Treacherous Devotion
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Were animal,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They are lovers from opposite lycanthrope packs. They deeply love one another, but is it enough to overcome what appears to be the ultimate betrayal? *amount of sexual content will differ by chapter*

Julia Dirus's heart pounded in her chest and her breathing became shallow as she propelled herself forward and away from her pursuer. She pushed her bare feet against the soil of the forest floor and pumped her arms in front of her, hoping to gain speed. The man behind her was so fast, and he always seemed one step ahead of her, figuring out exactly where she planned to head in her attempts to outmaneuver him. Through her peripheral vision she could see her dark surroundings whizz by. The dense forest was always a little ominous, but at night it was truly chilling. If it wasn't for the bright moon above her, she would have had a hard time making her way over the root-infested ground.

Dodging a tree that loomed ahead of her, she veered to the left and took the opportunity to glance back and see where he was. The man who had been chasing her was nowhere to be seen. Julia stopped and stood silently, relying on her ears to pinpoint his location. The forest was dead quiet, with only the occasional cricket chirp breaking the blanket of silence. After a few moments she could hear a soft, low-pitched growl from behind her. Without taking the time to think about it, she took off at a dead sprint in the opposite direction and threw herself into the transformation from her human form to wolf.

Her pursuer obviously felt that all beats were off on this chase and so she wasn't about to play by the rules either. She may not be very big in her wolf form, but she was fast. At her fastest she could get up to forty miles per hour. So if he wanted to turn this lupine, so be it. She felt her spine bend, her legs and arms shorten. Her face elongated, her chestnut-colored hair retracted and her whole body began to grow a whitish-grey coat. She had transformed so many times in her life, that she barely even heard the pops of her joints and bones as they broke and reformed. From start to finish the transformation took about fifteen seconds, but that was more than enough time for him to gain ground on her. His growling could be heard more distinctly. He was getting closer.

The second she felt four paws hit the ground instead of two feet she took off like a bullet, heading for the nearby stream that ran through the property. If she could just reach the river, he'd have to stop chasing her. Her strides were long and ate up distance. The river bank was on the other side of a large, tree-enclosed clearing, and she would be at her most vulnerable as she crossed it. Without trees to block her from him, he would easily be able to make out her white coat against the green grass.

Upon entering the clearing she pushed herself even faster. She could feel her muscles contract and relax with each stride, and she pushed into the feeling, forcing them to work harder, push her farther. The cool night air was whipping through her coat and she felt revitalized. She loved the feeling of the wind. She let her thoughts wander to the glorious feeling of the run, but that small relaxation cost her. For when she was halfway across the clearing, a large grey wolf with a black stripe running down its back came barreling down on her from behind and to the left. By the time she noticed him, he was too close to hide from and was already leaping in the air to take her down to the ground.

Their bodies hit the earth with a muffled thud and the large male grabbed the scruff of her neck between his teeth, forcing her to admit defeat. She whimpered in acknowledgement of the loss and shook herself free of him. She rose to her feet and quickly squared off against him, her upper lip rising to expose her sharp teeth. He let out a short bark that sounded amused and then annoying her to no end he stepped forward, lovingly licked her muzzle and then pressed the side of his head against hers. She stepped back from him, not ready to show affection yet, and was met by his beautiful blue eyes, which were alight with mischief. Normal wolves all had amber eyes, but lycanthropes retained the color they had as humans. His were a deep sapphire. She padded around in a circle a few times and then plopped down with a huff, beginning the transformation back to her human form. He quickly settled in next to her and transformed as well.

"You cheated, Connor! I demand a second chance. We never said our lupine forms were allowed or I would have used mine to begin with!" she complained after she was able to speak again. She lay on her side completely naked, having left her sundress and sandals at the entrance of the forest where they started their favorite game of naked chase. Her objective was to get to the river before Connor reached her. So far she had only been able to evade him twice. Not that she usually complained; being caught could be so much fun when clothing wasn't involved. But tonight, they had made a bet on this little game, and Julia hated to lose. Her upper body was turned towards his, and she playfully scowled at him, crinkling her eyebrows.

"I don't think so." Connor argued, grinning and dragging her to rest against his expansive muscular chest. "All is fair in love and war, and we never explicitly said that transforming was against the rules. In fact, I think given the nature of our bet it makes perfect sense." Julia made a noise that sounded like "pft" and then stuck her tongue out at him.

