Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Science Fiction, Pregnancy,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Investigating a private sanitarium, reporter Dan Banner discovers the facility is staffed with an awesome array of lusty and busty women; however, getting out of the sanitarium isn't as easy for Dan as getting in... (based on "The Clinic", by Homer Vargas)

The first time Dan Banner heard about the Hillhaven Sanitarium was on a Monday in April--from his editor at the city desk of the Beavertown Bugle. Mort Butterman-- the editor--was not a man given to wild speculation, but recently he'd been hearing rumors about something funny going on at the private mental health facility, just a few miles out in the country. Young men were going in for "stress therapy" (whatever that was), but few--if any-- ever came back out.

"Yeah, I've heard about that place," Dan said; "I've seen their ads on TV."

"I'm not surprised; I did a little digging, and all their ads appear during football games, swimsuit specials--that kind of thing. The 18-30, male demographic."

Dan smiled, weakly. He was 30 years old, and certainly male.

"Well, I do like those nurses they've got," Dan said, recollecting one of the candy-stripers from the TV spot. Between her super-pneumatic breasts and white platform sandals, she looked like something right out of an adult movie.

"I'm sure you do," Butterman said; "that's why I'm sending you to check the place out."

"This could be rough; interviewing beautiful nurses..."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

Pausing at the paper's reference desk, a few minutes later, Dan wasn't terribly surprised that they didn't have much on the Hillhaven Sanitarium. The current owner was a 46-year old woman named Claire Pratt, who was also a certified Marriage and Family Counselor, but there wasn't much more on file about her; the only story on file about her concerned her purchase of the sanitarium two months earlier.

So Dan called out to the sanitarium and reached a cheerful girl named Suzie--the receptionist. She regretted that Ms. Pratt was not available, but suggested that the head nurse could give him a tour of the facility herself. Thus, with visions of candy-stripers dancing in his head, Dan drove out to the sanitarium and was not at all disappointed.

For a start, Suzie was a hot looker--a blond with short hair and huge boobs, rather tightly stuffed into her pink tube dress. For a moment, Dan was disappointed that she couldn't serve as his tour guide, but then an even hotter girl showed up--the head nurse.

Like Suzie, this girl looked like she might have stepped right out of a porno feature; wide in the hips and bosom, she had legs that seemed to go on forever, thanks to her super-short uniform, and the shiny white platform sandals on her feet. With a heart-shaped face, big blue eyes and long blonde hair, she was almost disturbingly beautiful.

"Hello, Mr. Banner," she said cheerfully, extending a hand; "I'm Jennifer, the head nurse."

Yeah, I'll bet you are, Dan thought, staring at her full red lips as he shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you," he said; "I was hoping for a tour of your facility..."

"Well, I'd be glad to show you around," Jennifer said, turning as if to lead him into the sanitarium. Before she got going, however, she "accidentally" dropped her clipboard, and Dan was stunned when she bent over right in front of him to pick it up; despite himself, Dan found himself looking right at her sexy black panties--and getting a serious boner.

"Oops," Jennifer said. "Clumsy me."

In fact, Jennifer appeared to very clumsy. She did lead Dan into the sanitarium, but she soon dropped her key ring (obliging her to bend over again), and then--when Dan paused to look in one the patient's rooms--she spun around and 'accidentally' pressed her boobs up against his chest.

It was nearly enough to take his mind right off the four figures in the room--three comatose men about his age, and another sexy nurse taking notes on a clipboard.

"Hello, Sally," Jennifer said to the pretty redhead.

"Jennifer," the redhead replied, with a cheerful smile.

Jennifer then guided Dan away from the door--presumably to keep from disturbing the occupants--but Dan couldn't help but wonder why three seemingly healthy young men would all be unconscious like that in the middle of the day--even if this was a sanitarium.

"Were those all patients?" Dan asked.

Jennifer nodded.

"They looked pretty out of it; were they drugged... ?"

"No, they're just resting. They've had a lot of ... uh ... physical therapy."

Dan could only imagine what that "therapy" might be, but he kept his speculation to himself as Jennifer continued to show him around. It appeared that the sanitarium was basically a large square shape with two main corridors leading back to a sun deck and veranda. Most of the interior doors were closed, but Dan did catch sight of IV stands, an electroencephalograph and other legitimate medical equipment, so--staffed as the place was with incredibly hot-looking woman--it did appear to be a real sanitarium.

"I don't see any doctors," Dan noted, walking past the windows looking out on the sun deck.

"Miss Pratt is a qualified MFC," Jennifer replied; "she supervises all our therapy."

