Family Therapy: From Curse of the House of Incest
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Orgy,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a spinoff from Curse of The House of Incest. Another family is seduced by incest feeders, with overpowering impulses to bring others into the forbidden practice.

"I'm going to have to get the refund for the tickets credited to the charge account I used," Doctor Daniel Falon said, looking across the restaurant table at his lovely wife, Doctor Nancy Falon. Nancy had rich, chestnut brown, naturally wavy hair that draped over her slender shoulders, framing her delicate featured, beautiful face perfectly. Her skin tone was a combination of a swedish mother, and lebanese father, a rich, kind of permanent bronze tan which highlighted her clear blue eyes. Naturally curvaceous, she always drew several glances and desirous stares, if one could get away with it.

"I am so disappointed that they canceled the play and didn't notify anyone," she said, looking at her husband. Daniel, or Dan, had the features of a handsome boxer, his hair thick and black, which he kept long enough to comb back behind his ears. He kept in shape by training with mixed martial artists. Both his parents were of italian descent, which gave him a meditteranean olive skin tone, and deep brown eyes. The great-grandfather immigrant from his father's side had his name accidentally changed from Fallonini to Falon at Ellis Island. "They could at least have sent out an email, notifying everyone," she said, studying the menu.

"I s'pose when the lead actors and their understudies come down with the flu suddenly," he commented, looking at his menu. "There's not much else they can do. I'm just glad we got a seat when we did, before the other disappointed patrons show up."

"Have you noticed lately that the kids have't been going out, or hanging around with their non-metal friends at all anymore?" Nancy asked. She and Dan were both Ph.D. psychologists who had their own clinic in an upscale neighborhood, which specialized in family therapy. "I'm a little concerned about their social interactions, especially Ashley. She used to go out on dates with boys that have a potential future, now all she does is hang out with the twins and their heavy metal band, or death metal, or whatever it is you call it these days. And I was under the impression that the goth look had gone out of style."

Ashley was a senior at a private high school. She looked like a younger version of Nancy, only with hazel colored eyes, and she insisted on keeping her hair colored golden blonde, with lighter streaks. Ethan and Nick were juniors at the same school. They were identical twins who looked like Dan, only they were at the stage where they had to have their black hair long enough to hang over their shoulders.

"They're grades are starting to slip, and they're also very tense around us, or whenever we're around," Nancy said, frowning. "Ashley used to confide in me about private matters, but now it's as if there's a wall between us. They're all being secretive about something and I believe it's time we find out what."

"Well, they do socialize with texting, online messaging, and cell phones," Dan answered. "I guess you could consider electronic socializing as being possibly healthy human interaction," he shrugged. "Although it's definitely not direct human contact. I think it's time we had a family discussion with them about their grades and work in the social interaction matter and secretiveness thing," he paused, frowned, and looked thoughtful.

"What?" Nancy asked, studying Dan. "I can read you like a book. I can tell you know something."

"Well," Dan said hesitantly. "Ethan did confide in me about the name they had chosen for their band."

Nancy stared at him.

"Promise me as a licensed psychologist that you will not divulge this information," he said, attempting to lighten the subject.

Nancy stared at him.

"Ethan told me they call their band ... Incestonators," he stated flatly.

"Oh, my god," Nancy said quietly. "I do have something else to share. I found some books on witchcraft and the occult in Ashley's room-and I don't mean the white magick, modern Wiccan kind," she said in a very hushed tone.

The two psychologists began engaging in a lengthy conversation as to what methods might be most effective in dealing with their children's social interactions, grades, and involvement in the occult as a waiter came to take their order.

As the Falon's ate italian cuisine with wine, the O'brien's and Robertson's were having their family orgies around the campfire. As the Falon's left the restaurant and were on their way home, the O'brien's and Robertson's were engaging in their heated sodomizing session in the lake.

"I don't recall there being rain in the forecast," Dan said, turning the windshield wipers on high.

The Tibetans say, and modern physics indicates, that all things are interconnected, so as the Falon's pulled their BMW into the brick driveway of their upper class home in their uspscale neighborhood, the feeders that had made it through the portal sensed the occult symbols and potential within the expensive house. They descended on the wind...

"The house is dark," Dan observed as he pressed the remote to open the paneled garage door.

"Their cars are here, so they're probably in the basement in the sound stage they built, practicing their ... music, if that's what you'd call it," Nancy said, looking at Ashley's Mustang, and the twins' old Volkswagen van they were in the process of restoring.

"Well, let's go see if we can get them into a productive discussion," Dan said with resignation as they exited the car. "It's interesting how it's so much easier to deal with patients than your own immediate family," he said as they entered the house through the side door leading into the large, tiled mudroom.

"You know it's much more therapeutic to address this situation now, rather than having to deal with a family crisis later," Nancy said as she slipped off her high heels.

"You know I can't argue that," Dan agreed, taking off his dress shoes. "But the perennial question is, and has always been: How to get your kids out of a potentially life destructive lifestyle?"

"Let's go downstairs and see what's going on," Nancy said exiting the mudroom, Dan following her.

