Sweet Violets
Verse 1: There once was a farmer

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Humor, Tear Jerker, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Food, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Verse 1: There once was a farmer - Think flowers aren't sexy? Think farming is boring? Michelle learned about sex and farming and loving from Farmer John MacGregor.

Sweet violets, sweeter than the roses,
Running all over from head to toe,
Covered all over with sweet violets.

The young farmer was sitting on his front porch, watching the sunset, and thinking. He could see the barns, and the fields -- currently bright green and growing well. Sounds filled his ears -- the soft lowing of the cattle, the tramping hooves of the horses, even the creaking of the buildings as they cooled after the warm, early summer day. The scents of the farm surrounded around him, and he enjoyed them all, even the ones other people might find objectionable -- such as the smell of manure. The smells meant home to him. The most nostalgic scent was the smell of sweet violets, a memory from his childhood, and from the funerals of his parents and grandparents. Now, the farm was his.

A few years earlier, he had earned a Bachelors degree in agriculture, and last year completed a Masters in business; those gave him the mental tools to handle the farm. He had worked on the farm for years, first under the eyes of his grandfather, then his father, and finally on his own after they both were planted in the little cemetery behind the house; that gave him the physical tools to run the farm -- his body was tall and strong and he could handle the chores and livestock easily. Sharp investments by his grandparents and parents had paid off the mortgage long ago: after that they expanded the acreage and improved the buildings and equipment, as well as keeping a good amount in bonds and stocks; that gave him the financial tools to run the farm. What was missing was the social part of the farm -- he had no family.

Since he lived in a small town, there were not many eligible females near his age. Even fewer were interested in the life of a farmer's wife -- too many early mornings and late nights, and too much physical labor kept them from knowing the splendors of the sunrises, the tastes of really fresh foods, and the feelings of a completed and fulfilled life that the efforts and surroundings produced.

Most of the girls moved to big cities -- or at least bigger towns -- as soon as they graduated from the tiny high school. The ones that stayed were usually engaged before they graduated high school, or already pregnant. There remained either the ones who were too lazy to move away, or the ones who were willing to move, but got in trouble and had to come back home. Trouble did not always mean pregnancy; often kids felt that leaving home meant there were no restrictions and they found out that the world imposed harsher penalties on misbehavior than families.

So, the farmer thought, I need to find a young woman, and teach her about the joys of being a farmer's wife. She needs to be strong; tall would help, too. A good mind is important, but most of those have been ruined by education or sheer laziness. And, pretty wouldn't hurt, either. He set out his goals and the steps he would have to take to reach those goals.

There once was a farmer who took a young miss
In back of the barn, where he gave her a...

"Kiss! Please kiss it! My boob, harder. That's it! Bite the nipple." Miss Michelle Anthrope was whispering intently into his ear as he teased her breasts. "God, I'm so hot! If I hadn't promised Daddy that I was saving myself for marriage, I would let you rip my panties off in a second and just do it right here."

'Right here' was a carefully tended lawn behind the barn. The whispers were solely because she was outdoors and feared that someone would hear her moaning words. The lawn was enclosed, but she could see the blue afternoon sky and knew her voice might easily be heard.

The back of the barn made a windowless wall for one edge of the lawn. The other three sides were each composed of a long, narrow bed of purple flowers, backed with a wall of head-high hedges and a row of shade trees behind them, and a solid board fence almost eight feet high outside the trees. The fence was joined tightly to the barn wall. There was only one opening through the hedge, on the side opposite the barn, and it led to a gate, which was currently latched shut. A door into the barn, also latched, allowed entry from that direction. The shaded grassy area was used for croquet and other lawn games. Right now, Michelle and John were playing a very old lawn game called sex.

John McGregor had promised to show her around his farm. Michelle thought is was funny how he asked -- "Come with me. I'm going to show you all the great things about my farm." But she went with him. He had found her at the center of their social world -- the country club. The words he spoke to her were surprising and she did not move until he took her hand and pulled. She really didn't want to make a scene, so she climbed into his pickup and sat quietly as he drove away from the dance pavilion and the tennis courts, over a few paved roads, and then down the long dirt road that led to the tiny farm house. She had just left her tennis lesson and was wearing sneakers and anklets, tight shorts, and a cotton pullover shirt, all in white. But somehow, she had ended up almost naked on this lawn, the scent of the purple flowers filling her brain, feeling her fair skin dappled with shade and afternoon sunlight, with him kissing and touching her and the sensations making her body go crazy and her mind stop working.

