Bus Ride Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Humor, Gang Bang,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Elena has unexpected pleasure when she takes a bus home.

When Elena got on the bus for her long ride home, she noticed there were not too many people on it. She saw a few older people and then some rather rough looking boys, so she went to the back to sit at the long bench seat. She took out a book to read and placed her bag on the floor.

As she read, sitting in the middle of the seat, she felt eyes on her every so often. She was wearing a short, spaghetti-strap summer dress because of the heat. She was not wearing a bra, either, but had on thong panties. She would look up from her book to see those boys looking back at her and talking and laughing to each other. Once she saw one look at her legs and say something to the others and they laughed. She felt safe on the bus, however, and did not move, although she thought about it.

She was well into her book so continued reading without noticing too much more. So she did not notice when the bus emptied except for those boys. She was at a rather sexy part of the book that was making her imagine being the girl being ravaged by two men. The boy was almost up to her when she looked up. When he saw her look, he put his finger to his lips to indicate for her to be quiet. She started to say something, but he insisted that she be quiet.

He then sat by her and indicated, without speaking, for her to continue reading. As she read about the girl in the book sucking a cock while being fucked doggy-style, she noticed the boy was trying to read it too. She looked at him, and he looked at her with a sly smile on his face. She closed the book then, but he took it and tried to find her spot again without speaking. He found the page right away and gave it to her, telling her to read again.

"No," she told him. "I don't feel like reading now."

"Read it to me, bitch," he then said through clenched teeth, and he also pulled out a knife and showed it to her. "Now will you read it?" he asked meanly.

Elena was worried now, knowing her hometown was still a good hour away with no more stops on the way. "Start right there," he told her, indicating the part she had just read.

So with a fear-filled voice, Elena read: "Sara moaned as she sucked on the huge cock in her mouth while another was impaling her pussy. She hardly noticed when two more men entered the room."

"Aha, a gangbang scene, I love a gangbang scene," the boy interjected as she saw him rubbing his crotch. The other three boys then arrived from the front of the bus; one sitting on Elena's other side and the other two on each seat directly in front of her.

"Wait until you hear this, guys," the one boy told them. "Continue reading, slut."

Elena skipped a couple of paragraphs and read: "Sara was now riding one big dick, while she sucked another and had two more in her hands."

"Lousy writing but great content," the boy on her right now interjected. "But we should make our own story right here. What do you say, boys?"

Now she looks in the book without reading and sees the first boy pull off his jeans and under shorts to free his hard dick. It must be 26 cm, she thinks to herself. She tries to concentrate on the book, but then he takes it from her and puts it in her bag.

Elena looks at him, and he smiles back at her and tells her to look at his cock. She watches him stroke it slowly, and then he reaches over and places his hand on her left tit. She tells him out loud, "Please, no," but he puts his finger to her lips to indicate silence. Then he raises her arm and indicates she should leave it there. The other boy raises her other arm and has her do the same as he also pulls off his jeans and shorts. His hard dick is also big.

Now she has both arms raised and both boys are playing with her tits and stroking their dicks. Then they pull down her spaghetti straps to reveal them. Each of the boys grabs a tit now and squeezes, then pinches her nipples. Then the first boy reaches up and takes her arm down and to his cock. He has her now stroke his big, hard cock, and Elena is too afraid not to. Seeing this, the other boy also has her do the same. Now she closes her eyes and just strokes the cocks.

With her eyes shut tight, Elena feels their cocks' intense hardness and feels that blood-filled vein on each as well. She seems in another world as she begins to stroke tighter and faster. And she feels them pushing their cocks up in her hands, and each moans.

Now she feels a third hand at the top of her panties, reaching slowly down them. It is then that she realizes that her cunt has become wet. The hand rubs it, and then she feels a finger inserted. It fingers her slowly and gently, and then she feels another finger added. She gives an involuntary moan of pleasure, and the two fingers increase their speed. She feels another hand pulling off her panties quickly and lifting her skirt.

