All My Children
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A wife wants babies and gets them, at the expense of her marriage.

My name is Dan Fanning. I'm an average thirty-one year-old male. My wife, Kimberly, is a twenty-eight year old five foot seven blonde with a killer shape. We met in college during my senior year, dated for two years, and got married upon her graduation. Rocketdyne Servos, a manufacturer of airplane parts, already employed me when we married.

Kim and I met in college. We were in the same engineering class. The first class of that semester, I was already seated in the third tier when the door opened and in walked the most beautiful blonde I ever saw. She glided across the floor and looked around as if inspecting the assembled students. She moved to the empty seat next to me and gracefully sat down. She turned to me and held out her hand. "Hi, I'm Kim. Kim Weber. And you are... ?"

I reached for her hand and shook it while I tried to think of my name. "Eh, my name's Dan ... Dan Fanning. Please call me Dan. I hate Daniel and Danny."

She smiled and nodded her head. "Okay Dan. It's nice to meet you."

That short exchange started a three year courtship culminating in our marriage the year after we graduated. I'd learned a lot about her in those three years. She was warm, loving, almost overly affectionate at times, and a born mother type. She loved baby sitting the young children of our friends. She was already deciding how many children to have months before I popped the question.

We married in June and honeymooned in Hawaii. Kim had planned the wedding to coincide with her most fertile time of the month. She was bound and determined to get pregnant on the honeymoon. We made love almost hourly until we were both so sore and tired that we couldn't do it again.

She was sure we had made a baby. Her little bun in the oven she always said after sex.

My best friend, Brian, met Kim's older sister, Betty, at our wedding. They began dating and within a year were married. Betty was one year older than Kim with more of an auburn hair color and about two inches taller than Kim. Brian was my size at about six foot, and one hundred and eighty pounds.

Brian had obtained work at an up and coming Software Company located on the other side of town from my office.

We bought homes next to each other in a really nice neighborhood that was between our two places of employment. Betty and Kim took part time bookkeeping jobs for several businesses at the local shopping mall.

Brian and Betty had three children in the first five years of their marriage. We had not been so lucky.

Kim was to the point that she sounded desperate most of the time. No matter what we did or how often, she couldn't seem to get pregnant. She started talking about her biological clock, and her need to mother a child. I was very concerned. We had been tested and my sperm count was very low, but the doctor indicated that given the right circumstances, even my low sperm level could produce an offspring.

In our fifth year of marriage, Kim announced she was pregnant with our first child, Megan. Kim was so happy mostly because we had tried for five years to have a child.

I'll never forget that day when Kim told me she was pregnant. She walked in to my office and jumped in my lap. She had hugged me tightly and delivered a huge wet kiss to my lips. She grabbed my face with her hands, looked me straight in the eyes, and announced, "Well, Mr. Fanning, I would like to announce that you are going to be a Daddy!"

I was elated. I grabbed her waist tightly and asked, "Are you sure, Hon? I mean we have been trying for so long. Is this for real?"

Kim just smiled at me and nodded her head. "Yes, I found out today! It must have happened that night we watched the porno films with Betty and Brian. I know we were really hot for each other that night!"

I thought back to that night and nodded. "Oh yeah, we were two animals that night weren't we?" I laughed and hugged her again.

The pregnancy was normal and Kim gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We named her Megan and for the next four years we had a wonderful life together.

That all ended when Megan was getting ready to enter pre-K head start classes. We had to get her the various vaccinations required by the school, and perform other various tasks. One of those caused our family's downfall.

I took Megan to the school on the blood testing day. This test was to ensure the school had an accurate record of each child's blood type in case some emergency arose that required immediate blood transfusions. This was now common practice due to the rising foreign and domestic terrorist actions around the country.

We arrived and Megan cried when the nurse took the small blood sample. We both comforted Megan afterward and she soon stopped whimpering. The nurse looked at me and said, "Mr. Fanning, I can take a sample of blood from you and put it in the database also. This will let us know if we should use you or your wife as a blood donor for Megan if the needed ever arises."

I thought it was a good idea, so I allowed the nurse to draw a sample of my blood. Rolling down my sleeve and taking Megan's hand, I gave it no more thought and left the school. Megan and I went and had ice cream together.

