Gun Not Withstanding

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - Kate is a 41 year old FBI agent tracking down the serial rapist and killer, Jack Diamond. Little does she know that he has set a trap for her and intends not to kill her but...well you'll just have to read the story to see what Jack has in mind for Kate. Oh yea, there is the captive woman Terri involved here too.

Jack Diamond circled the neighborhood again and waited for the early Sunday morning garage sales to get started. He had been searching local neighborhoods for two weeks and was looking for a specific type of a garage sale, one that was being held by a woman and one that had everything that was for sale inside the garage because that would make her abduction easier. He had watched from his plain white panel van as a woman set up the garage, arranging the tables and things on the tables and he nodded approval as he thought about his plan. He needed to get the woman to help him, to feel comfortable with him and then she would be his. It was too early in the morning so he drove away and parked in a nearby 7-11, bought some coffee and waited. At noon he drove to a McDonalds and inside the restroom changed into his usual disguise, a plain white shirt, wide paisley tie and a triangular bandage over one shoulder which would support his right arm. He carefully taped a plaster cast to his forearm then slipped his arm inside the sling. Back inside his van he drove back to the house of the woman he would come to know as Terri Kilgore. There weren't any buyers in the garage and Jack opened the van door and walked across the street and into Terri's garage.

Terri looked up from her novel when she saw the man approaching and smiled at him. He looked nice enough and was even wearing a shirt and tie and she noted that he had a cast on his right arm and that it was in a sling and she immediately felt some compassion for him. "Good morning ... anything in particular you're looking for?" She asked.

He smiled. "No, not really. I'm a second grade teacher and usually after Sunday church services I search the different garage sales looking for bargains on things that I can use in my classroom."

Well, well she thought, a teacher ... and a nice looking one at that. "Really ... where do you teach?"

He was ready for that question. "Across town at Kennedy elementary."

"Oh ... sorry, I'm not familiar with that one." She went back to reading but peeked at him over the edge of the book. Damn nice looking too, she thought!

Jack frowned; inside the garage he saw a bevy of men's things; a man's bicycle, golf clubs, a couple of tennis racquets and a lot of men's clothing. He needed some information ... just to make sure. "Looks like a lot of guy stuff here ... your husband getting rid of his old gear so he can buy brand new stuff?"

She looked up, thinking about whether or not to answer. Oh hell, why not, after all he was just a second grade teacher what did it matter anyway ... besides she didn't see a wedding ring on his left hand. Her decision made she shrugged her shoulders and smiled a sexy smile. "My ex-boyfriends. He and I broke up and he won't come around and get his crap so I decided it goes out with the rest."

"Oh, sorry." He browsed the tables looking for just the right thing then he saw it under a card table near the back of the garage ... it was an ice-cream maker. He looked out the garage door and didn't see anyone around so he asked her, "Say this looks promising, could you help me get it up onto the table so I can take a look at it?"

"Sure no problem." She said as she put her book down and got up and walked over to the card table.

Jack stood back and when Terri bent over to lift the ice cream maker box he slipped his arm out of the sling and in one swift move it came crashing down on the nape of her neck and she was out like a light. He quickly took off the cast and sling using the sling to tie her arms behind her back. He took the tape off of the cast and taped her mouth shut then pulled her shorts down to her ankles to keep her feet from moving just in case she woke up. He saw her simple white panties and wondered what it would be like to fuck her. She wasn't all that sexy looking, maybe in her early thirties with mousy brunette colored hair. She was about 5'6" he guessed and a few pounds overweight as evidenced by the pooch around her waist. Nice tits though! He quickly closed the garage door from the inside and then went out the side door and up to the sidewalk and removed the 'Garage Sale Today' sign. He backed up his van up to the garage then went back inside and lifted Terri over his shoulder and took her out to the van where he reinforced her bindings and put a hood over her head.

Later, driving down the Interstate with the trust up Terri Kilgore in the back of the van he wondered if Kate Thurman would really fall for this ... was she that stupid? Maybe at this point in the investigation she was just vulnerable. Kate had proven to be one of the best FBI agents that had ever looked for him and she had quickly become a pain in his ass. Twice she had almost caught him although he was pretty sure she didn't know that ... at least not just yet. After the last near miss he decided that what was good enough for his victims should be good enough for the FBI agent, only he wasn't going to kill her like the rest ... no he was going to humiliate her and make everyone in the fucking country know that Jack Diamond had done it! Yes once he was through with Kate Thurman everyone in the fucking free world would know why he had been dubbed the 'Deep Throat' killer!

