First Command
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Mind Control, Lesbian, Science Fiction, Space, Orgy, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the second story following the adventures of Lt. Codi Brock. When a ship in distress, crewed by an entirely female crew shows up, Codi is called into action to help. She is a bit nervous commanding her first away mission but looks forward to the opportunity.

Lt. Codi Brock banged her head on the conduit pipe she was working under when her comm badge beeped, "Commander Bralin to Lt. Brock."

"Shit! Fucking Shit!" Codi cursed under her breath as she rubbed the back of her head. She rolled over onto her back and tapped her comm badge, "Brock here."

"Could you come to the bridge please?" Commander Sarah Bralin the first officer of the USS Pizon asked.

"Yes Ma'am. Could I have 10 minutes to finish installing this EPS relay?"

"That's fine, see you in a few. Brailin out."

Codi quickly finished replacing the burned out relay and closed up the access panel. She crawled out of the Jeffries tube wondering why the XO would be calling her to the bridge. As far as she knew she hadn't done anything wrong, nor had she done anything particularly praise worthy. She quickly straightened out her uniform and patted her hair back into place before heading for the Turbo lift.

When the door opened to the bridge, Codi enjoyed the view of the highly organized command center for the ship. She did not often have a chance to come to the bridge, but every time she did, she was struck again by this simple sight.

Commander Brailin turned from the navigation station where she was talking with the young Ensign manning the station. The main view screen was filled with the image of the gas giant, the Pizon was currently in orbit of. Codi had heard through the grapevine, the ship was expected to remain there for at least a week, doing detailed scans of the planet's atmosphere.

"Good," Commander Brailin said when Codi walked close to her. "Lieutenant Brock I have an away mission I need you to command."

Codi couldn't stop herself from blinking in surprise. "Me ma'am?"

"Yes, a ship just entered the outer system requesting engineering assistance. We have not encountered this race before but they seem to have some major issues dealing with males. When Lieutenant Stanton," she indicated a male officer, sitting at the ops station, "answered their hale they would barely talk long enough to demand to speak with a female officer. You are our most senior female engineer so I need you to lead the away mission. Evaluate their situation and conduct any repairs required. This is also a first-contact mission so I will need you to represent the Federation. Any questions?"

"No ma'am."

"You can take two assistants but they must be female as well. You will also be taking Shuttle 2 as they are in orbit too far away to allow beaming over and refuse to move any closer. Plan to be there for at least several days."

Two hours later Codi was piloting the shuttle towards the ship in distress. "Starling, this is Lieutenant Codi Brock from the Federation Starship Pizon, requesting docking instructions."

"Pizon shuttle, this is Starling, please proceed to the hanger bay. We will bring you in on tractor-beam, please disengage engines, at least 50km out."

"Acknowledged Starling."

Codi brought the shuttle to a relative stop aft of the ship. The shuttle shuddered slightly as a shimmering beam surrounded the craft, drawing it inside the hangar bay. She watched the sensors to confirm the hangar doors were closed behind her before she turned to face her people. Petty Officer Terri Bates closest to the hatch pressed the button to open it. Petty Officer Cathy Long followed her out.

Codi was the last to exit the craft. She was immediately struck by her first view of the greeting party waiting for them. None of the women before her appeared out of the ordinary, which surprised her. For some reason, when she had heard about them, she had imagined a whole ship full of tall, beautiful, blonde amazons. Instead they looked like any average group of women — they were tall and short and skinny and plump and everything in between.

The uniforms, on the other hand, made her blink. The top was a tight piece of material obviously custom designed to accommodate the person's bust size, leaving a good view of each person's cleavage. The only other parts to the uniform were a pair of shorts that hugged their bottoms and knee high black boots with short heels. Their hair was not uniform, however — it was cut in various styles ranging from long and loose to fancy braids and curls that caused the hair to rise high above the head.

Codi noticed that the hair styles tended to get more extravagant as the women got older. She guessed it might be an indication of rank. The woman with the fanciest style, stepped forward and said with a warm smile, "I am Captain Velaria, thank you for agreeing to help."