"Sure enough," Nancy said as they walked through the home theatre room with the well stocked wet bar in the corner. They could hear the thumping of Nick's drums and the faint screeching of Ethan's guitar as they neared the sound stage in the section of the basement by the furnace.

"Prepare yourself for the decibel level," Dan said as he put his hand on the latch of the heavy door leading into the sound stage.

Nancy put her hands over her ears as Dan opened the door.

Nancy couldn't believe the noise that exploded out of the room, even with her hands covering here ears. She looked up at Dan, who cringed at first and then began turning the single overhead lightbulb on and off to get their kids' attention.

Ethan and Nick stopped playing and Nancy put her hands down.

"What are you guys doing home?" Ashley asked, looking up at them as she reclined on one of the black bean bags the kids had gotten for their practice room.

"Yeah, we thought you were at a play," Ethan said, holding his guitar.

"The play was canceled," Nancy said, her eyes sweeping the room, taking note of almost every detail in one long, maternal glance. The walls had been painted black, with red pentagrams and white circles around them. She noticed they had even painted the cement floor black with a large red pentagram and white circle on, that she and Dan were standing in. Ashley was wearing her black miniskirt and fishnet stocking ensemble. And of course, the twins wore black jeans and they all had on black T-shirts with some kind of bizarre occult symbol on. The only lights they had on in the room when Dan opened the door were numerous lit colored candles placed on the floor around the room.

"A 'hello' would have been nice," Dan said, forcing a smile. "Your mother and I would like to have a short talk with you, if that's alright," he said.

The kids knew it wasn't a request. "Sure," Nick said, sitting behind his drums.

"About what?" Ashley asked, rolling her eyes.

Nancy ignored the sarcasm and looked at Dan to begin the discussion.

Dan leaned against the wall, rather than standing straight in a 'power position', and began speaking and smiling in his casual, professional manner...

Nancy listened and stood with her hands hanging at her sides, rather than folded across her chest in a defensive posture. She felt a warm breeze in the room and the heavy door blew shut abruptly, startling everyone.

"I wonder where that wind came from," she smiled, somewhat shaken. She felt her skin tingling and goosebumps all over her body as she moved to the door. She pulled the latch and found she could not open the door. "I think it's stuck," she said, looking at Dan.

Dan moved to the door and pulled the latch, putting his shoulder against it. "What the hell?" he said in surprise.

As the kids were watching their parents, Nick and Ethan started playing their instruments. Not loud. Not soft. Just a deep, steady thumping pulse with the drums and a rhythm from the guitar to emphasize the pulse.

"Stop that!" Nancy said, looking at the twins as Dan pushed against the door and found he couldn't open it.

"I can't!" Nick and Ethan said simultaneously, which was usual for the twins.

Ethan looked at his fingers on the guitar as they moved on their own volition. He turned to Nick who looked at him as confused as he was as his arms and feet kept pounding on the drums and pedal.

Nancy looked down at her foot and found she was tapping to the beat. She stared at her foot and tried to make it stop and was shocked to discover she couldn't. She could feel the beat moving like a sensuous pulse inside her as she found her hips starting to move. She was beginning to feel fear; she was starting to lose control of her own body

"I'm gonna have to break the door," Dan said, looking down at Nancy as she was starting to sway with the beat.

"Do what you have to do," she said, looking confused and alarmed. She sensed something was in the room with them. Something evil, powerful ... and hungry. She noticed Ashley's head was bobbing and both her feet in time to the beat as she sat on a black bean bag. She lookd scared. She knew they had to get out of the room quickly.

"Can't you guys knock it off?" Dan snapped, he was becoming frustrated and alarmed as he pushed against the door with all his might. He looked down and noticed his foot was tapping to the beat. He focused on his foot and found he couldn't stop it from tapping. He spun around and gave a powerful kick to the heavy door. It didn't budge.

"We can't stop playing!" they both said, sounding frightened as they felt the tension and fear growing in the room.

Ashley got off the bean bag and started to dance to the beat. "What the hell is going on?!" she yelled, sounding very scared.

Nancy found herself dancing over to Ashley. "It must be some kind of hypnosis," she said desperately, looking at Dan who was starting to move with the music.

"I can't stop myself!" Dan said angrily. "Nick and Ethan! Stop this at once!" he yelled as he danced over to Nancy and Ashley in front of the twins. Much as he tried, he could not control his own movements.

"We can't!" they yelled back in unison, knowing that their father knew they were as helpless as the rest of them were.

"Maybe it's a demon!" Ethan yelled.

"It's gotta be more than one!" Nick yelled.

"Could this be some kind of possession?!" Nancy asked loudly as her dancing became more energetic. "We don't have control over our own bodies!"

"There's got to be another explanation," Dan answered, moving faster as he tried to come up with a rational, scientific explanation. "Hysteria," he suggested. "Some kind of group hysteria!"

"Somebody do something!" Ashley cried, looking at her parents for help as she began dancing faster.

"Something is trying to take us over completely!" Nancy said desperately. "Can't you feel it?!" She was beginning to lose control of her own thoughts and mental images, and where they were going she could not admit, even to herself.

