Sharking Day (AKA Nude Sorority Girls)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Each year the boys of Alpha Tau Zeta participate in Sharking Day- an annual day of celebration which involves sneaking up on the nubile young ladies on campus and yanking off some or all of their clothing and videotaping it. Kerry Zimmerman and her sexy sorority sisters team up to match wits with the frat boys before they find themselves sharked and their naked bodies are displayed on the internet for the world to see.

Andrew zoomed in and focused the lens of his video camera on the two women walking down the sidewalk. One was blonde, the other brunette. Both of them were dressed in short skirts and were very attractive.

The women carried shopping bags under their arms as they strolled happily past the many stores that lined the strip mall. Andrew knelt down on one knee and tried to conceal himself behind a trashcan. If they were to see him his whole plan might have to be scrapped. Andrew kept his camera as low to the ground as he could without compromising his view of the beautiful babes, who were gradually coming closer to him.

"Get ready," Andrew whispered into his walkie-talkie. As he did, a homeless man wandered out onto the sidewalk, obstructing his view.

"Damn it!" Andrew said. The homeless man loitered about on the sidewalk, directly obstructing Andrew's view of the women. The dirty, shabbily dressed man did not appear to be in any hurry to leave.

Andrew did not want to reposition his camera. This was the perfect hiding spot, and besides, moving would look suspicious and he would possibly give himself away. Andrew waited. Before long, the two nubile beauties stepped around the homeless man and entered the view of Andrew's camera once again.

"Ok, we're good," Andrew said into his walkie-talkie. "Ready when you are."

Andrew's friend Chris emerged from an alley. He glanced around, appearing lost.

"Where are they?" Chris asked into his walkie-talkie.

"They passed you!" Andrew said. Chris looked down the sidewalk.

"Okay, I see them, now." Chris casually stepped around the homeless man and inconspicuously trailed the women in front of him. The women continued down the sidewalk, ever closer to where Andrew was hiding.

"You're going to have to do this soon; they're almost on me!" Andrew said.

"Which one should it be, the blonde or the brunette?" Chris asked.

"Who the fuck cares? They're both hot!" Andrew said.

"The brunette's got a shorter skirt on," Chris said, as he neared the laughing girls. "She'd be easier."

"If you don't do it soon, you'll miss your chance at either of them, so just fucking do it!" Andrew said.

"Okay, relax dude, I'll do it!" Chris said.

The babes were only a few feet from the trashcan which Andrew was using to conceal himself. He was sure that at any second they would see him. The blonde appeared to be fumbling with one of her shopping bags. She stopped for a moment, and set them onto a bench nearby. A smile shot across Chris' face as he watched the young woman bend over the bench to rearrange her shopping bags. This was almost too easy.

"There's your shot; the blonde is bending over! Do it now!" Andrew whispered frantically.

Chris casually walked towards the bench and then, like a fuse that has just burnt to the base, he launched into action. Chris raced up behind the unsuspecting young lady, grabbed her miniskirt, and pulled it above her hips. The blonde screamed in surprise. The brunette turned towards her friend; startled by what was happening. Underneath her skirt, the blonde sported a skimpy thong. Chris grabbed the elastic waistband of the girl's thong and swiftly pulled it downwards, all the way to her knees.

"Oh my God!" the blonde shouted, and turned to face her aggressor. Chris took off and ran at breakneck speed down the sidewalk, and the blonde found herself staring straight into the lens of Andrew's camera, while Andrew's camera stared straight into the attractive blonde's exposed pussy.

"Fucking pervert!" the blonde shouted, frantically pulling up her panties. The brunette flipped them off and Andrew raced down the sidewalk after Chris, camera in hand.

"I got it dude, I got it!" Andrew shouted. "I got her ass and her bush!"

They could still hear the girls screaming as they raced across the walkway and disappeared into an alley.

Kerry Zimmerman knew somebody wasn't happy when she heard the front door of the Omega Kappa Beta sorority house slam shut. Her housemates, Anna and Mandy walked into the living room carrying several shopping bags and appeared very distressed.

"Something wrong, ladies?" Kerry asked in a rather condescending tone. Kerry had been witness to plenty of drama within the walls of this house, and had, over time, learned to approach it with a dry sense of humor.

"Yes," Mandy shouted. "Some jackass came up behind Anna at the strip mall and pulled her skirt up and her panties down while some other jerk-off videotaped it!"

"I guess somebody is taking the term strip mall a bit too literally," Kerry said. Kerry shut her study book that she had previously been reading while listening to the TV, and placed it into her book bag.

"This isn't funny, Kerry!" Mandy shouted. "There's some real sickos in this town. Who the fuck are those weirdos?"

"Alpha Tau Zeta boys, celebrating annual Sharking Day."

The girls all turned to face Donna Pierson, who strode into the room dressed in nothing more than a t-shirt and panties. The girls were used to this. Donna was a tall, voluptuous cheerleader who never made much of an effort to cover herself to any extent in public or private. Donna took a seat down onto the sofa and stretched her long legs onto the coffee table in front of her.

"And that would be?" Kerry said, prompting Donna to elaborate on her answer.

Donna turned her head to face a blushing Anna.

"Every year, the Alpha Tau Zeta frat boys have this event called Sharking Day. They go around town, and yank unsuspecting girls' tops off, or pull their panties down, and videotape it for their collection. The guys all get a kick out of watching it at the end of the day."

"And the collective IQ of college boys drops a notch further," Kerry said. Another girl, Pamela, who had been quietly reading in the corner, smirked and nodded in agreement.

"We have to get that tape back!" Anna said. "I don't want anyone to see that!"

"How are you gonna do that, Anna?" Kerry asked. "Those boys went through all that trouble to get those shots of you, you think they're just going to give it up?"

"Isn't your boyfriend in Alpha Tau Zeta?" Anna asked. "See if you can get him to hand the tape over!"

"Anna, I really don't think Kurt is going to feel like-"

"PLEASE?" Anna said. "He probably knows who took the video. Can't you do this for me? I've always been your friend."

Kerry rolled her eyes.

"I'll see what I can do Anna."

Brittany Daniels opened her dorm room window and breathed in the fresh morning air. The wind felt good against her skin. She was dressed in a tight white tank top and a pair of blue boy shorts. Her nipples protruded through her tank top noticeably. Brittany took a few seconds to enjoy the warmth of the sun before turning away from her window and picking up her nail polish. She had just bent over to begin painting her toenails when she heard a loud rapping at her window. Brittany looked up in annoyance. A young man was at her window, rapping loudly. He pointed towards the door, and Brittany knew what he wanted.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Brittany muttered. Brittany swore to herself next semester she was getting a new room, one that wasn't right night to the main entrance to her dorm building so people would stop asking her to open the door for them.

Brittany walked out of her dorm room and made her way towards the glass door separating her from her unwelcome visitor. Brittany opened the door, the young man greeted her.

"Hey, sorry," Chris said. "I think my friend is sleeping upstairs, he won't answer the buzzer."

Brittany stepped aside and let Chris into the building, not saying a word to him. She walked back into her dorm room as Chris continued down the hall.

"Thanks," Chris said.

Back inside her dorm room, Brittany resumed her toenail painting. She meticulously ran the deep crimson paint up and down her toenails. As the brush went dry, Brittany slipped it back into the paint, and as soon as she was about to start painting her next nail, another loud rap at the window interrupted her progress.

Brittany slammed the nail polish onto her nightstand furiously. She turned back to her window, only to see the same young man as before. Brittany ignored the man's pounding and continued painting her nails, but he didn't appear to be considering stopping anytime soon.

