grow into real breasts some day."

She stopped on a dime and turned, and then, with her shoulders suddenly pulled back and her round, firm breasts taut against the thin cotton t-shirt trying to contain them, announced haughtily, "Well Peter seems to like them," then spun around and marched from my room and down the stairs to her bedroom below.

Isabel did have nice breasts. Gorgeous, full, round, high, just turned eighteen year old breasts, breasts that were one of the main reasons why I'd been trying to distance myself from her over the previous few months. Breasts that now often kept me awake at night. And this was even though I'd never actually seen them, at least not since they'd started to sprout from her chest a year and a half earlier.

I'll kill that little prick Peter I promised myself as the vision of her acne faced boyfriend mauling my sisters tits appeared before my eyes. And then I remembered her other insult. Small! Screw you I thought as I fished in my shorts and pulled out my penis. Slowly stroking him awake I actually spoke aloud to the empty room, "Wait'll you've felt this inside you Izzy. Then try and tell me about fucking Peter."

She's your sister, you retard, I told myself as soon as I'd uttered the words. But I still stroked myself. Harder and harder ... faster and faster ... then groaned as a thick strand of my cum spurted from the head of my cock. And with each subsequent ejaculation it was a picture of my two sisters, both naked, that filed my mind.

"Hi Charlie," I heard when I picked up my cell the next day.

"Hi big sister," I answered, my pleasure at hearing my sisters Sophie's voice clear in my every word.

"So ... you've heard?" she said nervously.

"Uh huh," I agreed.

"He'll never come will he?"

"No ... It'd never work," I agreed, knowing she was referring to Dad.

"You're coming aren't you?"

"Do you think I'd miss a chance to see this spectacle," I laughed. "According to dad there's going to be six thousand naked hippies smoking pot and singing the commie "Internationale" in a field full of cow poop."

"Shutup," she giggled back.

"Then, after they sacrifice a virgin, and dad's not sure where they're going to find one, you and Graham are going to be declared man and wife in some Pagan ceremony that'll end with everyone in the commune rolling around entwined on the ground engaged in a wild orgy. Of course I'm going to be there."

"You're sick," my sister laughed.

"I'm going to bring every camera the family owns," I promised back.

"Pervert!" After a silence that stretched for seconds Sophie added in a soft, almost girlish voice, "Will you walk me down the aisle?"

"There's an aisle?" I tried to tease but simply couldn't pull it off. "Me? You want me? Really?" I asked.

"Uh huh. I need somebody to give me away ... somebody I love," she whispered softly. I couldn't help but catch the wisp of sadness in her voice and knew daddy's decision had really hurt her.

"What if I decide to keep you instead of giving you away?" I asked my older sister. At almost twenty-two, four years older than I was and having been away from home at University for the last four years, I didn't know Sophie nearly as well as Izzy. But I'd always liked her.

"That might not be so bad," she teased back. Sophie was as quick with a quip as her sister.

"So what does the father of the bride wear in Lotus Land anyway?"

"Flowers in your hair?"


"Everyone in the Poole family, and judging by the gossip I've heard lately, the whole commune by now," she added, "is expecting a group of stuck up, rich, overdressed, boring snobs to show up."

"Why do they think that? What's Graham been telling people anyway?" I asked angrily, suddenly pissed off that these degenerates were bad mouthing their betters.

"What have you guys been saying about them?" Sophie challenged back.

I didn't have to tell her — she knew. And of course in the end I agreed to walk her down the aisle — but without making any clothing, or lack thereof, commitment.

Driving to West Virginia Thursday, July 12th, 2007

It was four weeks later and yours truly, Charlie Woodman, and my sister Isabel and my mother were on our way to the House of the Rising Sun (that's what I'd taken to calling it) — the naked rising sun ... to wacko land.

"I want you two to know your dad loves your sister ... just because he," mom started when we were finally nearing the commune. It had been a long ride. We were all tense and edgy.

"We know mom," Izzy answered and the fact was that we both understood perfectly.

"It's just that he'd ruin the marriage ... He couldn't help himself," mom continued.

"I was looking forward to seeing him walking her down the aisle though ... naked ... his penis swinging ... they will have some kind of aisle won't they? I mean in the field or wherever they're holding the ceremony?" I asked with a smile.

"Shut up Charlie," my sister hissed.

"Yes, dad walking our lovely sister to the Pagan altar ... where her beautiful young virgin sister Isabel will be waiting ... naked herself..." I continued to tease.

"Charlie!" mom tried to warn in her sternest voice but both Isabel and I could both catch the humor she couldn't hide.

"You don't think they practice virgin sacrifice on these occasions do you mom?" I asked as I nodded at Izzy.

"I'm not a virgin..." My just turned eighteen year old sister ejaculated before she could catch herself.

"You're not?" I asked in mock surprise.

"I hate you Charlie," she muttered as she reddened. I had no idea what she'd told mom about her love life.

"I hope you packed soap and shampoo sis," I said when we finally turned onto the dirt road that led to the front gate of the "Rising Sun Commune for Peace, Brotherhood and Love".

"Why?" both my sister and mom asked. I was pretty sure from my perusal of the Rising Sun internet site that these environmentally activists wouldn't have a lot of commercial shampoos and soaps on hand.

"We're not staying at a hotel girls," I answered with a smile. Watching their faces I could see the consternation in their eyes.

"Maybe we should go back to the last town..." mom started.

"Too late," I announced smugly as we pulled up to the gate that blocked the road.

Listen, after the fact I can pretend I was pretty casual about the whole nudity thing but the reality was far different.

