Carly Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Incest, Mother, Son, InLaws, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carly is a successful business woman whose adult son is having marital troubles. She wants to be there for both him and his wife. But her son Stephen takes her offer of help to an intimate place she never intended to go. After a short while, Carly's better judgment loses out and she moves toward her son and begins sharing his desires, and acting on them as well.

Carly had met her friend Linda in their favorite coffee shop for one of their post-work chats. The two had been friends since college. They both appreciated the chance to wind down after their busy days. They always had many topics of conversation, from Carly's real estate business, to Linda's grueling work as a journalist, to a variety of other things. As it often did, the conversation turned to family.

"Hey, how are Stephen and Paige doing?" Linda asked.

"Oh..." Carly said. "Well, not so great, actually."

"Really?" Linda said, seeming surprised. "How come?

"I don't know," Carly replied. "It's hard to say, specifically. I don't think they got off on the right foot in the first place. It doesn't look too good, though."

"You're kidding!" Linda exclaimed. "They haven't even been married a year, have they?"

"Ten months," Carly said.

"What's their major issue?" Linda asked.

"What isn't?" Carly said. "They both spend a lot of time with work, they like different things, have different interests, bad communication. I guess they hardly talk."

"That's too bad," Linda said.

"Yes, it is," Carly said. "Well, not that I haven't always wanted the best, but I was concerned from the beginning. Of course, you know that."

"Yea," Linda said. "I know you were always worried about them."

"Paige is a tough one," Carly said. "She's very smart, good business woman, accomplished. I've just never felt like she was a very warm person. Not much fun, or very playful."

"Just say what you mean," Linda said. "I've met her. She has a broom up her ass!" This made Carly smile.

"You could put it that way," she said with a laugh.

"So no talk about kids at this point?" Linda inquired.

"Ha!" Carly said. "No talk period. And it's pretty tough to have kids without actually having sex."

"They're not having sex?" Linda said. "How do you know that?"

"Oh," Carly said. "I had lunch with Stephen yesterday." She paused. "I probably shouldn't talk about it."

"Hey," Linda said. "You're not going to stop just when it gets good! Spill!" Carly lifted her eyebrows and gave her friend a look.

"Linda," she began, "Don't start. This is my son and his wife we're talking about. Not 'Hot Stories for Linda.'"

"Stop!" Linda said. "I didn't mean that and you know it. Besides, if they're not having sex, how much fun could the stories be?" Linda laughed and again made Carly smile. "Seriously, what's the deal?"

"Well, it was kind of awkward, really," Carly said. "Like I told you, not a warm person. I guess they haven't done it in, like months."

"Are you serious?" Linda asked. "They're 24 year old newlyweds! They should be in bed constantly."

"I know," Carly replied. "Paige is 25, by the way. Stephen says she's always either working or out with her girlfriends. The discussion was weird, though."

"Why?" Linda said.

"Now seriously, Linda," Carly said. "If I tell you this, you have to promise that you won't make a bunch of sex jokes about it, o.k.?" Linda nodded, looking serious. "He was just, pretty detailed. He was saying how lonely he felt. How much he, needs it. How hard it is." Carly paused. "And I got the feeling he didn't just mean difficult."

"Whoa," Linda said. "That is kind of awkward." She wanted to press for more details, but she kept her curiosity in check and let her friend go at her own pace.

"Yea," Carly said. "I think that's what he meant. He was saying that he really tries to please her and she never does the same for him. He said, that ... well, I shouldn't say anymore."

"It's o.k. Honey," Linda said, trying to hide her strong desire to hear more juicy details. Linda was genuinely supportive of her friend, but she also had a big appetite for titillating stories. "Just tell me whatever you feel comfortable with." Carly gave an audible sigh.

"He was telling me that he's not like the stereotypical guy," Carly said. "He told me he's really interested in her pleasure. He said, 'I do everything. Everything. And I'm not in a rush, either.'"

"Sounds good to me!" Linda chimed-in, then wished she hadn't. Carly frowned at her. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I'm so bad! I'm terrible!" Her laugh made Carly smile again.

"It's all right," Carly said. "It's not that big a deal. I just wasn't expecting to be hearing details about my son's sex life, from my son!"

"Maybe you could have Paul talk to him," Linda suggested. "You know, a father to son talk."

"I thought of that," Carly said. "Of course, that's not exactly Paul's area of expertise. Sex, that is." The two looked at one another for a moment, then laughed again.

"Well," Linda said, "He doesn't have to give him bedroom pointers. But maybe he would be more comfortable hearing Stephen talk about his sex life than you are."

