Favor for Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cheating wife with anal sex, and masturbation

It's a cliché to say this, but my life changed the day my wife asked me to do a special favor for her best friend. The friend's husband had died suddenly a few months previously. We had known both of them for years. Our friendship had grown so that we were always doing things together; going out to dinner, to sports events, as well as concerts and we had even gone on a couple of vacations together.

Herb's death had been a shock to us also and we had been in mourning for him, and for what Janet was going through, all this time. It was sad to think we would never see him again. Despite that we had been trying to help Janet as much as possible. We tried to comfort Janet the best we could, which amounted to making sure she knew we were there for her, that we would not abandon her, even if we were hurting too.

It was a Saturday and as I came inside from working out in the yard, Georgina said that we needed to talk. She didn't sound angry so I knew it wasn't because I had done something she didn't like. I thought it strange, but she sounded apprehensive and unsure. I still thought she may want to go to an expensive restaurant, or to see a play at the last minute, both of which she had suggested after using that phrase. This time I was very much surprised and shocked by what she suggested.

"Uh, what do we need to talk about?"

"Janet needs to have some sex."

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open at that statement.

Not being able to think of anything else to say, I said, "Yeah, that could be."

"She told me that her libido had closed down when Herb died."

I nodded, thinking that that made sense. The shock of losing someone you loved for years would probably do that.

"I think it's awakening. She is acting frustrated and she's been staring at handsome guys when we go out."

I nodded again, not sure what to say.

"A good, um, fuck session would do her some good. It would get rid of much of the frustrations that have built up since Herb's death. As well as curing her extreme horniness and relaxing her. All around it would be good for her mental and emotional health."

I nodded, surprised that my wife would put it that way, but I could see what she meant. I was again wondering where she was going with this. I was greatly surprised when I found out even though that wasn't what changed my life and almost ended our marriage.

I said, "Yeah, but so would a good session at the gym, a day spa and a cold shower."

"Exercise would help, as would a relaxing massage, but not even both would help her in the ways she needs help. A cold shower would only temporarily cool her libido if it worked at all. Sex would take care of all of her emotional issues."

I nodded, not sure if I liked where this was going. True she wasn't married any more so she wouldn't be committing adultery, but neither I nor my wife believed in casual sex either.

My wife said, "Finding some man at a bar is out."

I said, "Yeah, one never knows what type of guy she would pick up."

She added, "And she could pick up an STD or AIDS. Plus she wouldn't know for sure if the guy knew what he was doing, or it might be someone into rough sex, or a jerk who just cared for his own pleasure."

I nodded, agreeing with her.

Georgina continued, "An internet dating site would be out for the same reasons. As is starting a sexual relationship with a friend, or coworker for that could start all types of trouble. Would they understand what she wanted? Or would they think she wanted to become their slut, or wanted to start a relationship that would lead to marriage, or any type of other emotional problems. Plus it could ruin a good friendship or working relationship.

I again nodded completely agreeing with her, but I was puzzled. First Georgina said Janet needed sex, then she explained why her having sex was out. I was puzzled until her next statement.

"So that leaves only one option, Cliffard ... I offered her your services."

At first I didn't get what she meant. I had been thinking about the look on her face when she said that. She looked apprehensive and something else I couldn't identify. Then it hit me.

"What??!! You think I should have sex with her???"

She stood her ground at my outburst and nodded.

"You're free from STDs and AIDS. You would understand why she needs it and there wouldn't be any emotional complications, and I know from personal experience that you would be good at pleasuring her."

Part of me felt good that I was doing a good job of pleasuring her and that she appreciated it. Most of me was still in shock though. I started pacing not knowing what to say.

I finally managed to get out, "But I would be committing adultery."

"Yes, but this is a special case. It's to help a friend that's hurting. And you wouldn't be doing it behind my back."

I stopped for a moment trying to figure this out. Was this a test? As I thought about it, I heard a strange tone in her voice when she said the last sentence. I didn't know what it meant, if anything.

I turned to her and said, "I've never cheated on you and I don't want to start."

A flicker of what looked like guilt crossed her face as I said that. At that moment I thought it had something to do with what she was asking me to do.

I turned back to pace again still wondering if this was a test of some type. Maybe she had read that most husbands would take the opportunity to commit adultery, if given the chance, and she wanted to see if I was one of them.