Two days later, at my office, I received a call from the nurse. It took me a second to place her when she gave me her name. She said she was the school nurse who had drawn the blood samples. I said, "Oh Hi. Is everything OK with the samples? I'm surprised to hear from you."

"No, everything is not alright with the samples. I don't really know how to tell you this. It happens once in a while to either the husband or wife of a child tested."

"What happens?" I asked.

"Megan has type O+ blood. You have type AB blood."

"So, what? That just means my wife, Kim, is the future blood donor, right?"

"Well, Mr. Fanning, no. It means that you cannot possibly be Megan's biological father"

The light in the room dimmed around me, my ears had a tremendous roaring sound, and my hand holding the telephone receiver began to shake violently.

"Whaaat. I ... I mean ... What! What the hell do you mean I am not Megan's father?" I gasped.

"There is no medical way that a Type AB can be the parent of a Type O child. Blood just does not work that way. I was hoping you would tell me that Megan was adopted, but I can tell from your response that that is not the case. I am so sorry as to the implications that this has for you," the nurse said apologetically.

I don't remember if I replied to her. I just remember later becoming aware that I still held the telephone and a dial tone was buzzing into my ear.

This means Kim is screwing around on me. Or at least she was screwing around with someone when she got pregnant. She never changed her attitude or disposition toward me. I never noticed anything that would indicate she had been fucking someone else.

How can I find out who she was with? Is she still seeing him? Can she cheat so easily as to never give me any indication that anything was amiss?

I stewed over this for a couple of hours at the office and then called it day. I did not want to head home yet because I was still seeing red. I drove to the park and began walking around the lake path. I had walked about a half mile when it really hit me. Megan is not my child! Yet, I have been paying for her care and upbringing while some asshole Don Juan was sampling Kim's merchandise and leaving me with the expenses.

I loved Megan to death, but she was not my daughter any more.

How could Kim lie to me for so long about something this important? Why would she use me this way? I got madder and madder the more I thought about this whole situation.

I calmed down and began thinking about what to do. A plan. I needed a plan.

Ok. First thing, I will take Megan to cross town clinic and get DNA tests done on her and myself. That would be the final proof of Kim's cheating.

The second thing to do is figure out if this cheating has ended or still going on. I'll need a recording device for our home's wireless phones. Let's see if she talks to the asshole about 'their daughter." Let's see if she makes dates with him even now.

If they are meeting, I can figure out later how to get audio or video evidence of the meetings. And then I can decide what the appropriate response is for both my cheating wife and the asshole sleeping with her. But, first things first.

I drove to the nearest Radio Shack and found a small recording device that would activate when any of the house wireless phones were activated. So, if she were talking with him, I would catch it. The audio was captured to a memory stick. I could play the memory stick contents on my laptop PC.

With the recording device and a dozen memory sticks in my shopping bag, I drove home. This was Kim's day at the mall shops doing the books. I beat her home by several hours. Enough time to set up the recording device and call a cross-town clinic to set up the DNA tests.

Kim got home about five minutes after I completed my sleuthing chores. She had picked Megan up from day care on her way home. She was her normal loving self. She embraced me and kissed me. I pulled back from her because I did not want any intimacy with her. I was still boiling mad inside.

She stopped and looked at me. "What's wrong? Are you mad about something?"

"No, I am just very tired tonight." I lied.

"Well then, why don't you go sit down and play with our beautiful daughter until I get dinner ready?" Kim suggested.

I was seething internally at this point. I thought... 'our beautiful daughter? Who was she kidding? '

As I sat in the family room with Megan in my lap, I began studying her features really intently for the first time. Maybe something in the facial features would give me an indication of who the father is. I took note of her chin, nose, and eyes. Maybe I will see a guy with one or more of those features. In fact I swore I knew someone who had the same upsweep on the nose and the same intense brown eyes. But, from where?

Somehow I made it through dinner and went to bed several hours before Kim did. I pretended sleep when she came to bed. She touched my shoulder but I did not respond. She sighed and rolled over to sleep. Soon I could hear her deep breathing. I tossed and turned most of the night. I was still nagged by the lingering thought that I knew those eyes from somewhere. I became icy cold in my desire to find out who Megan's father was and to punish both my cheating wife and the miserable asshole that had fathered my supposed daughter.

Morning came. At breakfast I told Kim that I had the morning off and wanted to take Megan to the park. She instantly agreed. The speed of that agreement gave me pause. Was she going to contact her lover while I am out with my supposed daughter?