Codi held out her hand to shake, "Thank you Ma'am. I am Lieutenant Brock, and these are my assistants, Petty Officers Bates and Long."

Codi suppressed her surprise when Captain Velaria ignored her hand and stepped up close, wrapped her in a warm hug, pressing her breasts against Codi's and kissing her full on the lips. Without thinking Codi returned the kiss with gusto. The Captain didn't give her any tongue but Codi suspected in the right circumstances she would have.

When the Captain finally released Codi, she noticed the crewmen looking on nervously but the Captain just nodded in their direction before facing Codi again. "Two weeks ago we had a Warp core reactor leak. I had to order in all my engineers to contain the leak so that the entire ship was not contaminated. They managed to stop the radiation, but are no longer in any condition to effect final repairs on the core.

"My chief engineer died and all her assistants are still in sick bay being treated for radiation sickness. I have nobody else on board capable of fixing the core and in the state it is right now we are not able to go beyond Warp 2. At that speed it would take us ten years to get back home."

"Well that is what we are here for. We are ready to start right away."

"Please, it is not our custom to expect help from a stranger without first showing our gratitude. We have prepared a meal in your honor. Tomorrow morning is time enough to work."

Codi didn't really understand. If she was the Captain of a crippled ship that would be her first priority but she was here also to give the Federation a friendly face so went along so as not to offend her host. "That sounds wonderful. We would be honored to attend."

"Come. We are not familiar with your customs would you prefer your own quarters or will your women attend to you."

"I am fine on my own if you have the room thank you."

"Very well. You will have your own guest quarters and your women can stay together in an available crewwoman's berth."

"Thank you that will be fine."

Codi's quarters were quite spacious and when she tossed her bag onto the huge bed she knew she would not be missing her normal twin sized bed in her own quarters. She poked her head briefly into Cathy and Terri's shared quarters and saw they each had their own small bunk bed and was glad she didn't have to share with them.

After everyone had dropped off their bags, they continued with a quick tour of the ship. They were shown the engineering section where they would be working the next day then a quick look around the bridge before they continued to a dinning room. There was a sumptuous feast laid out on the table and Codi was surprised at the dress of the stewardesses waiting in the room to serve. Their uniforms were similar in cut to the other women's uniforms but the material was much more sheer. When the light caught it right Codi could actually see a nipple and even the faint shadow of a shaved pussy between the legs of one.

The ship's crew didn't seem to be bothered by the sight and Codi hoped Cathy and Terri did not do anything to betray any sort of disapproval. For herself, the dress did surprise her but she was not going to complain about the interesting views she was being afforded.

As the meal began Codi started to try and gather some further information. "Forgive me Captain if my question is impermanent but I'm curious about something."

"You can ask me anything if it is inappropriate I will tell you."

"Thank you ma'am. It is just that when I was given this mission I was told that there was a reluctance to talk with our male comm officer. I don't understand the issue."

"Ah yes that." Velaria said with a smile letting Codi know she was not offended.

"About 400 years ago we too lived in a society with both men and women. Our people were very war like. By that time we had 6 world wars, the last three involving mutual exchange of nuclear weapons. The seventh and final war involved bio weapons.

"We don't know who did it anymore, because records were destroyed, but someone developed a pathogen that would kill anyone with a Y chromosome. It was originally deployed by infecting the food supply but it mutated and became airborne.

"After that it bonded with our air producing plants perpetuating itself. To this day if a male was to set foot on our homeworld they would die. The women that were left behind to pick up the pieces were not very pleased about what had happened. There was an overall sentiment that men were to blame for all our problems and a deep-seated mis-trust of all men has become part of our culture.

"When we finally developed Warp-drive it was a shock to our people that there were still males out in the rest of the universe. This has lead to my people becoming very xenophobic about other races. If our situation was not so dire, I likely would be dealing with a mutiny right now, for even considering contacting your people."

"I see," Codi said. "I mean no offence, but I think your people are losing out by cutting yourselves off like that. I have to wonder; without men how have you been able to sustain your population?"

