Hawaiian Heat
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slut Wife, Swinging, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sometimes a trial swapping session doesn't end up the way you would expect, and it sure didn't this time. I started writing this as a little swapping story, but it got away from me, and it isn't really about swapping at all. Keywords 'rom' and '[slut]wife' don't normally apply to the same story, but I assure you they are both appropriate here. In fact there is an unusually wide range of emotions involved.

It was one of those high-rise beach side hotels built on a zigzag foundation so that every room could have a private balcony. Barb and I were standing on just such a balcony looking out toward the ocean. The sun had set, but the sky was not completely dark, so we could make out a few vague blobs in the water, people still enjoying the warm tropical sea.

"Is this a great vacation, or what?" Barb asked.

"It is that, indeed," I grinned back at her.

"I can't think of anything that would make it more perfect."

"Well," I equivocated, "I wouldn't go that far. I can think of a couple of things that would make it even more perfect, such as..."

"Never mind," she giggled nervously. "But I'll tell you what we could do. If you give me a back rub, I'll give you one."

"It's a deal," I agreed. "You sit down here, and I'll sit behind you."

There was no furniture on the balcony, just a bench built into the curved outer edge inside the railing. That had struck me as a bit awkward for a back rub, so I had indicated the floor. She looked a bit hesitant, but then went inside and got a towel, spreading it on the floor and sitting on it facing the ocean. She'd left room for me to sit immediately behind her on the towel, so I did.

We'd been out on the beach earlier, and were still in our swim wear, giving me lots of skin to work on, especially as she was wearing a string bikini. I started on her shoulders and then worked my way down her back, jumping over the bikini string (for now, I thought). Before I got as far as her waist she was leaning back against me and showing her contentment with a series of quiet moans.

I worked my way around to her belly, and then started up her chest. By the time I got to the edge of her bikini top I had a major hard-on, and she was squirming and panting. I took that as a sign I could continue, and moved my hands up, cupping her breasts.

"Oh, Tom, you shouldn't!" she shuddered.

"I know, but you want me to anyway, don't you?"

"Yeesss," she whispered.

I massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples lightly through the cloth, all to the tune of moans and heavy breathing, while she pressed back against me and clutched my thighs convulsively. Finally I slid my hands along the bikini strings to her back, and started to untie the knot.

"No, Tom," she gasped, moving her body forward and away from me. "I think we'd better trade places, now."

That wasn't what I wanted, but I always figure that what the lady says, goes. So I somewhat reluctantly got to my feet. She used her hands and feet to walk her butt back to the other end of the towel. As I walked by her, my crotch was only inches away from her face, and she couldn't help but notice the prominent tent in my trunks.

"Oh, my!" she said, with a tone of excited shock.

She had spread her legs, and I sat down close in front of her. She immediately started working on my shoulders, but didn't spend much time there, moving quickly down my spine. When she got down to my waist she slid her hands up my sides to my arm pits, and then around to my chest. As she worked on my chest she was also pressing her own chest against my back. In fact she seemed to be moving around a lot, so that she could massage her breasts against my body.

I could hear her breathing very hard in my ear as she moved her hands down toward my belly. When she got there she didn't stop, and soon was rubbing her hands back and forth along the top edge of my trunks. I could feel her shivering, now, and wasn't really surprised when she slid both hands down over the fabric of my trunks, out by my pelvic bones. I knew where she wanted to go, and so did she. She slowly brought her hands together on the front of my trunks, then let out a long moan that was almost a wail when her fingers touched the huge bulge in the center.

It wasn't long before she was stroking up and down my cloth-covered cock with both hands. She was biting at my shoulder and humping against my ass.

"Oh, Tom! Oh, Tom!" she panted, and then reached up and across my chest to grab my left arm with her right hand. She stretched out her right leg and pulled, bringing her body around my right side.

Her right leg went up over mine, and soon she was straddling me, pounding her crotch against my rock-hard shaft. I bent down and took one breast in my mouth, cloth and all. She was definitely wailing, now, and didn't even pause when I reached behind her and untied the knot. I flipped her bikini up and out of the way and started sucking her tits.

"Kiss me, kiss me, kiss more," she pleaded.

