Chapter 1

Copyright© 2008 by Big Ed Magusson

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Fourth of July weekend in Breckenridge with his love and his friends'"Dave was looking forward to it. But Jen wanted to play exhibitionism games. Would it be fun, or were they risking an explosion?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

"I'm scared of getting burned."

Jennifer reached across the breakfast table and placed her hand on Dave's. "We all are."

He sighed. "But this is still so new to me, the exhibitionism. You guys at least have some experience."

"That doesn't make it less frightening."

Dave looked a question at her.

She smiled, reassuring. "I've known Jen a long time. Since she discovered she was an exhibitionist, actually. I've seen her get hurt, and hurt other people without meaning to. Do you think she's not worried about Will? And us?"

Dave sighed. "No, I'm sure she's thought this through ... I just don't know what to think."

"We should hear her out. We don't know exactly what she's thinking."

Dave nodded. That was true. Jen's email had been brief. She wanted to get together to talk about their upcoming trip to Breckenridge for the Fourth of July weekend. Specifically, she's written that she wanted to talk about the possibility of 'doing more than we did in Santa Fe.'

That's what made him shudder. They'd ended up all having sex in the same bed that trip—Will and Jen right next to him and Jennifer. There hadn't been any meaningful contact between the couples, but now Jen wanted more?

Jennifer squeezed his hand. He smiled at her, and her return smile warmed and soothed him. So more and more these days, they didn't need words to communicate. Just looks, and caresses, and they knew what the other was feeling.

It continued to surprise him. He'd never had this type of connection before. Not with his ex-wife Claire, and not with any woman he'd dated before then. He squeezed Jennifer's hand in return. She didn't say anything, and he knew she didn't need to.

He knew what scared him about 'doing more than we did in Santa Fe': He just couldn't handle the thought of Jennifer touching Will sexually. He knew it wasn't rational. He knew she loved him. Will wasn't a threat. Dave had also discovered, both in Santa Fe and during his and Will's birthday celebrations, that he didn't mind Will looking at Jennifer. Even with lust in his heart, to quote a former President. But touching was an entirely different thing.

He knew that part of his dread was simply the old scars from Claire. She'd cheated on him and, while he hadn't known until after the divorce, the betrayal still cut to the bone. He shuddered when he thought about it, his stomach a knot of churning pain. But fortunately he didn't have to think about it often. Claire was part of his past; all that remained was some baggage, which he was slowly sorting through and throwing into the trash.

"If it helps," Jennifer said, "I've already told Jen that I don't want a repeat of what happened with Rob."

Dave raised an eyebrow. Jennifer's ex-husband Rob was even more ancient history for her than Claire was for him. She didn't talk about him often.

"He had this fantasy about getting into swinging. He'd talk about attending orgies or having a woman join us for a threesome. But the one time we tried something ... well, he couldn't handle it."

"The reality didn't match the fantasy."

She nodded. "We were with another couple and he flipped out when I kissed the other man. We had a fight and he called me a cunt."

Dave sucked in his breath. Jennifer nodded her head in acknowledgement.

"We never recovered," she said. "True, there were other issues..."

Dave nodded. He knew that had to have been the beginning of the end. There were some things you just didn't call the woman you supposedly loved.

"And it wasn't just us," she said. "The other couple broke up too. Just not as dramatically."


She shook her head. "We didn't get that far that night, with the other couple. And afterward, he kept pushing her to try again. It became all he talked about—'when are we going to invite Jennifer over so I can sleep with her?' Jen got fed up with it and dumped him."


She nodded. "The other couple was Jen and her boyfriend before Will."

"Ah." That explained a lot, in ways that Dave couldn't fully articulate.

"I'm not going to do anything to lose you," she said, "and Jen's not going to take a chance of losing Will."

Dave nodded, but he knew it wasn't that simple. The best of intentions could sometimes go awry. He was sure that was what had happened with Jennifer that first time. And he knew it could happen again.

"We won't make any decisions until we hear what Jen has to say," Jennifer said, "and we'll talk, just the two of us, before we do anything."

He nodded in acknowledgement. He might be scared of getting burned, but maybe if they made the fuse long enough, the firecracker wouldn't go off in his hand. It could work out fine.

"When are we supposed to be over at Jen's?" he asked, breaking out of his contemplation.

"After lunch. We've got some time to kill."

He grinned, adding a touch of a leer to his eyes. "And how do you suggest we spend that time?"

She tilted her head toward the bedroom. "Maybe talking about things we'd like to do in Breckenridge?"

"While we're doing other things?"

She smiled silently, her eyes sparkling.

Dave didn't need words to know she'd accepted his suggestion. Instead, he just pushed back from the table and extended his hand. Jennifer stood and accepted it. He could already feel the heat of anticipation as they headed toward the bed.

Later as they drove to Jen's, Dave mused that it was like eating before going to the grocery story. Despite the wonderful mental imagery of what might happen over the Fourth, it was all intellectual. He was sated, at last for now. Two orgasms in a morning were likely to do that to a man. He glanced at Jennifer, who smiled back. She seemed to be the same way. Content. Satisfied. Did they really want to spoil that by risking more?