He had started the tour leading her by her hand, but with each place they visited, and each sight he pointed out, he had touched more and more of her. Up her arm, across her shoulders, down her back and just grazing her butt; she barely noticed, but her body responded and she began panting. Each breath filled her lungs and brain with the scent of the flowers, planted almost everywhere she looked. The touching moved to her head, and face, and then started down her front. Each new touch heated her skin and burned its way up her nerves to her brain. Each communication was a command, "Come," "Look," "Turn," "Stop." And she obeyed.

That was another thing -- she never obeyed anyone. Her father complained all the time about her not obeying. Her mother always looked disappointed because she had broken some rule. The professors in college had written her scathing notes about following process and procedures. Even her tennis teacher told her, often, that she needed to listen and obey in order to improve. But John gave her no choice -- she was led; there was always his large, gentle hand guiding her, not allowing her to turn the wrong way or back away from some sight.

About the fourth stop, he had also kissed her. By the third kiss, she was returning them. When she began kissing him before he even leaned over, he knew she was ready.

Then John had promised to show her something special. He led her through the gate, behind the tall fence, into the shady area, and shut the gate securely. A tug on her hand spun her slowly, so she could look around, and she saw the barn, the fence, the gate (now closed), the trees shading the space, the tall hedge, the purple flower border, and the lawn! The lawn was composed of the smoothest, greenest grass she had ever seen.

He said it felt even better than it looked, and told her to take off her shoes and anklets to feel the grass with her bare feet.

She did, and her eyes closed with bliss at the sensations. Then he kissed her cheek, and then her lips. When their lips separated, Michelle inhaled and the force of the flowers' perfume almost knocked her over.

He held her arm, keeping her still, and directed her to lay down so she could feel the grass on her legs. Before she moved down, he pointed out that the lawn was protected by the high wall and that no one could see her -- she should shuck off her shirt so she could feel the wonderfully soft, sensual grass on her back as well.

For several seconds, there was no movement, but it took only a slight lift with his hands on the bottom of her shirt for her to continue the motion with her own arms and remove the cloth entirely. His large hands helped her lie down and stretched her body out on the soft, sexual, scented surface. His warm voice promised that her bra covered everything safely. Then his lips stroked hers again -- she was dizzy from the feelings, and dizzier because the flowers' scents were even stronger at ground level.

Now the grass stroked her back and the backs of her legs, and his lips met hers again. "That feels great, doesn't it?"

Michelle had to agree, but was unable to form any coherent words; her mouth was blocked by his, and his hand was stroking her bare skin. There was nothing she could object to, but he was touching her skin, and the grass was touching her skin, and it made her brain buzz. Between the blades of tender grass caressing her back and his lips and hand moving across her front, she didn't even notice when his other hand popped the waist button and slid the zipper down on her tight tennis shorts, disclosing her little bikini panties.

"Roll over and feel the grass on your stomach, too." John whispered, then kissed her again. As her lips pressed back against his, he lifted one of her shoulders and pulled his lips away from that side of her mouth; rather than lose his kiss, she followed his motion and found herself prone and his body leaning on her back. Now she could feel the grass stroking her thighs, stomach, and one side of her face, and his lips caressing her shoulder. The intense feelings blocked her brain and she did not notice when her bra was unhooked and pushed to the side, the straps moved softly off of her shoulders.

The stroking continued, and the bra straps were moved over and off of her arms. "Lift just a little, and you will feel the grass even more." He whispered. A strong hand pulled her left shoulder up and another tugged the loose bra from under her body. The motion caused the grass to stroke her breasts and the passionate sensations blossomed even more. "Isn't that wonderful?"

The hands were sliding warmly down her back. When they reached the waist of her loosened shorts, they continued down, dragging that garment with them; still she did not notice that her thong back panties were all that remained of her clothes. When the hands reached the ends of her legs, they threw away the empty shorts and started back up her steaming body.

"Sometimes I come out here and take all my clothes off, just to feel the grass all over me. At night, I can watch the stars. During the day, I feel the sun heating me on one side and the softest grass in the world on the other."

Michelle felt his hands touching her skin and his lips on her face -- the side which was not in contact with the grass. She soaked up the warmth of the sun above her and the coolness of the grass beneath her. She positively reveled in the sensations of his skin stroking hers, from her neck down to her toes and back. And, she felt herself becoming even more aroused.

