Deja Vu Ascendancy

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Preamble - A teenage boy's life goes from awful to all-powerful in exponential steps when he learns to use deja vu to merge his minds across parallel dimensions. He gains mental and physical skills, confidence, girlfriends, lovers, enemies and power... and keeps on gaining. A long, character-driven, semi-realistic story.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Slow  

Short Description: A teenage boy's life goes from awful to all-powerful in exponential steps, when he learns how to use déjà vu to merge his minds across multiple parallel dimensions. He gains mental and physical skills, confidence, girlfriends, lovers, enemies and power ... and keeps on gaining. A long, character-driven, semi-realistic story.

Story Codes: mf, mff, ff, inc, ScFi, ESP, cons, rom, teen, 1st, long, slow, humor.

Re. "ScFi": The core plot mechanism is a pseudo-scientific rationalization for a source of mental powers. Unlike most ScFi, this is not futuristic; instead being set in the present-day world. Your liking the sciences of mathematics, physics and biology would be advantageous. Some understanding of the martial arts concept of ki (also known as qi or chi) would also be helpful but isn't essential.

Re. "ESP": That acronym is usually interpreted as telepathy, of which there's almost none herein. But there's a great deal of Extra-Sensory Perception, as well as other extraordinary mental abilities. Readers who enjoy stories that feature ESP should enjoy this one (I hope; I'm not a mind reader).

Re. "long": Most novels are about 80,000 words long, with Lord of the Rings totaling about half a million. This story has 3.5 million of them.

Re. "slow": Seriously, it's VERY slow, as I don't know how to do millions of fast words. As one indication, the first of the many sex scenes starts at about the 65,000th word because the main character starts a loner and it takes him a novel's worth of text to get his mojo working. The pace of the story picks up, and by the end it could be called "action packed", but the end is a long way ahead of you.

Re. "humor": My good jokes are also about 65,000 words apart. But don't worry, I've filled the gaps with bad jokes; I can easily do millions of words of those.

Text Conventions

I have used some unusual text conventions so please skim the following explanations:

Indenting Long Speeches. In a written story a new paragraph usually indicates a new speaker, but sometimes one individual will be talking so much that their speech runs to multiple paragraphs. A common way of indicating a continuous speech is to leave the trailing quote mark off all but the last paragraph, but when I read stories I often miss that small indication and become confused over who's speaking. So this story uses an additional indication of a continuous speech: the first lines of the speech's second and subsequent paragraphs are indented. I wanted to use a tab for that, but Storiesonline strips those out so I've substituted something similar although slightly more intrusive. I hope you'll find the marker of a continuous speech helpful once you're used to it.

The Vertical Bar ("|") is used when two characters talk simultaneously. I put their speech on the same line when the simultaneity has some significance. For example:
"Shall we do it?" asked Tom.
"Christ yes!" agreed Dick. | "Hell no!" refused Harry. | "I'll get the Vaseline," offered Nigel hopefully.

Square Brackets ("[Text]") are used when the main character, Mark Anderson, wants to break the narrative of his autobiography in order to make a comment that is off topic or out of chronological sequence (usually about something coming up soon).

Double Square Brackets ("[[text]]") are for when the comment is from Mark Anderson The Elder; the hero at the time he is writing his autobiography, rather than his thoughts at the time being written about.

'Squiggly' Brackets ("{Text}") indicate a sound, e.g., "{Sigh}", "{Groan}" or even someone blowing a "{Raspberry}." I don't bracket it when the sound is onomatopoeic, e.g., "Oh", "Ouch", and "Argh". There's a special case with "haha" as it can be pronounced as written (as it often is when used sarcastically), or it could be sounded as genuine laughter. I treat it as onomatopoeic, writing "haha" to represent genuine laughter. For sarcastic mockery of laughter or someone acknowledging that a joke has been noticed, I write "ha-ha".

Less-Than and Greater-Than Signs ("<Text>") are used to delimit voices in the head, as per telepathy, e.g., <Mom's coming! Hide it!>

Horizontal Lines are used to denote a break in the text greater than a paragraph but less than a chapter. For example, a single chapter may cover a 24-hour period and have three major scenes separated by horizontal lines.

Single Caret on a line of its own ("^") is used to separate paragraphs, but not by as much as a horizontal line. They're used for several reasons: a shift of perspective within a scene, to isolate a multi-paragraph digression from the body of the text, and to separate items in a list where those items need multiple paragraphs as Storiesonline's rudimentary bullet-point system can't handle that.

Capitalization for Emphasis. I've capitalized words to indicate their being emphasized, rather than using underlines or bolds - it seemed a DAMNED good idea at the time. I've promoted "OK" to the status of an ordinary word, writing it as "okay" to avoid its looking emphasized, and I've slightly abused the normal convention to write times less emphatically, e.g., "4 P.M." becomes "4pm".


