The Destroyers, Book 2: Hope and Betrayal

Copyright© 2008 by Monbade

Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - The journey continues, does ken survive? what's going to happen now? wait and see.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   Science Fiction   Horror   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory  

Ted turned his head to say something to Ken and saw the grimace of pain come to Ken's face, as well as a thump as the bullet hit him. Then blood exploded from his back and front. Before Ted could say anything or move, Ken hit the ramp and started rolling towards the bottom.

Tina heard the loud crack of the bullet, and looked around, her eyes settle on Ken as he stumbled and went down. She screamed his name as he hit the ramp.


His body started rolling down the ramp to the ground as she shouted his name again.


Slipping out of her father's arms, she ran to the base of the ramp. At the top of the ramp, she saw Ted move towards the edge.

Moving quickly, Ted jumped off of the side off the ramp, and as he did, he felt a bullet graze his back, as he was still in mid-air. The bullet traveled through his uniform and along his back burning him as it went. Kneeling behind the massive ramp, he moved towards where his best friend lay. As he peeked over the edge of the ramp, he saw Tina curled up protectively over Ken's bleeding body covering him from any more bullets.

As he watched, another bullet hit a marine as she was running across the apron towards them. Her feet flew out from under her as the round punched through her head killing her instantly.

"Damn it," Ted said as he switched on his com unit, "Washington primary is down, find the sniper and capture him. Do not kill him, we need him alive, this could be a conspiracy."

Ted took a quick peek around for the sniper, and he saw one of the Bengals running across the airport towards one of the three story buildings down by the Air National Guard buildings. Ted ducked as he heard another crack, and he heard someone cry out. Looking around he saw another one of his marines lying on the ground, a puddle of blood forming around his head.

"Damn it, get that sniper."

Starting to raise his head again, he was shoved back down.

"Stay down, Sir," ordered Sergeant-Major Allen as he shoved Ted to the ground and stayed above him.

"Sir, you're in command, if the Admiral is dead that makes you the highest ranking officer."

Lieutenant Anita Gomez was running a diagnostic on her scanners when she heard Commander White's voice come over the com unit saying the Admiral was down on the tarmac. Bringing her scanners online to full function, she detected the third round fired. The onboard computer quickly triangulates the shooters location. She was moving even before the sound reaches the people at the shuttle.

"This is Gomez in Bengal one-seven. Target is on the roof of one of the Air National Guard buildings, and I copy your orders that you want him alive."

Jeff felt the building shaking as he fired his fourth round. Turning, he started running. As he swings the rifle over his shoulder, he jumped to the smaller building below and scrambled behind cover. Taking a deep breath, he ran to the end of the building and quickly reloading as he went. Pulling the long slender rounds out of his pocket, he fed them into magazine and settled behind a new air-conditioning vent. Looking through the scope, he saw a huge machine running towards him with the traitors on the ground. Sighting on the officer he shot before, he saw a small figure covering him and then movement. Quickly, he fired, but knew he rushed the shot. It smashed into the ramp of the strange flying machine.

Anita watched her scanners and detected one life form on the building roof.

"I have one life form on top of the Air National Guard building ... wait a minute."

Then the target was moving and to her surprise was on the next building.

"Wait, target has jumped to the next building and heading for the corner."

As she got closer she, flipped on the extended scanners and she saw a boy kneeling there trying to load the rifle, he then lifted it and fired again.

"I have the target in sight, it's a kid, looked like he has a high powered rifle, I am going to try and disarm him."

She flipped on her external speakers and turned the volume to max.

"Drop the weapon, and stand up with your hands on your head."

To make her point, she pointed her left hand plasma cannons at the boy.

Jeff jumped when he heard the female's voice ordering him to drop the rifle. Raising the rifle, he looked up at the giant mechanized robotic arm that was pointing at him. The rifle tumbled from his fingers, as he wet his pants, seeing his death there. Suddenly, he was thrown to the ground, and someone handcuffs him, then a voice whispers in his ear, and he peed his pants again as he shouted out.

Anita smiled as the boy dropped the weapon and she saw the marines come up behind him.

Sergeant Major Anderson was tending to some wounded when he heard the warning of the Admiral being shot. His blood went cold as he looked up at his marines who were looking around, he shouted out three names, and was off and running.

"Jenkins, Wilson, Holt! You're with me! Now!"

Running across the parking lot, they head for the guard buildings. Coming to a stop at the door, he yanked it open. He was moving through the building towards the stairs. Being stationed here for two years had helped him for he had a map of the building in his mind, as he slammed into the door to the stairs. It popped off its hinges. Recovering his balance, he ran up the two flights of stairs to the roof exit and was soon out onto the hot roof.

