It Was Going to Be a Great Night!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It was going to be a great night. I'd been working long hours and had sealed a deal that would almost guarantee me my promotion. I'd planned a poker night with the lads and my wife, Sara, and Graham's wife, Rachel, had sportingly agreed to play hostesses for the evening. They had even told Graham and me that they would dress accordingly for the occasion.

It was going to be a great night. I'd been working long hours and had sealed a deal that would almost guarantee me my promotion. I'd planned a poker night with the lads and my wife, Sara, and Graham's wife, Rachel, had sportingly agreed to play hostesses for the evening. They had even told Graham and me that they would dress accordingly for the occasion.

While Graham and I were setting up the poker table and chips, the girls had gone upstairs to shower and change. Once we'd finished our preparations downstairs, we both sat down with an open can of lager each and mulled over our good fortune in having interesting and well-paid jobs. With the opening of two more cans, the conversation turned to congratulating each other on our attractive and vivacious wives, our beautiful homes and the course our happy lives had taken.

Sara and Rachel had met at school and had been firm friends ever since and that's how I knew Graham. He'd been Rachel's boyfriend for years while I was dating Sara and it seemed only natural that we'd both married our sweethearts at about the same time.

Rachel had an extremely flirtatious streak in her and was usually able to get what she wanted. Graham would normally bend over backwards to get whatever she craved. However, she'd been more than happy to go along with our plans for tonight and even encouraged us - probably because it gave her the opportunity to do what she does best and flirt.

When the girls came down the stairs we choked and almost spilled our beers. They'd kept their promise and gone to the effort all right. Both girls sported black miniskirts, with lacy black balcony bras plainly visible through almost transparent white blouses. Their necklines plunged sufficiently to ensure that plenty of cleavage showed through. Both were beautifully made up without any excesses to make them look tarty. There was just enough to enhance both girls' pretty features.

Graham and I wolf whistled and thanked them for their efforts. They both replied, "It's a pleasure," and Sara added with a snigger, "Are you boys going to be able to concentrate on the game?"

We looked at each other and smiled. "I think we're both in trouble," I told Graham, rolling my eyes. "I think you're right," he responded with a chuckle.

A knock at the front door broke the moment.

Rachel headed off towards it and Sara shimmied over to me to whisper in my ear, "I'm not wearing any panties, darling."

I nearly came on the spot as she dropped this bombshell. She put a hand on my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze, then gave me a wicked smile and winked before moving away to the kitchen.

Within half an hour all the lads had arrived and a lot of ribald but good-natured and complimentary comments were made about our hostesses which made me feel proud. Graham was beaming too.

Simon, Peter, Trevor and Jon all sat down to play. Sara took their orders and fetched the drinks from the kitchen and Rachel sat down as dealer and dealt all the cards. It was great not having to deal and gave us all a chance to concentrate on the game. For the first three hours everything was going great. Even I was winning more than my fair share.

The lads started to get braver as the night went on and they'd all taken turns to pat the girls on the bum. Sara and Rachel had teased and flirted with everyone at one time or another, with Sara bending over to pick up 'accidentally' dropped items and 'accidentally' displaying either her full breasts in their faces or the backs of her tautly-stretched thighs nearly up to her ass cheeks.

Rachel got into the act as well by undoing a couple more buttons on her blouse to show the edges of her nipples over her low-cut bra and loudly complaining that, "Whew, it's sure getting warm in here!"

The pot was building up on this one particular game and, as it stood, I had three Jacks and was sure I had the winning hand. However, Trev, who seemed to be doing really well that night, had upped the ante and my stack of chips wasn't looking that big any more. It came down to just me, Trevor and Graham, the others having folded.

I was a few chips short to see his hand and jokingly offered that he could have my Sara sit on his lap for ten minutes if I could call him and see his cards. It got very serious then, as he replied, "Ok, but no backing out if you lose."

In every group of blokes there's always one who can get really bent out of shape and I knew that Trev was the really twisted one in this game. I kind of pretty much had it in mind that, if he won, Sara would be doing stuff that she didn't want to do.