I was as nervous as mom and Isabel were as we slowly wound down the overgrown road towards who knew what. Maybe even more so. Let's face it, we weren't nudists! None of us. It just wasn't part of our family ethos. Dad and mom were both descended from conservative Presbyterian Scottish families from Philadelphia's Main Line.

Okay, we're in the twentieth-first century with the Internet and everything but it's different when you're there, when you're about to enter a world that is totally foreign to you. We really had no idea what to expect ... except we were all pretty sure it wouldn't be good.

In the previous month I'd often stood in my bedroom and paraded in front of the mirror butt naked. Wondering what it would be like ... whether I could do it. Whether I wanted to. And repeatedly cursed the fact that I'd let my girlfriend of the moment talk me into shaving myself just days before the whole wedding thing came up. I really looked weird bald.

But then, after we'd driven about a quarter mile inside the commune without incident, I could feel the confidence of all of us slowly growing. Hey, maybe it won't be that bad I was thinking just as the car turned a corner and we were suddenly faced by one of those idyllic country scenes, a mountain in the distance, background for a flower strewn field that led down to the creek that meandered through it, the sun bathing the field...

Except that there were about five hundred naked people dotted across the scenery. Swimming, talking, sitting at picnic tables ... shit, even playing volleyball.

More breasts than a normal man would see in a lifetime. Balls swinging. Triangles of pubic pelts. Penises flopping.

I hit the brakes. Hard. Then stared. Both mom's and Izzy's mouths were hanging open.

"Oh my gawd," Izzy finally mumbled as the enormity of what was going to happen over the weekend hit us all.

Recovering, then trying to break the tension, I said, "I better get some pictures of this. Nooooo one at home is ever going to believe me if I don't."

"DON'T! Are you crazy" sis cried when I grabbed the camcorder and aimed it towards the meadow and the river beyond. I pushed play.

"Are you lost?" I suddenly heard in my ear. I jumped like three feet. But when I turned my head I also turned the camera. She was about twenty, blond, good looking and had an inquisitive look on her face as she waited for me to answer. The top of our convertible was down. Blondie had put one hand on the door. Two small but perfectly formed (and firm) cones were about six inches from my eyes. Puffy nipples to die for.

"Is this the road to the Elvis museum," I ventured as I blushed a deep red.

Anger flashed in the angels eyes. I could see she wasn't happy so before she could call seventy or eighty penises over to the car to throw us out I said, "We're the Woodmans."

"The who," she asked as her eyes drifted over to mom and sis. "The wedding?" she asked as comprehension dawned.

"We're lost," I lied as I threw my hands up in mock confusion. The camera was still recording! Puffy tipped tits were being saved for immortality.

"Oh wow! You're Sophie's family. I'm Jenny ... I went to school with your sister ... I'll show you the way," this blond angel promised. "Are you Charlie?"

Thank you god I said silently, then turned to Izzy and ordered her into the back seat so that my navigator could have a place in front.

"We're not lost Charlie," Isabel complained as she ceded her seat to the lovely Jenny.

"Better safe than sorry Izzy," I said smugly, then turned to Jenny and said, "Isabel's a little nervous. That's why we stopped ... to help her get used to ... well, you know..."

"The nudity," blondie offered as she glanced back at Izzy.

"Exactly," I agreed, "you know, she goes to an all-girls Catholic school now ... they don't ... well, she's only fourteen ... she's never seen a ... a man's thing before..." I'd watched Isabel's face in the mirror as I'd talked and my innocent little sister was clearly not happy with her big brother. "Mom didn't think she should even come but it is her-"

"Her sister's marriage ... she couldn't miss that," Jenny finished. Then she turned to my sister in the back seat and with a friendly smile on her face said, "They're not really that bad Isabel ... and when you get a little bigger you might even"

I watched in the rear view mirror as "I'm eighteen" exploded from Isabel's lips.

Still smiling, completely unfazed by Izzy, Jenny turned to me and said, "All young girls wish they were eighteen."

"She'll get there someday," I agreed. Smoke was oozing from Izzy's ears.

The ride was too short! Before we knew it, and before I wanted us to, we'd arrived in the center of what was clearly their town center. "There's Sophie now," our guide announced needlessly as I pulled to the side of the road and stopped the car.

I'd never thought of my big sister as sexy. Not once in my life. Mainly I guess because she was so much older and had been away so much during her university years. Yes, if you had asked me if she was good looking I would have grudgingly agreed she was cute ... or pretty ... or maybe even beautiful ... but in a big sisterly sort of way.

Of course that's easy enough to say before you see her completely bare ass naked, her long, light brown hair bouncing on her shoulders and down over her arms and chest as she runs towards you. Silken tresses bouncing in perfect time with the ruby tipped, lush, proud, deliciously jiggling breasts that continually peeked out as she ran. The triangle of matching curls below shimmering in the sun.

The three of us had just managed to get out of the car before Sophie arrived, her first move throwing herself into mom's arms. My eyes followed the curves of her shapely rear as she turned to Izzy and embraced her.

The hard-on I'd been trying to control on the ride over with our naked guide now sprang unashamedly to full hardness in my shorts. I almost cringed when Sophie threw her arms around my neck and embraced me. I knew she couldn't help but feel my hardness as she kissed me.

"A camera Charlie" she asked when we finally broke apart and she saw the camera hanging limp by its strap from my hand.

"Pictures for my scrapbook, Jenny was showing us the sights," I answered, my attempt at levity belied by the hoarseness in my voice.

"That's a movie camera Charlie," Izzy said with a sneer but as she'd said it I'd seen her eyes dart downward to my shorts and knew she'd seen my erection through the cloth. Jenny was looking down too. I hoped mom wasn't.