"Say some prayers!" Dan yelled at Nancy desperately. "You believe in God!" He had become extremely desperate to ask that. He was an atheist, but he knew Nancy had some kind of faith in a deity. He asked for prayer because of the vivid images and heated scenarios that were starting to play uncontrollably, in his mind's eye. Two years ago some of his patients had canceled their afternoon sessions with him because of illness. He had come home early and was unintentionally quiet. Nancy was at the clinic, and the twins were out with friends. He had gone past Ashley's room upstairs and heard noises. Her door was slightly ajar and he peered in out of curiosity. Ashley was sixty-nining with one of her boyfriends. They were both naked, their clothes scattered on her floor. She was on top of him as she straddled over his face. He pulled away from the door and quietly left the house. He never told Nancy because he knew she had had numerous talks with Ashley. The heated image of her going down so knowingly on that stiff, young cock still played a significant role in his personal fantasy life. He felt now, as helpless as he did in grade school, when he would spontaneously get erections. That was happening to him now, but what truly frightened him was that he was starting to enjoy it!

Ashley began thrusting her hips forward as she began dancing sensuously. She was becoming aware of how closely she was moving to her father, and she was beginning to like it. Years ago her brothers were at camp, and she had been on a sleepover when she stopped back at her house to get some CD's. She had heard noises coming from the master bedroom, and she peeked in on her parents as they were making love. She remembered feeling frightened and stimulated when she saw how big her father's penis was as he pulled it out and pushed it in her mother while she moaned loudly with pleasure, thrusting her hips against him. She held that image in her mind for a long time, and it still played a part in her masturbatory fantasy life. She found herself more than just fantasizing as she danced. She was beginning to want it to happen, and it was making her very wet.

Nancy closed her eyes and prayed as she danced. To God. To Jesus. To anyone who could deliver them from the grip of this evil that wanted to seduce and corrupt them. She found she could no longer stop the vivid images that were playing with a fearful intensity inside her heating brain. Last year a patient had canceled an afternoon appointment so she went home early. The house was quiet so she assumed the kids were out with friends. She went upstairs and heard Ethan and Nick arguing in Nick's room about something. The door was slightly ajar and she just casually looked in. The twins had their athletic shorts pulled down to just below their scrotums and were holding a ruler and tape measure, arguing who had the bigger erection as a pornographic video played on Nick's widescreen laptop on his desk. She quickly pulled back from the door and went quietly back downstairs to make some noise deliberately. She was quite shaken at how well endowed they both were. Just like their father, she thought, feeling a deep arousal within her, which she quickly suppressed. "Please, stop playing!" she yelled loudly over the music as she found her body starting to do a bump and grind in front of them.

"We can't!" Nick and Ethan yelled in unison, looking at her provocative movements in a kind of awe.

Nancy found she was beginning to enjoy dancing erotically in front of them. It was making her lubricate uncontrollably as her nipples began to stiffen. Later that same day last year when they were out with friends, she had gone into Nick's room to review his internet history to see where the twins had been that afternoon. She felt flattered and more than a little stimulated when she saw they had been on several mother-son incest websites. In some of her deepest, darkest fantasies when she was alone and going to pleasure herself ... she got off imagining herself with both of them at the same time in the same bed! They had even named their band: Incestonators! As she finally admitted the word 'incest' to herself, she felt her already unintentionally stimulated vaginal walls secrete a copious amount of lubricating fluid that literally soaked her lace panties. "What do you want from us?!" Nancy cried out, addressing the entities that were taking them over.

No one questioned who Nancy was addressing with her emotional outburst. Not even Dan, who had always championed people like Carl Sagan, and Richard Dawkins, whenever the subject of the paranormal came up. He particularly enjoying mocking Coast to Coast AM, relishing tearing apart people's delusions as a psychologist. Now, he wasn't laughing as he and Ashley began dancing only inches apart, his erection pleasurably, painfully larger than it had ever been. He saw his daughter's eyes wander from his eyes, to his bloated crotch, where they widened dramatically, and then back to his eyes. She no longer looked fearful. She was smiling excitedly as she moved forward and began humping her pelvic area against him. He groaned inwardly as he felt a pressure from outside and within him as he bent his knees so they could begin dry humping together. He could not help himself as he gripped her by her elbows and she gripped his so they could leverage themselves, applying more stimulating pressure as they began grinding their lust enflamed organs through the thin layers of fabric between them. He noticed they were both panting, unable to stop looking into each other's lust blurry eyes.

"Mom!" Ethan yelled as she watched him drop his beloved guitar carelessly onto the floor. He had a pained, somewhat fearful expression on his face as he began moving toward her, thrusting his hips. She saw how bloated the front of his jeans were and she unconsciously licked her full lips as she began thrusting her hips forward to meet his.

"Mom!" Nick yelled as she watched him drop his drumsticks and stand up, his jeans as tented as his brother's as he began thrusting his hips forward, moving toward her. But what shocked and terrified her most was that the drum pedal kept moving with no one visible pushing it! It was keeping a steady, powerful beat that they were thrusting their hips toward each other in time to. She knew what the evil wanted. And she realized with an inward shudder that it would not stop until it got what it wanted! She felt her hands move to her hips and she was no longer dancing, she was simply making fuck thrusting movements as she neared her sons.