After reading several online stories in the ScFi and ESP genres, I became bored by repeated uses of the same few inexplicable and inconsistent plot mechanisms, usually gifts from aliens, magic, or implausible science. Short stories need quickly explained mechanisms so the fault was mine for reading too many of them, but doing so made me wonder whether I could invent a mechanism that was at least a little explicable and somewhat self-consistent. Then I got distracted and forgot to think about it further.

A couple of weeks later, into my mind popped this story's mechanism, the hero's character arc - I dislike stories in which the hero is always perfect - and much of the plot. I challenged myself to write the story in a way that made the mechanism seem plausible and which showed the protagonist's character develop. Those were my two primary objectives, above and beyond all other objectives such as entertaining readers. I wrote the story to challenge and entertain myself and for no other reason, so reading it is a different experience than you will be used to. Consider yourself warned.


This story traverses multiple dimensions. They are meant to be similar to, but variously different from, my world, so I've sprinkled cross-dimensional differences throughout the story. If you encounter something in my story that makes you think, "Stupid author, that's not right!" then you've either hit one such deliberate difference, or the author has been stupid again. Please let me know if any particular instance of my stupidity is excessively annoying, so that later readers can benefit from the correction.

If you notice I've made any mistakes in describing the process of deflowering female virgins, my research would benefit from you sending me your of-age virgin daughters. I'm a very diligent researcher so I'll need several (just keep sending them; I'll tell you when to stop).


The only aspects of this story that I planned for it to contain were pretty girls and having godlike mental powers, both of which I'd like to have some of (just two or three, to start with). Everything else that happens herein does so because the story drove it; not because it drove the story. By which I specifically mean politics. An important theme in this story is power: the hero's lack of it initially, then his having it in abundance and eventually superabundance. When the hero gains enough power, he necessarily bumps into "The Government". Another important theme is overcoming adversity, so I've cast the Government as an adversary. In stories of this type, the Government is ALWAYS the hero's adversary. This story is set in contemporary America to give it an air of realism, not to make "A Statement" about contemporary American politics or politicians. Trying to represent politicians realistically isn't one of my objectives - not even politicians try to represent politicians realistically - so don't get your political panties in a twist over my fictional characters' fictional politics.

I fear a negative reaction to my including politics as a plot device, but I have no such fear about my including murder, theft, under-age sex, anti-religious statements, or lying to mothers. It's ironic that politics is the least politic of all those - unless my mother reads this!

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated, although not as much as your providing me with research assistants.

Legal Notices:

Copyright© 2008, 2009 by AscendingAuthor. All rights reserved. This story and all parts thereof is copyrighted by the author. It may not in part or in full be distributed, reproduced or used as source material without the prior written permission of the author. This story is for YOUR personal non-profitable reading pleasure only.

WARNING, this story contains graphic descriptions of sex involving adults and teens, including between siblings. If you find such material offensive, or if you're under the legal age required to read such material, STOP NOW, before you become a menace to society.

This story is fictional (unfortunately) and many of the beliefs and behaviors described herein are not practiced, advocated or condoned by the author (some of them are though, especially the good ones). Any similarity between persons and events depicted in it, and actual persons and events, is purely coincidental. Some major public figures might appear similar and have the same names, but they're ALL from different parallel dimensions so are of no legal relevance in the author's dimension.

The following lists - of characters, chapters and images - are provided mostly to help readers locate something they have already read. I recommend that first-time readers do not read them because they contain many spoilers.

Scroll down to view, or to avoid the spoilers: press your keyboard's "Home" key then click on "Next Chapter".


List of Characters:

Each category has its own sort order; you'll work it out.

The Andersons

  • Mark Anderson: The protagonist. He's not perfect, but he's learning.

  • Steven and Felicity Anderson: Mark's parents. Jobs: supervises a lawnmower assembly workcenter, and technical sales support for medical equipment. Felicity wears the trousers in the family. Steven is social but laid-back.

  • Carol Anderson: Mark's sister, 20 months younger than him. Plush body, passive and caring personality.

  • Donna Anderson: Mark's sister, 33 months younger than him. Enthusiastic about and good at sports, direct personality.

  • Ron(ald) Fisher: A Black, petty criminal in an LA-ghetto gang. Mark turns Ron's life around (sort of). Three years older than Mark.

The Williamses

  • Julia Williams: Mark's first girlfriend, 15 months older than Mark. Relationship with Mark: scarily intense, ultra-loyal, manipulative, bossy and submissive (all at the same time).

  • Prof and Vanessa Williams: Julia's parents. Nearly a generation older than Mark's parents. Lecturers in Mathematics and Ethics.

  • Andrew and Robert Williams: a.k.a. "The Boys". Julia's fraternal twin brothers, ten years older than her. Doing PhDs in Forestry Economics and Geophysics. Girlfriends: Sophia and Ashley.

Mark's Very Significant Girlfriends

  • Ava West: Two years older than Mark. Joins with Mark and Julia after both her parents (Carson and Katie) are struck with cancer.