Fuck ... she's your sister you pervert I chastised myself even as I pushed the record button on the camera again.

"C'mon, I'll show you where you're staying," Sophie said after we'd said goodbye to Jenny. But not before Jenny had asked me to join her and her friends the next day for a noon hour bar-b-que. A nude bar-b-que!

"I'd invite you too Isabel buts it's only for the older teens and twenties," she explained guilelessly. "I'll pick you up tomorrow morning Charlie," she promised me before departing. I silently thanked god again.

"What a slut," my younger sister hissed at the departing naked back and bum.

"She was friendly though," I said.

"She was stoned out of her head," Iz proclaimed in a tone that ordered the subject shut. Mom and Sophie, just up ahead of us, missed our words.

"The place you're staying at is down in the woods ... it's really beautiful, special ... you'll have total privacy," Sophie insisted to mom as she grabbed her hand. "Graham's parents use it as a sleeping cottage during the summer months, it's built right over the stream," she explained as she looked over her shoulder and checked that Izzy and I were following. I continued to film.

"Pervert," Izzy hissed in my ear as we trailed behind.

"If you take off your clothes I'll film you too," I promised as I lifted the camera and aimed it at her.

"Pig!" she added, then started to rush after her mom but I suddenly sensed she was as excited as I was.

I grabbed the hem of her skirt before she could escape and lifted it as I aimed the camera at her suddenly exposed panties, which surprisingly turned out to be a sexy pair of turquoise and white striped boyshorts.

"Stop," she whispered as she looked up to check if mom or Sophie were looking back.

"We'll get you naked before the weekend is out," I promised, then gave her bum a quick pat and let her skirt fall.

The summer sleeping cabin turned out to be a raised platform that had one side (the side we approached from) nestled into the bank of a small creek that gurgled merrily below. However, most of the platform, which was maybe twenty feet by fifteen in size, extended out over the creek and sat suspended ten feet above the water. The platform, and the porch that surrounded two sides, was supported only by thick logs that served as structural stilts at each corner. Steps ran from the porch down to the water below. And when we'd entered the cabin we were faced by three walls of glass and screens. The view was magnificent.

"There's a queen size bed for you and mom," Sophie told her sister as she led us inside. "You'll have to use the futon Charlie," she added as she indicated a ratty, folded up bed in the corner. "It looks worse than it is," she promised as she saw my grimace. "Graham and his brothers use it all the time."

How could I be angry when I was faced by a gorgeous, smiling, naked angel I thought to myself as I let my eyes drift downward over Sophie's curves for the thousandth time since she'd appeared. This can't be my sister!

"C'mon you guys, put your stuff down and I'll give you a tour of commune, we've got time before dinner," Sophie urged, then added, "you too Charlie," when I didn't move.

"Is this a naked tour or a dressed tour," I challenged teasingly with a leer.

But Sophie wasn't going to be cowed that easily and quickly shot back, "that's up to you little brother," (and she emphasized 'little') "the people of the Rising Sun are happily going to welcome the Woodman family no matter what they're wearing." Her eyes flicked to my crotch for a second before lifting them up again into a bold, challenging stare.

"Is everyone going to be naked around here all the time this weekend?" Izzy asked curiously.

"I gotta pee first," I said as I excused myself.

"Everyone will be dressed at the family dinner tonight," I heard Sophie explain as I slipped into the can. "But outside ... and tomorrow yeah, most of them will be."

"Gawd, and we'll be the only ones dressed ... everyone will be looking at us ... they'll know who we are," Sophie groaned as I unzipped myself and started to pee.

"Don't worry Iz, you'll prove them wrong," Sophie said.

"About what?" my little sister grunted.

"I think they're expecting the Woodman family to be a group of Bible thumping, conservative, capitalist wacko pigs..."

"WHAT!" both mom and Isabel demanded. "Why?" Listening in the can I'd half turned as I heard myself described as a conservative wacko pig, unfortunately spraying a thick arc of my piss against the wall.

"Well, what have you guys told your friends about Graham's family ... the commune? That they're commies ... druggies ... eco-nuts ... perverts," Sophie challenged.

"But they are," Izzy protested weakly.

"So his family is as upset about this marriage as we are?" mom asked.

"No, no ... they like me ... it's just that it would have been easier for them if ... I don't know ... maybe if I was one of them. They're nervous about you guys ... about the dinner tonight ... it's a big event for them, the marriage of their only son. They think you disprove of them ... their lifestyle"

"But we've never met them honey," I heard mom say and knew without looking that she was now hugging her eldest daughter.

"I'm still not taking my clothes off, no matter what you say," I heard Izzy promise.

"Of course you're not; you're a private school girl." I heard Sophie laugh and knew my two sisters were now embracing. And that's the exact second I made up my mind.

Listen, I gotta admit I'd been thinking about it in the previous few weeks. I'd envisioned myself walking naked among these people, wondered how it would feel. Walking up to a group of nudists, a group like the one I'd seen at the side of the road today. My cock hanging. Displaying myself. Would I get an erection I'd wondered. What would the girls think? But I'd never really thought I'd actually do it.

That is until I'd just heard Sophie describe our family through their eyes. "Fuck em," I mumbled aloud as I pulled my tee-shirt over my head and then quickly shucked my shorts. And then, before sanity could return I opened the bathroom door and stepped into the room and faced my mother and my two sisters. Three jaws fell almost to the floor as their wide open eyes bored into my groin. Oh God, what did I just do I asked myself silently. My penis twitched.

After about twenty seconds of absolute silence Sophie started to giggle.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" quickly followed from my sister. Mom was now looking up into my eyes, a quizzical, almost grinning expression on her face.

