She Did It for Love
Chapter 1: The Marriage End-to-End

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Violent,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Marriage End-to-End - Kim makes a decision to run off with her biker boyfriend after he beats up her husband Sam. Sam is seriously hurt phyuically and mentally. Kim returns to tries to make amends. Does she succeed?

My name is Sam. I'm a thirty-two-year-old, married man living with my wife and four-year old daughter in Warrenton, Virginia. At least I used to live with my wife.

I met my lovely wife, Kimberly, in grade school. We were best friends for years, until we were juniors at the local college. We confided to each other about everything. I'd tell her all about my girlfriends and she told me about her boyfriends. We were the only people aware of each other's first sexual experiences.

Kim told me all about her back seat screwing with her boyfriend, Roger. Actually it was less of a screwing and more of a, "Wham, bam, and thank you, ma'am." She never got off and was pissed because he had cum all over her best skirt.

Kim was the first to know about my night with Lana, the class slut. I didn't last long enough to fuck her; she went down on me and I blew my load in record time. After that I could not bring myself to French kiss her again. She got pissed and slapped my still sensitive dick with a sharp rap of her open hand. It hurt like hell. After that the date was less than amicable!

We consoled each other when our girlfriend/boyfriend relationships went to hell. Which happened a lot in our early college years. In our junior year of college Kim and I had been hanging out together because we had both been dumped by our respective significant others. We were at the movies again for the second time in the week and were watching a comedy that I can't remember anything about. One scene had us both in hysterics and turning laughing to each other her lips brushed mine.

Our laughter ceased as if a bolt of lightening had touched us. We stared into each other's eyes for what seemed an eternity and I felt her hand slip into mine. I hesitantly moved my face toward hers.

I stopped short of the kiss I now longed to give her. I was torn. Here I was about to make out with my best friend. How would we ever get by this? I thought. She let go of my hand and slowly placed both of her hands behind my neck. She gave me a small smile and a tiny nod as she moved my face back toward hers. In an instant we kissed. It was something I will always remember. It was a pure act of love between two people who knew everything about each other.

The kiss seemed to last for hours. The follow up make out session in her folks' basement did last for hours. I had a real bad case of blue balls by the time I left her that night. My lips were sore for several days from all of the night's kissing.

The next day we were to go on a picnic with several of her friends from Kim's sorority and their boyfriends. I was almost embarrassed to show up at her house. Not so much embarrassed about making out with her, but terribly embarrassed about the steel rod hard on I got just thinking about her.

I knocked on the door of the basement apartment she had at her parents' house and she promptly opened to the door. I glanced at her face and saw a look of love coming from an angel. She pulled me to her and planted a very large, very long, very sensual series of kisses on my sore lips. She then slapped my chest with her open palm and laughed, "Come on, Sam. Our guests are waiting. I want them to meet my one true love."

Kim is five-five and has gorgeous auburn hair and deep hazel eyes. She has that classic hourglass shape; you know the kind I mean. She has a set of jugs that women envy and men ogle. Her hips are round and firm and would make Sofia Loren jealous.

After the picnic we had snuck off to be alone for a few minutes in the building gloom of evening. I held her close. I wanted to pull her into my very soul. We kissed again and her tongue swirled around mine.

She pulled back and gently cupped my face with her two hands while saying "I love you Sam. And I want you, now."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to my car. She climbed in the backseat and I got in next to her. Within moments we were naked and I was making love to her.

While the quarters were close, we managed to develop a rhythm and soon had the car rocking rather violently side to side. The rocking became faster and faster, until I couldn't wait any longer. My cock erupted and I must have filled her with a gallon of cum as she exploded in orgasm as well. She snuggled into my chest and we lay there still connected until my cock finally fell out of her.

From that day, I knew we were meant to be together.

We married six months after our graduation. She went to work for a local graphic design company and I went to work as a software engineer for a small electronic games company.

We continued to grow together and became more like one person than a married couple. It seemed we fit together so well that we were incomplete when the other wasn't around.

I loved her unconditionally.

In the fifth year of our marriage, Kim announced that she was ready to have a child. She stopped the pill and fucked me almost to death for six months. At the end of that time she announced she was pregnant.

She gave birth to little Angie, the sweetest little girl ever given by God. Kim quit work and became a stay-at-home mom. She was the perfect mother. A caring, loving, woman fully dedicated to her family.

For the next four years we were the perfect family. And then, just like that, it was over.

