Returning Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jessie's life after returning home from the service.

I had my final discharge papers after serving six years in the Army. It was a great day for me. I still had on my uniform as I was driving home after purchasing my new (used) truck. It might have been a couple of years old but it was new to me and it was mine. I even paid cash for it.

I had about forty miles to go when I stopped for gas. It was at one of these convenience store places. I slipped in my credit card when a car pulled in. It was facing me since we had the fuel filler door on opposite sides of our vehicle. I could see through the other car's front window.

There was a nice looking woman and it looked like two young kids in the back seat. They were both in some type of car seat. I watched the young woman get out of the car and slip her credit card into the slot.

I was filling my tank on the automatic while checking out the woman. She never started pumping her gas. Instead, she took her card and went into the store. I figured the machine wouldn't take her card.

The little girl in the back seat could see me and kept waving to me. Of course, I smiled and waved back. She kept doing it and laughing, so I kept waving back at her.

The woman came out looking really mad. I finished filling my tank and walked over to her car, and asked her if I could assist her in any way.

"He used up my debit card and I can't get gas, the bastard," said the young woman.

She looked up at me and apologized to me. "I'm sorry," she said while looking through her purse. "I wasn't really talking to you. I was just talking out loud. My boyfriend or should I say ex-boyfriend must have used up the total on our joint debit card. I need gas to get to where I'm going and only have ten dollars in my purse."

I heard the little girl in the back seat say, "Mommy, I'm hungry. When are we going to McDonalds?"

Her mom answered her. "Molly, I'm sorry, Sweetie; but Mommy doesn't have enough money to go out to eat. I'm lucky if I have enough money for gas to get to Aunt Susie's."

"You promised us Mommy..."

"Molly, please ... not now. Mommy has to think for a minute. You talk to Robbie for a minute while Mommy figures out what to do."

"Maybe I can help. Let me give you a few dollars for gas and you can use your money for McDonalds."

"Why would you do that? You don't even know me," said the lady.

"I'm Sergeant or at least I was Sergeant Brown until earlier today. I retired from the military and I'm heading home. This is one of the best days of my life and I would like to help you out."

"I can't just accept money from you. We don't even know each other."

"I'm Jess Brown and who may you be?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, I'm Chrissy Lane. The little girl with the curly red hair is Molly. The little boy is my son Robbie. We just left a bad living situation and are headed to a friend's house."

Molly spoke out, "I'm four years old and Robbie is going on two. He's my little brother. My Daddy was a hero. Mommy showed us his picture. He has a uniform on just like you. Did you know my Daddy? He died."

God, what was I supposed to say to this little girl? She was as cute as a button. She reminded me of the little red-haired girl in the Peanuts comic strip.

"No, honey, I didn't know your dad personally but I did hear his name mentioned and he was a hero. He even got the purple heart."

"Yes he did, mommy showed it to me," she said with a smile.

Of course, I didn't know her dad's name or even what branch of the service he was in, but she was happy with my reply. All those killed in the line of duty get the Purple Heart.

Chrissy smiled at me and then her face looked scared. "Oh my God, I left my stupid debit card in the store. I have to go back and get it."

While she walked back in the store I handed Molly a folded twenty dollar bill and told her to keep it a secret till after I left and then to tell her mommy that she was going to treat her to dinner at McDonalds. "Can you keep it a secret?" I asked Molly.

"Yes I can. Mommy's going to be surprised."

I went over to the pump, slipped in my credit card and started filling her tank. She came out of the store and asked me, "What are you doing?"

I smiled at her. "You look smarter than that. I'm putting gas in your car. It's almost full now."

"$65.00! I don't have enough money to pay for it," said Chrissy.

"I put it on my credit card. Don't worry about it," I replied.

"I can't accept that; I don't know you."

"Yes you do, I introduced myself, remember? Jess Brown. Look Chrissy, I just got out of the service. I spent six years helping people in foreign countries that I don't even know. I'm happy that I can help a fellow American in need. Please, just accept it, besides it's already paid for."

"I'll pay you back. Give me your address and I'll send you the money."

"Okay, I'll tell you what. Here's my cell phone number. If you want to pay me back, just call and I'll let you know my address then. I'm staying at my parents' for a few weeks till I get settled in."

"That's fair enough. I promise you I'll repay you. Thank you so much for helping us out."