"I already let you in!" Brittany shouted.

"Please, just one more time!" Chris shouted. "I just need to bring my friend something!"

Chris held up a small bag of videocassettes. Brittany gave an annoyed sigh and walked out of her dorm room once again. Once in the hallway, she saw the young man leaning against the wall, away from the door. The man looked her in the eye and nodded at her to open the door. Brittany inched forward. She sensed something wasn't right.

Chris waited patiently for her to approach the door. Just a few steps further, and she would be close enough to reach the door handle.

Brittany took a step forward, and as she reached for the door handle, she spotted another young man, crouched in the bushes just outside the dorm building, videotaping her.

Brittany stopped. She pulled her hand away from the door handle, but it was too late. She didn't even hear the sound of the footsteps behind her until seconds before she felt a pair of hands grab her boy shorts and yank them down.

Brittany screamed. She had nothing on underneath her shorts, leaving her pussy and her ass completely exposed. Brittany turned to see Chris, just outside the door; backing away as the cameraman filmed everything. Brittany turned to get a look at her attacker, only to find a young man wearing a hat and sunglasses. Brittany stopped down to pull up her shorts, but her attacker took hold of the strap of her tank top and attempted to pull it from her shoulder.

Brittany turned away violently, as the attacker yanked the shoulder strap down her arm, partially exposing her right breast. While her nipple was still concealed, almost the entire portion of her upper breast was hanging out of her shirt. Brittany struggled with her attacker as he continued to yank on her tank top, trying to pull it low enough to expose her nipple. Brittany slapped him in the face hard, and knocked off his sunglasses. The attacker quickly turned away and bent over to pick them up. As he did, Brittany attempted to kick him in his side but her shorts still around her knees prevented her from making such a movement. Her attacker grabbed his fallen sunglasses and ran out the doorway.

"Yeah, you better run!" Brittany shouted as Chris and her attacker ran off. The cameraman was still fixated on her, and when she realized she was still exposed, Brittany quickly pulled her tank top back up over her breast and pulled up her shorts as well. Soon after, the cameraman took off after his two friends.

Brittany was in shock. What had just happened seemed so surreal, she almost couldn't believe it had happened. Brittany turned around to see two wide-eyed girls down the hall watching the entire situation. Brittany blushed and quickly retreated to her room.

Kerry and Anna walked up the steps of the Alpha Tau Zeta frat house. Kerry was about to knock on the door, when she stopped to turn to Anna.

"Look, whatever you do, don't be whiny," Kerry said. "If you just ask nicely, maybe I'll see if I can get him to cooperate."

"This is such bullshit!" Anna said, as Kerry knocked on the door of the large house. "If he doesn't help me I'll kick his ass!"

"Shh! That's what I'm talking about!" Kerry said.

After several minutes of waiting, the front door opened. A blonde, spike-haired college boy who appeared to be either hung over or stoned, most likely both, stood in the doorframe. His gaze fell upon the two attractive girls in front of him and a smile shot across his face.

"Well hello, ladies, what can I do for you?" the frat boy said.

"I'm here to see Kurt," Kerry said.

"Is he your boyfriend?" the frat boy asked.

"Yes," Kerry said, firmly. The frat boy's gaze shifted over towards Anna.

"And how about you, beautiful?"

"Taken," Anna said, with even more hostility. "Now can you take us to Kurt or not?"

The frat boy took a step backwards.

"Right this way."

Kerry and Anna walked into the dimly lit frat house. It appeared a wild party had taken place recently. Kerry and Anna felt their shoes stick to the beer-stained floor as they made their way up the narrow stairway. Kerry led Anna towards Kurt's bedroom door, where she knocked three times and waited for an answer.

"You think he'll answer" Anna asked.

"If he doesn't, all I got to do is kick this door handle to the left and the door will pop right open," Kerry said. "We found that out when he locked his keys inside the week he moved in."

After waiting several seconds, the door still hadn't opened.

"Kick it open," Anna said. "He shouldn't be avoiding you considering what's going on today."

Kerry considered taking Anna's advice but instead took a different approach.

"KURT, ARE YOU IN THERE?" Kerry said loudly enough to wake even a hung over frat boy. Within seconds Kurt's bedroom door was open.

"Hey baby, what's up?" Kurt said.

"This is my friend Anna," Kerry said. "Earlier this morning she got sharked by one of your frat brothers and she would like the tape."

"I don't have it," Kurt said.

"Well get it from whoever does or-"

"Anna would really prefer that no one see that tape and she'd appreciate any information you can give that would help us find it," Kerry said, interrupting her friend's outburst.

Kurt took a few steps backwards and slouched onto his mattress. Kerry and Anna took it as an invitation to enter his room and promptly did so. Kurt's room was small and cluttered, but he was fortunate enough to have a door that opened up to a small balcony outside that overlooked the patio behind the house.

"All I know is that Andrew Travis is in charge of the camera today," Kurt said. "Wherever he is, he's probably got the tape with him."

"And where is he?" Anna demanded.

"Out sharking girls. How the hell should I know where?"

"Thank you Kurt, you've been very helpful," Kerry said, before Anna could make any response of her own.

Kerry stepped out of her boyfriend's bedroom and took Anna by the arm so she would follow. Upon seeing the two ladies leave, Kurt promptly opened him mini-fridge and took out a can of Monster, which he cracked open and slurped down. As Kerry shut the bedroom door behind them, Anna glared at Kerry.

"Helpful? He didn't tell us shit!" Anna fumed.

"Kurt told us everything he knew," Kerry said, as her cell phone began to ring. "I know what kind of guy he is. He's not the type to get involved in immature pranks like this."

"Well, what are we supposed to do?" Anna said. "How are we going to find this Andrew Travis guy?"

"I don't know, we'll ask around for him," Kerry said, taking out her phone. "Maybe somebody will be able to point us in the right direction. Hello?"

Kerry listened into her phone. She looked at Anna.

"It happened again," Kerry said.

Kerry's best friend Laura Patterson waited outside Bosley Hall, the dormitory in which she and Brittany Daniels resided. As she spotted Kerry and Anna approaching, Laura ran towards them.

"There were three of them," Laura said. "I just talked to Brittany. She said the guy filming was hiding in these bushes. When she went to let a guy inside another guy came up behind her and pulled her shorts down, and then all three of them ran off."

"Which way did they go?" Anna asked.

"Brittany didn't see," Laura said. "She was so embarrassed she ran inside her room after it happened. Janine and I saw everything from down the hall."

"We have to find them!" Anna shouted. "Do you think they went to central campus? There's more girls there maybe they're going there next!"

"I have no idea where they went, Anna," Laura said. "Kerry, you said Kurt knew the guy who has the camera? Well, if you have a name you should be able to find him eventually."

"Anna wants the tape before he shows it to anybody," Kerry said.

Laura thought for a minute.

"In that case, let's head over to the courtyard in central campus. If Anna's right maybe we'll find them along the trails through the woods where the girls go jogging," Laura said.

Andrew and Chris collapsed onto a park bench, out of breath. Matt, the guy in the hat and sunglasses, sat down next to them.

"Shit, we almost got caught," Chris said.

"We'll be fine," Matt said. "You guys should put your hoodies on or something. You don't want anybody to recognize you."

"That's why you're doing the sharking from now on, Matt," Chris said.

"Hey," Andrew said. "Three o'clock."

The three frat boys turned their heads to see a dark-haired girl wearing earbuds jogging down the trail. She wore a pair of tight black running shorts and had a fantastically firm ass. The three boys all gave off hungry stares before turning to each other.