Finally arriving at the house he set everything up just as he wanted it then took the throwaway cell and sent the text message straight to Kate's personal cell. "Kate Thurman. Jack Diamond has taken another woman; someone named Terri and is holding her at a house in..."


Kate pulled the old Ford Crown Vic into the beginning of what was a very long and dark driveway, finally pulling over to the side and parking. She checked the rearview mirror to see if anyone had followed her and satisfied that she was alone she turned off the ignition and sat there thinking about her next move. She checked the waist of her trousers and felt reassured when her fingers touched the slim knife she had slipped into the inside of her belt ... just in case. She reached in her handbag and took out her gun and checked to make sure there was a round in the chamber ... there was. She clicked off the safety and put the gun behind her in the waist of her skirt and got out of the car. As she walked up the gravel driveway she wondered if the text message she had received was just another false lead, or maybe a tip from someone who really thought it was Jack Diamond in the house ... still it had sounded like a damned good lead even thought no one had reported a local woman missing, at least no one named Terri. She eased up the steps and onto the porch and looked at the darkened windows. Jesus was Jack really inside, in the dark ... waiting for her or was this just another of his ruses, another way to piss her off ... again!

Kate Thurman, at 41 years of age was one of the oldest FBI agents still on active field duty, active being defined as an agent who was still out working the streets. She should have retired from street work and taken over a desk two or three years ago but she couldn't because she was on a mission, a mission to catch Jack Diamond and she wasn't going to quit until she had the asshole behind bars or with a needle in his arm.

Jack Diamond was a serial rapist and murderer that the FBI as well as local police agencies suspected him of killing over twenty women in four states. He had been dubbed the 'Deep Throat' killer because each victim had been found with his sperm deep down their throats and in their stomach. Forensic pathologists had confirmed the fact by lab analysis and even with the DNA results no one had been able to find the elusive killer, no one except Kate who had come pretty damned close the last time. Everyone knew that Jack used some ruse to pick these women up and then disable them and despite extensive examinations of their bodies, their bodily fluids and tissue sample no one knew for sure how he accomplished that. Once they were disabled he took them to some secret hiding place and repeatedly raped them and then when he was finished he took them deep into some secluded woods and strangled them. His modus operandi or MO was simple, raping his victims then having them dress back into their bras and panties and take photographs of them. Once he had the pictures that he would later sent to the local law enforcement agencies he would stand behind them and strangled them with what many agents thought was a silk tie. Most knowledgeable law enforcement officers thought that Jack dressed up in a coat and tie and that he used the tie to kill them but Kate knew it wasn't true, that he actually had a quarter inch thick nautical line with a boatswain's knot in front that made any attempt by the victim at making a sound impossible. If it was a boatswain's knot that led Kate to believe that Jack had spent some time in the Merchant Marines or maybe even the U.S. Navy.

Kate eased open the front door and ducked inside her arm jerking her gun out from behind her and sweeping it across the entryway. She didn't see anything or anyone so she duck walked inside and closed the door then leaded back and thought about what she should do next. Deciding to confront him ... if he was really there, she called out. "Jack, if you're in here come on out and talk to me ... its Kate Thurmond." Nothing! She took a deep breath and stood up and walked over to the door leading into what she supposed was the living room. She glanced around the corner into the dark room and thought she saw someone in a large wing backed chair but she couldn't be sure. She was so scared that she could almost hear her heart beating and knew that Jack, if he were there, could hear her too. She took another deep breath and wondered if the figure was Jack or someone else — well only one way to find out. She remembered that no one had answer her when she called out so she reached around the corner, found the light switch with her finger tips and flicked it on and jumped around the corner and into a crouched position. "FBI, no one move." When her eyes adjusted to the sudden light she saw it was a woman in the wing backed chair and she was stripped down to her panties and bra and had a rope around her neck. Her hands and arms were duck-taped to the sides of the chair and her ankles were similarly taped to the legs of the chair and her mouth had a piece of duck tape covering it. She looked sacred to death.