I had been required to attend a two week class in San Francisco.

I called Kim every night just before bedtime when I traveled. I'd been traveling far too much the last year. Many weeks, Kim was alone at home with Angie as I moved from city to city on company business. I wasn't a workaholic, but I was spending far too much time away from home.

I was so tired after these trips that I just wanted to stay home and unwind. Kim always wanted to go out and "have some fun" as she put it. So we kind of compromised. She started going out once a week with her girlfriends. This was sometimes a Saturday night, which was the one night that assured that I would be home to take care of Angie.

Of course, if I was home during the week, she and I would plan a date night and get a sitter.

She always seemed to enjoy those nights out and was always amorous when she got home. I, of course, would jump her bones at the drop of a hat. She was still the sexiest woman I knew.

But I could tell the lengthy and frequent business trips were starting to wear on her as much as they did on me.

It was Wednesday, the third night away from home, when I noticed a slight change in her conversation. She seemed to want to get off the phone and was very short with her answers to my normal questions.

"How are you doing?" I asked.


"What did you do today?"

"Nothing. Why?"

"No reason, I'm just curious."

"Well I didn't do a damned thing." She almost yelled at me.

"Okay, okay, don't get so hostile. I know you're probably going stir crazy what with me being away and you having to run things back there."

"Yeh, I'm sorry. I'm just wound a little tight tonight," Kim replied.

"Why don't you get a sitter and go out with your girlfriends for a night? Maybe go to a movie or dinner, or both? It'll be good for you." I suggested.

"I ... I might do that." She replied in what sounded like a sad voice.

She ended the conversation with, "I love you, and honey, I'm sorry I'm such a bitch tonight. It's just been a rough day. Forgive me?"

"Of course I forgive you! You go get some rest and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Okay?" I replied.

"Good night, love," she said.

"Good night, honey" I replied.

When I called the next night, Sandy, our normal baby sitter, answered. "Hello?"

"Oh, hi Sandy. Where is Kim?"

"She went out. She said she was going to the movies with a couple of her girlfriends."

"Oh, she did take my advice. Good! Tell her I called and that I'll call her again tomorrow night. Okay?"

"Yes sir. Good night."

I thought no more about it until the next evening when I tried to call Kim. Sandy answered.

"No sir, she's not here, she went to the mall to do some shopping."

"Oh, okay. Tell her I will ring her tomorrow."

The next evening no one answered at home. I tried several times but no one picked up. It was now after eleven at home and I was getting concerned. I finally called Kim's mother's number. She was a widow. Kim's father had died six months earlier from a massive coronary.

Her mother picked up and said, "Sam! So good to hear from you! What can I do for you?"

"Have you seen Kim tonight?" I asked.

"Oh yes! She ran in long enough to drop Angie with me for the night and then said she was going to go bar hopping with a couple of her girlfriends."

"Oh. I — I see," I replied even though I really didn't understand what Kim was up to. What's this bar hopping crap? I suggested dinner and a movie and she turns it into a night of cruising bars.

"Well, when she gets back tell her to call me, please. I'll be up until midnight which is after three your time," I asked my mother-in-law trying to maintain a neutral tone.

"I certainly will. Is there something wrong?" She asked.

"Wrong? No, nothing I know of. I just want to talk with Kim."

"All right. How's San Francisco?"

I responded with a little idle chitchat about the beauty of the city and the laid back style of the people. Then I said goodbye and hung up.

Midnight came and went with no call. Five in the morning came and went with no call.

At six, I dialed the house and Kim picked up. "Hello."

"Kim, why didn't you call me last night?"

There was a brief hesitation as if she was deciding what to tell me. Finally she said, "Mary had an accident in her car leaving the club we went to and we ended up at the hospital with her until daylight. She is seriously hurt."

"Oh, will she be okay?"

"Yes, the Doctor says with rest and recuperation she should be as good as new in a couple of weeks. They're letting her go home tomorrow if no complications set in."

"That's good," I replied and then continued, "Why did you go bar hopping? That's not like you."

"Oh, I guess Mom told you where I went?" She said in an almost exasperated voice.

"Yes, she did. Is there some reason she shouldn't have?"

"No. It's just like you two were checking up on me. Don't you trust me?"

"Well sure I do, I was just very worried when you failed to call last night and I haven't been able to talk to you in several days."

"Oh, I know sweetie. I'm lonely for you, too. I went out with Mary and Alice last night to blow off some steam and just let my hair down with some adults. Nothing more."