"All right, Matt, you stand by the drinking fountain," Andrew said. "I'll hide behind the big oak tree. Chris, when I give you the signal, you step into the path and tie your shoe."

The three of them got into their positions and waited for the jogging girl to reach them. Andrew focused the lens of his camera on the girl, who appeared to be very thirsty.

"Wait..." Andrew said into his walkie-talkie.

The girl came closer, and did not appear to notice Andrew watching her. She also did not appear to be slowing down as she neared the drinking fountain.

"Okay, Chris, get in her way and tie your-"

Suddenly Andrew felt someone snatch his camera from his grasp. He turned to face Kerry, who looked down at him with a condescending expression of pure disgust. Next to her were Anna and Laura, who did not seem to have any higher opinion of him than Kerry.

"Abort," Andrew said into his walkie-talkie.

"What the hell are you doing? That's my camera!" Andrew shouted. Andrew's shock at seeing someone grab his eight hundred dollar camera turned to greater dismay as he watched the jogging girl pass by the angry confrontation without paying them a second notice.

"How do you get the tape out?" Kerry asked, turning the camera around in her hands trying to make sense of the strange contraption.

"I'm not giving you my tape!" Andrew shouted.

Kerry then forcefully attempted to pry the tape deck open with her hands, which made Andrew's expression turn to terror.

"Push the eject button!" Andrew shouted. "You're gonna break the camera!"

"What a shame that would be," Laura said. "Now how are you gonna videotape your friends pulling girls' panties down then?"

"That's not what we're doing!" Andrew shouted. "You've got the wrong guys!"

"So there's more of you?" Laura asked.

Andrew glanced back at Chris and Matt.

"No. I'm just doing a project for school!" Andrew said.

Kerry opened the tape deck and removed the tape. She tossed the tape to Anna and dropped the camera disdainfully into Andrew's hands.

"Hey!" Andrew said.

Anna cracked the tape casing open and began unspooling the tape; wrapping it around her index and middle fingers.

"Hey jackass, next time you try to run like a little bitch from a girl you just assaulted, don't go and hide in the one place we expect to find you," Anna said, placing the unspooled videotape around Andrew's neck.

Anna ripped the tape in half and dropped the empty tape case onto the sidewalk in front of Andrew. Andrew looked up sheepishly as the three girls sauntered off laughing.

Mandy walked briskly through the Student Center when she heard her cell phone chime. She removed it from her purse to find a text message from Anna reading "problem solved." Mandy smiled to herself as she began punching out a response. She was only halfway through typing her message when she heard her name.

"Mandy?" Pamela said.

"What's up?" Mandy asked, looking up briefly at Pamela before diverting her eyes back to her phone.

"You might want to take a look at this," Pamela said.

Mandy followed Pamela into the computer lab, where Pamela took a seat in front of one of the terminals. She opened up the website of the Alpha Tau Zeta frat house and a video began playing. To Mandy's shock, the video depicted her and Anna at the strip mall that morning, and Anna's subsequent sharking.

"Oh my God!" Mandy said. "I thought Anna said she fixed this!"

Mandy took out her phone once again, erased her text message and called Anna.

"Come on Anna, pick up!" Mandy said impatiently as she waited for Anna to answer.

"Hello?" Anna said.

"Anna, what did you mean, 'problem solved'?" Mandy asked.

"I mean I took care of it. I found the jackass that filmed us this morning and I destroyed the tape," Anna said.

"Really?" Mandy asked.

"Yes, really!" Anna said. "I broke the tape apart in my own hand, trust me!"

Mandy watched as video began playing of Brittany approaching the doorway of her dorm building.

"Well, I'm watching video of the two of us right now on the Alpha Tau Zeta website," Mandy said.

Mandy waited for a response from Anna but heard only silence.

"You're shitting me, right?" Anna asked.

"No, Anna, it's right in front of me now, go to ATZ Westfield dot com, the video's all there. I see us, the video of Brittany, and there's another girl on here after that!"

Mandy watched a girl she didn't recognize waiting on a street corner, and somebody sneak up behind her and pull her shirt open, revealing her bra-covered breasts. The girl responded by hitting him over his head with her purse and the attacker then ran off. At the end of the video were the words "Happy Sharking Day... 23 to go!"

"Oh my God!" Anna said. "They must have switched tapes! You mean it's on the Internet now?"

"Sorry," Mandy said. "I don't know what we can do about it now."

"I do," Anna said.

"What?" Mandy asked, but Anna hung up.

"Well, she's got some idea going," Mandy said, looking back at Pamela. "How'd you find this, anyway?"

"I heard about this prank last year so I decided to check their website," Pamela said. "I guess they decided to post what they had so far to brag."

"What assholes," Mandy said.

"You're telling me," Pamela replied.

"Hey Mandy!"

Mandy turned to see Donna entering the computer lab. She wore the same t-shirt she had on before, but now wore a pair of jeans instead of just her panties.

"I just talked to Kerry on the phone, she said the whole matter is worked out," Donna said. "I think you're in the clear."

"Well, she's wrong," Mandy said. "Pam just found all the videos they took this morning on the Internet."

"Are you serious?" Donna said. "I can't believe they put them up that fast! Last year they waited until the end of the day."

"Well, it's all here," Mandy said.

"No way," Donna said. "Kerry said they destroyed the tape."

"Look for yourself," Pamela said.

Donna walked up behind Pamela.

"Play it again," Donna said.

Pamela pulled up the website but only got a waiting signal.

"It's not coming up," Pamela said. "Hope it's not because the site's getting too much traffic."

"Hey, I got it over here!"

A male student a few rows in front of Pamela called out to them.

"Figures, soon everybody and their mother will have seen this video," Pamela muttered.

"Let me see it," Donna said.

Donna walked up a few rows to where the male student was sitting.

"Play it," Donna said.

The student pressed the play button. A loading screen appeared and Donna patiently waited for the bar to reach one hundred. After an unbearably long loading time, the video began. Donna watched Anna and Mandy walking down the sidewalk carrying their shopping bags. They seemed to be walking in slow motion; the video was slow and choppy.

"Damn, this lab needs a better connection," Donna said.

"No kidding. I had a better connection in 1998," the student said.

Donna continued to watch as she saw Anna bend over a park bench while someone quickly ran up behind her. As the approaching figure reached out to grab Anna's skirt, the video froze completely, and then went dark.

The words "Smile for the camera, Donna" appeared on the screen.

"What the-" Donna said. Donna looked up, confused. A few rows in front of her, she saw another young male student videotaping her. Before she could react, the student next to her grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it down. Donna was not wearing a bra, and soon both of her breasts popped out of her shirt and fell into view. Donna gasped. The student next to her leaped out of his seat and ran like hell out of the computer lab, while the cameraman continued to film Donna's completely exposed breasts. Mandy and Pamela looked up, shocked at what had just transpired. Donna covered her breasts with her hands, which was not easy to do considering the size of Donna's breasts. She pulled her shirt back up and the cameraman departed from the lab as well.

Donna turned back towards Mandy, shocked and humiliated.

"We have to call Kerry," Mandy said.

Chris and Matt threw rolled up socks through a plastic basketball hoop in Matt's dorm room while Andrew talked on the phone.

"Hey Joe, good news, the camera isn't broken," Andrew said. "But like I said we missed the last girl cause of what happened."

"No problem, I've got Ken and Rob on it," Joe said. "They said they just got a girl in the computer lab, so we should be back on track now."

"Well it's a good thing I gave you my tape when I did. Did you upload it yet?"

"Yes, it's on the website now," Joe said.

"Good," Andrew said. "So do you want us to get the next one?"