I drove Megan and myself to the clinic where they swabbed our mouths for the DNA test. I then took Megan to the park and made sure she had so much fun on the rides that hopefully the clinic had completely been forgotten.

That evening Kim said she had a meeting at church on some committee and would go with Betty and Brian. She left the house at seven and walked next door to Betty and Brian's.

As soon as Kim left, I got Megan ready for bed, tucked her in and went to the basement corner where I had installed the phone recorder.

I removed the memory stick from the recorder and inserted a new one. I took the memory stick to my basement workbench. I had taken my laptop down and placed it on the bench earlier.

With shaking hands I clicked the play icon on the laptop screen. The first few conversations were normal household duties. Talking with the painting contractor, arranging for Megan to join a ballet class, and stuff like that.

The fifth conversation was between Kim and Betty.

Betty said, "Hey Kiddo, are you ready for tonight?"

"Yes. I can hardly wait." Kim replied.

"Well, I hope it takes this time. The last four times were sure duds. Brian is getting worn out too."

"Brian's a good guy and you are lucky to have him," Kim said.

"Are you sure Dan suspects nothing?"

Kim giggled, "Not a thing. He has no idea! And I want to keep it that way!"

"No sweat. He didn't find out from us the last time, so he will not find out from us this time." Betty replied.

"OK, see you this evening."

What the hell? Was Betty in on this also? She condoned Kim's cheating? Brian was also aware of it from the sound of it. In fact, it sounded like they were involved in setting up the illicit meetings with Kim and her lover.

I had been so down the last few days I had almost gone to Brian as my oldest and dearest friend for some advice. Now after hearing this conversation, I am glad I didn't. Of course, I had no idea who I could trust at this point.

I was humiliated by the idea that my best friend and my wife's sister seemed to be part of the conspiracy against me.

I was mad as hell at the idea that they condoned the whole affair.

Well for now let them have their conniving fun. I needed more time to sort this whole thing out and to try to get some proof of the when, why and who was involved.

The DNA results took three days, then two more days for the results to be mailed to me at my office. On the fifth day, the clinic results arrived at my desk at work.

I steeled myself and opened the envelope. It was as bad as I thought. Megan could not possibly be my daughter. I dropped the report and cried into my hands for several long minutes.

Getting a grip on myself, I called my supervisor and said I was not feeling well. I left for the day and drove to my neighborhood. I was surprised to see Brian's car parked in my driveway. The rear end of Kim's car was visible through the open garage door.

I parked the car about half way down the block and dialed my home number from my cell. Several rings went by before Kim picked up the phone. She should be able to tell from the caller id that it was me calling from my cell.

"HI Hon! I'm really busy right now. Can I call you back in about 30 minutes?" Kim sounded like she was out of breath.

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" I asked.

"Yes, I've got wallpaper striping gel all over the third bedroom walls. I'm going to remove the paper and put up some new. I can't let the paper dry out right now."

In the background I heard a male voice whispering, "I can't let you dry out either, sweetheart. Get Dan off the line and let's get busy!"

I could tell that Kim stifled a giggle and after a moment's hesitation said, "Dan, I really have to run. Let me call you in half an hour OK?"

All I could say was "OK."

As I was about to hang up I heard Kim voice, "Dan, make it an hour instead! Thanks Hon."

I sat in my car despairing over this fresh evidence. Brian's car was at my house. Kim was obviously entertaining somebody from the whispers and giggles I had heard. Could Brian be so crude as to actually bring Kim's lover to our house? Was she fucking him in our bed?

Suddenly I thought even worse thoughts. Was Brian more involved in this than just being an instigator? Could he be a participant?

This didn't seem possible because obviously Betty was aware of the whole thing Kim was doing. Betty certainly would not condone Brian screwing Kim. Gees, that was so sordid to even think that one sister would knowingly allow her husband to use another sister.

But, what is Brian's involvement? He obviously knew a lot about what was going on.

Half an hour later I was still in deep thought about all this when I saw Brian exit my house and get in his car. Fortunately he went in the other direction and disappeared around the corner.

What the hell? Where is the other guy? Is he still in there? How much screwing can Kim take in an afternoon?

Ten minutes or so later Kim came out the door and retrieved the mail from the mailbox. She wore a robe and her hair was wet like she just got out of the shower.

