Ferrari's and Ex's
Chapter 1: Kathy

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Group Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Kathy - Tony runs into an old girl friend at the airport. Dealing with someone from the old home town and trying to explain to her about how Nancy is really okay about the Cat just dropping in and fucking his brains out... well ... Things have changed a bit since high school, haven't they? Another wry look at life in the front lines of the Sexual Revolution! The seventh Tony and Nancy story.

A Tony and Nancy Story

Life always has coincidences to it. The billion to one shot.

My baggage had not made the last flight from LA last night, so there I was at United's lost baggage store front down by the luggage carousels at ten am and waiting at the counter for them to figure out where my two Anvil road cases had been sent. There were two United people making calls and finally one of them came back with a big smile, so I took a deep breath and thanked the gods for not losing my 'new' Lowell lighting kit that I'd scored a deal on in L.A. and my Hasselblad lens case. I'd reached the point in my life where there was too much gear that wouldn't fit into overhead compartments.

They had not only found my cases, but they would be offloaded at the baggage carousel right outside the glass door in less than five minutes. I thanked them and the gods of baggage and went out to wait.

There was a small crowd of people who were waiting to pick up their suitcases and I ambled around them to the end where they would be coming out. Nothing says 'steal me' like road cases, and I didn't want to take any chances on someone maybe figuring out that there was a lot of money invested inside those silver cases.

There was a cluster of people right by the mouth of the conveyor belt, impatient to grab their gear and go see the sights or hustle to that all important business meeting or to the hotel room the obviously newly wed couple hugging and feeling each other up were looking forward to. The whirring of the machinery starting broke them apart and I was watching them, as was about half the crowd. The word 'steamy' seemed invented for them and even the blue rinsed old lady across the carousel from me seemed to have a faint grin on her face: A little morning slice of life entertainment to keep us amused while waiting for our absent bags to appear so we could get on with our lives.

I noticed that the bride was pretty flushed when she turned around to face the carousel and he suddenly realized that he still had his hand on her ass where it had been digging it's fingers in and everyone was watching. He blushed and then hurriedly stepped around directly behind his bride. The loose, comfortable, khaki pants he'd worn for the flight had a large spot on it very prominently displayed, and yeah, old blue hair is definitely grinning. I smiled and there was my first case coming out, numbero uno in the hit parade. And it slid down to the side rail around the oval shaped machine and five other bags hit it before it was clear of the drop zone. And where was number two? Oh yeah, life was good.

I grabbed the first case and waited for its brother to make its way towards me. In front of me a slender girl was standing and she reached for a bag right in front of my case. It was pretty well wedged in, an armed services duffle bag on top of it, my chunky little case behind and a leather suitcase in front. She had a hold of it, but just didn't have the horsepower to pull it out, not in one shot. Trying to keep along side of it, she stepped back into me, and started to fall over my big, flat light kit. I didn't think about it, I just reached out and grabbed her as she started falling, my right hand grabbing across her shoulder so her neck kind of hit around the crook of my arm, and my other hand got her around the waist. "Whoa," I said.

Instead of a nasty sprawl across my case and onto the floor, I swung her back up onto her feet. She let go of her suitcase and I swung down and grabbed it and my other case and pulled them both out. I dropped my own case onto the floor and turned to hand her the miscreant and said, "Here you are."

And she said, "Tony?"

Kathy was a girl I had gone out with in high school. We'd dated for a while but broke up in our senior year. The last time I saw here was before I split for the west coast and I am not sure when that last time actually was. It took me a second of staring to bring the lovely woman in front of me into focus as 'where do I know you from?' and the penny dropped.

"Kathy! Oh, wow!" I dropped her bag on my cases and gave her a hug. She was still as slender as ever, even more so compared to my memory, but she felt like she'd actually been. She laughed and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Man, it's been years!" I said into her shoulder. I'd picked her up without effort, she was almost the same gazelle I'd known in high school, but her hair and clothing had changed.

I hugged her for another moment, and then put her back on her feet.

She grinned at me, and I grinned back. Someone jostled her and I grabbed my cases and fumbled my way back a bit out of everyone else's way and she grabbed her bag and followed me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Two weeks vacation. My friend Lisa was supposed to come with me but got appendicitis and couldn't make it. Since we'd booked the rooms, she told me to go ahead, because we couldn't get our money back on the deposit."

"That's bullshit. If one of you is sick, just send the hotel a note from the doctor. They'll give you back the deposit money." I had a pad full of 'notes from the doctor' so I knew what I was talking about.

"You think so? But where would I stay?"

"With us, of course."


"Nancy. She's my girlfriend."

"Oh. Well, I don't know. I mean, how would she feel about you showing up from the airport with an old girlfriend?"