Dave chuckled when Jen let them in the door. She was wearing a thin top that left no doubt about her lack of a bra. He looked, and she grinned, but it didn't have the same fire that it would have if the morning's activities hadn't happened. It really was like eating before hitting the grocery store.

Will lounged in the dining room, sipping a beer. He looked up and smiled when they all trooped in, but Dave could sense his tenseness. He's not any more ready for this than I am, Dave thought.

"Something to drink?" Jen asked.

"What do you have?" Jennifer asked.

"Beer, Coke, water. Oh, and juice."

Dave smiled. "Water's fine for me."

Jennifer asked for the same and Jen popped a beer. Once they'd all settled around the table, an uncomfortable silence fell.

"So..." Jen said, "I suppose I should start."

Heads nodded.

"I really enjoyed our trip to Santa Fe," she said, her face flushing into a smile. "And not just the last morning, but the whole weekend."

"Well we all know you like showing off," Jennifer teased.

"But I also liked watching," Jen said. "Particularly, you know, the second time in the hot tub."

"Out of the hot tub, really," Will said dryly, referring to when they'd all masturbated together.

Dave felt himself relaxing. The banter took the edge off the tension.

"So what do you want to do?" he asked.

"Well," Jen said, "first I don't want to cause any problems." She shared a knowing look with Jennifer. "Which is why I wanted to talk now. I want an agreement on what's acceptable before we get up there."

"Acceptable?" Dave asked.

Jen nodded. "For example, if I decided to give Will a blowjob in the living room of the condo, would that be okay, or would it upset you?"

"It wouldn't upset me!" Will said.

Jen grinned at him, her eyes twinkling. Dave raised his eyebrows. He looked at Jennifer, who calmly smiled back.

"I think we'd be okay with that," he said.

"Good," Jen said. "But what else?"

Dave shrugged his shoulders. He really hadn't thought this through. Fortunately, Jennifer had.

"We're fine with anything in the common areas of the condo," she said. "I'd like to keep our bedroom private, though."

Jen and Will nodded.

"But if you want to go around naked in the rest of it," she continued, "or fool around with Will, we won't mind."

"And we won't mind if you do the same," Jen said.

Jennifer smiled, her eyes darting to Will, who couldn't quite conceal his eagerness. Dave knew Will was looking forward to seeing Jennifer nude again. Amusingly, it didn't bother him.

"I assume it'll be okay if I dress sexy too," Jen said.

Heads nodded, but Will quickly interjected. "It might be easier to discuss what's not okay."

They fell into silence. Glances went around the table, each apparently waiting for the others to speak. Finally, Dave sighed.

"I don't want Jennifer and Will touching," he said. He looked at Will. "Sorry, but I'm just not ready for that."

Will nodded, unperturbed. But when Dave looked at Jen, her face had fallen.

"I don't want you touching Will either," Jennifer said, winking at Dave.

They all laughed.

"That's okay," Will said. He looked at Dave, "I could love you like a brother—"

"—but not the other way." Dave finished, remembering the Monty Python skit.

"Well, what about Jen and Jennifer touching?" Will asked.

Dave shrugged. "It didn't bother me during the birthday striptease."

"It didn't bother me either," Will said with a grin.

The women exchanged an enigmatic smile.

"Anything else off limits?" Jen asked.

Heads shook no or were still. Dave was sure there were other things off limits, but he couldn't think of any on the spot.

"So, everything else is okay?" Jen asked. She looked for confirmation from the others. After she got it, she continued. "Any special requests?"

Dave shrugged. "Like what?"

"There are all sorts of exhibitionistic games we could play," Jen said.

Dave shrugged, more to conceal his ignorance than anything.

"We were thinking..." Jennifer began, glancing at Jen for confirmation, "that we'd like a show from you."

"What?" Will asked.

"A Full Monty show," Jen said. "You strip for us."

"Uh..." Will looked to Dave.

"I don't know," Dave said, looking at Jennifer. "Is this what you want?"

"It'd be fun," she said, "and you might like it too."

"I don't know," he replied.

"If we do it," Will said, "what'll you do for us?"

"What do you want?" Jen asked.

Will paused, and then a grin slowly spread across his face. "You two have to come up with a show that Dave and I haven't seen. Something new, hot, and sexy."

"Maybe with lingerie," Dave added.

Jennifer looked at Jen and raised an eyebrow. Then the women grinned at each other.

"I'm sure we can come up with something," Jen said. "Anything else?"

Jennifer raised a finger. "Dave and I were talking this morning about possibly going on a hike, where we could be outside, but away from people."

Jen smiled. "Just a hike?"

Jennifer smiled while Dave blushed. "We thought we might do more than hike, if we had a lookout so we wouldn't get caught."

Jen and Will exchanged a look. "We can do that," she said. "Anything else?"

A round of shrugs went around the room.

"Well," Jen said, "then we'd better talk about other stuff. Like are we going to do any cooking or just eat out?"

