Chapter 1

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Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I reclaim my online sub this time in real life

I had just signed off of my computer. I had a business trip to Montreal in the morning. Could I do it? Hell yes! She needed me. Okay let me start from the beginning. Sheila had just been divorced and needed a friend as well as an on line master. We chatted and talked before long she found out I was a lifestyle Dom. She asked me to be her Master on line and I agreed. About a year after that she met someone IRL (in real life). I then became only a friend and no longer her online master. We chatted every so often as friends often do but no more.

Last night enraged and angered me. Her special guy had taken her money and beaten her severely with no concern for her safety. Sheila was depressed and crying. He was nothing more than a con artist who had beaten her so that she would throw him out. In her mind if her Master beat her she deserved it. But he then left her because she didn't leave him. Sheila told me she felt unworthy and foolish. She had mentioned suicide and I had talked to her for hours. Perhaps I could take a vacation, and visit the small town on the Pacific Coast of Canada in which she lived. Or perhaps something better. I made a few calls, then, I called Sheila.



"Yes. Who is this?"

"It's Michael in New York."

"Michael, why are you calling?"

"I have to be in Montreal next week meet me there."

"I have work. I can't, besides I can't afford it."

"I am sending you the plane tickets from Seattle. Tell your boss you are injured and are leaving to get treatment."

"I'll try"

We ended the phone call after agreeing to speak again that evening.

That evening Sheila agreed to meet me and did not ask questions about what I had planned. It is so good to have a well trained submissive even if she is not yours.

This would be our first meeting even though we had been cyber lovers for a while. I had seen pictures of her clothed and unclothed. I knew she was tall and well built. I knew she was waxed and well built. Her nipples were fat and long. But nothing prepared for the live woman. She was exquisite beyond my dreams. I didn't know whether she wanted me as a lover or a master but I certainly hoped so.

I walked to her and took her bags from her hands as they came off of the baggage carrousel. Then I kissed her and told her how happy I was to finally have met her. We chatted for a while then I led her to the rental I had for my week of business.

"Sheila, I don't want to seem forward but I have to know. Do I need to get you a separate room or are we staying together. I haven't figured out yet whether you want us to be friends or lovers."

"I will stay in the room with you we have little need for shyness between us. I don't know whether or not we will be lovers, but I trust you to let me make that decision."

I took her bags and we walked in companionable silence to the car park. We drove to the hotel and I took her to my room. She put her stuff in the bedroom with mine. I was sure she saw that the room had only one large bed. She began to hang her clothes in the closet when I asked.

"Who is sleeping on the couch?"

"We are both sleeping on the bed. I trust you."

After a short while I left her to her devices as I went to see the client I was in Montreal to visit. The meetings went well and I was to have dinner with them. I brought Sheila with me and introduced her as a long time friend. (Let them think what they wanted to. If they asked I could honestly say we weren't lovers.) The dinner was wonderful and even fun. It was about 10:00 pm when we got back to the hotel. I started the Jacuzzi and climbed in. Within a few minutes Sheila came in dropped her towel displaying her naked body to me live for the first time.

"May I join you?" She looked right into my eyes. I nodded and noticed her looking down into the water trying to gauge my reaction to her body. The churning water hid my erection but she brushed my body as she sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder.

"I don't know if I'm ready to be intimate with you but it is very nice to know I am wanted."

Then she giggled

"Keep that up and perhaps there won't be sex, but there will be a spanking."

"You know that I am a sub and you could take control of me, don't you?"

"Yes but right now you need a friend rather than a master."

"I want a master. I always make the wrong decisions."

"When you are feeling better, make the offer again."

We spent a while in the tub then got on the bed holding each other close. Sheila wore nothing as I did. I was holding this beautiful naked Amazon in my arms. I felt her hard fat nipples pressing into my chest. We fell asleep and woke entwined in each others arms. Another day of work and we would be leaving Montreal. I got up and went to the bathroom to start the shower. I closed my eyes to let the warm water wash the sleep from my body. My eyes opened with a start as a soapy hand gripped my cock and began to caress it. A smiling devilish Sheila looked at me.

"If I am going to walk around horny today then so are you. I wanted you to take me and show me the master that makes my pussy drip when I hear his voice. You have no idea how many times I wish you had ordered me to meet you somewhere and service you. Tonight you had better fuck me and make me yours. I want to be your Slutty Bitch."

"Then start now."

I pushed her forward forcing her to grab the towel bar to keep her balance. I shoved my hard cock into her hot wet cunt in one long hard thrust. I slapped her ass as I began to fuck her hard and deep.

"Is this what you want?"


"Who do you belong to bitch?"

"I'm your bitch."

"Yes you are my Slutty Bitch"

I pounded her hard and fast she started Cumming and she didn't stop until I emptied my seed in her clasping wet cavern. Sheila knelt and cleaned my cock sucking it into her mouth licking all our combined juices from my cock. I then got dressed and went to finish my business in Montreal

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