"I'll show them they're not better than us," I sputtered, suddenly blushing as the enormity of what I'd just done started to hit me. You're standing naked in front of your mom, your sisters, you fool, I admonished myself silently.

"They certainly aren't bigger," Sophie said mischievously. "And to think I called you little," she added as her eyes raked my penis.

"That's disgusting," Izzy complained even as her eyes kept darting back to my groin.

"Well, are we going? I didn't come all this way to sit around chatting with you guys stark naked," I said as I took a step towards the door. I didn't forget to grab the camera.

"Don't Charlie ... Mom, please stop him ... order him to stop," Izzy begged as I pulled open the door and stepped out into the beautiful, sunny, nude July day. But still, I gotta confess, I was a little nervous!

"C'mon you two," I heard Sophie urge the others, then seconds later felt her hand slip into mine as she caught me. "Thanks," she whispered, then turned back to mom and Izzy and said, "Now maybe they won't think we're so bad." I couldn't help but notice that Sophie's nipples were as hard as little pebbles.

"No, they'll think we're perverts like they are," sis shot back. Mom said nothing and her reaction to what I'd done, and in fact the way she'd responded to everything she'd seen since we'd come in the front gate, had surprised me. I thought the nudity and everything would disgust her, instead, in a way, I saw that it bothered her the least of all of us.

"And don't you dare get an erection Charlie," Izzy yelled as she and mom came abreast of us. "That's all we need, you leading us through town with your..." Her voice tailed off as she clearly didn't know how to describe it.

"His giant pointer?" Sophie asked. Mom grinned. Isabel scowled. And me? Well, as we walked the three hundred yards through the woods towards the main settlement, I kept chanting silently to myself in almost monkish manner, no erection ... no erection ... no erection ... no erection. Talking to myself as my incredibly beautiful sister's naked tits jiggled and bounced just inches away. My cock bounced up and down and from side to side. He seemed happy. He wanted to get big! Down boy...

Somehow it got easier. After we'd been introduced for maybe the twentieth time to people we met in passing I was finally able to forget my cock and instead concentrate on what was being said. And with each new group we met all four of us saw the surprise, and then approval, flash through the eyes of these strangers. You could see the thought 'well, maybe these Woodman's aren't so bad after all' clearly registered on their faces. We're suddenly okay because my cock's hanging out, half hard.

After about an hour of showing us the highlights of the 'Rising Sun' Sophie deposited us back where we'd started from, warning us as she got ready to go that she'd pick us up in thirty minutes for dinner. "Come dressed Charlie," she instructed with a smile.

"But I'm starting to like this nudism thing," I shot back.

"You certainly liked those three blonds," Izzy complained, letting me know she'd noticed my interest in one on the last groups of people we'd met. Mom had disappeared into the bathroom the second we'd got back so was missing this conversation.

"I think it was the other way around," Sophie giggled, "they certainly weren't looking Charlie in the eye."

"I know! They were looking right at his..."

"I don't think they knew they come that big," sis added, still giggling. "Anyway I'd better go and get ready," she said as she turned to go but then stopped and walked back to me. "Thanks Charlie," my big sister whispered, then plastered herself against me in a warm embrace.

I started to lose it! Fuck, I'm a horny teenager who's had a hard-on on and off for the last two hours - in fact since we first came through the gate — and now I've got two perfect breasts punching into my naked chest and my cock's squeezed against my sister's hair covered mound. What could anyone expect? I grew an erection. Like in two seconds. I immediately tried to pull back from Sophie but she held me for second after second before finally releasing me. It was my penises fault!

"You know Iz, I think I'm going to have to find a date for your brother," Sophie said as she stood back from me and then stared down at my throbbing erection.

"Charlie!" Izzy muttered as her eyes discovered my bobbing cockhead.

"Now if I wasn't getting married in two days ... and if you didn't happen to be my little brother," Sophie teased as she backed towards the door.

"You'd what Miss Naked Hippy," I challenged.

Ignoring my question she turned to Izzy and said, "maybe you should help your big brother out with his problem," then disappeared through the door.

"WHAT DID SHE SAY?" Isabel squawked.

"It's just that she's excited about getting married," I explained to my sister with an innocent shrug.

"Or that they've turned her into a sex maniac," Izzy said huffily, then after staring at my still erect penis for a couple more seconds instructed, "Now make it small; mom will be out in a second."

"I'll try," I answered but my penis seemed to have a mind of its own.

"Try harder," she instructed, but now there was a real grin on her face. "Oh, and by the way Charlie, why do you have so little hair down there?"

"What do you mean?" I asked blushing.

"You shaved didn't you? Or did someone else do it? Was it that weird Evelyn?"

My bloody sister was prescient. It had always been impossible to fool her. A week before the wedding announcement Evelyn, one of the girls I'd been dating at the time, had talked me into shaving every hair off my prick and balls. Stupidly, after much cajoling, I'd agreed. So my groin was now covered with only a wispy beard of short hairs. "I didn't," I denied. "It just grows like this."

"Yeah right Charlie," Izzy mocked. "You know, I think mom thought you were gay when she first saw you this aft. Lucky dad wasn't here." With those words my cock started to fall and fortunately was limp when mom came out of the bathroom seconds later.

"Sophie gone?" she asked innocently. But I had to wonder just how much she'd heard.

When I emerged from brushing my teeth and combing my hair twenty minutes later (yes, we did have an indoor sink and toilet but no shower or bath tub — the creek apparently was where guests bathed) — I found mom and Izzy hunched over my now opened futon. They were both shaking their heads.