Could it be? Brian was doing her? I can't believe it. I must be wrong about all of this. But what other answer could there be? I was totally demoralized at this point. My best friends, my wife, my daughter are all a sham.

I drive back to the Radio Shack and bought a sound activated audio recorder. As I was driving to make this purchase my cell phone rang. It was Kim.

"Hi Hon. I'm done with the wall paper for the day. I'm going to run and get a haircut and pick up Megan. I'll bring some pizza home. I just don't feel like cooking tonight."

All I could respond was "OK, see you at home later."

I got back to the house and found the master bedroom bed devoid of sheets. Apparently they were in the washer that was still running. "So the bitch and the asshole are using our marital bed for their fornication?" I thought.

I placed the new recording device under the bed. It used the same memory sticks that the phone recorder used. I also replaced the memory stick in the phone recorder and took the stick with me when I left the house.

I left the house and drove to the park.

I placed the memory stick in the laptop and heard the first phone conversation my wife had of the day. It was with Brian.

"Hi Kim."

"Hi Sweetie." Kim replied.

"Is it safe to come over?"

"Oh yes, Dan has left for work and we have the whole morning to make a baby."

"Great. I'll be there in twenty minutes. Get good and hot for me."

"I'll start masturbating right now!" Kim giggled. I heard the phone hang up.

So Brian is doing Kim. I wonder what Betty will say about this? I'll bet she will be some kind of piss ... What a minute! Based on the other conversations I've heard Betty does know about this. What the fuck is going on? My confusion was complete at this point.

I stayed at the park until it was my normal time to come home from work. I arrived at the house and found my wife and supposed daughter making dinner and laughing about some cartoon that was on the kitchen TV. It saddened me to hear that laughter. It would soon be gone.

One more piece of evidence and I would initiate divorce proceedings and sue whoever Megan's father is for back and future child support. I'll will bide my time until then.

I waited four days until the weekend to change the memory stick in the recorder under the bed. I waited until Kim went to the grocery store on Saturday. On at least one of the four days, the sheets on the bed smelled fresh and clean as if Kim had washed them again.

I took the laptop and memory stick to the basement, plug it in and clicked on play.

The conversation and sounds I heard tore my heart out. It was definitely Brian talking. It was definitely Kim panting and moaning, and then her voice carrying on a warm and loving conversation with Brian afterward. It was now clear. Her obvious wish was that Brian be the father of all of her children. Their conversation confirmed that Megan was Brian's and not mine.

This conversation sealed their fate. It would take me until Tuesday to prepare my revenge, but it would be worth the wait.

On Monday, I briefed my attorney on the facts. He began divorce papers and certain other civil legal papers for delivery on Tuesday. I went to the bank, took out half of the funds and opened new accounts in another bank. I canceled all of the credit cards. I informed Kim's car loan company that I would no longer be responsible for her debts. I wrote a check for $100,000 from the home equity line and put it in my new account.

As of Monday night I was financially cut from Kim and ensured she had half of our marital assets, just as my lawyer had told me to do.

The recorder under the bed had indicated one more liaison between the cheating spouses had occurred on Monday. Then the phone recorder had indicated they planned to do it again on Tuesday.

I picked up all of the papers from the attorney at 3 PM and drove to the park. I simply sat and stared straight ahead for over an hour. Yes, this was it. If I did not end it today, I don't think I could stand any more humiliation. I'd break apart and do something I would be sorry for.

I drove home and sat in the kitchen waiting for Kim to arrive. The divorce papers were in my car and I would get them as soon as Megan was down for the evening.

Kim bounced in at 5 PM with Megan in tow and said "Megan, honey, go to your room and put your stuff away, I have to talk to daddy for a minute."

Megan gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek and dutifully went to her room. Kim looked at me and smiled. She broke out laughing and gave me a hug. She said, "Dan, I have some wonderful news. We are going to be parents again!"

I went numb. I could not believe what I had just heard. Kim was trying to pass Brian's bastard off as mine again. Brian was going to enjoy all of the fringe benefits and leave me to raise his bastards? And Kim was going along with it. It was obvious that she no longer loved me and probably hadn't for at least nine months before Megan was born.

By god, I could not take any more humiliation!

I jumped up and pushed Kim away from me with all of my strength. She hit the wall hard and slid down to the floor. Staring at me with wide eyes, she said, "Dan, what is wrong? Why did you do that? Aren't you happy about our new baby?"