"Our history shows that for many years we did start to die off. However we were able to perfect a reproductive technique where we can take the genetic material from one woman's ovum and implant it into another and cause artificial in vitro fertilization. Once cell division starts to occur, we then implant the cells back into one of the couple's uterus and she can then carry the baby through to natural birth."

Codi focused on her meal and continued talking with the Starling's other officers about various inconsequential topics. During dessert she was interested to see the stewardesses were busy setting up a stage at one end of the room. When they were finished, music started to play throughout the room.

Captain Velaria turned to Codi and said over the loud music, "I think you will enjoy this."

The most beautiful of the stewardesses stepped onto the stage and started to move. The closest thing she could equate those movements to, was a history holo drama she once took part in. It had a character that belly-danced. There were definite similarities in the way she moved, but it somehow went far beyond that. There was a pure sensuality in her movements that never became vulgar.

The way she moved her hips and slid her hands over her body was enough to inflame Codi's passion. She thought longingly of the vibrator waiting in her quarters for her return. The almost see- through material added greatly to the show hinting at the hidden charms beneath without giving too much away.

Codi felt her pussy tingle from the arousal she was suddenly feeling. She was sure she was starting to blush but could not tear her eyes away from the sex-charged show in front of her. When it was done, she was actually panting a bit and her uniform was feeling distinctly tight around the chest. She jumped slightly when the other women around her began to clap their approval of the show.

Codi turned back to Captain Velaria and saw her wink. Codi finished the last of the juice she had been served with her dessert and felt her heart slow back down to a more normal rate.

"I hope you have enjoyed your taste of our culture. You have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow so I will let you return to your quarters. Please make free use of anything you may find in there. Goodnight."

Codi stood and enjoyed another full body hug and full on lips kiss from the Captain. She didn't have any problems finding her way back to her assigned quarters. When the door opened she saw two women in the same semi-transparent uniform as those that were waiting the table. The one to the right was a tall brunet her breasts were not overly large but would still fill the hands of anyone lucky enough to touch them. Her companion was a bit shorter will large breasts and fiery red hair. They had pulled back the sheets on her bed and she realized they must have unpacked her bag when she saw with embarrassment her vibrator was sitting on the table next to the bed.

"Um thank you," she said trying not to blush again. Codi stepped further into the room and let the door close. The two young women moved to stand next to the wall and stood still just looking back at her. "Um I think I would like to go to bed now."

She expected them to take the hint and leave her quarters but instead they both moved towards her and started working open the fasteners holding her uniform closed. "What are you doing?"

"We are helping you get ready for bed Ma'am. We noticed you do not have anything we recognized as night clothes should we send for something?"

"No I sleep naked. Um you know this is not really necessary."

"It is part of our shipboard duties to help the officers in any way she needs or wants."

"Any way?"

"Yes Ma'am"

Codi decided to go with the old axiom of 'When in Rome' and not to argue further.

Her attendants finished removing her uniform. Codi returned the favor and starting pulling the other's uniforms off until they were all standing equally naked. Codi had not had a chance to shower before transferring over, so she wanted to get one before going to bed. She took the two ladies by the hand and guided them towards the head. Inside she saw a large shower big enough to accommodate all three of them. She reached inside and hit the controls to get the warm water flowing. She made sure it was not too hot before she stepped inside the stall and felt the hot water flow over her body.

The two women with her stepped into the stall. Red head began to wet down Codi's hair while the other moved behind her and began to give her a back massage. When her hair was soaked the red head began to work in some fruity smelling shampoo into her hair, massaging her scalp at the same time. The brunet's hands had moved from Codi's back and progressed to cupping her breasts.

Codi enjoyed the feeling of two hands that were not her own rubbing and pinching her hard nipples. The red head finished rinsing the shampoo out of her hair then lathered her hands with body wash. Her hands replaced the brunet's on her breasts while the brunet lathered her own hands up before returning to Codi's body. Codi had a set of hands continuing to work over her chest and the other was running over her bottom then over her pussy lips.