  • Nevaeh Smith: a.k.a. "D-Cup". The same age as Carol Anderson. Very beautiful and exceptionally well built. A good, God-fearing Christian girl. Becomes Mark's girlfriend because God gives her to him.

Mark's Significant Girlfriends

  • Alexis Joseph: Tough, rough, black jeans and T-shirt. Some tattoos. Likes it rough. Parents Ben and Vicky, ex-hippies.

  • Carina Durham: Member of Pipeline Group 1A. That group's first date is in her home. Helpful. Virgin but well educated and good attitude from parents (Justin and Kirsten).

  • Diana and Claire Norris: A Cutie and Duckling. Delightfully enamoured of Mark, obedient and innocent (temporarily). Easily pushed into sisterly threesomes with each other and Mark. Mackenzie Norris is their older sister.

  • Katelin Eaton: Only likes "normal" sex. Into dance. Brothers: Don, Junior, Wayne, Gunner. Parents: Senior, Janet. Martial arts and macho family.

  • Lily Cheng: Helpful liaison. Hong Kong Chinese. VERY impressed by Mark, so uses him to get what she wants.

  • Pat(ricia) Osmond: Liaison. Very pretty. Gets pushed into a threesome with Lily and Mark that succeeds well. Nice enough girl, but relatively inexperienced with relationships and doesn't really measure up attitudinally.

Mark's Insignificant Girlfriends

  • Adriana: A-List beauty at high school. Very beautiful and very fake. Thinks wheelbarrows are funny.

  • Anna: Falls in love with Mark during Hot Tub Party. Virginal, silly. Out of her depth, left behind.

  • Carly Pennington: a.k.a. "Klepto Carly" as a result of her trying to steal $80 from Mark. Is blackmailed into being a party gift.

  • Chloe Moon: Failed girlfriend because of psychological problems caused by parents, religion and exceptionally large breasts.

  • Cindy: Picks up Mark at the 10k running race, MS Animal Science (dairy), 22 years old when meet, walks out because Julia tries too hard and Mark is too young.

  • Dakota: Short-term Liaison. Is fired when she tries to manipulate Mark.

  • Laci Abbot: Hogs Mark's cock-time during Hot Tub Party. Has hots for him. Can't really keep up.

  • Laila: Another short-term Liaison. Bi with lesbian preference. Has a regular threesome going with her 4-year older sister (Gabriella) and Hannah (a smart, humorous young woman).

  • Leanna: Winner of the Aquatic Center RPS competition. Friend of Gina, an Italian (therefore a good cook and an enforced virgin).

  • Linda Hogan: One of Julia's best friends pre-Mark. Doesn't have the drive necessary to earn a place beside Mark (in Julia's opinion).

  • Mackenzie Norris: Won the quiz about Mark. Reasonably good looking and not totally repressed (did strip during Hot Tub Party, but didn't sit on Mark's cock). Too greatly programmed with her parents' attitudes. Selfishly possessive.

  • Savannah Glass: Tall, attractive, Black girl. Arrogant, tries to be manipulative, believes she deserves the best, i.e., Mark and his wealthy lifestyle. Probably bi, but she uses sex so dishonestly it's hard to tell.

Ancillary Characters

  • Annette Neumeyer: A Queen Bitch of high school. Unintentionally gives Mark the chance to be cool, starting him on his path to godhood.

  • Roy Smith: A boss at the local DMV. Issues Mark with his driving license.

  • Sensei Nigel: Aikido instructor. Short, elderly, English man. Wife is Edith.

  • Logan: OSU (Oregon State University) computer tech. Helps with Mark's systems a few times.

  • Soccer Teammates: Max, Logan (a different guy from the above), Jason, Tristan and Peter. The other team members aren't mentioned much.

  • Robert Moran: DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Portland. Senior agent.

  • Kyler Wright: Manager, DHS's Sciences & Technology Directorate, Washington, DC.

  • Armani Phillips: Security Manger, Eclipse's (CIA's cover name) Fort Dodge lab.

  • Seth Byrd: On-site boss of Eclipse's lab.

  • Jonathon Winters: Washington DC cameraman. Gets the job of making a list of life-or-death importance.

  • Paul Olsen: Head of Security for the Anderson-Williams household.

  • Robert Mueller: FBI Director.

  • John Pistole: FBI Deputy Director.