"One more time -- turn over. You will feel the grass on every part of your back. It is so extraordinary, so sexy. You will love it." Again, his strong hands guided her and her body obeyed. She rolled over, baring everything to him except a small patch covered by her thin panties, and they were becoming more transparent by the minute as her body responded to the sensations, wetting the thin fabric.

"Close your eyes." His hand helped, and her lids shut.

"Feel the grass." The same hand stroked the side of her neck and she felt the grass behind her head slide across the back of her neck. The hand moved softly out over her shoulders and down her arms and she felt them press her back into the soft, stimulating grass. They moved down her sides to her waist and the pressure let her feel the grass on her naked butt. They stroked the outside of her legs and she felt the grass move as the hands moved, all the way down to her bare feet.

"Kiss me." And his lips met hers. She did not even try and refuse his order, she wanted the contact, she kissed him. The pleasure when his hands stroked down her body, teasing her nipples and then stopping less than an inch away from her needy vulva caused her to breathe again. The loss when his lips left hers was forgotten when they stroked, then sucked on her nipple. Michelle wanted to scream, but it came out as a moan and a whisper.

he gave her a
Lecture on horses and chickens and eggs,
And told her that she had such beautiful...

"Legs. Move your sweet, sexy legs wider apart so I can kiss you there." The hand was nearing her crotch again and her legs moved apart by themselves. Michelle felt the silky cloth of her panty pushed to one side and a finger run the length of her slit. Her hips lifted for better contact, and the grass stroked her bottom when she relaxed and lowered herself again.

"You are beautiful. I love looking at you like this, shining in the sunlight." Softly, he blew on her wet labia and Michelle knew that she enjoyed his looking, too, because her body moved again. "I even love how you have shaved yourself down here, so I can see you all." The finger showed her where he was looking and her hips automatically lifted themselves again.

"Your body is perfect." His tongue ran down the line of her labia, pressed between them, and pulled back up, stroking across her vaginal opening and her clitoris as it passed. He repeated the action. "Say it. Say 'My body is perfect' and I will do that again.

What came out was more of a moan, but it ended in 'perfect' so he licked her again.

"I have lived almost all of my life on this farm, so I know about farm life. Ask me what farm life is about." His tongue stroked her again.

Panting. "What is farm life about?"

"Reproduction. When we raised horses, we watched the stallions mate with the mares." Fingers held her lower lips apart and his incredible, maddening tongue made another pass. "Then we watched the mares grow fat and happy with the foals inside them." The tongue pressed into her wet vagina and stroked inside her body.

"A bull was worth ten times what a cow was, because he could make them pregnant. He would climb on her back and push inside her and fill her up with his seed. Without the bull, there would be no calves, and no milk. Reproduction!" Strong arms spread her legs wider and warm hands grasped her hips and held on tightly. Then he ran his tongue up and down her sex again and she could not move in response, only moan "Reproduction." She was shaking and panting. Every breath filled her head with more of the sweet scents from those flowers.

"There was a randy old rooster who hopped on every hen he could find. At least once a week, we celebrated by eating a chicken from the flock for dinner. That was reproduction."

The tongue circled her clitoris, then clamped down on it. The pressure brought Michelle nearly to an orgasm, but he moved back. "Even the eggs that were fertile were more valuable. We sold them to Organic Groceries where people paid double or triple for the knowledge that the eggs were fertile." His lips stroked across her labia, starting in front, down one side and back up the other. A finger slipped just inside her vagina, which spasmed in welcome before the finger was withdrawn.

"Your beautiful body is designed for reproduction." She was nearly there. He licked close to her clitoris again, but held her still and did not touch it. "One day soon, I will fill it with my own body, and with my seed, and put a baby in you." Before she could object, he pressed his tongue against her most sensitive place and she felt her orgasm begin. His fingers kept her going when his tongue left to finish his explanation. "You will look even more beautiful with my baby inside you."

She was too numb to object.

told her that she had such beautiful
Manners that suited a girl of her charms,
A girl that he wanted to take in his...

"Arms out, wide!" Michelle was starting to feel human again. She remembered that she was naked, outside, with a man she had barely known for an hour. But his hands pulled on her wrists and stretched her arms out wide. When he released her, she just lay there, still panting from her surprising orgasm.

"I think you look strong enough to work on a farm." The hands moved gently up her arms, over her torso -- teasing her nipples again as they passed, and down her stomach. They pulled her tiny, wet panties down her legs as they passed, stroking her mons and the fronts of her legs all the way down to her toes. Once the last scrap of fabric was removed from her body, the hands moved back up the insides of her legs, spreading her widely as they climbed. When they stopped at the sopping wet space between her legs, she shivered again, but did not otherwise move. She knew that he had left her completely bare, and with her arms and legs wide spread, nothing was hidden.