I walked to the side window and said goodbye to a smiling Molly and her brother Robbie. They sure were some cute kids. Maybe someday I would be so lucky to have kids that seemed as nice as they did. Molly was still smiling as I said goodbye to Chrissy.

"What's so funny, Molly?" Chrissy asked with a smile.

"I can't tell you yet, Mommy. I have to wait till Jess leaves." The little gal even remembered my name.

I said goodbye once again and drove out of the parking lot. I was just out of sight of Chrissy's vision when I saw her open the car door and look around. Molly must have told her about dinner. I saw her get back in and drive over to the McDonald's parking lot across the street

My heart really felt good as I headed on home to my parents. I still had a good forty miles to go before getting home ... When I got to the house, my mom and dad, my brother Bill and my sister Sue all greeted me. After all the hugs and kisses, we talked for a few minutes. Mom told me they were throwing me a party the next day and asked if I would wear my uniform.

I told her I would. Both my brother and sister told me that they would see me the next day. They would bring their families then since they just stopped by to welcome me home. After they left I changed my clothes and sat down to a home cooked meal. Nobody could cook as good as my mom.

Dad and Mom lived in the country. Dad still worked at the mill and did a little farming, if you want to call it that. They had some rabbits that dad raised and mom took care of the chickens. They had two dogs and a goat. There were always cats wandering around the place. I couldn't even guess how many. All I know is my mom fed them. Dad said they helped keep down the mouse population.

They had eggs for sale and about three times a year dad sold most of the rabbits. He liked them to get between four and eight pounds to get the best price but always kept a few for breeding. He told me it took about nine weeks for the rabbits to multiply. After that, he just raised them.

Of course, like most country or at least farm people, they had a big garden. My brother and sister both lived in town but did help my parents with the garden. We really did have a caring family.

The house was much bigger than they needed but it's the only house I ever remember. I had my own room, which was kind of in the attic. Mom had all my old stuff still in there. They used it for a storage room now. After eating, I went up and moved most of the stored stuff into the back of the attic, and got my room livable again. I didn't know how long I would be living there.

I sat on my bed and wondered about that woman that I helped. What exactly was her story? She was a pretty gal with a natural beauty about her. You could tell Molly took after her with the red hair. I had to wonder if I should have gotten her address, but then again what kind of woman was she. She had two kids, supposedly a dead husband and an ex-boyfriend. That was quite a bit of luggage there.

A little bit about my past life; I was born and raised right here in this very house. My brother Bill was older than me and went to college. He was in management at the mill where pop worked. He told me to come and see him when I returned from the service and he'd help find me a job.

Sue was my little sister. She was four years younger then me. When I went in the service, I was twenty and she was a sophomore in high school. Now she was married with a child of her own that just turned one. I was gone for the full six years and only made it home for two weeks after boot camp. I was stationed overseas so I didn't want to spend all my free time on airplanes.

I missed my family but I had to get away from a bad relationship. I guessed that's why I joined in the first place. I'll try to explain a little of my past.

I had a girlfriend by the name of Brenda. We were like lifetime girlfriend and boyfriend; we grew up together and went to grade school together. Her parents lived on the farm next to us. In fact, her parents still live there.

We dated in high school but that's when things seemed to change. She was involved in cheerleading and I was somewhat of a nerd and not into sports. It wasn't that I wasn't physically fit because I was. I actually worked out a few days a week. It was that I didn't want to use all my free time playing sports.

My senior year I did run cross-country. Of course, Brenda and I saw less and less of each other. After one of our school's cross-country meets, I headed into the shower at the school. When I came out, I saw Brenda leaning up again the wall talking with one of the football players. They were way too close for comfort in my opinion.

When they saw me, Matt quickly put a little distance between them. Brenda looked a little shocked when she saw me. I didn't say anything at that time but I knew our relationship wasn't looking too cool.

We did go to the prom together and that night was the first penetration sex I ever had. We had played around a lot but this was the real thing. It's something you never forget. I didn't last very long. We were in the car and she still had on her prom dress. We got into the back seat and I started feeling her off like she always let me do. I've even fingered her quite a few times and she masturbated me a couple of times, but this time we went all the way.

Looking back it was a bit funny. Ever since the tenth grade, I carried condoms in my wallet. I wanted to be prepared if it ever happened. It finally did two years later. I was so excited. I told her how much I loved her and wanted to be with her forever. She smiled but never responded in a like manner. I found out why a few weeks later at a graduation party.

