Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It should be so familiar that it worries you... Extra points if you can tell me why. :-) Another classic story butchered in a way that only I can. :-) "He smiled, and pumped. I quivered. He bent his head down and quickly licked one of my nipples. I jumped, and when he managed to catch the other one on the next stroke I was committed to coming again."

"I don't..." I gasped breathlessly. "I don't ... fuck on the first date. Really. Not usually."


I tried it on for size and it didn't work. I pressed my pussy closer, to let his drunken tongue finish me off.

He was sitting on the floor with his back against the bed, and I was standing in front of him, panties around my ankles, dress up around my waist. He was still fully dressed, but had insisted he wanted it this way.

I'd picked him up in a bar, and we'd had a few drinks. It was made very plain to him that he wasn't going to be in for a long struggle to convince me to come home with him. Or to come with him, for that matter.

We'd walked, slowly and erratically, from the bar to his little shack by the beach. It was no Hilton. Neither was he. Hubert, he told me his name was. Hubert Porcine. A short fat man, jovial, and already drunk. I didn't mind. Hell, it's not like I was picky.

The shack was as scruffy as he was, as though it too were drunk on a regular basis. It seemed to mostly be propped up by the sandy grass that grew around it. The whole place was a single room, refrigerator at one end, bed at the other. We didn't spend long checking out the fridge.

He'd fallen to the floor near the bed, and rather than moving further, he'd suggested the option I described above. He'd watched avidly as I'd thrown off my shoes, wriggled mostly out of my small black panties, and lifted the green skirt to reveal myself. He might have been drunk, but I could see he was hard as well.

"I wondered," he muttered.

"What's that?" He grinned, and then I knew what he meant. He'd said in the bar that he liked redheads, but he didn't know if I was a real one. Now he knew.

His hands seemed unaffected by the alcohol, and he reached up and grabbed my buttocks. I stumbled closer, tripping over my panties before kicking them across the floor. He held me just in front of his face, and took a proper look. I've always liked being watched, so I let him.

That was when I said it. About fucking on the first date. You can see how it didn't quite work, right? So I took his shoulders, and pulled myself in close, pressing my dampness against his face, and encouraged him to take me.

I don't know if it was him, or me, or the drink, but it didn't take long. His tongue explored in an intrigued-but-still-relaxed fashion, licking in and around my most desperate parts. Shortly he settled on the main event, flicking my slippery clit lightly with his wet tongue, his hands scraping the skin on my buttocks. I thrust against him to encourage him to move faster, and he did, licking and sucking with abandon. I dripped and moaned, writhed between his hands, and suddenly came in his face.

It might have been quick, but it was great. I love to come standing up. Waves of pleasure rushed up and down my body, centred where his tongue was still moving, slowly cleaning up, avoiding the more sensitive spots. He might have been shabby and drunk, but he had technique to spare. I just enjoyed it.

After a while I realised that as nice as that had been, I needed more. So instead of offering to return the tongue lashing, I leaned forward onto the end of the bed, and crawled up, dragging my open thighs over his still-flicking tongue, until I was clear of him, and crouched on the bed.

I stayed in a crouching position, pulled my knees in under my breasts, and tucked my arms as well. I put my face down, and said nothing. I just waited.

Okay, so that's weird, right, but it made sense to me. I'd just used him. Treated him as an object. A toy. I wanted him to do the same to me.

I heard him stir behind me, and knew he'd stumbled to his feet. He'd looked, and liked what he'd seen. I heard the intake of his breath, and then the slide of his belt. I looked back in time to see him drop his trousers, and unsheath that bulge. He might have been a short fat man, but his endowment was nothing to be shy about.

I tucked my head back in, lifted my ass from the bed and spread my knees a little.

He didn't say anything either. He put his hands on my hips, and slid his cock between my legs and up, through the sopping lips and inside me. One stroke.

I gasped, and pushed back against him, desperate suddenly to have him as far inside me as I could. He felt at least as big as he looked, and it was lovely. He pumped me, spreading me with every thrust. I loved the feel of him behind me, and the pressure from within, and especially the sound of his efforts. The slide and sigh of a man almost there. The pre-cum jitter. That familiar feeling of nearness. The gasp as he tensed.

Then a solid knock on the door.

Oh, fuck, come on, come!

He thrust. Another rap. One more, and he was over the edge. He pulled out, grunted, sprayed helplessly all over my bare ass, and turned to the door. I don't know if you've ever been in this situation, but it's not conducive, if you get my drift. He might have come, but I was just a naked drunk woman on her hands and knees with semen dribbling off her butt. Bastard!

He was back quickly enough, not that it mattered any more. He didn't look post-orgasmic. More like someone in fear for his life.

"My God, what's the matter?"

"Shh ... hhh ... For fuck's sake, clam it. We gotta go."

"Go? Go where?"

"Any fuckin' where."

"What's going on?"

"Tell you later, doll. Lift your arms." He pulled my dress down over my body again. "Great tits. Come on."

He pulled me away from the door, across the room to a window. The substandard building methods were to our advantage here. He was able to pull a piece of the wall away from the window frame without making much noise, and we both sneaked through.

Hubert danced across the sand, pulling his jeans on as he beckoned to me to hurry and follow him. I was beyond asking questions, and chased after him, in a lovely green dress and absolutely nothing else.

Would you believe he had a scooter? You know. A Vespa. Bright red. We both piled onto it, and took off across the sand. The man who had been knocking on the door finally realised what must have happened, and came running across the sand towards us, waving his fists and yelling. A tall man, well dressed. Swarthy. And he had a potty mouth. I know.

We sailed past him, made it to the road, and took off, heading for the suburbs.

Okay, it's absurd, but I really liked the feel of that bike between my legs. Really.

Hubert yelled above the noise of the scooter. "Hey, I have a confession to make."

"You're forgiven, so long as you keep this ... Oh, God ... this vehicle moving."

"Well, the thing is ... I can't remember your name."


"Glenda? The good witch?"

"Oh... veerrrrrry good! So good." I just sat there then, relaxed at last, just loving the vibration as I calmed down. "Say, who was that guy?"

"Wolfe. BB Wolfe."

"What is he, some kind of nutter?"

"Worse. Tax collector."

"Oh, right. Where are we going, not that I'm in any hurry to get there?"

"My brother's place. In the suburbs."

"Your brother? Why?"

"He'll know what to do."

"You think?"

"I sure fuckin' hope so, Glenda."

"Could we take the scenic route?"

"We're in a ... well, if you're going to do that..."

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