"God!" Nancy heard Dan cry out pleadingly. She turned to see her husband and daughter gripping each other's elbows as they dry humped together. "Please God, if you're real, if you're really there, don't let this happen," he was staring upward, praying.

Nancy realized when she saw the expressions of lust on Ashley's face that their teenage daughter had no more moral resistance left. She was smiling evilly and dry humping against Dan with abandon, laughing witchily as she began spinning him around in a circle with her. "Please, god," she said mockingly. "If you're real, and really there, give me the strength to rape my daddy and ride his big fucking cock!" Dan was so many times stronger than Ashley there was no comparison. But Ashley wasn't just Ashley any more. She knocked Dan on his back on top of one of the black bean bags as if he were a small child. Dan tried to push her away, but he was too mentally and emotionally weakened by the moral onslaught he had been fighting, and was still fighting, within himself.

"Ashley! Stop! You don't want to do this!" Dan pleaded, trying to push her away as she unbuckled his belt, and tore open the top and zipper in a single loud ripping of fabric.

"Oh, Daddy," she giggled as she pulled down his pants and briefs in one smooth movement to his knees. He lay back on the bean bag, his turgid cock jerking powerfully in front of her feigned innocent expression. "You want this as much as I do," she smiled, leaning forward. Dan tried to push her away by her shoulders but he was too weak and she was too strong. She began stroking the bloated shaft with her slender fingers as she began licking from the swollen base upwards. Dan let out a loud animal groan as his hands moved slowly from trying to push her away by her shoulders, to the back of her head, encouraging her in pleasuring him orally.

"Ashley!" Nancy yelled at her daughter, trying to snap her out of it if she realized she was in the same room with her mother. "Stop what you're doing right now!" she yelled desperately. She realized it was too late when Ashley looked at her and giggled evilly. "Watch me make Daddy cum harder than you ever did!"

Ashley pushed her open mouth over Dan's bloated cockhead and began sucking hard, sloppily loud, making her weaked father groan and thrust upwards, his hands behind her head pulling her pleasuring mouth further onto his throbbing shaft. She reached behind herself and yanked her flimsy lace panties to one side, exposing her leaking pussylips. She pulled her mouth off his cock and scurried forward enough to reach between her smooth thighs and shove the mushroom shaped cockhead into her cuntal opening. She squealed with pleasure as she moved back on the shaft which stretched her lovelips wide and sat up on the long, fat shaft, making it almost disappear completely inside her as she screamed with pleasure. "Fuck me, Daddy!" she squealed, peeling her T-shirt off. "Fuck me hard!" she gasped, humping on him as she slipped her black lace bra off. "Princess needs a good hard Daddy fucking!"

"Oh God, Nancy! I'm sorry-I'm so fucking sorry!" Dan gasped as he began thrusting upward into their daughter's heated cunt vigorously, his swollen scrotum squishing against Ashley's luscious asscheeks. He moved his mouth to one of her dark, swollen nipples and began to suck as he gripped her hips and began driving into her more forcefully, making her squeal and moan continuously. He couldn't believe how hot and wet her cock clutching cuntal walls were. He was having incest with his gorgeous little girl and it was wonderfully wicked! He pulled his mouth off her nipple and smiled at her the same lustful way she was smiling at him as they slammed their fuck organs together wetly.

Nancy could see Dan was beyond reach as he fucked into their daughter shamelessy, with her and the twins in the same room. She turned to the twins as her hips thrusted forward to the ceaseless pounding of the drum and felt her last glimmer of hope for intervention from anyone, or anything disappear in the darkness of despair. Ethan and Nick had undressed while she was focused on Dan and Ashley. They were naked, leering at her evilly, and stroking themselves. She gasped as she simply gave up and let go of her last grip on the rope of morality. It felt good, she thought, strangely enough as she could finally stop dancing. She felt the corners of her mouth going up as she began smiling at her beautiful sons, who she realized, she was going to have sex with. She heard herself chuckling as she realized it wasn't just going to be sex as she began unbuttoning her silk blouse. It was going to be incestuous sex. And it was going to be great!

"Goddam, Mom!" Ethan said as he watched her sliding off her lace bra, exposing her beautiful, large firm breasts topped with swollen, dark nipples. "You are a total fucking MILF!" he commented as he stroked himself faster.

"MILF?" she asked, not looking at his face, but staring heatedly at her sons' oversize cocks as she unzipped her skirt and pulled it down with her lace panties. She felt a deep calmness moving through her, and she wondered why she had put up such a useless struggle against what was already within her, waiting to be releaed.

"It's an acronym that means: Mother, or Mothers I'd Like to Fuck," Nick explained, staring at her in awestruck lust. "Goddam! You are so fucking hot, Mom!" he gasped, jacking himself harder.

