Tol'Marinea Empire- the End
The Beginning

The third planet filled her view screen. The vast blue oceans and the massive land masses covered by clouds was beautiful. The Tol'marinea fleet was visible on the edges of the view screen. Tr'Nichsa felt something stir inside of her. A warm feeling that only came as she looked down on the planet. Something in the back of her mind told her she had finally found home. Tol'Homeras might be her birth planet but it would never be her home. Not after what had happened to her. Not after the closeness of three deaths that eventually led her to her current career option. Joining the Flager Corp was never a bad idea to her.

Memories swelled up. At the age of fifteen she was sitting around the dinner table with her sister and parents. Tears came to her eyes at the thought of those lost faces. A mad Gr'Ivicus stormed into their house from the nearby genetic lab. At the sight of that insectoids monstrosity her family and herself froze in fear. The Gr'Ivicus reached out with two of its pincers and quickly made short work of her sister and dad. Tr'Nichsa tried hard to keep the sobbing and painful memories down. The insect went for her mother next. Just seconds after her death the quarantine force showed up. They quickly put the Gr'Ivicus to death. They apologized to her and quickly ran her out to a secure facility.

This entire time she kept a straight face. Her emotions boiling inside her. When they placed her into a small room with a single table and two chairs she lost it. She collapsed to the floor and began letting the emotions flood out of her. Hate, love, fear, mourning, emptiness. That last one surprised her. She was empty of emotions in a certain place.

As the emotions came back so did the emptiness. Only now it was bigger. To her it felt as if most of her soul was empty. She returned her train of thought back to the planet. The emptiness started ebbing away. She knew this would be her home. Suddenly she shivered at the thought.

The planet dubbed Ru'Shakan was to be the new home for their brasfet and only a few Tol'marinea would be down their, spying. She would go to the office and plead to be one of the spies.

The transport ships landed in a large meadow and quickly disgorged itself of its passengers. All the brasfets left the landing zone and went to several crates off to the side. While the brasfets were being off loaded eight flager ships landed in various locations in the surrounding forest. These eight spies came to be gods once they were mistaken as human.

Atlanta queen of Atlantis, goddess of the north; Nopath king of Kingshin, god of the west; Noshin and Rushin twin princes of Luputhur, twin gods of the south; Lomath, Ikilla, Rushid, and Opunum the kings and queens of Juipil, gods and goddesses of the vast east.

Four thousand years later only five of the spies are left. Atlanta, Noshin, Rushin, Ikilla, and Lomath. Having had to breed with the brasfet during their stay left faint traces of them in the human line. In some places these people declared themselves gods. Only to be brought down either by the public or by the spies.

Now a young man has had weird dreams ever since he was thirteen. Unknown to him these are memories of a former Tol'marinea spy. Nopath once the god of the west. For in this boy his blood ran. Yet even more strangely was that his own mother was a spy. Atlanta had married his father and had him. Soon after they had divorced. Now Aocles, direct descendant of Atlanta, was having memories of Nopath. Odd things came to him. For this he did better in school, was a great mechanic, and understood almost everything technological.

Now a runaway Aocles has joined the Air Force to fight in Iraq.

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