But I was sure I had the winning hand.

I mean come on how unlucky would I have to be! I looked over at Sara and gave her a smile that suggested I would win and asked her if it was ok with her. In response she trustingly nodded her head.

I said, "Done deal!"

Now the one thing about all of us in our poker group was that we all took our wagers very seriously and, since our circle of friends began playing together, no one had ever welshed or backed out on a bet.

Having seen this opportunity, Graham, who also thought he'd won, stated that even though he couldn't raise the same offer - Trev couldn't have both girls on his lap at the same time, could he? - he was sure he had the winning hand, and he bet that Rachel would be Trev's personal slave for the rest of the night.

Trevor accepted and laid down his cards. A shock realisation and a shiver down my spine occurred as Trev lay out three Kings and Graham fared no better as he flopped three 9's face up. The girls looked shocked and horrified by what they had both agreed to do. But a deal was a deal.

Trevor looked smug and smiled when he said, "Boys, boys, are you going to honour your debt?" Rachel jumped in before Graham or I could respond and stated, "A deal's a deal. The bets must be paid in full," and Sara agreed. Trevor wasted no time in testing the waters, so to speak, and turned round to Rachel and asked her to strip.

Rachel hesitantly stripped, not knowing how far this would go. As she removed the last of her clothing an appreciative sound came from all the lads around the table. Next he pushed his chair back and told Sara to sit, straddling his lap and facing the table. Then he instructed Rachel to kneel under the edge of the table facing him and Sara and she quickly assumed the position. He then asked Sara to squat, rather than sit, and said to Rachel, "Take my cock out and get it hard, Rachel." Both Sara and I realised what he planned and fear shot across her face as we both knew she wasn't wearing any knickers.

She whispered to Trevor, "Please ... you can't. We're trying for a baby," in a trembly voice.

Trevor looked over and smiled at me, his cock almost fully erect now. "I'll give you a chance to win her back before I plant my seed inside her pussy. But if I win, I get both girls for the rest of the evening and if you win I pull out before I cum in your wife's pussy and I lose Rachel too," he offered.

It was a chance I had to take and Sara knew it too, so I looked to Graham for his approval as well and they both mumbled, "OK."

A small chip amount was given to both of us and the rest of the lads watched gobsmacked and aroused as the first hand was dealt. Trevor again told Sara to sit astride his knees and she settled into place, her short, tight skirt automatically sliding up her widespread thighs to expose her pouting, clean shaven pink pussy lips to the gaze of the other lads who all leaned forward to check out her most intimate and private parts. Despite her doubts and fear of the results of the wager, she had obviously become excited since the dark red petals of her inner labia had now slid out from their slit and were wet with her clear, bubbly juices. The wrinkled hood of her clitoris had also slid out to attention and its nearly white head gleamed in the overhead lights.

She looked directly into my eyes, with the rosy hue of embarrassment quickly suffusing her cheeks and chest as he instructed Rachel to position his cock in the entrance to Sara's vagina. Trevor had about eight inches of rampant meat and, as it slid three quarters of the way into her tunnel, Sara's expression started to change. It was not very long after that he was buried deep inside her secret recesses. At first he was just happy for to her sit still but, as the game continued, he started moving and asked Sara to start pumping slowly. It carried on for a while but then he told Rachel, who was still under the table staring at Sara's creamy buttocks and anal rosebud, and Trev's swinging balls, to start fondling, touching and licking both him and Sara.

I had to admit to myself that even I was enjoying the show and Sara really seemed to be enjoying herself now and appeared to be working herself up towards an orgasm. True enough, she soon gasped and shook as she came and looks of embarrassment and lust filled her face. She also looked like she wanted more. This is where it got tricky because, as I already knew, when she cums her pussy muscles get a really tight grip and start to milk the cock inside her hard. Looking at the expression on Trev's face I would have to say I wasn't wrong and he would soon be unloading his sperm into my wife's fertile young womb.

"Right," he said, "I'm all in because I can't hold out much longer."