She started up again about it being a special favor to help someone we were close to, who was hurting and that I was the logical choice.

I started to say, "but we were both virgins on our wedding night. If I do this I will have done something you haven't."

I stopped speaking and pacing as I was hit by a thought. I mouthed the words Oh no, for I knew what this was all about. It was one of those times when you just knew the answer to something even though you had just a few facts. I knew why the look of guilt had been there when I said I never cheated, I knew what that strange tone of voice was all about and I knew what was really motivating her to get me to have sex with Janet.

I spun around to face her and said, "Who and when??!" in a demanding tone.

She looked puzzled which I believe was real, because of the suddenness of my question and because I had raised my voice.

She shook her head and started to say that she didn't know what I was asking.

I interrupted her and said using that loud demanding tone I hardly ever used, "This has to do with you doing something I haven't ... isn't it."

My thoughts were confirmed when a longer flicker of guilt crossed her face. I believe she figured out that I knew, by the tone in my voice probably. She quickly composed her expression.

"Clifford, now isn't the time to change subjects. That won't distract me from what we are talking about."

I wanted to say we got something more important to talk about, but all that came out was a repeat with something extra, "Who and when ... and how many times?"

She looked stricken for a moment but said, "You know who-you and Janet. When is up to you too, but she is ready now and how many times? Um, well, two ... maybe up to nine times would do it I think."

She said the last real fast. Later I thought about what she said. She didn't lie to me, she tried to get me off the topic but she hadn't lied. I also thought I had my answer to how many times. I felt almost relieved that it hadn't been long term.

What I said in an angry tone was, "Stop trying to bluff. You know what I'm talking about."

Her face crumbled and she moved sideways over to a chair where she sat. Collapsed would be a better term. I think if that chair hadn't been there she would have dropped straight down to the floor.

She turned her head to look at me and tears were streaming down her face.

"I'm sorry ... I'm sorry. I didn't do it to harm you ... or us. Oh, Clifford, Dear, I'm sorry."

"You have established that already. Now tell me what happened and with whom."

I was surprised by how gentle my voice was, especially after the anger that had been there a moment ago.

She must have been surprised too, because she looked at me swallowed and said, "It was with Herb."

She flinched as I bellowed "What?!!"

She quickly said, "I wouldn't have done it with anyone else."

I looked at her with an expression that said, "Is that supposed to make a difference?"

She looked at me swallowed again and said, "It ... it started when you and Janet were both out of the country the last part of last year."

I remembered that time. I thought it was an interesting coincidence that we both had business out of the country at the same time for almost the same length of time. We had gone to different countries, so we never saw each other. Not even at the airport when we left and came back, for we left at different times and came back on different days.

She went on. "We were having problems and you left angry. I was dismayed for we never left each other without making love and telling each other of our love. I was very horny, angry at you and feeling sorry for my-self. I also wondered if our marriage was really in trouble. I didn't want to divorce, but at that moment it seemed we were headed that way.

"I spent some time with Herb, as I've done before when you were gone. I knew something was bothering him too, but I was too upset to be able to ask about it.

"A week and a half into your trip he asked me what was bothering me. It all came out in a rush. I even told him that I was as horny as I had ever been and I would have to wait another two and a half weeks before you came home.

"He nodded. Then he said almost the exact same thing to me as I had just told him. Janet and he were having problems also, we knew some of it but not all, and he hadn't had sex for a month. He was wondering what would happen when Janet came home. So far her communications to him had been short and without any expression of love.

"I started feeling sorry for him and as it turned out he was feeling sorry for me. Nothing happened that night, but when I went to bed, I couldn't sleep for a while thinking of him and how and he felt. I masturbated to help me go to sleep and I ended up thinking of you and him.

"The next night we went out to dinner and I told him that I was thinking of him all day. He nodded and told me he had been wondering how he could help me feel better off and on all day.

"After dinner we went to their house, I'm not sure why, just to talk and to feel bad together I think. We ended up in their bedroom and we kissed. I don't know how. We hadn't been that close to each other, but his lips were on mine and I was kissing back. It suddenly hit me. I knew how I could make him feel better, take care of his extreme horniness while at the same time making me feel good.

"After two more long kisses, we started undressing each other. He whispered in my ear that he could make me feel better and take care of my arousal. Once we were naked, he sucked on my breasts and I grabbed his ... his um penis. We were still standing and he reached between my legs and I spread them to let his hand in. I chewed on his nipples while he fingered me. Janet had let slip once that he loved his nipples being chewed on.