The conversation turned to logistics and planning and Dave was amused to note that it had almost the same tone as the earlier, sexier part. Pretty matter of fact. Somehow that made it a lot less scary to anticipate.

As a result, Dave spent the next two weeks in nervous, giddy anticipation. Sometimes, like when Jennifer came over after a 'shopping trip' with Jen, he was like a kid before Christmas, his mind dancing with fantasies of what might be to come. Other times, he was just nervous to the point of wondering if he really wanted to go on the trip at all. Usually those spells came during dance practices with Will.

"It's no use," Dave said, collapsing on the couch. "I'm just not coordinated enough."

"So you tripped," Will said. "It happens. Maybe we should do the Velcro thing."

Dave grumbled. "I'm not sure I want to spend the money."

"They're spending money on lingerie for us," Will pointed out. "Besides, I really want to see what show they've got planned for us."

"You know something?"

Will shook his head. "Only that Jen's been teasing me about how much I'll like it."

Dave snorted. That would be Jen, all right. Teasing unmercifully.

"You think it will be worth it?" he asked.

Will chuckled. "She said it would be hotter than hot, and I've learned to trust Jen when she says that."

Dave couldn't help chuckling himself. Images of Jen and Jennifer naked began to swim through his brain, and the nervousness gave way to giddiness once again.

The giddiness gave way to frustration on the drive to Breckenridge. Apparently everyone and their brother had decided to go to the mountains for the weekend and I-70 was a parking lot. Well, not entirely. They were moving just fast enough to give hope that the traffic would improve, but not fast enough to turn that hope into a reality. Finally, traffic ground to a complete halt on the approach to the Eisenhower Tunnel. Sitting behind Jen, Dave couldn't quite make out what was happening ahead.

"I'm getting hungry," Jen said.

"Me too," Jennifer added.

"We can stop in Silverthorne," Will said. "There's plenty of fast food, if nothing else."

"I dunno," Dave said. "The last time the four of us stopped for fast food on a road trip, it cost the ladies their panties."

Chuckles filled the car at the memory of that Taco Bell stop on the way to Santa Fe.

"Yeah," Will said, he voice thick with tease, "I'm not sure we want that happening again."

"You enjoyed it!" Jen said.

He nodded and grinned. "And I'd enjoy it again, but we don't want you running out of underwear too soon. Can't have you naked all the time."

Jen shot him a look of mock outrage while Dave and Jennifer erupted in laughter.

"Fine," she huffed.

Jen turned forward and began wriggling in her seat. Dave couldn't see what she was doing from his position in the back seat, but he could see the amused look on Will's face as he watched her instead of the road. It was definitely a good thing they weren't moving.

"What are you doing?" Jennifer asked.

"Making sure Will has nothing to worry about," Jen answered.

Her seat bucked back as she apparently raised her hips. Then Jen leaned forward. A moment later, she reached back and handed Jennifer a bundle of cloth.

"Can you hang onto these?" she asked. "Will won't have to worry about me losing my underwear if I'm not wearing any."

Dave couldn't help laughing and Jennifer and Will soon joined in.

"So what is she wearing?" Dave asked Will.

"Nothing," Will answered, his eyes darting between Jen and the traffic, which was once again starting to crawl. "At least nothing below the waist."

"It'd be nothing above the waist too if I wasn't worried about those cops."

Dave leaned to the side so he could peer around Jen's seat. Sure enough, he could now see the flashing lights ahead. That explained the traffic, particularly if the accident was actually inside the tunnel.

To Dave's surprise, Jen didn't put her pants back on as they crawled forward. Before they got too close to the accident, she pulled them off the floor and shook them out, but then only laid them across her lap. The officer directing traffic didn't look closely, though, and soon they were through the tunnel.

As they rolled down the hill into Silverthorne, Dave thought that Jen would wriggle back into her jeans, but she seemed nonchalant. It was almost surreal as they discussed the food choices they could see from the road, as if there was nothing different from how things had been fifty miles earlier. Jen didn't even budge when Will pulled into the Wendy's drive through.

"Uhh... ," Dave said, leaning forward to Jen's ear while Will placed the order, "is this a good thing to do?"

"Depends on the guy."

Dave sat back, as Jennifer put a reassuring hand on his thigh. They'd done this enough. He had to trust them.

But he could still feel his blood racing as they slowly edged their way around the curve toward the window. Would Jen leave her pants covering her lap? Or pull them aside? Would the guy like it? Or get offended?

It didn't matter. The order taker at the window was a woman and she didn't once look past Will into the passenger's seat. Dave couldn't see Jen's reaction, so he glanced at Jennifer. She just smiled back, gently shaking her head.

As they returned to the road, Dave started to unwrap his burger but stopped.

"Are we going to eat these in the car?" he asked. "By the time we get to the condo and check in, they'll be cold."

"Good point," Will said. "How about if we find a spot near the reservoir?"

That sounded good to everyone, and so Will stayed on US 6 until he hit Dillon Dam Road. Then he turned right and followed the shore. Dave was sure that there'd be places to pull over, but there really just wasn't anything for quite a while. Will finally turned into the Giberson Bay Day Use area, after way too many minutes.