I finally figured what she meant, and picked her up by the waist, setting her up on the bench behind her. She grabbed a bikini bottom string in each hand and yanked, untying them. Then she pulled her knees up and as far to the side as she could stretch, and repeated her plea.

"Kiss me!"

Her bottom had obediently dropped away, yielding a sight that I will never forget. Her labia were engorged, but poking out between them I could see her clitoris, which was bright red, and pulsing. I leaned forward to take it into my mouth. At the first touch by my lips she started screaming, and when I sucked on it she came, violently. Her entire body was jerking and I suddenly smelled something strong, but intoxicating. That was too much for me, and I started spurting inside my trunks.

After I calmed down, I pulled back and looked up at her. Her head was thrown back over the balcony railing, and she was still shuddering.

"Oh, my god! I have never, ever, felt anything like that!" she finally groaned.

"Yeah, me too," I agreed, "but I'm going to have to go in and clean myself up a bit."

"Oh, did you come too?" she asked, opening her eyes.

I stood up, and the answer was obvious.

"Don't take too long," she whispered as I turned to leave.

I wasn't sure what I could do to clean up. I didn't have any clothes to change into, because Barb wasn't my wife and this wasn't my room. My wife was off somewhere with Barb's husband, probably on the balcony to our room. They may have been just talking, or who knows what.

It had started out as a relatively innocent game earlier in the day. Jim and I had arranged this holiday together, knowing our wives would love a trip to Hawaii. This was our first full day, and we'd spent most of it on the beach. When we decided it was time for lunch, Jim had a silly idea. He proposed that he could buy lunch for my wife, Sandy, and I could buy lunch for Barb. We all thought 'why not', so that's what we did. We got a booth, and I sat with Barb while Jim sat with Sandy. It was all perfectly innocent, with no hanky panky on either side of the booth, and after we ate we all went back to our own partners.

Then in the middle of the afternoon we wandered into a street fair. I declared it was time to play the switch game again, and I tried breaking balloons with a dart, getting a small stuffed animal for Barb. Jim did really well in the shooting gallery, and ended up with a hula skirt for Sandy. Once again it was no big deal, with each of us watching while the other couple was trying to get the prizes.

Finally, as the sun was setting we decided to go back to the hotel and get dressed for dinner. We were waiting for the elevator to take us up to our rooms, which were on the 11th and 12th floors, when Jim popped the question again.

"Look, I don't want this to go too far, but I'd love to have the chance to talk to Sandy for a few minutes. How about if we switch one more time, just for ten minutes, before we get dressed? Sandy and I could go talk on your balcony, and you guys could go talk on ours. What do you think?"

We all looked at each other a bit shocked. This was definitely taking it to another level. But I, for one, was really getting some warm feelings about Barb, and knew I'd love to have a chance to spend a little time together with her. I don't know what was going through the girls' heads, but they finally shrugged and said 'why not'.

Which is how I ended up on Barb's balcony with no clothes to change into. Besides, I realized, the ten minutes must have been up some time ago, and Jim and Sandy were likely to show up at any time. I decided all wet would be a lot better than one wet spot in a very incriminating location, so I dashed into the bathroom and started washing my trunks in the sink.

Indeed I did soon hear voices, so did my best to wring my suit out and put it back on wet. Coming out, I went straight to Sandy without even looking at Barb.

"Did you two have a nice talk?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah, very nice." Did I detect a bit of a blush?

"I spilled something on my trunks, and decided I'd better wash them out before it stained," I explained, hoping she wouldn't push me too much on what "something" might be.

"Yes, sure, well, we'd better go get dressed," she responded a bit distractedly.

We were both awfully quiet while we got dressed, thinking our own thoughts. In fact after we came down and joined Jim and Barb, all four of us seemed unusually subdued. We walked to a restuarant a couple of blocks from the hotel and managed to get a booth without too long of an awkward wait. Jim and Barb were ahead of us and took the right side, with Barb slipping in first. I looked at Sandy, and raised my eyebrow.

"South wing?" she mouthed, and I nodded. I always sit on her left when we eat side by side, because I'm left handed, and otherwise my left elbow keeps fighting with her right through the meal. She stepped back and I slid into the booth first.