Kate looked around the room and didn't see anyone so she lowered her gun and put it behind her back and raced across the room to the woman. "It's alright ... I'm FBI, I'll have you out of here in a minute." Kate saw the woman shaking her head no but didn't understand why until something hit her on the back of the head and everything went dark. Sometime later, she didn't know how long she had been out, her senses started to return and she slowly moved her head and groaned.

"Well, well ... if it isn't the famous Kate Thurmond, FBI agent extraordinaire."

Kate opened her eyes, took a deep breath and saw Jack Diamond standing in front of her smiling down, his hands on his hips. The woman, who ever she was, stared at her from the other chair, her eyes showing the fear she felt. Kate tried to move and that's when she realized that she was taped to a chair too. She looked down and saw that Jack had stripped her down to her panties and bra before taping her to the chair. Just fucking great she thought, she could almost read the FBI report as it made it way to the Hoover Building in Washington, DC ... Agent Thurman died with her panties on! "So what the fuck do you want Jack? Obviously it isn't to kill me or you would have already done that and rape has to be out of the question because I can tell you haven't put your filthy hands on me."

"Yet." He said.

"Yet what?" She asked.

He smiled. "I haven't put my filthy hands on you — yet Kate!"

"Alright I'll concede that. Look Jack, what the fuck do you want and who is that woman?" She nodded to the other woman.

"Her?" He turned and looked behind him and smiled at the woman, "Oh she's the bait, Kate! Her name is Terri Kilgore and she's the woman you're either going to save or kill, but it's up to you."

Kate looked at the woman called Terri and saw the fear in her eyes. She wanted to give her some hope but trust up like a Christmas goose didn't give people a lot of confidence. "Okay, and exactly how am I going to do that Jack?"

"Good question Kate, a very good question indeed. You know you have been getting closer and closer to me every month and it had been really annoying. I watched you through binoculars at my last masterpiece, untying Pricilla Goings from the tree, covering up her poor dead body and I decided that you would be next. So here's is the deal, you are going to willingly and I stress the word willingly, give me a blow job and make me cum, then swallow all of my cum and then make me hard again and I'm going to fuck you until I cum again. If that happens and I'm satisfied that you are for real I'll let her go. What do you think?"

I think I'd rather be dead that have your cock in me, she thought. "And if I do that what happens to me?" She answered.

"Hummm, well I guess that I could let you go too, only the deal is I would have to leave the two of you here trust up so I can escape. Is it a deal Agent Thurman?"

As much as I didn't want this fuck-head touching me, what choice was there? I took a deep breath. "Alright Jack — it's a deal!" I watched curiously as he start setting up cameras. There were two digital movie cameras on tri-pods, one facing me from both sides. I looked around and tried to spot my clothes and finally found them in a pile by the doorway. I would have loved to have my clothes or at least my pants because I could sure use the knife I had sequestered inside my belt. He saw me looking at my clothes.

"Are you looking for this Kate?" He held up the slim knife. "Yea I found that when I took off your clothes ... had to make sure you weren't carrying anything that you could use against me. Hell I even searched inside your bra and panties. Did you know that you have a very soft pussy Kate?"

Well wasn't that fucking comforting! I needed to change the subject. "What's with the camera's Jack?"

"Oh I just wanted to capture the action between you and me and save it for posterity ... well and maybe for the press too. After all if I'm going to let the two of you live I want credit for it. Then again, you will be a willing participant, or at least it will look that way to everyone.

Great I thought. I saw him take a shotgun from the corner of the room and taped it to a third tri-pod then aim it at Terri. He tied two cords around the trigger mechanism and laid them across the floor. I looked at them and they looked to be maybe fifteen feet long.

"What's with the shotgun Jack, I've never known you to use a gun?"

He smiled. "It's called insurance Kate. While were fucking and sucking I'll tie one cord around your leg and the other around my wrist and if something goes wrong neither of us has to move very far to have it go off and kill Terri. So now do you get the picture Kate?"

I did and the way I saw it from my chair it looked full-proof. "I get it Jack."

He stood up and walked over to me and smiled. "Remember Kate you going to have to act like you're enjoying this or ... well, boom." He motioned his head towards Terri and I nodded. He reached out and let his fingers trail down over my cheek then down my shoulder and across the cup of my bra.