Joe paused for a second.

"Ken and Rob seem to know what they're doing; I'm going to let them handle it for a while."

"Oh ... well, okay then," Andrew said. He waited for Joe to respond. "Keep us in mind if you want us to try it again."

"I certainly will," Joe said, hanging up the phone.

Andrew looked over at Chris and Matt.

"I think we've been fired," Andrew said.

Jaclyn and Erica were turning heads as they walked through the courtyard in central campus. Their bright smiles captivated onlookers as they strutted down the walkway towards their next class. Both dressed in loose-fitting halter tops, neither girl was aware they that had just landed in the sights of Rob Guinley's camcorder.

"I got 'em," Rob said into his walkie-talkie.

"Roger that," Ken Holland replied. Ken was about ten feet behind his intended targets. He had a good look at their asses, which were both round and firm, however they were both wearing blue jeans, which Ken knew would be hard to remove. Fortunately both ladies possessed a pair of large, bouncing breasts that were flimsily covered by their skimpy tops.

"Are you sure you can get them both?" Rob asked.

"If I'm quick enough, yeah," Ken said.

"Good. If you can pull this off we'll have a classic on our hands," Rob said. "You ready?"

Ken took one last look at the two young babes' asses.

"Ready." Ken placed his walkie-talkie into his belt and swiftly hastened his pace. Jaclyn stopped to wave at a friend who was several yards away. In one swift movement, Ken was upon the two ladies, and sprung into action. With his left hand, he grabbed the front of Jaclyn's halter-top, and with his right he grabbed Erica's. In one movement he pulled each of their halter-tops downwards. Ken realized at this moment he might not be able to expose both breasts of each girl, as he was at a disadvantage with only one hand for each of them. He turned to his right, and carefully insured as he snatched Erica's top down that both of her breasts were pulled into view. As soon as he saw that he was successful he turned back to his left, and saw that only Jaclyn's right breast was exposed. Both girls screamed as Ken pulled harder on Jaclyn's top, letting go of Erica's as he used all his strength to pull Jaclyn's shirt from her other breast.

Frightened, Jaclyn held on tightly to her shirt and tried to pull away from Ken, but this proved to be a mistake. As she stepped to her left, the strap around her neck snapped and Ken was easily able to pull Jaclyn's entire top all the way down to her waist, exposing both of her breasts. Jaclyn gasped, and tried to pull her ruined halter-top back up to cover herself. Both girls gasped in horror as they saw dozens of onlookers looking on in shocked surprise as well as amusement at the two now bare-breasted girls.

Ken turned and ran back down the walkway. Both girls turned to him, screaming and cursing as they struggled to cover themselves. As they did, Rob turned the microphone on his camera towards his mouth.


"Look his name's Andrew Travis; he's a member of the Alpha Tau Zeta Fraternity. Whoever put that video on the Internet; Andrew knows who he is, can't you bring him in?" Anna said, angrily.

The campus police officer looked up at her sympathetically

"Ma'am I promise we are doing everything we can," the policewoman said. "We've gotten several reports this morning about this."

Kerry and Laura looked around the police station, observing many police officers answering phone calls, though none seemed to be in any kind of a hurry.

"Can't you do anything to stop them?" Kerry asked. "Like go to their house and tell them to knock it off!"

The policewoman sighed.

"Look, I'll be honest with you ladies. You're not going to get much help here," the policewoman said. "A lot of the officers here are Alpha Tau Zetas themselves and they look out for their own. The best thing I can tell you to do is keep an eye out and let others know what's happening."

"I don't believe this!" Anna shouted. "You're telling me none of the officers here will tell those assholes to cut this shit out?"

"I'm just saying this case is far from our first priority right now. I sympathize with your concern, I really do," the policewoman said.

Another policewoman approached the desk.

"We just got another call," the second policewoman said. "Two girls, in central campus."

"Give me their names, I'll file a report," the first policewoman said.

"Erica Finnel and Jaclyn Evans. Happened about five minutes ago."

"Erica and Jaclyn, I know them," Laura said.

Kerry thought for a moment.

"Mandy said in the video she saw the words 'twenty three to go, '" Kerry said. "Like they have a quota or something."

"Why twenty-three?" Laura asked. "I wonder what the significance of that number would be?"

"Wait, what was the name of that girl you said called in this morning?" Kerry asked. "The third one who got sharked?"

"Carly Adams," the policewoman said. "Why, you know her?"

"No," Kerry said. "But listen. The girls that got sharked, it was Anna, Brittany, Carly, then Donna. Anybody noticing a pattern here?"

"You're right," Laura said. "And after Donna it was Erica, and- wait- how does Jaclyn fit in here?"

"Maybe Jaclyn was just a bystander," Anna said.

"No, I don't think so," Kerry said. She looked back at the policewoman. "What did you say their last names were?"

"Erica Finnel and Jaclyn Evans," the Policewoman said.

"They count last names too then!" Laura said. "But you're right, they're going through the alphabet, there's our E and F!"

"Cause they're the Alpha Tau Zeta fraternity," Kerry said. "Or A through Z. Get it?"

"What a sick fucking joke!" Anna said.

The policewoman gave an annoyed sigh.

"Ladies, if you're finished here, I really have work to do," the policewoman said.

Kerry, Laura, and Anna walked towards the police station exit.

"This means they're on G now," Kerry said, as she opened the door to leave.

"So, do we know anyone with a first or last name starting with G?" Laura asked.

Anna paused.

"Mandy," Anna said. "Mandy's last name is Gaunt."

Mandy Gaunt looked down at a seething Donna. Donna sat on the grass, with her knees pulled up to her chin, trying to think of a punishment horrible enough to be suitable for the boy who had exposed her in the computer lab earlier.

"Don't you have cheerleading practice in, like, fifteen minutes?" Mandy asked.

"I'm not going," Donna said, angrily.

Mandy tilted her head as she looked Donna in the eye.

"You can't stay angry forever," Mandy said. "This shit will ruin your life if you let it get to you."

"Those boys are assholes!" Donna said.

"Yes, I know," Mandy said. "Boys are assholes. Now come on, you need to get ready."

"Forget it, Mandy," Donna said. "I need some time to think."

Mandy hadn't enough time to respond when her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Mandy said.

"Hey Mandy, it's Pam," the voice said. "Listen, you know how that video said 'twenty-three to go' do you suppose they have a set number of girls they want to shark today?"

Mandy stopped.

"I don't know," Mandy said. "I really didn't think about it that deeply."

Mandy heard her call waiting tone, she checked the ID and saw Kerry was trying to call her.

"Oh, it's probably nothing important," Pamela said. "I just thought maybe it'd give us a clue of what to look out for or something, I don't know."

Mandy laughed.

"Trust me Pam, these are dumb frat boys we're dealing with," Mandy said. "There is no possible way to explain their behavior in any kind of rational way."

Mandy saw Donna rise to her feet and wander off towards the Student Center. Mandy walked after her as she began to wrap up her conversation.

"Yeah, you're probably right," Pamela said. "I'm sure they have some bizarre reason why they said that though."

Mandy heard her call waiting signal beep again.

"Yeah, look Kerry's calling me, I'll call you back, okay?"

"Sure, I'll see you later tonight," Pamela said. "Bye."

Mandy looked up at Donna walking off as she shut her phone. As it began to ring, Mandy answered.


Mandy didn't even hear what Kerry said after that, because at that moment she felt her skirt being pulled above her hips. Mandy turned around to face Ken, whom she vaguely recognized from the computer lab earlier. Ken kept a firm grip on Mandy's skirt as she tried to jerk away.