"You can't sleep on this Charlie," mom instructed when she saw me.

"Sophie said it was okay," I answered nonchalantly. "I'll pretend I'm camping."

"Its got holes in it ... I think some mice were living in it," Izzy said in disgust. "And it's got nasty bugs in it."

"It does?"

"Put it out on the porch Charles, we're not having it in the house with us," mom ordered in her most imperious Main Line voice, a voice that brooked no dissent.

"I have to sleep outside?" I asked incredulously.

"You'll share with us ... there's lots of room," mom decided.

"There is? Where?"

Which is why, at about eleven thirty that night, after having spent a surprisingly pleasant evening at the Poole home in the company of Graham's closest fifty relatives, the three of us arrived back at the cabin and tumbled into the one bed available. Mind you it was Queen size.

The Poole's had proven relatively intelligent and educated. Dressed, and around their dinner table, you wouldn't have guessed they were radical socialists and nudists. And in fact they weren't. Instead they were interesting people trying to live their lives in a way that seemed to make sense to them. They were strange but sane.

"They weren't that bad," I said as I lifted the sheet and slipped into the bed next to mom. I hadn't brought any p.j.'s so was wearing only my boxers. I got a quick glimpse of a pale yellow slip that seemed surprisingly sexy for my forty-one year old mom before the sheet fell. Izzy was in the can but when she finally appeared, wearing a matching pink tank top and silk sleeping shorts, she got in the bed so that I ended up trapped between them.

"Tres sexy," I said to sis, then immediately let out a wolf whistle.

"Don't snore, stay on your part of the bed and don't get an erection," Isabel ordered, clearly still irritated at me about my earlier remarks to Jenny about her.

"Isabel! Don't talk like that," mom instructed from the other side of me.

"Yes mom," her daughter said obediently, then poked me in the ribs.

"Night sweetie," I cooed softly, then leaned over and gave her a big, wet kiss on her cheek.

"Yuck!" she spat out as she was rubbed my kiss off her cheek.

"Night mom," I said, then leaned over to kiss her. But by accident she turned just as my kiss was going to land innocently on her cheek and instead our lips met. And stayed together than longer than I'd planned. Which was weird. Mom tasted good! I also felt what seemed like still quite firm breasts against my chest for a second. Was mom's nipple hard?

"Night honey," mom whispered when our lips finally separated.

This is really getting fucked up was my last thought before I fell asleep. Now even my moms turning me on!

Rising Sun, West Virginia Friday, July 13th, 2007

Mom woke before Izzy and me the next morning, then woke us when she was washed and dressed. "C'mon, get up you guys, it's almost nine-thirty," mom ordered as she shook us.

"Maaaa!" I complained. Izzy's groans echoed mine.

"I'm going to get us some breakfast ... I'll be back in twenty minutes. I want you guys up when I get back. We've got a busy day ahead Isabel."

"You poked me ... during the night ... with your thing," Izzy told me as we lay side by side on the bed, slowly stretching after mom had left.

"I didn't," I denied but was pretty sure I had. Heck I had erections every night when I slept. I couldn't blame my cock for getting a little excited when it found itself lying between two near naked women.

"You came," my sister accused as she sat up and peered down at my groin.

"You're crazy," I said but I could feel the stickiness on my cock and on my thighs.

"What's this then?" she asked as her fingers lifted a clearly stained portion of my boxers up.

"Don't touch me," I ordered. "Besides, if I did it's your fault," I said as I got out of the bed and walked towards the toilet.

"My fault! Why's it my fault?" she demanded as she jumped from the bed and rushed after me.

My penis was sticking out of the slit in my shorts, a stream of deep yellow piss already arcing down into the bowl, when she barged into the room.

"You touched me, you must have. Tried to take advantage of your poor innocent brother while he slept ... it was sick," I accused as I finished up and tucked my cock away. I'd learned long ago that you had to stay on the attack with my sweet little sister. I left her sputtering in anger.

Mom and Isabel had a lunch date with the ladies so I had some free time and was delighted when Jenny showed up around eleven and led me off to the main beach where the University aged kids were partying. Jenny was at her naked best and I could see Isabel wasn't that happy to see us trundle off arm in arm.

You'd think it would be a teenage boy's heaven to spend three hours or so in the company of some two hundred naked girls aged sixteen to twenty-five. Girls who weren't afraid to frankly express their interest in the boy from Philadelphia. And hey, yours truly wasn't doing a lot of complaining ... it was interesting ... fun ... exciting ... but you know, ultimately it was almost too much. Sexual overload! Even my penis was confused.

I learned that there can be too much of a good thing. I didn't even know them but knew that any one of ten or fifteen of them would have been happy to lead me into the woods and ravish me. Wasn't that my job I asked myself as I walked back to our cabin alone just after two. Where's the challenge?


"Hey," I answered when I saw Sophie standing at the edge of the brook. I'd jumped in when I'd got back from the party. It was around two-thirty on a hot, sultry July day.

"I thought I should show you where the marriage is taking place ... show you what you have to do," my sis said with a smile.

"Sure. Where's mom and Izzy?"

"Over at the Pooles ... they'll be over there for a while. I needed a break," Sophie admitted as I waded out of the water towards her.

"Tired?" I asked as I put my arm around her.

"A bit. Excited too ... I didn't sleep much last night. No big deal ... c'mon it's this way ... wear your sandals, it's a bit of a walk," she instructed as she took my hand.

"Should I put on my shorts?" I asked my naked sister.

"No." a grin accompanied her answer, then a long appreciative look.

"Should I bring the camera?" I asked.

"I'd of thought you'd have used up all the film by now," she teased back.