One of the other cheerleaders was throwing a graduation party. She invited me, which was kind of a surprise because I wasn't really part of the jock group. I told Brenda that I wasn't going seeing I didn't hang with these people. She just told me it was my loss, that they were fun people.

I changed my mind and drove over later to Lynn's house. The party was going pretty good. Lynn's older brother and sister were overseeing the party. Believe it or not, there was no booze just lots of food and loud music. It was in the country so no one minded.

Lynn was surprised when I showed up. "Jess, you came. I saw Brenda come with Matt. She said you were a party pooper. Did you two break up?"

I was lost for words. "Umm ... I umm ... I just changed my mind. Where is Brenda anyway? I don't see her or Matt."

"Oh God! Jess, please don't make a scene at my party."

"What are you talking about? Where are they, Lynn? Tell me now or there will be a scene," I replied.

She walked back to the barn with me and we walked in. There was my supposed girlfriend fucking on a blanket lying on the hay. It took them a while to notice us.

Brenda screamed when she saw me. Matt pulled out quickly and his cock went soft. He looked a sight with his pants down around his ankles. He reached over and grabbed a pitchfork that was nearby. He held it out as if he was going to stab me.

Matt was scared to death. "Jess, this isn't what it looks like."

"What? It looks like you're fucking my girlfriend." I was rather calm but very mad.

"I love her and she loves me. We've been lovers for months now. She was afraid to tell you."

"Months? We went to the prom last month. Were you with her before that?" I asked.

"Yes, ever since you saw us together at the school. I'm sorry Jess but I really love her. I'm willing to fight for her if you give me time to pull my pants up."

Now it all came together. She went to the prom with me because our parents were friends. The reason she never said she loved me was because she didn't. I guess I wasn't her first; Matt got that privilege or someone else did. She had now pulled her shorts back up and stood next to Matt. He saw I wasn't about to attack him and set down the pitchfork and pulled his pants back up.

"Well Brenda, is it true? Are you in love with Matt? Was he the one who took your cherry? I know it wasn't me."

Matt looked at me. "What are you saying, Jess?"

"I'm saying that the first time Brenda and I made love, oh, let me change that. The first time we had sex was on prom night. We did it one more time in the barn last Saturday. So I guess your new girlfriend has some explaining to do."

"He's lying to you Matt. We never did it prom night or last week. It was only one time and it was before you and I were together. Honest Matt! He's just trying to put thoughts in your mind," said Brenda.

I stared at her. I guess she must have told Matt that she was a virgin and I took it from her. What the hell was I supposed to say. What good would it do to argue with her about me taking her cherry? I knew I didn't and now I knew Matt didn't; that meant she had sex with at least one other guy while we were together.

I told Matt, "She's all yours Buddy. Not only is she a cheat but she's a fucking liar. She isn't worth fighting over." I turned and pushed my way past Lynn who looked disgusted by it all.

"Thanks for not fighting Jess; I really appreciate it. I'm so sorry; you're too nice a guy to be cheated on," said Lynn as I walked to my car.

"As you can see Lynn, nice guys finish last," I said as I drove away.

I was glad our houses had a good fifty yards separating them. I really didn't want to see her again. For a young guy I guess I felt betrayed and it stuck with me. I had a hard time trusting women after that.

I got a part time job working in a computer store while I took electronic courses. Mom and dad were already helping Bill with his college expenses and I didn't want to burden them with more. I knew they would go into debt to help put me through but I wasn't going to let that happen. I figured I'd just take courses and see if that's where my interest truly was.

I was on a fairly tight schedule since I worked at the store six days a week, attended classes three nights a week and tried to work out twice a week. I wanted to forget about Brenda and I felt if I kept busy that it would be easier.

It was harder during the summer because at night I could see the house from my third floor room. With binoculars, I could see her and Matt must have worked things out. He must have liked her enough to believe her or he just liked the sex.

One day at work, I looked up and saw Lynn come in the store. She needed to replace her keyboard and mouse on her computer. We talked for a little bit and she thanked me again for not ruining her graduation party.

"What would I have gained by doing that? You were always nice to me even though I wasn't part of your group," I responded.

"Jess, maybe you never noticed but a lot of girls were interested in you. It's just that you were always with Brenda and never asked any of us out," replied Lynn.

"What, I swear I didn't know. I guess looking back I passed up on some opportunities to date a few nice looking gals," I said as I smiled.

Lynn smiled and paid for her purchases. She would be attending college in the fall. I thought 'what the hell'. "Lynn, would you like to take in a movie Saturday night? I'll even let you pick it out."

