Kissing Cousins
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Cousins, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Food, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Steve goes on vacation to visit his family but a tragedy brings him closer to his hot cousin.

I usually go on summer vacation sometime around mid-July. I live in Ohio but I'm very close to my family even though they live about 500 miles away from me in Illinois. Every year since I moved away I've gone to visit them during my vacation. I'm in my mid-40s and single so there's no wife and kids to worry about. I lead a typical bachelor existence and I've had many girlfriends but no one serious enough to consider marriage. While I am monogamous when I'm in a relationship, I make up for it when I'm not. I love sex a lot and sometimes, in the middle of the night, I get so horny that I roll over and fondle the girl I'm with and then wake her up for a fuck.

I stay with Mom when I'm on vacation. She's divorced and hasn't remarried. She doesn't get lonely since most of my family lives in the area. I sleep in the spare bedroom in one of the twin beds that are pushed together. When I went out there a few years ago, I left on a Saturday morning, intending to leave a week later on Sunday. I arrived on Saturday evening and the next morning I went to church with my mother. After church, my older sister, Betty, her husband and their two year old daughter were at Mom's waiting for us when we got back. My other sister, Ann, and her family were at church with us and we were going to visit Mom's parents in the next town over. My mom had just put both of them into separate assisted living facilities because they were having problems getting along because of some dementia Grandma was going through. We all went down to see them and had a really nice time with them.

I adored my grandpa. We're both big baseball fans and I when I was home from college, I'd go over to their house every once in a while to watch baseball since my parents didn't have cable or satellite. We would also golf and fish together but over the past several years, his physical condition had deteriorated to where he really couldn't do a lot. Walking was difficult for him and lately he had been using a cane. Mom and I went down to visit them on Tuesday afternoon and at the time all seemed well.

Early the next morning Mom got a phone call from Grandpa's assisted living place. They said he had been complaining of severe stomach pains and they were taking him to the hospital. Mom woke me up and told me about what happened. She drove down to the hospital and I stayed home. A couple hours later she called and said he was being operated on for a perforated ulcer and he may not make it. That was a pretty serious procedure for a 95 year old man who was pretty frail to begin with. I drove down, met her at the hospital and spoke to him before he went into surgery.

He made it through the surgery but he wasn't getting any better. On Friday afternoon his doctor called Mom and told her that he wasn't doing well. We went down there and saw him and didn't want to leave him by himself all night just in case he did pass away. I volunteered to stay with him on Friday night and sat by his bedside holding his hand on and off.

Around midnight the nurse at the desk of the ICU told me there was a phone call for me. I didn't think it was any of my family since they could have called me on my cell. It was my cousin Carrie from California. Her mom is my Mom's sister and they had all moved to Arizona or California several years ago. She has three brothers and their dad had passed away a few years ago. My sisters and I were pretty friendly with them when we were young but had grown somewhat apart through the years and miles.

Carrie had heard about Grandpa's condition and wanted to know how serious it was. I gave her the facts as I knew them and told her if I were a betting man; he'd survive the night. She seemed somewhat relieved and told me she had just been back to visit a couple of weeks ago. We talked about what was going on and then caught up on what was going on in our personal lives. She expressed surprise that I wasn't married yet. She mentioned that things weren't so good with husband #2 and I told her I was sorry to hear that. We talked a while more until she had to go. I told her I'd let her know if anything changed and we said goodbye.

Carrie is a stone fox. I hadn't seen her for ages but I had seen pictures over at my grandparents' house from time to time. Even though she has two kids she still looks great. Her best feature is her tits. My tongue was almost hanging out of my mouth when I saw a picture of her in a swimsuit. I'd harmlessly fantasized about her but I had no idea when I'd see her again and never really thought about her unless I saw a picture or someone brought her up in conversation.

I returned to my grandpa's room. I stayed there for several more hours talking to him when he woke up, telling him to cough to make sure the fluid didn't collect in his lungs. About 4 a.m. he opened his eyes and called my name.

"Steve?" he said.

"Hi Grandpa!"

He said what sounded like, "How you doing?"