Codi moaned out loud and spread her legs to give the Brunet free access. She was not disappointed when she felt a couple fingers pressing inside and a thumb pressing against her clit. The fingers began to pump in and out of her pussy bringing her quickly to orgasm.

Codi held onto the red head's shoulders to keep from collapsing to the floor of the shower stall until she regained full control of her muscles. "Thank you girls. That was wonderful."

The red head kissed her on the lips and said, "It was our pleasure ma'am. Are you ready to go to bed now?"

"Yes I think I am."

The brunet turned off the shower and Codi followed both women out of the stall. The red head held open a fluffy towel that she wrapped around Codi. Codi enjoyed the feeling of two women drying her off, rubbing her in all the right spots keeping her arousal simmering.

When she just was judged to be dry, the towel was wrapped around her and one end was tucked between her breasts to keep it from falling. Her two attendants quickly dried themselves off then guided her towards the vanity next to the shower and sat her down. The red head picked up the brush Codi had packed in her bag and began to run it through her hair. The brunet opened her towel again letting it cover her lap and squeezed some nice smelling lotion into her hand. She rubbed her hands together for a few moments before she began to run them over Codi's shoulders and chest tweaking her nipples when her hands passed over them.

Codi let herself be turned around so that she could have her legs moisturized too, then stood up letting the towel drop to the deck. She walked naked towards the inviting looking bed and climbed in. Before she could pull up the sheet and blanket, she felt two bodies slip in on either side of her and press against her. "Computer lights," one of her bed companions said out loud. Codi cupped the breast of the woman in front of her and enjoyed the feeling of firm breasts pressed into her back as she quickly fell asleep.

The next morning Codi woke when an alarm sound went off in her room. It stopped when the computer sensors detected her brain wave patterns move from sleep to wakefulness. In the night her sleeping companions had shifted around and she was now breast to breast with the red head who was stretching awake pressing herself in interesting ways against Codi. Codi kissed her on the lips and said, "Good morning. How's my sleeping beauty?"

"I'm good. Thank you for asking ma'am. Would you like me to do anything for you this morning before you get to work?"

"Tempting as that sounds, I think I will pass. I should really start doing the work I was sent for."

"Very good ma'am. If you are satisfied with our services, we can be available to you again tonight."

"I think I would like that. Thank you."

"It is our pleasure ma'am."

Codi rolled over and tossed off the covers quickly kissing the brunet as she climbed over her before heading to the head to take care of her full bladder. When she came out, her bed had already been made and her uniform was laid out on top waiting for her to put it on.

Before she could say anything, she had both women helping her pull on her uniform. She then sat her on the bed, while the two women straightened her hair. "Thanks girls."

"You're welcome ma'am," they both piped back with smiles.

"Can you help me find the mess hall? I'm assuming it is not the same dinning room I ate in last night."

"You are correct ma'am," the red head said. "Let me get dressed and I will show you the way."

Codi tapped her comm badge and said, "Brock to Long and Bates"

"Petty Officer Long here."

"Cathy, I'm going to the mess hall for some breakfast. Do you guys need any help, finding your way?"

"No ma'am we were able to find it out from the computer. We will meet you there in five minutes."

"Very good. Brock out."

By the time she was guided to the mess hall, Cathy and Terri were already sitting at a table talking quietly with each other. Codi grabbed a bowl of what looked like cereal and what she hoped was milk from the serving table before she joined her team.

"Good morning. We have a busy day ahead of us I hope you both had a good night sleep."

"Yes ma'am Cathy said. Terri's snoring interfered a bit but I managed to fall asleep anyway."

"Cathy!" Terri said with a mock glare. "I do not snore! I lay awake and listen to myself so I know."

Cathy smiled and patted Terri on the hand, "You just keep telling yourself that my friend."

Codi smiled at the banter. "Cathy and Terri, while I'm doing an initial survey of the situation in engineering, I would like you two to go to the shuttle and get our equipment. Make sure you bring the med-kit with the anti-radiation hypo sprays. I don't want to assume the radiation is completely stopped until we know for sure.