I started laughing hysterically. "Our new baby? OUR new baby? Who the hell are you trying to kid, you whoring bitch? I know that bastard you're carrying is Brian's! And I know Megan is not mine either. Did you think you could whore your way through my life and leave me paying the bills for the bastard kids? Did you think I was so stupid that I would never find out?"

Kim had her head in hands rocking back and forth. "Dan, please let me explain, it is not what you --."

"Shut the fuck up, you bitch! I've had enough of your lying. You've been lying to me for at least four years now. No more."

Kim tried to rise and slipped back down. "How did you find out? We were so careful. I never wanted to hurt you or --."

"What part of shut the fuck up didn't you understand? You're nothing more than a whoring slut. If it wasn't for the fact your kids are all bastards, I'd take them away from you as an unfit mother." Kim recoiled in shock.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way. Brian said --."

"Don't say his name again. Ever. Not in my presence. I want to know one thing. How many times have you two fucked? Hundreds probably, eh?

Kim shook her head and tried to respond between her sobs. "We only did it maybe ten times."

"I didn't ask for an estimate did I? HOW MANY TIMES?" I screamed.

"OK, a dozen times in the last four and half years. Does that make you happy to know?"

I saw red again. Brian was actually trying to push another one of his bastards into my care and expense. Kim had been servicing him for almost half of my whole married life. Enough was enough. This man ... this ex-friend of mine deserved a beating. I looked around and saw my baseball glove and bat next to the kitchen door ... Cutting Kim off in mid sentence, I rushed to the door and grabbed the bat. I looked at my watch. Brian should be pulling into his driveway any minute. I ran out of the backdoor heading to Brian's house.

Kim was yelling at me from the doorway to please wait and let her try to explain and to please not to hurt Brian. All I heard was her saying Brian's name again. Don't hurt him? Hell I want to kill him right now. That would feel good.

She ran back in the house. I heard Brian and Betty's phone ringing as I neared their driveway hedge. Kim was trying to give them a warning that I was coming to get a piece of the asshole.

I saw Brian's car turn the corner, and he pulled in the driveway. Just then their phone stopped ringing. Betty must have answered it.

Brian opened his car door and got out. I came out from behind the bushes He saw me and smiled. "Hey Dan, how's it hanging?"

He suddenly froze when he saw my face. He knew that I knew. I raised the bat and ran at him. He tried to say something like "Dan it is not what you think, I was just trying to -- OOHHH!" He never finished the sentence because I hit him with the bat as hard as I could.

He had put up his right arm in an attempt to block the swing of the bat. The bat landed on his lower arm with a delicious sound of snapping bone. He wailed in agony. Dropping his broken arm, he tried to back pedal but was blocked by his own car.

I swung the bat at his head and heard another delicious sound of bone breaking. He went down in a heap.

About this time Betty came running from their house yelling at me. "Dan please, let us explain, it is really not what you --". She never finished because I caught her with the end of the bat right in her solar plexus. Down she went on the driveway unable to breath.

I stepped over top of Brian and positioned myself to swing the Slugger between his legs. I hit his groin with the bat using all of my strength. I felt the bat impact him. He curled into the fetal position.

"Brian, you bastard. You screwed Kim at least a dozen times I know of. For that I am going to beat your baby making equipment a dozen times. Let's make sure you never make a baby with anyone else's wife."

I pulled his legs apart and swinging the bat one handed as hard as I could, I hit him right in the balls. Over and over ... five times. By the sixth or seventh time, his crotch started bleeding a lot. By the ninth time, he threw up. I grabbed him by the shoulders and rolled him on to his side.

"You're not going to strangle on your own puke, you bastard. I'll not go to prison for killing you, even though I would like to send you to hell right now."

Betty had struggled to her knees but was still unable to speak due to lack of air. She was holding up one hand and beseeching me with her eyes to stop. She kept shaking her head no.

About the tenth swing of the bat on good old Brian's gonads, Kim ran up. "Dan, oh please stop. Don't hurt him anymore. Please, we all need to explain this mess to you. Can you please get a grip on yourself?"

"Get a grip? You lying bitch! You get pregnant by this bastard not once but twice and try to pass the kids off as ours? And you want me to get a grip? Screw you. You probably have been screwed by half of the men in the county anyway. I'm sure you and your sister have both enjoyed sharing him."

