Not Just Another Blood Bag
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Vampires, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Heather's life becomes complex after a day at the blood drive.

Tears stained her cheeks, but certain ferocity burned in her eyes. Blood rushed to her head making her temples pound. The man she had called her fiancée turned out to be an asshole just like all the others before him. Her fists clenched and shook slightly from the repressed rage. When she couldn't hold it back any longer, she screamed as loud and long as she could, simultaneously kicking the shit out of her couch. A loud snap brought her back to reality; she slumped forward onto her now broken couch, with a defeated sigh. She tried to take a deep breath, but her emotions got the better of her and clogged her throat.

It's all my fault.

Another round of tears rolled silently down her face, her head still pounding with a vengeance. She slouched forward and hid her face in her hands, weighing out all her problems. Her muscles ached from being wound so tight and yet, through it all, her mind kept replaying the scene over and over in her head.

It went something like this:

She had decided to show up at Justin's apartment and surprise him by making lunch. It was a little after noon when she showed up with a bag of groceries, not knowing what he had on hand at his house. She let herself in with her key and sauntered toward the kitchen to unpack. She had barely gotten into the hallway when she saw them, screwing on the sagging dinner table. She lost all her motor functions: her jaw dropped and groceries fell. Justin and the girl looked up at the sound of the crashing groceries. They didn't even move to cover up either, just laying there: her legs wrapped around his waist and both sending her matching deer-in-the-headlights looks. She took a deep breath, closed her mouth slowly, and stared at a spot just slightly above them.

"We are over, Justin." She had said in a strong, irritated tone.

She wrenched his stupid ring off her finger, flung it in his general direction, and stormed out of the apartment. How in the hell she got home she didn't know. It was all a blur. Her blood boiled and her head began to throb just thinking of those two entwined.

She slouched into the couch hearing it moan beneath her weight. So it wasn't quite broken, but it definitely would not hold up her and her two best friends. They would indisputably want to know the details, but she wasn't ready to talk about it, just yet. She knew she was too close to snapping and if she were going to take anyone's head off it would be that rat bastard's.

I'll wait until later to call them. I shouldn't be so selfish; Paradise and Sydney both have lives and boy attachments. They don't need my grief or the extra pounds from a Haagen-Dazs induced pity party. Huh ... this is definitely an interesting way to get flung back into the dating pool again.

That's what it was too; she had been hurled back into the dating pool. So what if half her stuff was in boxes? At least she still had a chance to renew her lease. Still, she was going to be ready for it. The hell if she wasn't going to look good getting back into the dating scene. She jumped off the couch and strolled over to her bedroom. It was in perfect, catastrophe style, disarray. Within a minute she was in a jogging outfit, her hair tied up in a ponytail, and tying the laces on her tennis shoes. There was no way she would be able to find her iPod in the mess, so she just grabbed her keys and headed out, locking up behind her.

The rolling sweat droplets plastered bits of loose curls all around her face. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears as her feet slapped on the concrete. The sun had started its decent from the mid-day sky. She hummed show tunes to herself in an effort to keep calm and reduce her stress levels.

Start spreading the news. I'm leaving today. We're all a great big part of it, New Y--


The next thing she knew she was on the ground, looking dazedly up at a man with beautiful dark green eyes. She wasn't exactly sure how she got on the ground or why. The man leaned down as if to see if she was all right, a strange mixture of laughter and concern lurking the beautiful green depths of his eyes.

"Are you ok?" He asked in a laughingly worried tone.

She looked up and him in a stupor, surveying and weighing how trustworthy he was. He looked absolutely yummy; dark brown hair side swept, just enough to get into his eyes, a strong jaw line, his white t-shirt and open black jacket covering was covering what she was sure to be a well muscled chest, boot cut jeans hugged his hips in a simply sinful fashion, he smelled like coconut suntan lotion. As an added bonus, he didn't have a ring on his finger. What were the odds? She did however get a small motherly type voice, in the back of her head, telling her to be wary of this disarmingly handsome stranger.

He smiled knowingly down at her and offered her a hand. She decided to take it and was pulled her effortlessly to her feet. "Thanks. I don't think we exactly saw each other," she said hesitantly. She noticed for the first time the stack of fliers in his arm. No wonder I didn't see him! She mentally chided herself. She looked down toward her feet in an attempt to hide her blush and was surprised by the number of papers there.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you lose all your fliers!" she bent down to retrieve them in an effort to grab them before they blew away in the mid evening breeze. After the first 5 or so she stopped to examine one. Blood donation fliers, she slowly stood back up to hand them over.