I smiled and said, "Fine, Gramp." I really couldn't make out anything else he said and he drifted off to sleep again. About 5 a.m. I went into the ICU visitor's lounge where they had a couch. I turned off the lights and covered myself up with a blanket. I probably hadn't been sleeping more than 20 minutes when Mom came in the room and relieved me. I told her what was going on and drove back to her house.

I was very tired and went right to sleep. Betty was in the other bed and I kept very quiet so I wouldn't wake her up. By the time I woke up no one was home. There weren't any phone calls so I assumed Grandpa was still hanging in there. I took a shower and got dressed. I ate lunch and watched a ball game on TV. I was getting bored so I went to the hospital to visit Grandpa. When I got there, my cousin Jim, Carrie's oldest brother, was there. My mom had been in constant touch with him and he had been in touch with his brothers and Carrie about Grandpa's condition. Gramp wasn't doing too badly but was not out of the woods yet. Mom said he'd been responding to people better in the morning. His breathing seemed to be better as well. After an hour or so of talking to Jim, Mom and Grandma, all of us except for Jim went out to dinner. We returned to the hospital and stayed for a couple of more hours and then went home. Jim decided to spend the night there and then crash at my grandparents' vacant house with Mom's and Grandma's blessing of course.

Sunday morning Mom and I decided not to go to church so we could visit Grandpa. He hadn't improved any during the evening and his breathing was increasingly labored. Mom consulted with the surgeon and his usual doctor and they both said that it didn't look good. Mom made the difficult decision to take him off of fluids and nourishment. The only thing they gave him was more oxygen via a mask. Early in the afternoon but he got increasingly worse. His heart rate was decreasing and later that afternoon he passed away. I was out of the room at the time because I was getting a soda for Mom and my younger sister who had joined us there. My niece and a great aunt of mine had gone to find me to let me know he was dying. My grandparents' minister had come over earlier and he led a prayer service after Gramp passed. Then we started notifying the immediate family by phone. Mom said I should call Carrie since Jim was at lunch and he hadn't got back yet. I called and left her a message letting her know what happened.

The next couple of days were spent making visitation and funeral arrangements. I was one of the pallbearers along with my brother in laws and Carrie's three brothers. The funeral home suggested they make a DVD to play for the visitation and the service. It was basically a slideshow of photos set to music.

We also talked about who would be coming in for the funeral. There was a question of whether Carrie was coming in since she had just been in a few weeks ago.

Mom, Jim, my younger sister and I went over to Gram and Gramp's home and looked in their scrapbooks for pictures of Gramp to use for the DVD. It was nice looking at all the old pictures and I certainly didn't mind looking at the pictures with Carrie in them. I was definitely going to be thinking about those pictures that night when I went to bed.

Tuesday morning I woke up to the phone ringing. I looked at the clock and it was about 9 a.m. and Mom was gone. Since she wasn't around, I got up to answer the phone. "Hello?" I answered.

"Steve?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yeah. Carrie?"

"Yeah. How are you?"

"About as good as can be expected. I'm really going to miss Gramp but I'm glad he didn't linger on too long. How are you doing?"

"About the same. I was calling to let your Mom know I'm coming in for the funeral."

I was naked and my cock perked up a bit but I put any erotic thoughts out of my head(s) for the moment. "When are you due in?" I asked.

"I think I'll be in on Wednesday afternoon."

"Where are you staying?" I asked.

She said that her brother Don's wife wasn't coming in so she was planning on staying at a hotel with him.

"I really don't want to be by myself while I'm there," she said.

"I totally understand. It's important to be around family at a time like this. We're looking forward to seeing you but I wish it were under different circumstances. I'm sorry I was the one who had to break the news about Gramp to you."

"If it couldn't have been Jim, I'm glad it was you that called. I know it wasn't easy for you. I felt a lot better after our conversation on Friday night. I was really worried that Gramp would pass away that night."

"That's O.K. I'll tell everyone you're coming in and I'll see you tomorrow. Have a safe trip."

"Thanks, Steve. Bye."

After I hung up I returned to bed and tried to get back to sleep. After a couple of minutes I heard Mom drive into the garage so I put on my boxers and a T-Shirt. I told Mom that Carrie called and she was coming in tomorrow afternoon. Mom was very fond of Carrie. Mainly because they had problems getting along with my Aunt Linda - Mom's sister and Carrie's mom.