Nancy chuckled and stepped forward, grasping both her son's swollen members in her hat, maternal hands, feeling a warm, electric shock of lust pulsing through her body. "I think this should be my job, right now," she smiled. She gasped as they moved toward her, their hands and fingers pulling, squeezing, and fingering her. "Let's go over to your father and sister," she moaned, her body shivering with pleasure and lust. They had done it in front of her, now she was going to do it in front of them! "At least that fucking drum finally quit pounding," Nancy moaned as she and the twins moved over to Dan and Ashley, fondling and feeling one another hornily. She let go of the swollen cocks she was tugging and dropped to all fours on top of the large, black bean bag, clad only in her dark, pull on stockings.

"Oh, Nancy," Dan chuckled, watching as Ethan dropped to his knees on the bag behind her while Nick kneeled on the bag in front of her. "Incest is fucking great!" he grunted, fucking into Ashley harder, making her hair and breasts bounce with the impact as she squealed and moaned nonstop. Dan felt a perverse rush of lust as he watched his wife reaching between her luscious thighs, guiding Ethan's long, swollen cock to her cuntal opening and pushing back. She groaned and gasped as Ethan pushed all the way inside her, his swollen scrotum squishing against her ass as he gripped her hips and began pumping. Her eyes rolled up in their sockets with pleasure as she began humping back. "Feed me your fucking cock!" she swore, glaring hornily into Nick's flushed face as she braced herself on the bean bag. Nick pushed his bloated cockhead into her open mouth and she began sucking on it hungrily as she moaned with pleasure, staring heatedly into Nick's eyes.

Ethan couldn't believe how good his gorgeous mother's hot cuntal walls felt around his cock as he moved back and forth within her. Her moans and groans were stifled by his brother's cock in her mouth, but the fact that he was giving her so much sexual pleasure gave him a feeling power none of his girlfriends ever could. He looked down as he fucked her, watching her pussylips being pushed in and out by his sliding cock movements. Then he leaned over slightly and reached down, fondling and squeezing her heavy, swinging breasts as he pinched and pulled on her stiffly swollen nipples.

Nick traced patterns with his fingers on his mother's smooth back and shoulders as he fucked her beautiful face. She had pushed her mouth and gullet all the way to where her delicate nose was pushed against his wiry hairs and her chin pressed against his cum swollen scrotum. None of his girlfriends had ever been able to do that for him.

Nancy felt as if her mind and body were in incest heaven as she fucked and sucked her sons' beautiful, oversize cocks. Nick's hands tracing patterns on her bare skin was an incredible highlight to the pussy pounding, tit pulling pleasure Ethan was giving her. She wanted to take every drop of delicious semen into her cunt and belly that her sons had to give.

The only sounds in the soundproof room were moans, squeals, grunts, and the wet slapping of fuck organs slamming against each other.

Ashley felt as if she were an ecstatic rag doll as she bounced up and down on the pistoning cock pounding inside her. She looked over at her mother and brothers through lust blurry eyes and wondered what her mother was experiencing doing both studly sons at the same time. It must be wonderful, she thought as her father's strong hands fondled and squeezed her large, firm breasts. Her eyes rolled upwards in their sockets and she never wanted it to end.

Dan loved the perverse pleasure he was giving his daughter as she bounced up and down on his paternal prick. He wondered if she was even aware she was moaning continuously, her eyes rolling upwards frequently. He looked over at his wife and sons going at it and wondered what Nancy must be experiencing as a mother and woman, having sex with her two hung, handsome boys. She must be in incestuous ecstasy, he thought. He certainly was. Just like that he felt Ashley's pussywalls starting to clutch and gush around his pumping cock and then she was squealing and crying out as she went into cum convulsions. He gripped her by her luscious hips tightly, thinking, There's no fucking way I'm gonna let her fall off my cock when I'm about ready to cum! And then he was grunting and gasping as he discharged stream after stream of semen into her cock crammed pussy.

Nancy heard her daughter crying out her orgasms on her husband's big cock as he grunted repeatedly and she knew he was shooting his cumloads inside her. She found it incredibly stimulating in its perversity that they were actually doing it with their own kids in the same room right next to each other. She only dared glance over at them because the way Nick was groaning and his cock starting to flex inside her gullet she knew he was ready to start shooting off. And then he did. She relaxed her mouth and throat and let him gush and pour into her. His semen slime tasted obscenely wonderful, but he was spasming which made her gag and she felt his cockjuice running out of her nose. She realized she had no choice but to drop him out of her mouth, still spraying cum which caught her in the face. She heard someone screaming ecstatically and realized it was her as she began climaxing violently on Ethan's pussy pounding prick.

Nick grabbed his fat, slimy cock and began jacking off frantically, shooting load after load into his mother's climax yelling face. He loved watching the creamy loops drooling from her skin and he was even able to spray some into her open mouth as she cried out before he finally quit cumming.

Ethan held onto his mother's hips tightly as she started thrashing and bucking, her cuntal walls drawing the semen from the depths of his swollen scrotum, and then he was firing load after load into the depths of her maternal womb.

Ashley collapsed on top of Dan. His cock still buried inside her. They pressed their open mouths together and struggled to see who could get more tongue into the other's mouth.

Ethan collapsed on top of Nancy, who had collapsed on the bean bag, his cock still stretching her soaking maternal womb. Nick was lying next to the bean bag, Nancy sucking on his spent cock as he had no one to collapse with.