"Yea," Carly replied. "And maybe not. Oh well ... it's worth at least asking him to talk to Stephen."

The conversation then drifted to other things and didn't return to Stephen for the rest of the friends' time together. Carly followed-through on the idea of asking her husband Paul to speak with Stephen about his marital issues when she got home that evening.

"What was he talking about?" Paul said, somewhat distractedly.

"I was just asking about the problems he and Paige are having," Carly replied. "I don't think it's a secret that they're not doing well."

"But he was talking about sex?" Paul inquired.

"Among other things," Carly said. "I just think it might be nice for him to talk to his father about what he's going through."

"I don't know, Carly," Paul said. "I mean, what would I say? And he didn't ask to talk to me. He talked to you. Isn't that more of your area of interest anyway?" Paul said this with a touch of irony.

"Honestly, Paul," Carly said. "Just because we haven't been in synch that way for a while doesn't mean you can't talk to our son about his marriage, does it?" She thought to herself that 'a while' really meant 10 or 20 years. "You'd have no problem talking with him about a deal he was working on. You'd talk for hours about that."

Husband and wife both conveniently ignored the comments each had made about their own marriage.

"I don't know, Carly," he replied. "If you think he wants to talk to me, tell him to call me." Paul went back to the work he was doing when Carly had entered his den. She knew this meant the conversation was over and that she was off to bed alone. She didn't expect that her husband would make it up to bed for several hours, which was the typical routine.

Carly headed upstairs and got ready for bed herself. She took several magazines and a newspaper from her briefcase and put them on her nightstand alongside her cell phone. She settled in with a pillow between her back and the headboard, ready to do some reading before going to sleep. Then Carly's cell phone rang. She picked it up and saw it was Stephen calling from his cell phone.

"Hi Honey," Carly said into the phone.

"Hi Mom," Stephen said. "How are you doing?" Carly could tell immediately that something was up."

"I'm good, Honey," she said. "Where are you?"

"I'm in New Orleans, remember?" Stephen replied. Carly then recalled that he was in fact traveling for a few days. She assumed that was why he sounded somewhat strange.

"That's right," she said. "How's everything there? Did you have a productive day?"

"Oh yea," Stephen said. "We worked on the contracts for the jointly-owned buildings that are going up here, in Vegas and at home. Then we spent a little time in the bars." It was then Carly realized that Stephen had been drinking and this was probably what she had sensed in his voice.

"Ah, yes," Carly said. "The New Orleans bars. Nothing quite like them, eh? Sounds like you had more than your share, Stephen."

"Oh, I'm not so bad," he said. "Besides, I'm safe in my hotel room and I don't have to get up early. We're starting meetings around lunch time tomorrow. Of course, I'm used to going to bed alone."

"Oh, Honey," Carly said. "Are you feeling down again? Any word from Paige?"

"Hell no," he said. "She didn't even seem to care where I was going or when I'd be back."

"I'm sure that's not true," Carly replied.

"Whatever," Stephen said. "Anyway, Mom ... I wanted to thank you for our talk yesterday. It really helped to have you listen. I haven't been able to talk to anyone like that throughout this whole thing."

"That's what I'm here for, Stephen," his mother said. "I want to be there for both of you if I can." Her mind went back to the awkward conversation she had talked to Linda about earlier.

"I really appreciate that, Mom," Stephen said. "You know, it's times like this when I feel most alone. It's one thing to be in my own house and my own bed and not have my wife there. Or if she's there, she's acting like she isn't. But I really feel it when I'm traveling."

"I know, Honey," Carla said. Her son didn't realize, but she had felt the same thing many times during her own career and marriage.

"Well, I'm used to taking care of myself," Stephen said. "I've had plenty of practice with all the time I spend alone at home. You know, Paige hardly even undresses in front of me anymore? It's like she won't even give me the satisfaction of seeing her naked body, because I might think about it later and pretend I'm having sex with her." Carly found the conversation moving back to the awkward place she experienced the day before.

"I know, Stephen," she said. "So what's on the docket for tomorrow?" She had hoped to change the subject.

"The sad thing is," Stephen said, not noticing his mother's effort to go in a different direction, "I still like seeing her naked. I love it, actually. I mean, as pissed as I am at her, she still has a great body. And I do think about it, a lot. Man she has great boobs." Carly decided that she couldn't go on without mentioning how she felt to her son.

"Stephen, Honey," she began, "You know I want to be there for you, but the conversation yesterday was a little too, explicit."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mom," Stephen said. "I really didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Carly breathed a sigh of relief. Stephen seemed to have heard her and would now change the subject. But either he didn't really get her point, or his inebriated state kept him from caring.