The next day I spent mainly out at my brother in law's farm outside of town. Gramp's surgery had given me little time to see them outside of the hospital. My 10 year old niece pretty much was my shadow all day. She wanted to do everything with me and I told her she could come with me to the visitation that evening.

When we got there, all my cousins and my aunt were there including Carrie. She was a sight to see. She spotted me and came over to give me a hug. She was wearing some kind of vanilla scented perfume which drives me crazy. I knew she was my cousin but my dick didn't and started getting hard. I willed it to soften even though it was tough to do while hugging her. We talked a bit and Mom came over and started talking to her. She asked Carrie if she got her hotel arrangements straightened out. She frowned and said that her mom was going to stay with Don instead. She couldn't stay at Gram and Gramp's house because Jim's sons had flown in with Aunt Linda and were staying there and she wasn't sure what she was going to do because she didn't want to be alone. Mom suggested that she stay with us. I certainly wasn't against that suggestion but wondered where I would sleep since Mom didn't have a comfortable sofa for sleeping.

Mom said, "If Carrie doesn't mind you can stay in your bed and she can take the other one. Do you mind, Steve?"

Mind?! Hell no I didn't mind the object of my fantasies of the last week sleeping a few feet away from me. Sure, the beds could be separated but not a great deal. I resolved that I would behave myself. I mean fantasizing about her was one thing but actually trying anything in Mom's house while she was here for a funeral was not going to happen.

"It's your house, Mom," I said. "If Carrie doesn't snore too loud, I'm sure we'll be O.K. in there." Carrie laughed and playfully elbowed me in the ribs.

At the visitation I sat next to Gram most of the time. I could tell her things she couldn't hear and I tried to be strength and a comfort to her. Gramp really didn't look like himself. He had had a lot of scabs on his face from skin cancers that had popped up over the past several years. They did a great job on that but they also got rid of his wrinkles. He looked like a wax dummy in there and I half-wondered if that was actually him in there. While talking to others I kept sneaking peeks at Carrie. Nothing wrong with looking, right? Just like looking at a beautiful painting or sunrise. I was very subtle about it and was sure she didn't see me.

I spent the rest of the visitation talking to other relatives and friends of the family about Gramp and other things. The visitation was supposed to be over at 8 but they let us stay longer than that because everyone was talking and having a nice time. The kids who were there were playing with each other and generally having a good time. It's probably how Gramp would have wanted it. We finally all left about 8:30. Mom and I went back to her house and Linda and her kids all stayed there and took Gram back to her place. Most of them hadn't seen Gram in a while and they wanted to spend a little time with her.

Mom and I got back to her house and ate some dinner and watched some TV. I went online for a while to check e-mail and such then returned to the living room. We discussed the visitation and Mom made a few remarks about Linda who showed up wearing a hat and sunglasses. I told her I was glad she wore the hat since I could tell people who were looking for her where to find her. Mom laughed and said that Linda wanted to be the star of the show as usual. Since I was rarely around and hadn't seen Linda in ages, I just nodded my head in agreement.

It was about 10 and we had a big day on Thursday with the funeral and a little get together here in the late afternoon so Mom went to bed. I stayed up and about 10:30 I heard a car pull up in the driveway. It had to be Carrie. I went out to help her with her bags. I'd changed into a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt and the boxers I wear to bed earlier. That way when I went to bed, if Carrie was in there, I could just drop the shorts and climb into bed and not have to worry about undressing in front of her. After I got Carrie squared away she changed into a loose fitting sweatshirt and some shorts.

She came back into the living room and I offered her a drink while we talked some more about what was going on in our lives. I got a beer for myself and some wine for Carrie. After I sat down I asked her if she liked the visitation.

She sighed, "They did a nice job but it was tough seeing Gramp like that. I'm really going to miss him." She took a big drink of her wine and I could see some tears in her eyes.

"Hey, I'm really going to miss him too," I said. "It's got to be tough on you and your brothers since you lost your dad a few years back."

Carrie nodded and gave me a weak smile, "Steve, thank you so much for your card. That meant a lot to our family."

"Don't give it a second thought. We lost my dad's mom last year. It's never easy getting over something like that."

Carrie said, "Oh, Steve, I didn't know. I'm so sorry."