She smiled and said, "Why not, you know where I live; pick me up at 6:00."

I was a bit nervous. Lynn would actually be the only girl I dated other then Brenda. I didn't have to worry because Lynn was fun to be with. We saw a comedy and stopped off at a fast food place to get a meal. Lynn did tell me that she knew of Brenda cheating but didn't want to get involved. She said Brenda had dated a couple of guys that were in college.

Lynn told me she dated too, but didn't have a steady boyfriend; that was the difference between her and Brenda. We kissed goodnight but it wasn't a passionate sort of kiss. We went out one more time before she went away to college. At least she was up front with me. We were going out as friends.

The summer went by quickly and most of my old friends headed off to college somewhere. Of course, some were out there looking for work. The job market was kind of tight. I went on with my life, taking electronic classes and working at the store.

I did date a few of the customers. We had sex but I never built any kind of close relationships with these girls/women. They all dated other people and I guess I was just another date. I guess I shouldn't look at it that way but it was kind of how I felt. We all just had sex for the sake of sex.

It was almost a year later when an Army recruiter came into the store looking for some electronic equipment. He started talking to me about enlisting in the Army. I told him that I was about to finish another electronics class and he explained to me that if I were to enlist and pass the qualified test that the Army would pay for my education. I could learn in the service.

I knew some of what he was feeding me was a line of bullshit, but also there was a lot of truth in it. I talked to my parents about it. They stood behind my decision even though they worried about me. I took the entrance tests and qualified for the electronics program. I wanted a week to think about it and the recruiter gave me the time. The problem was if I wanted that specific program, I would have to sign up for six years with deployment overseas. That was no bullshit.

That very night I was lying on my bed looking out the window and trying to reach a decision. From a distance, it looked like Brenda was home again. I looked out through my binoculars and saw she was in a car with a guy I didn't recognize. By the way the car was bouncing around, I figured she was cheating on Matt again. I almost wanted to call him but thought better of it. She wasn't my concern anymore.

I guess that was the breaking point for me. I wanted to go on with my life. I wanted a career in electronics and the Army was laying it all out there for me. I called the recruiter on Monday and signed the papers. The next six years of my life would belong to the Army.

My sister Sue cried along with mom but I told them I would be fine. I could tell my dad was proud of me. He even had tears in his eyes. It made me think of how all across the country there were many guys and gals enlisting just like me. All these families would be touched just like mine. It was an awesome thought.

I had a few weeks to get my affairs in order. Lynn found out I had enlisted and we actually had a goodbye fuck. It was our first and our last. After we were finished, I asked her to write me. She told me she would but she also said she now had a boyfriend.

I didn't get it. Why have a boyfriend or girlfriend if you are going to cheat on them. It must be a new era in dating. It wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong here. I'm all for having sex but don't be going with someone or be married and cheat on them. Just stay unattached and single if you want the sexual life.

Boot camp was hard but I was physically fit enough to do it. It made me wonder if I made the right decision. For the first few weeks, I wasn't allowed to have contact with my family. That sucked, but I figured most of us were homesick enough.

After boot camp, I went home for a couple of weeks and then would be stationed state side for a while and ship overseas. It was hard leaving the second time. I knew I probably wouldn't see my family for a long time. There would be a lot of life changes in that time for all of us.

This story isn't about everything that happened overseas but I sure did grow up and learn what's important to me. I did get the electronics education I wanted so I wouldn't have any problem getting a job.

Here I was six years later sitting on my bed thinking. I glanced out the window and there was the Thomas's house. I had to wonder where Brenda ended up. I got letters from friends and relatives but it's hard to remember what everyone said. Most asked me all kinds of questions about what I was doing.

I took out my binoculars and looked around the yard. We still had the chickens and the rabbits. I guess maybe not as much changed as I thought. Probably it was just the people. I would find out more about them tomorrow.

All in all, I was glad to be home. The last thing I remember before going to sleep was the little red-haired girl, Molly waving at me through the car window. It made me smile to think what her mother must have thought when Molly told her she was going to buy dinner.

Morning came as the rooster crowed. I got up to help dad with the chickens and the rabbits. I told them the night before that I would help them get things ready for our small gathering today.

After taking care of the animals and gathering up the eggs, dad asked me to help put a sign up across the front of the barn. We each got a ladder and he unrolled the sign. It immediately brought tears to my eyes. It said, "Welcome home Jess, our hometown hero. Glad to have you back."