Still panting, Michelle watched as John removed his clothes. She did not move as he laid his naked body down on hers, carefully placing his stiff penis directly on top of her labia, then pressing so it slipped between her slippery lower lips and rubbed them against her clitoris. Her passion rose again, feeling him rub so intimately against her. Her nipples were next, as his chest pressed against them and moved with his stroking. She was reaching for the top of the sexual hill again and could not stop herself.

"Waking every morning with you in my arms would be wonderful, don't you think?"

The motions continued and Michelle moaned.

"And taking your beautiful body. Filling you up and making babies with you. Wouldn't you like that? Say 'yes' and I will let you come again."

Another moan, but no words, yet.

"Spread your legs wider. Feel me get closer and closer to your most secret, most sensitive places. Would you like to wake up in my arms and feel me fill you up? Say 'yes' sweetheart. Just say it."

Finally, Michelle moved her legs as widely as she could and he pressed directly on her clitoris. Her arms wrapped themselves around his broad shoulders. She moaned, then yelled, 'Yes" as the orgasm took her again.

John held her while she recovered. All the time, he was whispering how beautiful she was and how she followed orders so well. She had no strength left to object; besides, she felt so incredible that she didn't mind.

to take in his
Washing and ironing, and then if she did,
They could get married and raise lots of...

"Kids are nice, don't you think? And baby lambs?" He was still holding her, his words breathed into her ear as his arms circled her body and held her back against his chest. Michelle was lying on her side on the grass.

The words made no sense to her, yet, but she was nearly back to the world she knew. The only unusual thing was the smell of the beautiful flowers, filling her nose. Oh, and she was still naked, and he was naked, and they were outside, and it was day time.

"If we raise lambs and kids, we can sell them. Also, their mothers give rich milk, and there are specialty cheese makers who would pay us well for the milk." Michelle felt his lips kiss her ear, and he continued. "You would love having kids, wouldn't you?"

Even though her brain thought that he was talking about farm animals, her body warmed at the thought of a baby inside her. Then she blushed, feeling as if he could read her and knew that she was excited by even the thoughts of him putting a baby inside her. It made her inhale deeply, which filled her head again with the perfume of the flowers surrounding the lawn.

"If you had some kind of job, we could get married. I know that you just graduated from college. But, besides tennis and partying, you didn't learn much. Even your degree is in some kind of 'Studies' -- which means that it's useless for getting a job. I guess you could learn to wash clothes."

Finally, Michelle was almost awake enough to interpret what John was saying; that she was useless for anything but washing his clothes and having his babies. The anger started to rise, which made her inhale in exasperation and the flowers overwhelmed her again. Also, his arms released her and his hands started their soft motions in opposite directions -- one teased up to her nipples, which stiffened quickly; the other slid back down to her vulva and over her clitoris, which made her a different kind of hot. She forgot why she was angry.

But he stopped the motions when she was seconds away from reaching another incredible orgasm. Michelle moaned and reached her fingers down to finish herself.

His huge hands grasped hers and held them tightly, his muscular arms squeezing her again. The pressure excited her, but she could do nothing about the heat building inside her. He transferred one of her tiny hands so both of hers were surrounded by one of his, and started between her legs, teasing her again with the one of his that was now empty.

"I could teach you. You could learn to grow flowers. Maybe, in a little while, you could learn to grow vegetables with the flowers. Probably washing clothing would not be too hard for you." The strong fingers stroked her gently, pulling her labia and exciting her clitoris, and she felt her body reaching for another climax. "Would you like me to teach you about tiny growing things? About fertility? And flowers and seeds growing?"

Again, her body felt the words in her womb and wanted what they promised. Combined with his fingers spreading the lips between her legs open and nearing her clitoris, she wanted it more than she knew. "Please? Teach me? I'll do anything."

"Close your eyes, spread your legs, and breathe deeply. I will teach you, starting with laundry."

The fingers stroked her clitoris and set the nerves there on fire. Michelle only heard part of what John said. She closed her eyes. She spread her legs and felt him reach deeper and closer to what she desired. She inhaled and filled her mind with the feelings and with the smell of the flowers. "Yes! Teach me!" It was a moan, but it was her agreement, and it grew louder as he brought her again to her climax.

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