"You may have caught me, but I'm not going through with it. I refuse to be mated to such an underhanded scoundrel," she said in jest, hitting him playfully on his shoulder and making him laugh. In actuality she would have mated Connor even if he hadn't caught her. Her irritation came from the fact that they were both really competitive, which was one of the reasons they fit so well together. Now she had to start the mating ritual tonight instead of waiting until they could complete the whole thing like she wanted to. She knew she wanted to be with him forever and was thrilled by the thought of spending the rest of her life as his mate. But mating for a lycanthrope required the couple to go through a ritual in both their human and wolf forms, and neither Connor nor Julia had the time to do both before they had to get back to their respective packs. Only completing half of the ceremony would leave them in a weird limbo state. They would be "bonded" to one another but not officially mated. They would feel a pull towards one another and wouldn't be able to mate with anyone else, but they'd still lack the ability to reproduce, communicate telepathically or sense emotions.

"Are you upset that you won't have a lavish ceremony like your sisters did?" Connor asked while pressing his nose into Julia's hair and breathing in her scent. He also began to gently stroke her back with his finger tips, lightly caressing her and causing goose bumps to form on her skin. She shivered and burrowed in closer to him.

"Not really. Deena and Cilia have always been the ones big on getting attention. I'm content with simple. I just want to make sure my father doesn't kill you once we do this. With luck he will just disown me and not attack the entire Wulfric pack."

"It's still hard for me to believe that you came from that family. How did you turn out so..." He stumbled in his question, trying to think of the right wording. " ... decent?" Julia softly giggled but then stopped and started to lightly smooth her fingers over the muscles in his chest as she thought about her response.

"I don't know. I just never agreed with them on the whole 'lycanthropes are superior to humans' thing. I've never felt the need to have power or wealth to make me happy. I guess 'cause I saw what it did to my mom. When my father started to make his push for territory and allied himself with the human-hating Signatus pack, she just lost her sparkle. She became a dulled version of herself and I never could get past that. I'm almost glad she isn't around to see how they have torn away from the Alliance and the other packs. The Dirus and Wulfric packs used to be friends." After hearing her explain, Connor reached a hand up to caress the side of her face and placed kisses along her forehead.

"God, I wish you had been born into my pack or any pack still in the Alliance. The Rufus or Laniger packs would surely have let you mate me. It would have made this so much easier. You could have worn a beautiful dress and had a fantastic party instead of lying naked in the grass for your mating ceremony." Julia could tell that Connor was bothered by the fact he couldn't give her the mating experience that the children of alpha males should have, but she truly didn't care about such things. Julia pushed herself up from the ground with her hand and forced Conner flat on his back by pressing on his shoulder. She then positioned herself across his broad chest and propped herself up by placing her hands above his head. Her breasts pressed against him and her wavy brown hair formed a curtain around their faces.

"I like being naked in the grass with you, Connor. And come on, the stars are out, the moon is bright and the air is warm. I couldn't ask for a better mating ceremony than this." She leaned in to gently kiss him, emphasizing that she meant it. "I also wish I was a Wulfric or a Rufus or a Laniger but for different reasons. I don't care that I don't get a fancy party. I care that I don't get to howl my love for you from the hilltops. I want to scream it so loudly that no one would ever doubt my devotion to you. But you're gonna be my father's new number one target as it is." A lustful rumbling started to form in Connor's chest and Julia could feel the vibrations from it. He was exited by her words and was getting anxious to get started.

"Just run away with me, Julia. Tonight. I can keep you safe. I'm more that capable of protecting you from anything your father could dish out. There's an Alliance building a few miles south of here that our allied packs use as a store house and basis of combat stuff. I doubt you'd be able to make it as far into Wulfric territory as the alpha mansion without being captured, but you should be able to make it there. Plus, if we kept you there he wouldn't be able to find you, the Dirus pack hasn't located it yet. It would be safe, and once we were fully mated there'd be nothing he could do about it."

Julia lowered her head into the crook of his neck to think about what he just offered. She'd be saying goodbye to everything she'd ever known, not that that was necessarily a bad thing. But her father was going to flip. She hadn't yet thought about how she was going to get out from under his control. Technically she should be able to leave anytime she wanted to. At twenty-five she had been an adult for years, but when you are the daughter of an alpha, your life in not always your own. Her father had been trying to convince her for the past year to mate with Darian Signatus, the alpha of the Signatus pack. Together Darian and her father had formed an alliance of their own called Derrator. It was their goal to take over all the lycanthrope territories in this state and gain enough strength to turn against the humans. She wanted nothing to do with that plan. She hated the things her father was doing, and feared that he would turn all his forces against the Wulfric pack once she betrayed him for Connor. She inhaled deeply and then slowly let it out. It would be so easy for her to say yes to Connor. She desperately wanted to.