"You know sis, you're not as bad as everyone says," I complimented as we walked through the woods. Mind you this was after I'd grabbed the camera off the porch.

"You're not so bad either little brother," she said with a happy smile on her face. And then, after we'd walked silently for another forty yards, asked, "You okay with everything?"

"I don't know ... it's strange ... everyone nude all the time ... it's hard to think about anything else."

"Besides sex?" Sophie asked.

"Yeah. Heck, we were eating burgers down by the lake and all I'm thinking about is eating Jenny ... or Rose ... or ... or the other fifty naked girls hanging around."

"Main Line boys don't think about things like that ... or do them," Sophie teased.

"Yeah sure. I had a hard-on half the time I was with them."

"That must have made them happy," she answered but immediately noticed that I didn't think it was a big joke. "They're different Charlie. It's natural for them."

"The nudism?"

"Yes that but also everything else. They're taught that sex is good ... that's its natural ... that it should be enjoyed. They start young ... their parents encourage them to experiment."


"There's no guilt here Charlie."

"And you?" I asked, "this isn't your world. Do you and Graham-" I started but had no idea how to articulate my thoughts.

"No," she answered emphatically.

"But he must have slept with half the girls you meet every day."

"I know. Sometimes it's hard. But we'll be living in Philly when we get back from the honeymoon ... it's easier when we're not here."

"Do you ever want to ... I mean-"

"Sleep with somebody else?" she supplied. I nodded. "It's hard not to when we're here, when everyone else is doing it. Tonight will be the worst; they go crazy on Nude Day. Everyone's come back home, half the people here this weekend live away from the commune. Last year was crazy ... I'd never seen them like that before. Drinking ... lots of marijuana ... they wear masks ... its like Carnival in Rio ... a night you can do anything ... they do things... ," she said in a tone that indicated it was a night she'd never forget. "I know it's hard for you to understand."

"I understand I got an erection when you hugged me yesterday," I blurted.

"Teenage boys always get erections Charlie," my sister teased. "And it was a very nice erection by the way," Sophie said as she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Do brothers sleep with sisters here?" I challenged angrily, my anger as much at myself as them.

"Hey, we're here," she said excitedly as we emerged from the woods and found ourselves looking down into a natural bowl that sat on the edge of a small lake. I knew she didn't want to answer my question. I wondered if Graham had ever slept with his younger sisters.

"They use it for special occasions ... marriages ... funerals ... ceremonies," she added when I didn't answer right away. My breath had been taken away by the beauty of the spot. I pointed the camera and pushed record.

"They'll be down there ... Graham and everyone ... we'll enter here and walk down this way," she said pointing downward, then led me down the gentle slope.

"And there's going to be a couple of thousand people watching?"

"Uh huh. All around ... on the hillsides. Naked Charlie."

"Fuck, I'm going to get an erection for sure."

"You know it might make a good story, probably it would go down in "Rising Sun" history, you know, the day the weird, rich boy with the huge penis," my sister said grinning, then bent over and lifted my penis in her hand and said, "and if you're not good Mr. Penis your owner is going to be in big trouble with his sister."

"Don't ... stop that," I said as I laughed, but my penis, clearly not ready to follow sis's instructions, started to rapidly fill with blood.

Still holding me lightly in her palm she said, "He's nice ... big and nice, I think maybe my little sister's pretty lucky, give me the camera."

I liked the big and nice but what's this Izzy crap I wondered as she let my penis go and took the camera. Standing fully now erect he needed no further support. "What's that mean?" I asked as Sophie pointed the camera at me.

"It means that I've been fielding questions about my little brother's wonderful body ... read big penis Charlie ... from a very large group of pretty and eager nudists all morning," she said as she pointed downward.

"You have? Who? What'd they say?"

"I've even warned mommy that'll she'll have to stand guard on you at the party tonight. That the virgin scion of the Woodman family may be in danger of being carried off and ravaged."

"Ha, ha," I muttered then couldn't stop myself from asking, "Which ones am I in most danger of?"

"Girl secrets," Sophie said smugly as we arrived at the flat, raised slab of rock that served as some sort of alter. "When we get here you lead me to Graham and then go over there and sit next to mom. She'll be right there," she said as she pointed to a spot ten feet away.

"On the ground, the grass," I asked dubiously as I surveyed the grass slope that rose up on three sides from the altar.

"And don't try to smoke it," Sophie said mischievously.

"From what I understand I won't have to. I was warned this morning that I'll just have to inhale the air down here and I'll feel stoned. That a blanket of smoke will hang like a cloud over us. Apparently it's standard for Rising Sun occasions."

"Who told you that?"

"And what if when I get here I decide not to let Graham have you? What if I just pick you up in my arms and carry you away? What's down there anyway?" I asked as I nodded at the area behind the altar.

"A couple of stairs lead to a little beach," she explained.

"Okay, I lift you up ... hell hardly anyone will notice they'll be so stoned, then carry you off to the beach where I'll have my powerboat waiting," I announced as I bent down and, after putting my arms under her knees and behind her back, lifted her effortlessly up into my arms.

"You're crazy," she giggled as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Don't," she said as I carried her around the altar and then down the three steps that led to a small beach that sat at the edge of the lake.

"Heck, our boats not here yet," I announced as I lowered her feet to the sand, then set her so that she was facing the water with me directly behind her. I left my hands resting softly on her hips.

"I guess I'll have to get married then," she said softly. My penis, which had fit itself into the cleft in her ass, was straining upward against her bum. She leaned her head back into my shoulder so that her soft hair was caressing my cheek.