The Falon's panted and moaned for several minutes, basking in the afterglow of their intense, incestuous climaxes. Nancy's conscience began to stir as she realized with a dawning moral horror what had just happened. She pulled her mouth off Nick's cock, and wiped it with the back of her hand. "Get off of me!" she yelled at Ethan, who quickly pulled out of her and sat back on the floor, looking at her dazedly. "Ashley! Get off your father right now!" she yelled standing up.

Dan helped her off, standing and pulling up his briefs and pants, his face a deep flush of shame. He looked at Nancy and was about to say something but she cut him off. "Don't anyone talk to me right now," she snapped sharply, shaking with emotion, semen glistening on her face. "We are going to pick up our clothes, shower and clean ourselves up, and then we will meet in the kitchen for a family discussion because there will be new rules in this house starting tonight!" She picked up her clothes, her legs glistening and dripping with commingled fuck juices and went over to the door which flew open when she yanked on it.

Dan knew that the door was going to open after what had just occurred. "Let's pick up our stuff and do as your mother said," he spoke quietly, unable to look any of his children in the face, especially Ashley. They all picked up their clothes, quiet and in shock as they left the sound stage to do as Nancy had directed. None of them felt any shame at their nakedness. They were too emotionally stunned after what they had just been involved in. Dan went to the guest room to shower, not wanting to be around Nancy when she was like this. He did not dare point out that she had been just as seduced as the rest of them. He knew better.

Nancy paced back and forth in the dimly lit spacious kitchen, her slippers silent on the mahogany floor, her hands in the pockets of her plush bathrobe. The rest of the family came in and sat quietly around the large, black cherry kitchen table. Dan was wearing his bathrobe, the twins had on their athletic shorts and wore T-shirts with no occult symbols on, Ashley had on a conservative long flannel night gown.

Nancy looked thoughtful but no longer angry when she sat down at the table. "What happened here tonight was an anomaly," she began, looking around the table. "Somehow this involvement with the occult caused this-and I am not blaming anyone. We are exposed to many corrupting influences in this world and this modern culture. Please do not interrupt or contradict me while I am speaking," she said, focusing on Ashley. "Tomorrow, all of you are going to throw away all your books and paraphernalia on anything occult in this house," she stated flatly. "Ethan and Nick, you will get your hair cut fashionably long, down to your collar, but that is it. The three of you will go into that ... that room," she said with disgust. "And you will paint over everything in that room with white. I do not want what happened here tonight ever mentioned again. I love each and everyone of you very much and tomorrow is Sunday so we are all going to church. The reaon we are going to church is that historically, religion has always stood against these kinds of ... evil things, demons, or whatever you wish to label them. Now, are there any questions or comments?"

The kids were silent, looking at their parents.

"I do not want to alarm anyone, and I, myself, do not give credence to that alleged Amityville paranormal incident, but I think we should be prepared to get out of this house immediately if we start to feel that seductive influence again," Dan said, looking around the table. "We have know way of determining if that ... thing, or those things, or whatever, are only confined to that one room in this house. What I want everyone to do right now, before we go to sleep, is go upstairs and pack enough clothes and toiletries to spend a few days away from home. We can stay at a motel, or the cabin, which is only an hour away. From there we can contact someone knowledgeable about these things to try and ... exorcise it, or something along those lines."

"That's a very good plan," Nancy smiled at Dan and touched his arm, beginning to feel more secure. "Let's go upstairs and do exactly as your father said," she smiled. "If any of us feels compelled to do anything related to ... you know," she did not want to say the word. "Let all of us know and we can leave the house together before anything physical occurs."

Everyone left the kitchen, discussing what to bring in case they had to leave the house.

"You know, Dan," Nancy said a short while later in the master bedroom as they were packing some essentials. "I really liked what you said in the kitchen, about being prepared to get out in a hurry. I think it's given the kids, and me, a feeling of empowerment," she smiled at him sweetly. "It all seems like such a ... nightmare that never really happened."

"Don't go there," he said quietly, holding her tightly. "Don't ever go back there again in your mind. It's over," he said softly, kissing her forehead. "We're psychologists, remember? Time will help heal us and the kids. Everything is back to normal."

"You're right," she smiled up at him. They pressed their lips together and kissed.

"Mom," Ashley said, standing in the doorway of their bedroom. "Can you help me make a decision about something to wear?" she asked.

"Of course," Nancy said, smiling at Dan as she moved away to follow Ashley to her bedroom.

"Which of these should I bring to wear to bed that Daddy would like to see me in?" Ashley asked, holding up two sexy, delicate nighties.

Nancy studied them both. "The black one," she said. "It emphasizes your breasts and makes them look even larger," she answered calmly.

"Thank, Mom," Ashley said, turning to pack. "You're welcome," Nancy smiled, exiting the room. She paused in the hallway on her way back to the master bedroom and frowned, thinking, as if trying to remember something. She shrugged and went into her room to finish packing.

"That should do it for us," Nancy said, shutting a large suitcase. "I think we should go in and say good night to Ashley, after everything that's happened to us tonight," she said, looking at Dan. "It wasn't her fault or anyone in this family."