I had a good hand and the situation needed me to call him and quickly. In hindsight though, I should have figured that he had the better hand and he knew I would call if he was getting close so, yes, you guessed it. I lost! My heart sank as I looked into Sara's eyes and she looked at me knowing full well what this meant.

She closed her eyes and Trevor started to increase his thrusts. She cam again with help from Rachel, who had been doing her job really well, and then Trevor looked over, smiled and said, "That's it. I'm cumming in your wife's pussy ... right now!" His eyes rolled up and shut as he grunted with enthusiasm each time he spurted his cum into Sara's hot belly.

A few minutes later, after Trevor finished basking in his glory, he opened his eyes and smiled again. He told Sara to remove her blouse and bra as everyone again looked on in appreciation. "Hey lads," Trevor attracted Simon, Peter and Jon's attention. "Don't worry, mates, you'll all get a go, OK?" They nodded appreciatively, almost dribbling with lust. "Rachel," he called, "Get over there on the couch and spread your legs, girl, 'cos you, Sara..." — he nodded at her still sitting before him on his legs — " ... are going return the favour you got from Rachel and eat her out till she comes."

Both girls got into a sixty-nine position with Sara on top and Trevor went up behind her and lifted her short skirt above her waist. Sara had already started licking around Rachel's slit, running her tongue back and forth from perineum to clit and was doing a pretty good job by the way Rachel was reacting. Trevor slowly fingered Sara's wet sphincter before running his hand down to her already cum-filled pussy, whose oily mixed juices were already draining out onto Rachel's busy tongue and being swallowed gratefully.

He whispered, "You've been parading around like a slut all night and I'm sure you get a kick out of it. So tonight I'm going to treat you like one and you'll probably get knocked up tonight, bitch! You won't even know who the father is either."

"Right Jon!" he called out, "Get over here and start stretching Sara's pussy. I want everyone to cum in her tonight."

Jon quickly shed his shirt, shoes, socks, slacks and boxers before sinking down behind her with one foot on the floor and the other leg kneeling on the sofa. Sara moaned and groaned as his weeping tool plunged straight into her welcoming cunt. This wasn't a fuck any more. This was just pure abuse and she was enjoying it thoroughly as she continued to suck, lick and nibble Rachel's gaping wet core, now fully exposed between her widely stretched thighs. Throughout this lesbian exhibition Sara's pussy was being remorselessly pounded by Jon's eager dick.

Trevor, who seemed to have recovered quickly, went over to Rachel and held his cock at her mouth.

She knew what he wanted and he didn't even have to ask as she freed a hand to pull him down into her willing throat. She licked, sucked and nibbled his slimy cock, working both on trying to please him and get her share of masculine sperm. She too was succumbing to Sara's skilful oral ministrations and was close to orgasm. She moaned loudly as she came and her unexpected squirt of thick, clear pussy cum was eagerly lapped up and swallowed by Sara's talented tongue.

Seeing this display before us confirmed that Sara, my wife, and Rachel, her lover and Graham's wife, had known plenty of previous Sapphic lovemaking and I felt a little jealous that I'd never been allowed to share this with her before. I also have to admit that I now felt a little numb and helpless, as did Graham but, to be honest, I was also as turned on as the rest of the guys. Graham, however, was not handling it well and he turned to me and said, "A bet is a bet but I can't watch this any more so I'm off to the pub."

Graham grabbed his jacket and left. Jon emptied himself into Sara and next up was Simon who jumped at the chance. Sara had already cum again and was really getting into it, especially the eating out of her friend. I looked on as Sara licked and probed Rachel's ass hole and all I could see was Sara acting out one of my most secret fantasies and, right now, she had become just the fuck doll I'd always lusted after.

About five minutes later, Simon had used my wife as a cum dumpster and loaded her up with hot fresh spunk again. That joined the rest of the frothy white ooze that trickled down to cover Rachel's face, hair and breasts. At the same time she came again and was trying very hard to catch her breath but was finding it difficult because Rachel was moaning away and, as she still sucked away at Trevor's cock, she had her hand forcing Sarah's head into her pussy.