As dad and I put up the sign, my sister Sue and her husband, Dan arrived to help us finish getting things ready. I asked Sue where her baby was and she told me a friend was watching her and would be over later. Sue and Dan were married two years ago. I wasn't able to make it home for the wedding. They now had a daughter Kimmie who was around a year old. I was looking forward to meeting her.

"I think dad and I have it pretty much under control. I guess we just need to put out a few tables and chairs," I told Sue. She started laughing as she went in to help mom.

I couldn't help but wonder what was so funny until a big truck pulled up. "What's in the truck, Dad?" I asked.

"Tables and chairs. We need to set them up. We have them rented till Monday," said dad.

We had to unload over twenty tables and a hundred and fifty chairs. "Dad, exactly how big is this party?" I asked.

"I have no idea, Jess. I just hope we have enough tables and chairs," he replied.

I couldn't believe that many people would come and see me. I figured mom and dad over did it a bit.

A couple of hours later, people and food started to arrive. Dad told me to go get my uniform on and to greet the guests which I did.

My aunts and uncles and their families showed up. Everyone looked so different. All these little cousins had grown up, many with families of their own. All the neighbors that I remembered where there. Each greeted me and thanked me for my service to our country. Almost everyone brought food. My dad informed me that this party would be lasting a long time.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas came and she gave me a big hug. I did ask about Brenda and Mrs. Thomas said she would be here later. She was married now and had one child and another on the way. I was wondering if she ever married Matt.

I was surprised to hear she would be coming. I remember Mr. Thomas saying, "Son, the whole damn town is proud of you. We're glad to see you made it home safely."

Mrs. Thomas added, "We've always loved you like a son. We always thought that someday you and Brenda would marry but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Her husband Dave is a really nice man. She met him in college. He works in management in the department store in town."

I guess that answered my questions about Matt and Brenda.

More and more people were arriving. I could hardly believe they were here for me. I saw a lot of my old classmates. Some married and some already divorced. As I was talking to a few friends, a car pulled up. It looked so familiar. Sue walked out to greet the occupant. She brought over my niece to meet me. What a little doll baby.

"Kimmie, this is your uncle Jessie." She handed me that little girl and I squeezed her tight. This was what family was all about. I kissed my niece and handed her back to Sue.

"Jess, I want you to meet a good friend of mine."

I turned and the woman in the car was Chrissy. She unbelted Molly who ran right over as soon as she saw me. "Hi Jess, is this party for you?" she said as I gave her a hug.

"Jess do you know, Molly? Oh my God! You're the soldier that helped them out yesterday aren't you?" replied Sue.

"Yea," said Molly. "He gave me money and we surprised mommy."

I heard Chrissy say, "Molly, stay here till I get your brother out of his car seat." She hadn't seen me yet. She turned around and looked at me. She had Robbie in her arms.

"Oh my God, it's you. I had no idea. So, you're Sue's brother. I've heard so much about you. It never dawned on me that this party was for you. You really are as nice as everyone says," said Chrissy

I wanted to ask her a few questions but right then mom came over and greeted Chrissy and the kids. Molly gave my mom and dad a hug.

"Hi, Grandma," said Molly. Then my parents hugged Robbie. What was going on? How did they know each other? Grandma? Molly called my mom Grandma.

About that time, a group of musicians came up to me and asked where they should set up. My head was full of questions but I guess they would have to wait. People were still coming in. Now I see why dad was worried about the number of tables and chairs.

I kept greeting people and tried to see where Chrissy went. Later I found out she was busy inside helping my mother. My brother-in-law, Dan, was watching his baby as well as Molly and Robbie.

There was finally a break in the action and I went to get myself a plate of food. I was sitting there eating when Chrissy came over and sat next to me. She had Robbie in a stroller. Molly had a plate of food and sat next to me. She was always smiling at me. It wouldn't take much to love this little girl or her smiling little brother either.

"Jess, I am going to pay you back as soon as I get my bank card and statement; I promise."

"What? You came here to tell me that. I'm not worried about that. I don't care if you never give it to me. By the way, how was dinner? Molly told me she treated you," I said with a laugh.

"Oh, that was a good one. That little sneak got me good." Molly was laughing next to me as her mom smiled at her. "I'll give that back —"

"Stop right there! The gas, fine, if you feel you need to but the dinner was from Molly, so if you owe anyone it's her, not me," I replied. "How do you know mom and dad so well? I have to admit I was a bit surprised," I said.