"Nice tits Agent Thurmond." His fingers kept going lower and lower until they reached my panties. That day I had put on a pair of hip-high silk French panties and now I wished I had put on a pair of pain white cotton panties, it would have been better. "Well Kate you could have fooled me ... are these panties regulation FBI issue?" His fingers slipped inside the elastic leg band of my panties and caressed my labia. I wanted to scream at him and if I'd had my gun I would have blown his balls off.

"No, they're just something I picked out especially for you Jack." I smiled admiringly.

He laughed. "Now that's a good attitude Kate." He took one of the cords and tied it to my right ankle then stood up and pulled out a Benchmark knife, flicked it open and cut the tape on my wrists and ankles. "Careful Kate, no quick or sudden movements, and please remember you have the fate of Ms. Kilgore in your hands ... well not exactly your hands." He laughed at his own stupid joke.

I stood up and rubbed my wrists where the tape had been. It took a second before the circulation got better. "I'll remember Jack, now what?" He walked over to the cameras, started both of them up then took the second piece of cord and wrapped it around his wrist.

"Please take off your bra Kate, and oh, by the way what size are you?"

I reached around behind me and unsnapped my bra and took it off and dropped it onto the chair. "36C."

"Really? You look much bigger that that ... maybe it's all those FBI workouts, you know, builds muscles. All right Kate I want you to turn around, bend over at the waist and take down your panties. Do it very slowly ... I'm sure you know why? I mean I want that image captured on film for later."

I did know why. When a woman bends over at the waist you can see her pussy from behind and with the movement of taking off one's panties the pussy will open and close. It's very sexy I've been told by a couple of old boyfriends. I turned and bent over and tried to think pleasant thoughts. I knew that if Terri and I were going to survive this ordeal I would have go give a Triple-X rated performance, without subtitles or the voices from behind the screen screaming out with fake orgasms. I pushed my panties slowly down my legs until I could step out of them then on a whim I reached underneath between my legs and spread my labia apart. "How's that look to you Jack?"

"Christ its great Kate, really great. Now sit down in the chair and play with yourself, I want to see you cum."

Good God, I thought, this man is pure evil, I only hoped that anyone watching this in the future would realize that I had been coerced into doing what I was doing! I sat down, spread my legs and closed my eyes. I thought about Nelson. Nelson had been my last lover and a damned good one at that. Hell, the man had principles and a great tongue and he never got his cock anywhere near me until I'd had at least three orgasms. A good man that Nelson! Anyway I thought about his six-inch cock and how it felt inside me as I rubbed small circles on my clit. It wasn't long before my orgasm approach. I felt the tingling in my crotch then my pussy started to have small ticks — that was always the first sign of an approaching orgasm. My hips lifted up to meet my fingers and I came. "OHHhhhh God! Oh sweet Jesus ... yessssssss!" I lay back in the chair taking deep breaths. Well one orgasm down, two to go.

"Don't move an inch and don't try anything Kate or I swear I'll pull the cord."

"Alright damn it!" I watched as he came closer, got down onto his knees the leaned forward and I swear to Christ he started licking my pussy. It was the last thing I expected from Jack but I'll have to be honest here, it did feel damned good. After a woman has an orgasm she wants her man to eat her out, the feeling is just spectacular! Christ guys were so fucking dumb, why do they think so many girls like other girls? I touched his head and he jerked. "It's alright Jack, I'm not trying anything ... just relax. I just wanted to control your head as you licked my pussy." He looked up at me with his eyes then went back to licking my pussy. Orgasm number two wasn't far off. "Oh fuck! AAARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" When Jack finally stopped licking my fingers were flying across my nipples, twisting and turning them hard, the pain making my orgasm even better. I remembered Terri and somewhat embarrassed I looked across at her and saw something in her eyes, something I couldn't identify then I saw the wet spot on the front of her panties. Apparently she would have liked to join us.

"Kate it's time."

I stood up and then he pushed gently on my shoulders and I dropped down onto my knees and waited. He unbuttoned his shirt then took it off and dropped it on the floor. He kicked off his shoes and stood there waiting on me. I took a deep breath, reached up and unbuckled his belt then grabbed his zipper and pulled it down. His pants slid down his legs and I saw that he was wearing a pair of Jockey-style underwear and there was quite a large bulge formed inside. I reached up and fondled his balls and I could see the outline of his cock and suddenly I feared that he was going to be too big for me. I thought back to the autopsies of the dead women and remembered something about tissue damage to the back of their throats and vaginal tears and with what I was touching I could just imagine where they came from.