List of Chapters:

Author's Preamble <-- you are here


Part 1: My First Merge, to 2 Minds
Chapter 1: It Began with an Ending
Chapter 2: Arrival
Chapter 3: The Second Day
Chapter 4: Our First Day at School as an "Our"
Chapter 5: The Next Week
Chapter 6: The First Couple of Months
Chapter 7: The Rest of the School Year
Chapter 8: What I Did on My Summer Vacation
Chapter 9: Committing Suicide for the Second Time


Part 2: My Second Merge, to 4 Minds
Chapter 10: Two's Company; Four's Even More Company
Chapter 11: Living in a Same-Sex Foursome
Chapter 12: Getting My First Date
Chapter 13: Back at School with Julia
Chapter 14: Planning My First Date
Chapter 15: Friday, the Day of My First Date
Chapter 16: My First Date
Chapter 17: Saturday Morning Lessons
Chapter 18: Well-Fucked
Chapter 19: Julia's Outpouring
Chapter 20: I Treat Julia as a Sex Object
Chapter 21: Monday Evening; Not Sore No More
Chapter 22: Long Running
Chapter 23: Family Dinner at the Williams'
Chapter 24: Old Swimsuits Are Best
Chapter 25: They're on to us, Guys!
Chapter 26: Educational Offer


Part 3: Profound Aikido Discoveries
Chapter 27: My First Aikido Lesson
Chapter 28: Aikido Revelations
Chapter 29: Biff Number Four
Chapter 30: Biff Number Four; Aftermath
Chapter 31: Progress Report Meeting
Chapter 32: Quality Times With Carol
Chapter 33: A Nice, Relaxing Movie Date
Chapter 34: A Phone Call to Carol Turns My World Upside-Down
Chapter 35: Julia's TK Unveiling Plan
Chapter 36: First Explorations of Carol
Chapter 37: Carol Gives Me a Backrub
Chapter 38: I Give Carol Much More Than a Backrub
Chapter 39: Carol Continues to Show How Good She Is
Chapter 40: I Run Faster and Put My Foot in My Mouth
Chapter 41: Stereo Vision is Great
Chapter 42: Happy Carol, Curious Mom
Chapter 43: It Works Better in the Movies
Chapter 44: Showing the Renovations
Chapter 45: Sensei's Tests
Chapter 46: Not Cold Feet, Exactly


Part 4: Our Marriage
Chapter 47: The Proposal
Chapter 48: The Proposal Explained
Chapter 49: Obtaining Parental Consent
Chapter 50: The Ceremony
Chapter 51: Carol's Deflowering; the Preliminaries
Chapter 52: Carol's Deflowering; the Act Itself
Chapter 53: You Can't Have Too Much Consummation
Chapter 54: Honeymoon Breakfast
Chapter 55: More About Carol
Chapter 56: Honeymoon Lunch
Chapter 57: Is No Sister Safe?
Chapter 58: Honeymoon Dinner
Chapter 59: Carol's Dream of Dying for Her Lord
Chapter 60: Are You Insane!
Chapter 61: Mansion Plan
Chapter 62: Nubbins Inspection
Chapter 63: The 10K Running Race
Chapter 64: Donna's Gift
Chapter 65: The Best Dress I Have Ever Seen in My Life
Chapter 66: Short Date with Cindy
Chapter 67: Mind-Games with Donna
Chapter 68: Exercising with Donna
Chapter 69: The Track Coach Can Take a Running Jump
Chapter 70: Carol Decides to Become a Lesbian
Chapter 71: Why Females Take So Long to Get Dressed
Chapter 72: More on Carol's Lesbianism Plan
Chapter 73: Julia Plans to Offer Herself as a Sex-Prize to Every Boy at School
Chapter 74: My "I Love My Sister Carol" Speech
Chapter 75: The Examiner From Hell
Chapter 76: Starting to Plan My Coming Out
Chapter 77: Less Than a Game of Bowling
Chapter 78: Educational and Mansion Planning
Chapter 79: "Donna's Ducklings" Named
Chapter 80: Repeating My "I Love My Sister Carol" Speech


Part 5: Accumulating Second-Tier Girlfriends
Chapter 81: Ava West's Letter
Chapter 82: Lunch with the First Fourteen
Chapter 83: The Biffs Plea Bargain
Chapter 84: Shopping at "Raging Rocky's Rags"
Chapter 85: Planning the Liaison Structure
Chapter 86: Preparing Ava; Part One
Chapter 87: Preparing Ava; Part Two
Chapter 88: Picking Liaisons
Chapter 89: Homosexual Clothes Make Girls Faint
Chapter 90: First Time with a Liaison
Chapter 91: First Time Training at Aikido
Chapter 92: Lily and Pat's First Time; Part One
Chapter 93: Lily and Pat's First Time; Part Two
Chapter 94: Lily and Pat in the Morning
Chapter 95: Prof's Degree Bombshell
Chapter 96: School Before Lunch
Chapter 97: Lunch with Carol's Friends
Chapter 98: Dakota's Session
Chapter 99: Prof Plans for Me to Become a Quadmillionaire
Chapter 100: I Get Told Off for Not Having a Bigger One
Chapter 101: Ava's Fitness Test
Chapter 102: Ava Has a Tough Morning
Chapter 103: I Have a Tough Morning Shopping