Kim could only shake her head at this outburst. She looked down at Brian and began crying again.

"So you feel sorry for this shit head, you whore? Let me show you what happens to cheating friends." With that I hammered Brian's crotch two more times. Brian's crotch was now crimson and a pool of blood surrounded his hips on the ground. The seat of Brian's pants indicated that he had shit himself and pissed at least a pint.

I looked from Kim to Betty. "I hope you two got your fill of your joint lover, because he will never ever again service either one of you. He looks pretty sexy right now doesn't he? All covered in blood and his own piss, shit and vomit."

"He'll never screw anybody else with that equipment." I said as I threw down the bat in front of Kim. "I heard you say how much you liked his baby maker balls, so take the bat. There are some pieces of what is left of his balls on the bat. You can treasure it forever."

With that I walked slowly back to the house.

I went upstairs to take a shower to get Brian's blood and shattered balls off me. I threw the clothes I had been wearing on the bathroom floor, showered and went downstairs to pour myself a beer.

I sat down at the kitchen table and drank my beer. I heard sirens and tires screeching to a stop next door. I heard both Betty's and Kim's voices shouting and then later more screams again just before an ambulance pulled away with sirens blasting. They must be telling the authorities what a madman I was. Who gives a shit?

Eventually two policemen entered the kitchen door with their guns drawn. The larger of the two pointed his gun at me and commanded me to drop to the ground and don't move. The other one cuffed me and read me my rights.

They didn't say a word the entire way to the county jail. I never said a word about what happened. If the police asked me a question, I either answered yes or no. I did give them my name and address. Then I said no more as I asked for my attorney.

What would tomorrow bring, I wonder? I suppose I will do time for assaulting Brian. I'm sure the women will concoct a story to explain my rage without giving up their joint lover.

I was arraigned the next morning for assault and attempted murder. As I looked around the courtroom I saw Kim and Betty sitting in the front row. They looked like they hadn't slept all night. I laughed to myself, "Welcome to the club. I didn't sleep much last night either."

My attorney pleaded me not guilty. He wanted me to consider pleading to temporary insanity as we near a trial. I told him, I'd think about it because I knew had to be insane at the time I did Brian all of the physical damage.

The judge sat my bail at $150,000. Kim and Betty whispered to each other and then nodded in agreement. They got up and left the room. I was taken back to detention while my lawyer tried to round up bail for me.

I'd been in lockup for four days. All of my anger was gone. It was replaced with a cold empty void of not feeling anything for anyone. My lawyer had said Kim had contacted him on the third day and wished to meet with him. I told him fine, but don't commit me to anything.

The lawyer shows up this morning and tells me that Betty and Kim wished to post my bail. Brian and Betty and her will drop all charges and refuse to testify if I will just meet and talk with them in Brian's hospital room. So if I will agree to the meeting, I can be out of jail by 3 PM and the meeting can be held at 5 PM.

I agree but wonder what kind of bullshit the three of them will try to sell me. I doubt if Brian will talk much since his jaw is wired shut from the blow I landed to the side of his head with the bat.

Later my lawyer escorted me from the jail at 3:30 and suggested we go to my house to grab a change of clothes and a shower. Kim had given him the key and guaranteed him that no one would be home to cause me any problems.

I showered, shaved, and dressed in a comfortable pair of slacks and golf shirt.

I went to my car and retrieved the audio recordings of the bedroom conversations and my divorce and lawsuit papers. These I placed in my laptop bag with my laptop.

We arrived at the hospital just before five o'clock and went right to Brian's room. When we walked in the hushed conversation that had been going on in the room ceased. Brian simply stared at me while the women tried to smile.

There I stood at the doorway looking at my soon to be ex-wife, her immoral sister, and my once best friend. They looked back at me with sad eyes. I did not see any anger in any of them. I saw sadness. What the hell was this all about? Why are they sad ... that I found out just what a pack of liars and cheats they are?

There was dead silence for what seemed a long time. Finally my lawyer cleared his throat and said, "You ladies asked for this meeting, so please explain why we are here?"

Kim rose from her chair next to Brian's bed. She looked ashamed and unsure how to start. Finally she said, "Dan, I — We are so sorry. There was sex between Brian and me but it was solely for making a baby. There wasn't and is no love between us. Betty knew about this whole thing and it was even her idea. Please forgive us all for lying to you. We never intended for you to find out. We hoped you would go to your grave thinking Megan and our new baby were yours. That was my hope and prayer."

