Tom Prentice
Chapter 1: Orphaned

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Orphaned - A young man's story, covering the major events of his life. He goes through loss, first love, lost love and love found. Categories may be added as the story progresses.

Tom Prentice walked into The Embers Restaurant and took a look around. It was not any different from his last visit, over 4 months ago. Laney was serving Mr. Parker and hadn't seen him yet. He wondered if she was still going out with Jeff. Tom saw that his favorite booth was empty, so he decided to seat himself. He hoped the table was in Laney's section.

Tom has lived here in Elmville all his life. He's just over 6 feet tall, 170 pounds, dark hair and grey eyes, and not bad looking. He was attending the local college until his world crashed and burned. After withdrawing from classes on January 26th. he has been living in Omaha with his uncle Frank and aunt Pearl. Until yesterday that is, when he decided it was finally time to come back and resume his life. That and having received a letter from the funeral home asking him to please come and pick up his mother's ashes.

Tom began the year the only child of Jack and Mary Prentice, but by mid January he was an orphan, and most of his mom's family were angry with him. God, he sure had needed to get away, and it was a big relief when his uncle Frank had offered to take him back to Omaha with them. Frank was his dad's older brother, and so much like his dad that staying with him he could almost forget his dad was no longer around. Well, he couldn't forget, but at least he could pretend.

At that moment he was stirred from his thoughts by the arrival of his waitress. Damn, it wasn't Laney.

"Hey honey, what can I get you?" she said.

"Uh, would it be ok to send Laney over to serve me? She's an old friend."

"Well, we both have sections and she's already busier than me."

He reached into his wallet for a ten, and asked her, "Then could I rent this table from you for her, just until I'm gone?"

"Honey, you got it. Less work and my best tip all week. I'll send her right over." The ten disappeared and so did she.

Tom began thinking of all that had happened since he'd returned from Omaha. First off he'd gone back to what had been his family home and carried in his suitcases and the boxes of food his aunt Pearl had sent with him. He'd been afraid of what he'd find when he opened the fridge, but someone must have cleaned it out for him as there was no fungus farm waiting for him. He'd left a key with Mr. Douglas next door, so he could keep an eye on things while Tom was in Omaha, and he or Mrs. Douglas must have cleaned it out. The house seemed no different than when he'd left.

The house was a large one, with a second story where the 3 large bedrooms, bathroom and a storage room were located. The 3rd bedroom had evolved into the family computer room, and contained a desk, where Tom had always done his schoolwork, as well as his bookcase.

The main floor had the kitchen, formal dining room, living room and a den where his father had had his desk and kept a small office. The basement had the laundry room, a full home gym, a bathroom complete with 2 person shower and a Jacuzzi, and a nice workshop he and his dad had used to work on a variety of projects. They had built everything from birdhouses to a radio controlled WW2 era Mustang fighter plane. Damn, he'd sure miss his dad.

Once he'd put the food away and taken his suitcases up to his room, he'd gone through every room in the house, making sure everything looked ok, checking lights and water, and re-acquainting himself with his home. It had felt really odd walking into his parents' room. Seeing his mother's dressing gown lying on her side of the bed, and a pair of his dad's shoes by the closet door made it seem like they'd be back at any moment, but he knew that wasn't going to happen. When he checked their attached private bathroom, their toiletries and personal items were just as they had been left. He knew he'd have to decide what to do with their things soon.

On his way out of his parents' room he stopped to look at a photo that they had hung on the wall by the door. It was less than a year old, and showed them with their arms around each other in an embrace, their upper bodies turned so they could look at the camera. His father was definitely the mold for Tom, as he too was 6 feet tall, with the same dark hair and grey eyes. While both were good looking men, Jack Prentice had a more rugged appearance.

Mary Prentice's beautiful smile radiated from the photo, enhancing her good looks. She had short brown hair that framed her face and matched her eyes. She was 5 foot 7, with a classic 36, 25, 36 figure. Both of his parents wore shorts and T shirts in the photo, and their fit bodies were evident. Tom removed the photo from the wall and took it to his room, where he stood it on a shelf of his bookcase. It was a great photo of his parents, and it reminded him of happier times.