I swear, I hadn't planned it, and hadn't even realized until I was in, but that put me across from Barb. Barb, whose tits and clit I had been sucking less than an hour earlier. Now our knees were only inches apart under the back of the booth, where no one could see them. Almost immediately I felt her toes on my ankle, and knew with a thrill that she had slipped off her sandal so she could play footsie with me. Naturally I did the same, and started stroking her calf with my naked toes.

Thank god for tropical weather and Hawaiian informality. We were both wearing shorts and sandals. It wasn't long before we each had a foot wiggling its way up between the other's thighs. I couldn't quite reach her crotch, and she couldn't reach mine. I was very tempted to scrunch down in my seat so I could push my toes further, but that would have been too obvious. Finally we gave each other a long meaningful look and moved forward in our seats, pressing our bellies against the table.

Oh, my god, did that ever feel good. Oh yes, oh yes! Neither Barb nor I had any awareness of what the others might have been talking about, if anything. We were totally lost in our own passionate world. Thinking back, I suspect that Jim and Sandy may have been pretty quiet as well. For all I know they may have been playing a little footsie themselves.

We all managed to get through the meal somehow, and went back out into the night air. We were vaguely wandering in the direction of the hotel, but then Jim stopped us. He reached out, took Sandy's hand, and pulled her over to stand beside him.

"Guys," he said, "this is really hard for me to say, but I think we should all be totally honest with each other. Sandy and I need to apologize for something, and ask you two to forgive us."

He turned to look at Sandy, and they stared into each others' eyes for a while. Then he turned back, looking at Barb and then me.

"This afternoon, when Sandy and I went up to her balcony to talk, ... well, ... we didn't just talk. We ended up kissing each other. I just thought you should know," he ended, a bit lamely.

Sandy nodded, "It's true, and Jim is right, we do owe you an apology. Can you forgive us? We just sort of got carried away."

My brain was whirling. "I forgive you, and I think Barb will too, because..." I stopped to give her a long look. "Well, because we got sort of carried away too."

It was Barb's turn to nod. "We weren't exactly kissing, but we were being kind of ... well ... you know."

"You mean like, touching?" Jim asked.

Barb nodded.

Jim looked back at Sandy. "Yeah, I guess we were doing some touching, too."

Sandy tore her gaze away from him and turned back to Barb and me. "I let him touch me in some places I shouldn't have." Her face was contorted in anguish. "How can you ever forgive me?"

"Sandy, my sweet," Barb tried to reassure her in a way that didn't come out reassuring at all, "I said Tom and I weren't kissing, and we weren't, not mouth to mouth, but he did kiss me in some other places ... so we may need more forgiveness than you two do."

After that we all stood there silent for a long time, looking from one to another. Finally Jim spoke up.

"I think we have a choice to make now. We can pretend this afternoon never happened, and that we never had this conversation. That might work, though I think the rest of this week would be pretty awkward. Or we could try exploring these new feelings a bit further and see where that leads. It could lead to disaster, or it could lead to a great deal of pleasure."

"Or maybe both," Sandy threw in. "This is really scary, you know. We would definitely be putting our friendship on the line, and maybe our marriages. But at the same time, ... as Jim said,..."

"I think," I said slowly, "as tempting as it is, and god am I ever tempted, we shouldn't rush into this. Let's take some time to think about it and talk about it first."

Barb nodded, "I agree, and for starters I suggest we all go back to our own rooms right now and spend some quality time as husbands and wives."

"OK," Jim agreed, "but one quick thing first, right here and now. I want to give Sandy another kiss, and Tom, you have my permission to do the same with Barb."

I started to ask Sandy if I had her permission, too, but I was too late. She already had her arms around Jim's neck and her lips firmly planted on his. I looked at Barb, and she melted into my arms. Our first real kiss. And not, I quickly decided, our last.

Jim had said 'one quick thing', and I'm not sure how long it lasted, but it certainly wasn't quick. On the other hand, we were standing on the sidewalk, out in public, so we all tried to control ourselves. Eventually we did break apart. I took Sandy's hand, and Jim took Barb's, and we walked in silence back to the hotel. We exchanged quick good night wishes as they got off the elevator on eleven, and we continued, still holding hands, up to twelve.