"After some time, I don't know, five minutes, eight," she shrugged, "We both knew it was time to go further. I glanced at the bed, but he shook his head. I understood why so I looked around the room. He went over to that upholstered chair they have in their bedroom."

I knew of the chair, it was very comfortable.

"He sat down and I ... I ... I straddled his lap facing him. As I lowered myself I grabbed his penis and held it up so that it went inside as I sat down."

She said the last in a low voice that I could barely hear, but I still understood it, I wanted to shout What??! even louder than last time but I just stood there. I couldn't believe she had done that. It made it worse, she hadn't just laid there, she had actively put his cock inside of her. I wasn't sure why it hit me so much harder, but it did. The adultery ... the cheating was bad very bad, but this. I wanted to scream, to punch the wall, but I just stood there and let her finish.

"We ... we finished, but we didn't stop. We did it two more times. The first time even though I had had two climaxes wasn't enough. The second time I laid on the floor and the third time, after a short rest and more fingering and nipple sucking for both of us, I leaned forward on another chair and he took me from behind.

"He suggested I take a shower there and I did. It didn't hit me until I got home what I had done. I felt bad, but I rationalized it by thinking that if both our marriages were ending it wasn't so bad."

I knew I looked puzzled because she had never told me that she had ever felt like our marriage was in danger of ending. Yes, I knew I had been neglecting her during that time. We had gotten into a rut. I was traveling too much and our fights had been more frequent, but I never thought of it as that bad.

"I know my adultery was bad. I should never have done it, not even to comfort Herb."

"You make it sound like you loved him."

"I think I did. Not like I love you," she said that last quickly "but there was a strong friendship that could have been a form of love. I feel the same way toward Janet, even though I would never have sex with her. She does need something to help her. This isn't just because of my guilt."

"But your guilt does play a big part in it. If it wasn't, you never would have suggested I have sex with her."

She sighed and said, "That's true, but it doesn't change the fact that I want to help her."

I tuned her out as I thought more about that time. When I came back from that trip I had noticed she was emotionally standing back from me. I first thought it was that she was still angry, but later I came to the conclusion that she was anxious about me and how I would react to her. I thought she was wondering if I was still upset at her. Now I wondered if she felt like I would know that she had committed adultery, or maybe she thought I didn't love her anymore.

After a moment I said, "Getting back to you and Herb, did you just do it that once?"

I knew the answer already - she had wanted me and Janet to have sex nine times, so that told me they had done it nine times - but I wanted her to say it.

She looked startled perhaps hoping we had gotten past that, but she recovered and said, "No, we did it three more times during that trip. The second time was another triple session and the third was a double session. The next time you two were gone we did two more times. We did it once while you two were home and then two more while you were gone again. The last time was when you were home but both of you were working late. That was when we put a stop to it. That was the second time we did it while you two were still at home. It was getting to be too much. The next time we were alone I went over to their house and talked to him. I told him we should stop. My conscience was bothering me a lot and if we continued doing it while our spouses were in town we would be caught.

"I expected him to argue, but he just nodded and said that he was feeling the same way. We had done wrong and we were compounding it by doing it more and he agreed that I was right eventually we would be caught. So we stopped. It was a little hard at first when we were alone together but that was the last time."

While she was explaining all of this she couldn't look at my face, but now she looked up and said, "We didn't do anything you and I haven't done even though Janet swallows all the time."

I only nodded, for I took that to mean that she hadn't swollowed his cum. At least there was still one thing she had done with only me. In my mind I went back to thinking about the trips I had taken during that time. It was amazing that Janet and I had been gone almost the same times. That first trip I had left a day before she did and she came back three days earlier. The second trip we left on the same day, but at different times so we didn't see each other at the airport. We came back on different days. The third trip however we happened to arrive back almost at the same time.

I had been feeling that there was something wrong with Georgina. Our intimacy was at a new low and she seemed to be more irritable lately too. I thought it may have something to do with PMS, and/or that on my last trip I had promised there would be no others for a while, but an emergency had come up and my boss decided I was the best one to deal with it. Now I wondered if it had to do with her affair, and the rut our marriage was in. I had decided that this would be my last trip for a long while. And that we needed to get away for a few days. Just before leaving on this trip Herb was not himself either.