"That's a long story. I can explain it at another time. I promised Mom, I'm sorry, I mean your mom that I would be in to help her," replied Chrissy.

"You call my mother, Mom?" I asked.

"Yes, I have for years. That's why the kids call her grandma; well Robbie calls her Nana. Well, I have to go. It was nice talking to you and I hope to see you often."

As soon as she left, I knew I needed to know more about her. I would have to admit that I was a bit concerned about her. I guess she was about twenty-three, same age as Sue, she's been married but her husband died and then she moves in with a guy and now out again. I liked her but didn't want to invite a lot of trouble into my life.

I had to get back to greeting people. I saw a face that looked familiar and realized it was Matt. He greeted me and said it was nice to see me again. I couldn't believe that behind him was Lynn and two little kids.

"Hi Jess, welcome home. It's so good to see you again." She gave me a light kiss.

"There have been a lot of changes since you enlisted. In case you didn't notice, Matt and I are married and these are our kids. Who would have ever thought that Matt and I would be together? I guess fate was in the air."

I told them it was quite a surprise and wished them both the best. I had to admit that it was quite a surprise. After Matt and Lynn left, I noticed Brenda and her husband coming up to me.

"Hi old friend. So good to see you arrive home well. We have been praying for you," said Brenda as she leaned forward and kissed me. That brought back memories as we looked into each other's eyes.

"This is my husband, Dave and my son Dave Jr. Dave, this is Jess; he was my best friend for many, many years. As you can see we lived next door to each other."

"Glad to meet you, Jess," said Dave. "The Thomas's have always spoke well of you. I feel like I already know you," Dave said with a laugh.

"Good to meet you too, Dave. Take care of the little lady," I said as I smiled, pointing to Brenda.

It really wasn't easy talking to Brenda or Dave. Just too many burnt bridges with Brenda but we always remember our first.

"I'll take good care of her. We're expecting our second child in about six months," said Dave.

"Well congratulations, seems to have been a lot of families started while I was gone. Again, I wish you two the best," I said as I shook Dave's hand.

As they walked away, I could feel a look from Brenda. Maybe I was just seeing things but she gave me a come-hither look. At least that's the way it felt.

The party went on and I was talking to everyone and being as nice as I could. It was somewhat hard for me being the center of attention like this. So much had happened since I left.

I did find out in conversations that Chrissy and her mother moved here during her junior year. She and Sue soon became best friends. Chrissy was dating a guy named Robert Lane who I really don't remember. Shortly after she graduated, they got married. Molly was born shortly after that. Jobs were hard to find so he enlisted in the army.

According to what I heard, he came home on leave after around two years and after going back he never returned; he was killed in action. Chrissy had given birth to Robbie and he was a year old before his father died. His father only had a few months to go before returning home. Robert had never had a chance to see his son. Of course this was what different people had told me.

It really tore me up inside. I could only imagine how everyone felt. I don't think it can get much worse. In Chrissy's case it did. Her mother had died two months after the death of her husband. I didn't know all the particulars but I knew I would find out eventually.

What lead Chrissy to move in with this guy Kyle? It must have been within months of her mother's death. I would have to wait for the answers, after all this was supposed to be my party.

I was talking to a couple of people when I saw Molly pushing Robbie in the stroller down the walk toward me; they really looked cute. She came up to me and asked, "Jessie, could you take me and Robbie to see the aminols?

"You mean animals Molly? I smiled.

"That's what I said, aminols. Grandma said you still have chickens and rabbits. Me and Robbie want to see them. Mom said to ask you to show them to us."

I looked up toward the door and saw Chrissy smiling. I knew Molly was telling the truth. I told her to step up on the back of the stroller and I would push it. We went over and looked at the rabbits, chickens and even the goat.

I noticed that we had more kittens also. I let them pet the rabbits and the kittens. You would have thought I took them to the zoo. Even little Robbie was having fun petting the rabbits and kittens.

"I like aminols," said Molly.

"I'll tell you what Molly. I'll take you and Robbie to the zoo sometime and we'll see all kinds of animals."

"When Jessie? When can we go?" asked Molly.

"It will be awhile. We'll make plans and make sure mommy wants to go," I replied.

Molly gave me a hug. When Robbie saw it, he wanted to hug me too. After hugging them both I pushed them back up to the house. Robbie got out of the stroller and he and Molly went back inside to see their mother.

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