After checking out the house, he'd called Mr. Douglas to thank him, and told him he'd be over to see him in a day or two. A few more calls, to let some of his friends know he was back, were next. When he'd completed the last call he grabbed a couple of the sandwiches his aunt had sent with him, as well a can of soda from the fridge, and wolfed them down. He sure had been hungry. After eating he decided to go get a bit of rest and had laid down on his bed. The tiring drive from Omaha, and the emotions brought out by moving back into the house, caught up to him there and he'd dozed off, not waking until this morning.

"Hey there Tom! So you're the big tipper." Laney had come up from behind him, and Tom was startled by her arrival. He looked up to see her smiling face, and marveled at how pretty she was. She'd cut her dark brown hair since he'd last seen her, and it was now at about shoulder length. Her large brown eyes seemed to glitter as she appraised him. As far as he could tell she had very little makeup on, not that she needed any.

"Hi Laney. Hope you didn't mind me asking for you." Tom was embarrassed that she knew about his 'tip', and colored a bit as a result.

"Of course not. I haven't seen you in months. I heard you'd left town, but no one seemed to know where you went. You know, I was at your father's funeral, but I had to stand at the back because there was such a crowd. I don't think you saw me."

"Gee, no I didn't see you. I'm sorry, it was just so hectic. He knew a lot of people and I think they all came. And then there were the problems with mom's family. They were upset with me because they wanted a double service, and I knew my dad wouldn't have wanted it. What a mess. I guess you and everyone else in town knows that though. It must have been the big topic of conversation in here for quite a while. I've been in Omaha, staying with my aunt and uncle, so I was able to miss most of the effects of the news and gossip."

"Yeah, for a few days it was all over the news," Laney said. "But no one's been talking about it for a long time now. All the talk is about the layoffs at the auto parts factory."

"I heard about that. Made the Omaha paper even. I hate it for the town, but it's better for me. I was afraid I'd be a center of attention when I came back. Hey, maybe I better order before your other customers get after me."

Laney stepped away and looked over at her section, before coming back to his booth. "No problem, everyone's got their orders and there are no new tables," she said. She moved a bit closer, and lowered her voice before saying "I hope you don't mind my asking, but some people said they heard things that the papers didn't mention. Is that true? I mean, that the papers never said some things about what happened?"

Tom hesitated, and then said "No, nothing that happened was left out of the newspapers. They had the whole story, right from the beginning."

Tom's eyes had clouded over, and his smile had disappeared. After a moment, he smiled up at Laney and said "Maybe I better get my order in, so you can check your other tables. We can talk more when you come back. I don't want to get you in trouble. I'll have a small steak, medium, fries and a coffee. Oh, and some pecan pie."

"Sure thing," she said. "I'll be right back with your coffee. Your meal won't be long." She smiled at him as she left.

Tom watched her leave and noticed how nicely the material of her uniform slacks molded to her butt and emphasized its delicious curves. He realized he wasn't the only one taken by the view of Laney's butt as he saw a grey haired man at one of the tables swivel in his seat to watch her walk away. As the man turned back, his eyes caught Tom's, and the two shared a grin.

While he waited for Laney to bring his order, Tom recalled his busy morning. He'd woken early, after a good, restful sleep. He was amazed at what a difference being in his own bed could make. After a trip to the bathroom for his morning rituals, he'd thrown on sweats and a pair of runners and headed for the basement gym. A near hour spent on the machines and weights had left him tired, sweaty and hungry, so after a nice hot shower he'd headed to the kitchen to make himself breakfast.

He was grateful now that his aunt had sent him home with basic supplies as he was able to make himself a decent omelet for breakfast. As he ate he realized his mom had done a good job of teaching him how to cook. Damn, he sure was going to miss her too. On a normal morning she would have joined him in the gym, and they would have made and eaten breakfast together. Man, there were days she could outdo him in the gym, and it had showed. He'd heard a couple of his friends refer to her as a MILF, but they'd always denied it when he'd called them on it. In truth he knew he couldn't really argue with them, as she had been one good looking lady, with all of her curves in the right places. Neither of his parents had hit the age of 40 yet, and his mom had looked barely 30 to him.

After eating he'd cleaned up his dishes and wiped down the stove and counter top. If this home was his now, he intended to keep it in shape. Once he was done with the cleanup, he headed next door to thank the Douglases, and get back his spare key. They emphatically refused his offer to pay them for their homesitting help, so he made a mental note to get them a little gift and a certificate for a good meal somewhere nice. He knew he'd need their help and advice again, as he wasn't experienced with home ownership.