"No problem, Kim. I was just worried about you."

"Thanks for caring, honey. But right now I have to go and pick up Angie from Mom's."

"Okay. I'll call you tonight. Give Angie a big hug for me."

"I will. Hurry home, my love. Bye."

"Bye," I replied as the line went dead.

I thought no more of it until my normal evening call to Kim. Again, there was no answer. I tried two more times and after an hour dialed my mother-in-law's house.

No chitchat tonight. I just launched into her, "Have you seen Kim tonight?"

"Well, eh, yes. I saw her about two hours ago when she dropped Angie off for the night."

"She dropped Angie off? For the night! Where the hell was she going?" I asked angrily.

"She said she was going to spend the night at Mary's to help her out because she can't walk yet from the injuries she received in the accident." She said with a little hesitance in her voice.

"But?" I asked.

"But what?" she replied.

"But, you think something is fishy?" I pushed.

"Well, Sam. Eh, it may be nothing, but Kim was really dressed nicely with makeup and everything. I don't know why she would dress that way or look so made up for just an overnight with Mary. But, it may be nothing, you know?" She confided in an almost pleading voice.

"Yeh, nothing. There is probably a good explanation," I volunteered, even though I was feeling like the rug was being pulled out from under me.

I said goodbye to her and hung up. There was one way to check this out. I called Jim Stanley, my neighbor across the street from my house who lived with his wife Sally next door to Mary and her husband Carl.

"Hi Jim. It's Sam."

"Hey Sam, what can I do for you?"

"Just answer a couple of questions for me."

"Sure, if I can."

"How is Mary after her accident?"

"Mary? Our neighbor? What accident? Hell, I just saw her playing ball in the yard with her kids this afternoon. Has she been in an accident?"

I stopped and thought for a minute. Okay, so the accident story is bullshit. So what is Kim up to? Maybe I'm making too much of this?

I considered my next question and asked, "Isn't Kim's car at Mary and Carl's house or in our driveway?"

"Hold on a minute and let me look," Jim said. A few seconds later, he was back on the line. "Nope, there's no car at all out front of their place or in your driveway. In fact, your house is dark. I don't think Kim's home."

"Oh," I said. Then offered, "I must have gotten a really screwed up message. Thanks for looking." I hung up.

So this whole evening is a lie? Where the hell is she? My God, is she cheating on me? I thought as confusion descended into my normally well-ordered mind.

I opened one of those small bottles of booze that hotels place in your room and charge you four times what it is worth. I turned the bottle up and downed the fiery liquid. I coughed as it went down.

Falling onto the bed I tried to think through things. Okay, I'll catch the next plane home and put this whole thing to rest one way or other.

And that is what I did. What with the airlines packed to gills and less flights being offered, it was a late day flight the next day that I was able to book. I arrived at Dulles Airport about ten in the evening. It was an hour drive to my home.

When I got there a motorcycle was parked in the driveway blocking access to the carport. The house was dark. I now knew that someone, some man, some biker, was inside my house with my wife.

I felt my blood begin to heat up. Going to the front door and using my key, I quietly opened the door and entered the house.

Immediately, I was aware of noises coming from upstairs. I quietly climbed the dark stairs and found my door. I pushed it open and froze at the sight in front of me.

A blonde haired man about my size was fucking Kim in our bed. She was moaning and saying things I never heard her utter before. I was close enough to pick up what they were saying.

"Oh Jesus Eddie, fuck me with that beautiful cock! Make me cum! Shoot your sweet cum in me! Give me your baby!" she panted and moaned into his ear.

"Yeah, Baby. You love my big dick, don't you bitch? I fill you up and touch places your wimp husband never reached, don't I?"

"Yes! Yes! Oh Shit! Yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck me!" Kim groaned back and arched her back as he plunged with sure steady strokes into her sopping cunt. I knew it was sopping from the wet sounds his dick made as it rammed in and out of her.

My blood boiled over at the sight and sounds that offended my senses. My loving wife was rutting like an animal with a lowlife biker in our martial bed. So much for fidelity. So much for happily ever after.

And what was this big dick stuff she was saying? From what I could see, he might be bigger around but we were about the same length. His build was more muscular then mine, but we appeared to be about the same six feet in height. He might have outweighed me by ten or fifteen pounds, but I worked out and was in good shape. I was so mad at the moment, I was sure I could take him.

