Letters to Sweden
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Apart from the man I love(He being in Sweden and I in the USA). I write him letters telling him of the erotic dreams and adventures that I have about us, in hopes that this will ease our time apart and help us remain as close as possible while we wait to be in each others arms again.


Being apart from you has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done. It seems like forever since we we together last. Life is so very hard for us, living so far apart. Why could you have not been from America, or I from Sweden. Funny thing is if that were the case I do believe that neither of us would have fallen in love with each other. I am so very glad to have you in my life dearest, you own my heart, you are my knight, my paladin, my soul.

These last few days have been so very rough for me, I have been twitching as you know I do when I have an itch that only you and your shaft can fill for me. It has been so bad that I have driven myself to the bring of numbness to try and calm myself down but all it has done is drive my body into convulsions. I hate the power you have over me. Yet then again I love it, I love how you make me moan and squirm under you. Your hands are always everywhere on me touching and caressing me, when you kiss my neck you make my toes curl. I just shivered thinking about that, does the thought make you smile? I hope that it does darling I hope you yearn for me as much as I do you. I dreamed about you last night, Shall I tell you about it? I think you would want to hear this.

My dream started out with us at just before Thanksgiving. ( I can't wait for you to cometo visit love ) We had decided that we needed some alone time, and we took a walk, it was about 7:30 in the evening and cold, almost cold enough to snow. We were out just walking in the neighborhood holding hands, I showed you where my parents best friends lived, and where the house we rented before we bought the one we live in now is, I told you stories of my highschool years, witch made you laugh at how prim and proper I used to be...

We ended up walking up to the park and sitting on the swings. You know how I adore swinging. We were just sitting and talking about the coming week, you were telling me yet again for the 100th or so time how excited you were to experience a real American holiday. I giggled and told you that you were just excited that you had an excuse to eat so much. You pretended to be all mad and kick wood chips at my shoes, and it made me laugh so hard that I fell out of my swing. Instead of helping me up you came over and leaned down and kissed me, only the way you do, I swear that kissing you is as close to heaven as I can get on this earth. When your lips touch mine I start tingling from the roots of my hair down my spine. You know just how firmly to kiss, making me feel possessed and totally owned by you, and yet still somewhat yielding so that I can respond to you making you enjoy it all the more. After a few minutes and lots of fondeling we got up and walked over across the basketball courts to the playground. You leaned against the frame of the monkey bars and we laughed as I told you about how when I was a kid I could cross them so fast.

We ended up sitting down on the end of the slide and leaning back looking up at the stars and I told you I loved you, and you leaned over and kissed me again. This time it was a light and fresh kiss and I don't know why it shook me so deeply but it made me moan at you ( not like that is uncommon ) but this was different than typical kisses, it turned me on and I whimpered at you pleading for more. You laid your hand against my neck and cheek and kissed me softly again. I ended up leaning against you and you pulled me into your lap and leaned you back against the slide with me on top of you. We started geting heavy, and gosh baby I was so turned on, I slid my hand up and unbuttoned your jacket and ran my hand along your chest. Not being satisfied with that I dove under your shirt and ran my nails up your tummy turning you on as I know it does. You hissed in a deep breath because my hand was cold against your warm tummy, though you liked my hand there all the same. Leaning against you I stretched up and attacked your neck kissing it and nibbling against the soft flesh of it, licking and suckling against your earlobes and tugging them with my lips. Groaning, and whispering out how much you loved it as you dug your hands into my jacket and pulled me tighter against you that was all the encouragement I needed ... I could feel you straining against your pants baby, so hard and strong, knowing how long it had been six whole months since we were together, you were so excited, and so hard for me. I unbuckled your belt and undid the top button of you 501's. You wore my favorite pair too, the ones the are so snug against your ass. ( just thinking about you in them has made my nipples so hard and my thighs moist ) I ran just my fingertips against the head of your erection just teasing you so. I love teasing you, epically when I am on top of you and can watch your face. You told me that I was an evil girl and that I had better stop or I would have to explain to my mom and dad why you were walking funny for the rest of the night. Giggling I said I wasn't that mean and that I would take care of it before we got home if you liked. You just looked at me intrigued...

How so you asked, and grinning at you I slid down your body onto my knees... ( I might add wood chips in the knees are not that pleasant feeling, ) I grinned evilly up at you and took the side of your 501's in my mouth and tugged, popping the four remaining buttons open then I leaned in and kissed your cock through your boxi-briefs. Your eyes were glazing over and so dark your pupils were so large that I could barely see the brown of your eyes. I slid my hands up over your legs slowly starting at your calves and working my way up rubbing them and squeezing them as I went. When I got to your waste line I tugged them down and popped your cock into view. Looking down I just took my time staring at you enjoying the site of my friend that I had not seen in so long. Taking you in my hand I kissed your head softly and and ran my tounge across the tip enjoying the taste of you. Telling you how much I missed this I slid you into my mouth and took my lips all the way down to the base of your shaft. Sucking hard against you I slowly slid my mouth and lips back up looking at you the whole time. You smiled at me saying that you missed my lips around your cock too. Slowly I started working you in my mouth running my tounge over you just how you like it, just like I was sucking on a lollipop. Round and round sucking softly moving my mouth down so your deep in my throat then dragging it up so that just the tip is against my lips, looking at you again and grinning You slid your hands against my ears and pulled my hair back for me, signaling me to you that you were ready for me to abuse your cock with my lips and not just tease you. Giggling with your cock in my mouth and against my throat I started working you seriously with my mouth taking you in deep every downward thrust and sucking as I came back up, flipping my tounge around your head just as I reached the top. Starting slowing and building up speed till i get into the rhythm you like so much. You know how I do it, just how you like ... I felt your legs start twitching and your cock start jerking against my lips just as you say that your about to come for me, and so I focus just on the head flickering my tounge across it and sucking it into my mouth bringing my hand up and jacking you off against my lips. You start panting, and squeezing your eyes shut, then your legs stiffed as you came just inside my mouth on my tounge. Boy did you fill my mouth and lips, I hadn't ever seen you come so much. ( probably from the six months build-up huh with just a right to use you probably had a lot building up over time ). Grinning up at you I close my mouth and swallow every drop then I softly licked you clean asking you if you missed me, looking down at me you just smiled and sighed.

Needless to say When we walked back in the front door of the house, you were not walking funny, however you did have that dorky grin I know and love on your face ... Where was my camera when I needed it. I love you darling, I hope you dream of me tonight.

~You Devoted Slave~


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