"You're going to have to get dressed, dear," Will said as he angled for a parking spot in the crowded lot.

Several families wandered through the lot or occupied the picnic tables they could see. Jen muttered something under her breath, but dutifully tugged her pants back on. Jennifer just smiled and pocketed Jen's panties.

Fortunately, the burgers and fries weren't cold, even if they weren't exactly hot. They found some rocks near the shore to perch on, rather than fetch the folding chairs they'd packed in the trunk. The residual conversation died as they all hungrily dug into their food.

As Dave chewed, he reflected on the afternoon. After a bit, he decided to ask.

"So," he said, after making sure no one beyond their group could overhear, "why would it have been okay to flash the Wendy's clerk, but not the people around here?"

"Kids," Will said, gesturing toward a nearby family.

"More how," Jen said. She looked at Will. "I have flashed teenaged boys before." Then she turned back to Dave. "I would have made sure that the clerk wanted to look before actually showing him or her anything. Here, if I'd just gotten out of the car..."

Dave nodded. There would have been no chance for the people around to not look.

"We really don't want to get in trouble," Jennifer added. "Even if the risk is part of the game."

Dave raised his eyebrows.

Jennifer read his mind. "Think about it," she said, "we don't know if the guy is going to like what he sees or not, until we've shown him. It's a risk."

"And a big thrill," Jen said, looking wistfully at Will. "One I really like."

Will's pursed his lips before smiling back. "I like it too." Then he turned to Dave. "I get just as much of a thrill, even though I'm not doing anything."

Dave nodded, but he knew that he'd missed something in that exchange between his friends. He looked over at Jennifer, but she was gazing out at the water and didn't see his non-verbal question. When she looked back, she just beamed at him, before taking another bite of her burger. He couldn't resist smiling back, and then Will made a comment about how nice the weather was up in the mountains, and the moment passed.

The conversation turned to past trips in to the mountains. Will regaled them with tales of past hikes he'd taken as a Boy Scout and the various escapades that only pre-teens with no sense and a belief in their own immortality are capable of initiating. Jen talked about a camping trip she'd taken with a past boyfriend, in which they'd had encounters with both rattlesnakes and coyotes. They finished lunch in a jovial mood and soon were on the road back to Breckenridge.

Dave was glad they'd stopped for lunch. When they hit Breckenridge, traffic once again slowed to a crawl, and their condo was on the north end of Main Street. After way too long, they finally pulled into the Corral condos, found the main office and then eventually made it to their vacation rental which was about four doors down from the outdoor hot tub. By the time they dropped their luggage in the main room, it had been nearly an hour and a half since they'd eaten.

"So what now?" Dave asked.

"I get out of these jeans," Jen muttered, immediately beginning to unbutton them. "The seam's been rubbing me wrong."

Will just laughed and leaned back against the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room area. Dave didn't know quite what to do, but Jen was half naked too quickly for him to think or do much about it. He sat on the arm of a stuffed chair as she continued to strip, pausing only once she'd discarded her shirt and bra on top of her jeans. Dave just smiled and drank in the sight.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "I'm going to go unpack." She started walking toward the ground floor bedroom, but paused and looked back, over her shoulder at Dave. "Feel free to join me when Jen finishes her show." Then she grinned and continued on her way.

Dave looked back at Jen, who, now fully nude, reclined onto the couch with a loud sigh.

"Much better," she said.

"Indeed," Will said, his eyes wide and bright.

Dave had to agree. He let his eyes slowly trail over Jen's body. Her skin was lightly tan, with soft lines on her thighs marking where her shorts would end. The muscles made her legs taut and firm. She'd continued shaving her pubes, leaving him to marvel at the way women's genitals, when fully exposed, just seemed to cleft into a small valley. A valley of pleasure, he knew. Higher up, Jen's breasts lay flat against her chest, her nipples poking up, yet not stiff. She rested her head in her arms, her copper red hair cascading around her face. She was watching them watching her and smiling. Dave could feel his cock stirring and the blood beginning to flow.

"You are so beautiful," Will said, his voice heavy and husky.

Jen's smile brightened and her eyes flicked to Dave.

"I have to agree," he said.

She arched her back with a purr. "My work here is done."

The men laughed.

"I'm not sure you're completely done," Will said with a leer.

"Oh?" Jen said, sitting up and raising her eyebrows.

Will nodded.

Dave shook his head, chuckling. He picked up his bags. "Let's head into town in half an hour," he said and headed toward the bedroom.

"Sounds good," Will said, as he slowly sauntered toward Jen.

"Have fun," Dave added, without looking back.

He found Jennifer lounging on the bed, flipping through a magazine. She looked up and smiled when he came in.

"We've got half an hour to kill," he said, nodding toward the door.

"I'm not surprised," she said. "Well, not entirely. The Drive-Through Game tends to get Jen worked up, but usually that's when she gets to show more than she did today."

Dave considered her words as he started unpacking his clothes into a dresser drawer. After a bit, he paused and looked at Jennifer.

"You know, I really don't understand that. Why does it turn her on so much?"