"Making a baby? What the hell are you talking about?" I asked.

"Well, after 4 years it became apparent that with your low sperm count, we were never going to conceive a child. I was becoming desperate for a baby. I had many long soul wrenching conversations with Betty about it. She was the one that came up with the idea that Brian was obviously a really fertile guy. Plus you and he have many of the same hair, eye and size features so a baby by either of you could easily pass for the other's child."

"It took her a while to convince Brian that if he helped me conceive a child, our marriage would actually be stronger and more complete. She played on his deep feelings for you as his best friend and he finally caved into the idea."

"So about five years ago, we started meeting for sex during my ovulation period. Betty allowed us to use their bedroom for these sessions. She was wonderful about it."

"After six attempts, I became pregnant with Megan. Brian was really happy that he was going to be a father again but understood he could never let you know that. Betty was happy that she had given us such a wonderful gift, too."

"I wanted you and me to have a child; Dan and I did our best to accomplish it. The sex was simply to make a baby. It was not for enjoyment or love or lust. It was for our Megan. Recently, I decided I wanted one more child, a boy if possible, so we conspired to create another baby. I'm so sorry that you found out and jumped to the wrong conclusions."

"So the sex was just to make a baby?" I asked.


"And you only did it until you knew you were pregnant?"

"Oh, yes."

I looked at Betty. "And you knew about this and it was OK with you?"

Betty smiled sadly and nodded her head. "We tried to give the ultimate gift to you two. I'm so sorry it was received so badly. We should have brought you in on it and hoped that you would understand. I can see why you are so upset."

I looked hard at Betty and let out a sigh. "Betty, I am no longer upset about anything. After beating the crap out of Brian, I seem to have lost all my anger. I'm just sorry that you have been suckered into this too."

Betty looked questioningly at me. "What do you mean?"

"Betty, I have proof that this was more than sex to make a baby." Brian's eyes showed concern, Kim started crying again, and Betty looked at me curiously and asked, "What evidence."

Kim sobbed, "There is no evidence. I'm not like that! I did this for the children!"

Brian nodded his head in agreement with Kim.

I shook my head and sadly replied to Kim. "No Kim, you may have thought that but an objective person hearing you two talk would think otherwise. It may have started that way, but it's not that way now. Is it?"

"I don't know what you mean." Kim glared at me, now mad that her motives were being questioned.

"All right, if you must prolong this farce, then let's just examine the evidence and ask a few simple questions. Your answers to these questions will determine the future for everyone in this room as well as the children's".

I reached in my laptop bag, pulled out the laptop and the memory stick from the under the bed recorder. "This conversation was taped in our bedroom the last time I know they screwed each other. It occurred a few days before the beating I gave Brian. This was the straw that broke my back ... forever. Afterward, I would never consider forgiving Kim or Brian."

The first sounds we heard from the recording were almost animalistic grunts and moans.

"My god, you get me hot, Babe" As we heard Brian partially moan.

"Me too, big boy. We certainly know how to turn each other on!" Kim panted.

You could hear them both laugh between inhalations of their breath.

"It's a real shame that Dan's equipment is so defective. He could be enjoying this hot box of yours!" Brian laughed.

"No way, my baby making hunk, this hot box is now all yours. And always will be!" Kim groaned. "Just do some more of that to me please. Right there! Oh, Yes!"

Seconds later the sound of a woman having an intense organism was plainly heard on the recording.

"My God, Brian, you sure know how to eat pussy!" Kim laughed.

With this last statement, I shut off the tape. Betty's eyes had gotten larger and larger as the tape recording replayed.

"Well Kim, This conversation appears to indicate that you have given your pussy to Brian any time he wants it and in any way he wants it. Yes or No?" I asked her.

"No! You have to understand; we got sexually excited during these sessions and said many things we never meant. It just heightened the sexual response. That's all." Kim stated.

Betty said, "I don't know, it sure sounded like you two had become true lovers. I'm not happy with what I heard. I have to think about this some."

"And I guess the oral sex was just to establish a higher level of responses from you two?" I asked innocently.

"Absolutely." Kim replied.

I punched the play button again and the voices returned.