"Aw, she'll be fine. Really. You won't be the only one of my ex's she's meet."

"You're really sure?"

"Hell yeah. That your only bag? Then let's split."

Kathy and I talked about people I used to know and I got caught up on an awful lot of hometown gossip. She mentioned a few people I had trouble recalling but a lot of familiar names I hadn't heard in years had me wallowing happily in nostalgia. I caught her up a bit on how my life had been, how my photography had been going, kind of doing a little low key bragging on being published in the Stone, Creem, and having shot a few covers that were on some fairly well known albums. She was happy that I was making it doing what I had always wanted to do, so that was good. She was living with a guy she 'd met and working as a medical records keeper while he was in grad school and the reason she was away without him was because he had a huge grant project deadline coming up and couldn't get away.

The trip back to Marin took longer because we went downtown and out the waterfront way instead of my taking the faster 19th Ave route. I pointed out objects of interest and she had her head craning out the window of the Z most of the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. I asked her if she was hungry while we were cruising and she said they'd feed her 'breakfast' on the airplane, so she could wait a while.

By the time we got back to Fairfax it was pushing one o'clock. I dug the junk out of the car and she grabbed her purse and bag and we trudged up the stairs. Nancy was at work so we tossed the bag into 'the spare bedroom' and I told her I'd clear it out later that afternoon. It wasn't as bad as it could have been as some friends of ours had been visiting us about two weeks or so ago and I'd been on the road for most of the time after that. So she had no real idea of what a god awful mess it usually was. Hey, I'm an artist! Okay? The desk top is my filing cabinet!

I got us a couple of beers and we went outside and sat under the back porch canopy and had barely settled into chairs when the Cat came bopping up the stairs. I hadn't been expecting her as last I heard she was in Majorca or wherever the hell the shoot de jure was. I could see something was bothering her, but to an outsider it would have been impossible to see. I got up and gave her a hug, one of those ones where you just hold on and really gather in a person's vibes. Something was definitely wrong, but I didn't know what.

Kathy had stood up while the Cat was being hugged and waited to be introduced. When the Cat let go of me, I did the intros. "Oh. I'd assumed you were Nancy." The Cat snorted.

"Do I look like a leggy Texas foldout? Don't I wish!" I gave her a swat on the ass.

"Be nice, Cat. Kathy's an old girlfriend from high school."

"No another one!" She groaned. "How many chicks did you go out with in high school?"

"Cat met Connie." I explained to Kathy.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, she's living in the county here. She'd probably be really happy to see you."

"Wow, I haven't seen her in years and years! How's she doing?"

"No too bad," I said. "She married this lawyer type from some big oil company."

"Well, I'd sure like to see her again."

"Cool. We'll give her a call later on and we'll see about getting together."

"So you know Tony from way back, eh?" The Cat asked.

"Yeah. Since the first grade."

"Ohhh! Lots of secrets to tell, eh?" The Cat grinned evilly. "So was he a Big Man on Campus? Or one of those dorks that gets elected president of the audio video club?"

Kathy laughed, and I looked disgusted. "Hey, I resemble that remark!" The Cat laughed and grabbed my ass. "Nosing around in my high school yearbook?"

"Shit, yeah. Nancy and I got into see what kind of guy you were way back when and she dug it out. God, you're strange looking without the beard."

"Thanks, Cat. Nice to have a professional opinion about what shitty photos I take."

"Yeah. How come the photographer didn't tell you your tie was crooked, anyway?"

"Because he didn't give a shit. How the fuck would I know?"

"So what brings you to California?" The Cat asked Kathy.

"Two weeks vacation. My boyfriend is hip deep in a project he has to get done and my girlfriend and I were going to go by ourselves, but she got sick, so I came alone."

"And this wolf just found you how?"

"I was picking up my gear that didn't make the red eye last night from United. She kinda fell into my arms waiting for the baggage carousel." I shrugged. "Small world and all that. Speaking of small world, I thought you were in Europe?"

"Would you believe this? The fucking company I was supposed to shoot for just went bankrupt. Let me grab a beer and I'll tell you the whole sorry assed story."


Kathy and I sat down again and the Cat came out with a brew in her hand and kicked back on the couch next to me. "Here's to being home." She said, and I clinked my long neck to hers and we drank a toast to each other after I said, "Welcome home."

"Get me high." She said after she'd taken a swallow. "Going through customs I didn't want to take a change, so I'm not holding."

"Think the tray's under your end." She reached under the couch and pulled out our old Coca Cola tin rolling tray.

"Now I'm home," She said happily as she started pulling a rolling paper out of the package.

"You said customs?"