"Codi finished her breakfast then stood up. Okay people let's get started."

Codi made her way towards engineering. When she got there, she found the area was empty. She verified the warp core was offline then opened the dilithium chamber. The crystals looked intact but she would want to examine each one with something more precise than her eye. There was no visible carbonizing on the holding brackets. The crystals were cut differently than they would be for a Federation ship design, but she could see how they could actually add some extra efficiency, She suspected the faceting would lead to quicker failures however.

Codi carefully put down the crystal she was examining when Cathy and Terri came in with the tools. "Good let's get stated shall we?"

Three hours later, after meticulously checking each crystal for micro fractures and the holding brackets for molecular degradation Codi leaned back in her chair and stretched her aching muscles. She was starting to think about lunch but wanted to put the dilithium matrix back together before that. Cathy and Terri were working together at a pair of computer consoles going through the log files to see if they could spot what caused the matter/antimatter reaction to destabilize. This had caused the dangerous radiation leak and knocked the crystals out of harmonic synchronization.

It took her another 45 minutes to do the rough adjustments of the crystals. Her stomach grumbled reminding her again that she was hungry.

"Ma'am I think we've found something," Cathy reported.

Codi walked over to the consol. "What do you have?"

"See here?" Cathy said pointing at a log file. "The ship reached Warp 5.142 and sensors detected a small spike in radiation levels. As the ship's velocity continued to increase towards Warp 7 the radiation levels exponentially increased. Before anyone had a chance to respond and do an emergency shut down radiation levels were at near lethal levels. They shut down the engines 5 seconds later but the unstable matter/anti-matter reaction continued. It took 45 seconds until the antimatter release could be manually shut off. By that time it was too late."

While Codi and her assistants were eating lunch, they discussed their findings. "Well Lieutenant, are you making any progress?" Captain Velaria asked Codi when she joined them at the table.

"Yes ma'am. We found our first clue."

Codi explained their findings from the sensor logs. "I think there might be some problems with the injector subroutine command code. Once we nail down what went wrong we will be able to fix the code so that you can safely get going again. I am almost finished recalibrating the dilithium matrix. I am hopeful that by tomorrow morning we will be ready to bring your engines back online and take them for a trial run.

"Thank you Lieutenant, I don't know what we would have done if your people had not come along." Velaria said.

"It was our pleasure ma'am." Codi winced internally when she realized the double meaning of her statement when it came to herself. She just hoped Cathy and Terri didn't notice.

"Well you ladies still have work to do and I don't want to delay you so I will leave you to it." Velaria said standing back up. She leaned over and gave Codi another kiss on the lips, then nodded to Cathy and Terri before she left the mess hall.

Codi noticed Terri was looking at her and she seemed to be debating if she should say something. "What's wrong Terri?"

"It's the Captain ma'am. I don't think it is right how she keeps touching you so inappropriately."

"This is as much a cultural exchange as a ship-in-distress mission. I don't want to offend her by over-reacting."

Because of Terri's prudish reaction, Codi didn't think she could tell her that she actually quite enjoyed the hugs and kisses from the beautiful woman. She instead got herself back under control and gathered her plate and utensils to put into a plastic bin with other dirty dishes.

"Are you guys ready to get back to work?"

"Yes ma'am," they both piped up together before they to cleared off the table and followed Codi back to Engineering.

Codi stretched and yawned when she walked into her quarters. She looked around and saw with disappointment that her two attendants were not around. She shrugged and flopped into a recliner and closed her eyes. She had just put up her feet when the door chime sounded. Without opening her eyes just said in a tired voice, "Come in."

"Sorry we're late ma'am." Codi opened one eye and saw the red head walk in. "We didn't hear you left engineering until it was too late. Brandi should be along shortly." The door chimed again and the Red head moved to the door to open it.

"Karla! Good I didn't think I would make..." Karla stepped aside so that Brandi could see inside, "Sorry ma'am I came as soon as I heard you were coming back to your quarters."

"Don't worry about it girls. You are here now. I'm not used to having people at my beck and call anyway, so I'm not really expecting anything."