Without thinking any more, I charged into the room and grabbed the son of a bitch by a hand full of hair and pulled his head backward. I brought a roundhouse right fist up to the side of his head and he fell from the bed moaning. His dick pulled from Kim's cunt with a popping sound.

I turned to the bed and faced my wife. "You slut! You damned worthless slut. How could you? And here in our own bed? With that pile of crap?" I turned to point at the bastard on the floor.

I saw the lamp base approaching my face but didn't have time to react. "Eddie" had only been stunned for a moment and had grabbed the lamp on the bedside table. I had been too busy staring at my naked wife who had just been caught fucking our marriage away to keep an eye on old "Eddie".

Stars exploded in my head as the lamp connected. Eddie was all over me in a flash. He began beating my head with heavy punches. He grabbed me by the shirt and heaved me up to stand wobbling in front of him as he smiled an evil smile and said, "Hello husband. I'm enjoying doing your wife, but you interrupted me. So after I take care of you, you can watch as I take her some more."

He punctuated his threat with a knee to my groin. Stars exploded in my head again and I tried to sink to the floor in pain but he hauled me back up. "Okay hubby, let's show little Kim here who the real man is around here."

He then commenced to batter my head and face with punch after punch. Soon I had slipped to the floor but he continued to beat me. Both of my eyes were closing from the pounding and my lips and cheeks were pulsing out blood and swelling into huge bruises.

He slapped my right ear more times than I could count and I think I heard my eardrum shatter as sound faded from that ear. Blood poured from the abused ear.

I did hear Kim pleading with him, "Eddie! Stop baby! Don't kill him. He's not a quarter of the man you are. Get over here and finish fucking me!"

Through eyes almost closed from the beating, I saw Kim's arms wrap around Eddie and pull him away from me as she spoke to him in her sexiest voice, "Get over here and fuck me now. I'm so hot I can't stand it. Leave that wimp alone and give me that gorgeous cock."

I was falling into unconsciousness when I heard her say to Eddie, "Here, let me suck that beautiful shaft back to life and then you can pound me until I get off."

I woke up once after Eddie most have placed me on the bed. My eyes opened to small slits just enough to see his cock ramming my once loyal wife's stretched pussy. Her pussy looked red and enflamed from the brutal fucking she was getting. I heard her breathing in gasps in rhythm with the cock pounding she was receiving.

I must have groaned because Eddie stopped and turned his head to stare at my battered features. "Hey hubby, she is one hot little number. Of course, after me giving her the rod a few more times, her cunt will be too stretched for you to ever please her. Shit, I forgot, you couldn't possibly have pleased her or she wouldn't be here fucking me now, would she?" He laughed and went back to plowing her furrow.

He stopped again and taking his dick out of her, turned her over and without any warning, rammed his glistening dick into Kim's ass. I heard her suck in air as his pile driver slid up her rectum. He rammed himself in all the way to his balls and then began a furious sawing motion where his cock moved its whole length back and forth in her formerly virgin ass.

He did her ass for what seemed an hour and then pulled out and flipped her over again and, with no ceremony, rammed it back in her wet pussy. All of this time her facial features were alternating between sexual bliss and total depravity. I knew she was getting off time after time because I knew that little sound she made when she went orgasmic. The way her toes curled up on her feet also flagged that she was totally into the rough sex she was receiving.

Eddie finally grunted and froze as he spewed his juices into her womb. He must have cummed gallons because when he pulled out of her abused pussy, rivers of white flowed from her. She lay still as if totally spent from the sexual efforts, her legs wide from his previous mount. She looked like a common whore who had just serviced a room full of men.

Eddie got on his knees and moved to my head. "Hey hubby. I got a ton of your wife's pussy juice and cum stuck on my dick. How about if I use your hair to wipe myself off?"

He laughed as he wiped his dirty dick on my hair.

Kim laughed and grabbing Eddie's hand said, "Baby, leave the poor guy alone. You got me and that's what you want isn't it? So just let the poor bastard alone, okay?"

He looked around at Kim, nodded and ordered, "Sweetmeat, get dressed. You and I are leaving. It's now eight in the morning. We'll stop by the bank and take some money from your hubby's accounts. Don't pack anything because we'll get you some new outfits. I want you to show that bod off to my friends. No underwear and some real shear blouses will work. Maybe some hot pants and mini-skirts. Some stiletto heels, too."

Kim eased herself from our bed that was covered in her and Eddie's juices. She walked to the bathroom door and went into her closet on the other side of the bathroom saying, "I'll try to find something to wear that you will like."