His thoughts were interrupted by Laney, as she brought his coffee. "Here you go Tom," she said, "Your meal won't be long." She smiled as she set down the cup, then hurried off with her coffee pot to refill cups at her other tables.

Tom was only able to say his "Thank you" to her departing back, and again he watched her beautiful butt as she walked away. Damn, maybe he should just ask her out, he thought to himself. The worse thing that could happen is she'd say "no" if she was still seeing Jeff. It wouldn't be the first "no" he'd heard, and unlike some of his friends, he felt he was able to handle rejection without major embarrassment.

Once Laney disappeared from sight, Tom was able to get back to thinking about his morning. He had driven to the lawyers' office and then spent several hours there, signing papers to take over the house in his name, as well as forms and applications that would allow utilities and operating expenses for the house to be billed to him. There had been forms for opening new accounts and credit cards in his name at the local bank, as well as forms to sign for the insurance companies. After he had completed these tasks, he had sat and spoken with Mr. Greenstein for quite a length of time. He decided he liked Fred Greenstein, and felt he would be able to ask him for advice when it was needed.

When he was finished at Mr. Greenstein's office, he had gone to the bank to deliver the new forms and make a withdrawal from his new account. At least he would have enough cash to take care of day-to-day expenses for the next week or so. He knew he would have to make a visit to the local supermarket to stock up on more food and supplies. When he had finished all of these tasks he felt it was time to stop for lunch and where better than at The Plaza Restaurant.

Laney appeared again at his table, and set down his meal. "Here's your lunch," she said, "I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I'll be back later with your pie. That will be around my break time, so if you don't mind I'll join you for coffee then."

"That would be great," Tom said with a smile. "I was hoping to talk to you a bit more."

Tom attacked his meal with gusto, and about the time that he jabbed the last French fries with his fork, Laney brought his pie and her coffee. She sat across the table from Tom, smiling up at him as he slid the pie in front of himself and picked up his fork. He took his first bite of the pie, and said "They sure don't make pie like this in Omaha."

Not much conversation took place while Tom finished his meal, but once he had finished they chatted like the old friends they were, about the people they knew and the things that had happened during their time together in high school. Laney had been a year behind Tom, was just finishing her senior year, and would be going to college in the fall. She wanted to know what Tom thought of college as she was nervous about starting her studies there. She also filled Tom in on all of the things that had been going on around town, especially those which affected the people they knew. It seemed like no time at all had passed when Laney glanced at her watch and said "Gee, I had better get back to work, my break is almost over."

"Wow, that was fast," said Tom, "you just sat down. I wanted to explain more about my mom and dad, but there isn't time now. Maybe I could call you this evening, if you don't mind."

"No, I don't mind at all. That would be great. Here's my cell number," she said, and slid a slip of paper over to Tom.

"I was meaning to ask you something Laney," Tom said. "Are you still going out with Jeff? I wouldn't want him to think I was messing with his girlfriend," he laughed.

"Oh no, that's not a problem. I haven't gone out with him for two months," she said, and then laughed.

"Oh, OK," said Tom, "I'll give you a call later this evening then."

They both stood, and Laney started picking up their cups and Tom's plates. She smiled and said, "I'll be looking forward to your call." Tom got out his wallet, and selected a $10 bill for Laney's tip. He left it on the table, and went to the cashier to pay his bill, as Laney finished clearing his table.

Tom made a stop at the supermarket, then returned to his house and set about putting away his purchases. It had been quite an eventful day for him, so he decided to just take it easy for the rest of the day. He went into the den and took a look at the papers and records his father had kept there. He slowly sorted them out, as best he could, and when finished he had a large pile of things to get rid of. This type of task really bothered him he realized, as it reminded him of his father. He knew he had a lot more of these tough jobs ahead of him.

He decided he'd earned a break, so went and got a cold drink, then went to the living room where he decided to sit in his father's favorite chair and relax a while. As he sat there the tears began to form as he thought of his parents. He set down the soda and went to his room where he pulled his father's letter from the drawer in the bedside table. He took it downstairs, sat down again, and began to read it. He'd read it many times before, but found reading it helped him to calm down when his emotions ran high.