When I saw Janet I knew I had to say something. I caught up with her and while she was waiting for her luggage I motioned her to one side so we could talk semi-privately. I explained what I thought was going on with me and Georgina and that I was seeing the same thing in their relationship. At first I thought she was going to get angry, but she relaxed and nodded saying that I could be right. Herb had been withdrawn lately and he seemed to not be interested in making love to her even the few times they got a chance to do it. Her luggage came around at that point so she said she would think more on what I had said, got her bags and left.

Later she told me that a few days later she had told Herb that she had been requested for another trip to fix some store but had refused to go this time. She said the surprised look on his face almost broke her heart. It was as if he couldn't believe it. They had a good session that night. A few days later he was more surprised when she said that she could choose to go to a resort to fix a franchise there, and that he could come along. It was a small problem so she thought she could talk to the people there on Friday and they would have most of Saturday, Sunday and Monday to themselves. He jumped at the chance.

While I was going over these things in my head Georgina had been just standing there. Now when it looked like she had my attention again she spoke.

"Janet really does need some help, I really think you need to make love to her."

"I've already decided to make love to her. I wanted you to explain your reasoning for committing adultery."

She flinched as I said I had decided to make love to another woman, then flinched again when I said she had committed adultery.

She opened her mouth to say something, but stopped herself, then started again and stopped herself again. I guess she decided there was nothing she could say about that. She had done wrong and knew she had. I noticed tear drops sliding down her cheeks as she looked at me with a sort of pleading look. I think she also knew that she had damaged our relationship and wanted my forgiveness.

Any forgiveness on my part would not be coming for a while. I stood there with barely suppressed rage. How could she do that to us? To go against her morals like that? I wondered if they really were her morals after all. Evidently she hadn't lied to me during the short affair, which was something, but what she had done was worse than lying.

For a second I wanted to shout and call her every name in the book, especially slut and whore. I'm not in a habit of shouting, nor do I use that type of language, but I wanted to right then. Earlier I had used the word cock just because it seemed to fit the circumstances. But I saw her tears and I knew she knew how badly she had blown it. I wasn't about to put my arms around her and tell her that she was forgiven and that everything was going to be OK. It wasn't OK, but I calmed down enough to keep from saying something I would be sorry for later.

That left me with not much to say however. I just didn't know what to say. She stood looking at me with the tears on her cheeks and I just stood there staring at her.

Knowing I had to say something, I said, "You obviously know that you blew it badly, but I'm too worked up to deal with this right now. I'm probably not going to feel like dealing with it later today either. In fact I think I will be sleeping in the guest room for a day or two."

She sobbed when I said the last.

I continued, "Even though it should be you who sleeps there ... or at a hotel."

She gasped then sobbed again louder at that. I didn't really mean the last, I was just reacting out of my anger.

I told her I was leaving for a while to calm down, which I did.

When I came back she had the guest room made up and she told me I was right she should be sleeping there. She said it tentatively as if she was still expecting me to kick her out, but I just nodded and went to what was for now my bedroom. I wasn't ready for bed, but I didn't want to do anything else either. I tried reading and going over the internet, but I have no idea what I looked at when I finally turned it off.

The next day I went to work, but that evening I prepared myself to go over to Janet's. She evidently was expecting me sometime in the next day or two. My relationship with my wife was on hold for the moment. I hadn't spoken to her more than just to say thank you or I'm leaving for work.

That evening after dinner, which had been silent, I said I was going out, but not where. If she noticed that I didn't take the car she may have guessed.

I rang Janet's doorbell and waited for her to answer. I had a pang of sadness thinking that it was just Janet's doorbell. Herb was dead.

When she opened the door she was surprised. She was wearing a midi skirt with a buttoned blouse, one that was tight and where you could see half of her bra. I was thinking that she didn't normally wear that type of top, maybe she really was as horny as my wife thought. I wondered if she was thinking of going hunting. I didn't like thinking she would do that but she wasn't married anymore and she was horny.

I asked her how she was doing and she said fine and to come in. She looked around with another look of surprise when she didn't see Georgina. We went into the living room and I repeated my question about how she was doing.

She said she was doing better, but frustrated and something I didn't catch.

I asked her if a shoulder rub would help. She immediately answered yes, but at the same time I felt like she was disappointed. Maybe she had been expected me to ask if she wanted something more.