"Back off, asshole!" Mandy shouted.

"Mandy, what's happening?" Kerry's voice said over the phone. Mandy dropped her phone to the ground as she struggled with Ken, who he took advantage of Mandy's distraction and slipped his hand into her panties. Mandy tried to pry his hand loose, but he tightened his grip around the elastic waistband from the inside and Mandy knew her fight was lost. With one good yank, Ken brought Mandy's panties all the way down to her ankles.

Cheers and hollers emanated from nearby onlookers as Ken ran off, leaving Mandy standing humiliated in the middle of the courtyard.

She quickly bent over to pull her panties back up, while inadvertently giving the onlookers behind her, as well as Rob's camcorder, a splendid view of her bare ass. Rob zoomed in close at Mandy's shapely bottom. After pulling up her panties and retrieving her phone, Mandy walked red-faced past her laughing onlookers all the way to the Student Center.

"He shoots."

The basketball soared through the air and fell flawlessly through the basketball net.

"He scores," Matt said to himself. Chris ran to retrieve the basketball and took a shot himself. The door to the gym opened, and a crowd of sixteen young women, all dressed in cheerleader uniforms, walked into the gym talking and laughing.

"Well, there goes my game for today," Chris said.

Matt kept his eyes on the net as he lined up his next shot.

"You got to learn to tune it out, Chris," Matt said, taking another shot. Once again, the ball flew perfectly through the hoop.

"I guess I just don't have your skills," Chris said, taking the ball and dribbling into position.

"It's all about discipline," Matt said. "Keep your mind focused, you can achieve anything."

Chris took another shot, and missed by a few inches.

"Damn," Chris muttered.

"Keep practicing," Matt said.

"Hey guys," Andrew said, hurrying into the gym with his camera in his hand. "I bought a new tape."

"I thought we were off the job," Matt said, shooting a basket.

"Well," Andrew said, glancing at the cheerleaders gathering on the other side of the gym. "Maybe we can redeem ourselves."

The cheerleaders stood in small groups, gossiping with one another, until one, the head cheerleader, called them all to attention.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Chris asked.

"Jennifer Haggerty," Andrew said.

Jennifer Haggerty was gorgeous. Her bright blonde hair glimmered in the late morning sunlight that shined through the windows high up on the gymnasium wall. Andrew, Matt, and Chris stared in awe at her long, lovely legs.

"Damn!" Matt said, admiring Jennifer's figure.

"Okay, girls, listen up!" Jennifer shouted. As the other cheerleaders quieted down, Jennifer continued. "I just talked to Donna, who said she wouldn't be able to make it to practice today, so we got to do our routines without her."

The other cheerleaders moaned in annoyance.

"I know, I know, I'm sorry, she really wasn't feeling well," Jennifer said. "Natalie, I'm going to have you do all of Donna's moves today for the others to practice against. Is that okay?"

Natalie nodded.

"Good," Jennifer said. "I'll get the music going and we can get started."

Jennifer walked over towards a large CD player resting on a chair near the wall. The boys watched as she bent over the CD player and placed a CD inside. Jennifer's loose-fitting skirt concealed all the curves and contours of Jennifer's bottom, but Andrew, Matt, and Chris could still tell she had a fabulous ass.

"Joe's been trying to get her for four years now," Andrew said.

"Think we should go for it?" Chris asked.

"I just talked to Joe. He said they're on H," Andrew said.

"Perfect," Matt said.

Jennifer stood up and faced the other cheerleaders.

"Three, two, one!" Jennifer shouted. As she reached "one" the music kicked in, blasting "Baby Got Back," prompting all the cheerleaders to begin shaking their asses to the early nineties hit. Jennifer stood at the front of the group, wildly gyrating her body along with all the other gorgeous babes.

"She's not going to be easy," Chris said.

"Wait until the song ends," Andrew said. "Then just do as I say."

Kerry, Laura, and Anna hurried through the doors of the Student Center. They found Mandy, sitting alone on a bench with her head down.

"Mandy, I'm so sorry, we tried to warn you," Kerry said.

"It happened in front of everyone!" Mandy cried.

"I'm really sorry, honey," Laura said.

"Didn't you recognize the guy?" Anna asked.

"No," Mandy said. "It was a different guy. I guess they have a bunch of guys doing this; so we don't know who to watch out for."

"Yet somehow they're able to get all the girls in order," Kerry said. "They must have somebody coordinating everything."

The girls nodded to each other in agreement.

"If that's true we should confront this guy," Anna said. "If we tell him personally what a douche bag he is maybe that would work better than chasing everybody down like this."

"But how do we find this guy then?" Laura asked.

"I'd start at the Alpha Tau Zeta house," Anna said. "I'm sure somebody there knows something."

"I've got another idea."

The girls turned to see Pamela approaching from down the hall.

"What's up, Pam?" Kerry asked.

"When I was in the computer lab, I noticed the camera the guy was using was a rental from the University Tech Center," Pamela said.

"Hey, we could check the names on the rental list, and find out who has it," Kerry said.

"I already did that," Pamela said. "His name is Rob Guinley."

"Rob Guinley, I know him," Laura said. "He's dating Vicky Talbert. She lives a few rooms down from mine."

"Why don't we have a talk with Vicky?" Kerry said. "See if she can help us find Rob and maybe talk him out of continuing his bullshit."

"I think we should go back to the frat house," Anna said.

"I agree," Mandy said. "I think we need to go to the source of the problem."

"We were there already, Mandy," Kerry said. "I don't think the answer is there. Let's track down Rob, and maybe we can shut him down like we shut down Andrew."

Andrew clicked his camera into the "on" position. After focusing the lens carefully on Jennifer Haggerty, he nodded towards Chris. Chris and Matt began to pass the ball back and forth between the two of them, each taking shots on the basket in a staged game of one-on-one.

As "Baby Got Back" came to a close, Chris ran towards the basketball net for a slam-dunk, only for Matt to jump up and deflect the ball. The ball landed onto the floor, and rolled across the gymnasium towards the cheerleader's CD player.

"Sorry, sorry," Matt said, running past the dancing cheerleaders after the stray ball.

"Okay, next song!" Jennifer said.

Jennifer walked towards the CD player, once again bending over as she changed CDs. The stray basketball rolled just a few feet from where Jennifer was standing, allowing Matt plenty of cover as he chased after it.

"Almost there," Andrew said.

Andrew was so fixated on how closely the ball was rolling towards Jennifer he did not notice one of the other cheerleaders staring straight at him. She glanced back at Jennifer, and upon seeing Matt running over to retrieve the ball, realized what was about to happen.

"Jennifer!" the cheerleader shouted.

Jennifer turned her head just as Matt dashed towards her. He wasted no time lifting her skirt, revealing a pair of blue tights covering her shapely bottom. Jennifer's heart sank as soon as she felt her skirt being lifted. She had dodged these guys for three years, but this year they had finally caught up to her. Matt grabbed hold of Jennifer's tights and pulled them down. He only managed to get them down to he knees, but they were low enough to give Andrew's camera a full view of Jennifer's beautiful bare ass. Matt teasingly gave Jennifer's ass a light pinch, and took off running, leaving the basketball behind.

The cheerleaders all screamed. Jennifer struggled to pull her tights back on as Matt, Chris, and Andrew ran from the gym.

Laura knocked lightly on Vicky Talbert's dorm room door. Kerry and Pamela stood by her side; all hoping this visit would prove to be worthwhile. Laura hoped Vicky would be there since she had little idea of where else to look.