"I used to buy her things from Victoria's Secret all the time," he continued. "She looked so gorgeous in these little panties and bra I bought her. She has a great ass, too." He paused. "I'm sorry Mom. I know you don't want to hear that." Carly sighed relief again. "But it's just so good to have someone to talk about this with. I really appreciate it, Mom. I really need to talk. It's really helping me."

"I know, Stephen," she said, thinking she may just have to bear with him.

"You know, before we were married," Stephen said, "We would sometimes do it 5 or 6 times in a night." Carly had no idea how to respond, although part of her would have liked to verify that he had said 5 or 6 times. "And now, we haven't done it in over 3 months. Well, she did give me oral maybe six weeks ago. A pity blow job, I guess. It was really good, though."

"Stephen," Carly decided that she had to protest again. He didn't respond. "Honey, are you there?" She heard him breathing, but he hadn't spoken back to her for close to a minute. "Are you o.k. Stephen?"

"Yea," Stephen finally said. "I'm fine. I was just remembering that. It was really good, like I said. It just helps, a lot to talk about it. I really need it, Mom." Silence returned. Then Carly realized what was happening.

"Stephen," she said hesitatingly. "What are you doing?" Amid the silence on the other end of the phone, she heard quiet inhales and exhales. "Stephen, you're not ... are you?"

"Mom," he said, now sounding slightly out of breath. "Please, I need it so bad. Please just talk to me. I need it. Please." Carly was in shock. The realization that her son was masturbating on the other end of the phone stunned her. She felt a mix of discomfort, empathy because she understood how lonely he was, and another feeling she couldn't readily identify. "Please, Mom. Talk to me."

"Um, what do you want me to say?" she asked, wishing she could bring herself to just hang up and let her son sleep it off.

"Just talk, please?" Stephen said. "MMmmmmmm, please."

"You really miss Paige, don't you Honey?" Carly said. Stephen moaned an indication that she was correct. "You wish that beautiful naked body of hers was in bed with you right now, don't you?" Carly didn't know where the words were coming from.

"Oh, yes!" he exclaimed. "Yes, I wish so much that she was here ... AAaaahhhhhh, yeaaa." Carly could hear his breathing getting heavier, as the tell-tale, unmistakable slapping sound that could only be one thing, got faster.

"You want to play with her big tits?" Carly said. "What am I doing?" She thought to herself.

"Yesss," Stephen said. "Ohhhh, I want to suck those big tits. Yesssssss."

"Oh, Honey," Carly said, trying to hang in there for her lonely son. "Does that feel good? Does it feel good in your hand?"

"Oh!" Stephen exclaimed. "Oh, yesss, it feels soooo good!" More breathing, faster slapping.

"That's good, Stephen Baby," Carly said to her panting son. "Where would you really like to stick it? Where would you really like to put that big hard-on Baby?"

"Ohhh! In your pussy!" Stephen said. Carly froze. She felt a wave rush through her body and her face was suddenly hot. Finally she was able to speak.

"What did you say?" she asked quietly. Stephen did not respond for a few seconds.

"In her pussy," he said. "In Paige's pussy. OOOHHHhhhhhhhhhh, ffffuuuuucckkkkk!!!! Fuck! Fuck! AAAAahhhhhhhhooooooo..." Carly knew that meant her son was having an orgasm, "a good one too," she thought to herself. She just listened as his moaning quieted and he came back to himself. Carly waited for him to speak.

"Oh, Mom," Stephen finally said. "I'm so sorry. That must have been so weird for you."

Carly wondered exactly what he meant. The conversation? Hearing him masturbate himself to orgasm? Or what he had said near the end. Did he mean to say what the did?

"It's o.k.," she said quietly. She thought that perhaps, since he didn't mention it, she might have imagined he had said, "in yours" instead of "in hers." Regardless, she wanted to be finished. "Get some sleep, Honey. I'll talk to you soon." She waited for his response. After a few second wait, she heard gentle snoring. The combination of alcohol, general travel tiredness, emotional stress and his release of sexual tension had brought sleep to him quickly. Carly ended the call, knowing it would disconnect on his phone as well.

"What the hell did I just do?" Carly whispered to herself. "And what the hell did he say? Did I imagine it? I must have. He wouldn't have ... I'm 49 years old and I'm his mother! Of course he wouldn't have said that. He couldn't have meant he wanted to stick it in MY pussy. No way! Right?" For Carly, sleep would not come as easily as it had for her son that night.

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