Part 6: The Incredibly Important Discovery of Blobs
Chapter 104: Let There Be Light
Chapter 105: Bowling
Chapter 106: Food of the God, Pizza!
Chapter 107: Chloe in the Parking Lot
Chapter 108: Donna Gets Her Hands on Part Of Me
Chapter 109: Hot Tub Party; a Tit in Each Hand
Chapter 110: Hot Tub Party; Democracy in Action
Chapter 111: Hot Tub Party; 8-Ball Demonstration
Chapter 112: Hot Tub Party; Things Get Sexy
Chapter 113: Hot Tub Party; Line Up for Gropes
Chapter 114: Hot Tub Party; Two Identical Fucks
Chapter 115: Hot Tub Party; 90-Second Notches
Chapter 116: Hot Tub Party; Two New Abilities Discovered
Chapter 117: Hot Tub Party; Pipeline Idea Suggested
Chapter 118: Trial Run at the Spirit Mountain Casino
Chapter 119: End of an Eventful Day
Chapter 120: First Mass Lunch
Chapter 121: Sleeping with Donna
Chapter 122: Planning Plenty of Pretty Pussies
Chapter 123: Chloe's Topless Proof of Trust
Chapter 124: a Divine Being Gets a New Computer System


Part 7: Our Growing Relationships with Ava and Others
Chapter 125: Planning for Ava's Thrashing
Chapter 126: The Ava Plan Goes Perfectly
Chapter 127: The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Mark and Julia
Chapter 128: Ava's Commitment
Chapter 129: Vanessa's Comments to Ava
Chapter 130: Katelin's Prize is Delivered
Chapter 131: Ava's Loose Threads
Chapter 132: Katelin has a Good Morning
Chapter 133: I Couldn't Even Eat the Pizza
Chapter 134: No One Touches the Hair!
Chapter 135: World-Record Marathon
Chapter 136: Mr. and Mrs. West; the Easy Half
Chapter 137: Mr. and Mrs. West; the Tricky Half
Chapter 138: I Don't Put My Toys Away, or in Chloe's Case, Manage to Get Them Out
Chapter 139: Half a Lunch with the Ducklings
Chapter 140: I Decide to Become an Internet Millionaire
Chapter 141: Visiting Katelin Eaton's Family
Chapter 142: More Demonstrations
Chapter 143: Helping the Police with Their Inquiries
Chapter 144: Planning for Binion's
Chapter 145: My Body Gets a Guard
Chapter 146: Lunch with the Two Nice Eatons
Chapter 147: Julia Bullshits Chloe
Chapter 148: Nine Jostling Bullies
Chapter 149: Dad Meets the "Killers"
Chapter 150: The Business Takes a Small Step Forward
Chapter 151: Chloe Learns "The Secret"; Part One
Chapter 152: Chloe Learns "The Secret"; Part Two
Chapter 153: Repeating the 10k at Donna's Athletic Club
Chapter 154: Soccer Game Versus a Salem Team
Chapter 155: The Evening Before Our First Anniversary
Chapter 156: Planning for Two Dinner Parties
Chapter 157: I Leak
Chapter 158: My Second Foursome that Wasn't Really
Chapter 159: My Stupid Way to Look Noble
Chapter 160: More Shopping, Excellent!
Chapter 161: My Idea of Window-Shopping
Chapter 162: Discussions About Some Girls' Not-So-Private Parts
Chapter 163: Donna Spills the Beans
Chapter 164: Liaison Meeting; Pipeline Mathematics
Chapter 165: Liaison Meeting; Carding Girls
Chapter 166: Liaison Meeting; Lily's Offer
Chapter 167: After the Liaison Meeting
Chapter 168: Ruminations on G-String Bikinis
Chapter 169: Dad and I Get Our Cars Washed
Chapter 170: I Leak Better
Chapter 171: Revenge Gropes
Chapter 172: It Hurt My Head
Chapter 173: Ridiculed
Chapter 174: Poor Donna's Lesson
Chapter 175: Aikido Training and Casino Preparation


Part 8: Action at Binion's
Chapter 176: Heading to Vegas
Chapter 177: Bet One
Chapter 178: Bet Two
Chapter 179: Leaving the Scene, Twice
Chapter 180: On The Lam
Chapter 181: Meanwhile, What Had Been Happening in Vegas
Chapter 182: Meanwhile, What Had Been Happening in Corvallis
Chapter 183: Meanwhile, a Few Loose Ends
Chapter 184: The Non-Prodigal Son Returns Home