"You didn't really have to do that Miss, I have plenty more..." he stumbled, searching for a name where there was none, "Wow that feels odd, sorry I didn't seem to catch your name." He trailed off in a divinely smooth manner and silently waited for her to introduce herself.

"I'm sorry. Gosh! I'm really on top of things today, aren't I?" The voice in the back of her head reminded her why she was distracted and she grimaced. "I'm Heather..." she smiled up and him and continued, "and I'm not going to tell you my last name, because I just met you and you could be a stalker." She noted silently that he was really tall: at least 6'1" if not more.

He smiled down at her, "Well Heather, who has no last name, I'm Mark. It's nice to meet you." Mark gave her an extra big smile and took the slightly crumpled salvaged fliers from her hands.

Heather momentarily panicked; he was touching her! Why was he touching her? She was right about to kick him in the nuts and run for home when the realistic part of her brain kicked in. He was getting back his fliers. God, she was so self-centered. She glanced down at the fliers that were now in his hands.

"So Mark, when is this blood donation event?" She inquired in a small voice, mostly because she was ashamed of her instincts: fight and flight in that order. She continued to glance down and away from his friendly gaze. She noticed he was also wearing a blood drive t-shirt, the cheesy ones that they normally give away, but he somehow pulled it off.

"Well, it's normally on the 15th of every month, but we moved it up to this weekend deciding to do a two day event instead. Hence, the fliers." He looked down at her with those big dark green eyes and smiled. "Are you interested in coming? It's for a great cause, you know."

Heather considered it for a moment, his charm aside, mentally assessing the pros and cons. She might get to see Mark again, and that was a plus. They tended to provide free snacks and such at the events, also a benefit. The one bad thing was the needles.

Hmmm, I suppose if I brought Paradise or Sydney along it wouldn't be so bad. Besides less than 2 hours ago I was calling myself conceited and selfish. Is there a better way to move on with my life and help others? Maybe ... but this is easier and there will be cookies, so I can get my junk food fix without the added pounds of the pity party the girls would throw.

"Yeah, can I get one of those fliers back from you?"

He leaned in handing one over to her "Sure, here you go." He quickly smirked again and looked into her eyes, "We love to see new volunteers." He paused before adding, "Well I need to keep putting these things up," he motioned to the stack of fliers in his hands, "but it's good to meet you Heather. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow or Sunday."

Heather smiled back playfully. "You know I'll be there! Nice meeting you Mark!"

With that she turned and started to jog back toward her apartment. She placed one-foot in front of the other, again and again and simply let her mind wander. When Heather finally looked up and snapped out of it she realized she had actually gone past her building. She mentally rebuked herself for not paying attention and swung around and headed back to her building.

Exhausted, she flung open her third floor apartment door.

So maybe taking the stairs was over kill to finish off a two hour run.

Heather immediately walked over to the fridge and skimmed its contents: milk, peanut butter, jelly, bread heels, a five-gallon jug of water, and a six-pack of beer. It took her literally two seconds to bypass her food instincts and pull out a beer. She sauntered over to the other side of her kitchen and popped the top off her beer with the edge of the counter before taking a swig. She sighed, dropped her keys to the counter, and glanced at the blinking light on her answering machine.

Do I really want to know?

Heather nibbled at the corner of her lip not knowing what to do. She took another sip of her beer and then snatched her cordless phone off the base flipping through the caller ID. Two calls from Justin shortly after she left for her run, a call from Sydney, and a call from a blocked number. So she instead of listening to her messages she headed over to the couch, with beer and phone in hand. Heather quickly dialed from memory Sydney's phone number and silently waited for her to pick up.

"Hello" There was a slight sound of typing in her background.

"Hey. You called?" Heather inquired and took another sip of beer.

"Oh, hey, Heather. Yea, I was worried about you. Justin called earlier and was asking about you all cryptically. Everything ok?"

Heather paused and considered for a second then responded with, "Yeah, don't worry, Syd. I'm fine." She quieted for a second before redirecting the conversation. "Hey, you want to go to this blood drive with me tomorrow and maybe go shopping afterwards?"

The line remained silent for a second followed by, "Sure. Is Paradise coming too?"