As luck would have it, Vicky answered, looking surprised by the company she saw before her. Vicky was an attractive blonde girl with sparkling green eyes. She answered the door wearing nothing more than her bra and panties. Laura did not find this strange at all, as the heat in Bosley Hall was always set unreasonably high, so many of the residents- Laura included- frequently spent their time in their dorm rooms wearing little to no clothing on a daily basis.

"Hey Laura, what's up?" Vicky asked.

"Hey Vic, can I ask you a question about your boyfriend?" Laura asked.

Vicky looked concerned about the question.

"Sure," she said.

"You know about this 'Sharking Day' that his frat's been doing today?" Laura asked.

"Yeah, I've heard of it," Vicky said. "Rob told me he wasn't involved."

"Well, we're pretty sure he is," Laura said.

"I don't think so," Vicky said.

"Did you know that he rented a video camera from the tech center today?" Laura asked.

"No, but so what? He could have rented it for anything."

Laura didn't like where this was going.

"Look, can you just do us a favor and find out where he is?" Laura asked. "We want to talk to him ourselves but we can't find him."

Vicky rolled her eyes.

"All right, fine, whatever," Vicky said. Vicky took out her phone and speed dialed Rob. All she heard was a beeping noise.

"Busy signal," Vicky said.

"Can you call back in a few minutes?" Kerry asked. "I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble, but I promise we're not making this up about Rob."

Vicky sighed.

"Look, why don't you give me your number? If I find out where Rob is I'll give you a call," Vicky said.

"Thank you so much, Vicky," Laura said.

Anna pounded on the door of the Alpha Tau Zeta fraternity house. Without Kerry there to stop her, no one was going to tell her how she should behave towards immature frat boys.

"Do you think they'll let you in?" Mandy said.

"If they don't then I'm going to give them a piece of my mind right here on their front porch," Anna said. She pounded on the front door again.

The door finally opened, and a tall, attractive, man with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes answered the door.

"Hello ladies, what can I do for you?" the man said.

"We're here to put a stop to your stupid pranks!" Anna said.

The man nodded in understanding.

"Sharking Day? Yeah, I thought the whole thing was pretty stupid," the man said. "Why don't you come in?"

The man opened the door, and Anna and Mandy walked inside. The inside of the house was just as filthy as it had been that morning. The man led Anna and Mandy to the kitchen, which was significantly cleaner.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" the man asked.

"No, thank you," Anna asked.

Mandy shook her head as well.

The man took a beer from the refrigerator and sat down at the kitchen table. Anna and Mandy sat down across from him.

"I should introduce myself," the man said. "My name's Joe."

"I'm Anna," Anna said. "This is my friend Mandy. We want to know what we can do to get you guys to stop this stupid sharking thing."

Joe nodded.

"Sharking Day has been a fraternity tradition for almost ten years," Joe said. "I was never a fan of it. At a lot of our meetings I spoke against it, but I was always outnumbered."

"Can you tell us who's doing it?" Mandy asked. "We're hoping we can find the guys and talk some sense into them, but they're running all over campus."

"Yeah, I couldn't tell you where they are at this moment," Joe said.

"I like your tattoo," Anna said, admiring the Chinese letters marked on Joe's arm.

"Thanks," Joe said. "They mean honor and dep-"

"Dependability," Anna said.

"You know Chinese?" Joe asked.

"Just a little. But check this out," Anna said. Anna pulled her shirt to her side and showed Joe the back of her left shoulder. She had the same two Chinese letters tattooed on her shoulder.

"No shit," Joe said.

"No, I got that tattooed in English on my ass," Anna joked.

They laughed. Mandy rolled her eyes as she saw where this was progressing.

"Hey, do you have a bathroom I could use?" Mandy asked.

"Sure, up the stairs, to the left, last room on the right," Joe said, before diverting his eyes back to Anna.

"Thanks," Mandy said.

Mandy rose from her chair and walked out of the kitchen. She heard Anna and Joe continue to laugh as she walked quietly towards the stairway.

Mandy scanned the room, looking for anything that might help her figure out how to get to the scheming frat boys. Her eyes landed on a battery charger for a video camera, plugged into the wall next to the frat houses' mailboxes. Mandy looked over her shoulder. The entire first floor appeared to be empty except for Anna and Joe in the kitchen. Mandy unplugged the battery charger and stuffed it into her purse.

Only a few minutes had passed since Kerry and her friends left Vicky's dorm room, so Vicky was alarmed when she heard yet another knock on her door. Vicky opened her door to find Janine Grant, who lived a few doors down from her, standing in her doorway.

"Hey Vic, I'm heading down to the pool, wanna come?"

Janine was in her street clothes but had a large beach bag slung over her shoulder.

"Um, I actually have a term paper to finish," Vicky said. "Maybe I'll stop by when I'm done."

"Oh, okay," Janine said. "See ya."

"Yeah," Vicky said. Vicky shut her door and sat back down at her computer. She decided to try calling Rob again. After the second ring, Rob picked up.

"Hello Baby? What's up?" Rob answered.

"Hey Rob, a couple girls came by earlier and started asking me about you," Vicky said.

"What'd they want?" Rob asked.

"They said you were involved in this 'Sharking Day' thing," Vicky said. "Is that true?"

"No, of course not," Rob said.

"Good," Vicky said. "So, what are you doing today?"

"Working on a project for school," Rob said. "How about you?"

"Oh, I was just finishing up a History paper," Vicky said. "Janine asked me if I wanted to go swimming with her, but I told her I'd pass."

"Janine?" Rob asked.

"Yeah, she lives down the hall from me," Vicky said. "Well, when I get finished with my paper maybe we can go out tonight."

"Okay, give me a call," Rob said.

"I will."

Rob hung up his phone. He looked over at Ken.

"So what's up?" Ken asked.

"That was Vicky. She said Janine is going swimming," Rob said.

"Good to know. Aren't we on I now?" Ken asked.

"No, from what Joe said, I think he's gonna let Andrew and his team get her," Rob said.

Ken paused, shaking his head.

"I can't believe they got Jennifer Haggerty," Ken said.

"No shit," Rob said. "We got to get this next one or we're gonna lose the cup again this year."

"I think we'd better head down to the pool," Ken said. "We'll wait for Joe to let us know when I is done, then we'll make the move on Janine."

It was almost eleven thirty when Kerry, Laura, and Pamela made their way into the Student Center, trying to decide upon their next move.

"You think Vicky will call us back?" Pamela asked.

"I'm not counting on it," Kerry said. "I think she might be covering for him. I mean, she wouldn't want to get her boyfriend in trouble."

"What would you do if you found out Kurt was involved?" Laura asked.

"Kurt is NOT involved in this, Laura!" Kerry said. "He may be a frat boy but he's not stupid like those other guys are."

"Not what I asked," Laura said. "If it turned out he was, would you still defend him like this?"

Kerry thought for a minute.

"If he did, there would be hell to pay, I can guarantee you that," Kerry said.

"Still not what I asked," Laura said.

"Look, shouldn't we be focusing on how to find Rob?" Pamela asked.

"Yes, we should," Kerry said. "If Vicky doesn't call us back, hopefully Anna and Mandy can come up with something useful to find him."

The three girls turned a corner and found a large crowd gathered down the hallway.

"Look, even if we find Rob, what are we going to do then?" Pamela asked.

"Same thing we did when we found Andrew," Kerry said. "Once we caught up with him we put him out of busine-"

Kerry was cut off in mid-sentence when none other than Andrew Travis came running from the crowd, with his video camera in hand. People began screaming as Andrew darted from the building.

"Oh my God, what happened?" Kerry asked.