Dan frowned, darkly. There was definitely something odd about this place, but what was there to hang a story on? Beyond the obvious titillation factor, of course.

Then, suddenly, Dan's eye lighted on a strange black door. Unlike the other doors--which all were numbered-- this had no number, but did have a very nice shiny finish.

"What's in there?" Dan asked, stopping before the door.

"Oh, I can't tell you that."

"I can assure you confidentiality."

Jennifer just giggled, prancing up the corridor to another door and opening that instead. As she made a point of bending over when she did so--flipping up the back of her uniform and flashing her panties--Dan found himself once again fighting down a raging hard-on.

"Come here," Jennifer said, gesturing for him to follow, "and I'll show you something."

Dan sighed, moving to follow.

"What's in here... ?"

He found out a moment later; there was a single hospital bed in the room--unoccupied at the moment--and Jennifer, unbuttoning her uniform to flop out her gorgeous tits.

"Holy shit... !" Dan said.

"Do you like my boobies?" Jennifer asked, hefting the awesome orbs.

"Look," Dan said, awkwardly shifting his legs around his boner, "I don't want to make any trouble--I'm just trying to do my job here. Is there any chance I could maybe speak with one of your patients... ? Maybe one that's awake... ?"

"No, they all have to rest," Jennifer said; "but I'll tell you what we can do."

"What's that?"

Jennifer leaned in close to Dan to whisper in his ear.

"We can fuck, if you want to."

Although Dan knew better--and he was a little suspicious- -he wasn't about to pass up a hot piece of tail like Jennifer. Thus, he followed her to the bed (closing the door behind them) and-- after Jennifer slipped off her dress--he happily sucked on her 38 triple D-cup breasts. Then Dan ate out her creamy wet (and nicely shaven) pussy before letting her return the favor on his dick.

"Shouldn't you be doing your rounds or something?" he asked, as Jennifer slurped on his seven-incher.

"Oh, don't worry about that," Jennifer replied, crawling up on the bed until she was kneeling over Dan's cock, then sinking her slippery hole down onto his shaft. Dan gasped, feeling her tightness, then held her hips to guide her downward--until he was buried up to his nuts inside her. Adjusting to his penetration, Jennifer grimaced slightly, shifting her hips, then happily started grinding away on top of him.

"Oh, that's a yummy cock," Jennifer purred, several minutes later; "you want to cum for me? You want to squirt your sperm in my tummy... ?"

Although he tried to hold off, Dan realized it was a losing fight; between her bouncing breasts, her pretty face, and her clutching cunt, Jennifer soon had him up against the edge of his climax. And fighting it just made it bigger when it did come--a pulsing surge of sperm that splashed against her womb, followed by another, and another, and another.

"You greet all your visitors this way?" Dan asked.

"Only if they're handsome," Jennifer purred, leaning forward to kiss Dan, and let his cock slip out of her cunt, "and hung like a horse. Now hurry up and get hard again, so we can fuck some more."

By the time Dan was done with Jennifer--having fired his fifth and sixth cum-loads of the day in her pussy--it was getting toward dusk, and he stumbled toward his car with a vague sense of disappointment; despite a lot of good sex, he still didn't know much about the sanitarium. So he went back the next day-- determined to ask Jennifer some serious questions--and wasn't there five minutes before he was banging her in the front-office restroom.

In fact, the sex went on for a week before Dan--half- unconscious in his utterly-unkempt apartment--took a grumpy call from his editor on Friday morning. Dan hadn't filed his story yet--and hadn't even checked in at the paper for a week. "I don't want to threaten you, Dan," Mort Butterman said, "but if I don't have your story on my desk by Monday, you're fired."

For a long moment, Dan pondered whether he would rather have his job or Jennifer's pussy. It was a near thing, but--once he was dressed, and had a few cups of coffee-- he had his self-respect back.

In fact, he hadn't been entirely lazy between his fuck sessions with Jennifer; from Jennifer's desk, he'd managed to lift the cell phone number of the elusive Ms. Pratt, and he finally called it directly from his car, parked on the roadside near the sanitarium.

"Ms. Pratt," Dan said, "I don't know if you know me, but my name is Dan Banner, and I'm a reporter from the Beavertown Bugle. I've been trying to reach you, but your receptionist tells me you're always out..."

"Actually," Claire Pratt replied, "I do know who you are. My head nurse has told me all about you."

Dan lifted an eyebrow, not sure what to make of that.

"Is there any chance I could speak with you in person?" Dan asked.

"Well, I'm here now," Claire said. "Why don't you come in?"

"How do you know I'm nearby?"

"Well, Mr. Banner, I can see your car outside my window."

"Oh, right."