"I can't do it," she said, her voice slightly muffled against his neck. She felt him tense under her and lifted her head to quickly add, "At least not tonight. There are things I need to get from the manor house. Things of my mom's. I don't want to leave them; they're all I have left of her. But can I meet you there tomorrow?"

Hope and excitement flared across Connor's face, and then his deep chest rumblings started up again. Connor's eyes darkened with lust, and he rolled their bodies so that he was looking down at her. He grabbed the back of her neck with his hand, pulling her up so that her lips met his. Their kisses began as gentle massages but quickly transformed into heated, open-mouthed battles for mutual possession. Their tongues dueled for space and their lips roughly pushed against each other. Soon their hands joined in on the fray. She clutched his shoulder with one hand, while the other tangled itself in his dark hair.

Meanwhile, his right hand grabbed her naked breast, using his thumb to play with her hardened nipple. Julia could feel his substantial erection pressing against her, and she echoed his arousal in the liquid heat that was pooling between her thighs. His hand journeyed down her side to the rounded globe of her ass, and he used her hips as leverage to pull her core closer to him. He ground himself against her. Julia let out a deep moan and then tore herself away from his mouth.

"So is that a yes? Can we meet there tomorrow?"

"If you're not there I will hunt you down and drag your little ass there myself." He squeezed her ass, accentuating his point. Leaning down, Connor proceeded to nibble on her earlobe and place kisses along the side of her neck.

"Mmm, good to know," she said. She could feel herself becoming agonizingly aroused. His tortuous kisses were causing her blood to heat beneath her skin. She needed him to touch her soon or she'd go crazy. Flexing her hips in a circular pattern, she rubbed herself against him. Short of breath, she asked him, "So how do I find this place?" She felt Connor grin against her and continue to press his lips along her collarbone.

"Well," he said in between kisses. "It can be tricky to find if you're not told in detail how to get there. It's camouflaged well. If you start here at the clearing, you need to cross the river, and then head south." Connor continued his oral exploration, heading in the direction of the valley between her breasts. "Now this is very important. As you continue south, a hill with a large compound on its crest can be seen. That's a Dirus combat camp; you'll have to be careful not to be spotted." His hand reached up to engulf her breast, and he pinched the pink tip. Kissing around the curve of her plump mound he continued his directions, "Stay close to the side of the hill, and they'll be less likely to see you. They're expecting to see a pack of us attack from the east. They'll be looking for distance approaches; so the closer to the hill, the better." He suddenly sucked one nipple inside his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. With his hand he massaged her other breast, causing her to moan and squirm beneath him. Her hands latched onto the back of his head, holding him against her.

"W-where do I go next?" Julia asked. He released her nipple and she removed her hands to let him explore further.

"From there you'll have to travel over a large expanse of cleared land. There aren't many trees so you will have to use buildings to hide yourself. They are all Wulfric properties so you won't need to worry as much about being caught." Connor used his hands to stroke up and down her sides, all the while using his tongue to taste her taut stomach. He continued, nipping lightly at the skin above the apex of her thighs. Julia could feel the muscles of her abdomen twitch as he gently bit her, it sent tingles through to her womb and made her whimper in need. "You'll be very close once you see the tree line form again. The building is camouflaged in a ravine a few yards in; you'll have to climb down. It's built into the walls of the valley. Look for a large oak tree that was split down the middle by lightning. It's directly below that."

Julia could barely pay attention to his directions, but once she knew he was done, she pushed on his shoulders to get him to go lower. She needed to feel his mouth against her; she was desperate for it. She let out a moan of ecstasy when she finally felt him lick her slit from bottom to top. Her back arched and he placed a hand on her stomach to try to hold her still. With the other hand he pushed back her folds, exposing more of her to him. A growl of his own emanated for deep within his chest right before he dipped his head and ravished her with his mouth. He rapidly flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue and would intermittently stop and suck the small button into his mouth. She bucked against him and had to place her hands on his shoulders for support.

"Don't stop. Oh god, don't stop Connor." When he brought his fingers into the action, Julia knew she wouldn't last long. He pushed two fingers inside her wet sheath and then pumped his arm back and forth, all while still maintaining his attention on her clit. Tension was quickly building inside of her, and the muscles of her legs began to shake. Her hips rolled beneath her. He thrust his fingers into her faster, and with one long draw against her clit, pleasure crashed into her body and she broke apart in climax.

While she came back down from her peak, Connor rested his head against her stomach, nuzzling her with his face.

"God, I love you, Julia," he said.