The letter

My dear son;

I hardly know how to write this, I'm so upset. I need to explain to you what's happened, and I'm not sure if I can. Also, I may run out of time if the police show up. I'm hoping they won't be here that quickly though.

First some important stuff. My lawyer is Fred Greenstein. He's a good friend and a good lawyer. Take all of this to him, as I'm sure he'll help you with everything, and I trust him to do right by you.

I have $500,000.00 in life insurance, and the mortgage on the house is insured as well. Both your mother and I have insurance and retirement accounts at work. Fred can check with our employers as to the details. Our safety deposit box key is here on the table. All of the insurance papers are in it, as well as some other things. I'm sorry, I can't think. Dad's pocket watch, mom's rings, plus more stuff is in there. Our wills are here on the table. We both have individual accounts at the bank, as well as joint accounts.

The only thing I can do is start from the beginning I guess. Yesterday morning, just after my coffee break, I got a call on my direct line. It was a woman, but I didn't recognize her voice. I asked later, but she wouldn't give me her name. She just said she was a friend.

She told me your mother was having an affair, and would be meeting the man again today. I asked her how she knew, who he was, and why I should believe her. All she'd say is she'd done her duty by telling me, and what I did about it was up to me. I told her I didn't believe her, and she hung up on me. I tried all day to forget what she'd said, but it kept coming back, it was almost constantly in my thoughts. It seemed so impossible to believe, but I couldn't figure out what reason she'd have to phone me with a story like that, if it was all made up.

You know the story of how your mother and I met the first day of high school. How we've been together ever since. By our senior year we'd promised ourselves to each other. We were each others' first and only lovers, and our vows meant everything to me. You've heard your mother call me 'Her one and only.' That's what she meant. It was our joke together. Well, all this stuff about the call and our vows to each other kept eating at me all day. All of last night I know I was very quiet and preoccupied. It was all I could think of.

I was tempted to just ask her, but I knew if I did, if she was innocent she'd be pissed I had to ask, and if she was guilty she'd deny it, and I'd probably never be able to find out the truth. So I said nothing, and it upset me all evening. Thankfully your mother didn't notice my mood. I went to bed well after she did, and she was asleep when I got there. I barely slept. What I finally decided to do was to take the day off and follow her for the day, to prove the call was a hoax. I got up earlier than she did, and left before she came downstairs.

When I got to work I went to my boss and told him I needed a personal day off, which he agreed to. Then I went to Ralph Simpson, a co-worker, and asked him to switch vehicles with me for the day. He wanted to know why I needed to do that, so I told him someone was bothering your mom and I was going to keep an eye on her. Since she had said she could look after herself and didn't need my help, I told him I needed a vehicle she wouldn't recognize, as she'd be upset if she knew I was following her. He was quite eager to switch car keys once I told him that, and then he volunteered that he had a .25 caliber automatic wrapped in a rag under the seat, if things got rough.

I knew your mother worked 9-12 today, and since I start at 8 I had lots of time to get home before she left. I was parked at the end of the block, and had to wait about 15 minutes before she came out and drove to work. I was a block behind her all the way, and spent all morning across the street and down the block, watching her car in the lot. I had myself convinced I was an idiot for sitting there and for doubting her. I almost left at 11 o'clock, but decided Ralph would really wonder about me after the bullshit story I had told him.

She came out at 12:15, and I almost missed seeing her because she'd changed her clothes since she went in to work. She had her grey business outfit on when she went in, and when she came out she had on a red skirt a bit above her knee in length, and a white blouse with a low neckline. It's the outfit she wore last month when we went out, if you remember it. Anyway, seeing her in this outfit really bothered me and I was almost sick. She didn't need to change clothes to go home from work, so I was very worried about the turn this was taking.

When she pulled out of the lot she turned the opposite way to what she does to drive home, so I had to make a U-turn to follow her. I was just able to keep her in sight, and I was so close to throwing up I almost had to pull over. She finally turned onto First Avenue and went into the parking lot for The Embers Steakhouse. I started feeling better as I thought she was just going for lunch, but she went into the bar entrance, not into the restaurant. So now my stomach started churning again. I waited for a half hour before she came out.