A few minutes later, Dan walked through the front doors of the Hillhaven Sanitarium and into the reception area, where--once again--he met Suzie. As cheerful as ever, she politely ushered him right in to see Miss Pratt in her office.

From the very first sight of Claire Pratt, Dan knew he was in trouble. Although he didn't like to share the fact--for fear of seeming a bit odd--he had a thing for shapely older women, and Miss Claire Pratt scored on both counts. Miss Pratt might be called plump, but the extra pounds were in all the right places. She had magnificent tits--huge and full--that seemed to strain the half bra clearly visible through her low-cut smock, and her fabulous hips were also plain to see when she stood up to greet him.

In fact, Dan had to steel himself from looking down at Claire's bare legs--or her slightly-pudgy feet, propped up in strappy black sandals with 4-inch heels--when he shook her hand. But it was nearly as distracting to look into her deep brown eyes; indeed-- between her pretty round face, full red lips and tousled mane of shoulder- length brown hair--she could have been a model.

"I'm so pleased to meet you," Claire said; "won't you sit down?"

Only if you'll sit on top of me, Dan thought--although he kept the thought to himself. Taking the offered seat on the couch opposite the desk, he watched as Claire returned to her own seat-- watching that fabulous ass, and those powerful thighs--and he could only imagine the kind of vulva hiding just a few inches above the hem of her smock. In fact, it worried him what she might have planned for him; if she did put the make on him, how could he possibly resist?

Unfortunately for Dan's composure, there was no front to the desk, so he was stunned to find himself staring right at Claire's naked slit a moment later. She was shaved just like Jennifer, but her pussy was in a class by itself, with the most perfect labia Dan had ever seen-- fleshy-pink and curled like the petals of a flower, beneath a clitoris the size of his thumb.

"Miss Pratt," Dan said, training his gaze on the relatively less provocative region between Claire's boobs and groin, "I want to be frank with you. My paper has received information suggesting a pattern of suspicious behavior--if not outright abuse--toward patients here. There don't appear to be any doctors, and all the patients I've seen look like they're in a stupor; I can only assume they're drugged."

"Now, now, Mr. Banner, why don't you just call me Claire? As for what you've seen, I can only say that I'm a professional, and I know what I'm doing."

"So what are you doing?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that. In fact, you'd have been better off if you'd just let Jennifer fuck you, and kept your nose out of our business."

"What--?" I said; "you know about Jennifer and me... ?"

"Well, I know you've been boffing her at least two or three times a day. But then again, I'm the one who had her seduce you in the first place. I was hoping she'd keep you busy, so you wouldn't have time to look around much." Dan had to admit, if that was the plan, it was pretty good; the only reason he was there with Claire Pratt-- instead of fucking Jennifer--was because of his editor.

But what did Claire want? And why was she telling him anything, now? Didn't she realize he'd be on the phone to the Board of Health the second he was out of the office?

"Well, I'm on to your little game," Dan replied, pretending he didn't already have an erection. "Either you tell me what you're up to here, or I go to the county."

"I don't think so," Claire replied with a pleasant smile, picking up a remote control and turning on a combination TV and VCR in a corner of the room. A moment later, the TV screen came to life with video from a closed-circuit camera--Dan himself, in a linen closet with Jennifer!

"'Oh, Dan, ' Jennifer purred, lifting her dress, 'you never get tired of these, do you?'"

Dan wasn't quite sure of the date--it didn't say on the screen, and it could've have been any one of five or six times he fucked her in that particular closet. Certainly, though, it would be embarrassing to have that video land at one of the local TV stations. From the video, it was clear that Dan was fully possessed of his faculties, even as he had his way with Jennifer.

"'Ohhh, ' Jennifer moaned, feeling Dan suck her nipples, 'I like that; I like it when my boobies turn a man on... '"

"Okay, that's enough," Dan said to Claire; "you can shut off the video." Claire just sighed in response, evidently taking a personal interest in the tape. Fast-forwarding a bit, she came to the part where Dan started pumping Jennifer, and Dan was startled to see her tuck her free hand down between her thighs to rub her clitoris. Even from well across the room, Dan could tell she was wet--and he was hard as a rock knowing it!

"Sorry," Claire said, finally shutting off the VCR, "I love that part."

"My God," Dan said; "you have a camera in the linen closet?"

"And other places too," Claire replied, stuffing her fingers up her inside her pussy and making slippery- squeaking noises as she fucked herself; "I'm sure you and Jennifer would recognize them."

A moment later, Claire pulled her fingers back out of her hole, and sensuously licked the juices off her digits. On the couch, for all his shifting, Dan realized he was seriously close to cumming in his trousers.