Kerry squeezed her way through the crowd to see what all the excitement was about, and Laura and Pamela followed.

In the center of the large gathering was an embarrassed girl with her dress pulled down to her waist. She struggled to pull the straps of her dress back over her shoulders and cover her exposed breasts. Onlookers laughed and snapped pictures of her with their cell phone cameras. The girl adjusted her dress and hurried away from the crowd. Kerry followed her.

"Miss? Miss?" Kerry called out.

"Don't talk to me!" the girl muttered.

"Miss, please, I've been trying to track the guys that have been doing this all morning. I need your help!"

The girl stopped and faced Kerry.

"What do you want to know?" the girl asked.

"What is your name?"

The girl rubbed her eye with the back of her hand.

"Melissa," the girl said.

Kerry looked back at Laura and Pamela.

"Melissa," Kerry said to them. "You think they're on M already?"

Kerry looked back at Melissa.

"What is your last name, Melissa?" Kerry asked.

"Iverson. Why?"

"That's probably it," Kerry said to Laura and Pamela. "They're probably on J now."

Joe could feel his phone vibrating in his pants pocket, but he couldn't seem to divert his attention from Anna. The two had been talking for almost a half hour, and Mandy was becoming annoyed.

"Anna, are you finished?" Mandy asked.

Anna shot a hostile glance back at Mandy.

"I think your friend wants to get going," Joe said.

"Well hey, look, can you give me your number; we should stay in touch," Anna said.

"Definitely," Joe said, taking out his phone. He saw numerous voicemails and text messages that had been left for him in the past half hour. Joe made a new entry in his phone for Anna and the two told each other their numbers.

"I'll let you know if I find anything that could help you find the guys who are doing this," Joe said.

"Thank you Joe, thank you so much," Anna said. "It was really nice to meet you."

"My pleasure," Joe said.

Anna rose from her seat and walked over towards Mandy.

"I'm ready to go," Anna said facetiously.

"Good, can I use your phone for a sec?" Mandy asked. "I want to tell Kerry something but my battery is almost dead."

"Sure," Anna said, handing Mandy her phone.

Mandy made a quick call as she walked out of the kitchen. Anna turned back to Joe, and shot a sweet smile.

"Bye, Joe," Anna said.

Joe waved good bye as Anna followed Mandy out of the frat house. As they shut the door behind them, Mandy turned to Anna.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Mandy asked.

"What are you talking about?" Anna asked.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about," Mandy said.

"What, Joe?" Anna asked. "He's cute! Do you have a problem with that?"

"I have a problem with the fact that you spent the entire time flirting with him and we didn't find out shit!"

"He doesn't know anything!" Anna said.

"We'll see about that," Mandy said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Anna asked.

"You'll see," Mandy said.

The two girls walked away from the frat house arguing as Joe watched them from the window. As they continued down the street, Joe made a call on his phone.

"Yeah?" Rob said.

"I is done," Joe said. "Where are you now?"

"At the pool," Rob said. "We're waiting on your word."

"Do it," Joe said.

Janine Grant strutted out of the women's locker room, her body clad in a sexy blue swimsuit. Although it was a one-piece, the triangle tops and bare stomach of the suit left little of Janine's shapely body to the imagination.

"There she is," Ken said. Ken removed his shirt, and was now dressed only in his swim trunks as he sat on the bleachers next to the swimming pool. Rob was fully dressed, as he stealthily adjusted the camera settings without making it obvious he brought a video camera into the pool area.

Janine climbed the ladder up to the highest diving board and walked gracefully to the edge. Rob focused the lens on her sexy body as she bounced three times and then plummeted into the water below.

"Go stand by the ladder," Rob said, keeping his camera trained on Janine as she swam majestically across the water. "When she climbs out, do it."

"Are you sure you got a good vantage point from here?" Ken asked.

"Just do it," Rob said.

Ken rose from his seat, and walked barefoot across the poolside towards the ladder. He had to pace himself carefully. He didn't want to seem as though he was waiting for her. As it happened, Ken passed the ladder before Janine reached it, so Ken continued towards the diving board. Standing at the base of the ladder, Ken stared straight upwards as he watched Janine begin to climb out of the pool. It was time.

Ken acted as through he had changed his mind about climbing the ladder up to the diving board, and turned to walk back towards the bleachers. Janine stepped onto the poolside, water dripping from her swimsuit clad body, and began to walk towards the diving board for a second dip. Ken avoided making eye contact with her as the two of them approached each other.

She could see him clearly; she must have known what he was about to do. Janine's instincts must not have been as sharp as Ken had feared; since she continued walking towards him and was now close enough for him to make his move. As he passed her by, Ken turned towards her.

"Janine?" Ken said.

Janine stopped.

She turned her back to face Ken, as well as Rob's camera.

Ken already had his hands on Janine's shoulder straps, and before Janine could react, Ken pulled them loose, causing both of Janine's breasts to pop out of her suit into view. Ken yanked the entire upper portion of Janine's bathing suit down to her waist.

"What the hell?" Janine shouted, as Ken tried to pull Janine's suit even lower, hoping he might be able to completely expose her. He had her suit down to the middle of her hips when she kicked him hard in his side, causing him to fall backwards into the pool. Ken held onto Janine's swimsuit as he fell, causing it to fall well below her legs.

"Let go, you jerk!" Janine shouted. She was now completely naked, though she hadn't noticed Rob with his camera, getting everything.

Bystanders screamed and pointed as Janine pried her swimsuit loose from Ken's grip. Ken pulled away and swam across the pool away from Janine.

As Janine pulled her swimsuit back onto her body, Rob cautiously made his way towards the exit. It seemed as though no one noticed him; everyone in the pool area appeared to be watching Janine desperately trying to conceal her nakedness.

As Ken reached the other end of the pool, he quickly climbed out and ran towards the back exit, leaving wet footprints behind him.

Rob held his camera to his side and made his way towards the front exit, hoping no one would notice him. He seemed to be in luck; everyone in the pool room was watching Janine struggle to put her bathing suit back on.

Rob walked towards the doorway, only to find Vicky in his path, about to enter the pool room.

"Oh shit!" Rob said. Vicky was bound to see him, there was nothing he could do at this point. Thinking quickly, Rob dropped his video camera into a nearby garbage can just as Vicky walked through the doorway.

"Rob!" Vicky said. She was now dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, with a beach bag slung over her shoulder.

"Hey Vic," Rob said, turning towards Vicky, trying to remain calm. Vicky noticed the commotion in the pool area.

"What's going on?" Vicky asked.

Rob tried to answer his girlfriend but was momentarily at a loss for words. He was spared having to answer Vicky's question as soon as Janine walked towards them, now with a towel wrapped around herself.

"Janine, what happened in there?" Vicky asked.

Janine glared at Vicky.

"One of those assholes from Alpha Shit Zeta just humiliated me, that's what?" Janine said.

Vicky turned to Rob.

"Rob, did you have anything to do with this?" Vicky asked.

"Hell no!" Rob said.

"You're in that stupid frat!" Janine said. "You must have known what they were gonna do to me!"

"No I didn't," Rob said. "I came here hoping to see Vicky, I had no idea that guy was here for you!"

"You must know who he is!" Janine said.

"I think his name's Ken," Rob said, pretending to jog his memory.

Janine glared at Rob suspiciously.

"Bullshit, you were probably here helping him," Janine said.

"If Rob says he wasn't, I believe him, Janine," Vicky said. "Rob, I need to talk to you."

"Right now?" Rob asked.

"Yes, back at my dorm, come on," Vicky said.