Sneaking along the roof, he looked around one of the giant air-condition units and saw a young boy drop a bolt-action rifle. Sneaking up behind the kid, he dropped him to the roof and cuffed him.

"Boy, if the admiral dies, you die."

Jeff looked over his shoulder at the big man and gulped, and then his courage came back to him and he shouted out, "Death to all collaborators of alien invaders!"

"Kid you're daft. We're human. It looked like you killed several marines, and possibly killed our admiral." Looking over at the rest of the squad he said, "Get this garbage out of here."

Bending down Tim picked up the beautiful rifle that possibly delivered death to the very man needed to save this world.

Corporal Jamie O'Neil was at the top of the ramp entrance and she grabbed the medical kit and charged down the ramp as Tina lay on top of the Admiral trying to protect him.

Tina lay over Ken's body trying to protect it from any more bullets. Several had just missed her.

She whispered the whole time, "Don't die," repeatedly.

She held her hand tightly over the wound, trying to stop the blood from flowing out. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands grip her waist and try to move her off of Ken.

She cried out, "No! I have to stop the bleeding."

Jamie dropped to the ground next to Tina and the Admiral. Ripping the case open, she started pulling out the items she needed as she spoke to Tina.

"Tina you're doing good, But let me get this bandage over the wound." she said as she placed a nanobandage over Tina's hands and the chest wound. "Tina, pull your hands out now."

Tina looked at her friend Jamie, tears running down her face, and said, "Okay." Sliding her hands out, she watched as Jamie pressed the bandage over the wound where it sealed itself to the bloody hole in Ken's chest.

"Now what do I do?" she asked.

Before Jamie can say anything, two medics rushed up, dropped down beside them, and while one pulled two poles out of his pack about twenty inches long, the other joined Jamie to check on the Admiral. Sergeant Wade Marsh stretched each pole to six feet long and when both poles were adjusted properly, he flicked a switch that activates a force field, connecting both poles together, forming an instant stretcher. The second medic with the name 'Wilson' on his uniform looked up from where he was working on the admiral, "We need to get him on the stretcher and evaced to the ship ASAP. On two, we lift and slide. Girl, you keep that pressure on the bandage, he is badly hurt. Now we will move him, you concentrate on the bandage. Okay?"

"I understand," Tina said as she looked at the marine medic.

"Good we will make a medic out of you yet," Sergeant Tim Wilson said as he looked at the other marine, and continued, "Wade on two. Are you ready?" When his partner nodded, he continued, "One, two, go," the marines lift Ken up and set him on the stretcher.

Quickly, they picked up the stretcher, and Tina stood with them, keeping pressure on the bandage. Going up the ramp of the shuttle, they enter the ship. Walking past Commander White and another medic who was working on him, they stop and let the stretcher float by as Sergeant Wade activated the anti-gravity device in the pole leaving Ken floating four feet off of the deck.

As soon as they pass through the doorway, the hatch slammed shut and the ramp retracted. The engines fired up and the ship lifted off, as the flight path has been cleared for them. As the shuttle lifted off, Sergeant Wilson started examining the Admiral and blanched when he saw the medical readout.

"Damn it! He has lung, heart and spine damage in the chest cavity, and a laceration on his forehead."

Pulling out a small spray can, Tim sprayed the cut on Ken's head with nanobots that went to work on the wound, while Sergeant Wade knelt and looked up at Kens back and pressed a nanobandage to the exit wound of the bullet.

"Damn what did he get hit with? I have a hole in his back as big as my hand." Wade said as he grabbed another sheet bandage and pressed it to the other side of the wound, finally covering up the whole area.

Captain Lynn Hanson banked the shuttle around. Throwing the ship into full acceleration, she fired the afterburners and climbed towards the ship.

"Damn it! What's the Admirals status?" she shouted back into the passenger deck as she leveled the craft out.

Corporal Jamie O'Neil stuck her head into the flight deck when she heard the pilot shout out, and said, "Bad, Ma'am! We need to be on the Washington, like yesterday."

"Twenty seconds until landing, we are cleared for hanger five. Doctor O'Neil will meet us." Lynn shouted, as she prayed for one of her oldest friends.

The shuttle banked around the huge ship and headed for landing bay five. Passing though the force screen, she fired the reverse thrusters as the hanger's tractor beams come on and slowed the ship as Lynn slammed into the flight deck and skidded for several feet before she came to a dead stop, the ramp deploying even as she was skidding. Lynn shut down the engines as tears run down her face.

Flipping on the com she said, "We are down, get the Admiral to medical."

Molly stood at the foot of the ramp, her medical bag in her left hand as the Marines and Tina rushed the Admiral down and set him on a medical car. She was surprised that Tina was there. Her hands were holding a nanobandage in place, as she crawled up beside him still keeping the pressure on the wound. Climbing onto the cart Molly shouted, "Get going now."