"So you knew about my investigation," Dan said--trying to think about grisly car crashes, fires, anything to take the edge off his erection--"you must have, or you wouldn't have bothered sicking Jennifer on me. But why? Why are you people trying to seduce me?"

"Oh, Dan," Claire sighed, "You have so little idea what's been happening to you. Tell me, do you know how many times a day Jenny brings you to an orgasm?"


"Just guess."

"I don't know--two or three times, I guess."

"You DON'T know, do you Dan? The answer is six--pumped out like clockwork. You'd think you'd remember that; sex with Jenny ought to be pretty memorable, right?"

"I don't know," Dan admitted; "I know I've had sex with her, but not that often..."

"Well, let's see if you remember this," Claire said, fast-forwarding the tape in the VCR to another point and starting it again.

This time, the tape picked up the action with Dan and Jennifer on the back veranda; Jennifer had a bottle of some kind of liquor and a couple of glasses.

"I remember this," Dan said; "we were having lunch."

"Not quite," Claire replied. "Where's the food?"

"Well, you know--making food takes time away from sex."

Claire smiled, letting Dan listen to the dialogue on the tape.

"'Drink some of this, Danny, ' Jennifer giggled. 'I want to get you loaded.'"

"'Why, Honey? You don't need booze to get me to fuck you.'"

"'It's not for that," she giggled; 'I know you like to fuck me, but getting you a little drunk first makes us even. You're so smart, and I'm just a dumb little nurse-- you might take advantage of me!"

It was hard for Dan to imagine how he could take any greater advantage of her than he was, but all the same, he had drunk the liquor. It was some kind of peppermint spirit--he remembered that, too--very thick and rich.

"That liquor was actually laced with Loquacin," Claire said, shutting off the tape again; "a drug with several interesting effects. For one thing, it makes a man rather forgetful--that's why you could hardly remember past your next orgasm after you drank it. But it also makes a man very potent, and very talkative; you probably don't recall, but you spent many a sleepy afternoon here, prattling on about your editor, and what he was afraid might be going on here."

Dan was shocked at Jennifer's complicity in this strange scheme of Claire's--not just going along, but actively drugging him. But then again, he really didn't know much about the sanitarium, so his talking in his sleep couldn't have revealed very much...

"Look, Claire, I don't know who you think you're dealing with, but I don't see what's going to keep me from walking right out that door and writing down everything I know about this place--your blackmail video be damned."

"But you don't know much."

"I can fill in the blanks--enough to get this place shut down, anyway."

"I was afraid you'd feel that way, Mr. Banner. That's why I'll have to keep you here until your memory fades."

"This is ridiculous," Dan said; "unless you've got armed security guards hidden behind the bushes, I don't see how you're keeping me from leaving."

"Oh, I don't need guards," Claire laughed. "You've been my prisoner since you walked in the door and found you couldn't keep your eyes off my body. Of course, it shouldn't take long to complete your treatment ... a few weeks should be enough."

"You're insane!" Dan replied.

"Oh, you're excited, Mr. Banner--I like that! But I know how to calm down a man like you..."

"I've had enough of this," Dan said, finally moving to push himself off the couch. He wasn't quite up to his feet, however, when Claire started to loosen the buttons of her smock. He could see her sexy black bra clearly now--straining to hold her gorgeous boobies--and Dan almost felt his heart flip over in his chest when she unsnapped the garment. Her breasts sprang free-- beautiful orbs with lovely pink nipples--and Dan reeled backward onto the couch.

"I know what you want better than you do, Mr. Banner. You want sex like all the other men who've come here. I've had stronger men than you come in here--the health commissioner, the sheriff, our congressman--and they've all ended up the same; they came in here looking to talk business, but I gave them an eyeful of titties, and a peek between my legs, and they forgot about everything but letting me fuck them."

"You fucked the health commissioner?" Dan said, actually feeling his cock start to drool in his pants.

"Lust makes men stupid, but I can hardly blame them. I get men so horny they can't even think until they pop their nuts in my pussy. Of course, I can't provide that service for every client, but there's enough hot nurses here at the sanitarium to pick up the slack. We keep our patients doped-up and well-screwed day and night, and pretty soon they don't have a care in the world.

"But I think we've talked enough," Claire said, rising to stand; "come with me to my back office."

Stupidly, Dan rolled off the couch and stumbled onto his knees. Somehow, he pushed himself up onto his feet, then followed Claire as she led him into a comfortable bedroom all done up in shades of blue. He heard her sandal heels click across the floor even as she dropped off her smock and brassiere, then wheeled about before him naked.