"Well we are here now and it is our duty to help you in anyway you wish," Karla said.

Codi just smiled. Her stomach chose that time to gurgle reminding her that she had not eaten since lunch 6 hours before. Codi and the others had dug through thousands of lines of code. She was starting to come to the reluctant conclusion that the engine's failure was caused deliberately. Whoever did it tried to conceal the fact, but she was sloppy. If a person was looking for it, it became obvious that changes had been made. It was also apparent that the changes were actually intended to destroy the ship not just disable it but a lack of understanding of all the subtleties of Warp physics prevented that from actually happening.

It was a close thing and Captain Velaria was shocked when Codi reported her findings. The Captain ordered her to keep things under wraps for the moment however and continue looking over the code for any other booby traps that might be left behind. She told Codi that she would talk with her senior staff and let them know what was happening.

Codi decided she wanted to get a shower before getting something to eat. She stood up and started to pull off her uniform off. Karla and Brandi jumped into motion before she had a chance to do more that start opening the fastening holding the top of her uniform closed.

Codi dropped her hands to her sides and let Karla continue opening her top. Brandi knelt on the floor in front of her and worked open her belt then the zipper holding her pants closed. Within moments she was left standing in her bra and panties. Karla continued working on top and soon removed Codi's bra. Codi groaned with pleasure when Karla leaned in close and began to suck and lightly bite her nipples.

Brandi pulled off Codi's panties and gave her pussy a quick kiss before she stood up. Karla took over working on Codi's pussy with her fingers while she guided her towards the chair. Codi sat down with her knees hooked over the chair armrests and enjoyed looking down her body as Karla buried her face between her legs.

Karla had almost made Codi forget about Brandi until she walked back into Codi's view holding her vibrator in hand. Karla looked up when Brandi turned the vibrator on and pressed the tip against Codi's clit. Karla moved out of Brandi's way so that she could slip Codi's vibrator into Codi's pussy.

Codi began to hump against Brandi's thrusts. Karla was kissing Codi on the lips and let Codi pull off her top to expose her own full breasts. Codi sat up straight so that she could suck on Karla's right breast while her left hand worked on the other. Codi slid her right hand between Karla's legs and slipped two fingers deep inside her wet pussy.

Brandi worked out how to increase the vibration intensity of the toy, she was pumping deep inside Codi and used the clit stimulator to great effect. Codi found it impossible to focus on Karla's tits as the intensity of the orgasm building deep inside her body built up and finally boiled over making her whole body clench up. It took several seconds before she could breath normally again. Her whole body felt as limp as a cooked noodle.

When Codi was finally able to move again she stood up and felt a pain in her back. She thought is must be a left over from being hunched over a computer terminal for several hours. Her orgasm had made her forget for a few moments, but her back was quickly reminding her. Brandi saw her wince in discomfort when she tried to stretch it out.

Brandi ran her hand over Codi's back and felt the knotted muscles. "I am a fully qualified massage therapist ma'am if you would like to lay down on the bed I would be happy to loosen that muscle for you."

"That would be wonderful," Codi replied with a smile. It had been a long time since she had a good massage and given the nature of her masseuse there was promise that it could turn out even better than any other she had had before.

Karla helped Codi stretch out on the bed. "Let me get the oil ma'am and then I will fix you right up," Brandi said.

Karla laid down next to Codi and Codi enjoyed a deep kiss with Karla while she waited. Brandi walked naked into the head, Codi heard the a drawer slid open then there was a bright flash and Brandi screamed before falling ominously silent.

Codi and Karla jumped off the bed and ran to the head. Codi could smell a sickly sweet odor coming from the room and there was a wisp of smoke wafting out through the open door. Karla took one look through the door and turned away looking like she was going to be sick. Codi took one glance inside to confirm her suspicions before she turned away from Brandi's severely burned body and wrapped Karla in a comforting embrace.

Codi didn't let go of Karla as she pressed the communicator button. "Lieutenant Brock to security. Please come to my quarters immediately there has been a murder."

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