Ripping into her bag as the car took off, she pulled out an injector with blood nano's and another loaded with drugs to keep him going, until they can get to the medical deck. Injecting the bots into his system Molly looked up at Tina's face and saw the tears running down it and, she said, "You're doing very good Tina, keep that there while I get the next injector ready."

"But..." Tina cried out.

"Tina calm down, take a deep breath. If you loose it we could loose him." Molly said as she looked into her bag as a red light on her scanner caught her eye.

"Okay, I will try." Tina responded as she kept her hands over the bandage.

Molly checked her scanner and saw he had no pulse.

"Damn it, he's red-lining." Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a thin metal strap, ripping his shirt open she placed it across his chest, and said, "Tina? Move your hands, now."

The silver band started glowing as it built up a charge.

Tina jerked her hands away as fear went through her, as she shouted at him, "Ken don't you die on me. Do you hear me?"

Ken's body jumped as the electrical energy shocked his body from the thin band. The band started to recharge and begin glowing again.

Tina started to put her hands back over the bandage. Molly reached out and grabbed her hands.

"Don't touch him, yet." Molly said as she watched the scanner.

Ken laid there on the stretcher his heart slowly beat and then it stopped and went silent. His mind was awake, though, and he felt a deep fear go through him as his mind sent the last thoughts of his young life.

'So this is it? All for nothing?'

'No Ken it is not, you cannot die, you're needed to unite the planet and help defend it.'

'Why must it be me, I hurt, and I am so very tired of this, can't I just come home to rest?'

'No, if you do that and give up, the planet will die, and so will your school friends who have been taken away into slavery. You have started the transition of Terra into a good and just place, but you must see it through to the end.'

'I don't want to I'm too tired to do this. Can't I just sleep?'

'No, if you sleep, then your friends die in a hopeless cause without you, because you will not be there to lead them.'

'What friends are those?'

'Why your future wives of course, Tammy, Jessica and Amy, and anyone else you take as your wives, as well as your children. In addition, your best friend Ted and his wives will die including your sister Jenny. Do you want that?'

'I don't know, can I think on it?'

'No! You cannot think on it! Decide now, live or die, live for your friends sakes or die and let them die within months of you.'

'I will live for them, but only for them.'

'Good. Then we will talk again when you are fully healed. But, for now I want you to rest and heal for now and know you are being watched and that you are loved. You are never alone Kenneth Thompson.'

'Who are you?'

'A friend of a friend, who will one day care very much about you, and fall deeply in love with you.' With a mental sigh, his heart started beating again.

"Come on Ken, live—" Molly said, as she checked the machine for the third time and she finally got a faint pulse, and continued, "—got a pulse, Tina, you can keep holding the bandage."

Tina pressed her hands back against the wound, while the car flew down the long hallway. She watched as Molly did her work on Ken.

"Molly how much longer?" she asked with worry in her voice.

Just as Molly was about to answer the car came to a stop at the medical bay.

"That's how much longer," she said as she looked at the two marines. "Marines, on three, one, two, three, lift."

The marines lift up the stretcher as Tina held the bandage. Running into the room, they place the stretcher on one of the medical beds. One of the marines turned the stretcher off, and the force field between the poles dissipated and Ken settled onto the bed.

Molly watched Tina for a second, and reached over. She pulled Tina's small hands off of Ken's body.

"Shield up on bed twelve, gas patient, full body scan for all injuries, and activate nanobots for full healing treatment."

Martha Thompson was just sitting down to lunch with her husband John when the alarm came into the ship saying the Admiral was down. Martha dropped her fork and looked at the intercom.

"Amy, what's happened to my son?"

Amy appeared in her usual sparkling mist, "Martha, Ken has been shot with a high powered rifle as he was walking down the shuttle ramp." Amy stopped and checked to see what was going on and heard the medics talking to Tina, and then continued her report, "They have loaded him onto the shuttle, and he will be here in less then two minutes. Ninety seconds after that he will be in medical. If you're going to get there to see him you better leave now, he is in critical condition."

John guided Martha out of their quarters and towards the nearest transport tube. They step into the transport car and sat down. Before he could say anything, the car took off, shooting across the ship.

"Thank you, Amy," John finished.

"You're welcome, Commodore Thompson."

Martha turned and buried her face into his shoulder and cried, "My baby, my baby."

"I know, love. All we can do is pray for him," John said as he patted her back.

The transport tube shot through the ship and came to a stop outside of medical. Standing up they rushed into the room, they saw Ken lying on one of the beds. Tina was standing on one side of him and was covered in blood. Molly was on the other side working on the bed. As the medical shield came up, the gas hissed into the chamber putting Ken into a deeper sleep. The nanobots flood into the sealed area, starting to work on the damage.