"Quit stalling Kate."

"Alright Jack, hold on a damned minute." I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and then pulled his shorts down. Something touched my cheek and I opened my eyes and was staring at one the largest cocks I had ever seen ... or even heard about for that matter, and it was leaking pre-cum like a faucet that needs a new washer.

"Nice isn't it?" He asked.

"Oh it's a beauty Jack, can't wait to get that baby inside me." I said sarcastically! I had no way to accurately measure his member but from the men I had been with I could guess that he was maybe nine inches in length but it was his girth that amazed me. I have pretty long fingers and yet I couldn't get my fingers around his shaft. Jesus how was I going to take him in my mouth much less my pussy?

"Well Kate, what are you waiting for, get started and remember our bargain."

I smiled up at him then looked at his member again, God this will never work; I'll have choked to death when they find my body. I leaned in and kissed the top of his cock then licked off his cum. I wrapped as much as I could of my hand around the bottom of his shaft and began stroking him. I opened wide and sucked on the tip of his cock then tried my best to get the rest of him inside my mouth.

"Come on you can do better than that Kate, Christ get some cock inside that nasty mouth of yours ... and no teeth."

Yea, right ... how the hell was I suppose to do that with him filling my whole mouth. He pushed his hips forward and his cock popped inside my mouth. I moved up and down, my lips not getting any farther down than his ridgeline. The poor bastard was going to have to go through life without ever experiencing a good blowjob unless he ran into a reincarnated Martha Ray somewhere in the world. He pushed and shoved and I tried not to gag. I constantly moved my head from side-to-side trying to give his pleasure and not choke ... it wasn't easy.

"Oh yes baby that's it, suck my cock. Go on Kate and bite the tip, it's alright."

Oh I wanted to bite him all right, I wanted to bite the head of his cock off and watch him bleed to death but with those cords around my leg and his wrist there was no way Terri would survive. I bobbed my head up and down, at least as much as I could and I reached in between his legs and fondled his balls. He must have liked it he because wound his fingers in my hair and guided me. He was pushing hard into my face and I almost gagged and threw-up as he fucked my mouth and throat. Then he reached down and caressed my cheeks and something weird happened ... suddenly there was a tingling inside my stomach, my pussy got wet and I realized that I wanted to get fucked! I wanted him inside me! I was wondering what was going on when I felt his cock pulsate and I prepared for his cum.

"OHHHHHHHH God!!!!!!!! Oh fuck me! Oh God damnnnnnn!!!!!!!"

He shoved his hips forward and his cock spurted and filled my mouth. I tried to swallow all of his cum but it was impossible and it started leaking out running down my cheeks and dripping onto my breasts. His cock finally shrank enough that he slipped out from my lips and hung down between his legs.

"Oh fuck Kate that was fantastic, the best every. Well so far you've held up to your side of the bargain, now one more cum and I'll be out of here."

I was confused about my feelings as I sat down on my butt and tried to concentrate and understand what was going on. Here I was an FBI agent, a supervisory special agent yet and I sat on the floor, stripped naked by a homicidal maniac who had probably killed at least twenty women and all I wanted was to have him fuck me. What was wrong with me, why couldn't I concentrate on doing my job?

He chuckled. "They are all like that Kate, every damned one of them."

I looked up at him confused. "Like what Jack, what the hell are you talking about?"

"They're all just like you Kate; once they get a taste of my cock they all want me to fuck them. Look at yourself, look at what you're doing."

I looked down and found that I was playing with my clit. Shit I didn't have a clue that I was touching myself. Indigently I said, "I'm not like them Jack, not by a long shot and if you would let me have my gun I'd show you why I'm different."

"Now, now miss FBI agent, be nice! Oh and sorry but it's time to make my cock nice and hard again."

I shrugged by shoulders and took a deep breath and leaned forward and licked the still dripping cum off the tip of his cock. He was circumcised and who ever the doctor was he had done one spectacular job on Jack's cock. He had a light brown ridgeline that was almost a quarter of an inch high and I liked the way if felt as I lick around and over it. I could see that he was responding to my tongue and I ran my manicured fingertip up and down his shaft. "How's that Jack, you like what I'm doing for you?" He responded by wrapping his finger in my hair and pulling my head forward until the tip of his cock was in my mouth again.