"I love you too, Connor," she replied. "I've never been this happy." Julia used her hands to push through his long hair, caressing the base of his neck and then fanning them out onto his shoulders. She passed her hands over the muscles in his back, using her fingertips to massage them. She felt the vibrations of his moan more than she heard it, but that was enough to get her back into a frisky mood. She curled herself forward and off the ground, cradling his head against her. He looked up into her eyes and she said,

"Roll over baby." Pure lust seemed to sweep across his face as he pulled her in for a scorching kiss. He maintained their connection and maneuvered so that he was on his back. She ground her lips against his and clutched his face with her hands. When she pulled away, she gazed down at him, her eyes filled with affection and desire.

Without a word, Julia shimmied down his legs to rest between his thighs. She could feel his hard cock pushing against her body as she moved, and she longed to feel its length within her. But first, she had to take care of her part of the mating ritual. The bite of a lover was one of the most pleasurable sensations a lycanthrope could feel, and it was her duty to bite him first and initiate their mating, though she wanted to have a little fun with him before she did.

She grasped him with her hand and began to stroke his member up and down, circling her wrist when she reached the bulbous head and then plunging back down the shaft. Connor let out a long moan. Encouraged, Julia lowered her head and licked him from base to tip. She then placed heated kisses around the head before taking the entire thing inside her mouth. His hips began to involuntarily arc to meet her as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Her hands continued to caress the exposed portion of his shaft and she delved down to fondle his balls. Julia could feel his hands moving through her hair, trying to move the long locks so he could see her ministrations.

"Baby that feels incredible, but you have to stop or I'll finish right here." Julia sucked him a few moments more and then pulled of his cock with an audible pop. She sat upright on her knees and caressed his lower abdomen, letting him regain control over is arousal.

"You ready?" she asked him after his breathing eased.

"God, yes. Do it, baby. Mark me." Julia didn't hesitate to dip her head back down and kiss along the inside of his thigh. The scent of male musk and fresh grass enveloped her and she used her tongue to taste his skin. She knew she would never get enough of this male, and she locked her eyes with his and she elongated her canines and scraped them against his thigh. "Fuck, I love you," he said, as she plunged her teeth into his flesh. His hips spasmed beneath her, an obvious sign of the pleasure that was coursing through him from her bite. She could feel a deep connection with him starting to form; it was euphoric. The connection was weak, but she knew by the end of the night it would be much stronger. When both rituals were complete, she'd be able to communicate with him through thought and share in his emotions. Feeling his essence start to course within her veins sent shockwaves of pleasure through her system. Her core began to pulse with arousal and she eagerly anticipated the relief she would feel when she impaled herself on his thick shaft.

Releasing him, she wasted no time moving up his body and straddling his hips. Their eyes met, blue to brown, both sets filled with emotion and darkened with lust. Connor placed his hands on her hips and steadied her and she reached between them to guide his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Feeling him enter her sent a burst of pleasure through her abdomen. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened, releasing a heavy sigh. He stretched her, filled her, and with each inch her pleasure was compounded. Soon she couldn't help but lift up on her knees and bounce up and down on his hard shaft. Connor thrust his hips upward to meet her, and the sound of their bodies smacking together and their moans of ecstasy soon filled the clearing.

"Yes, Connor, fuck me. Fuck me harder!" she demanded. Connor immediately obeyed her, increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts. "You're so good. Oh god, yes!" Julia could feel another orgasm building inside of her and when he reached between their bodies and rubbed her clit with his thumb, she came, yelling his name and coating him with her feminine honey. Her vaginal walls clamped down on his dick, massaging him. He growled in response and pulled out of her.

Quickly he positioned her on all fours beneath him, and plunged back into her from behind, holding on to her hips and pulling her onto his cock. She let out grunts of pleasure with each hard thrust, and pushed back against him, wanting to feel him deeper within her. Connor grabbed her breasts with his hands and used them as leverage to pump into her harder. His hips began to jerk, and he increased his strokes. He was close. She felt Connor draped himself across her back, and move her hair away from her shoulder. He rested his forehead against her shoulder blade and continued to hammer himself into her.

"Fuck. Oh fuck yeah." She heard him say, right before he bit deeply into the space where her neck met her shoulder. She felt a delectable fire spread from the area and pleasure shot through her, pushing her over the edge once more and causing her to climax. She knew the bite would leave a scar; it was supposed to. On the heels of her orgasm, she felt him spasm within her and heard him moan deeply. With a rush, he came inside of her, thrusting into her a few more times before pulling out and letting go of her neck. They collapsed on the ground together, and he quickly rolled over, cradling her against him. They sat there in silence for some time, staring into the star-filled heavens above them and trying to catch their breath.