Tina felt the tears running down her face as she looked at her friend lying there in the bed.

"Ken, live! Oh please, live!" she said as she stood there watching him.

Martha heard what Tina was saying, and walked over to the young girl and turned her around. Pulling Tina into her arms, she gave her a hug.

Then she whispered, "Tina, he'll be Okay. Molly is a very good doctor. She knows what she is doing."

Tina shook as she felt Ken's mom holding her, "Mrs. Thompson he stopped breathing before we could get him here."

Martha stiffened for a second and then responded, "But he is alive now, and that is what matters."

Molly heard what Tina said and walked over to them, "Tina, he will be Okay. The nanobots are working on him now."

Before Tina could continue, the doors opened and Sergeant-Major Tim Allen walked in with six adults and six kids. Two of the men were carrying two of the women.

"TINA!" the two older girls scream, as they rush over and hugged her.

Tina looked over as her name was yelled out, and she saw her best friends Kathleen Hernandez and Maria Sandalwood. She rushed towards them and hugged them. The three of them stood there crying on each other.

Molly looked at the women being carried by what she assumed were their husbands and pulled out her scanner, and did a quick scan on all of them. "Sergeant, get each of them into a bed now. Time is critical, here."

Ellie Hernandez stood there watching her sister hug her best friend. Her mind was still racing when another woman shouted something to the man beside her.

Tim reached down, picked up the girl standing beside him, "Stay calm, the doctor knows what she's doing. Now relax."

He set her on the bed and stepped back as Molly issues ordered to the bed. The forcefield came on and the gas flowed in.

Ellie squeaked out in surprise when she was sudden lifted up into the air. The Marine deposited her on one of the beds. As she tried to sit up, something prevented her. She saw a shimmering field form above her and before she could scream, she smelled a sweet odor somewhat like jasmine, and that was the last thing she remembered.

Alana Hernandez rushed the big marine as he placed her daughter on the strange bed, but before she could reach him, something snapped over her daughter, she saw her fall asleep, and she screamed out, "What are you doing to my daughter?"

Molly moved up to the mother and said, "Everyone of you needs to get in a bed now or you're all dead. You have taken massive doses of radiation. Your bodies are dying, right now. So please ... no arguments. Please get on the beds."

Activating her com unit as she guided the mother to another bed, saying, "I need nurses in here, STAT!"

Several nurses rushed into the room and started helping the three families onto the beds. Once all of them were in the beds Molly looked at them and said, "Beds, shields on beds thirteen through twenty-four, gas patient so they won't wake up, full body scan for any injury, activate nanobots for anti-radiation treatment and full bio-cleansing."

Tina stood there in shock as she watched the medical staff go to work on her family and friends. "Are they going..."

Molly walked up behind Tina and said, "Tina bed twenty-five is yours, and I might as well do the full treatment on you, too. So, up you go."

"I don't understand?"

"I am doing a full nano treatment on your family. They will be asleep for two days. You might as well get the treatment, too."

"But..." Tina looked at the Ken and then Molly and continued, "What about Ken?"

"Ken is going to be in that bed longer than your parents and friends, so let's get this done." Guiding the young girl over to an empty bed, she helped her up onto the it. "Now sleep and heal, Tina, we will be here when you wake up."

Tina looked at Molly and smiled and closes her eyes. She smells the sweet fragrance of jasmine as it flooded into the chamber. Then she dreamt.

'Hello, Tina. How are you feeling?'

'I feel wonderful, I feel like I am floating in a pool of warm water.'

'Good, I will need your help one day. May I call on you when I do?'

'I guess so, what will I have to do?'

'I will explain only then.'

'I won't hurt Ken or anyone else in the crew!'

'I would never ask you to. This will be a mission only you can perform. I don't know when, but when it does I will call on you so for now I want you to sleep, and forget.'

Molly watched her patients like a hawk. She finally had to shoo everyone out of the room as more wounded came in, filling the remaining seventy-five beds. Looking at the mother she had to help onto the bed, she saw her head was facing her daughter in the next bed; her hand was touching the force field as if she was reaching out to her. With a sigh, she walked over to the replicator.

"Coffee, please."

The cup materialized. She picked it up, and took a sip of the hot brew. It had been made just how she liked it.

Walking into the next room, and she saw the three-foot tall canister standing next to the wall. Taking another drink of her coffee, she set the cup down, walked over to the canister, and looked at it. With trembling fingers, she reached out and touched the top of the canister.

"Good morning, Alisha. I am sorry I denied you. Know now that I am here for you, if you need me. I swear by those children in the other room who are healing right now, from a worse tragedy than what happened to me, that I will be here for you. You maybe the product of rape, but that is not your fault. All I can do is love you, for you are my child. You are my flesh and blood. I am so sorry I denied you for so long."

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