"You're right," Dan said, looking ashamed. "I really haven't been able to make eye contact with her after the sound stage. I think we should both say good night to all the kids as parents."

"Good idea," Nancy smiled. "It'll help begin the healing process," she said as they exited their room.

Nancy rapped softly on Ashley's closed door. "Can we come in to say good night?" she asked.

"Sure," Ashley answered, turning the lamp on her nightstand on.

"We just thought it would be nice if we both came in to say good night," Nancy said, standing by Ashley's bed as Dan sat down on the side of the bed, close to her.

"Good night, princess," Dan smiled.

"Good night, Daddy," Ashley smiled sweetly.

Nancy smiled as she watched them press their open mouths against each other and begin to tongue kiss lovingly. After several long moments they wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing sloppily loud, Ashley beginning to moan softly.

"We should say good night to the boys, too," Nancy said, noticing nothing out of the ordinary.

"Good night, princess," Dan smiled.

Good night, Daddy," Ashley smiled, their eyes shining with love.

Nancy smiled as she watched them flick their tongues against each other for several seconds before Dan got off the bed, then she leaned over and gave her a hug. "Good night, Ashley."

"Good night, Mom," Ashley said, turning off her lamp.

"That went really well," Dan said as they went down the hall. "Can we come in to say goodnight?" Nancy asked outside Ethan's room.

"Yeah," he answered.

"We just thought we should come in to say good night together after tonight," Dan said, standing by Ethan's bed as Nancy sat next to him.

"Good night, Ethan," Dan said.

"Good night, Dad," Ethan said.

"Good night, honey," Nancy smiled.

"Good night, Mom," Ethan smiled.

Dan watched as they looked at each other lovingly for several seconds, then they pressed their mouths together and began to shove their tongues in and out of each other's mouth. After several seconds they wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing wetly, noisily.

"We still need to say good night to Nick," Dan reminded her.

They pulled their mouths slightly apart and licked each other's tongue for several seconds.

"Good night, Mom," Ethan smiled.

"Good night, honey," she smiled, standing up.

"Come on in!" Nick said loudly, he always slept with his door open, and he could hear his parents coming down the hall, going room to room to wish his siblings good night.

"Good night, Nick," Dan smiled. "You heard us coming."

"Yup. Good night, Dad," Nick said. "Good night, Mom," he smiled.

"Good night, baby," Nancy smiled, climbing up on the bed on all fours. She straddled over him as they pressed their mouths together and Dan could see the sides of their cheeks pushing out as they shoved their tongues back and forth in and out of each other's mouth.

"We'd better get some sleep if we're going to church tomorrow," Dan said after watching them for several long moments.

Nancy pulled away from Nick and moved slowly off the bed. "G'night, baby," she smiled.

"G'night, Mom," he said, his eyes glistening with love.

"I think that was very therapeutic," Nancy said as she and Dan walked down the hall, back to their room.

Nancy felt much better as she cuddled against Dan in the dark. It had been an extremely emotionally trying night, but she just knew things would work themselves out as she closed her eyes...

"Mom! Mom!" she heard the twins calling her. Her eyes were open and the twins were right by her but she could barely make out their images. "Mom! If Dad's fucking Ashley, can we fuck you?" she heard Nick asking. Suddenly their images were clearly in focus. Ehan and Nick were standing by her bed side, naked and smiling, sporting huge erections that were dripping pre-cum from their cock slits. All the lights were on in the bedroom only the bedroom seemed unnaturally bright. She realized she must be having a lucid dream, and it was going to be a very wet one as well as long as she didn't wake up-and she did not want to! She sat up, smiling salaciously, realizing her breasts were hard with milk, and her lovelips and bottom were literally soaked with lubricating fluid.

"Of course you can fuck me, my darlings," she chuckled. "Mommy would like that very much!" It was only that she noticed Dan was fucking Ashley in their bed right next to her as she turned her head. The blonde teenager was standing on the bed, her slender arms braced against the wall as Dan gave it to her hard and fast from behind. His big hands were cupping her breasts as he kneaded them hornily. She was moaning and gasping continuously, Dan beathing hard behind her. She felt her cuntal walls secrete a wash of cream as she watched her husband and daughter going at it!

"Mom," Ethan said. She turned to him. "Can you like, put on some hot lingerie and stuff?" he asked.

"Of course," she chuckled. "what would you like to put on?" she asked, grasping their their big cocks and pumping them, loving the feeling of their throbbing bulk and hardness.

"I like just those dark, pull on stockings," Nick smiled, squeezing one her breasts, getting a squirt of milk on his hand.

Nancy groaned as she felt the milk squirt out of her nipple. Ethan squeezed the other breast and received a splash of liquid on his hand. "What would you like me to wear?" she groaned, jacking harder on their cocks as the twins began pulling on her breasts and nipples, making her moan from the pleasure of relieving the pressure in them.

"I'd just like you to wear a black bra that you like, pull under your tits to make them stand out more," Ethan said.