Julia could feel a new awareness within her. It was the knowledge that she was where she belonged, in the arms of the man she loved. She knew she had made the right decision when she agreed to be his mate, and couldn't wait to finish the second portion of their ceremony. If Connor was this ravenous when he was in his human form, she shivered with anticipation over what he could do to her as a wolf.

"Are you sure you have to go back tonight?" he asked. "I don't know if I can bring myself to leave you." Julia turned her head to press light kisses along his chest; she didn't want to leave him either.

"I have to. I want to get my mother's things, and this way we can be prepared. I can pack appropriate clothing too. For some reason I don't think a daisy sundress is the best outfit for sneaking around through the woods." Connor chuckled and placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"I had no idea I'd feel this way. The fact that you are now bonded to me makes me feel invincible. Like I could take on the world and nothing could harm me." She turned to look into his bright blue eyes, and smiled at the sight of her content, handsome lover.

"I feel the same way. Like with you by my side I could conquer anything. But I swear to god Connor, if you get yourself killed because of it I will be seriously pissed and never speak to you again." She felt him laugh, and he leaned down to kiss her lips.

"Fair enough."

The couple stayed entangled together in the grass for another hour, before admitting that they needed to head back to their packs. They quickly washed each other in the nearby stream, and then started their trek back. They walked slowly to where Connor had parked his truck, holding hands and reveling in the joy of finally bonding together.

"I hope you aren't too sore for tomorrow. You know I can't help what my wolf does when I'm in that form. I doubt he'll want to be gentle." Julia felt a spark of anticipation pass through her at his comment.

"Don't worry, baby. I'm used to your wild and rough ways. I wouldn't ask for our mating to be any other way." She smirked up at him, and then a thought crossed her mind. "Who else will be there? Will they know who I am?" Connor furrowed his brow and softly growled, obviously not liking the idea of another male being anywhere near Julia until she was officially his mate.

"The place is a combat station, so others will be there. I'll asked Quinn and Garrick to come to make sure you aren't harmed. But my quarters will be secluded; we should have plenty of privacy." Julia nodded her understanding. She'd never met Quinn or Garrick, but Connor has talked about his best friend and his younger brother often. Too soon the edge of the nature reserve came into view. The nature reserve was an area of enclosed land centered in the middle of the pack territories that the human government had asked the lycanthropes to relinquish. This way humans in the area could enjoy nature hikes and outdoor sports without the possibility of running into a hostile lycanthrope. It also work out well for the Were community since it kept the humans out of their hair.

Julia had started sneaking into the reserve when she was young, simply trying to get away from the realities of life with her father and the pressures of being the child of an alpha. She had first met Connor here four months ago when they crossed each other's paths on a nature trail. Apparently, he liked to get away from his life as well. Lycanthropes weren't supposed to be there, so they were both a little surprised to see another one of their kind, but their attraction and chemistry was instantly electric. It didn't take long for them to realize they were probably destined mates. Many lycanthropes mated for political reasons, but according to lore every lycanthrope had a destined mate, and finding that mate was like finding a part of your soul you never knew was lost. She had questioned that myth until she met Connor, and then she knew it was a hundred percent true.

That day Connor had turned around and began to walk with her. They talked for hours and had continued to meet whenever possible. The only reason they had waited so long to officially mate was due to the hostilities between their packs. They loved each other, and had from very early on, but being on the brink of war with your father-in-law was not an enjoyable prospect. They had put it off until they just couldn't stand to be apart any longer.

When Connor and Julia reached the entrance of the reserve, they retrieved their clothes from his truck and quickly dressed. They would have to part ways here, Julia heading southwest toward the Dirus manor house and Connor going southeast to the Wulfric mansion. Connor wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her shapely body with his large, muscular one. She rested her head against the top of his chest and clung to him, circling her arms under his shoulders. Thinking about leaving him, made tears rise from the corners of her almond-shaped eyes, and her body started to slightly shake. Separating so quickly after bonding was never done. Mates would spend days together, completing the entire ritual and reaffirming their connection. It would be painful to be without one another, and she was beginning to doubt her decision to not leave with him tonight. Connor placed his fingers beneath her chin and lifted her head so she looked at him.

"Tomorrow morning. Eight-thirty. I'll already be there, and they'll be expecting you." He then kissed her fiercely, holding onto the back of her head. When he finally released her, tears had begun to fall down her cheeks. He clutched her to his chest one more time, and then stepped away from her. "Go, baby. If you don't go now I don't know if I'll be able to let you. I'm already fighting my wolf on this. He's chomping at the bit to take you and make you his." Julia nodded, her wolf was fighting against her, too. She felt like they were two incredibly strong magnets trying to be pulled apart.

"I love you so very much," she said, and then turned towards her pack and set off at a dead sprint.

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