Janine walked back into the women's locker room as Rob reluctantly walked away with Vicky. Rob shot a quick glance back at the trash can behind him, where his video camera hummed quietly.

"I get it. You're jealous," Anna said.

"Excuse me?" Mandy replied.

"You're jealous. You can't stand the fact that I just hooked up with a totally hot guy."

Anna and Mandy made their way back to the Student Center as Mandy listened carefully into Anna's phone.

"Anna, are you forgetting something? We're trying to stop these guys from sharking any more girls and you're flirting with one of them!" Mandy said.

"Joe is not like those other guys, Mandy!" Anna said. "He told us everything he knew!"

"Yeah, well we'll see about that," Mandy said. Mandy pressed her hand over her other ear as she listened intently to the voice on Anna's phone.

"Why do you keep saying that?" Anna asked. "And are you talking to Kerry or what? You haven't said a word to her."

"I'm not talking to Kerry," Mandy said. "I called my phone with yours and hid mine in the frat house. I'm trying to see if I can pick up any conversation tidbits."

"Are you serious?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, and right after we left, Joe made a call to somebody. I couldn't pick up what he said but I'm still listening," Mandy said.

Anna looked at Mandy, a bit impressed.

"That's actually a pretty good idea," Anna said, her tone suddenly lighter. "But I don't think Joe has anything to do with what's going on."

"Like I said, we'll see," Mandy replied.

Mandy heard Joe mumble something in the background. She kept Anna's phone muted so no one in the house would hear anything on their end. All she could do now was wait.

The back door of the Alpha Tau Zeta house opened, and Ken ran in, still dripping with water. He hurried through the kitchen towards the stairs.

"What the hell happened to you?" Joe asked.

Ken turned towards Joe, who sat at the kitchen table. Joe set his phone aside and was looking up at Ken in bewilderment.

"Had a little complication at the pool," Ken said.

Joe looked at Ken quizzically.

"Where's Rob?" Joe asked.

"Like I said, we had a little complication," Ken said.

Joe sighed.

"What'd you guys fuck up now?" Joe asked.

Ken stammered.

"Rob's girlfriend showed up at the pool right after we sharked Janine," Ken said. "Rob didn't want her to know what we've been doing, so he's with her now and I can't reach him on his phone."

"I'll have to call you back," Joe said into his phone, and slammed it shut. Joe stared back at Ken.

"She's going to keep him tied up all afternoon, isn't she?" Joe asked.

Ken nodded.

"Vicky can be like that," Ken said.

"Fuck," Joe said. "I need you guys to do the next girl. We're on a time constraint here."

Ken grabbed a hand towel hanging on a nearby hook and wiped the water from his brow.

"Can't you get Andrew and his guys to do the next couple girls?"

"No," Joe said. "The next girl on my list knows what Andrew looks like. She had a run-in with him this morning actually. If we're gonna take her by surprise I need you and Rob to be the ones to shark her."

Ken paused.

"I could handle her by myself," Ken said.

Joe looked Ken in the eye.

"By yourself? How are you going to tape it?" Joe asked.

"Relax, I got it covered," Ken said. He walked towards the kitchen door towards the stairway, not noticing Mandy's phone just out of sight behind the microwave.

"They got Janine?" Laura asked in surprise.

"Yeah, about twenty minutes ago," Sheryl said. Sheryl lived in the dorm between Janine and Laura's for the past semester, and the two had become good friends.

"Did you see who did it?" Kerry asked. Kerry grabbed a tray from the stack and Laura, Pamela and Sheryl did likewise as they continued down the lunch line.

"I don't know him but he's one of those jackasses from Alpha Tau Zeta," Sheryl said. "He just came up behind Janine and yanked her bathing suit off in front of everyone. She was humiliated."

"Which means we're on letter K now," Pamela said.

"Huh?" Sheryl asked. "What does that mean?"

"They're sharking girls in alphabetical order," Kerry said. "Every girl who's been sharked today had her first or last name start with each letter of the alphabet in sequence."

Kerry looked over her shoulder at the students entering the cafeteria.

"Oh my God, this must be really stressful for you right now, Kerry," Sheryl said.

"No shit. So keep an eye out for anyone with a video camera," Kerry said, scooping a spoonful of fruit into bowl and placing it on her tray.

Sheryl and Laura scanned the entire cafeteria, watching for anyone with a camera. So far it appeared everyone in the cafeteria was minding their own business.

"Okay, coast is clear, your turn," Laura said.

Kerry and Pamela turned their backs to the cafeteria line to stand guard as Laura and Sheryl loaded their trays up with food. Once all four girls had their trays full, they searched for an empty table.

"Where do you want to sit?" Pamela asked.

"Farthest from the door," Kerry said, without hesitation.

"There's a table there," Laura said. Laura nodded towards an empty table located on the opposite side of the cafeteria, and the girls made their way towards it.

"Kerry, walk in front of me," Pamela said.

"Thanks," Kerry said. The four girls cautiously carried their trays as they walked single file between the tables towards the empty table in the back. Sheryl did not recognize Ken sitting among the tables they passed, as he kept his back to the girls until they began to pass him by. In one single motion, Ken spun around in his seat, grabbed hold of Laura's jeans, and unbuttoned and unzipped them before Laura had a chance to react. She could feel someone's hands manipulating her garments, but with her hands full with her lunch tray there was nothing she could do about it.

Ken swiftly pulled Laura's jeans down to the floor just as Kerry and Sheryl turned around to see what was happening.

"That's him! That's the guy from the pool!" Sheryl shouted. Laura tried to pull away from Ken, but Pamela was behind her and her jeans around her ankles prevented her from moving very fast.

The students seated at the tables on either side of her all turned to look, and gasped as they saw Laura standing in the middle of the cafeteria with her pants around her ankles. Laura's cheeks flushed bright red as she realized how exposed she was. Ken apparently did not feel Laura was exposed enough, for once he had her jeans off Ken proceeded to grab hold of Laura's panties, and he pulled them completely down as well.

Laura screamed as the other students all turned to stare at her bare ass and exposed pussy. Ken smirked as he gave Laura a quick slap on her butt.

"Later, babe," Ken said, as he skirted past Kerry and Sheryl and darted out of the cafeteria.

Laura looked to her right and left, but saw no where she could set down her tray. Pamela turned around and quickly found an empty spot at a table set down her tray. Pamela hurried back to Laura and pulled her panties back up as best she could. Laura's face flushed with embarrassment as Pamela pulled up her jeans. The four girls walked towards the empty table and Laura finally set down her tray so she could zip and button up her pants.

Kerry searched the entire cafeteria but could not find any sign of anyone with a video camera.

"Where's their cameraman?' Kerry asked. "They have to videotape it, or it doesn't count, where is he?"

Sheryl looked around the cafeteria and spotted no one.

"There's too many people in here, their cameraman could be anywhere," Kerry said.

"We have to find him, we can't let him upload that video!" Pamela said.

"Let's just sit down, okay!" Laura said. Laura kept her head down, trying not to acknowledge that everyone in the cafeteria was now staring at her.

"Fine, let's sit down," Kerry said. "We'll try to figure out what to do from here."

As the girls took their seats, Kerry's phone began to ring. She checked the call ID but did not recognize the number.

"Hello?" Kerry said.

"Kerry, its Mandy. I did what you said and it worked. I overheard someone in the house say they just sharked a girl named Kristin over on east campus. I think you're in the clear for now."

"Well that's good news Mandy, but they just got Laura," Kerry said.

"Laura? When?" Mandy asked.

"Just now. We're in the Student Center cafeteria." Kerry said.

"Oh my God, I'll be right over," Mandy said.

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