Tom, she wasn't alone when she came out. There was a tall, dark haired man with her, about our age, wearing a suit. When they got to her car he put his hand on her ass and pulled her close and kissed her. That's when I knew that something was wrong. My heart began pounding so hard, and I felt so faint, I almost passed out. My eyes teared up, and I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. She got in her car and he got into a black BMW, and they both turned out of the lot right in front of me. They were a block away before I could get the car in drive and pull out to follow them. It was all I could do to keep them in sight, as I had to keep wiping my tears away.

I don't remember the route we drove, but we ended up at the motel at Front Street and Third Avenue. I think it's called the Flamingo. I parked on the street, and your mother drove around the back. The guy in the BMW went to the office, then came out and drove around the back too. I waited for fifteen minutes, praying your mother would drive back out, but she didn't. I decided then to walk around to the back to see what was going on. While I was waiting there I had decided that if your mother was in a room with that guy I'd divorce her, and that calmed me down a bit and stopped my tears. She had gone there by choice, and I knew I couldn't forgive that. I had grabbed my digital camera (the one that I use at work when I'm estimating a job) when I left my office, and I'd forgotten I had it. I should have taken a picture of them kissing, but I guess I was so upset I never even thought of the camera. I figured if I could get a picture of them together getting a divorce would be easy.

I was half way to the back of the motel when I remembered Ralph's automatic, and decided to go get it as the guy was bigger than me. Even though I was just going to get photos, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have it so he couldn't get the camera away from me. I found the gun right away, and stuck it in my jacket pocket.

When I got around to the back of the motel both of their cars were there, about half way down. They were the only cars back there. If they wanted privacy, I guess they got it. First I took pictures of their cars, and one that showed your mother's car and the room door with its number. I was hoping there would be an opening on a window I could use to get a picture and just leave, but the curtains were tightly shut. I can't believe how calm I felt right then. It was sort of like I was just a spectator, not really there. When I saw that I couldn't get a picture through the window I decided to listen at the door. I pushed at the door a bit and it moved slightly, so there was a small gap by the frame. I stuck my ear to it and that's when I heard her.

There have been nights I know you've heard us when we were making love. We weren't trying to be obvious, but there were times we didn't realize how loud we were until it was too late. When you were younger you'd be embarrassed at breakfast the next morning. You'd even avoid looking at us. Lately you've told us to 'tone it down a bit' when we were at breakfast. I know you've heard your mother yell out 'Oh, oh, oh, oh my God, oh my God, harder, harder, I'm coming!' more than once. Well, that's what I heard at that door, and I lost it.

I backed up about ten feet from the door and rammed it with my left shoulder so hard the door just flew open. There were wood splinters and pieces flying all over. I almost fell down, but I didn't, and managed to lift up the camera and take several pictures before either of them moved. Tom, they were both naked, and your mother had her arms and legs wrapped around him. He was fucking her! I hate to give you that image of your mother, but I have to let you know what was working on my mind in there.

My heart was breaking Tom. I just stood there, and it all seemed like time stopped. Your mother was screaming, then the guy hollered 'What the fuck!, ' and started climbing off the bed. The next thing I knew I had taken the gun out of my pocket and had fired at him. I don't know what he'd have done if he had kept coming. I hit him right in the groin, and he fell on the floor, screaming. I don't know why, but I aimed at his head, said 'You bastard, ' and shot him again. He fell over backward on the carpet. I killed him, Tom.

Your mother was crying, and she started saying 'No, Jack, ' and 'Please forgive me.' I walked to the end of the bed and my mouth was moving, but I couldn't say anything. Finally I was able to ask her 'Why, Mary, ' but she never answered, she just kept saying 'Please forgive me, ' and 'I love you, Jack, ' over and over. She was sitting there crying, rocking against the headboard of the bed, hugging her knees to her chest. She'd pulled the sheet up over her knees, and just sat there rocking and saying the same things over and over again. I kept asking her 'Why, Mary, ' but it was like she didn't even hear me at all.

Finally, I reached over and got a handful of the sheet, and pulled it slowly toward me. It was like slow motion Tom. I've had this part go through my mind over and over, and it's always in slow motion. As the sheet slid down her knees, her pussy came into view, and I could see his semen slowly dribbling out onto the bed. Tom, I just totally lost it. I started crying again and then I screamed at her, 'Why?', but all she did was to stop rocking. She still just cried and said 'I love you, Jack'. I said 'I thought you said I was your one and only.', and raised the gun and shot her in the head. The last thing she said before I shot her was 'No!' Tom, I'm so very sorry, but I killed your mother.