As she disappeared into the closet, Eddie quietly closed the bathroom door. He turned to my beaten body on the bed and walked threateningly toward me.

"Okay, hubby. You really pissed me off interrupting my fucking of your wife. So, I think I should leave a little warning for you about not bothering us again." He pulled my body from the bed and sat me down on the floor with my back to the bed. I started to slump over but my head snapped back when he kicked me in the right eye. He took great pleasure in hitting me over and over in the eyes. I was so far gone all I could do was grunt when the punches landed.

He looked around the room and saw Kim's wooden chair at her dressing table. It was a heavy oak chair with straight legs. He grinned and picked it. He turned to me and glared, "Well hubby, we will need a few days to get away from here. So I don't want you too mobile. Maybe a few days in the hospital will convince you to leave us alone."

With that he picked up the chair and brought one of the legs down with all of his weight on my right kneecap. Even in my current state, the pain was excruciating. I yelped in pain at the top of my lungs. It came out as a gurgled groan but load enough to draw Kim's attention.

She opened the door just as Eddie landed the leg a second and decisive time on my kneecap. We all could hear it crack and break.

Kim screamed, "Stop it! Stop hurting him! I'm going with you, for Christ sakes. Isn't that enough? He's finished as my husband. Isn't that what you want? So stop beating the poor man up. He's not near the man you are, Eddie, so just let's go and let him lick his wounds. Okay? Please?"

Eddie dropped the chair and turned to look at Kim. She had not completed dressing yet and had no panties or skirt on. He walked to her and grabbed her left hand. "Take off the wedding rings." He ordered.

She seemed to hesitate for a moment and he repeated, "Take off the damn wedding rings. Now!"

She tried to twist the bands off. "Eddie, their too tight. I've never had them off before. I don't think they'll come off without some lubricant."

"Okay Baby, put your finger up your snatch and get a glob of cum and smeared it on your finger," Eddie ordered.

Kim immediately put her finger inside her abused opening and swirled her finger around collecting a large glob of Eddie.

She smeared it on her ring finger and pulled at her rings. Slowly they moved over her knuckle and slid off. She held them in her hand. The rings were smeared with Eddie's cum.

Eddie grabbed them from her and tossed them in front of my slumped body. "There you go. Something to remember us by." He laughed and slapped Kim's ass. Let's go get you a skirt baby."

They walked off together to her closet and few moments later came out with Kim wearing the shortest skirt and highest heels she owned. True to Eddie's orders, she wore no underwear. Her pussy lips looked red and raw and streams of Eddie's cum still fell from her snatch.

Without even looking in my direction they walked from the bedroom. From my one good ear I heard Kim say, "Eddie, your juice is still running down my legs. Can I get a tissue and at least wipe myself off before I get on your motorcycle?"

"You damned right, bitch! I don't want no spunk staining my leather!"

"Okay, stay right here. I've got tissues in my bathroom."

Kim ran into the room and grabbed a handful of tissues and started wiping between her legs. She quietly moved by my side and bent down to whisper in my ear as she kept cleaning herself.

"I do this for love. Goodbye, my husband. I will always adore you," she whispered in my good ear.

She ran from the room and that was the last I saw of her.

I had lain on the floor for hours unable to move from my injuries. The sunlight from the bedroom window faded and the room darkened. I was beginning to think that I would probably die before someone found me.

Then I heard my front door being opened. I thought, Oh God! No! Don't tell me that animal is back to finish me off!

My eyes had finally totally shut from the swelling so I couldn't see at all. I could barely hear out of my one good ear. I was totally at the mercy of whoever had just entered the house. I had been falling into unconsciousness and would wake for brief periods.

I heard muffled footsteps come up the stairs and approach the bedroom. My heart pounded as I considered my death at Eddie's hands as my once loving wife looked on in a sexual trance.

The footsteps stopped at the door, I could tell someone had flipped on the bedroom lights. I heard a gasp and inhaling of breath.

"My God, Sam, what happened? You've been beaten badly!"

It was my mother-in-law's voice. And then I heard Angie's small voice, "Daddy ... Daddy, what's wrong with my daddy?"

I tried to respond but only croaks and groans came out. My mouth hung open from where Eddie's punches had broken my jaw in three places, but I didn't know it ... yet.

She must have called 9-1-1 because the police and emergency services arrived shortly after.

I fell into unconsciousness and don't remember their arrival or my transport to the hospital.

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