In fact we didn't say a word until after we had each showered and were both in bed.

"Tom, please don't be angry, but I can't help thinking ... You said you spilled something on your swim suit this afternoon. Was it perhaps what I am thinking it might have been?"

"Me? Angry? Why would I be angry? Surely, if you were thinking of a possibility like that, you would be furious."

"Normally, yes. But tonight, well ... I'll bet you didn't even notice what I was wearing when I got down to Tom and Barb's room."

"Sure, you were still wearing your swim suit."

"No, not still. It was a different suit from what I'd worn all day. See, the one I had on had a big wet spot down between my legs, and I was afraid you and Barb would notice, and maybe smell it, too. So, you see, I don't have any right to be furious with you. But in another way, I am kinda jealous. I mean, when was the last time you came just from making out with me? Does she really turn you on that much more than I do?"

"Well, we were doing some pretty heavy petting. Don't get me wrong; she wasn't pumping my cock, or sucking it, or anything. In fact she never saw it, or touched it, at least not directly."

"I figured that," she snickered. "If she had seen or touched it, your cum wouldn't have ended up inside your suit."

"I'm glad you can laugh about it, Sandy, and I guess what you've said helps a little, even though I still don't feel good about what I did. But now that you mention it, when was the last time you got sopping wet just from me kissing you?"

"Well, we already admitted we weren't just kissing. He was touching me, though not down there. I mean, not like inside my suit. I mean, at least down there, not inside my suit."

"Ah, so now the truth comes out! So he was playing with your tits and rubbing your pussy through your bikini panties, right?"

"Yes-s-s, he w-w-was." Her voice was very shaky as she remembered.

"Tom, honey, do we have to go through the details? I'm scared to death to be telling you these things. You're going to think I'm some kind of slut, but I'm not, really I'm not. I've been faithful to you ever since we started going together. I haven't even thought about another man that way, until today, with Jim."

My mind flashed back to what Barb and I had done, that I hadn't admitted to Sandy. That I didn't intend to admit to Sandy. And as for thinking about another woman since we were married, well, I'd done a lot of that.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. No more details, OK? We need to be honest about our feelings, but I don't think it's important to know every little thing we did or didn't do. So let's talk feelings. You're really, really, turned on by Jim, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am, but judging from your 'accident', I'd say you're really turned on by Barb, too. True?"

"Give me your hand. Put it down here, and tell me what you think the answer to that is."

"I think you want to make love to her. Now put your hand here and tell me what you think."

"Oh, god, Sandy, you're so hot! I'll tell you what I think. I want to make love to you. I want to cram my cock into this juicy slit. I want to fuck you, and then fuck you again, and keep it up all night."

"Oh, Tom. Oh, Tom! That's the Tom I used to know. Do it, Tom! Do it!"

Well, OK, I didn't keep it up all night, but I did make her come a whole bunch of times, and I came three times myself, counting what we did when we woke up. We'd finished that "wake up" time and were just spooning when she asked the big bad no-no question.

"Tom, when we were making love last night, and this morning, did you think of Barb at all?"

I tried to duck the question. "God, honey, you were so hot, how could I think of anyone else?"

"What if I told you that I thought about Jim?"

"You did? You mean I was fucking you, and you were pretending it was Jim instead?"

"I didn't say that. I said 'what if'. I'm not admitting that I did think of Jim. I'm just saying that if I did admit that, then would you maybe admit that you thought about Barb?"

"I don't see how it matters, since if you aren't going to admit you thought about Jim, even if you did, then I'm not going to admit I thought about Barb, even if I did."

"I did think about Jim. Not all the time, but a little bit of the time."

"OK, it's true, I did think about Barb a couple of times."

"You really, really, want to make it with her, don't you?"

"Yes, but I also really, really, love you."

"And I really, really, love you, but I'm aching, dying, to be with Jim."

"So now we know how we want to answer Jim's question, don't we?"

She rolled over to face me. "Yes, darling, oh yes, we do!"