Soon after that, Trevor came again and Rachel swallowed it all. Pete then entered my wife. His cock was massive and Sara was definitely not prepared for the shock and pain as he plunged into her well-used pussy again and again, without any concern for her discomfort. Sara was now muffling her screams directly into Rachel's pussy but I couldn't seem to overcome my visual lust to go and help her.

Trevor took a break to get a drink and disappeared into the kitchen. Rachel had a huge grin on her face as she looked directly towards me and winked, which kind of threw me a little. She then placed both hands behind Sara's head and worked her pussy tightly into her face.

Rachel rolled her head back and proceeded to have another huge orgasm, cumming all over my wife's face. After a few minutes, Rachel removed herself from the sofa and went into the kitchen after Trev. Sara, on the other hand, was still being pumped and she just had a glazed look in her eyes as Pete's monster cock tore into her delicate membranes again and again.

Five minutes had passed and the unmistakable sound of Pete cumming in my wife's pussy filtered through the air and kind of woke me from my strange trance. Another thing that had not escaped my attention was the fact I was very turned on and had the hardest erection I had ever known. Trevor had walked back in and kind of surveyed the area giving, I supposed, a satisfied nod to himself in the process, Rachel had followed him out and Pete, Simon and Jon were now sitting chatting amongst themselves in a hushed manner at the table. My poor Sara was draped over the sofa looking well and truly fucked.

Trevor calmly sat down next to me and whispered, "A deal's a deal, buddy, and I'm sorry but I'm not finished yet! You see, mate, there's already a chance that Sara might have been knocked up by one of us and, if not now, then later. Pete, Simon and Jon are going up to your bedroom with Sara to fuck from now until the morning and you have one final chance of saving Sara from getting knocked up by one of them, if it's not too late already."

I looked confused at him and wanted an explanation. I got one.

"Well, it's like this. Sara is going up there with those three guys and, on my command and with the greatest of pleasure, they will cum wherever I say as the wager dictates. You, my friend, have a choice. I want you to help me take care of Rachel and, in return, I won't let them cum in her pussy, but I'll let them use her other two holes. But first you have to agree to do anything Rachel wants and, second, you have to give your order to Sara to go upstairs and, I quote, do what they want. Take it and don't ask questions, that is the only way, or you'll never father her firstborn."

I weighed up the situation and walked towards Sara. I told her to follow the guys up to our marital bed and, to make good on the bet, she was to do everything asked of her. She looked at me with dull eyes and nodded. Jon and Simon helped her to her feet and all four made their way upstairs. Rachel turned to Trevor after they left and told him to take the video camera upstairs and tape it all.

How long had that camera been in the corner, I wondered, as he lifted it from its location? This confused the fuck out of me. Again Trevor answered. "Look, mate, she's mine tonight and I want her to be in control. So, from now on, if I don't hear her screaming an orgasm when the others are close, they will cum in her pussy."

I was aching for some action and seeing Rachel naked, and licking her lips, was enough to let me go with the flow.

Rachel started barking out the orders and I was happy to oblige - partly because I was as horny as fuck and partly because I really didn't want any more cum being deposited in my wife's pussy.

Sara slumped onto the bed and the lads appeared very organised in setting certain things up. Trevor appeared at the door and spoke to Sara directly. "OK, sexy, you've done really well. Your husband wants to see you in a gang bang and set all this up for you, but he says he can't watch directly because it would ruin the whole movie which he wants me to shoot." She looked up a little confused "he ... wants this?" Sara really did love her man and, after she'd thought a little while, she answered. "Well, if it's what he wants..." she said. She lifted herself as she realised that if he had set this all up then she had no reason to feel guilty and could enjoy the moment, or at least try.

A set of handcuffs appeared with a leg spreader and an 'o' ring for her mouth. The cuffs went on, the leg spreader got attached and she lay on the bed waiting. Trevor said, "Right, when I say so look into the camera, state your name and occupation - which is full time slut, cock lover and breeder - and then say, 'Nick, this a dream and thank you for setting this all up for me'. Got that?" When Trevor was ready, she repeated it word for word into the lens and was so sincere that it appeared like the natural voluntary expression of a loving wife.