"Yeah, they couldn't let me know about this little faux pas before I left New York. I went to check into the hotel, and there wasn't even a god damn note telling me the shoot had been scrubbed. Just the snotty desk clerk saying that the reservations had been cancelled. I felt like a fuckin' idiot." She whipped her tongue across the glue on the paper. "Standing there with about a ton of luggage, two models, five assistants, and a hair dresser and make up artist and not one fuckin' clue as to what the hell was going on. Soon as I got a hold of my agent, he made some calls and got back to me and let me know what the score was. Evidently the clothier didn't go kindly into the night, but the creditors yanked them into bankruptcy involuntarily. So I just booked straight to SF and here I am."

"Where's your gear?"

"New York. I had them airship it. Where's Nancy? I got a serious shopping excursion planned." She fired up the joint and took a quick getting-it-started puff. "Fuckers lost my luggage, just to add insult to injury." She sucked in a deep toke and handed me the joint.

"You want to do some serious shopping, Kathy? Those two know more places to get clothes than anyone else in the whole world." I toked up and passed her the joint.

"Sure. I'm going to have to watch my budget, but I'm always up for shopping."

The joint was passed over to the Cat again, who took and held it until she'd absorbed the first toke. "Don't worry about the budget, I have some strings I can pull in the rag biz."

"Oh, oh," I said. "You have no idea of what you're getting into," I warned Kathy.

Cat gave me an indulgent look. "Hey, I didn't hear you bitching about the last time Nance and I went out looking for glad rags."

"Yeah, but I didn't realize that it meant that I'd have to get dressed up just so I wouldn't embarrass you two."

"I don't think it was too much of a sacrifice to ask." She turned to Kathy. "You ever notice how guys like chicks to look really great, but they don't want to give up wearing jeans and t-shirts? What is it with men, anyway?"

"What it is, is that you tend to take us places where I gotta dress up or your pals will think you picked up some lowlife hustler boy toy for the night unless I am wearing something with some courtier's name on the label." She snickered. "Something that needs dry cleaning!" The Cat laughed, and Kathy was giggling at my sour delivery.

"It's not that bad! I mean, sheesh, dude, you go get to hang out with the Beautiful People, I can't have you not blending in, now can I?"

"Humph." I said. "You say that like it's something good."

"It's not that bad."

"Yeah, I hadn't realized how much I hadn't lived until I saw Studio 54." I said dryly. "Trouble is, no souvenir t-shirt."

"Aw, sweetie, don't be like that. I got your name in the paper, didn't I?" I choked on my beer while she delivered that in a chiding tone of voice.

"Oh, yeah, that's one to write home to mom about, all right." She gave me her smart assed grin. "Someone saw that article, you know, and I'm still getting wise assed remarks over that little escapade." Her grin got bigger.

"Aw, admit it, you loved it."

"So why do I still wake up screaming in the middle of the night?"

"Enthusiasm? How should I know what kind of kinky wet dreams you have?" I shook my head.

"What are you talking about?" Kathy asked.

"Shut up, Cat," I explained.

"Oh, just a little up scale socializing that got a little out of hand one night out on the town." She smiled enigmatically at Kathy. Knowing the Cat, it was only a matter of time before it came out. She had a streak of locker room sex in her, and I knew that was one story that had too much 'braggin' rights' to it not to share. I knew my ears would be burning as soon as those two had a moment alone.

"So other than that, how's life?" I asked as I handed the joint over to Kathy for the last toke. The Cat hadn't stopped with one, but there were five joints lined up on the tray and I had a feeling that they would be all burned before the sun was too much further over the yardarm.

"Not too bad, except of course for the little fuck up in Madrid."

"I thought you were in Majorca?"

"That was two weeks ago, honey."

"Oh. So how long have you got?"

"It was supposed to be a ten day shoot. You guys got any plans for then?"

"I'm off the road for two weeks. Then la-la land again."

"La-la land?" Kathy asked.

"Los Angeles." Cat explained. "Well, since I happen to have the time, and the upfront money, how about we go out and do a little partying? Who's playing tomorrow night? The Dead in town?"

"Uh, yeah, they're at Hank's Place. You got a hankering to get down with some real music instead of that nasty New York City disco shit?"

"Back to my roots, baby. I gotta go out and shake my bootie for a bit."

"Came to the right place. Let me make a couple of calls and clear the junk off the bed in the guest room before I get much more wasted."

"Cool. The hot tub looks just like what the doctor ordered for my weary ass. You don't mind, do you?"
"Cat, what the fuck?" I said reproachfully.

"Oh, well, you know, it's been a long time."

"Three months? Four?"

"Yeah, about that." She got up and said to Kathy, "Help me get the cover off, would you?"

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