She sat down in a kitchen chair and I went around her and started to knead her shoulders. They did feel tight. I have given her shoulder massages before so there was nothing unusual about this. But this one was going to be different from the others I had given her and to Herb.

I knew why I was there and I assumed that she knew, or had an idea of why I was there, but I had no idea how to begin. I have never done anything like this before but somehow "let's go have sex" didn't sound like the way to do it.

I thought a massage would break the ice and help me to open the door to the next step. I knew what the next step would be. Herb had told me some of things she liked and what turned her on. Tonight that would probably take very little.

After a minute I asked her to undo the top two buttons on her blouse so I could touch her skin. She did and my hands slipped underneath her collar. She groaned as I kneaded her shoulder muscles. I continued for another minute, going down her back a few inches I was able to reach, down each arm and up her neck. She was continually groaning in relief.

Finally I did something I had never done before. I bent over and licked the back of her neck. Exactly in the middle starting from the top of her spine and going to where her hair started.

She jumped but settled back down as I continued my massage as if I hadn't done anything. Another few seconds and I did it again. She groaned louder. Finally I did it a third time. She surprised me by jumping up and saying she had to go to the bathroom. She left the kitchen going through the living room.

I wondered if she was telling me I had gone too far, but after a minute or two she came back into the living room. Still not sure what I was doing I met her as she entered the room.

As I walked toward her various emotions played across her face. She was unsure, then there was what I think was a touch of fear because she wasn't sure what my intentions were. Desire replaced the fear and that was followed by nervousness.

I stopped right in front of her and stared at her for a moment. I couldn't bring myself to kiss her which I thought was ironic. I was there to have sex with her but I couldn't kiss her mouth.

Instead I bent over and licked her right ear. I nibbled on her earlobe, followed by a long lick from her shoulder to her ear. She sighed and moaned.

She said, "So Georgina wasn't kidding. How ... groan ... did she convince you ... ahhhh."

"Her arguments were very persuasive; she knew just the right thing to say to convince me," I whispered as I continued to licked her ear.

I thought I was saying that in a light hearted voice, but I later found out I hadn't succeeded in keeping my emotions out of my voice.

I switched to her left ear, nibbling that earlobe. I kissed her neck and bit her gently. She was breathing harder and gasping in a sort of moan. She sounded a lot different than my wife, but I knew I was getting to her.

As I licked and nibbled away I started undoing her buttons, as I got the last one undone I reached inside her blouse slipping my hands under her bra.

She froze for a moment and said, "Clifford, Please stop-Oh, god, don't stop, but you have to. I don't want to do anything that will, (moan) harm (pant) your relationship with Georgina. OHHHHH Ahhhhh uhh?"

That last sounded like she was trying to fight the good feelings, like she was pleading with me not to make it feel so good.

I whispered in-between licks, "Nothing you and I will do tonight will do anything to harm our relationship. You can relax. I swear nothing that happens will do any harm to us."

I thought the harm had been done already, but I was trying to keep that out of my voice. Again I learned later that I hadn't succeeded.

She relaxed at that point and gave in. I could feel it and almost kissed her, but I still couldn't do that. So I slipped her blouse off and fumbled with the catch of her bra. I finally got it and slipped it off too. I had thrown the blouse on the couch, and I tossed her bra on top of it. I stepped back to look at her naked breasts. My breath caught when I saw them. I hadn't been thinking what my reaction would be when I made love to her, but they were beautiful. I told her that. I caressed them enjoying how they felt, rubbing the nipples with the palms of my hands. Georgina liked that, I assumed Janet would also, even though she didn't groan.

I bent over and started sucking on the right one. She groaned that time. Very loudly. I gently tweaked the other nipple and she groaned more. I don't know if it was from both the sucking and tweaking or just the sucking, but I decided I didn't care.

I traded breasts, sucking on the left one. That one I also licked around the aerole and sucked on parts of her breast almost leaving hickeys.

Suddenly I wanted to touch her between her legs, touch her and to look at that part of her. My arousal suddenly jumped and I wanted very badly to see that part of her body. The intensity of my reaction surprised me for when I thought about having sex with her I hadn't been thinking about my arousal at all.

But now it was my turn to pant as I felt around for the zipper on her skirt. I gave up and just pulled the skirt up. As I held it with one hand I leaned back and looked down. I gasped as I saw the front panel of her panties. They were ordinary panties, but they turned me on at that moment almost as much as if she hadn't had anything on.