"Oh yea baby, that's good real fucking good."

My fingers wrapped around his shaft again and I stroked him until he was hard again. I could feel my pussy expanding and contracting and even though I was trying to convince myself that I was trying to save Terri's life, at that exact moment all I wanted was him, well his cock really and I wanted it inside me, I wanted him to make me cum over and over. Please Jack, don't make me wait ... please ... but I couldn't make myself say a fucking word.

"Alright Agent Thurmond I won't tease you anymore. Get down on your hands and knees, your head on the chair and please be careful with the rope on your leg ... we wouldn't want to kill poor Ms. Kilgore with an errant orgasm ... now would we?"

I started to turn around and lay on the chair when I felt Jack's hand on my shoulder.

"Wait a minute Kate.

Jesus, what now? "Wait? What for?" I asked.

Well look at poor Terri. Her panties are all wet from watching us and I think she would have liked to have been involved?"

He moved across the room and started running his fingers across Terri's cheek. "Is that right Terri, would you like to be a part of all of this?"

She violently shook her head no but that didn't stop Jack from continuing. He reached down and slipped his fingers underneath her panties and felt her pussy. "I think you're lying to me Terri. You pussy is so fucking wet your panties are soaked. I saw you watching Kate when she was playing with herself and I realized something ... you wanted her, didn't you?" Again Terri shook her head no but it didn't even convince me. "Fine then, let's just see what happens." Jack got down onto his knees and pulled her panties as far down as they would go with her legs taped to the chair then he grabbed them by the crotch and violently jerked them until they ripped off. "There now that's a lot better. Kate, you crawl over here and lick her pussy until she cums. God damn it, do it or I swear to God I'll pull the fucking trigger myself."

I took a deep breath and crawled across the floor and got between her legs and look at my first pussy up close and personal. Terri was a brunette and she hadn't trimmed herself in a while, still I could just make out her labia and without even touching her I could see how wet she was. I had never been with a woman before so I decided that the best thing to do was do to her what I liked a guy doing to me. I reached up and ran a finger through her pubic hair and felt her tense up. My finger slipped inside her and I made small 'finger-fucking' motions then I pulled out my finger and tasted her ... not bad, not bad at all. I used two fingers to spread her labia then I leaned in and licked her pussy until my tongue found her clit then I concentrated on that hard little love button. I could sense more than feel her orgasm approaching, she was moaning through the duct tape and her engorged labia was beginning to twitch as I sunk two finger into her pussy. There was a muffled scream and her hips moved up as much as possible into my face and I fingered her and licked as hard as I could until she finally settled back on the chair. Her pussy had squirted a huge quantity of cum and I lick every last drop off her pussy. Hell not only did she taste good she had another orgasm! I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up and saw Jack smiling down at me.

"That's enough Kate I think she's happy now. Oh I was just wondering something; will you be fired from the FBI for having a lesbian experience? Just curious."

I hadn't thought about that but if Jack released the tapes of me eating Terri's pussy I could always claim duress but anyone watching could see that I was enjoying eating her out. "I don't know Jack, maybe." I answered.

"I'll think about that Kate before I give the videos to the press, now get your ass on the chair, after watching you eat her pussy I'm really fucking horny."

God, me too! I did as he asked and crawled back across the floor and put my head on the cushion, which pushed my butt up into the air. I looked at Terri and wondered if she was going to tell anyone what had actually happened tonight. I felt him slide up between my legs and I took a deep breath waiting for him to enter me. Would I be able to take all of him? Would he get so violent that I would tear and bleed and pass out from the pain? I felt the head of his cock push on my labia and I held my breath.

"Are you ready Kate?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, go ahead Jack." I felt my labia part and then it felt like someone was trying to insert a Coke can in my pussy! Jesus Christ he was huge! Tears formed in my eyes and I begged him to stop, to go slow! "Oh God Jack you're too big. Please don't tear me apart like this. Go slower ... I ... I..." Then he was inside me and I raised my head and my muscles relaxed and I felt pleasure like nothing I had never felt in my life. Little electric shocks were shooting throughout my body, my pussy was wetter that I ever remember and the pleasure, I fucking can't describe how I felt. I wasn't having an orgasm, like have one thrill ride and it was over, no I was having rolling orgasms ... one after another and they didn't stop, it was more like an 'E' ticket ride at Disneyland. "Oh Jesus Jack ... this is impossible." I screamed as another wave of orgasms started.