Part 9: A New Lifestyle Begins
Chapter 185: A Breakfast for Millionaires
Chapter 186: My First Day as a Millionaire
Chapter 187: Anniversary Present Revealed
Chapter 188: Getting Ready to Go to the Chengs'
Chapter 189: Dinner With the Chengs; Creating a Family Heirloom
Chapter 190: Dinner With the Chengs; Laps of My Lap
Chapter 191: All Good Things Come to an End
Chapter 192: More About Memories
Chapter 193: Meeting the Norrises
Chapter 194: Dinner With the Wests
Chapter 195: Tit Flashing
Chapter 196: More Macho Bullshit: the 'Castration' Attack
Chapter 197: Aftermath of the So-Called Castration Attack
Chapter 198: Parking Lot Fun and Games
Chapter 199: I Smoothly Invite Chloe to Climb Onto My Cock
Chapter 200: The End of Chloe
Chapter 201: Giving Away Big Checks
Chapter 202: Aikido; Lessons in Ki
Chapter 203: Lily Returns
Chapter 204: Discovering a New Way to Project Ki
Chapter 205: It Didn't Hurt Me, So You'll Hardly Feel a Thing
Chapter 206: Lily's Gifts
Chapter 207: Ava's Clever Idea
Chapter 208: Duckling Lunch
Chapter 209: My Date With Mackenzie; The Dull Part
Chapter 210: My Date With Mackenzie; The Magic Part
Chapter 211: Unlucky 13th (Not for Me Though)
Chapter 212: Pipeline Date 1A#1; The First Half
Chapter 213: Pipeline Date 1A#1; The Second Half
Chapter 214: Lily's Sexual Servitude Celebration
Chapter 215: Flying to Rodeo Drive; Bad Use of a Bed
Chapter 216: In Los Angeles; Very Good Use of a Bed
Chapter 217: Sunday in Los Angeles; Doctor Mark
Chapter 218: I Add "Typist" to My Job Skills
Chapter 219: Aikido; External Ki Projection
Chapter 220: Julia Thinks About My Image; I Think About My Proximity Range
Chapter 221: A Signing of Appreciation
Chapter 222: Two Wonderful Rights Become a Wrong
Chapter 223: Alexis Reveals Her Ass and My Being Rich
Chapter 224: Advanced Aikido Class
Chapter 225: Kidnapped
Chapter 226: Without Boss and Goon
Chapter 227: One Way Out


Part 10: My Third Merge, to 8 Minds
Chapter 228: I'll Get You Out Prof, I Promise
Chapter 229: the Eyes Have It
Chapter 230: Recovery and Discovering a Loss
Chapter 231: The Long Haul; Part One
Chapter 232: The Long Haul; Part Two
Chapter 233: Going Back to Corvallis
Chapter 234: Look Mom, No Hands!
Chapter 235: Home at Last
Chapter 236: Talks With My Fiancées; Part One
Chapter 237: Talks With My Fiancées; Part Two
Chapter 238: Talks With My Fiancées; Part Three
Chapter 239: Exam Week's Monday
Chapter 240: The Rest of Exam Week
Chapter 241: Prof Is Welcomed Back to Corvallis


Part 11: Summer is for Spending Time With Girls
Chapter 242: The First Saturday of Summer Vacation
Chapter 243: Carol's Cuties; I Mismanage Them
Chapter 244: Carol's Cuties; Carol Manages Them Very Well
Chapter 245: Mansion Shopping
Chapter 246: Mom Isn't Happy About Carol Showing Everyone Her Pussy
Chapter 247: Mark's a Genius at Understanding Females
Chapter 248: Some Debriefing and Briefing
Chapter 249: Carol's Sex Education Begins
Chapter 250: A Little Quality Time With Ava
Chapter 251: I Invent Lazy Studying
Chapter 252: Bikini and Car Shopping
Chapter 253: The Aquatic Center; Arrival and Playing With Savannah
Chapter 254: The Aquatic Center; The Group Gathers
Chapter 255: The Aquatic Center; Rock, Paper, Scissors
Chapter 256: The Aquatic Center; Several Conversations
Chapter 257: The Aquatic Center; I Make a Splash
Chapter 258: Satisfying Two Appetites
Chapter 259: A Girl Accuses Me of Using Her for Sex (Oh, the Injustice!)
Chapter 260: Mom Gets Led by the Nose
Chapter 261: The Car that Best Projects the Right Image for Me is Chosen
Chapter 262: I Nearly Get Arrested Buying My New Car
Chapter 263: Seeking Parental Permission to Marry
Chapter 264: Getting My New Car
Chapter 265: Introducing What We Did for My Soccer Team; Part One
Chapter 266: Introducing What We Did for My Soccer Team; Part Two
Chapter 267: Lily's Plan
Chapter 268: Scouting for a Private Swimming Spot
Chapter 269: About Cuties and Ducklings, Especially Diana and Claire Norris
Chapter 270: About Two More Girls: Savannah and Abigale
Chapter 271: About Three More Girls: Gina, Leanna and Ava
Chapter 272: Family Trip to Europe
Chapter 273: Fooling Mrs. Norris (Diana's and Claire's Mother)
Chapter 274: Two Important Meetings: With OSU and Mom
Chapter 275: Our Marriage and Honeymoon
Chapter 276: Touring the Mansion
Chapter 277: Living in the Mansion
Chapter 278: Life Outside the Mansion
Chapter 279: Cuties and Ducklings Go Browsing While I Go Exploring
Chapter 280: The Department of Horrendous Stupidity
Chapter 281: My House-Warming Party
Chapter 282: End of Summer Vacation; Miscellaneous Tidy Up