I let go of the skirt as my mind started functioning better again. I started to move her backwards while licking her neck and rubbing her nipples with the palms of both hands. Finally we made it into the master bedroom, and then after what seemed like way too much time next to her bed. We had almost tripped twice, but she didn't seem to mind, being lost in her enjoyment.

I gently pushed her backwards and she fell on the bed with her legs over the side. I looked at her laying there topless and willing. Animal desire took over for a second and I flipped her skirt up. I looked at her legs. I had seen them before when she wore bathing suits but this was different. I almost felt like howling.

That wasn't the first time I had felt like that. There had been a few times when I had felt that turned on by Georgina.

I bent over and reached for her panties, As soon as I had their tops with both hands I pulled them down. I heard a slight ripping sound and I hoped Janet didn't mind if I did rip them.

But a second later I had them down her legs and over her feet. I just glanced at them and tossed them over my shoulder. I looked at what was revealed. Her skirt was still over her head, but somehow that made it even sexier. She spread her legs just a bit, but I knew she was giving me a better look. That turned me on even more. I slipped down to my knees and licked the inside of her left leg, from her ankle all the way to her pussy. I did it twice, then repeated it to the right leg. She gasped the whole time I was licking.

I usually did that more than twice with my wife but I couldn't do it more this time. I attacked her clit with my mouth. She jerked hard, almost convulsing when I softly bit her clit. Then she moaned as I licked it hard. At one point I ran my fingers over her slit up and down twice and then gently pushed two fingers in. My breathing came harder and faster, but I was enjoying looking at and feeling only the second slit I had ever seen this close.

She said something I didn't catch and I said, "I'm enjoying the scenery. It's beautiful and feels sexy under my hand."

A minute later put my mouth on her clit again. I chewed it, I licked it, I sucked on it for a long time finally deciding to go to the next step.

I stood, stepped back and almost tore off my clothes. I couldn't believe how turned on I was.

As I was about to kneel again she said, "wait a minute".

As I straightened wondering if I was going too fast. She sat up, then stood and said, "I need to get out of my skirt."

It had flipped back down as she sat up and now I watched as she unzipped it and let it drop.

She looked at my face and, seeing the desire there, she smiled saying, "Boy, you are definitely ready. I'm glad. I need it."

Janet touched my cock, stroking it twice before griping it to feel it. She then let go.

She backed up until she was against the bed, then sat down all in one motion. She dropped backwards spreading her legs as she scooted backwards a bit.

"I want to touch that some more and I want to taste it, but right now I need it somewhere else."

She was right there on the edge of the bed. Their bed was just the right height so that I could stick it in her while standing. Georgina's and my bed wasn't the right height for that. We tried different things to make it the right height, but nothing worked well enough.

I moved forward almost mesmerized by her naked body. I looked at her breasts standing proudly and then her legs. They were very nice legs - not as nice as my wife's, a corner of my mind said, but still plenty Niiice.

Then I looked between her legs that were now open for me. I gasped when I saw her slit, her pussy, waiting for me. I kept moving slowly watching my cock, moving closer and closer. Finally it touched her slit. Another push and I would be inside. I knew she was plenty wet and that she was waiting for that push. But I stopped.

It was like I froze. My conscience was shouting. This was a life changing event and I should rethink it. If I pushed it in I would never be able to say I'd only had sex with one woman, my wife, again. I would be doing something I would have sworn I would never do with my wife still alive. I think I almost changed my mind even as excited as I was and as arousing the sight was. But I looked over at the chair. In my mind's eye I could see Herb sitting there. Over the years I had seen him naked so I knew what he looked like without clothes. I definitely knew what my wife looked like naked even from behind so it wasn't that hard to imagine them. I saw her straddle him and reach down between them to hold him just right so he would enter her.

I could feel my lips press together and my eyes narrow. I breathed once through my nose, then I looked back down at where my cock was. I decided to slide it in. I had lost a little of my erection while my mind had wondered to that scene so I grabbed it and rubbed the head up and down the slit, then I thought of something. Women seemed to like it when guys press the head of their cock's against their clitoris. Georgina liked it so I rubbed mine against Janet's clitoris. She jumped so I knew she liked it also. Two seconds later I felt like I was completely hard again so I let go and moved my hips forward. I thought I was in the correct position without any help and I was right. I watched the head slip right in-between her mons. I groaned at the sight.