"Does it matter?"

"I don't know."

Jen frowned. "I'm sure some psychologist could point to her childhood and come up with some justification for why she likes what she does, but what difference does it make? It's what turns her on."

"Yeah, it probably doesn't matter," he mused. "She's not hurting anyone, after all."

"And even making some people happy."

Sensing her amused tone, Dave looked over. Jen grinned with her head tilted, listening. He paused too, and then smiled. He could hear Jen's cries of pleasure from the other room, faint but distinct.

"Well, I imagine she's making Will happy," he said, "as well as vice versa."

"You don't have to imagine, you know. They're in the living room. We could go watch."

Dave hesitated. One the one hand, he really felt he should be giving his friends some privacy. On the other, the image of Jen's body easily floated back before his eyes and it was all too easy to imagine her in ecstasy. He stood there, torn.

"If you don't want to watch," Jennifer said, rising from the bed, "we can listen."

Dave looked quizzically at her as she stepped past him and opened the bedroom door. Now Jen's cries were clear enough to make out her gasps and even the random word. He looked at Jennifer who smiled devilishly and then sank to her knees.

"Keep listening," she said, reaching for his belt.

Dave blinked and then gasped as Jennifer lowered his jeans and underwear. In the background Jen called "Oh, Oh, Oh!" He glanced down to see his girlfriend smile up at him, kiss the tip of his cock, and slide her lips around it. Just then, Jen let out a loud moan.

He closed his eyes, letting both the sounds and the sensations wash through him. Jennifer's hot mouth held his shaft tight as she bobbed back and forth. She paused only occasionally to run her tongue the length of his cock.

Jen's cries grew louder and more rapid. He easily imagined what Will must be doing to her, but the images didn't stay long in his mind. Not with what Jennifer was doing to him. He cracked his eyes and looked down, but Jennifer's red hair obscured his view. He closed them again, letting the bolts of pleasure shoot through him.

Jen cried out one last time and fell silent. Dave was close himself and opened his eyes. This time Jennifer looked up at him. She swept her hair aside, so he could see her lips wrapped around his cock.

It was enough. With a gasp, he exploded. Jennifer swallowed quickly, and then pulled back, milking him with her hand. Weak at the knees, he sank to the floor. She cuddled into his side as they lay there among the scattered clothes. Silence filled the room.

After he'd recovered, Dave kissed Jennifer lightly on her head and then waited until their eyes met.

"I should return the favor," he said with a grin.

Her smile grew wide. "I'd like that. On the bed?"

He nodded and they untangled themselves. Jennifer quickly stripped and lay back on the bed, propping herself on the pillows. Dave knelt between her thighs. They smiled at each other, long and loving, before he gently kissed the inside of one knee. And then the other. And then began working his way up.

She was ready when he arrived at her pussy—already soaking wet. He kissed her lightly and then began to lick, just as he knew she liked. He reached up to hold her hips, and then he found her clit and sucked lightly on it. She moaned, almost purred really, and he flicked it with his tongue. He alternated licks and gentle sucks, increasing the pressure, until, with a gasp, she came.

He sat back and grinned up at her, meeting her shiny eyes, before he heard a noise from the doorway. Jen stood there, wearing only an ear-to-ear grin.

"Very nice," she said, and then looked defensive for a moment. "Hey, the door was open."

"It's okay," Jennifer said, still smiling at Dave. "What do you want?"

"Wear a skirt?" Jen asked.

Jennifer nodded.

"Great! See you guys in a few minutes."

Dave raised an eyebrow and looked at the clock. They had indeed used up most of the agreed-to half hour.

As they dressed, Dave glanced at Jennifer, curious about what outfit she'd choose. As he'd expected, she chose a tight above-the-knee skirt instead of the looser, long one he'd seen her pack earlier. He raised an eyebrow when she caught him looking, but she just grinned and slid it on. No panties, which was not quite a non-surprise. Jen wouldn't have suggested skirts if she didn't have something in mind, after all.

But what that was never became quite clear. They met Jen and Will in the living room, Jen also wearing a short skirt, and then walked down Main Street until they reached the shops and other various tourist traps. While the women smiled and laughed, nothing in their demeanor hinted of mischief or a sexual tease. Even when they lingered on empty stairways, the women a few steps higher than the men, it all felt wholesome and G-rated.

Which drove Dave to distraction by the time they finally ambled over to the Mexican restaurant on the side of the pond for dinner. He just couldn't keep his eyes off Jen and Jennifer's legs every time they turned or paused. When Jen stooped to adjust a sandal strap, his eyes remained riveted on her ass as he waited for her to do ... well, he didn't know exactly what but his imagination came up with plenty of ideas.

It came up with even more ideas when, after placing their orders, the women exchanged a look and excused themselves to go the bathroom. Dave waited, his nerves racing, until they'd departed, before leaning in to talk quietly to Will.

"What's the game this time?" he asked.


"I know neither of them are... ," he looked around but no one was close enough to overhear, "wearing anything under their skirts, but they've done nothing to show off."

Will chuckled.