Part 12: Studying and Studied
Chapter 283: A New Academic Year: Full-Time OSU, 12th Grade, My Poor Car
Chapter 284: Pirate Party, Motivating Soccer Players
Chapter 285: The Department of Horribly Suspicious People Strikes Again
Chapter 286: The Interrogation Gets Personal
Chapter 287: Handed Over
Chapter 288: Life in the S&T Office
Chapter 289: Starting Life in a Truly Scary Lab
Chapter 290: Staying in the Truly Scary Lab
Chapter 291: Planning to Get Out of the Truly Scary Lab


Part 13: My Fourth and Fifth Merges, to 16 and 32 Minds
Chapter 292: Killing Some Time, Before It's Time for Some Killing
Chapter 293: I Start Escaping from the CIA
Chapter 294: Many of the CIA Do Not Escape from Me
Chapter 295: Getting the Hell out of Dodge
Chapter 296: Tidying Up
Chapter 297: Obtaining My New Identity
Chapter 298: The New Me Rejoins Society
Chapter 299: I Get a Job and Do Some Interior Redecorating
Chapter 300: I Get a Girlfriend
Chapter 301: Garden Laborer by Day; Snooper by Night
Chapter 302: Hollywood Makes Better Exoskeletons
Chapter 303: The Painters' Union has a Leak Problem
Chapter 304: For a Woman, There is Something Worse than a Ladder in Her Stocking
Chapter 305: Working on Dual Sight Blobs
Chapter 306: Ambushing Bush
Chapter 307: Our Dodge-Gate Strategy
Chapter 308: Our Dodge-Gate Coup De Grâce
Chapter 309: Valuing My Death
Chapter 310: Keeping an Eye on the Other Side
Chapter 311: Negotiating Upward
Chapter 312: We Become Very Rich
Chapter 313: Meanwhile, Personal Stuff
Chapter 314: Organizing the Money
Chapter 315: My Fake Parents Arrive and Ava's Parents Leave
Chapter 316: With the Pressure Off, We Start to Do Things
Chapter 317: The OSU Browsing Trap is Sprung
Chapter 318: The Trap Closes on Us
Chapter 319: The Trap Turns on Them
Chapter 320: The Second Settlement
Chapter 321: Obtaining Our Next Home
Chapter 322: Ron Reacquires a Previous Life's Hobby
Chapter 323: Daddy, Can I Suck Your Lollypop Pwease?
Chapter 324: Miscellaneous: Majestic Countdown, Personal Dissatisfaction, BBJ2 Obtained
Chapter 325: Going to Paris
Chapter 326: Finishing the DHS & CIA Lawsuit, and Other Miscellany
Chapter 327: Construction of Our Hilltop Home
Chapter 328: Individual Responsibilities for Preparing Our Hilltop Home


Part 14: My "Angel Plan"
Chapter 329: Archangel Michael Appears in Public
Chapter 330: Archangel Michael with the Police, FBI and Lifeguards
Chapter 331: Archangel Michael's Press Interview Preliminaries
Chapter 332: Archangel Michael's Press Interview
Chapter 333: The Angel Heads Home
Chapter 334: Archangel Michael's Second Appearance; Washington, DC
Chapter 335: "Pick Someone to Resurrect, Jonathon Winters."
Chapter 336: Air Force One and Two
Chapter 337: USS Harry S. Truman
Chapter 338: Aftermath of the Angel's Vandalism
Chapter 339: Radar Blobs
Chapter 340: Radio Blobs
Chapter 341: Jonathon Makes Progress
Chapter 342: The Angel Visits Memphis, but not Graceland
Chapter 343: Introducing a Guardian Angel
Chapter 344: The Easiest Way to Get Rich
Chapter 345: "I'll Get the Ground Team to Park Safely Out of the Way."
Chapter 346: Reaching My Return's Point-of-No-Return


Part 15: A Better Life
Chapter 347: My Resurrection
Chapter 348: The Resurrectee's First Press Conference
Chapter 349: I'm Surrounded by Idiots
Chapter 350: The Guardian Angel's First Public, and 1000 Pubic, Appearances
Chapter 351: Saturday's Aftermath to the Resurrection
Chapter 352: Post-Aftermath Press Conference
Chapter 353: Sunday After the Resurrection
Chapter 354: Donna's Sexual Advisors are Unmasked
Chapter 355: Assassination Attempt
Chapter 356: Multi-Denominational Religious Interview
Chapter 357: Some Post-Resurrection Socializing and Making of Travel Plans
Chapter 358: I Need a New Educational Process
Chapter 359: Donna has a Very Good Day
Chapter 360: Studying: Noumea, CNN's Tapes, New Special Abilities