Jon had started to attach the oral strap to her mouth and completed the task just before Trevor spoke again. "Have you ever done anal sex before, Sara?" he asked, not expecting a reply. "Because there are four of us, only three holes and not enough time." The look of horror in her eyes said it all. "We have an anal virgin!" Trevor smiled as

Pete lay on the bed and positioned his cock at her pussy entrance and penetrated her again. She was obviously still uncomfortable with the size but they managed to get a rocking motion going. Soon after that Jon got his cock positioned it at her mouth and grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth. Trevor did a 360˚ around the bed with the camera, getting close ups but then stopped with the camera facing her ass.

He applied some lube to her ass crack, rosebud and then his cock before stating to the camera, "Say goodbye to your anal cherry, Sara."

She heard that and started to panic. Simon took over as cameraman and Trevor got himself steady at her lubricated pucker and then pushed. She tried to fight it but inch, after inch, worked its way inside her rectal tube. The screaming onto Jon's cock was enhancing his experience and the bucking around was working well for Pete too. A couple of minutes later, Trevor's cock was balls-deep into her erstwhile virginal ass.

All three of them abused Sara's holes and in her delirious state she heard them cheering, grunting and some strange fragments of conversation like, "She has to be fucked like a whore," and, " ... has to be knocked up... - ... needs to be rough..." and the one that caught her attention was, "She wants her cunt and ass stretched..." After fifteen minutes of brutal fucking, signals were given and Trevor and Jon stopped, pulled out and she was turned 180° onto the bed and was now facing up. Pete pounded into her again and applied his baby making sperm to the mix in her vagina and then he got up and each of the others, in turn, squirted deep past her cervix. All four finished and after fifteen minutes rest, and some Viagra, all were ready to commence again. She passed out when it got round to Pete's turn for her ass.

Rachel licked and sucked my cock for few minutes then told me to start fucking her. Five minutes in she started tormenting me, calling me 'a lousy fuck'. I pumped harder and harder still and eventually she started whispering, "That's more like it, stud!" Still she was not screaming out her orgasms like I hoped. I tried harder and we were both sweating which is when she turned to me and said, "Wow! That's the second one - keep going!" She smiled, looked at me directly and said, "I'm not going to scream out, Hun. I want her knocked up. Trevor's going to be instructing them to cum in and on every part of her. It's all perfect!"

I looked at her and had no idea what she was talking about, but she was all too eager to continue explaining as I fucked her. "You men are all so predictable. Drop a few hints leading up to tonight to both of you ... Jesus, you were so quick, even though you weren't thinking straight, just to chuck your darling, sweet wife into the pot."

I was lost for words but, being a typical bloke, I kept pumping. "I have enough camera footage to turn Sara into a porn star and to ruin your public profile and for you to lose that promotion."

I looked, and felt, confused. "Why are you being so nasty?"

She laughed again. "Your precious wife, my so called friend, fucked my ex-boyfriend and ruined that relationship. I was in love with him. Don't worry; it was a number of years before she met you. So I decided that one day ... Oh God, yes ... fuck me harder ... faster ... I've been working towards this and planned it right down to me dealing the cards ... Shit! Yes ... making sure she is very fertile and making sure you both have a lot to lose so I can carry on ... Yes ... Yes ... Yes..."

"Carry on what?" I asked.

"Blackmailing you. Impregnating Sara. Treating her like the slut I know she can be. Having my cake and eating it." She giggled. "She loves you so much that she'd do anything for you - including willingly act out some amazing fetishes and fantasies right up in your room, right now, with, particularly, Trevor, but that's something you can watch later. And yes, I've been with every one of those lads but it was worth it. Every ... God ... please ... Bloody..." - it was too much and I exploded into her clenching vulva as she finished her sentence - " ... minute!"

I slumped on top of her and said, "Bitch!"

To which she replied, "Yes, I know, darling!"

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