"Kim Baby, get down there and do that super blow job that only you do. I've always loved getting sucked off by you." We heard Brian moan.

Betty's eyes were now burning holes through her sister and Brian.

The sounds of movement and then the sounds of sucking were heard. A few minutes go by and we hear Kim say, "I just love nibbling on these wonderful baby making balls of yours. Are you ready to cum now?"

"Yeh, just a few more strokes with that loving mouth of yours and you can have all of the baby juice you want."

Seconds later we hear Brian apparently orgasm.

Kim sounded like she was talking with her mouth full. "I've always loved the taste of your cum. It is so much sweeter than Dan's. It must be all of those wonderful little baby makers swimming around in it."

I turned the recording off again. "So Kim, I guess you two have figured out some new way for oral sex to get you pregnant?"

Kim just hung her head at this point. Betty walked over in front of Kim. She grabbed her sister by the shoulders and shook her. "I give you the greatest gift one sister can give another and what do you do with it? You turn it into a dirty sordid sex orgy."

Betty released Kim and stepped back and then slapped her face with a full round house right hand. Kim fell backward and the impression of Betty's hand was clearly visible on Kim's cheek. "You lousy bitch."

I interjected, "Now I am going to ask this once and only once. Did you screw around after you found out you had accomplished your baby making goal?"

Kim sobbed, "No! Never!"

I sighed and flipped on the recording again.

We heard Brian ask Kim, "When are you going to tell Dan that you are pregnant again? I'm glad we have been able to get together a couple of times since you found out. It has been nice to be with you and know we have already made a baby."

Kim sighed, "Probably on Tuesday, which will give us one more chance to be together."

Betty sobbed and ran from the room at these last statements on the recording.

I turned off the recording. "Well Kim, apparently you did screw several times after you found out you were pregnant."

Kim cried, "You don't understand. When two people make a wonder like a baby, you share some affection and bonding. But it was never intended to replace either you or Betty in our lives. We did it to feel close to each other for the wonderful thing we had --."

I stopped her. "You slut. You screwed this guy for sake of screwing him. Don't give me this bonding crap."

Now if you are finished with this meeting that you asked for, I would like you to at least be honest and faithful enough to stand by your agreement to drop the charges and refuse to testify against me.

Brian and Kim nodded in agreement.

I reached in the laptop bag and pulled out the divorce papers. Handing them to Kim I said, "You were a good wife but not an honest wife. You lied, cheated, and made me a cuckold. You are hereby served with notice for divorce action on 'irreconcilable differences'. If you contest it, you will hear this recording and others in court. You call it you whore." Kim's head sank as she took the papers. I also told her about the change in bank account status and credit cards. It seems that Betty and Brian had put up the bail, so Kim was not yet aware of the changes in her financial status.

I turned to Brian. I handed him papers. "Asshole, these papers indicate that I am suing you for back child support for your bastard kid. You will pay me $50,000 and establish a college trust for Megan and this new bastard you have on the way. We will have the trust administered by Reverend Fuller, our church pastor, and you will tell him exactly why you have to provide the trust. I want our church members to know just what slime both you and Kim are. You will also acknowledge to Megan that you are now her real 'Daddy'. Got it?"

Brian nodded as he looked down.

"I'm sure Betty is going to have a few more things for you to do, but that is between you and her. As far as Betty is concerned, I hope she can someday forgive you, Kim. I now have to run and pick up Megan. I have to tell her that I am not her Daddy any more."

Kim looked in near panic. "No! Please. Don't do that. She is only four ... she will not understand! Can't we wait for a few years and then tell her?"

"You just want to keep lying don't you, you pathetic piece of trash. NO! It stops now. I will tell her today and be done with it. Whether you two want to step up to your responsibilities in this is your business, not mine." I roared at her.

With that I left the hospital room and never looked back. Later Brian tried to back out of our deal about not testifying and dropping the charges. I skipped out on the bail and did not show at my first court appearance.

As soon as the judge had revoked bail and issued a bench warrant, I returned and served three months. Of course, Betty and Brian lost the money they had put up for my bail.

Eventually Brian dropped his charges and refused any further interaction with the DA's office. But his actions had cost him his wife (Betty divorced him within a year), his children, his home, half of his assets, and the future use of his sex organ. Things just never healed well.

And as far as I know, Kim never saw him after that day in his hospital room.


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