"I know Kate, all the women like what I do for them! It's beautiful to watch Kate. Your pussy is so wide open and your pussy is clamping and un-clamping around my cock and the amount of cum you're leaking is amazing. Oh yes baby keep fucking cumming!"

I didn't know how long I could keep this up! I had already had two orgasms and felt a third on the way! "Oh sweet Jesus Jack, fuck me ... fuck me harder ... I ... I want to cum so badly. Oh yes baby ... there it is ... un huh ... un huh ... yes, yes ... Oh my fucking God yyyeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and the hardest and best orgasm of my life took over my entire body. I was shaking with a combination of pain and pleasure and all I could think of was that I wanted more, more, more! He grabbed my shoulders, one hand on each and pulled me back into his crotch. I could feel his balls slapping my butt as he fucked me harder.

"Oh God Kate ... I'm ... I'm ... ccuumminnggggggggggg!!!! OH FUCK ME HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!"

My pussy filled with his hot seed and I thought that I would never catch my breath. "Oh Jack fuck me baby, fuck me hard." That said, I passed out.

Sometime later I came to. I was sitting in the chair, naked with my arms and legs taped down. Terry was still across form me and she looked fine, other than having been a part of a horrific night. He had left the tape off my mouth, presumable so I could breathe easier. "You alright?" I asked Terri. She nodded her head yes. I looked around and didn't see any signs of Jack but I did see the knife. I was buried in the arm of my chair, next to my wrist. I was pretty sure that I could get it with my mouth and I leaned over and found that is I stretched there was just enough flexibility to get it into my mouth. It took a while but with perseverance I managed to cut the tape holding my right arm to the chair. After that is was just a matter of minutes until both Terri and I were free and dressed. Still there was work to do. I looked at her then said, "Look Terri what do you want to say about tonight?" She looked back at me questioningly.

"To tell you the truth Agent Thurman I would just as soon forget all about this if you don't mind. I mean no one will have missed me and we are alive. I'll understand if you have to report it but I would just as soon forget the whole thing."

I nodded my understanding. "No ... no I don't have to report it! Well by regulation of course I really should because it was abduction and rape but I think we should just keep what happened between ourselves. The glitch, of course, will be if Jack releases any pictures of the two of us." I turned to see where Jack had left my gun then spotted it on a side table.


I turned and looked at Terri. "Yea?"

"Uh ... will I see you again? I mean I've never done anything like what you did to me before ... but I kind of enjoyed it."

I had enjoyed her too and wondered what it would be like to have the time to make love to her properly. "I don't know Terri ... maybe."

I helped her out to my car and as we drove off the property all I could think about was Jack Diamond. My mouth was stretched and my pussy was sore but I wanted to have him one more time. He had been right; the girls had liked to have him fuck them at least up to the part when they became bodies. The beginning of a plan formed in my mind, one in which Jack and I could have another tryst together only this time it would be jack Diamond that got fucked!

I dropped Terri off at her house and we kissed goodbye. Her lips were soft and warm and I knew I would be back for more of her but first I had to take care of Jack. When I got home I sat on the couch with a beer and I picked up my cell and prayed that he still had his old throwaway phone. I started texting..."Jack I want more. Next time you can tie me up if you want, I want ... no make that need, to have you inside me again. Deep inside where I can feel your hot cum shooting inside me. You name the time and place." I pressed send and sat back and waited for an answer.

Two days later my phone vibrated and I had my answer ... and a place to meet him on Thursday night. I also had a solution for my problem as I looked at the capsule in the palm of my hand. It was like one of those World War Two death capsules that the Nazi's bit down on to commit suicide the only difference was that this one contained the most potent dose of Ecstasy known to man. One of my pals got it off the street for me; of course I gave him a phony story of why I needed it. See, I figured that I could 'cheek' the capsule until Jack and I were kissing then crush it and shove it into Jack's mouth. Two minutes later he would be out like a light, at least that was my plan and we would have to se how it went on Thursday.

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