Part 16: War!
Chapter 361: War Comes to Us
Chapter 362: We Get Out of Harm's Way
Chapter 363: The Home Team Fights 'Back'
Chapter 364: God's Servant Lands Some More Punches
Chapter 365: I Acquire the Knockout Punch
Chapter 366: I Deliver the Knockout Punch
Chapter 367: Nuclear Aftermath
Chapter 368: Northrop Grumman Integrated has a Bad Day
Chapter 369: Returning Home; Part One: It Wasn't Easy
Chapter 370: Returning Home; Part Two: It Gets Harder
Chapter 371: Returning Home; Part Three: It Was Harder on the Fibbies
Chapter 372: Super-Aikido Invented
Chapter 373: Super-Aikido Tested
Chapter 374: Super-Aikido Under Pressure
Chapter 375: The FBI's Second Assassination Attempt
Chapter 376: Two Bushes in the Hand
Chapter 377: The President Capitulates
Chapter 378: Aftermath to the President's Capitulation
Chapter 379: Tongue Job


Part 17: Make Love, Not War (God Keeps On Helping)
Chapter 380: I Pick Up D-Cup, With Some Help From God
Chapter 381: D-Cup Gets Picked Up Even Farther
Chapter 382: D-Cup's Slide Toward Depravity and My Bed
Chapter 383: D-Cup Loses Something Very Precious to Her (Hint: It's Not Peter Harrison)
Chapter 384: God and I Go Head-to-Head, and the Best Man Wins
Chapter 385: D-Cup's Initial Orders
Chapter 386: D-Cup's Corruption Comes to a Climax
Chapter 387: Sondarm Christian School Visit; Inside
Chapter 388: Sondarm Christian School Visit; Outside
Chapter 389: Planning for the Costume Party
Chapter 390: The Heavenly Costume Party
Chapter 391: Donna's Sexual Education Begins (Her Sexual Training Having Started Long Ago)
Chapter 392: SCS's Outside and My Get-Inside Projects Begin; the Pitch
Chapter 393: SCS's Outside and My Get-Inside Projects Begin; the Clinch
Chapter 394: Worrying News in Noumea
Chapter 395: Dicing With Fate
Chapter 396: Dicing With Death


Part 18: My Voyage of Discovery
Chapter 397: Telling My Loved Ones About My Voyage
Chapter 398: Starting the Goodbyes
Chapter 399: Taking the Surveillers Down
Chapter 400: Return to Sender
Chapter 401: My Sixth Merge, to 64 Minds
Chapter 402: Saying Goodbye Again
Chapter 403: Seventh Merge to 96 Minds; Into the Unknown
Chapter 404: the Start of a Social Interlude
Chapter 405: Nevaeh Moves in, and Widening My SCS Project
Chapter 406: Working on My SCS Project
Chapter 407: Setting Up the Consummation of My SCS Project
Chapter 408: Consummating My SCS Project
Chapter 409: Government Issues
Chapter 410: The Mossad Problem Solved
Chapter 411: Eighth Merge to 128 Minds; We Slow Down
Chapter 412: A Different Kind of Threesome
Chapter 413: Ninth Merge to 160 Minds; in a Three-Way
Chapter 414: Tenth Merge to 320 Minds; With Duplicate Marks
Chapter 415: The Upgrades
Chapter 416: The Upgrades; Meanwhile, on the Home Front
Chapter 417: Multiple Sight Blobs: Good for Me, Expensive for Israel
Chapter 418: Breakthrough

Part 19: Godhood
Chapter 419: So Many Options; Introduction
Chapter 420: So Many Options; Major Themes
Chapter 421: Category #1; Revealing How I Became So Unique
Chapter 422: Refuge's Stables and Other Aliens
Chapter 423: Refuge's Beaches and Some of the Options With Copies
Chapter 424: Mom and Dad's Bedroom, and a Discussion About Becoming Moms and Dad
Chapter 425: Refuge's Williams' Bedroom and Some Unnecessary Apologies
Chapter 426: Refuge's Temporary Castle and a Dinnertime Conversation
Chapter 427: Options for W-Dimension Category #2
Chapter 428: Options for W-Dimension Categories #3, #4 and #6
Chapter 429: Category #5; The 42,000 Marks Turn Over New Leaves
Chapter 430: 42,000 Marks; We Go Clothes Shopping
Chapter 431: 42,000 Marks; Special Abilities
Chapter 432: 42,000 Marks; Flying Family
Chapter 433: Single-Minded Marks; Initial Introductions
Chapter 434: Single-Minded Marks; The Williamses at Refuge
Chapter 435: The End of the Beginning


Image List
Chapter 2: "Northwest USA, indicating Corvallis."
Chapter 245: "Corvallis, viewed from above SE Peoria Road."
Chapter 327: "Our Chip Ross Property."
Chapter 327: "Chip Ross Park View over Corvallis."
Chapter 336: "Andrews Air Force Base, showing the location of Hangar One."
Chapter 363: "Beale Air Force Base."
Chapter 363: "Air Force Base's Alert Pad."
Chapter 365: "Minot Air Force Base and its residential area."

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