"Not til tomorrow," I whispered in her ear as my hands slid upward from her hips ... up across her stomach ... then across her ribs until they started to climb the undersides of her breasts.

"It's my last day of freedom," she answered, the question clear in her voice. She gasped when my fingers found her nipples, nipples already hard and excited. She started to move her butt up and down against my fitted penis.

"It'd be a sorta wedding present," I said, as my hands, now firmly cupping and squeezing her full breasts, pulled her back even harder against me. Her back was plastered against my chest. I slowly moved my left hand down off her breast and across her stomach. Sophie was wet, her nether lips engorged, her clitoric bud exposed when my fingers ventured lower. And then, as I was running my fingers up and down her moist cleft I felt her hand close on top of mine, then I simply let her direct me as she urgently and forcefully moved my hand up and down against her.

"It's a big present," Sophie gasped as she reached behind herself with her free hand and grabbed me. And then I slipped my middle finger inside my sister. Finger fucked her urgently until she groaned and then pulled away and turned. Facing me she simply climbed up on me using her arms to lift herself off the ground and then locked her legs behind my back.

Then my sister, twenty-four hours short of taking her wedding vows, reached down between our bodies, then, after recapturing my cock, slipped it inside herself.

Seconds later we were on the ground, me on top, Sophie's legs still locked around me ... making love ... fucking urgently...

It was easy. For both of us. A perfect two part harmony that humans have been perfecting for a million years. We both came quickly ... urgently ... moistly ... each spurting ejaculation met by an orgasmic squeezing twitch from Sophie's vagina. Plaintive cries of, "Oh Charleeeee ... Charleeeee ... Charleeeeeeeee!" echoed across the lake as we came.

Panting heavily, the sweat dripping of me, I left it in my gasping sister as I lay atop her, plugging my cum inside her. I was still rock hard.

"You okay?" I finally panted out.

"More," Sophie ordered as she struggled to lift her hips ... as she tried to somehow get more of me inside of her. It was much slower the second time. The almost feral animalistic insanity of our first coupling was replaced by the sensuous dance of two lovers. Of tender caresses ... kisses ... loving looks ... soft words ... but which still ultimately ended up with the urgency of needy cock and cunt ... with that explosion of pleasure that rockets from your groin to your brain.

I finally slipped out of my sister. The still half hard shaft coated with a thick layer of my cum mixed with Sophie's juice. For minutes, holding hands, we lay side by side looking up at sky, wordless as our breathing slowed. Then Sophie leaned over and kissed me.

"I'm full ... I feel so full," she said after breaking away from my hungry lips. "Look," she instructed as she sat up, kneeling in front of me with her thighs spread. My cum was oozing out from her still engorged vaginal lips. I watched as she slid two fingers up her bright pink channel and collected some of my seed. I watched as she pushed her dripping fingers into mouth. Was silent when she collected another finger full with her other hand and then pushed it between my lips.

"Your big cock ... Then your seed ... all your creamy sperm ... inside me," she whispered even as a strand of my cum hung from the corner of her mouth, "maybe even your baby"

"You're on the pill! You said you guys weren't going to have a child for a few years," I said when the import of her words hit me.

"We changed our minds. I stopped taking the pill a month ago."


"Graham's been using condoms ... we were going to start tomorrow ... our wedding night," Sophie said softly.

"That doesn't mean," I started.

"It means that your baby's going to grow inside me," my sister said with such absolute certainty that I knew it was true.

"You can't marry him then ... we'll have to call it off," I ordered. But my mind was swirling in confusion. Thoughts cashed around inside my brain. I'd fucked my sister. Made love to her. On her wedding night. Made her pregnant. What about Isabel? Mom?

"We better get back," Sophie said as she jumped to her feet.

"No, we have to talk-"

"I'm getting married tomorrow Charlie. To Graham. And you're walking me down the aisle."

"But Sophie, we have to talk," I insisted.

"We'll talk when I get back from the honeymoon in the fall," she promised as she started up the steps. I could see my cum sliding down her thighs.

For ten minutes we walked silently through the woods. Our hands intertwined but our thoughts far away.

"You could always marry me," I finally ventured.

"You've got that girl waiting for you," Sophie answered.

"No I don't ... my girlfriend at home's not serious," I declaimed.

"The girl you've loved since the day she was born."

"What? Who?" I asked even though I knew who she was talking about.

"You guys were made for each other ... everyone knows it. I think even mom does. If you leave for school without telling her you'll regret it the rest of your life."

"We can't," I said angrily.

"I just showed you that you can," Sophie insisted.

"That's different. She'd never want"

"She's been dreaming of you all her life. Gosh Charlie I can remember when I was a senior in high school and Donna and Jacqui were over at our house. We were all sitting around the pool and you guys were running around like you always did. Neither of you knew anyone else existed. Your own little world. I was so jealous."

"We were just kids," I protested.

"Donna thought you two were having sex even then ... wouldn't believe me when I told her you weren't ... that you guys had no idea. You know what she said Charlie?"

I nodded no. "She just said, 'well Sophie, they're going to be someday'. Just like that. And I knew she was right."

"But what about us?" I finally asked as we neared the cabin. Suddenly we could hear mom and Izzy's voices through the woods.

"I love you. And I'll never regret what we did today Charlie. Never! But you'll be at school when we get back from Europe."

"I'm not going away to school," I told my sister, the first person to know my news.

"Of course you are. Every Woodman goes to Yale."

"I accepted Penn last week ... told Yale I wasn't coming."

"But Daddy will..." she started but then I saw she understood. "Izzy."

"Not just," I lied, "and now that you'll be in Philly."

"I'll be married," Sophie protested.

