The Vampire, the Wife and the Cuckold

Copyright© 2008 by Amanda Pierce

Incest Sex Story: Prologue - Count Ragonian wants newlywed Justine while her husband Andre would rather watch.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Vampires   Cheating   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy  

The heavy oak door opened into the castle study and Justine and her personal servant entered.

At forty-six, Justine was still a strikingly beautiful woman. Her face was as soft and pleasantly sculpted as ever and her figure as svelte and curvaceous as it had been twenty-seven years ago when she had first set foot in Castle Ragonian. Perhaps because the breasts were larger, more prominent now and her hips even more sensuously full it could be argued she was even more beautiful than ever.

Her robe was of floor length but parted sensuously at the top to provide more than a modicum of cleavage.

"Have you seen Erik?" she asked.

"As you will recall, the count is "engaged" at the moment with Ramona."

"Ramona? My but Erik does seem to favor her, doesn't he?"

"Can you blame him? She is a beauty."

"So are our other daughters," she said a bit curtly.

"True, but they will each get their turn."

"Yes, I suppose you're right. Now that all four are of breeding age and his own cycle approaching, I expect to see a lot of white hair."

"Speaking of which, I have been informed that Captain Marconi has arrived and awaits your audience."

"Very well. How I wish Father were still here to..."

"We are all aware how much you miss him."

"We all miss him. I just hope this Captain can be half the man ... are you sure Erik approves of him?"

"He has indicated a thorough search of the family of the good captain has revealed a strong and healthy bloodline."

"Is he handsome?"

"I believe you will find him so."

"And virile?"

'That we shall have to see," said the servant. "Are you ready to receive him?"

"Yes, bring him in."

The servant was gone a few seconds before returning leading a muscular, smartly uniformed captain into the room. Justine agreed he was handsome ... and self confident. She liked that, a man who knew what he wanted and took it. It was part of what had made Erik so appealing to her from the very beginning.

"Captain Shaval Marconi, the lady Justine," said the servant by way of introduction.

"Charmed, my lady," said the young officer taking and kissing her hand.

"A gentleman," she mused aloud. "Your family or your training in the King's' brigade?"

"Both actually. My family goes back many generations to royalty, but all officers are expected to conduct themselves as gentlemen -- especially in the presence of such a beautiful woman."

There was a moment in which their eyes met and exchanged unspoken messages.

"Has the count explained why we asked you here to Castle Ragonian?"

"Not really. Only that it was a service which would benefit your family and prove quite pleasurable for me."

"Indeed. I shall explain shortly. Perhaps you can tell me something about yourself, Captain."

"Well, let's see. I am twenty-two. I was born in Prague. My father is a minister in the government, my mother a former lady-in-waiting to the king. My schooling was quite formal and upon completion I enlisted in the military. I was immediately sent to officer's school, graduating first in my class and received my promotion to Captain only eight months later." He again looked deeply into the eyes of the somewhat older woman. "And you, Madam Ragonian?

She smiled. "it is simply Justine. The count and I are not married. I am his companion -- one of many."

"Oh so you are single -- and available."

She momentarily glanced to the servant. "Single? Yes. Available? The count is the master of this castle. I serve his wishes. However, he allows me a great deal of freedom to do as I please.'

"How did you come to reside her at Castle Ragonian?" asked the dashing young officer.

"That," she said, "is a long story."

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