I went in slowly, almost screaming in pleasure as the head first went in, letting myself feel her around me, just like my wife must have felt Herb entering her.

An aside here but I realized then that I wasn't angry at him- well not much. Most of my anger and hurt was directed at her for doing that.

After what seemed like a very long time I finally was all the way in. I had groaned the whole time as I slid all the way in. I settled in and stood there for a moment.

I saw her look at me like she wasn't sure why I was going so slow.

I said, "I'm just enjoying the feeling. It's ... It's somewhat different. I can't explain how. Maybe it's because I know it's a different person than my wife, even though it feels so much the same there is something different too."

A thought came to mind and I added hastily, "It's a good difference ... nothing bad."

She smiled and said, "That's good, but I knew what you meant. Now though its time to go on. I need to be FUCKED."

My eyebrows went up at her use of that word and that I could hear the capital letters.

I said, "Your wish is my command."

I slid out almost all the way then pushed all the way back in hard. She moaned in pleasure and that started a fast rhythm. I didn't last as long as I hoped I would but she didn't seem to notice and I made it up on the second time and especially the third time. That last time it seemed like I would never climax. I have done that a few times before so I knew it was strange. She didn't mind as we tried almost every position I knew. I was on top, she was on top, I did it from behind as we were on the bed. That time I used my fingers in her anus, which she enjoyed.

I also sucked her breasts a lot, she sucked my nipples and my cock. We did 69 three times. Each I time I came it was inside her slit. I couldn't believe how long we went. I know she had at least five climaxes, probably over ten. Three were huge. With the lighter ones she sounded and behaved pretty much like my wife, but when the first hard one hit, it startled me. She screamed and arched her back. For half a second I thought I had hurt her bad, but then realized what it was. Georgina had big ones sometimes but she didn't scream like that.

Finally I climaxed a third time and rolled off of her. I was panting so I laid there calming down for a moment. I didn't think she would be interested in snuggling up to me so I got up. As soon as I started walking I realized how tried I was so I went over to the chair to relax.

She was up off the bed also, maybe looking for her clothes or a robe but when she saw me in the chair she made a beeline for it. She came right up to me and straddled me, sitting on my lap facing me.

"Thank you. That helped a lot. It was great. Georgina is a lucky woman. But are you sure this won't harm your relationship with her?"

"Yes, I'm sure. As I said this was her idea but it doesn't ... I mean, she is OK with me having sex with you."

Janet looked me in the eyes for a moment, then leaned back a bit, "OK, what is going on with you two?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"I think you do, this is the third time you used that tone of voice when speaking of her and us having sex. Now please tell me what is going on between you two."

The last was said in a tone that was half commanding and half tender.

I said the only thing that came to mind, "Uh, You're dripping on the chair. It's going to make a mess."

She said, "Stop trying to change the subject. This chair has been dripped on lots of times. It will be Ok. Now tell me."

I tried one last defense. "It's a private matter."

She looked almost like I had slapped her.

"Private??! Come on now, we have been too good of friends for that. And,"here she looked down between us, "your cum is dripping from my pussy, so don't give me that private matter crap."

I looked down between us and she was right. I looked in time to see a blob of my stuff drip out of her and a second blob start to form at the edge of her slit. If I hadn't climaxed three times already that would be a huge turn on. I wondered if she sat on my lap hoping it would turn me on enough for another round.

I looked back at her face and said, "I'm sorry, it's hard to talk about right now. Let's just say that she did something she shouldn't have done."

"What could she have done that convinced you to have sex with another woman?"

Suddenly the light went on in her eyes as she got it.

She put her hand to her mouth and said, "Not Georgina! She's the last person I would think would do that. I thought I would do it before she would and I wouldn't do it. No wonder you're upset with her."

For some reason I felt like defending her so I said, "Well, she did say the guy was the only one she would ever have cheated with."

"But who would that be?"

Before I could stop myself my face turned to one side with a look of sadness. I really didn't want to tell her. She mumbled something about me not wanting to tell her. I turned back to her when she made a noise, the light had come on in her eyes again. She looked horrified, then angry-very angry. She moved off of me and took two steps backwards quicker than I would have thought possible. And I saw real fast that she had moved from mad to furious.

"That Two Timing Bastard!"

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