"With my baby in you ... growing ... Charlie's baby, not Graham's, I insisted." We stopped talking as we emerged from the woods and came upon mom and Isabel standing waist deep in the brook.

I watched spellbound for seconds, my eyes darting from my mother's full rounded breasts to Izzy's smaller but higher pair. Sophie finally poked me in the ribs and yelled out a welcome.

"Don't look," Isabel yelled when she saw me, then moved into deeper water until her young breasts were covered. Mom stayed where she was as we approached the bank.

"We don't have any soap Sophie ... any shampoo," Isabel complained to her sister from where she stood in the middle of the pool.

"They don't really believe in it much here Iz ... Graham gets mad every time he sees me shampooing ... I almost have to shampoo in secret when he's around."

"I've got some," I announced back over my shoulder as I started up the stairs to the porch and cabin.

"You do?" I heard both mom and Izzy demand. "What kind?" Isabel added.

"Well, being a good Boy Scout and a good brother, being prepared and everything ... and having cleverly perused the Rising Sun internet site, I brought"

"Bring it," Isabel begged, "please Charlie ... I'll do anything."

"Ha!" I bellowed.

"We let you share our bed."

"You did what?" Sophie asked, her curiosity clearly piqued. Then, as I heard mom start to explain our sleeping arrangements, I walked into the cabin.

"PLEASE CHARLIE!" I heard wailed and in fact Izzy's cry was still reverberating in the clearing when I reappeared seconds later carrying both moms and Isabel's personal soaps and shampoos.

"Oh I love you Charlie," Izzy promised when I'd descended back down to the pool.

"I told you so," Sophie whispered, then quickly kissed my cheek, then added, her mouth just an inch from my ear, "And I want to hear all about these sleeping arrangements later."

"C'mon and get them," I called gaily out across the water to mom and Izzy as Sophie marched off.

"Just leave them on the bank," Izzy instructed but mom, soapless and shampooless for almost two days, simply threw modesty to the wind and waded quickly out of the water and toward me.

"You're definitely my favorite son," mom said as I handed her the supplies. And I couldn't help myself from looking downward to the triangle of dark pelt that grew at the juncture of her legs. And my mother let me look at her! She didn't rush back to hide herself. She took her time, in fact I realized later that she'd almost posed for me. I think that after two days at the Rising Sun, after two days of exposure to naked bodies, including her sons, her ingrained modesty had been overtaken by a desire to display herself. To show that she had a body too. A beautiful body.

"You know ma, you don't look that bad for an old forty year old lady," I teased.

"I don't?" she asked sarcastically. But she'd seen the real admiration in my eyes. And I realized that she loved seeing it. You think of your mom as just your mom, yes someone you love, but sexless ... until something like this happens and you suddenly realize she's a sexual being too.

Izzy was straining to hear us so I announced a little louder than necessary, "You know mom, when Izzy grows up maybe she'll have breasts as nice as yours."

"Don't tease your sister Charlie," mom instructed but her smile indicated her true feelings towards my comment. Moms can be vain too. She continued to pose for her son. Stood taller. Arched her back and pulled back her shoulders. Seemed even to thrust out her hair covered mound.

"I hate you," echoed across the water, then, "and don't look," Izzy ordered as she slowly waded out of the water, one arm struggling to cover her breasts while she placed the other strategically between her legs.

Pretending to ignore her I continued to talk to mom as Izzy bent to grab the soap and shampoo. However my darting eyes didn't miss a curve. My next statement just popped into my mind and was spoken before I knew it, clearly the result of Sophie's and my conversation. "You know ma, maybe you and dad should have another baby ... you're still young enough."

Isabel abruptly stopped her retreat back into the water as she turned to protest. "That's crazy, why would they want another child?" she demanded. She'd forgotten her nudity as she waved her arms to emphasize her point.

"We'll be gone soon. Mom's only forty-one. Why not?" I asked as my eyes moved across the naked form of my sister. I knew immediately this vision would dominate my dreams for the foreseeable future. Then back to my mother. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were now erect and then, when I looked up into her eyes I saw something I'd never seen before in them. A challenge? An invitation? Then I just stared as I watched mom's eyes drift downward.

"What about daddy? He's too old-"

Isabel was interrupted by her mother before she could finish. "We have talked about it Charlie."

"You have?" Izzy demanded as she rushed out of the water. The same words lay unspoken on my lips. But I immediately realized it made sense. Why the hell not?

But knowing my little sister was the expert at extracting information I let her go at it. I simply stood back and watched the interplay between mother and daughter. Both of them beautiful and naked. Both of them standing just feet away from a horny teenager who loved them both. Whose cock, even after all the exercise it had just had, started to show a little life. I reached for the camera I'd put on the stairs. My penis grew.

I caught the end of one of mom's answer to an Isabel question. "We're going to decide next week ... when I get home," mom said.

"You're really serious?"

"Uh huh," mom responded.

"But you haven't done anything about it yet? You're still on the pill?" Then Isabel saw the answer in mom's eyes and pressed on. "You've gone off the pill? Does daddy know?"

Mom started to blush, but then, after a quick questioning glance at me, decided to answer. "I just went off it a few weeks ago honey. We haven't had ... I mean we haven't," she started but didn't finish the sentence. They haven't had sex since then I finished for her in my head.

Mom wants to have a baby! She's not on birth control!

Thoughts arrive in your brain unbidden. One second, something, some idea that is totally foreign to everything you know, suddenly appears in some synapse and is transmitted into your awareness. Its there and you can't do anything about it. Oh you can try to forget it ... or ignore it ... or bury it ... but it's there ... it was echoing around my brain...


... my penis stirred...

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