"This has been a tense confrontation," she said, taking his hand, "and you've lost. Now I'll make it up to you. We'll get in this big, soft bed, and I'll drain you of all your tension."

"That's not all you're going to drain me of," Dan said, stroking his cock through his trousers.

"You're so cute," Claire said, hooked her arm around Dan and leading him right to the foot of her bed. Instinctively, his hand found the rolling exuberance of her firm round ass, and she murmured as she took him into her arms. Up close now, her breasts were enormous, and Dan actually felt a little dizzy having them pressed against his chest.

"I do want to fuck you, Dan," she said, "but first let's make out a little; I want to be as hot as you are when you screw me."

"I think I'm a little overdressed for foreplay," Dan replied. Claire just giggled, however--first loosening his shirt and tie, then unfastening his pants; they fell in a heap on the floor, revealing a cock already hard and hungry for sex. Claire whistled appreciatively.

"Very nice, Mr. Banner! Am I glad you brought a tool like that to probe us! Jenny was lucky to have that monster rammed in her cunt every day, but I know where that cock will feel good now. This is going to be fun!"

By now, Claire had her hand on Dan's cock, and his stiffness was all too evident.

"You're so hard, Mr. Banner--I think your cock wants my pussy. Let's go ahead and fuck."

Dan was startled he didn't come just from staring at Claire's lovely body, and feeling her hand on his cock, but somehow he held his fire as she pulled him down to the bed beside her. She was stronger than she looked, and he could feel her power as she pulled him close to cuddle; they were completely naked now--except for Claire's sandals--and Dan could feel her wetness on his balls even as Claire pulled him close to her.

"That's it," Claire said, letting Dan take one delicious nipple into his mouth; "you keep yourself entertained with the twins-- suck them, and make me wet inside!"

Deliriously, Dan sought to oblige her, switching from one nipple to the other even as his cock continued to throb with arousal, pressed against her slightly-pudgy stomach.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Banner," Claire growled, "you're sucking my boobies so good! Use your tongue, right, just like that..."

The foreplay continued for several long, fevered moments, but Dan could sense her hunger growing by the second. Finally she pushed him back, then rolled over on top of him.

"Enough of that," Claire said; "now I need you inside me..."

Dan was almost scared by her intensity, and laid there awestruck even as Claire tucked his oozing cock-head into the folds of her labia. He could feel her warmth already, but suddenly she was sinking down, and he was pushing inside her...

"Oh, fuck... !" Claire growled, sinking her juicy cunt slowly down around his cock; "fuck, that's good... !"

Dan had to agree; despite her age, Claire was soft and tight inside, and his cock had never had such a wet and gooey nest as it did when he finally sunk in up to his balls inside her. Her great wide ass was resting on his thighs now, and her breasts rose and sank hypnotically before him, even as Claire adjusted to his penetration.

"You're so tight..." Dan gasped.

"No," Claire replied, starting to grind her hips against his, "it's just you're so big; if I'm not careful, you'll--(unph!)-split me right in half!"

Idly, Dan felt Claire's high heels digging into the sides of his legs, but he was hardly about to protest; deep inside her, he could feel his cock-head kissing the mouth of her womb, and her pussy began to squeeze and suck his shaft, even as she drove herself toward a climax.

By now, Dan was in heaven--Claire's very tightness kept him on the edge of his own orgasm--and he simply laid back to let her work her magic on his penis. Soon, Claire came--shuddering with pleasure, and thrusting down hard to spear herself on Dan's cock--and Dan dared to pull her closer. She didn't resist--indeed, she seemed to relish having Dan's lips once again on her nipples--but Dan knew he couldn't hold back his own climax for long.

"Claire," he said--summoning the last trickle of his willpower-- "what do you want from me?"

"Well, I want your sperm, silly," Claire said; "I want your sperm spackled all over my insides, and coating all the eggs in my tummy."

A moment later, Dan finally exploded; making sure to keep her left tit in his mouth--the last one he'd been sucking--he grasped her hips, and punched his cock upward with all the strength he had left in his body. Claire gasped--both from the thrust, and from the sucking--and as if by magic, her pussy was suddenly sucking his penis, milking one surging blast of cum after another out of his cock.

He couldn't believe such a strong woman wouldn't have birth control, yet he wondered--even as his seed poured into her belly--if his sperm might not actually find an egg unprotected in the depths of her abdomen. To fill this hard bitch with his baby--to make her aging tummy swell with his child--was his private, fervent wish.

But that wish--along with the rest of his consciousness-- faded a moment later. Still hard inside Claire, but released from the grip of her cunt, he slumped, and soon fell asleep on top of her...

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