"Thanks, Carrie. It's always a sad time when a loved one passes away. But we have to remember, especially with Gramp and my grandma, that they lived long, full lives and it's not like they suffered a great deal at the end. Gramp was one of the few people in my family that I had a lot in common with. I'm gonna miss him like crazy but we have to remember the good times we had with him."

I sensed the mood was getting a little heavy and I changed the subject. "So how are your girls?" I asked her.

She brightened. "Oh, they're wonderful. You know we were just out here visiting everyone a few weeks ago."

"That's what Mom told me," I said. "She said you all had a pretty good time out here."

"Yeah, it was a nice vacation."

Carrie had her kids with her first husband and he had been killed in an accident several years ago. Mom had told me that they were having problems even before he died because he was cheating on her.

From what I had heard from my mom and Gram, her current husband travels a lot and isn't home much. When he is home, he's disinterested in Carrie and the kids.

"Not to be nosy but I heard your husband didn't make the trip out here," I said.

"Yeah, he travels a lot and we've also been having problems," she sighed. I wondered why she was opening up to me. It could have been the wine but maybe she just needed someone to talk to about it that wasn't that close to her and wouldn't pass judgment.

She took another drink of wine and said, "I don't know why I can't find a good man who would be a good father to my kids. My first husband was a great dad but a lousy husband. This one's neither."

"Carrie, forgive me for being blunt but what did you see in this second guy? I mean I can understand why you married Tim."

"Tom," Carrie corrected me.

"Whatever," I said. "But why this second guy?"

"Well, he's a nice guy and he isn't abusive but I guess he may have been Rebound Guy and since I have two kids I guess I took the first offer that came along," she said. "Tell you the truth; I'm pretty sure he's either gay or bi."

I said teasingly, "A gay man in San Francisco, what are the odds?"

"Hey!" she said, but it was with a smile.

"Why do you think that?" I asked.

"I don't know. He's never been much of a lover and when we go to company parties, he is always off with the guys but makes sure that everyone knows I'm his wife."

"So you think you're a beard? Isn't Frisco somewhat more liberated on that sort of thing? I mean here it could be a bigger problem but out there I would think that most people look on it as being no different than being black or Jewish."

"Maybe," Carrie said. "But there are still some companies that are pretty conservative there as far as that goes. The ironic thing is, out there, they are in the minority. But that doesn't make them any less anti-gay."

I said, "I understand. But didn't you figure out what he was like when you were dating?"

"He was fairly 'romantic' when we were dating. But he wasn't as nuanced as other guys. It was like he was going through the motions, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I think I do. I think good sex is a lot like good jazz. Good jazz is free-flowing, improvisational and easy. It shouldn't be routine or like someone's reading the notes," I said.

Carrie smiled, "I think you're right. Since you're not married, you must be a virtuoso by now."

I laughed and said, "Not quite. But I've never had any complaints."

Carrie asked, "O.K., now it's my turn to be blunt. Why aren't you married yet? You seem like you'd make a good husband and/or father. I saw you around your nephews and nieces they adore you."

"Thanks. I said, "I guess I'm not confident about how good of a father and or husband I'd be. Goofing around with the kids is O.K. but I can always go home. Whereas if I had kids, I'd have to stay there and be Dad. I'd have to discipline them and I just worry that I wouldn't be a good enough dad for them. As for marriage, no offense, but when I marry, I want it to be forever. You look at a guy like Warren Beatty. He sowed his wild oats for a long time but never married. Then he married and had kids but you don't ever hear anything about him screwing around."

Carrie smiled sweetly and said, "No offense taken but I think you're too hard on yourself. Kids aren't for everyone. Maybe you could settle down with the right girl and not have any kids."

I smiled back, "The thing is, if I get married, I'd like to have kids. I guess if I were brave enough to get married, I'd be brave enough to have kids and let the roller coaster ride begin."

Carrie laughed, "That's a pretty good description of it."

It was really nice talking to Carrie and the time just flew by. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 12:30. I said, "Geez, we better get to bed. You must be exhausted from the trip and everything else."

Carrie stifled a yawn and said, "Yeah. My body clock says it's only 10:30 but the jet lag and all that stuff made me sleepy. You need to use the bathroom?"

"Yeah, but I'll be out of there pretty quick."