"So what's the game? The anticipation is killing me!"

Will laughed and leaned back. "There is no game."

Dave raised his eyebrows.

"You've been looking at them all afternoon, right?"

Dave nodded.

"So they've gotten you to look without actually showing you anything.

Dave let out an exasperated sigh, and then shook his head. "You're right," he said with a chuckle. "I have been looking. A lot."

"And that's the game."

They gave each other knowing looks and then settled back to wait. The ladies returned and slid into the booth next to them.

Dave did a double take. Jennifer's eyes danced as she watched him stare, and her grin all but confirmed his deduction.

"You switched skirts," he said.

"Got it in one," Jen answered from across the table.

"I told you he'd notice," Jennifer said.

"Well ... he was watching us all afternoon. He probably memorized every crease in the fabric."

"I probably did," Dave admitted, to a round of laughter.

Fortunately, they didn't tease him much more. Dave relaxed as their margaritas showed up, and then later their food. They talked and laughed and by the time the check came, he'd nearly forgotten about 'the game' from the afternoon.

"So what now?" Dave asked as they waited for their server to return after ringing up the credit cards.

"Back to the condo." Jen said. "For show time!" She grinned at Will. "Time to show us what you've got."

Dave's breath caught and he looked at Will. Was he ready?

Instead of looking eager, Will looked resigned and completely unlike he'd been during rehearsals. Jennifer apparently noticed too, because she took Dave's hand under the table and gave him a firm squeeze. He looked at her and she mouthed "I love you."

He took a deep breath. He could do this.

Jen and Will seemed to be having a similar silent conversation, and somehow through that, Will steadied himself. He looked back at Dave and smiled.

"You ready to dance?" he asked.

Dave shrugged. "Why not?"

Jennifer gave his hand another squeeze and he smiled at her. Then the server returned and they were on their way out the door.

They continued holding hands as they headed back to the condo. Jennifer walked slowly, though, and soon they were several feet behind Will and Jen. When the other couple started talking in low tones, their words drowned out by the sounds of the street and the wind, she turned to him.

"Jen and I have some special 'tips' planned for our dancers," she said. "They bend the rules a bit, but they don't break them. We'll talk about it before any of them get cashed in, okay?"

He looked at her quizzically.

"It'll be okay," she said with a smile. "I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I don't want it to be a bad surprise."

Up ahead, Will and Jen had paused, waiting for them to catch up, so they broke off their conversation. Dave pondered Jennifer's comments—it'd be okay? Why wouldn't it be? But he trusted her, so while curiosity tugged a bit, he quickly let it go.

"So how do we do this?" Dave asked as they walked in the condo and they surveyed the living room.

"We can set the boom box up over by the fireplace," Will said, gesturing. "If we push the coffee table out of the way and the ladies sit on the couch..."

Dave nodded. "We can enter from our room," he said.

"Actually," Jen said, "it might be fun to see you two come down the stairs."

"Sure," Will said, "anything to please the audience."

Jen grinned at him.

He turned to Dave. "Get your stuff and meet me upstairs?"

Dave nodded and headed down the hall. As he passed back through the living room, the women were shifting the furniture around so both the couch and the stuffed chair had good views of the stairs, with a large open space in front of them. He bounded up the steps and into Will and Jen's room, where Will was already putting on his suit. Dave quickly dropped his bag on the bed and began changing clothes.

As they dressed, though, he noticed that Will was much more tense than he'd expected. He was taking small breaths and not smiling.

"You okay?" Dave asked.

Will nodded, but his expression didn't change.

"Because I'm the one that's supposed to be nervous about dancing. Particularly now that there are stairs involved." He held up his pants, which he'd not put Velcro into, being uncomfortable with destroying a very expensive pair of pants for just one evening.

"It's not the dancing," Will said. "It's what comes after."

Dave raised his eyebrows, questioning, but Will shook him off.

"We've got a show to do," he said.

Dave nodded. He could see Will calming himself and getting a glint in his eye. Getting his stage face on.

It didn't take too long to get ready, though Dave really didn't like the way the thong rode in the crack of his ass. It didn't feel right, no matter how he stood or shifted his weight. At least it wasn't regular wear for guys, he thought, feeling more appreciation for when Jennifer had worn hers for him. But thinking about the g-string kept his mind off his nerves, at least until Will poked his head out the door and called for the music to start.

The ZZ Top song had a long intro, so the stairs turned out to not be a problem at all. They strutted and swung their arms to the beat until they were almost at the bottom, when the lyrics kicked in.

Clean shirt, new shoes

And I don't know where I'm going to

The women sat on the far couch, laughing and clapping. Will spun in a circle at the bottom of the stairs.

Silk suit, black tie,

I don't need a reason why

Dave repeated the spin while Will strutted to the other side of the room. He threw in a hip shake that drew whoops from the women.

They come runnin' just as fast as they can
coz every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

He and Will now stood side by side in front of the laughing women. The danced and shook and strutted, just like they'd practiced, then turned and peeled off their suit jackets, tossing them to the side.

when I step out I'm gonna do you in

They rolled their hips and shook their asses, once again to calls of delight. When they turned around, the women were waving dollar bills. Dave and Will exchanged a look of surprise.