That boy has removed his jeans to release another big, hard dick. Her panties now down and her dress lifted, her cunt on the edge of the seat, the two fingers still fuck her pussy with ever more force, and then are suddenly removed. Eyes still closed, Elena feels a different sensation and knows a cock is at her pussy ready to push. She feels it push ever so slowly now into her cunt. Then it is fucking her.

Somehow, she is still able to stroke those two dicks while being fucked, but Elena is noticing the fucking more. She hears the boy's violent moans as he fucks her harder and harder. She feels his hands grabbing her tits hard and squeezing them straight up. She hears herself moaning and wanting to say, "Fuck me," but resists, knowing they want quiet from her. She does have a terrific orgasm then, however, pushing her cunt to meet that cock.

This causes the boy fucking her cunt to finally give several more violent thrusts, and he pulls out just in time to spurt his cum on her stomach and tits. Quickly, the fourth boy, who has been patiently waiting and stroking his cock, slams it into her hard. It is another big one, and she notices her own hands stroking the other two still harder and faster. She concentrates on one, feeling the vein with her thumb as she goes up and down on his huge dick. That first boy must have noticed this sensation and suddenly he moans and a load of cum shoots from his dick. It shoots far too, reaching Elena's neck and lips. She licks her lips then, tasting the warm, salty cum.

Elena keeps her eyes shut tight, imagining herself in a story in a book. Still licking the cum and feeling her cunt pummeled and her tits squeezed while stroking now one large cock, she moans another orgasm. Seeing her do that causes the boy getting his dick stroked to think that she must really like to get fucked, and he wonders if she has had it in the ass before.

So he decides to see, even if she hasn't. "I need to fuck that nice ass," she hears him say, and feels herself the cock fucking her suddenly pulls out. She feels lifted by strong hands and turned, knowing now she faces the back window of the bus. The guy who was fucking is now sitting on the seat with his cock ready as she is lowered upon it.

He pulls her closely to him so that her ass is now exposed to the guy who wants to fuck that. Now Elena thinks to herself that she has been fucked in the ass before, but never both her cunt and ass at the same time. In fact, she had never had more than one guy at the same time.

She is now concentrating on that huge dick fucking her pussy slowly, feeling the pleasure. But then it stops deep inside her, and now she feels the cock at her asshole. "Oh, my god." she thinks, "These two will double penetrate me? They will fuck my ass and my cunt?" She feels the cock at her ass slowly being inserted. And Elena now helps it by relaxing her butt muscles and letting it ease into her. That boy notices her helping him as they work together to get his huge, hard dick all the way in.

Now Elena feels the cock all the way in her ass, and the other boy starts pumping her cunt again. The other boy just lets his dick stay there and not fuck at first, as the other increases his intensity on her pussy. But Elena decides she wants the sensation of that dick fucking her ass, so she raises herself to meet each stroke to her cunt. Now she can feel both cocks fucking her.

The boy in her ass likes this and starts pumping in return. She is meeting the cock in her pussy fucking her hard and the one in her ass too. They are going at it faster and faster, and Elena feels them both causing her orgasms, but still she moans quietly. Finally, she knows the guy in her ass will cum when he grabs her tits hard and holds them tightly in the air. She feels him cum deeply in her ass and has another orgasm at the same time.

Now the guy with the biggest dick ever to fuck her takes over on her tits, squeezing them hard as he goes faster and harder. Elena can't believe the speed he fucks her at and how he does so for a good 2 minutes as she suppresses screams of pleasure. But finally, he moans a strange sound, pulls out of her pussy, places his cock to her face, opens her mouth, pushes it in as far as she can take it, and comes violently. She swallows spurt after spurt of his cum, with some still dripping from her mouth. She takes her finger and wipes this into her mouth and licks it with a smile.

The boys get dressed and move back to the front of the bus, and Elena gets dressed and grabs her bag as she notices her stop. She is surprised when they get off there as well, even walking in the same direction. They don't acknowledge one another, but as she arrives at her house, she sees them enter the apartment next door.

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