"Okay boys, Mommy'll be right back," she said getting out of bed. She felt as if she were floating to the closet to change, and even her body movements as she dressed seemed to flow as if time and gravity had minimal effect on her. She felt her lubrication fluids running down her thighs when she saw how awestruck the twins looked as she seemed to glide over to the bed.

"You go here," she chuckled, pushing and guiding Nick on his back where she normally slept. She climed on the bed and all fours, straddling over Nick, her breasts by his face as she braced herself against the black cherry headboard. "Ethan, you can sodomize me," she smiled, feeling herself quivering with the lustful anticipation of both her sons penetrating her at the same time. She felt Ethan moving in place behind her. "Lube my ass hole with my pussy juice," she instructed him. Her perverse words sent a wicked thrill through her body as she reached with one hand and guided Nick's bloated cockhead to her cuntal opening; he was busily playing with her breasts and sucking the milk from her nipples, making her moan with pleasure.

"I can't wait to fuck your hot ass, Mom!" Ethan said excitedly as smeared cuntal lube over the sensitive puckered darkness. "I loved fucking your pussy earlier! I hope you liked it, too," he said, starting to force his bloated cockhead into the tight, dark ring.

"Oh, God! I loved it, honey!" Nancy gasped as she pushed herself back onto Nick and Ethan's cocks almost simultaneously. Nick's mushroom head slid into her cuntal opening; Ethan's bloated head forced past the anal ring seconds later. "I came harder than I ever did before!" she sobbed and gasped as she felt her cuntal and anal tissues being cock stretched. I'm fucking both my sons at the same! she thought feverishly, pushing back harder against the turgid invaders. You can do anything in a dream! she reasoned, forcing herself to start humping.

"Did I make you cum harder than Dad, Mom?" Ethan asked as he gripped her hips and pushed himself all the way inside her tight ass tunnel so that his hard, swollen scrotum squished against her ass cheeks.

"Yes! Yes, you made me cum harder than I ever have before!" she yelled, humping herself harder and faster on the meaty shafts that were starting to drive back and forth inside the sensitive tunnels.

"Did you like me cumming in your mouth, Mom?" Nick asked as he sucked from one nipple to the other, squeezing her breasts to get more milk out of them.

"Oh yes, my darling boy! You tasted sooo fucking good!" she sobbed as she felt his nursing mouth drawing the milk from a nipple. She could not believe the ecstatic experience she was having as her sons began fucking into her harder and faster, Ethan's hands gripping her hips to give his thrusts more impact as Nick pistoned up and down in her pussy while sucking and milking her dry. She could see why mother-son incest had been condemned through the ages. It wasn't only the genetic weaknesses that were passed on, or the emotional damage, it was the overwhelming pleasure that a woman derived from having sex with beautiful males that had come from their maternal bodies.

Through lust slitted eyes she looked over at Dan and Ashley and felt a perverse urge to say something obscene. You can say or do anything in dreams, she thought. "Fuck her, honey!" she gasped. "Make that horny little bitch cum all over your fucking cock!"

Ashley looked at Nancy, her mouth partially open as she panted. "Ooohhh! Fuck Mommy hard! Turn her into an incest whooorrreee!" she squealed.

"Oh, God!" Nancy wailed. "Incest! I love fucking incest!" She felt wonderful saying it. She felt empowered just saying it, even if were only in a dream. She admitted to herself she had loved dancing lewdly for her sons, watching them watching her with teenage lust burning in their young eyes. When she had finally let go of her last grip on the rope of morality, it felt wonderfully wicked, plunging into incestuous darkness! And now she could do it again with moral impunity inside this dream! "Fuck me, boys!" she screamed. "Fuck my cunt and my ass! Mommy wants to be your incest fucking Mommy!"

Nancy felt her lustful outburst spur her sons to fuck into her more feverishly hard. She looked down and saw Nick's mouth and cheeks wet with her milk. He was staring from her breasts to her face as if looking into the face of divinity. She felt Ethan pull her hair back suddenly, not enough to hurt, but enough to make him feel in charge as he drove into her, his balls slapping wetly against her ass along with Nick's.

Nancy lost all sense of time as the pleasure continued to consume more and more of her brain. She watched as if in a fog, Ashley going into cum convulsions on the end of her husband's pounding prick. She heard her daughter squealing her orgasms from far, far away. She watched as if in slow motion Dan guiding the teenager down to the bed as his body tensed and his face grimaced as he began shooting his cumloads inside the spasming teenager's pussy.

And then her sons were cumming. Ethan gasped and stopped thrusting back and forth inside her cock crammed ass tunnel as she felt his streams of semen spraying into her ass and lower belly. Nick was next as he stopped sucking on one of her nipples and yelled."Mom! Mom! I love you so fucking much!" And then he was shooting and unloading what seemed an offering of some kind into her maternal womb after his passionate outburst. She felt as if her brain were bursting into light as she began climaxing beyond climaxing, her hands no longer able to grip the headboard as she fell into white light...

Nancy woke up dreamily slow as the alarm clock sounded, making the sounds of seagulls flying over the ocean. Her conscious mind said it was time to go to church. And then she realized she was wearing dark, pull on stockings and a black lace bra, pulled under her breasts.

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