Coz every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

As the second instrumental break started—a long one, Dave knew from their practices—they started loosening and removing their ties. Will sauntered forward and looped his around Jen's neck. She took the opportunity to stuff a bill in his front pocket. Dave looked at Jennifer, who grinned back and waved her own dollar. He strutted forward himself.

Except, as he looped his tie over her shoulders, Jennifer slid the dollar into his waistband instead of his pocket. He pulled it out as he danced away—he needed to untuck his shirt next anyway—and realized that there was paper taped to it, with writing on it. He didn't have time to read it, so he stuffed it in his pocket before turning to face the ladies again.

As the beat pounded, he and Will began unbuttoning their shirts. They swayed and smiled and made a show of it, as the women laughed and clapped. Then, like with the jackets, they turned and rolled the shirts off their backs, making lascivious leers over their shoulder as they did. The women just held up new bills and beckoned with their fingers.

Dave chuckled and looked at Will, whose eyes were full of laughter. So much for the nerves! Dave looked back at Jennifer and she waved her dollar again. He laughed. This was more fun than he'd thought!

Dave started undoing his belt, like they'd choreographed, but Will was already dancing forward. As Will turned and shook his hips, Jennifer looked a question at Dave and motioned with her 'tip' toward Will. Jen was already stuffing one into Will's waist, copping a feel of his ass as she did.

Dave shrugged back. Why not?

Jennifer smiled and, catching Will's eye, slid the dollar bill into his waistband. Will pulled it out and stuck it in his pocket as he danced away, shooting a smile at Dave.

Top coat, top hat,
I don't worry coz my wallet's fat.

Dave took a deep breath. Both women were looking at him now, so he made a show of slowly pulling his belt out and twirling it. Then he sauntered forward while Will hung back.

Black shades, white gloves,

lookin' sharp and lookin' for love.

Jennifer smiled as he approached, and this time slid her hand over his ass as she tucked the bill into the front of his waistband. Jen eagerly looked over, but quickly glanced at the writing on the bill she was holding and then exchanged it for another from the pile beside her. After Jennifer had given his ass one final squeeze, he moved in front of Jen, who licked her lips as she slid the bill down the front of his pants.

They come runnin' just as fast as they can

coz every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

Dave winked at her and strutted away. Will stood back a ways, his hands on his fly, grinning like a loon. Dave shoved his tips into his pocket and moved beside Will. They danced and did their best farcical Chippendales imitations, waiting for the instrumental coda to die down and the next song to start.

When it did, they stopped and made a show of unzipping their pants. The women hooted again, and Jen made a show of fanning herself. Jennifer squirmed in her seat, her skirt riding up.

I got to have a shot of what you got is oh so sweet.

The men turned their backs once again, dramatically placing their hands on their hips.

You got to make it hot, like a boomerang I need a repeat

Then they slowly lowered their pants to the floor.

Gimme all your loving, all your hugs and kisses too.

The women went more wild, if that was possible, calling out 'all right!' and 'woo hoo!' Dave stepped out of his pants, grateful that their rehearsals had demonstrated the folly of shoes and socks, and then kicked them to the side.

Gimme all your loving, don't let up until we're through.

They'd planned to stretch this part out, dancing in an ever widening circle for much of the song. The ladies just shimmied in their seats and waved their dollar bills.

Eventually, their circle brought them close enough for the women to tip them. Will again led the way. Jennifer chastely tucked a bill under Will's g-string at the hip, but Jen grabbed his exposed ass as she slid hers down the front, apparently trying to wrap it around his cock. Will let out a small gasp, but didn't object.

You got to move it up and use it like a screwball would.
You got to pack it up, work it like a new boy should.

When it was Dave's turn, Jennifer wasn't nearly so chaste. She met his eyes and then licked her lips. Then she pulled the back of his g-string out and slid the bill under it, letting it snap back into place when he was done. But before he could startle at the snap, she cupped his cock and balls with her other hand. She held her hand long enough to feel him harden, before leaning back and grinning salaciously. He stepped forward in front of Jen.

Jen's eyes danced with mirth as she waved her bill. Dave turned, offering her his hip. She reached out with one hand and pulled his g-string away from his body, but then instead of sliding the bill in the exposed spot with her other hand, she pushed it down the front. Dave gasped as her fingers momentarily brushed his shaft. He didn't have time to think about it, because she quickly leaned back and the next chorus kicked in.

Gimme all your lovin', all your hugs and kisses too.
Gimme all your lovin', don't let up until we're through.

Dave moved back, continuing the circle, but he'd barely gotten around before Will was in front of the women, receiving his tips once again. Jennifer tipped him twice, once at each hip, before Jen made a show of rubbing her hands all over his ass and cock. She finally slid a bill into his g-string when Will stopped dancing and simply stood there, enjoying her ministrations. After a few long moments, she stuck a second bill into the back of his g-string and leaned back, dropping her hand into her own lap as she did so.

