Sanctuary Book 2: Protectors of Earth

He sat watching the screens in front of him, just like he had done for the last two hundred cycles of the planet he was observing. His inner turmoil was a battle between his heart and the logic of his mind. I'm tired of observing with no action in sight. He thought to his Number One.

But Captain, to act without authorization will mean at the very least banishment for you and your family. Came the thoughts of his Number One.

Drumming his three fingers on the console in front of him, he came to his decision. "Call the High Council. Send them my report and my request for intervention," He told Number One. I'll be blasted if we just sit here while they finish off what's left of these humans. He thought to his second in command.

Number One felt the same way as his Captain, but the training of three millennia to rid themselves of any aggressive behavior was too strong. Then he did something quite out of protocol, placing his hand on his Captain's shoulder. "Are you sure my Captain?" He spoke. His voice breaking, knowing the future of his beloved Captain.

Feeling the hand on his shoulder, the Captain turned, looking up at Number One. He smiled, knowing the breach took a lot out of his faithful comrade, "It's OK Number One. I understand the risks to myself and my family, but it must be done my friend."

Number One snapped to attention as a tear rolled down his face, "As you command, my Captain." He would honor his Captain's command and then die by his side if necessary. Here we go, he thought as he started sending the last two hundred cycles of observation back to the High Council. "This is the flagship Balask, Coded message for High Council, passcode is zeta, gamma, seazk. Come in High Council. Number One waited, knowing it would take a few seconds for the message to reach their home. It was traveling faster than light speed to the planet the earthings called Mars, there it went out into a singularity created by the com. system installed almost 500 cycles ago. It 20 of the earth seconds to reach their home world.

"This is Admiral Fradon. Why do you dare to break silence protocol, Balask?" came a very angry voice over the speaker.

"Admiral Fradon, Sir. I have been ordered to send our observations to the High Council, along with my Captain's recommendations, Sir," Number One responded.

After a few minutes that were hell for Number One, the speaker came alive again. "Send it then Balask. It will be your heads if the High Council is not pleased. Fradon out."

Number One coded the message then sent it through the light burst COM unit, crossing his three fingers as he did so. "Now we'll have to see if we live or die," he said to no one in particular.

Going back to his position behind the Captain, he watched the screens as a small group of human was getting in an odd looking land transport. Do you think we have a chance to save them sir? he thought to his Captain.

Even if the High Council does not approve, we will help them somehow Number One. The Captain thought back.

As Buck started the Beast up, he felt the hairs on his neck stand up. Quickly scanning the area all he saw were friends and his squad. Must be a case of the willies, he thought, putting the Beast in gear.

Tex banged on the passenger door, yelling, "Let's get this show on the road!"

Buck smiled at his friend, stomped on the gas and they were off. Thinking back to all they had been through in the last week, he prayed the trip home would be less exciting. "Pull out the map Tex. Let's see where we're headed too."

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