We were snuggling and kissing when the phone rang. Jim and Barb wanted to know if we'd like to meet them downstairs in the coffee shop in twenty minutes. Would we ever! We could hardly wait. We made it in fifteen, and were already sipping our coffee when they arrived.

By wordless agreement Sandy and I had sat opposite each other in the booth, with my left wing next to the wall. Barb quite naturally slipped in next to me when they arrived, leaving Jim to sit next to Sandy. Just having her close to me was enough to inspire my overworked peter once again. I dropped my unneeded right hand below the table, and started stroking her thigh. By a strange coincidence she found she didn't need her left hand to eat or drink, and it came down to keep my thigh company. For once my left-handedness was a bonus.

Jim looked back and forth between Sandy and me. "You two look like a pair of the proverbial cats who have just swallowed a canary. Can I assume you spent a pleasant night?"

Sandy and I grinned at each other. "Pleasant is hardly the word I'd choose," I responded.

"How about wild, or passionate, or fantastic?" Sandy added.

"So I guess that answers the question I asked last night," Jim pressed on.

"Yes, we do have an answer, but it may not be the one you think it is."

"Well, don't keep us waiting," he leaned across the table conspiratorially toward me.

I looked at Sandy, then at Barb, and finally back to Jim. "Our answer is yes, if your answer is yes."

"Oh, yes, yes," Barb shuddered, clutching at my thigh.

"Just one thing," I added. "We were all worrying last night about the possibility this kind of thing might mess up our marriages. I have a suggestion. How about if we agree right now that we are going to spend more time alone with our own spouses than we do switching."

We all looked at each other and nodded.

"I'd like to point out, though," Jim finally said, "That in the past twenty four hours we've spent about ten hours alone with our spouses, and less than half an hour alone the other way. So may I suggest that as soon as we have fortified ourselves we let the women drag us back to their dens?"

I swear, I have never had to wait so long to be served at a restaurant ... though that was probably just subjective. Finally the meal was over, and we headed back to the elevators. I was holding Barb's hand as we walked, and Jim was holding Sandy's. We looked like two perfectly normal couples to anyone who might be observing us. If they only knew how excitingly un-normal it really was.

As soon as the elevator doors closed I took Barb's other hand in mine and we stared hungrily into each other's eyes. Then we melted into each other's arms and started kissing passionately.

At the ding, Barb pulled away from me and whispered, "This is our stop."

As we left the elevator, each with an arm around the other's waist, we glanced over at our spouses, but they were kissing passionately so we didn't say anything. Barb got the door unlocked with her card, and then we were finally inside, alone!

Things happened awfully fast at that point, and it's all very fuzzy in my head, but only moments later we had each stripped off our clothes and were on the bed. I was on top and was pounding violently into her. I know it couldn't have been long before she started screaming, and that was all the trigger I needed. I was suddenly pumping jet after jet of cum into her while her pussy muscles kept convulsing.

When I finally began to realize that there were things in the world other than my cock and her cunt I discovered that we were lying crosswise at the foot of one of the two double beds. Her head was hanging off one side of the bed and my feet off the other. And then what I had just done began to sink in. There had been no foreplay, no tenderness, just hard pounding sex. My god, I had basically just raped her.

Ashamed, I pulled my still hard rod out of her and moved away, pulling her shoulders and head up onto the bed. "Oh, my god, Barb! I can't believe I just did that. That was terrible; the most beastly thing I have ever done in my life. And I wanted so much for this to be a lovely time together for both of us. Now I've ruined it, and I won't blame you if you never let me touch you again."

"Shut up, silly, you're talking nonsense. It wasn't terrible at all, it was fantastic. I don't know about you, but the tension has been building up in me ever since our hot time together here yesterday, just building and building, and I needed it as hard and fast as you could give it to me. Didn't you hear me coming; didn't you feel me coming? God, Tom, you weren't alone in what we just did, you know. And as for never letting you touch me again ... I want to feel you touching me everywhere, and I mean NOW!"