Carrie said, "O.K. I'll just change for bed while you're in there."

I left and went to use the bathroom. I was only in there a couple of minutes and I knocked on the bedroom door. "Are you decent in there, Carrie?"

She said, "Yeah. C'mon in."

Carrie was dressed in a San Francisco Giants T shirt that went down to mid thigh and presumably a pair of panties. She wasn't wearing a bra either since her wonderful titties jiggled about when she moved. I thought I did a good job of keeping a poker face at this sexy sight.

"Bathroom's ready for you," I told her.

Carrie said, "O.K. I won't be but a few minutes."

As Carrie went to the bathroom I almost unconsciously started playing with my dick through my boxer shorts thinking of my sexy cousin in the bathroom. I was hard immediately and kept stroking my cock. I heard the bathroom door open and that snapped me out of my trance. I pulled the covers over my body as Carrie entered the room. I lay on my side towards Carrie so she couldn't see my dick making a tent in the sheets. She climbed into bed but before she got under the covers she moved over to my side of the bed and gave me a big hug. My erection had softened somewhat but not totally and although it was digging into her, I was hoping she wouldn't feel it and call me a pervert.

She hugged me, "Thank you so much for being here, Steve. You have been a big support for me as well. My brothers are great but they are somewhat self-centered and Mom is relying on them for support."

"I'm here for you, Carrie. If you want to talk some more, feel free." She broke the hug seemingly unaware of my cock sticking into her and moved under the covers.

"Thanks, Steve but I think I'm going to get some sleep because it's going to be a big day tomorrow. Good night."

Relieved she either hadn't noticed or didn't care about my erection I said, "Good night, Carrie, and if you feel like talking or anything, just wake me up."

"You're such a sweetie but I bet I'll sleep like a log tonight. Good night."

I turned off the light by my bed and she did the same. It was the dead of summer but Mom had a sheet, an electric blanket and a comforter on each side of the bed. We were lucky that it was fairly cool for July in the Midwest as the highs only got up into the lower 80s all week. As a result, she decided not to run the AC that night and leave the windows open. So I had knocked off the comforter and electric blanket all week so I wouldn't sweat my ass off. I usually slept naked because I wanted to be cool. Tonight I figured it was O.K. to kick off the comforter and blanket again and as I did, Carrie did the same. "Little warm in here isn't it?" I asked her.

"You're not just whistling Dixie, Steve."

"I think we'll be O.K. with just the sheet on but I can go get a fan if you need," I said.

"Thanks," she said. "But I'll be O.K. G'night."

We both went to sleep after that. I started to dream that I was sleeping in my apartment with one of my girlfriends. I dreamt that we had fucked before we went to sleep and that I had woken up in middle of the night. I moved over in the middle of the bed to put my arm around her and spoon. It felt so nice to have a body like that next to me and this girl had a very nice body indeed. I couldn't see her face so it could be any of the girls I'd fucked before.

I had my left hand over her left breast over her shirt and massaging it and rolled her hard nipple between my thumb and fingers. My cock had escaped my boxers and was sticking her between her ass cheeks. The silk panties felt wonderful as I ground my dick between her cheeks. I could hear her moaning in pleasure as she was either half awake or dreaming herself. She put her left hand on mine and trapped my hand on her tit. This continued for a little while and all of a sudden I realized I was wearing boxers in bed. I never wear boxers to bed unless I was at Mom's. Then I realized where I was and wondered who was in bed with me.

I woke up and realized it was Carrie who I was feeling up and had my dick between her cheeks. Oh, boy, I was in trouble now. Hopefully I could escape this by just not moving and slowly inching my hand off her tit. But her hand was on top of mine and wouldn't let go. Her ass continued to grind against my cock which had remained hard. I was hot before but I was really sweating now. Any minute now she was going to wake up and scream rape. I was doing some quick thinking to tell her why I was feeling her up and had my dick in the back of her panties.

I figured if I told her the truth and that it was an accident, I'd be O.K. Or maybe she wouldn't wake up and I could move back over. Even though her tit was feeling really good I figured I better try to move it off of there. I started slowly moving my hand off her magnificent breast and then her hand clamped back down on mine trapping it there. Her breathing was irregular and I knew she was awake.

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