"Don't know yet, haven't called her yet to ask. You want me to three way it and call her or just call you back later?"

"Go ahead and give me a call back in the morning, I've got another couple pages left before I finish off tonight."

"Is it a news article or girly literature chapter?" Heather inquired to her best friend.

"It's a chick lit chapter," there was a pause from the line and then, "You should know that by now. Come on Heather we've known each other for how long now and you still have to ask?"

Heather rolled her eyes, smiled and slowly sipped her beer savoring it. "I already knew the answer, you're always writing up something new. Just thought I'd check to see if you where doing anything for money lately. Guess you won't be able to spend to much tomorrow then."

"The hell I won't! What do you think I'm doing with my monthly allowance check!?"

"Ummm maybe, you know, pay your rent, Syd?" Heather was used to it by now Sydney's father was slightly well off, to say the least. Sydney somehow never let the money go to her head, at least not most of the time. Maybe it was the fact she was had to deal with growing up with her brothers who acted like 13 year olds.

"Oh hush! You know I can still afford a girls day out." It was true, that girl bought at least 3 new pairs of heels a month. Designer heels that is.

"Ok, I'm counting on it. That means you're buying lunch tomorrow, somewhere nice."

"Deal. I'll talk to you later, hon."

"Bye." Heather clicked off the phone and let out a sigh.

One down, one to go.

Paradise would be much harder to avoid. They'd been friends too long and knew each other too well. Heather exhaled slowly and downed the last of her beer. She leaned forward and deposited her bottle onto the table and heard the couch groan underneath her.

Ok, so maybe sitting on the couch was a bad idea. Heather meandered over into her room and threw herself onto the bed, phone still in hand. She glanced down at the phone, then to the clock, and back to the phone. It was after 6, if she were lucky Devon, Paradise's boyfriend, would be home and pose enough of a distraction that she could get away without playing twenty questions. Silently she prayed for mercy and dialed her best friend.

Ring, Ring. "Hello." A man with a deep voice answered the phone.

YES! She was saved! "Hey Dev, is Paradise busy?"

"Nope. Hold on Heather." There was a slight scuffling of feet and a loud yell "Paradise! Phone's for you." Somewhere in the background she yelled back, but wasn't close enough for Heather to hear. Devon yelled back to her, "It's Heather!"

"Ok I got it! Woo, Hey Heather, what's up girl?" Paradise purred into the phone in her natural fashion.

"Not much. Just wanted know if you were free tomorrow from Mister Hunk? Syd and I are going to go shopping tomorrow, she's paying for lunch."

No point in mentioning the blood drive, she reasoned. Paradise is so afraid of needles it's stupid. Besides donating blood doesn't take that long and it's not like she needed to donate too, I just need the moral support.

"Well if Syd is paying for lunch, of course I'm in! I have to make Devon and his daughter breakfast in the morning. So I'll meet you at your place at ten?" Paradise asked smoothly into the phone.

"Of course! My place is a mess though. Just so you know. " Heather replied, silently wishing she hadn't finished that beer yet.

"Oh! Hey that reminds me. What's going on with you and Justin? I talked to him earlier and man that boy did not sound like he was in a good mood." Damn that girl knew how to get information!

Think! Come up with something...

"We ... ahh ... had an argument regarding my move to his place this afternoon. I haven't talked to him yet and probably won't until after our retail shopping session tomorrow. If he wants to be stubborn, then he can just wait."

Damn I'm good.

"All right girl, it's your relationship. But we WILL talk about this tomorrow. Ok?" Heather could hear Devon all over her best friend in the background, distracting her artfully.

Score one for me!

"Sure thing. Cya in the AM girly. And don't let that man keep you up all night!"

"Mmmm ... alright ... cya later then." That man certainly knew how to distract a girl.


She was home free!! Except she had to be awake at a decent hour on a weekend and she was tired as hell. One last call back to Sydney and her night was over. She closed her eyes and dialed Sydney, ready to pass out at any second.

Ring, Ring

"Heather?" Click, tap, tap, tap, tap, and tap.

That girl was still working at it.

"Yup, we're all meeting at my place at 10 tomorrow. I didn't mention the blood drive to Par, so don't say anything."

"Is she really still afraid of needles?" Sydney asked sympathetically, keys still going in the background.

"Yes. So keep it on the down-low tomorrow."

"Alright. No prob. talk to you later."

Heather turned off the phone and promptly passed out.

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