There was plenty of her to touch, because she was completely naked, and I wasted no time getting started on her request. My hands stroked her cheeks, and I drew a knuckle over her mouth, then leaned closer and kissed it while my hands roamed down her neck to her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face hard against hers as she ravished my lips with hers. I moved my hands down to her chest, but told myself to take it slowly, so I let them slip around her rib cage to the side. She moaned, and kept kissing me.

I slid my hands down her sides to her waist, then slowly let my thumbs move inward until they met over her belly button. As I stroked her skin there I could feel it quivering. I started moving my thumbs up her sternum, with my fingers following over her ribs. I could hear her breathing speeding up now, snorting through her nose as her mouth remained locked against mine. When my hands reached the soft flesh of her breasts the moan resumed, and began rising in pitch as I stroked and gently squeezed. I slid my fingers up her breasts to the nipples, and circled each with a fingertip. Her tongue was thrusting into my mouth now, and I pinched her nipples lightly. That brought a yelp from her, and I was afraid I had hurt her, but she only tore her mouth away from mine, grasped my head firmly in both hands and pushed it down toward her chest.

"Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me," she chanted over and over.

I knew that chant; we'd been there before; and even though it hadn't been long since I had attacked her so violently I was ever so ready to take her again. But once again I tried to cool my ardor. 'We have all morning, ' I told myself, 'make it last, and make it good for her.'

So I took my time, kissing her nipples, and when her urgings became more demanding I slid my hand down her belly to her frantically thrusting mound. She was now shrieking hoarsely and continuously, and when I dipped my hand between her lips and touched her clit she climaxed, her entire body jerking like a puppet on a string.

"More, more, more!" she demanded when she was able to speak again.

It appeared to be time to start kissing my way down to her belly, and beyond. She was totally out of control, knees drawn up and spread as wide as she could spread them, feet planted far apart on the bed, pussy humping up and down, and her entire body writhing. The moment my lips touched her nether lips she started coming, but her climax kept building as I wormed my tongue between those lips and then nibbled on her clit. When it didn't seem possible for her to go any higher I sucked her clit into my mouth and began licking it with my tongue. She did go higher, pounding my back with her heels and clawing at my scalp with her fingernails. I finally relented and backed off, letting her slowly come down.

"Oh, my god, Tom! Oh, my god! And I thought yesterday was the best I would ever feel. That was nothing compared with this! But, Tom, oh, Tom, I need you in me! I need it so bad! Please, Tom, let me have it! Let me have it all! ... ALL!! ... ALL!!"

My need was as great as hers now, and I eagerly climbed up over her body to position my jerking rod at the mouth of her pulsing cunt. It sank in so very easily, her fuck shaft distended widely to receive me. But the instant I was totally in and pressing down on her clit her body clamped down on my entire shaft, and then the ripples started. I wasn't even moving, yet I could feel her cunt muscles stroking me -- up from the base of my cock to the head, then back down again to the base, then starting back up again -- oh god, oh god, this isn't possible -- no, this is incredible -- she's ... she's... all the way down again, and OHHHHH!... OHHHHH! ... OHHHHH! ... OHHHHH! ... OHHHHH! ... OHHHHH! ... OHHHHH! ... OHHHHH!

I swear, I thought I would never stop cumming. I couldn't see, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, I couldn't do anything but jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk,...

Finally, after an eternity it stopped. And an eternity after that I could start gulping in air. And at long last I could open my eyes. Her face was only vaguely visible at first through a fog which gradually cleared enough to see her eyes, and then her smiling mouth. My mouth descended to kiss hers, a kiss of love, not passion, a kiss of gratitude, thanking her for the greatest gift I had ever been given.

After what seemed like hours of bliss her lips became more passionate and her pelvis started moving gently up and down against mine. To my amazement I realized that I was still planted deep in that passion hole whose recent actions were burned in my being more vividly than anything ever before in my life. Not only was I still there, but I was still tolerably stiff. Oh, my darling, if you want more I'll find some way to give it to you. I'd give you anything in the world after what you have given me.

I started moving up and down, and she started grunting in time with my actions. Soon I was pounding into her, and her legs had a death grip around my waist. It took a while, but I made her come twice more that morning, even though I didn't quite get there again myself. But that was OK with me. At that point nothing could have come close to what I had already experienced, and my need had been totally satisfied.

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