Dave couldn't help a small chuckle as he moved forward. While Jennifer made a similar show of caressing him all over before tipping him, Jen's hand stayed busy under her skirt, her eyes half lidded. She pulled it out when he stepped in front of her, before quickly shoving two bills down the front of his g-string and shooting him a wicked smile.

The song wound down and Will and Dave returned to their side-by-side poses. They looked at each other and took a deep breath. Time for the Full Monty.

The drum line of the new song started. They turned their backs again, but this time it was just a tease. When the guitars kicked in, they turned back around. The women's eyes went wide.

I got a gal, she lives 'cross town.
She's the one that really get down

They rolled their g-strings down.

When she boogie,

When they stood back up, the women applauded.

she do the tube snake boogie.

Dave blushed. He'd lost his hard-on in the dancing, which meant that he flopped as he tried to dance. He glanced at Will and swallowed an inward smile. Will's erection just meant he flopped worse.

Well, now boogie little baby, boogie woogie all night long.

Will, however, had a solution for that. He stopped dancing, walked forward, and extended his hand to Jen. When she took it, he pulled her up and into his arms. They kissed passionately, running their hands all over each other, and swaying slightly with the beat.

Dave looked at Jennifer, who crooked her finger, beckoning. He strode forward, stopping directly in front of her. She smiled up at him and reached out, taking his cock into her hands. He hardened quickly under her touch.

I got a gal, she lives on the block.
She kinda funkie with her pink and white socks.

Jennifer's eyes darted toward the other couple and Dave's followed. Jen had turned around and was grinding her ass into Will's crotch, still swaying to the beat. He kissed her neck as he ran his hands over her front, pushing up her blouse and playing with her breasts. She reached back and stroked his side with one hand, her other thrust up her skirt.

Dave gasped as Jennifer's mouth engulfed his cock. Their eyes met again, sparkling, as she bobbed her head back and forth.

When she boogie

Jennifer reached up to hold his ass while she sucked.

she do the tube snake boogie.

He gently placed his hands on her head.

Well, now boogie woogie baby, boogie woogie all night long.

Dave closed his eyes, concentrating on the sensation of Jennifer's hot wet mouth. He started breathing deeply, almost tuning out everything around him. But not quite.

Nearby, Jen let out a long moan. Dave glanced over and saw that his friends had moved to the arm of the couch. Jen was bent over the arm, her skirt bunched around her waist, while Will thrust into her from behind. Her breasts jiggled, hanging free of her blouse.

Jennifer pulled off his cock, drawing Dave's attention back. She sat back on the couch and skimmed off her skirt, leaving her nude below the waist.

"On your knees," she said.

He nodded, realizing what she intended. Once she'd scooted to the edge of the couch, her pussy was just the right height if he was kneeling. He moved into position and soon sank his cock into her hot depths.

Jennifer leaned back, sliding her hand down so she could play with her clit while he screwed her. Their eyes met again and they smiled at each other. More moans drew their attention to Will and Jen.

Jen cried out and shuddered and came. Will slowed down only long enough to let her catch her breath, before driving her to another one. As her second orgasm crashed through her, she went rigid with a yell. Will's eyes went wide and then he let out a low moan. He shook slightly, and then collapsed forward on top of Jen.

The sight was too much. Dave felt the pressure build. He couldn't hold back and exploded, shooting deep inside Jennifer. Her fingers furiously stroked her clit and she came a few moments later.

Well, now boogie woogie baby, boogie woogie all night long.

(Blow your top, blow your top, blow your top!)

The tape clicked off, and they sank to the couch and floor, each catching their breath. Jen stripped her remaining clothes off and sat next to Jennifer, her face flushed and happy. Dave just lounged on the floor, taking in the sight of the two women in their afterglow.

"I told you you'd enjoy the show," Jen teased Will as he stretched out on the carpet.

"With an ending like that," he said, "how could I not? It's a heckuva tip."

"No, that was your payment," she said. "We tipped you before that."

"Oh, yeah." Will's pants were within reach, so he pulled them over and fished the dollar bills out of the pocket. "More than a dollar, I see," he said, glancing up with a grin.

Dave's brow furrowed and he looked at Jennifer.

"Read what's written on them," she said.

Dave retrieved his own pants and pulled out the bills. Uncrumpling them, he read the first one.

Good for one public flashing—Jennifer

He looked up, surprised, and met Jennifer's twinkling eyes.

"I told you you'd like them," Jen teased again.

Dave spread the bills out and carefully read through them. He had nine total—two flashing coupons from each woman, a coupon for lingerie modeling from each woman, one for 'semi-public fooling around' from Jennifer, and two coupons for blowjobs.

Wait a minute.

He re-read the last two again.

Good for one blowjob—Jennifer

Good for one blowjob—Jen

"Uh," he said, looking up. "I think there's been a mistake." He waved the 'tips.' "I've got one for a blowjob from Jen here."

The women grew serious. They gave each other a long look before Jennifer turned to face him.

"That's not a mistake, my love."

His eyes grew wide. He turned to Will, who nodded, without saying a thing.

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