After, I just stood there, I don't know for how long, looking at them. I slowly came out of it, like it had been a dream. I could see their 2 bodies there, not moving. Your mom had sort of slowly slid sideways across the headboard, and was lying across the pillows. Her 'friend' was sprawled on the carpet, and his hands had fallen away from his groin. I could see my first bullet had hit him at the base of his cock and I think it went through one of his balls. I don't know if that shot was good or lucky, but I was glad it hit him there.

After I got back to feeling more aware I realized what I'd done, and how badly I'd screwed things up for you. My stomach heaved and I vomited violently onto the carpet right there at the foot of the bed. I retched and retched until nothing more would come up.

I began wondering what I should do next, and expected the police to show up any second. The more I thought, the more I realized I had to get home to try to explain to you what happened, before the police had to tell you. There I was in a room with 2 bodies and the door wide open. I expected a crowd to be looking in the door at me, and police sirens, but when I looked out the door there was nothing but their two cars parked at the door. That's when I realized maybe I could get away and tell you this story of what had happened.

Your mother's purse was on the table by the bed so I grabbed it and found her keys. I figured I could save some time if I used her car to come home, so that's what I did. I was just opening the car door when I saw the motel room door was wide open. I didn't want everyone to see her naked, so I stuck her purse on the seat and went back and was able to jam the door shut with one of the big splinters off the frame. On my way home I figured out what I would have to do to make sure this mess doesn't ruin your life too.

Tom, I want you to realize that everything I've done since I shot your mother and that bastard is for your benefit. I wasn't thinking of you at all while I was in that room with them, and I apologize to you for that. I hope one day you'll forgive me.

I've been expecting the police to show up all afternoon, and now it's 5 pm, and they still haven't shown up. I think if the bodies were found they have no way to identify your mother. I took her purse and car. Hopefully I can finish what needs to be done before you get home at 6, or they show up. I feel very content, now that it looks like my plan will all work out.

In our safety deposit box there is a deed for our cemetery plot at Shady Grove. We bought that last year for the two of us. I do NOT want to be buried with your mother. If I'm buried in that plot, find another one for her. I'm sorry, but I'm feeling less and less forgiving towards her, the more that I think about it. If she had kept her vows, and 'forsaken all others' this mess wouldn't have happened. If I were to be buried with her, it would seem to the entire world that we were a devoted couple. I thought we were, but I was wrong.

Tom, you probably think I should have stayed and hired a good lawyer. The problem is, I doubt even a good lawyer could get me off. We'd end up bankrupt, the house and savings gone, and I'd still end up in prison. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a cell. With no money left you'd have to give up college. The worse part is the publicity and people talking about it. It would go on and on for months, until the trial was over, and you'd be hounded by reporters and gossips. I don't want that for you. This way it's all over cleanly and quickly.

Please see that the digital camera gets back to the office. I've deleted the pictures I took. No one needs to see those. Ralph's keys are on the table, and his car is on the street in front of the motel. Please apologize to him for me, for getting him involved. If he gets fined because of the gun, or if the gun gets seized, please pay him back. If the police haven't seen this letter by the time you read it, put it away. I don't want some reporter getting hold of it and publishing it, if it can be avoided. They don't need this letter to figure out what happened. I'll write out a confession for them and leave it on the counter.

Doing this my way will leave you well off, with a home. We've had the insurance policies long enough that the suicide clauses are over. They just last for 2 years. You're old enough to get by on your own. If you need advice ask the Douglases, my brother Frank, your aunt Pearl, or Fred Greenstein.

Please try and forgive me Tom. I really wish things had gone differently, but what's done is done. If the police haven't shown up by the time you've read this, call them. Tell them to go to room 122 at the Flamingo Motel. I'm going to go into the back yard. I'll be under the oak tree behind the garage.

Your loving father.

When he finished reading the letter, Tom reclined the chair and closed his eyes. He didn't sleep, just sat there and thought about his life and how it had all changed so much. Time passed quickly as he sat there thinking, and when he finally sat up to check his watch he realized his eyes were full of tears. After wiping his eyes he was able to see it was time to call Laney. He picked up his cell phone, dug the paper with her number out of his wallet, and started punching in her number.

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